President Obama’s second term in the White House was largely secured by record numbers of votes from ethnic minorities, while his popularity among whites plummeted, exit polls have revealed.

Hispanics, the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, accounted for ten per cent of all voters in the election, an increase on last year’s record of nine per cent, the polls suggested.

Of these, 71 per cent voted for Obama, up from 67 per cent in 2008. In a sign Republicans are failing to win over this increasingly influential group, Romney won just 27 per cent.

A record number of Asian voters – three per cent of the electorate – also turned out, with nearly three-quarters backing Obama. He also won a staggering 93 per cent of African-American votes.

Yet while his popularity among ethnic minorities swelled, he received just 39 per cent of the white votes, down by four per cent on the last election, a drop his campaign had anticipated.

Romney secured 59 per cent of the white vote – the largest majority achieved by any presidential candidate in U.S. history who then failed to win.

With Hispanics numbering 53 million in the U.S. – about 17 per cent of the population – the results show just how key their votes are to elections, and how Republicans are failing to win them over.

‘Our party needs to realise that it’s too old and too white and too male and it needs to figure out how to catch up with the demographics of the country before it’s too late,’ said Al Cardenas, the head of the American Conservative Union and a longtime GOP leader.

‘Our party needs a lot of work to do if we expect to be competitive in the near future.’

Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican in Florida and possible 2016 presidential candidate, added: ‘The conservative movement should have particular appeal to people in minority and immigrant communities who are trying to make it, and Republicans need to work harder than ever to communicate our beliefs to them.’

Polls showed Hispanic voters trusted Obama on issues of jobs and the economy, and that they believed Democrats cared more for their votes.

This spells a crisis for Republicans, who have become more white in recent years.

In 2004, George W. Bush won 44 per cent of Hispanic votes. Four years later, this plummeted to 31 per cent for John McCain. And this year, Romney achieved just 27 per cent.

Hispanic voters were no doubt alienated by Romney’s tough stance against immigration in the primaries, calling for ‘self deportation’ and making life tough for undocumented immigrants.

He also vetoed the Dream Act, Obama’s 2010 bill to help undocumented youngsters. The president garnered support for his June decision to allow young immigrants to stay in the country.

Republicans tried. Romney touted his son Craig, who can speak fluent Spanish after carrying out missionary work in Chile, at campaign events, and Rubio held large Latino audiences.

Yet exit polls show the support nears that of the lowest percentage of Hispanic voters won by a Republican ever – when Bob Dole achieved just 21 per cent of their votes in 1996. The same year, Bill Clinton achieved the record high of 72 per cent of Hispanic votes.

‘Hispanics continue to grow in importance, and we need to embrace these voters for two reasons: It is simply the right thing to do, and it’s mandatory demographically if we are to avoid more presidential disappointments,’ former George W. Bush political director Matt Schlapp told Politico.

‘It’s about simple math and basic moral decency.’

Overall this year, white voters made up 72 percent of the electorate – less than four years ago – while black voters remained at 13 percent and Asian votes also increased from two to three per cent.

Of these Asian voters, nearly three-quarters cast their vote for Obama.

He also still leads among African Americans, gaining 93 per cent of votes, while just six per cent went to Romney. This support for Obama is slightly down from 95 per cent in 2008.

‘Clearly, when you look at African-American and Latino voters, they went overwhelmingly for the president,’ said John Stineman, a Republican strategist from Iowa. ‘And that’s certainly a gap that’s going to require a lot of attention from Republicans.’

The numbers fly in the face of GOP assumptions that the passing of the novelty of the first African-American president would trim Obama’s support from black voters.

‘Republicans have been saying for months’ that Obama’s black support would slip, Democratic pollster Paul Maslin said. ‘And what happens? When African-Americans had the chance to affirm him, they came out in droves.’

And during his victory speech Tuesday, Obama recognised the Democratic party he had perpetrated.

‘It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, or Hispanic or Asian, or Native American, or young or old or rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight,’ he said. ‘You can make it here in America if you’re willing to try.’

Exit polls also back up the statement Republicans are ‘too old and too male’.

While Democrats won six out of ten votes cast by 18 to 29 year olds, the Republicans nabbed 56 per cent of voters over 65. Democrats accounted for just 44 per cent of this bracket.

Fifty-two per cent of men voted for Republicans, compared to just 44 per cent of women.

Obama scored a resounding electoral college win on Tuesday night – despite predictions of one of the tightest finishes in history.

Broadcast networks called the 2012 election at 11.15pm as Obama swept the map with wins in the swing states of Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Virginia.

Both Obama and Romney gave gracious speeches on hearing the results on Tuesday night, with the president calling for unity and setting out an optimistic vision of America’s future.

He promised ‘the best is yet to come’ and said the fierce battle with Romney had made him a better president, vowing: ‘I will return to the White House more determined and inspired than ever.’

In a speech that saw a return to the soaring rhetoric he has become known for since his election in 2008, Obama said he had ‘listened and learned’ from the American people during his campaign.

With his voice going hoarse at times, he said: ‘Progress comes in fits and starts’ and the road is littered with ‘difficult compromises.’ But he said he enters the next four years with an ‘economy recovering, a decade of war ending and a long campaign is over.’

He paid tribute to his opponent and hopes they can ‘work together in the coming weeks’. This bipartisanship had been echoed by Romney moments earlier during his concession speech.

Romney called for America to ‘put the people before politics’ and warned, ‘At a time like this we can’t risk partisan bickering and political posturing.’ He added, ‘I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead this country in a different direction. But the nation chose another leader.’

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  • Well, according to these stats:

    Obama took 39% of the White vote. That is shameful. That’s why I’m wondering if these Whites can even be shaken awake. I don’t think so. I think it’s time for us to go in a new direction, guys. let’s discuss this over the next few days.

    • Smeagol2

      Well when you take into account the gays, single women knocked up by black men, Hollywood and all its braindead degenerate followers, as well as the liberals in the lily-white Northeast and elsewhere who have no notion of what diversity really means (yet), 39% seems about right. 

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       Blacks only care about the color of the candidates skin when they vote, but whites should have voted for Romney simply because he had white skin. Romney wasn’t for a the white man any more than Obozo: Romney was for Romney.

      P.S. It looks like Asians don’t give a damn about whites either. Who would have thought it.

  • anmpr1

    What these Republican Hispanics are saying is, “go away, white man.”  I guess all of Romeny’s Hispandering didn’t do him much good at the end of the day.  Oh well…  Republicans are not known as as the stupid party for nothing. 

  • Wow a bunch of foreigners voting for a foreigner.  There is no United States.

    • pcmustgo

      Absolutely agree if you are talking about our major cities, LA and NY

    • potato78

       That is the definition of United States of Americans.

      •  Potato78  – I don’t know what Amren’s policy  is on insulting people , but you are dumber than a sack of Ethiopians playing with broken mercury filled thermometers.

        • potato78

          You are Ethiopians!

          • Triarius

            Ah, the arguments of a libtard. Bravo, potato78, bravo.

            Attention readers: this is the mindset of the people who elected our leader.

            Hope for America? I laugh at the thought. Only a civil war will save us. Time to make East USA and West USA, like Rome.

  • pcmustgo

    HA! TAKE THAT ASIA-PHILES…. your precious little Asians are no better than Latinos at disliking Obama/Identity Politics.

    “A record number of Asian voters – three per cent of the electorate – also turned out, with nearly three-quarters backing Obama. ”

    I  mean, damn, only 71% of Latinos voted for Obama…. Seems like the Asians like him even a few percentage points more.

    Get prepared for heavy, heavy increases of Asian immigration.

  • EndTimesComing

    The answer?  Yup.  And the RINO GOP deserves it.  But do WE?  This is the end of the United States.  The treasonous plan to import enough born and bred welfare recipients has born fruit.  You will never see a race this close again.  Obama will open the flood gates and treasonous liberals will rule over us forever more.  Lastly, from a religious viewpoint this nation god just what God thinks it deserves for it’s apostasy and immorality – four more years of the anti-christ pretender.

    • tickyul

      YUP…………ammm-nasty 2 courtesy of Mr Hussein. Who do you think all of those new citizens will vote for…….DOH!

    • The__Bobster

      Obongo doesn’t have to open the floodgates. They are already 30-38 million invaders here that he can amnesty.

      When  that happens, this nation is toast.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         What do you mean? We have already be buttered and half eaten. We are long past toast.

    • B

      How many illegals came here during the eight years of the Bush administration? I think both parties are just as guilty for letting illegals enter the country.

      According to the Washington Post, Obama has deported more illegals than Bush. “As of July, Obama deported 1.4 million illegal immigrants since the beginning of his administration — that’s 1.5 times more immigrants on average than Bush deported every month, according to official numbers from the Department of Homeland Security*.”

      Do you really think God is punishing the imperfect objects of his own creation? Perhaps he needs to take responsibility for creating such imperfect beings in the first place.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat


        The main problem with Republican whites is they think Bush didn’t so anything wrong.

        One (enemy) within the group is worth a thousand on the other side of the wall.


  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    “But the nation chose another leader.”

    Diversity Leadership Is the Fashion that Will Never Be Allowed to Every Go Out of Fashion.Watch White student orgs in all college clamor to “catch up” by electing blacks to lead them.

    There won’t be a single all White fraternity or sorority left by the end of next year, except the J-words- they won’t be led by anybody but a J-word.   Why can’t we be as smart?

  • smkuehl

    Bush-Rubio, 2016. It’s all but written in stone and, alas, ineluctable.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      It’s not only ineluctable, it’s inelectable.

    • Triarius

      I predict a RINO hispanic (maybe Rubio) vs Clinton. Either way, we lose. There will never be a conservative, straight, white man as president again.

      Btw, Clinton will win.

      • ssohara

         No, race always trumps gender in liberal class warfare. If it’s Rubio vs. Hillary, minorities will go for Rubio more than women will go for Hillary.

        • Triarius

          We’ll see. Hillary is a woman, she’ll get the female vote. Hillary is a democrat, she’ll get the black vote. Hillary is a zionist puppet, she’ll get the Jewish vote. Hillary is a liberal, she’ll get the white college student and hippie vote.

          Add in the fact that Asians usually lean democrat and there is over 70% of the US population. This assumes the female hispanics are split.

          Plus, all the robots will be saying “We’ve already had our first minority President. It is time for our first female President.”

          Either way, I don’t care. We lose.

  • Rubio is not going to save the GOP. the Republican Party will not go far right.
    I see all of the white punks under 25 cheer for Obama, and call me a racist. Well, I would love to see these clueless boys get turned down for a job, or one of the military academies. I’m 44, and my pension is secure if I lose my job, so quotas aren’t my problem.

    I know one thing, I will never vote for any republican again if he/she reminds me of Dole, McCain, or Romney. I’m tired of it. So, what’s next? I wonder if the GOP has even lost the right wing vote because they are not aggressive enough.

    • crystal evans

      No, the tea party and their fans need to consider forming their own political party. After this election, the Republicans are going to turn centrist because in order to survive, they need to make inroads into the minority communities, which are going to make up more of the electorate. They are going to have to end involvement in social issues such as abortion, and gay rights because it has been political suicide.

      • The__Bobster

        Thanks for the “helpful” advice. It’s the same crap that the libtards have been feeding us all day.

      • MikeofAges

         Really, we need a realignment into four parties, all showing their true colors.

        The Reds -Well, reds.

        The Blues – Not Democrat (talking head) blue, but a party of what used to be called progressive conservatives and liberal nationalists. This party would advocate a pragmatic agenda of economic growth and national development

        The Greens – Present day progressive liberals, actual greens, utopian dreamers, “democratic” leftist and so on.

        The Browns – The ultranationalist hard right.

        Undoubtedly, the “blues” would become the dominant party. The contemporary Democrat party sometimes pretends that it is an  actual ” blue” party, but it is not. The last real “blue” Democrats were pushed out the party by the mid-1980s.

    • ssohara

       I’m Asian and a woman and against quotas and affirmative action. How did I make this decision? By exercising my reason, judgement and also looking at what is fair. I don’t want to be discriminated against, so should I insist someone else be discriminated against? It’s the golden rule. Gender/class warfare has more to do with hatred than fairness or justice. If it was about justice, then once equal opportunities were open for all, victory would have been declared and we’d be done. As long as I have access to schools, jobs, etc., it’s my own responsibility to work hard and get the grades I need to get accepted, etc. If I can’t qualify for a job, it’s no one’s fault but my own. Once you start blaming other people and making excuses, then you go down the road to destruction.

      • MikeofAges

        Golden Rule? Have you heard of  “the crisis of the Golden Rule”? Maybe not, since it is so far my individual term.

        But what it means is that when people want you to come to their house and mix it up with them so that they get a crack at you, and then do to you first what they want you to try to do to them, you have a crisis. You can no longer ask people to do unto you as they would have you do unto them, because they don’t care if you respond to them peacefully or not. Sometimes they want you to act other than peacefully toward them.

        It’s the “wrong” 21st Century, baby. You haven’t heard that term either, because I coined it, and it was published in a column in a small newspaper in California c. 1990. Just never got around.  

  • B

    I’m a fiscal conservative but can’t vote republican because of the anti gay marriage, anti abortion rights, anti assisted suicide platform they cling to in order to pander to the christian fundie crowd. If they stubbornly cling to these antiquated anti freedom positions then I see no hope for the GOP.

    • The__Bobster

      Enter our poofter troll.

      No, we’re not going to turn into liberals, so why are you here? The sausage fest is two doors down.

      • B

        A typical bigoted vulgar remark from an intolerant troll. Is this your christian values showing through? Pandering to your ilk is what will be the demise of the republican party. 

        • MrGJG

           You come here and start spouting leftwing talking points while mocking the beliefs you know to be prevalent here and expect civility in return?
          Is that what liberals mean by compromise?

          • B

            This site is about exposing racial dogma and facing issues truthfully. Read the Jefferson quote at the very top of the page.

          • MrGJG

             Great quote, unfortunately as our AT said, we really are a nation of cowards when it comes to speaking about race.
            I would tweek his sentiments and say ~75% of this nation are cowards when it comes to speaking about race or in keeping with the aforementioned Thomas Jefferson quote, afraid to admit some uncomfortable truths about race. 

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

             I come here and sometimes mock the ignorance of whites, not because I hate whites, but because I want them to wake up. My posts just get deleted. Why does B’s posts remain?

          • B

            Because I agree with what this site represents, facing all issues honestly. Religious dogmas, like racial dogmas do not deserve a free pass from critical scrutiny.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      A majority of every demographic oppose gay marriage (except white women who are 53% in favor), and yet we are told that either we support it or we perish.

      • B

        That’s irrelevant. Perhaps you can be the first person to provide a single practical reason to deny a gay couple from getting married – but I doubt it.

        • Triarius

          How is popular sovereignty in a DEMOCRATIC nation irrelevant? Perhaps you can be the first person to provide a single practical reason to allow a gay couple to get married – but I doubt it.

          • B

            You are wrong, the United States is a republic, not a democracy. We have this thing called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that prevents majority vote from doing what ever it wants to minority groups.

            ” Perhaps you can be the first person to provide a single practical reason to allow a gay couple to get married – but I doubt it.” Triarius

            There being not a single practical reason to oppose it is reason enough. Where is the harm in a consensual adult gay relationship? Wanting to deny two people who love each other from getting married is hate. You are like a spoiled child who doesn’t like spinach stomping his feet because others still want to eat it. Only when your freedoms get stepped on will you then see the merits of tolerance.

          • MrGJG

             Stop whining and go bother the “conservatives” at Townhall and American Thinker.

          • Triarius

            Lol, you’re the one crying.

            There being not a single practical reason to be in favor of it is reason enough.

            No one is saying gays can’t have sex, they are saying they can’t get married. And there is reason to oppose it, separation of church and state. The government cannot dictate what a religious passage is. And I know the US is a republic, but we have DEMOCRATIC elections.

            You fail, crybaby.

          • Rick

            Well, we were originally a Republic, but now we are probably a Democracy (controlled by an Oligarchy) headed towards totalitarianism.

            Regarding homosexual marriage, the simple matter is that the primary function of marriage is for the reproduction of children (which is not possible in homosexuality, and therefore unnatural to human or animal design) in a safe and stable environment, leading the development of society. Ideally, both partners are committed to each other and to raising their offspring to be productive and useful in that society. No matter how much you love someone of the same gender, it is still not how nature is ordered and is not viable in a natural sense.

            We now live in a very sick society, where promiscuity is rampant, committment and accountability are almost non-existent and the natural order of things is being turned on its proverbial ear. Should homosexuals be stopped by force of law from having a consensual relationship? No. Should they flaunt it openly? No, because no amount of brainwashing by the media and academia can erase the unnaturalness of it and even the most “live and let live” person is very uncomfortable seeing a man kiss another man on the mouth or even hold hands. This will NEVER change! No matter how much the homosexual pundits continue to push, it will never be accepted as the norm. So, yeah, go ahead and have a relationship. Get “married”. But realize that it will not ever be accepted by the bulk of humanity and no amount of aspersions cast (“intolerant”, “that’s hate”, “you’re a bigot”) will change that. As a matter of fact, the aspersions are ultimately going to backfire. A word of advice: When you are debating the merits of homosexuality or whatever cause you champion that is not mainstream, and someone doesn’t agree with you, just agree to disagree with them in a polite way and move on. When you come on a forum such as this and start using “intolerance”, “hate speech”, and all the other liberal/multi-cult buzz words designed to silence the opposition, you have lost the debate before you even get started.

        • MikeofAges

          Political. Before “they” can get conservatives to sign on to this idea, “they” should show some acknowledgement of our willingness to recognize their civil rights. We have come to support that homosexuality and same sex relations should be legal. We have come to support their right to employment in all capacities. We have come to support their right to be safe on the street. We have come support their right to be secure in their homes and when they travel against the possibility of police intrusion. We have come, actually, to support their right to serve in the military if they are able to practice reasonable discretion. Always have anyway, and always will.

          In return, we might like a little acknowledgement of our position. If same-sex marriage were represented as something other than a popular front issue, and support for it made a touchstone of popular frontism, we might support that too.

          As conservatives, we believe that life and human nature are imperfect and contingent. In all likelihood, many gay adults regard the idea of marriage as, for them, incongruous. It should stay that way, and they should retain the right to form domestic partnerships as way to protect their individual rights — the right have whom they wish make decisions for them when they are incapacitated, the right to provide for the succession of their property and so on. Indeed, these rights should be protected even without a legal partnership when there is an established common law partnership. The obligations of common law partners should be enforceable to. That’s a good conservative position also, and it should apply to all relationships.

          No, there’s no practical reason to deny a gay couple the right to marry if they so choose. But they shouldn’t have to, shouldn’t be forced into marriage either. Look at the issue my way, and you can see that the gay marriage issue as it has been promoted is bad politics and bad law. No we don’t have to support it until the other side comes around. Restraint is a good thing, and we have the right to ask for it as the price of our support.

          • David Ashton

              In Britain, homosexuals already have the right to a civil contract.  The problem is the state redefinition of “marriage” in dictionaries and legislation, including the possible abolition of terms like “husband” and “wife”, and “mother” and “father”, plus certain other undesirable concomitants.
              Historically, matrimony is not just about commitment between lovers, but a social institution linked to the possibility, endorsement and support of heterosexual parenthood.  It helps to tie the biological father to his own children and to the woman who bore and nurtured them.  As for marriage between sterile heterosexuals, the symbolism remains. 
               The physical “consummation” between gays cannot be reproductive.  Anal penetration has several specific medical negatives even between disease-free partners.  Also, many gay practices are unsuitable as a home-environment for their partially-adopted children.  True, a loving home is better for children than an “institution”, but heterosexual parenting must remain the preferential ideal.
                Finally, the LGBTI “minority” is being used as a group to break down social cohesion as part of the same political revolution designed to break down racial cohesion; the target is the nation and its healthy perpetuation in both cases. 
                Otherwise, live (decently) and let live (privately).

    • So, having sex with another man is more important to you?


      • crystal evans

        Sex between two consenting adults is nobody’s business but their own.

        • Triarius

          The issues is not banning gay sex. It is the marriage and the celebration that it is normal.

          I am an atheist but can easily refute gay mariage. Separation of church and state. How can the government dictate what a religious passage is defined as?

          Secondly, gay is not normal from a evolutionary or biological standpoint. If it were, they could reproduce.

          I will admit that some people are simply attracted to the same sex. But most are psychologically and mentally scarred that are gay. Look up the phenominon of how gay men are grossly overrepresented in pedophilia.

          I will never say pedophilia is normal or it should be accepted. And that is the next step. Don’t believe me? Look up NAMBLA. Some extreme leftists are already saying it’s not their fault they are attracted to children.

          Slippery slope my friend, slippery slope.

          • B

            Gay is normal from an evolutionary standpoint which is exactly why they exist in nature in the numbers that they do, you just have not educated yourself on the subject.

            In prehistoric times it would be a benefit to the tribe to have extra adults around to help out with the children or in the case of a parent dying young which was so often the case, to take over for them.  Having all the adults in a tribe producing offspring at the same time would not be any advantage at all. So you see, evolution may not be as simplistic as you have assumed it is.

            Perhaps gays are emotionally scarred as you claim due to the amount of prejudiced treatment they have received.

            What you feel is normal is also subjective and irrelevant and should not be used to deny anybody anything. I think believing that an invisible man in the sky is watching you waiting to punish you after you are dead and no longer exist is abnormal yet I feel no desire to want to ban religion for those who feel they need it.

            If anybody needs to look a few things up it is you  for pedophiles are not gay or straight, they are pedophiles which means they are sexually attracted to children and it is no more the “next step” for a gay person then it is for a straight person. While pedophiles are born that way, their behavior creates a victim and will never be accepted. Sociopaths are born that way too and society is not about to tolerate their behaviors or the victims they create either so no need to be so scared. There is no more harm in a consensual gay relationship then there is in a consensual straight relationship. The bottom line is that your biased opinions on homosexuality all stem from your ignorance on the subject. 

          • Triarius

            Your opininion on homosexual evolution is as subjective as mine and holds no more water.

            I am atheistist, but do understand that the core concepts of a Christian religion have shaped and molded our morals and legal system and I would never want that removed.

            As for pedophiles, where do you get your evidence? You claim all pedophiles are bisexual or at the least that the child’s sex doesn’t matter and call me ignorant. Ha. And like homosexuals, not all pedophiles are born that way.

            Show some proof of pedophiles choosing their victims without using the sex as a decisive factor. A pedophile either chooses to only go after little boys or little girls, almost never do they go back and forth. And it is a fact that men who claim to be homosexual are greatly overrepesented in man-on-boy pedophilia cases. But what do I know, facts are “ignorant”.

          • sandra

             Amen=–how right you are. Also this type is terribly fearful of anything that doesn’t align with what they think is right.

          • MrGJG

            Frankly, the idea that pedophiles that are attracted to little boys are not gay is as ridiculous as claiming blacks commit more violent crimes because of poverty.

          • What exactly is gay?  What exactly is gay behaviour?

            This answer will most likely get deleted, but it has to be said and it is an honest answer.

            Gay is men putting their penis into another mans’ anus.

            There, I said it.  SCREAM all you want, including the moderator here, but that is HONESTLY what we are talking about it and I used the proper name for the body parts.

            Doesn’t sound so good does it?  And for that we will destroy a nation and a race? For that?

            Now, is that “normal”?  Is that marriage?  really.

          • B

            “I will never say pedophilia is normal or it should be accepted. And that is the next step. Don’t believe me?  Look up NAMBLA.  ” Triarius

            No, I don’t  believe you one bit Chicken Little. Society will no more accept the sexual victimization of children then it will the raping of women and your irrational fear mongering just proves you lack any kind of rational argument against gay marriage. Using your own “logic”, you must also believe that by allowing heterosexual marriage, it will eventually lead to the opposite sex sexual abuse of children becoming legalized. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

          • Triarius

            Back a liberal into a corner and get called names, lol. Keep crying B, but did you try looking it up?

            You don’t have to believe me, google “liberals defending NAMBLA”, even the ACLU is starting to back them up.

            Your belief is not a prerequisite for it to be fact.

          • B

            Triarus you take the word hypocrite to a whole new level.

        • Jim


          “Sex between two consenting adults is nobody’s business but their own.”

          That is bumper sticker mentality.  You
          obviously have never heard of date rape or paternity suits.  Also prostitution starts out as so-called
          consenting adults but the reality is it soon turns into a kind of slavery.

          No there is far more to sexuality than left wing  simple minded slogans.

          • B

            Since when does date rape = sex between two consenting adults? Date rape, prostitution, paternity suits! Now I’ve heard everything.

        • Gay Black Man


      • B

        Marriage is not about the legalization of any sexual practice so you can stop being disengenous now. 

    • kjh64

      I do agree with some of what you are saying and they could have gotten a lot more votes, from moderates, moderate and/or fiscal only conservatives and women.

      • The__Bobster

        Romney got 2.5 million less votes than MexCain and that’s because CONSERVATIVES stayed home.

    • ssohara

       Marriage is a separate issue from hating gays. Most people I know who are against gay marriage don’t have any problems hiring gays or inviting them to dinner, etc. However, the issue is that marriage is a sacrament. In most religions (not just Christianity) there is a spiritual component to marriage that does not include gays. However, there is the contractual part of marriage that is the state, or civil component – that has nothing to do with religion, and as such could be entered into by any two consenting adults. So I personally would have no problems with two gays going to a Justice of the Peace and having a civil ceremony, but I would be very upset if my church, or any church, was FORCED to marry gays. It comes down to religious freedom, which is a First Amendment issue. If gays would respect freedom of religion and guarantee no church (whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim, etc.) would be forced to marry them or recognize their marriage, then that might be a solution. Some churches might marry gays, but no church would be forced to and gays could still get the legal protections, etc., through a civil ceremony.

      With abortion – it comes down to when is it a baby? Parents who want the child always call it a baby, and people who want abortions call it a fetus. But the reality is – when is it a human life? At that point, it has rights that must be protected. Some people believe life begins at conception. Others believe that the cut-off is the first trimester, or when the heart begins to beat or when there are brain waves. Whatever the cut-off is, when it becomes a human being it has rights. One thing I do find baffling about liberals – they will fight for the rights of puppies and kittens, but not for babies in the womb. And I agree with them that it’s wrong to abuse puppies and kittens, but I also believe that babies should be protected.

      As far as assisted suicide – the reason there are issues – there are cases where the person doesn’t want to die but a decision is made to stop the feeding tubes, etc., because the person’s next of kin, instead of advocating for that person, advocates for their own self-interest – due to perhaps an inheritance, etc. Sometimes a person is in a lot of pain and does want to die. but sometimes these decisions are made without their consent.

      Beyond all these issues, however, is the simple fact that this country has massive amounts of debt and liberal economic policies simply do not work. Worrying about social issues when we’re in a fiscal crisis is like ignoring the iceberg while worrying about the number of deck chairs on the Titanic. Once we’ve dodged the iceberg we can adjust deck chairs – similarly, once we’ve dealt with the financial crisis, we can worry about the social issues.

      • sandra

         A sacrament the church made up to control the flow of bastards. It is artificial. Gays are here because they are natural. You can’t–and will not–keep the joy of marriage from gay folks.

  • libertarian1234

    “Polls showed Hispanic voters trusted Obama on issues of jobs and the economy, and that they believed Democrats cared more for their votes.”

    Does that mean they’ll be really surprised when the economy continues to fall and jobs are hard to find?

    Will they be fighting the blacks more than they do now, because they’re taking black jobs, causing an increase in black unemployment to 14.3%?

    These lefties are celebrating as if they won a great victory that will assure them prosperity,  and all their dreams will now come true.

    Contrast their celbrations now with a scenario in a short time depicting these same types rioting in the streets due to austerity measures and few jobs available.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      They’ll still blame all the austerity measures on the rich white guys who won’t cough up their ‘fair’ share.  Minority identity politics are immune to reality.

      • The__Bobster

        They’ll still blame Bush.

  • potato78

    4 years is nothing.  Very very very fast in human history.

    Next turn is definitely “white”.

    • RisingReich

      Put down the pipe. 

    • Triarius

      You are wrong.

      It wasn’t 4 years of nothing. It was 3 years of campaigning and 1 year of vacations.

      But Barry did slip a week of work in there to ruin the nation’s healthcare.

      Where does he find the time?

  • I’m tired of this whining. Obama was not elected by minorities, he was elected by whites. Apathy, dumb liberalism, whatever …

    We project that in November 2012 Hispanics will comprise 17.2 percent of
    the total U.S. population, 15 percent of adults, 11.2 percent of adult
    citizens, and 8.9 percent of actual voters. In 2012, non-Hispanic whites
    are expected to be 73.4 percent of the national vote and non-Hispanic
    blacks are expected to be 12.2 percent.

    Share of Votes Cast 2000 2004 2008
    Whites 80.7% 79.2% 76.3%
    Blacks 11.5% 11.0% 12.1%
    Hispanics 5.4% 6.0% 7.4%
    Asians 1.8% 2.3% 2.5%
    Others 0.6% 1.5% 1.7%

    Turnout 2000 2004 2008
    Whites 61.8% 67.2% 66.1%
    Blacks 56.9% 60.3% 65.2%
    Hispanics 45.1% 47.2% 49.9%
    Asians 43.3% 44.6% 47.0% 

    • AutomaticSlim

      By young single white females, that is.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Exactly. Government is the alpha-male provider they lust for.

        • The__Bobster

          One who doesn’t leave his dirty socks on the floor or the toilet seat up.

