Puerto Rico Wants to Become the 51st State of the US

BBC News, November 7, 2012

Voters in Puerto Rico have supported a non-binding referendum to become a full US state.

The measure will require approval from the US Congress, but President Barack Obama has said he will respect the vote.

The island is currently a US territory, which uses the dollar and whose citizens travel on US passports.

But it does not return senators to the US Congress and is represented in Washington by a non-voting delegate.

Almost 80% of the island’s electorate took part in the referendum, the fourth in the past 45 years.

With almost all the votes counted, almost 54% voted to change the island’s relationship with the US.

And in reply to a second question on what future they favoured, nearly two-thirds wanted full statehood.

If Congress grants its approval, Puerto Ricans would have the right to vote in all US elections, but would also have to pay federal taxes, something at present they are excused from.

The island came under US control in 1898 when Spain lost the island at the end of the Spanish-American war.

Ties were strengthened in 1917 when Puerto Ricans became US citizens and were allowed to serve in the military.

‘No other option’

There are now almost a million more Puerto Ricans in the US than on the island.

Supreme Court judge Sonia Sotomayor, singer Jennifer Lopez and the former jazz musician Tito Puente are all of Puerto Rican descent, though all three were born in New York.

Ties between the island and the mainland are strong and many on the island considered it inevitable that a full union be requested.

A young voter in the capital San Juan, Jerome Lefebre, said: “Puerto Rico has to be a state. There is no other option.

“We’re doing okay, but we could do better. We would receive more benefits, a lot more financial help.”

But that opinion was rejected by Ramon Lopez de Azua: “Puerto Rico’s problem is not its political status.

“I think that the United States is the best country in the world, but I am Puerto Rican first.”

The island has been hit hard by the current recession—it has debts of $68bn (£42bn) and unemployment is more than 13%.

President Barack Obama, who visited the island last year, has said he will respect the will of Puerto Ricans if there is a clear majority.

Any change would require approval by the US Congress, but no territory has ever been denied a petition for admission to the States.

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  • anmpr1

     Ramon Lopez de Azua: “Puerto Rico’s problem is not its political status.

    This is true.  Puerto Rico’s problem is Puerto Ricans. 

    •  Zing!

    • Liberalssuck

       I don’t want them to become a part of our country.  Let them break off and be independent.  They will be another nonwhite class that will hate white people and want to take from us to give to them. 

      • Zorro

        Don’t forget your sombreros and castenets. It will all even out anyway, and we will remain at 50 States, because I have read on World Net Daily that Louisiana has petitioned to secede. Unbelievable, but true.

        • Liberalssuck

          This country will break up whether you like it or not. Even if it doesn’t, there will large segments of armed, pissed off whites who will be not so polite in telling others they wish not to support diversity.

  • Hirschibold

    It bears mentioning of course that Mitt Romney was well to the Left of Obama on the issue of Puerto Rico. From Vdare.com: “On a 2011 White House “Latino Webcast”, President Obama was asked about Puerto Rico voting for statehood and explained that
    If it split down the middle or 51-49, ‘I think Congress’
    inclination is going to be not to change, but rather to maintain status
    quo until there is greater indication there is support for change.’

    That would indicate Obama believes that a 51% pro-statehood vote in one referendum is not enough to justify it.

    Mitt Romney, on the other hand, seems determined to have Puerto Rico become the 51st state. Interviewed March 16, 2012 by Enrique Cruz of the Noti-Uno radio station in San Juan, he said, ‘I believe that the people of Puerto Rico should be able to
    determine by vote whether they want to become a state. And if 50% plus
    one person says they want to become a state, then I will work to help
    Puerto Rico become a state. I’m not looking for other conditions or
    other changes—uh—Puerto Rico already has English and Spanish as official

    I support the concept of Puerto Rico becoming a state if its people wish to become a state.’

    …Romney just tossed everything aside in favor of statehood. His
    50% + one vote sets a lower threshold than Obama, whose approach is
    frankly more measured.”

    We know what Obama’s motive for pandering to Hispanics is. What would Romney (or any white man voting for him) gain by this idiocy? Romney of course also had a solution to the threat posed by Islamic extremism. Tighter border security? No, increase the defense budget, specifically the Navy. Because nothing keeps Saudi hijackers with box-cutters from getting on a plane quite like an armada of aircraft carriers.Still, don’t expect Republicans to get a clue on this Hispanic issue, or the larger issues of immigration. I was at a rally for Romney two or three days before the election (my cousins dragged me), and I saw Giulliani, McCain, and a few others. Know who got the lion’s share of the applause? Marc Rubio. There was a big banner behind him that said “JOBS’ but it didn’t say who those jobs were for. I can hazard a guess, however.I’m not voting for any more mainstream Republicans. Wake me up when they clone or reanimate Ike Eisenhower.

    • The__Bobster

      So was Newt-wit Gingrich.

      And Rubio is a Reconquista. I’m guessing he’s now number one on the country club Republican list for 2016.

      • Hirschibold

        I just talked to a mainstream conservative friend of mine. He told me he
        is optimistic about 2016. Here are his slate of potential candidates: 

        “Jindal, Christie, Palin, and Rubio.”

        I feel like Bill Murray in “Groundhogs Day.” Still, there is a silver
        lining. I imagine Amren will be getting a nice little bump in traffic
        over the next few weeks. My associates who would shrug off my entreaties
        about white nationalism in favor of a propositional nation might now be
        willing to give me a more fair hearing, since it has dawned on pretty
        much everyone except Karl Rove that when Obama proposed, it wasn’t to
        white America.

        • Liberalssuck

           If the conservative establishment is STILL saying this (pandering to Latinos), they really really really don’t get it.  They will have to be forcibly removed from the Southwest by the Mestizos and have their incomes taxed more or see their neighborhoods being take over by ‘La Raza’ types. 

        • