Miley Cyrus Starts Campaign for Emoji Equality

Myles Tanzer, Beta Beat, December 19, 2012

Miley Cyrus had a brush with social advocacy last year when she recorded Occupy Wall Street’s unofficial theme song, “Liberty Walk.”  But since then, she’s remained pretty quiet on any issues of equality. {snip}

But now Ms. Cyrus is back to the fight with a new issue. Yes, Ms. Cyrus has something that all Americans can get behind—Emoji equality.

For the uninformed, Emojis are the cute little image characters that iPhone users use like secret code or special embellishes to text messages. {snip}

Ms. Cyrus quickly responded with Emoji concerns of her very own:


This woman is right! There is injustice in the Emoji world right now.



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  • A good reason not let your kids watch the Disney Channel…

    • Mike Lane

      Walt Disney must be rolling… no… clawing his face in his grave.

  • Francis Galton

    Yes, the current zeitgeist dictates (diktats?) that any absence of black people in ANY endeavor (even in the virtual world) is a travesty of the highest order, and incontrovertible evidence of the chronic, incurable disease known as White Racism. Blacks are everywhere and always helpless, and can only react as mindless, reified Newtonian forces against this endless White Racism by lashing out in any way they can–so they can never be blamed for their bad behaviors. They really are just as decent and moral as any other race (perhaps more so, due to their courage as survivors of White Racism).

    Perhaps as a tribute to Saint Martin of Atlanta, we can have black male Emojis conquer and mate with the White female Emojis during February–White Racism Survivors’ Month. How, oh how, did the liberal Tech Industry overlook such a vital feature of our society?!

    • The Race of Failures will never be satisfied until we humans are gone. Then they will moan and cry cause no one will around to feed and cloth them.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, mudflaps are in every car commercial as if they’re standard equipment. I expect one to pop up in my back seat any day now.

      • Lisa Gerardot

        Mudflaps? That is a disgusting way to address innocent kids in a TV commercial. Grow up and stop being a bitter demented loser!

      • My personal favorite is the one with the 2 little obviously mixed race kiddies washing the vehicle with the windows open, and the sire comes along and just laughs it off. We all know what happens to little black kids when they only interrupt the sperm donor when he be playing MADDEN 2012. The kid ends up in the emergency room. God forbid the tyke breaks the XBOX.

        • JDInSanDiego

          My favorite is the cable TV commercial where the fat, dumpy white guy is working on the cable in the front yard and the little black kid is imitating him. The very light skinned father comes out to the front door with a collared shirt on and a laptop in hand to check up on his kid (you know, like he’d do in real life) and to show you he’s a professional who doesn’t do manual labor and who can afford to buy and use high technology that he couldn’t design in million years. They cover a lot of ground in that 30 seconds. The only thing we don’t get is the usual sneer, head shake and rolling eyes.

      • JDInSanDiego

        It’s not just car commercials, although it’s funny to see a black man selling a Volkswagen to an Asian. It’s every advertisement, tv show, movie and news broadcast. In Tom Cruise’s new action movie he has a sassy black female supervisor to tell him off. I was just flipping through the channels and saw a few seconds of Rules of Engagement. The lead character went to a boat show and was approached by a salesperson who was a black female. Totally believable right? A commercial just showed a yuppie black couple where the male was making little hot dog hors d’oeures and I thought to myself, “That has never occured in history.” I received an advert from my health insurance today. They’re famous for sending me mailings with smiling black doctors on them. Todays emailing contained 6 pics as follows:

        1. A gym bag

        2. Smiling black female

        3. White person’s torso with her hands filling out a form

        4. Smiling black female talking to elderly black female.

        5. Concerned white woman kissing sick daughter’s cheek in hospital bed. Both have eyes closed and look miserable.

        6. Smiling black male dancing with and dipping his wife.

        Final score: Six pics containing 5 happy blacks and 2 and a half whites.

        • JDInSanDiego

          Check out Aetna dot com right now…or any other time for that matter.

          • Billl

            Wow, so true! They even have a link to “Diversity is embedded in Aetna’s
            values” and a link to “Community” where they prominently display a rainbow nation flag. Don’t leave out the LGBT’s! And then don’t forget to visit their link to the “Leadership Team”. See it for yourself. Hypocrites.

        • OlderWoman

          Perhaps you could start a Negrobilia collection.

          • Joseph

            White memoribilia will be much more valuable as it will be rare.

          • JDInSanDiego

            I actually do save the mailings to show a friend. At the moment I have several with black doctors on the front page. I also ripped a page from AAA magazine showing black kids on vacation in Hawaii. I have the cover of a credit card rewards program showing a well dressed black couple embracing and enjoying the view on the coast of Greece. I have a Jeep brochure that shows a smiling black female sitting in front of a beachside fire with her white friends. How often do these fantasies occur in real life? I’ve also noticed many of these folks have an afro or what I would call big wooly hair do’s while in real life virtually every black guy I’ve seen for years is shaved bald and every female is wearing a wig or has her hair straightened. And I have about 10 pages from my most recent college alumni magazine showing black professors and blacks physics and engineering majors and even a brewery owner. If I didn’t know better I’d think my college was 60% black. I just checked and it’s 2% and most of them got in by checking the minority box or being on a sports team.

        • Mike Lane

          Probably because they’re the ones doing all the shooting and sending the miserable whites to the hospital.

    • The PC indoctrination has clearly worked on her. Now she, a white girl, instinctively knows how to make a fuss when she doesn’t see ‘diversity’. This is disturbing.

  • Puggg

    Occupy Wall Street’s theme song, “Liberty Walk.”

    Does THIS read like a liberty agenda to you?

    • Sure it does. It’s a form of Marxist and Globalist liberty, but it’s liberty.

    • fsagas

      Well from their perspective they think there are champions of Liberty.

      But then those who listened to Lenin during the 1920s in Russia thought so as well.

      One thing on that list the “abolishment of private property.” And then the site says “no red-baiting,” meaning one shouldn’t attributing what they sayto Stalin, communism, etc.

      Because, of course, abolishment of private property is not related to communism.

      You can’t make this up.

      To be fair a view seemed reasonable. Most on that list is far left and insane.

      • Anders

        These champions of liberty want to make homeschooling illegal, because – get this one – ‘it allows religious fanatics to feed their children propaganda’ – but you’re not allowed private property.

        • Puggg

          They distrust government, but want us to pay higher taxes to it and be disarmed in the face of it and our education to come exclusively from it. Fail.

          Most of their other mish-mash is a mixed up mess (just like they themselves are). For example, why worry about easier working conditions when they want to make welfare so generous that nobody wants to work?

          Why lower the age of majority to 16 when it wouldn’t have any meaning anything? Age of majority is 16? For what? Buying guns? They say we can’t no matter our age. Having sex? Will OWS deny “sexual rights” to 15-year olds when I’m sure they want to give condoms away to 11-year olds?

          Ban guns and homeschooling. But how are they going to enforce it when they’ve done away with jails?

          Face it, OWS and that whole movement were nothing but a bunch of moron utopian neo-Marxist brats. I question the judgment of many of you reading these words who weren’t able to pick up on that from the jump, and for the longest displayed sympathy for OWS even though some of them were “occupying” a target we don’t like. Broken clocks and blind squirrels, that’s all.

      • Luis

        Not only the abolition of private property, but the abolition of inheritance is espoused by Marxists.

        That’s right out of the “Communist Manifesto”.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    If this is the sort of thing Cyrus worries about, she must have a very easy life.

  • Since she’s so concerned about equality in representation, I wonder what she’ll have to say when she finds out the extremely disturbing and disproportionate black-on-White rape numbers in America? She needs to tweet about that.

    • OlderWoman

      Given who her father is, she’ll probably be dating a black before you know it.

      • Token Finn

        She may already have. There was a a picture of her tonguing a cake which had the figure of brown male genitals.

        • Pelayo

          Are you sure that THAT is what you saw?

    • Joseph

      Probably considered a privilege by her type of white.

  • I checked out which emojis are available and found out that there are already 4 images of black people:

    • The__Bobster

      Hey, don’t confuse Panface McTalentless with facts.

    • StillModerated

      That’s damn funny! Loved the pile and the monkeys.

  • I’m very disappointed that the Mayan apocalypse didn’t happen. Now I’m still forced to live on a planet dominated by leftist idiots.

    • fsagas

      You sir, win the award for “most awesome post on any site,” for December 2012.

    • Oil Can Harry

      I’m still puzzled as to why black emoji characters weren’t added by blacks themselves when they originally invented computers and the internet.

      • evola33

        Blacks also invented Maxima cars, refigerators, air conditioners, guns and 40oz. bottles.

        • Mike Lane

          Don’t forget the pyramids, America, and all of white civilization.

          • Joseph

            I was pleased to learn -just a couple of days ago, that Socrates was black.

            To think, the delusion that I was under all of my life until now. Whites are so devilish.

    • Anders

      Yes, I’ve been thinking lately that the only cure for ‘leftism’, the worst virus ever to plague humankind, is total apocalypse!

  • wattylersrevolt

    Miley Ray Cyrus is teenage pole dancing slut who lives in a mega-mansion…you guessed it right..far away from blacks. But this slutty teenage pole dancing “hillbilly” in a mega-mansion can sure us an attiude adjustment:one night walking alone by herself downtown Newarl NJ.

    Michael More needs a similar attitude adjustment:one night left alone without a gun downtown Newark NJ. Why does Michael More chose to not live among the blacks in downtown Newark?

    By the way, her father is an example of the musical drek that Nashville has been pumping out for decades…shlock “country” music consumed by imbeciles in the American South..the same imbeciles who want to be raptured into heaven.

    • OlderWoman

      ‘..the musical drek that Nashville has been pumping out for decades…’ I agree with this statement. I live in Nashville and despise country music. The ‘stars’ are as immoral, liberal and arrogant as they are in Hollywood. The no-talent music is as bad as rap music.

      As for your last statement, you can ‘kiss my grits’.

      • Puggg

        Country music today is warmed over pop that just happens to be recorded in Nashville.

        • Dude

          But they sing with Southern twang and wear cowboy hats. Pardon me while I sing like Johnny Cash but with a fruity New Yorker accent and call it pop music.

        • Angry White Woman

          Today’s “country music” is garbage, but at least it’s still mostly white. White agents, producers, entertainers and consumers. Some non-white creeping in, but otherwise white. Like NASCAR, we need to support them for being 95% or more white, whether we personally like their product or not. (And FIGHT the forces trying to integrate them.)

          • OlderWoman

            You should’ve heard the outcry in 1967 when Charlie Pride first performed on the Grand Old Opry stage. Then there was the rumor he was Hank Williams, Sr.’s bastard child.

          • jay11

            Just you wait! In the next 2-4 years there will be the black ‘prodigy’ belting out country tunes with a slight hip-hop beat, and whites will EAT IT UP! Mark my words…

          • james o

            It’s already happened. I take it you’ve never heard of the rap artist Nelly?

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Country has already been infiltrated by Darius “Hootie” Rucker and they treat him like God’s gift to Nashville. Disgusting.

          • Luis

            The same Darius Rucker who proclaims himself to be a big NASCAR fan, BTW.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            It might be white, but it’s still wanna-be rock and roll that fails.

            If I want country music, I’ll look 30 years or more into the past for it.

    • Tim

      “Walking alone by herself downtown” Come on man! I want her to get smart, not killed!!

      • wattylersrevolt

        OK..but the malicious-malcontent -sociopathic fat pig Michael Moore?

  • pcmustgo

    That’s because Miley got in trouble a few years back for making fun of Asians by slanting her eyes in a photo- very un PC.

  • Pelagian

    Seal is available, honey.

  • Unperson

    There is no emoticon for what I am feeling right now.

    • StillModerated

      OO=========D —-%

      Happy Sunday!

  • IstvanIN

    I am glad I don’t “text”.

  • bigone4u

    Young Miley is an example of today’s youth’s level of engagement with social issues, which is highly superficial–being uninformed by facts or critical thinking. Where is her thougtful essay on the fall of Detroit, the dangers of interracial dating, sex, and marriage, the black on white crime statistics? Actually, her nonsense does not deserve our attention. Too many other important issues to strategize about.