    • Ed


  • Epiminondas

    Hilarious.  Republicans will never get the Latin vote above its highwater mark of 37%.  It now stands at 29%.  Not only that, but the Latins who vote for the Republicans are the ones who could be mistaken for Anglos.  In point of fact, the white vote is shrinking.  Even though Romney could have won easily by getting 60% of the white vote, he was not able to get whites to come out and vote for him.  Whites stayed home in droves.  And little wonder.  Romney has given white middle class voters little reason to get excited.

    • tickyul

      Yup, the demographics of this country are going to soon make Republicans a loser more and more. Next huge state to turn and stay blue………….TEXAS……won’t be more than 10 years.

    • The__Bobster

      Romney only got 50% of the Cuban vote. The younger ones like the gubmint freebies.

  • potato78

    Entire planet supports Obama.

    most people sounds like voted for Obama on this forum.

    Recently, John Jay Ray posted
    part of a media report on a study alleging greater attractiveness
    ratings of Eurasian faces compared to Caucasian and Asian faces. 
    Surprisingly, John did not comment on the methodology used in the study,
    but its ridiculous absurdity needs to be exposed.

  • seek

    More junk journalism right down to the misinformation about the “44 percent” of Hispanics who voted for Bush in 2004 and would have done so in 2012 if only the GOP had “reached out” to this bloc.  Why do so many reporters write as if they are writing press releases for Obama?  Maybe it’s because they voted for him. 

    • The__Bobster

      About 95% of them do….unless Nader is running. Then it’s 89%.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Hispanic voters were no doubt alienated by Romney’s tough stance against immigration in the primaries, calling for ‘self deportation’ and making life tough for undocumented immigrants. 

    In other words, any candidate who advocates enforcing our laws is not going to get the support of Hispanics. And this is the group the GOP is supposed to “reach out” to  (after being stupid enough to let them in in the first place)?

    • IstvanIN

       Which basically means most Hispanics are not Americans at heart but simply invaders who want to plunder our country.

    • ssohara

       I live in Texas and know many Hispanics. They are law-abiding citizens and most of them are against illegal immigration – but they are also against profiling. They don’t want to be harassed because of their skin color or last name. I don’t blame them. The way the GOP could reach out to them – come down against illegal immigration but do so by tightening border security, asking employers to check residency status instead of profiling, discuss the ways in which illegal immigration affects jobs, safety, etc., for EVERYONE.

  • BernieGoetzFan

     ‘Our party needs to realise that it’s too old and too white and too male
    and it needs to figure out how to catch up with the demographics of the
    country before it’s too late,’ said Al Cardenas, the head of the
    American Conservative Union and a longtime GOP leader.”

    American conservatism, you see.

    • The__Bobster

      Our party needs to end immigration and start deportating million of invaders to remain viable.

  • Jim

    Rather than having the Republicans change why not change the
    racist anti-White attitude of the non-Whites.

    The truth is that no matter what race you are White people are
    the best people to be governed under.  White
    people create and maintain the societies that best administer justice and
    order, allow for the greatest freedom, and also produce the most material

    Anti-White propaganda has non-Whites (and Whites too) believing
    that the White race is not superior in the essentials of good government.  Republicans need to counter the false
    propaganda of White equality and White inferiority. 

    Republicans trying to induce non-Whites to join the White
    party because the White party promises it will outdo the Democrats in catering to
    their baser instincts harms non-Whites as well as White people.  It is also a losing strategy.

    This is the truth is that if the Republicans change their
    policy of White superiority they will simply bring on the destruction of America?  The non-Whites must come over to Republican White
    party for their own good.  That is the winning


    • ssohara

       I’m Asian, and the reality is that the countries I’d like to live in are mostly run by whites. the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland. The exceptions are Japan and Singapore. Maybe Costa Rica. I’m not a racist – I have nothing against white people. when my parents moved to the US, I tried to assimilate here not change it. I think it makes no sense to move to a place and then try to make it just like the place you came from – you might as well have stayed put, right?

      • David Ashton

          You are a good sort, and we have them in England too.  The problem is that “everyone” wants to come and live in an English-speaking white country -whatever their race, religion, mother-tongue, IQ, customs, honesty, etc.  That’s the first problem the Native Whiteskins face. 
           Chain migration + official multi-culturalism + the “capitalist-c0mmunist” alliance + self-sacrificing morality – they’re the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th problems.
        Can good citizens of migrant ancestry fight these dangers alongside the awakened non-liberal whites?

  • Robert Kang

    I am a Korean guy in Canada but,

    It was my knowledge that Obama was seeking to earn the votes from the “have-nots” or “less educated” of the society and Romney was seeking to earn the votes from the “haves” or “educated” of the society.  It was apparent that Obama was targeting the votes from the “have-nots” when he gave away cell phones for free to those receiving financial assistance. 

     Neither my parents nor me qualify for the “free cell phone” and whatever Obama was doing (including free birth control pills) would have given me or my parents any motivation or grounds to vote for him. 

    Therefore, if I were a citizen of USA, I did not have any reason to vote for Obama. 

    •  Yeah, but most-72% of Asians (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian (dot, not feathers),…extraction) voted for Obummer. Since most Asians are financially better off than Whites- check the stats- evidently, they voted along racial, not class lines. And “racial” means “stick it to the Whitey”, at least in this context.

      • IstvanIN

         It is called stealing whitey’s country.  They have no interest in becoming Americans.  Sort of like Orientals in Canada, it is just a takeover of another man’s country.  Fortunately for non-whites white people have this insane illusion that everyone is as giving and good hearted as they are.

        • Korean guy

          If I were truly tricked and brainwashed by the dishonest mainstream media, I would not have been posting on AmRen for the past several years.  If I were truly uninterested in integrating into the North American whatever, I would not have been a big fan of AmRen for so many years~

          • IstvanIN

             Please, I have no quarrel with you personally nor do I dislike Asians.  I actually wish you all the best.  But can you understand how upsetting it is to see the nation your forebears built being given away to an alien race?  to become a minority in the country you were born into as an overwhelming majority.  To fear for your grand children’s future?  We are not bad people, we are just a people who want to survive and prosper in the nations we built.  We want to remain genetically intact.  Would you support the take over of South Korea by Hindus or Chinese, no matter how benign they were?  I would hope not.  People have fought for the freedom of their tribe for millennium.  Perhaps Korea should be returned to Japanese rule?  Just a thought.

