‘Caucasians Under Attack!’—Student Organizes White Defense Group

RT, December 14, 2012

Matt Heimbach, head of the Towson University White Student Union, returns to RT to argue in defense of white interests (his first RT interview can be found here).

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  • Love it! I I was there I am a minority supporter of white rights. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • WhiteFalcon1

      Thank you for your honesty, ma’am!

  • Well spoken, Mr. Heimbach. You have your work cut out for you. Do you have any idea how many miilions of white boys have bought into the lie of diversity without even questioning it?
    Most of your enemies are going to be mostly white guys. You have your work cut out for you.

    • David Ashton

      Also true that boys don’t take kindly to being deceived by old men against their best interests.

    • Liberalsuck

      The only whites who are angry at him are self-hating whites in denial about race, or those white males who are too chicken to speak their minds honestly about race. I’ve met more white females who are openly anti-black/anti-Mexican than most white males.

      • saxonsun

        Bill Maher–one of the worst traitors.

        • Bill Maher isn’t White.

          • Liberalsuck

            He is one of those “finns” who looks white. Or to quote Keith from The Political Cesspool about Jews, “They are the most liberal group for what passes as the white population.”

      • Wayne

        Not me. My experience has been just the opposite.

    • ageofknowledge

      We were brainwashed in the modern liberal public indoctrination K-12th system. I admit it.

  • All the power to this brave man. I hope he goes far in life and I pray for his safety.

    Actually Tay Sachs is also found in some non-Jewish populations as well. Some Jews are white and some are not. But he’s free to consider Jews non-white if he wishes and it certainly doesn’t bother me.

    • Jefferson

      I find that many White nationalists are hypocrites when it comes to the question of who is White. They say Jews are “Nonwhite”, but have no problem accepting some racially mixed people with some Mongoloid admixture as “White”, like Mark Paul Gosselaar and Kate Beckinsale for example.

      • Daisy

        Might be because to be a jew is to believe that you descend directly from the Middle East, they are Israelites, and they tout this both as biology and as a contract with each other to bond against other groups. The jews say they are simply jewish, not part dutch or italian, etc. The hypocrisy lies in the jews, trying to say they are jewish and european both.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        Mark Paul Gosselaar shouldn’t be counted as white? He looks about as all-American white as they come. What are we going to do, give everyone a blood test to determine if they’re white or not? Of course I’m not claiming that he advocates for white people or white interests by any means. Like most in Hollyweird, he’s probably as leftist as they come. But he sure looks white. I certainly don’t see any asian characteristic in his eyes.

    • Nathanwartooth

      I would like you to expand on this in one of your blog posts. I am always interested in what you have to say on these matters.

      I think his main point is that there is a group of Jews who don’t think of themselves as White but as Jewish and support Jewish interests. We see this all the time in politics and the media. There is a reason why we have a huge defense budget which is about 50% of our entire budget that no one ever talks about cutting. A big part of this budget is used to attack middle eastern countries and support Israel. That doesn’t seem to be in the interest of White people at all.

      • I’ve written about it on several occasions. Here’s an older post that deals with Jewish racial origins:


        • Jaego

          Jew Jared Diamond has stated that Race doesn’t exist – but that Jews do exist as a Race. I think this says it all, no? He didn’t state two contradictory statements at the same time of course, but the first in his books and public pronouncements and the second in a Jewish publication. Clever, eh?

        • 5n4k33y35

          Plenty of Jews are more Aryan than Semitic. I have seen them, very pale skin, and with red hair in Brooklyn. They are clearly white and only a fraction Semitic, and they are also very conservative.

          There are Arabs who are also more European than Semitic. Regardless, Semitic people are Caucasoid in any case.

          However, there is a noteworthy consideration. The Jewish identity excludes gentile whites and encompasses these people, they are apparently Jewish in their identity, even though they are more Aryan than Semitic.

          And then there are the political ramifications of their Jewish self-identification. On various issues, the consensus of Jewish society ranges from indifference to outright hostility to gentile white society.

          Jews are *white, but with an asterisk which indicates a footnote which says, Jewish society has a separate identity from gentile white society, and we must not forget the distinction.

      • There are supposidly Ethiopian Jews, Chinese Jews and Black Hebrews. Are they truly Jews? Who knows?

  • MerlinV

    Notice how the reporter said that this country was built on the backs of blacks and indians and therefore we are a nation of immigrants. Now can we see the problem with our own?! Where did she get that from?!

    Is ANYONE being taught history today? Has that subject been removed as a classroom subject?

    • Canis Lupus

      She seemed to be getting flustered when she said that about the blacks and indians.

    • John Bonham

      You’re missing the picture .. She is a self color hating condescending white libtard … She and her “like minded” friends talk like this all the time .. Who ever disagrees they’re automatically racist and not to be listened to..