  • wattylersrevolt

    You know, it really is a shame..because Billy Ray Cyrus hosted a History Channel Special on the people of Appalachia. It was a very positive portrayal of Appalachia. One segment was about Bill Blizzard and his men who went to war..literally..against the Evil Coal Mine Companies..The cadavorus looking White Slut Anne Coulter’s father was a Union busting Coal Mining Company corporate lawyer… during the Battle for Blair Mountain. Every should watch this is repeated several times a year. It is the same exact battle today that we are fighting. Native Born White Americans had real good reasons for forming unions…it was protection against wage slavery that in some ways resembled chattel slavery.
    I think what happens is that some people get seduced by the big $$$$$$$$$ and go over to the Dark Side!!!! Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife are corrupted, and they in turn corrupted their preteen daughter big time. I mean they allowed the Filthy Urban Rodent Rootless Cosmopolitans over at Disney to turn their teenage daughter into a pole dancer…maybe one day she can be the Rapist and War Criminal Bill Clinion’s girlfriend..just in time for the Clinton Restoration.
    It seems that all of the mega-stars of shlock Country Music..Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw..are also pushing for the legalization of homosexaul marriage..that is to say:the legalization of social and cultural filth..
    Long Live the fighting spirit of Bill Blizzard and his Men!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    Maybe they need a little “white-Hispanic” emoji too in case her suggested icon goes urban on the others.

  • Ralph

    Miley has an overactive publicist who keeps trying to get her name and photo in the press in an attempt to change the type casting of earlier years and it’s all very boring and she’s now overexposed and just seems as silly as Donny Osmond when he tried to look tough to try to break his earlier image.

    Give it up, Miley, and try to find what is authentic in yourself. You are a White girl. Act like it and promote Whiteness. What a concept. Now, that will really get you some press.

  • jay11

    Why doesn’t she practice true diversity and get an apartnent in the hood?

  • PesachPatriot

    I didn’t think anything could be dumber than twitter until I heard about emojis. Disney didn’t put a gun to her head and force Miley Cyrus in to sluttish behavior….thats simply what teenage girls are like these days. Some of the older posters may pine for the days of poodle skirts being risque and sharing a root beer float with your sweetheart at the malt shop, but most girls are becoming sluttier just to compete with what young men are seeing online and dvds. The days of girls asking for their fathers approval to date an individual are long gone…buried in that landfill of quaint cultural traditions like civil behavior, holding the door open for ladies(booo sexism), and taking off your hat indoors, Elderly people in my part of florida are amazed that anyone under 50 still does this. My favorite quip on this subject is that the young women of today dress more provocatively than professional whores a century ago. I was not aware she had anything to do with OWS…they are a bunch of misguided kids with kooky leftist kumbuya ideas, but they had the stones to get up in the face of the scum lords of wall street and take beating and pepper spray from bloomberg’s praetorian guards. The founding fathers ideals were considered pretty out there for there time…a country without a king? separation of church and state, a bill of rights? all these things which most take for granted were considered hopelessly idealistic when they were first tried so long ago.

  • Skincognito

    As a rugby fan, I am outraged! Where are the Tongans?! Ms. Cyrus is unforgivably afrocentric. Shame on her.
    On another note, let us all ring in the new year with Johnny Rebel karaoke and in the process at least partially redeem country music as the folk music of European Americans for European Americans.
    “Don’t kill my race,
    My once mighty race.”

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Just another entertainment professional, whom we are collectively expected to admire, eager to demonstrate their personal committment to their profession’s race to the intellectual bottom while pretending they are our moral superiors.
    Move along; nothing to see.

  • Mike Lane

    What a great human being. Fighting for equality. I can’t wait until she personally donates all of her fortune to the “under privileged” youth of America door to door. I’m still waiting.

  • Who cares. I think that many people cannot live in the real world so they create a fantasy world of their own choosing.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    I know what an emotiocon is, never heard of an “emoji” before – sounds Japanese.

    And I see the faces up there, and see .. only human avatars. If I can’t have a beast avatar, I have no interest. Where’s the beast avatars?