Black Mecca Down

Paul Kersey, SBPDL, December 20, 2012

Are blacks in America immune from criticism? Are they never responsible for their own failures?

And most importantly, is black rule the end for an American city? Paul Kersey of SBPDL gives an emphatic “yes” to all three in Black Mecca Down—a shocking, controversial, and uproarious account of the fall of Atlanta.

Once dubbed “The City Too Busy to Hate,” Atlanta was supposed to be the model city for the New South, a thriving metropolis that would show how the old Confederacy had moved beyond race and joined the global economy. Instead, Atlanta became a black dystopia dominated by corruption, incompetence, and crime.

Starting with Maynard Jackson, Atlanta’s first black mayor, the greatest city in the South followed the pattern of Detroit, with basic institutions collapsing even as the cries of “racism” increased. The sequel to the bombshell Escape from Detroit is Kersey at his best, showing the tragic aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement in the decline of a once great city. You’ll find the original reporting, remarkable anecdotes, and trademark wit that have made the author and his site a sensation.


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  • Discovering what America’s worst cities had in common changed me from being a liberal. I couldn’t ignore objective data. It would have been wrong.

    • IstvanIN

      But most liberals, in fact most conservatives, refuse to see what is before their very eyes. The same thing happens over and over again, yet the reason for the obvious results are denied.

    • Black behavior is universal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a city in the US or a nation in Africa. Majority black rule always leads to the same end. Zimbabwe, Haiti, Detroit, they’re all the same. The only thing that keeps black US cities from becoming Zimbabwe or Haiti or Congo is that whites in the US keep propping up black cities with money. Cut off money to Detroit and it would become another Liberia.

      Watch if you have the stomach:

      • Johnnie Appleseed

        Wow. This is the first time I have come across this website.

        I’m a little sad to see how you have allowed yourselves to be divided and conquered by the Global Elite Money holders.

        Isn’t your anger and rage directed at the wrong target, while the Global Elite continues to destroy the American Middle Class?

        The Real Median Wage for American Men has declined 28% since 1970. (See the article in the Financial Times titled “Times Grow Harder for the US Working Man”).

        Meanwhile, while the Global Elite has declared an open WAR on the American Middle Class, other regions Middle Classes are absolutely exploding.

        The Latin American Middle Class grew by 50% over the last decade (See the World Bank report titled “Economic Mobility and the Rise of the Latin American Middle Class’’, )

        The African Economy is experiencing an economic revolution (See ““The Fastest Billion: The Story Behind Africa’s Economic Revolution,” and “As the Rest of the World Slows, Africa Accelerates”).

        Ya’ll know about the success of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Japan and now even Vietnam, so I’m not going to touch on their profoundly amazing successes, other than to note that China has managed to lift 400 million of its citizens out of poverty and into the middle class over the last 20 years.

        Keep your anger and rage directed at the wrong target, while the Elite that has outsourced your Jobs to Eastern Europe, India, China, Russia etc. will in a few years send your kids to fight, bleed and die against many of the same nations that they sent your jobs to.

        Wake up and smell it. You have been effectively divided and conquered and are punching against the wind.

        Your misguided rage is being fueled by Satan.

        Pray for your nation and your fellow Americans because the time is short.

        Ask Jesus Christ into your heart.

        Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latino’s, Elite and Non-Elite, have all been made in Gods image and we, each and everyone of us, have sinned and fallen short of Gods glory.

        Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins, raising yourself from the dead and breaking and defeating Satans power over our lives.

        I am curious now and will have to search the web for similar sites by Americans of other ethnicities. There are undoubtedly segments that have also subcumbed to the divide and conquer strategy

        • Sherman_McCoy

          I think you need to spend a little more time at this site. You’ll find that the reasons for Asian successes are well-detailed, i.e., great work ethics, high intelligence, motivation, self-reliance, etc.

          The only reason for any “acceleration” in Africa would be due to the upswing in harvesting natural resources, led by the very competent and capable Chinese.

          As to the rest about the outsourcing, you’ll get no argument here.

          • Johnnie Appleseed

            I’ve seen Charles Murray and his book “The Bell Curve” brandied about here on this website, but I have not seen any mention of Charles Murray’s recent book, “Coming Apart: The State of White America”. It could be that I’ve only come upon this website less than 15 hours ago. According to Charles Murray, the attributes you mention, “, great work ethics, high intelligence, motivation, self-reliance, etc,” are now severely lacking in about 100 Million White Americans.

            Funny how the Chinese have just only recently, over the last 15 years or so, begun their high level exploitation of Africa, but have done more to lift the African economy than 300 years of European exploitation of the African continent. Makes me wonder whether the same “exploitation” that lifted 400 million Chinese out of poverty and into the middle class will come to fruition in Africa. According to the website , ” Africa has no intention of allowing the coming decades to add up to an “Asian Century”. Africa’s day has arrived.”

            I agree that unchecked massive Illegal arrivals over our borders should be remedied immediately. This is a part of the assault on working Americans. I am not against immigration however, as I believe this nation is a nation of Immigrants who have done so much to advance our nation. But I am against the unchecked massive illegal arrivals.

            When I mentioned the Elite, I was in NO way referring to Jews. I refer to the Elite of all races and nations who are turning America into a low wage slave labor society and would love nothing more but to have Americans blame and fight each other because of race differences. So much easier for the puppet masters to pull the strings and keep us moving rapidly down the route to mass slavery.

          • Luis

            How exactly, does Africa propose to compete with Asia? By Moslems destroying mausoleums in Mali? By Moslems fighting Christians in Nigeria and elsewhere? By Somali piracy of international maritime shipping?

            I fail to see where “Africa’s day has arrived”. Most of the continent south of Algeria is still a basket case, economically. There are still the problems of political stability, tribalism superceding nationalism, religious strife and overpopulation, for starters.

          • mendells-selection

            The Catholic Church is promoting the flooding of this country with illegals more than any other single group. It was also, an Irish Catholic- Ted Kennedy, that sponsored an immigration bill that changed the demographics of this country.

          • Luis

            Actually, it was the Jew Congressman, Emmanuel Cellar, who sponsored the bill. Swimmer Ted co-sposored it on the Senate side.

          • mendells-selection

            Actually, itn was called the “Hart-Celler” act. It was proposed by Emmanuel Celler, who was part Irish part Jewish, and cosponsored by Phillip Hart who was Irish. It was HEAVILY supported by Kennedy and it is he who made the statement that it would not alter the demographic makeup of the country. Of course, Kennedy never said anything that wasn’t a lie. But be honest, this was at most a one quarter Jewish bill and three quarters Irish.

          • Luis

            Thanks for the clarification.

          • Svigor

            The lobby that pushed it most vigorously from 1920 until 1965 was three-quarters Jewish.

          • mendells-selection

            Can you give me some web sites that have information on that? I did a cursory search but found no information about jews spearheading efforts to change the immigration policy.

          • Svigor

            Sure, read the excerpts Kevin MacDonald has up at his web site. I believe the one you’re looking for is titled “Jewish influence on United States immigration policy,” or something similar.

          • Skincognito

            Kennedy, along with Biden and Leahy, was as Catholic as Henry Ford was Jewish. The liberal lion should have been excommunicated.
            In general, unfortunately, you’re correct. The bolshevization of the Church, as predicted in Camp of the Saints, is nearly complete. Fr. Coughlin stirs in his grave. I side with old Pat B. in distinguishing between Western and, as he calls it, “gaudy,” third world Catholicism. But bishops, like politicians, gotta eat. Civilization be damned.

          • Svigor

            American Jewry has the Catholic Church whipped in terms of open borders and anti-white advocacy, hands down. It was Jews who made the bill happen, Irish Catholic front man (who do you think paid him?) aside.

          • schmenz

            Ted Kennedy was about as Catholic as my dog.

          • Svigor

            I don’t see why blaming Jews as a group is any worse, or different, than blaming blacks as a group (something lots of Amrenners do), blaming whites as a group (something lots of Jews and blacks do), etc.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Probably because of Michael Levin’s book, “Why Race Matters,” and people like Reuben, our own Amrenner. They think of themselves as whites first, and I cannot name a single black, no matter how conservative, who accepts the truth about the black race. Even Justice Thomas is married to a white woman, something it seems most of them want. Blacks are a failed race under custodial care, and Jews are not. But again, I will concede that perhaps only about 3-5% of Jews are racial realists, and I wish we had many more on our side. That is not something I could ever say about blacks, lest it be of those in the “Back to Africa” movement.

          • Svigor

            In other words, you apply lower standards to Jews than you do to blacks? I.e., you don’t apply any loyalty tests to the former, just the latter? I mean, I doubt very much that Levin could pass a real interrogative loyalty test process. Reuben may be one of the few exceptions I’ve ever come across (I have found a literal handful online in ten years – a commenter named Silvia comes to mind), but the odds aren’t good.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            I suppose that’s right. But that handful is a handful more than of blacks I’ve ever met.

        • bigone4u

          Johnnie, Sherman has given you an effective answer that I hope you take to heart and consider carefully. I will add that what you refer to as Satanic rage is actually righteous anger. Remember when Jesus got a bit miffed with the moneychangers in the temple. Same thing is going on here. Righteous anger at the presence of people who do not belong in the Temple we call the good ole USA. The moneychangers were destroying the spirituality. The interlopers in the USA are destroying decency and a culture that evolved over thousands of years, a culture, a white culture that is or should be sacred.

          • Johnnie Appleseed

            Not sure anyone can say who belongs in the good ole USA.

            I remember my grandfather on one side of my family telling me about the Scots and how they were not welcomed in the good ole USA in the early part of the last century. Same with the entry of Russians, Ukranians who were labelled ‘Slavic” invaders and the Germans and Dutch who were labelled “Tuetonic” invaders when they first started to arrive enmasse in the good ole USA and were deemed to be on the verge of destroying American culture and values. Same with the Italians, Polish, and “Keltic Warrior” Irish who came later and were deemed as low level peasants bound to corrupt American culture.

            The USA is not thousands of years old. The culture you mention is a fantasy european culture as varied and diverse as the languages of Europe.

          • josh

            yes its horrible seeing how the English and the Irish are killing each other in the streets of our largest cities,how the Germans are killing the Slavs,and the Polish killing the Italians and the Dutch are enslaving the Greeks and the Greeks are revolting in the streets and killing…oh wait,none of that is happening. Theyre all pretty much getting along…. Just as the blacks and whites are getting along,right Johnnie Appleseed? Or is it Johnnie Birdbrain??

          • Johnnie Appleseed

            I grew up in an Irish neighborhood, which had “high school” pitched battles with the Italians from the other neighborhood.

            My grandpa informed me of riots against Scots-Irish when he was growing up in America.

            Everyone of these European immigrant groups faced hostility when they arrived in America and were initially NOT considered to be members of the “White” Race.

            Some movies touch on the animosities between the Irish and others.

            Of course movies are not 100% historical, but after seeing these movies I researched the animosities between Irish and others and found them to be true).

            See “Kill the Irishman” (good scene where Danny Greene tells the Scots Union Rep that he would rather be a potato eating $%#$& , and calls upon Polish racism to trick a Polish enforcer to put down his gun and fight him fist to fist, saving Danny Greene’s life and allowing him to take Power).

            “Gangs of New York”(late 1800’s Irish in New York and massive street battles against fellow working class stooges manipulated by English)

            “The Departed” (Irish in Boston scenes on animosities with Italian Gangs….voice over in the beginning where Jack Nickolsohn says “20 years after an Irishman couldn’t get a F#*^G job, we had the presidency…not entirely accurate as Andrew Jackson was a Scots-Irish President and others, probably more akin to Roman Catholism than Irish)

          • George White

            Sir…you are so horribly naive that it pains me. I work with browns and blacks in Los Angeles, and as a minority white I can tell you that it’s DANGEROUS for me and that they HATE us. Not only do they hate us, they feel justified in hating us, and express their hatred OPENLY and without reservation. You are so clueless and unaware that you really don’t have any right to make the comments that you’re making. Are you from Canada? You remind me of every silly Canadian I have ever met.

          • Alfred the Great

            Nobody outside of most of the people on this website understand the outcome that will befall the whites once the “people of color” are in charge. George is ABSOLUTELY correct.

          • I can tell you that without whites, it would be hell. Look at South Africa and Zimababwe. That should tell you something.

          • mendells-selection

            Every one of those groups chose to assimilate, adopt the language and culture of the country. Immigrant groups today do not seek assimilation, they seek to take over.

          • Luis

            On the other hand, it was a DUTCH SLAVE SHIP (my emphasis) that brought the first Bantus to the shores of the North American continent in 1619.

            That was the source of King always saying, …”Before the Pilgrims were here, we were here”….

          • Skincognito

            Was the ship Dutch or Sephardic?

          • Luis

            As far as I know, Dutch. Interesting thing though – Christopher Columbus was Jewish. Not making this up.

          • american_cavalier

            Johnnie Appleseed to represents a living example of what has always been wrong with American immigration policy. His mixed up viewpoints of American history including the self-hating sentence that Johnie Apleseed doesn’t know who belongs in the USA, reveal the still simmering resentments of true blue native Americans and immigrating Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, Dutch, and old style Scots-Irish. Even though he is white, he comes from such contradictory and complex antecedents he is confused whether he truly belongs anywhere. This is why a broad-based “white” movement will fail in the US. Only a movement of whites which identifies with the original native american nation of WASPS will succeed in uniting all whites together. Indeed the Johnny Appleseeds immigrant ancestors pledged themselves and their descendents to be Americans in consideration of being adopted into the American nation. Otherwise, they are to be considered guests here, in which case we Americans no exactly where to send them to feel better.

          • Johnnie Appleseed

            The WASP ideology on this board is as dangerous as the Nazi’s .

            “When the Nazis came for the communists,
            I remained silent;
            I was not a communist.

            When they locked up the social democrats,
            I remained silent;
            I was not a social democrat.

            When they came for the trade unionists,
            I did not speak out;
            I was not a trade unionist.

            When they came for the Jews,
            I remained silent;
            I wasn’t a Jew.

            When they came for me,
            there was no one left to speak out.”

            Keltic Warriors have broken many a “WASP’s” nose in past.

            WASP are so yesteryear and have fought in vain to prevent their fading dominance at the hands of Catholics and Jews since World War II.

            The recently permitted “whites” will be thrown out of the Whiteclub by the WASPs at the first opportune time. Remember, the WASPS did not take kindly to the Irish, the Polish, the Italians, the Russians etc. and did NOT include them as White until after much strife.

            White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            David Brooks writes that WASPs took pride in displaying “good posture, genteel manners, extreme personal hygiene, pointless discipline, the ability to sit still for long periods of time.”[22]

            Fading dominance

            It was not until after World War II that the privilege and power in the old Protestant establishment began to decline. Many reasons have been attributed to the decline of WASP power, and books have been written detailing it.[23] Self-imposed diversity incentives opened the country’s most elite schools.[24] The GI Bill brought higher education to new ethnic arrivals, who found middle class jobs in the postwar economic expansion. Nevertheless, white Protestants remain influential in the country’s cultural, political, and economic élite.

            In the federal civil service, once dominated by those from a Protestant denomination (WASPs), especially in the Department of State, Catholics and especially Jews made strong inroads after 1945. Georgetown University, a Catholic school, made a systematic effort to place graduates in diplomatic career tracks, while Princeton University (a WASP bastion), at one point lost favor with donors because too few of its graduates were entering careers in the federal government.[25] By the 1990s there were “roughly the same proportion of WASPs and Jews at the elite levels of the federal civil service, and a greater proportion of Jewish elites among corporate lawyers.”[26]

            With the 2010 retirement of John Paul Stevens (born 1920), the U.S. Supreme Court has no White Protestant members.[27] The University of California, Berkeley, once a WASP stronghold, has changed radically: only 30% of its undergraduates in 2007 were of European origin (including WASPs and all other Europeans), and 63% of undergraduates at the University were from immigrant families (where at least one parent was an immigrant), especially Asian.[28]

            A significant shift of American economic activity toward the Sun Belt during the latter part of the 20th century, and an increasingly globalized economy have also contributed to the decline in power held by Northeastern WASPs. While WASPs are no longer solitary among the American elite, members of the Patrician class remain markedly prevalent within the current power structure.[29]

            [edit]Related political culture

            WASPs are major players in the Republican Party. Politicians such as Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts, Prescott Bush of Connecticut and Nelson Rockefeller of New York exemplified the pro-business liberal Republicanism of their social stratum, espousing internationalist views on foreign policy, supporting social programs, and holding liberal views on issues like racial integration. Catholics in the Northeast and the Midwest, usually Irish-American, dominated Democratic party politics in big cities through the ward boss system. Catholic (or “white ethnic”) politicians were often the target of WASP political hostility.[30]

            A famous confrontation was the 1952 Senate election in Massachusetts where Irish Catholic John F. Kennedy defeated WASP Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. By the 1980s, the liberal Rockefeller Republican wing of the party was marginalized, with the dominance of the Southern and Western conservative Republicans.

            [edit]Anglo-Saxon variant

            Before WASP came into use in the 1960s the term “Anglo Saxon” filled some of the same purposes, especially when used by writers somewhat hostile to an informal alliance between Britain and the U.S. It was especially common among Irish Americans and writers in France, “Anglo Saxon” was a term favored by the French (to criticize close diplomatic relations between the US and Britain), and by the Irish Catholics, who resisted British rule in Ireland. American humorist Finley Peter Dunne popularized the ridicule of “Anglo Saxon” circa 1890-1910, even calling PresidentTheodore Roosevelt one. Roosevelt insisted he was Dutch and invited Dunne to the White House for conversation. “To be genuinely Irish is to challenge WASP dominance,” argues politician Tom Hayden.[31] The depiction of the Irish in the films of John Ford was a counterpoint to WASP standards of rectitude. “The procession of rambunctious and feckless Celts through Ford’s films, Irish and otherwise, was meant to cock a snoot at WASP or ‘lace-curtain Irish’ ideas of respectability.”[32]

            “Anglo-Saxons” before 1900 was often used as a synonym for all people of English descent and sometimes more generally, for all the English-speaking peoples of the world as such. For example, American missionary Josiah Strong said in 1890: “In 1700 this race numbered less than 6,000,000 souls. In 1800, Anglo- Saxons (I use the term somewhat broadly to include all English-speaking peoples) had increased to about 20,500,000, and now, in 1890, they number more than 120,000,000.”[33] In 1893 Strong suggested, “This race is destined to dispossess many weaker ones, assimilate others, and mould the remainder until… it has Anglo-Saxonized mankind.”[34]

            In Australia, “Anglo”, “Anglo-Saxon” or “Anglo-Celtic” remains in popular use to refer to Australia’s majority English-speaking white population with no inherent pejorative connotations.[35]

          • Johnnie Appleseed

            The WASP ideology on this board is as dangerous as the Nazi’s .

            “When the Nazis came for the communists,
            I remained silent;
            I was not a communist.

            When they locked up the social democrats,
            I remained silent;
            I was not a social democrat.

            When they came for the trade unionists,
            I did not speak out;
            I was not a trade unionist.

            When they came for the Jews,
            I remained silent;
            I wasn’t a Jew.

            When they came for me,
            there was no one left to speak out.”

          • Now they’re coming for the whites.
            And you won’t say boo.

          • mendells-selection

            when they came for the brainwashed liberals, that is when they rounded you up

          • josh

            When the came for the Jew,I said,”Right over there! There they are! Take ’em PLEASE! Can I be of any help??”

          • Svigor


            First they came for the ANTI-SEMITES!!! And I was not an ANTI-SEMITE!!!, so I did not speak out.

            Then they came for the RACISTS!!! And I was not a RACIST!!!, so I did not speak out.

            Then they came for the RIGHT-WINGERS!!! And I was not a RIGHT-WINGER!!!, so I did not speak out.

            Then they came for the conservatives. And I was not a conservative, so I did not speak out.

            Then they came for me, but there was no one left to speak out.

          • Skincognito

            WASP? I’m Catholic, and there are quite a few Jews and halb-Jude who post here. It’s actually a vibrant, diverse (gag suppressed) forum. You sir, sound like the liberal, evangelical/ecumenical thought police. My race neutrality ended at the wrong end of a kaffir’s gun (I forfeited my car to save my cranial integrity). Perhaps you ought not judge satanic racists until you’ve had a similar epiphany.
            Mr. Kersey clearly understands the nature of the post-modern negropolis. Hopefully intelligent, sheltered Whites are able to grasp the threat of diversity without being victims of savage crimes. This requires a high degree of abstract thought, which I am convinced we collectively possess. The inhibitor isn’t intellectual, but rather cultural and socio-linguistic. “Racism” must no longer be a dirty word, or per Mr. Appleseed, a sin. We must become heretics, not sinners. The entire belief system of egalitarianism must be vanquished in order to prevent the shabby remains of our once great nation from deteriorating into bantustans like Detroit, Atlanta, Newark, etc.