      • ssohara

         I’m Asian, and the Asians I know don’t hate whites – they vote Democratic because they think it’s the party of the poor, or fairness, or pacifist. You have to remember that most immigrants who come here work their butts off creating a good life for their families and don’t have much time to research politics, they vote based on what they pick up from a quick look at the TV, and their kids go to public schools and get indoctrinated by leftist teachers. I went to NYC public schools and thought feminism was about women having freedom, etc., it wasn’t until I graduated college and had some time to read and research on my own that I discovered the truth. For years my Mom believed Democrats were for helping the poor and were tolerant and open-minded, but recently, with the nomination of Obama, her eyes were opened and did not vote for him. It’s not “anti-white” for the most part – I’m not saying there aren’t a few racists who hate whites just like there are racist blacks and whites and Hispanics, etc., but rather it’s the fact that the leftists control the media and the school system. The GOP does need to do more outreach to Asian communities, but not by watering down it’s message – rather, keep the message (pro-business, pro-fiscal responsibility, pro-life, pro-family), but actually explain it to people whose only ideas of the GOP are probably coming from the TV.

        BTW, if conservatives want to regain this country, they need to home-school their kids and turn off the MSM and come up with conservative alternatives for people. ’cause the schools and media are pretty much leftist arms of the Democratic party nowadays.

        • Korean guy

          haha we Asians love talking about our Asian parents and we always put their perspectives and feelings into considerations in all we do.  😉

          While I was dating my Irish Canadian girlfriend she called me “momma’s boy” because I talked about my mom so often while I was with her.  

  • The Democratic Party is going to have problems with this in the long run too.  A party that is based on identity politics of multiple ethnic groups is going to face tension between these groups until it splits apart.  Endventually there won’t be enough room in the party for both blacks and mestizos, and schism will result.  In the penal system, where whites are already a minority, the Mexican Mafia, is perfectly willing to work with the Aryan Brotherhood to fight the Black Guerilla Family.  Not that whites and mestizos like each other by any means, but they both recognize that blacks are worse. 

    • IstvanIN

      As long as there are a few whites left alive to intimidate and steal from the black/mestizo coalition will remain.  In fact the Asians and Jews will stay solidly in the Democrat camp until the last meat has been picked from the bone.

  • potato78

    One thing left for Obama if he wants to write history book.  He has to cooperate with Republicans for the next four years.   Otherwise, he wouldn’t get anything done in his term.
    Hopefully, republicans can find their good leader within the four years, then truely turn the country economy  around.

    • IstvanIN

       Republicans rarely stand up to the Democrats.  They agree with them too much.  Why do you think Obama was able to get two very unqualified, overtly racist, communists on the Supreme Court.  And he’ll be adding another.

  • ssohara

    I’m an Asian who voted for Romney. My Mom, who immigrated here, has voted Democrat ever since she became a citizen 30 years ago. But last time she refused to vote for Obama, and this time she voted for Romney. My husband (who is white) voted for Romney. His Mom, who has voted Dem her whole life (she was born in Missouri), voted Romney. We’ve done our part.

    I think the real problem is not race – it’s the media and the fact that kids are indoctrinated in the public schools. When immigrants come to the US, their kids want to assimilate. This is normal. It used to be that assimilation meant becoming an American – back in Teddy Roosevelt’s time. Now, it means having teachers who are strongly Democratic and anti-Christian.

    My Mom is not a Christian, but never had a problem with Christmas cards or Christmas trees or any of that stuff. Most immigrants didn’t, but the far-left grievance mongers start to cause trouble and manipulate people. I experienced some discrimination but never felt the solution was to hate on “the white man”. Most people are not racist, and the best way to earn respect is to work hard, not whine. But the far left is very vocal and magnifies small incidents and appeals to the worst in human nature.

    Since the far left also controls the media, it’s easy for them to also control the news – so for example, with this election cycle, the TV news showed Chris Christie hugging Obama after Sandy, but not much coverage of the fact that FEMA is a total failure helping the millions who still don’t have power… while Bush was excoriated by the media, Obama gets a pass. 

    The problem is not the color of new immigrants to this country – the problem is that once upon a time, new immigrants’ children learned, in the school systems, about the Constitution, about why the US was so wonderful, learned English, etc. Now thanks to the far left, schools teach kids that whites are oppressors, the US is evil, don’t push English, etc. The leaders of the far left were originally white people, though. The far left uses race and class politics but the fruit is destruction. It’s Satanic. It’s not just whites who are being destroyed by this – it’s anyone who loves freedom.

    I don’t hate white people. I am not for affirmative action. I am an American and I want this country to be great, and I don’t see how that happens if we splinter up into little groups that attack each other. I also think the Constitution is a unique and wonderful document.

    I think if you believe in this country, some things you can do – home-school your kids. Turn off the MSM and get your news from alternative sources. Find ways to talk politely and intelligently about politics, philosophy, etc., because a lot of people who vote for liberals can be reasoned with. I myself used to be a Democrat, when I was in college. But when I graduated, I started reading books that were never part of the curriculum, and I educated myself. I talked to friends who were conservative and polite and were able to explain their viewpoint to me. That’s when I stopped being a liberal.

  • How much of the Jewish vote did he get? 

    • IstvanIN

       75% from what I have read.