      • Major

        Wait till those “immigrants” come after her! Why is we always have to listen to Testosterone lacking females on “diversity” and equal rights”? Females who then expect men to not only pull out their chairs, open their doors and protect them too when the time comes that they’re threatened / attacked by the third world miscreants, they find so adorable?

  • guest

    I certainly hope this white defense group works out well. The more whites who fight for what’s best for their fellow whites, the better.

    • Daisy

      Go Matt!!! This is exactly the kind of action I’ve been exhorting posters to consider starting to take. I think pro-white people should be organizing all around the country, and building support amongst various groups and levels. Please AmRen allow us to connect through private messages so we can locally organize.

    • Liberalsuck

      He will wake up more and more whites. They can’t keep us quiet forever!

    • i am

      Unfortunately it will be infiltrated by a group of people like JohnChinaman who will destroy it.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    The intolerant media lie about everything. They can’t tell the truth about the past or the present. Again, the words appear on the screen “Whites Only” why doesn’t MH take them to task for this? Its not White only, its concerning White interests and perspectives; you don’t have to be White to join. The media lies and lies.

    • John Bonham

      I know, I was thinking the same thing .. She even asked him who could join , right there he should have pointed at the sign behind him and said well, #1 this is wrong and then explained who could join.. Just referencing it makes them look bad and she wouldn’t have know what to say ..

  • Canis Lupus

    That reporterette either does not understand what he is about or deliberately tried to make him look like a racist. He handled himself well by keeping his cool, answering all of her questions, and made a good argument which dispelled her painting him as a klan member.

  • white dude

    Im glad at least its someone different than `rabid big-eyed Thortmann. Lord

  • redfeathers

    OT, was watching the NFL pregame show on Fox yesterday. They aired a taped piece by Jamie Foxx, the black actor who thinks it’s really funny to joke about killing white people.

  • William Allingham

    a thing to be optimistic about is that with multiculturalism lowering the standards; the next generation of liberals are ever less prepared, and persons like Matt Heimbach can more easily show the facts ,i could not help to see how nervous this girl was as if she never questioned before the validity of the arguments she just learned in school.

  • KingKenton

    Mr. Heimbach,

    You handled yourself very well, and did a good job. Keep up the good work.

    King Kenton

  • Maurice

    Well said, Mr. Heimbach.

  • freddy_hills

    He did “okay” on most questions. But the Jewish question was a poison pill. I’m sure some readers will support his answer but it was wrong. Jews are white and obviously so. The difference between Jews and other whites — to the extent there are any — are religious and ethnic not racial. It just so happens that many (but by no means all) put their ethno-religious interests above the interests of whites in general. I support Jewish interests but not at the expense of others. The problem with his answer is that it actually encourages Jews to consider their ethno-religious interests at the expense of others. And that is the opposite of what I would want. I would prefer Jews cooperated more with other whites not less.

    • Jaego

      Whatever their ethnic origins, they don’t consider themselves White and take pleasure in tearing us down. Why on Earth would we consider them White when they don’t? Culture matters after all. The few who sincerely wish us well will understand why we can’t trust them as a group. They will be very few indeed since there is no benefit to them unless they can infiltrate and influence us. Doing something or believing something because it is Right or True is our special characteristic – not their’s.

      • freddy_hills

        Nearly every Jew correctly considers himself white. The few who don’t are crazy and viewed as such by other Jews. I won’t disagree that there are Jews who view other whites as enemies and wish to put their ethnic interests first. I as much as said that in my earlier comment. But that’s a two way street and I won’t play “which came first – the chicken or the egg?” The fact is that its divisive and self-destructive to both Jew and Gentile. And it needs to stop. There may be some cryptos but I won’t play “Jews under the bed”. The solution to that is for other white ethnics to have stronger ethnic heritage organizations and identity — not to exclude Jews from pro white organizations. Destroy your enemies… by making them your friends.

        • Jaego

          Jews have thousands of Organizations that work for their benefit and Whites have none. Now after taking Conservatism, and the Anti-Jihad Movement, you are after White Nationalism. You refuse to let us have anything of our own. Well this just shows that I’m right and you people are not to be trusted. Real friends would understand and back off – you wont and you aren’t.

        • ATBOTL

          We already tried that approach with conservatism and the result was that hyper ethnocentric and highly networked Jews took over the movement, expelled racially conscious whites and turned the focus from defending traditional America to attacking traditional America and promoting Jewish power.

          We’d be fools to allow this to happen again.

          • freddy_hills

            “We’d be fools to allow this to happen again.”

            Yes, we would. But we will again and again. Because the problem isn’t Jews. The problem is that we are not also “hyper ethnocentric and highly networked”. We create the vacuum by our failure to do so. They merely fill it.