          • Svigor

            First they brought in the Irish, and I said “equality!”
            Then they brought in the Germans, and I said “equality”
            Then they brought in the Italians, and I said “equality!”
            Then they brought in the Jews, and I said “equality!”
            Then they brought in the Russians, and I said “equality!”
            Then they brought in the Africans and the Mestizos, and I had gotten so used to saying “equality!” that I said it for them, too.

            Then I looked around and there was no nation any more, just a bunch of vultures squabbling over a corpse.

          • mendells-selection

            All European cultures share many of the same values, ethics, and family structures. The only differences amongst them are language differences and some slight difference in work ethic. The gulf between all European cultures and African cultures is HUGE. Therefore, there is indeed a pan European culture. Europeans who immigrated to the US and adopted the common language created the European American culture. It is real, and it is vastly different from the black culture here or any black culture anywhere in the world. Black cultures also share similarities no matter what the local language may be.

          • DelmarJackson

            Johnnie, I can say who I think belong, Those who are willing to assimilate and accept our culture, history,language and values as theirs and become American. This is what happened in the past. if you can’t agree, maybe you can agree on who does not belong, Those who harbor territorial or religous grievances against the native born popualtion, want to impose sharia over the constitution or retake the Southwest via massive immigration of their own kind. if you can’t even accept that then maybe we have a different opinion of reality.

          • Svigor

            The European multicult that brought in Slavs and Meds paved the way for the Global multicult. Best to nip this stuff in the bud, I think.

      • John

        A very horrific video, but it’s the nature of Blacks. I started to post “imagine what they would do to Whites,” but, sadly, we need not imagine. From White students in Knoxville, TN, to White homeowners in Detroit, MI, to White retirees in Atlanta, to White farmers in Africa, the horrific Black-on-White attacks and attrocities are a daily occurence for millions. Indeed, millions of conditioned Whites would literally rather die than remotely be suspected of “racism”. Remember the story of Dr. Calle in Atlanta? Her’s and countless others, day after day. Whites choose death over charges of racism. Very sad and tragic.

      • At the end, he threatens the west with an ongoing influx of African refugees if the West doesn’t do enough to help Africa. But what if Africa can’t be helped? Then it’s up to the West to at least defend itself by preventing the Africanization of the rest of the world.

      • mendells-selection

        Africans are killing each other over diamonds there, here they do it over sneakers, and even bags of chips. It is just their nature.

    • SemperRectus

      A huge influence on my latest opinion of blacks actually came from Paul Kersey’s site, SBDL. A random 4 letter acronym I had to look up when a random post occurred on a forum post. Since then, I’ve been following PK.
      As much as I would like to see PK wrong on everything, his facts are irrefutable. And you cannot change facts. So, my opinion was changed.

    • ageofknowledge

      I remember when America had lots of diversity. We had Germans, Dutch, Irish, Scot-Irish, English, Welsh, Italian, Polish, etc… We even had cultural diversity like the socs and the greasers… lol. I’m all for diversity… just not the kind we get today through third-world immigration.

      • Unperson

        Agreed. I was recently at dinner with a couple of old friends, who are not Race Realists but who are not fools either. I nevertheless got a good laugh out of them when I said, “Now that’s my idea of Diversity: twenty different kinds of White people.”

    • Svigor

      Unfortunately, liberals like you (used to be) are the exception, not the rule. Most liberals would much rather ignore the data.

  • Sloppo

    Atlanta is too busy to hate, because there is so much murdering going on.

    • The__Bobster

      They’re found the time recently. The city held up by the libtards as a chocolate city that works, no longer works.

  • StillModerated

    Ironic! Tom Wolfe’s picture was on this blog. He wrote A Man In Full which also described what a failure Atlanta had become.

    • NYB

      Tom Wolfe may finally be getting due credit for his consistant race realism.

  • John

    Everywhere that Blacks, Mestizos, and Muslims go, social disasters and cultural collapses follow. Those poor people must comprise the unluckiest races, ethnicities, and/or religions on earth.

    • mendells-selection

      An aside about the muslim societies. The ancient Iraqi’s built a large irrigation system that the muslim societies that arose in that area inherited. When the mongols invaded that area, they destroyed that irrigation system. It remained that way all the way up until the British rebuilt it during, I think, the 1920’s. That irrigation system enabled them to increase their population tenfold. All over the islamic world, everything that has been built has been built by western contractors. Saudi Arabia get’s 70% of it’s fresh water by desalination plants built by westerners, it also gets another 20% from deep aquifer wells built by westerners. Both of those systems could be taken out in one day’s worth of air raids by the way. The biggest mistake the west made was that it did not take the wells in the early 1970’s when the arabs seized them from the western companies that built them.

  • Any city that hit the tipping point (40% blacks) is a trash filled cesspool full of drugs, murders and crime. Whites create, blacks destroy. Chicago, Apelanta, Detroit, Port Au Prince or Mogadishu. Give a white man some bricks and he will build a city. Give blacks a city and you will be knee deep in garbage and dead bodies and a pile of broken bricks. Prove me wrong.

    • IstvanIN

      Give a black a brick and he’ll hit someone with it.