  • Tweety

    I guess you would have a high percentage of latinos and blacks voting for Obama for president, specially if they are on the government plan.  Don’t get me wrong the whites that vote are probably on the plan as well.  They don’t want to have to work and give up a free plan.   Just make the others take care of them!!!!!!   You guys think that his insurance plan is really going to help you all get better health care, you better think again.   I don’t want government telling me who I can see or not see. All I can say is PRAY, PRAY, AND PRAY for this country and the president that the good Lord above will guide him on how the country needs to be ran, but first I guess he needs to believe that there is a God!!!  You all do, that is what is wrong with this country, people has lost sight of what our country was even based on the HEAVENLY FATHER ABOVE!!!!   Then we need to pray that congress will get along and work together to get our country back to where it needs to be…..   Bring our jobs back from over seas and put the American people back to work and get them off of the government plan.   If you need help that is one thing but to just keep getting it because you are lazy is CRAZY  (Get a JOB)…

  • Pelagian

    Become a pro-labor, anti-immigration alternative to the Democrats and split the labor movement in two.  Win Ohio and Pennsylvania.  See

  • Radical 7

    This will probably be my last post on this website. I have posted here from time to time. Many of you have debated as to whether I was Black or White and have engaged in all sorts of amusing observations and assumptions about me. One poster “the bobster” frequently referred to me as “Jamal.”  Talk about racial stereotyping. Other posters questiond my “sanity” “logic” (or supposed lack of), racial loyalty and so on. Even one of the moderatoors on this board referred to me as a “dippy, cornball White person.” WOW! Talk about irrational behavior!

    For the record, I am White (not dippy or cornball) though. I am liberal and proud of it. And I so glad tha Presdient Obama won reelection! America has been saved from the days of returning to a pre-1960s America where Blacks, women and other non-White maels were openly oppressed.

    It was even more heartening to see the number of young White voters under 30, 82%!,  Hispanics 75% (this was more than Bill Clinton received in 1996), African Aemricans 97% (although no surprise here) and Asians 81%!!!!!! WOW! I was shocked and very pleased by this.

    It is clear that Ameirica is moving in a new and positive direction and those of you who are still hanging on to the romanticized version of the segregated past past are in for major dissapointments.

    I am so happy that the majority of American voters did the right thing and decided to move toward a positve future. May Presidetn Obama’s second term be one of progress and accomplishment!  SAYONARA GUYS!


    • Observer


    • White Warrior

      I always knew you were White traitor.Jerk!

    • Ed

      It is White traitors like you who need to be forced to live with Blacks and Hispanics!

    • libertarian1234

      “It is clear that Ameirica is moving in a new and positive direction and those of you who are still hanging on to the romanticized version of the segregated past past are in for major dissapointments.”
      If you think this is a positive direction, you’re living in a fantasy world of prancing ponies and pixies with magic wands.
      The hard, brutal truth is that we’re headed for a severe depression which will eventually culminate into civil war.  It isn’t just the over 100% debt to GDP that has us plummeting downward, but we’re staring at another downgrade by  the rating agencies, which will increase the interest we have to pay for borrowed money, making the payments unsustainable ala Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal,  with France beginning to implode the same way and the German economic powerhouse is seeing its economy beginning to go the same way.  Britain is about midway between Greece and Germany.
      If you don’t believe the dominos that are beginning to fall now in the Euro zone won’t catastrophically affect this country, then wait just a few short months and watch them tumble across the Atlantic and continue from one end of this country to the other.
      Austerity riots will be the order of the day here, far worse than the EU, because they’ll involve black militants who think they can win a civil conflict and the situation will explode into armed conflict. 
      Long before the outbreak of hostilities you will be witness to the bitter truth, which will not be, “Yes we can,” but can this horror be stopped.
      Your rainbow utopia has failed all throughout history, and,  since this nation is more pluralistic than the others,  its demise is assured. Every multicultural naion in history has failed, with most of them erupting into internecine warfare.  This one will also break along lines of race and ethnicity.

    • Guest

      You are indeed crazy!

    • IstvanIN

       Don’t let the screen door hit you in the butt.

    • Anon12

      Goodbye and good riddance,”whitey”……

  • Maurice

    As an African American, I am delighted that President Obama won a second term. The fact is that I (and many other Black people) were so outraged by the blatant level of disrespect thathas been directed toward the president, that we were determined to come out in record numbers to help ensure his return to the White House.  Hopefully, the gloves will now come off and he (Obama ) at those who have done everything they could to obstruct and weaken him.

    Obama is the man! 

    • Dan

      Yeah right Maurice! You are probably a typical, paranoid Black who thinks all Whites are otu to get you.  You are Pathetic! GET A LIFE! LOSER!

      • Maurice

        You are the loser. Your candidate lost as well as your retorgrade vision for America!

        • IstvanIN

           Name calling is unnecessary, but the fact remains he has been a failure as a President.  He is a Marxist and a racist.  The fact that any white person voted for him is astounding.  Furthermore all Presidents get ‘dissed’ and critized, frequnetly unfairly, but because Obama is black it is supposed to be hands off.  Well baloney to that.

          PS: It looks like you are closing to get Zimbabwe here in North America.  Enjoy.

          • Maurice

            First off, Presient Obama is not a Marxist, nor is he a racist. Yes, all presidents particualry since Nixon have been the vicitms of vicious criticism form their detractors.  I am not arguing that point. The fact is that there is a different between cirticism, esecially constructive criticism as opposed to mean spirited criticism. The fact is tha much of the beghavor that Presdient Obama has received has been beyond what most peole would consider , critical or criticism. It has been outright disprespectful.  From that unhinged congressmen yelling “you lie” to the presdient during the 2010 State of the Union address, to Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona “shaking her finger” in the president’s face, to the journalist who interrupted the President at the White house during the middle of a press conference earlier this year while the President was speaking. Evwen FOX news  media personalities were shocked by that one.

             I cannot imagine any other recent president (at least since the 20th Century) being subjected to such blatant, disrespectful behavior. In fact no president has. Moreover, such behavior is rooted in deep seeded racism. Period.

        • Anon12

          Go back to your OWN land (black Africa) and take all your brethren with you including Obama…

      • Dean

        A paranoid, irrational Black person? Wow! That is a surprise!

        • Maurice

          I am far from paranoid buddy,  I am realistic!

    • Seth

      I am a White , Jeweish Guy and I agree with everything you have said.

  • Frank

    This election should wake us up.  We can see now why most legal immigrants are “people of color.”  We must reverse this trend.  Some will say the Republicans must pander to minorities.  If that is what we must do, why have a party at all?  The Dems. do a good job of that now.

  • Anon12

     A record number of Asian voters – three per cent of the electorate –
    also turned out, with nearly three-quarters backing Obama. He also won a
    staggering 93 per cent of African-American votes.

    To all those asian lovers on amren and who think they are good for a White America.