Posted on December 21, 2012

13-Year-Old Charged As an Adult in Death of 2-Year-Old Sister

Tony McNary and Mike Paluska, WALB (Atlanta), December 18, 2012

The DeKalb County 13-year-old girl who has been charged as an adult in the death of her 2-year-old sister made her first court appearance on Tuesday.

Police said Tyasia Jackson stabbed Sasha Lamaya Ray multiple times, killing the toddler.

Shelton Latroy Ray told CBS Atlanta News that he is the biological father of Sasha, who was found dead Monday afternoon outside their townhome on North Waldrop Trail in Decatur.

According to investigators, Tyasia was babysitting Sasha and her four other young siblings while both parents were at work.

According to Ray, Tyasia called him Monday about 11 p.m. from jail and confessed to the murder.


Ray said Tyasia was caught with a boy inside the townhome while he and her mother were away from the house.

“My wife’s co-worker lives across the street. She was watching them. She seen my older daughter let a boy in the house. She called my wife at work. My wife told her to go get the boy out of the house,” Ray said.


Hillman said she found the boy hiding inside a closet. Ray said after the boy and Hillman left, Tyasia told her three siblings to go upstairs while Sasha stayed downstairs with her.

“She made all the other kids go upstairs and then she stabbed [Sasha] by the back door. Put her outside came back in the house, cleaned up the blood, changed clothes then came outside and started looking for her with everybody else,” Ray said.

When her parents returned home, Ray said they asked Tyasia where Sasha was and began looking for her.

Hillman said she was the first person to find baby Sasha.

“I told the mom, ‘I found the baby,’ but I didn’t go into detail,” Hillman said.  “It wasn’t for me to go into detail, I let the husband do that.”

Ray and Tyasia’s mother then found Sasha’s body in the backyard with serious injuries.

“I thought a dog or something had gotten to her because of the bruises, the scars and the bleeding. Murder was far from my mind at that time. I didn’t think anyone had did something to her,” Ray said.


Investigators said Sasha was stabbed several times in her chest area.

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