      • mendells-selection

        Here’s a scenario. Aliens come to earth and take two blacks, put them in a room with a locked door. In that room they also put a small, elaborately decorated, locked box with metal hinges attached to the box by screws. In that box is the key to open the door. They also include a hand sized disk that has a projection on it that will fit the heads of the screws. They do not give them food or water.They just watch to see what happens. The blacks start fighting over the box rather quickly. each one sees it as a piece of bling and wishes to claim ownership of it. One eventually kills the other using the disk as a weapon. The victor then takes the sneakers off of the corpse, puts them on then does a victory crip walk around the room, dancing and mumbling loudly to himself. The lone black eventually dies of thirst and starvation having never discovered the secret to the box.
        Now, the aliens repeat the experiment with two white men. After overcoming the shock of their abduction the two men examine the box and the disk. They figure out that they can open the box by removing the clasp and hinges. They find the key, they try it in the door, they escape to freedom.

  • Al

    You can’t compare Atlanta to Detroit. The black population of Atlanta has gone down in the past 20 years while the white population has gone up. And the majority of whites aren’t arabs like in Detroit. More whites and less blacks means a city is on the way up.

    • Most whites either live in the Buckhead section of Atlanta or in the suburbs.

  • Eddie Willers

    SBPDL was one of the first sites I read that opened my eyes to the true nature of black behavior within the HBD context. It’s a well-written, fascinating site that has wit, cogency, acerbic comment and goes a long way towards puncturing those Orwellian “smelly little orthodoxies”.

    • ATBOTL

      We need more sites like SBPDL and less boring talk about IQ studies.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        The IQ studies are important only because they point to truth about one of the most important reasons for black failure. Any objective person would then understand that Affirmative Action is based upon flawed data and therefore, is at best useless and at worst harmful by wasting education resources on those who cannot profit by it, and also by putting the incompetent into positions for which they are unqualified. (Ask Clarence Thomas how AA complicated his career). It is for precisely this reason that I will NEVER let any medical practitioner of black African descent touch me or mine. Further, black failure can then be blamed upon non-existent racial bias, i.e., it is YT’s fault.

        One parting comment on IQ studies: I find it interesting the way they are being discredited, and appreciate the various opinions as to why this is happening. It is almost like fat people claiming that the law of gravity (if it even exists) really doesn’t matter, And even if it does, riding around on an electric cart at Walmart means that they are as physically fit as an Olympic athlete, so should also be awarded gold medals.

        But I’m with you folks. SBPDL is a wonderful site.

  • White Libertarian

    In the U.S., there is always a confusion of variables. On the one hand, you have a racially mixed society, with different people’s of different natural talents. On the other hand, you’ve got inept politicians that continually support industrial complexes (educational, medical, military, etc) that sap the resources from the wealth generating capital structure.

    Racial purity will not necessarily cure all our ills. Japan is racially pure, and they’re an economic basket case, spiraling into the toilet.

    When you combine mixed races along with an inept government, you’ve got the worse of both worlds.

    I believe that an effective government with strong protection of private property along with pure capitalism and open markets with ANY race would be much better than the pure whites and our current form of government.

    Without welfare, unions or minimum wages, even blacks would be forced to step up their game.

    • Bernie

      “Japan is racially pure, and they’re an economic basket case, spiraling into the toilet.”
      They are not. They have a first world economy with almost no violent crime and few of the social pathologies we have. The Japanese economy has grown slightly over the last 20 years. But even a decade in Japan with no growth is better than a day in black Africa where the economy is supposedly growing.

      • IstvanIN

        Not only would I rather be in an economically stagnant, racially harmonious, first world country like Japan, I would rather be in a poor, racially homogenous, white country than today’s NJ, California or Brazil.

        • mendells-selection

          blood is more important than tresure. In fact, it is our treasure, everything should be organized around supporting it and increasing it. Conservatives have believed that treasure was more important than blood, and that blood can be sacrificed for increasing treasure.

        • Luis

          I’d rather be in Albania or the Basque region of Spain, than be anywhere south of Algeria, on the African continent.

          For that matter, I’d rather be in Siberia than in Liberia.

          Salud! Salud!

        • Skincognito

          I’d take Lithuania over Los Angeles any day.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The Japanese economy has not only grown slightly, but the population is declining (down 1.5 million between 2010 and 2012). GDP per capita, PPP-adjusted for consumer prices (50% higher there than in the US) is some $35,000, nothing to sneeze at. This per-capita level this is just like that of France or Italy.

      • They are a nation that has similar values and traditions for many thousands of years. A saying in Japan is that a nail that rises up will be hammered down.

  • blight14

    I’m about a quarter of the way through Mr Kersey’s book and its actually difficult to read. As with his Detroit book, the stark reality of what is going on is at times overwhelming. His research on both books seems to be well done and that may be the hardest part-finally realizing how utterly dysfunctional these people really are. And it comes to no surprise that when given any position of authority, the first priority of blacks is to elevate fellow blacks with no regard to qualifications and merit.

  • swanee river

    They are all also flocking 200 miles northeast to Charlotte NC and ruining that city now.

  • TTownTony

    A friend who is a Southern historian once lamented :

    “Go to Atlanta today and you’ll see what 25,000 Confederates died trying to prevent!”

    My great grandfather was there in 1865 and lost his left leg. It was tragic for a 19 year old, but not as great a tragedy as what happened to others and what continues to this day. That city should have been left in ruins.

    • That city should have been left in ruins.

      If it goes the way of Detroit, it soon will be.

      • Johnny Clay

        Give it time.

    • Svigor

      I use that a lot. I often say that if Confederates could peek into the future and see America today, they’d have fought to the last man, woman, and child, and all of their cities and farms would have been burned to the ground first.

      But I think it’s probably more apropos to say that if the Unionists could peek into the future and see America today, they’d have all deserted or surrendered, or joined the Confederates.

      • ATBOTL

        You know that shortly after the CW, public opinion in the North started shifting towards sympathy with the South. This is not mentioned today.

  • PesachPatriot

    I have been to Atlanta twice in my life…for Slayer concerts. It is pretty bad, but for some reason the natives stayed at a safe distance(they dislike loud heavy metal music almost as much as they hate classical)….in the northern cities cold weather forces the criminally inclined demographic indoors for half the year,but in the south the mild weather facilitates year round shenanigans. I also happen to like the cut of this johnny appleseed fellows jib…mr. appleseed was one of my favorite american folk heros as a kid. TTown tony I am sorry your great grandfather lost his leg trying to prevent the ruination of Atlanta…I am glad that most of the amren posters don’t blame us as a group for the actions of no good kinsman of ours like bernie madoff and lloyd blankfein, king of the squids. The reason jews rose to such prominent positions in high finance to begin with was our reputation for fanatical honesty with other people’s money. What took milleniums to build has been destroyed in less than century. I doubt any of the corporate big cheeses at coca cola or cnn would dare to walk around metro atlanta at night with bodyguards.

    • mendells-selection

      American Banks were closed to Jews until relatively recently. This was one major distinction between the American Banking world and that in Europe. The”fanatical honesty” which you describe was a WASP cultural trait, that along with fanatical fiscal conservatism. WASPS were so know for their responsible attitude towards finances that the following anecdote came about ” A woman is walking with her little girl down the sidewalk of a street in a New England Town. She notices a man coming towards them that people are crossing the street to avoid. The mother sees the man and takes the girl across the street as well. The little girl asks the mother why everyone is shunning the man. Did he kill someone? Did he molest someone. Did he steal something? The mothers reply is ” He did worse, he touched his capital” Such was the culture of WASP New England and WASP America.
      IN America Jews were never trusted with money and never allowed to work anywhere in the banking system. This started to change and the first large bank owned by Jews was “The bank of The United States” that got it’s start by being the bank for the large number of immigrant Jews in the early 20th century. It was also one of the first banks to go under in 1929. There was a tradition in American Banking that when there was a run on a bank and it’s solvency was therefore threatened, other banks would loan the threatened bank cash. One reason for doing this was that when one bank crashed, it shook people’s confidence in all banks and the panic could spread. Banks never have all their many depositor’s cash in the vault, most of it is being loaned out. It exists as a figure recorded in a book so the banking system as a whole never wants to let a panic get out of hand. Nevertheless, no American bank came to the aid of the “Jewish” bank, “The Bank of the United States” and it went under, as did many others after it.
      Although you may claim Jews had a reputation for fanatical honesty, that was not the case in America. It was also never the case in Europe where Jews dominated the banking industry.In fact, the Rothschilds gained their fortune by manipulating the market in a very devious manner that would today be considered illegal. Their modern day counterpart would be George Soros, who built his fortune by breaking the currency of several countries.
      It was not until the sixties that Jews started making big inroads into the banking industry in the US . It was during the eighties that their numbers started changing the culture on Wall St. and the investment Banking industry. CEO NEVER had multimillion dollar salaries under the WASP culture. They never looted companies and walked away with hundreds of millions while the company was destroyed and everyone else lost their jobs. That is 100% a result of a change in culture from the WASP culture to the Jewish culture. The same culture that trains lawyers to go around breaking companies with lawsuits, getting rich by destroying everything.

      • josh

        THIS!!! This is the best post I have read on Amren since I got here. I am so sick of groveling,belly-crawling dopey,naive country-rube-type trying to be liked dumb white Americans who suck the toes of the Jews because they are told they’re supposed to! Who will twist history in a million different directions to avoid the truth thats staring them in the face:The Jews are a parasitic race who destroy whatever they touch. I dont care if youre Lucky Lindy,Henry Ford,Joe Kennedy,Billy Graham or even the “honorable” Minister Farrakhan–if you look at the Jews honestly,you dont like what you see!Thanks mendells!!

        • mendells-selection

          I believe they have cultural faults or weaknesses, as all groups do. I would not go so far as to say they are always parasitical. I think their behavior at times shows a trait that is more correctly characterized as amorally opportunistic. They are productive, intelligent, civilized, but I’m afraid that I believe there is some truth in the stereotype of the covetous Jew and that they are show a tendency to do crooked things and then use crooked reasoning to justify it. They have CERTAINLY changed the culture on Wall St. The old Anglo Saxon, WASP values were TOTALLY jettisoned between 1980-2000. This happened just as they became numerically significant in the American Banking Industry. It is the same as the deterioration of the any city when Black become numerically significant. Yes, the Jewish Investment houses made great money for awhile, but it was in a dysfunctional way and the ethos of Jewish Wall St. was injected into the US government as a whole during the Clinton Administration. AS shopkeepers, movie studio owners, department store owners, small businessmen, they do a country good. As bankers? Notsomuhhhhhch!