          • Jaego

            In old Byzantium, the Jews were kept in check. Not persecuted, but not allowed to teach or have anything to do with money. I hope everyone realizes how insane letting them do these things is. Our Ancestors did far better with all this than we do. If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here. Modern Conservatives were already compromised and were too busy being afraid of being called Nazis to be effective. In any case, the Revoultion happened from Above and they were always on the defensive. The John Birch Society bent over backwards not to even mention the Jews. Did that win them any points with them? No, the Jews despised them and mocked them to scorn. Their failure to name the Jews was, rightly or wrongly, just interpreted as weakness and hypocrisy – thus they were always percieved to be speaking in code, etc.

    • John Bonham

      So just because you disagree with him on a few positions you wouldn’t support him ??
      You can’t agree with someone 100% of the time ..

      • freddy_hills

        Politics is the art of the possible. If he won’t modify those positions (or at least avoid them for tactical reasons) then he’s finished regardless of whether I agree or not.

    • White race is OK. They’ll have to get used to that legitimate term. Caucasians is too PC & empty of identity.

      • GM (Australia)

        Agree, I find the term Caucasian almost offensive and mildly ridiculous as well as inaccurate. As far as I am concerned my ancestors came from Scotland and England, not some mountain range in Southern Russia.

        • ATBOTL

          Where do you think your ancestors lived when Britain was under a mile of Ice?

    • 5n4k33y35

      You have raised some legitimate criticisms. But you are too critical of Heimbach. He keeps a good attitude, and the way other white critics respond to him reveals at least as much about their own biases as he reveals of his own.

      • freddy_hills

        That’s true. He’s clearly bright, articulate and maintains an excellent attitude. And he has so much potential it pains me to see him tarnish his brand. That’s why I’m so aggravated by these mistakes. If he were some rabble-rowsing bum I wouldn’t have even bothered commenting.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    The first thing I would have done if I were him was point out that their media smear campaign had already commenced when they had the words “Whites only” on the screen. He CLEARLY stated that anyone can join as long as they have the same interests or want to learn about white culture. Right off the bat RT wants to subliminally transmit images of Jim Crow, exclusion, and discrimination to make him look like some extremist. I would have said “Anyone can join, but for example if a black student joined just to start trouble I would deny them. If they have legitimate interest in the material or are just curious they are welcome”.

    Funny how the woman said that having a white student union would only separate people more. What the hell does she think black student unions do? Bring people together? Too many double standards to count, but we have all heard this tired song over and over like it’s on repeat. When white people gather, it’s racist. When minorities gather, it’s civil rights.

  • NYB

    Media will not use the term ‘non-white’.

    They use ‘minority’, to make them always sound like the little guy under-dog.

  • LHathaway

    When he’s in these debates, when confronted with various claims, Matt should say something like, “that’s what black united students claim. What might white united student say”? Or simply, “What might the white student union claim”? It steers the issue around to the formation of these groups and what THEIR agenda might be about. Matt doesn’t speak for all whites, either. We’re a mighty force of whites of all stripes behind him.

    Last time Matt went on about disease wiping out native people. Personally, I would avoid discussing this issue if at all possible. It’s certainly not on the agenda of white united students! Perhaps I am more extreme than Matt but I would say something like, “All I know about Small Pox is that scientists eradicated this disease in the 1950s”. If the issue was still up, you could ask the host, “You don’t believe scientists eliminated this disease’? I might perhaps even add that, “just as a coincidence, no book written prior to the 1950’s mentioned anything about whites eradicating people of color using small pox”. Perhaps even pressure them more, “Show me/us one source, prior to ‘1950’ then mentions whites using small pox as a weapon of any kind”. Probably best to avoid the issue, but mentioning that ‘scientists’ eliminated small pox (as would mentioning other good things) would be a positive thing to mention.

    It might help to know the Exact year the UN declared small pox defeated and base your talk on that. You don’t need to know everything, no one could, but knowing a few specific things can be very helpful.

    Anyway, I would say that, any chance I could, “What would white united students have to say about that/that issue”? If actually asked, ‘well what do they think’? you could bring up points of your agenda but, hopefully, there are at least several whites students, somewhere in the country, who are members of these groups, and so you could mention there’s a wide variety of opinion on the matter.

  • LHathaway

    in my opinion, Matt and his union are involved in too many issues. Everyone will be allowed into his group, but the more stances Matt takes, the more students on campus would disagree with one particular stance and decline to join. How many white students on campus are white nationalists?

    I like the way Jared Taylor stays completely neutral on homosexuality and on ‘jewish’ issues. The lady may be right, Matt is taking his student group to a new level – at least to people who don’t know what the other student groups do. We can’t be as extreme as they are, at least not starting out!. . . How about just being able to meet? And what might those who meet and join his group have to say? let’s just be able to meet. After all, without a white student union on campus there really can’t be diversity on campus. And that’s merely following their own code.

  • Mr. White

    The RT reporter is obviously jewish! Her NOSE gave her away! In fact, I’ve been noticing lots of big-nosed women in the media lately… It’s almost as if jews are “coming out of the closet!”