    • josh

      Jews were known to be honest with EACH OTHER but NEVER with us,the goyim. You hate us and have worked relentlessly to destroy what we have built.

      • mendells-selection

        There are some who definitely hate us, but they do not all think alike.

    • They only come out to play whenever a rapper is in concert.

  • PesachPatriot

    josh…you don’t even know me, yet assume that I hate you and america and the constitution and everything good. News flash bud…jews aren’t flash mobbing wal-mart, raping white girls, setting kids on fire, attacking people with socks full of poop or pouring over the border illegally. No white woman clutches her purse and walks to the other side of the street when a bunch of kids in yarmulkes or old guys with shtreimels and beards is walking down the street. Jews didn’t turn Detroit, Baltimore, Philly, Atlanta, Newark, Camden, Memphis, New Orleans and Chicago into hell holes. You have such antipathy towards us yet your name is straight out of the Old Testament. I don’t believe we’re perfect or beyond criticism…my skin is pretty thick and I’m some what less than thrilled with the actions of some people who share my ethnicity.

    Oslo was considered a good idea at the time by the majority of Israelis…people everywhere were hopeful that the end of the Cold War would usher in an era of universal peace…which shockingly enough did not happen. Most Israelis were willing to give the Palestinians a chance to build themselves up a normal country…they weren’t interested in that, just using the ceded territory to attack Israel and cause trouble. At the end of the day I am much more concerned with what happens here in the USA then over there in the sandbox. For what its worth my skin is as white as any person of germanic, celtic, nordic or anglo-saxon ancestry….The reason jew conspiracy theories are so popular is because so few people have ever met us in real life. Do you really think all 14 million of us on this planet are all working together for some nefarious end? Most of us( the tim wises and lloyd blankfeins obviously excepted) just want to live, work, and raise our kids in the decent civilized America we came to legally many years ago. The only people who take ebil joo conspiracy nonsense seriously are farrakhan and the NOI and the illiterates in the muslim world. I post on this board so you guys will realize that not all of us are against you…many of us are pro-civilization, pro-constitution, pro-2nd amendment. If every jew in america left for Israel tomorrow there would still be illegal immigration, welfare and urban savagery without us.

    • Luis

      For one thing, Jewish politicians in the USA can stop with their attempts to gut the Second Amendment rights of Gentiles, so as to protect their favorite pets, the inner-city Bantus. They know that their pet Bantus commit most of the violent crimes in the USA.

      They can stop preaching multiculturalism for every country and territory on planet Earth – except for Yisrael, of course.

      They can stop demanding that the Holocaust be made mandatory teaching not only in this country, but every country on planet Earth. Just what TF does the Holocaust and Anne Frank have to do with someone on Madagascar, or Papua New Guinea anyway?

  • PesachPatriot

    Luis, you have some pretty good points but I don’t think any of america’s jewish politicians will listen to me even if I drive to their offices in DC and scream in their faces….they get their sugar right from Uncle Benny’s printing press same as all the crooked gentile politicos. I have studied the Holocaust, as well as slavery and the conquest of the western united states, as well as the horrors of africa and the middle east in the last 50 years and the bottom line is that man’s inhumanity to man is pretty constant and unchanging. The technology improves and the number of casualties gets bigger, but the competition for glory, land, resources etc continues on without missing a beat. The horror of the world began with cain and abel and is as fresh as the sandy hook shooting.

    I wasn’t aware there was holocaust education in madagscar or papua new guinea. I’m certainly not trying to push PC or multiculturalism on anyone and I am as pro 2nd amendment as anyone else on this board. Anyone with more than a child’s grasp on the founding documents knows the intent of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had nothing to do with hunting or crime. The jewish people(more like secularist lib new yorkers) you see on TV, the NY times, and CSPAN do not necessarily represent the views and beliefs of all the rest of us. Most of us who aren’t millionaires and billionaires have pretty much given up on politics in this country anyways….nothing we can do except take care of our own and hope the economy doesn’t collapse. 2 per cent of the electorate just doesn’t mean much to either party when other demographics vote in much bigger blocks. I would say we are probably split evenly between democrats and republicans. I wanted to vote for ron paul, but ended up holding my nose and voting romney even though I wasn’t crazy about him.

    I was going through school when the traditional history curriculum first started changing from patriotism and pride in american history while acknowledging the not so nice parts to castigating the founding fathers and both sides of the civil war as evil backwards monsters who needed to be “deconstructed”. Even as a kid i had a pretty strong BS detector…”How can it be that the guys who were good guys when I started school are now bad guys?” I now realize why the curriculum was so different…they realized they can’t have smart kids who understand tech far better than their parents and grandparents ever can to get any crazy ideas from those evil revolutionary Dead White Males.

  • I lived in Atlanta for 13 years. Suburban white North Atlanta suburbs such as Roswell and Alpharetta are supporting South Atlanta, which is predominately black. There was interest at one time for Roswell and Alpharetta to reform Milton county, which existed before they were annexed by Fulton County.


    The ATL metro area and the whole state of Georgia are going down demographically in the near future. GA was down to 55% white in the 2010 census. It will interesting to see how whites in GA react to being ruled by a black dominated Democratic party. These are people who guzzled the Gingrich/Bush style aracial conservatism with wild abandon.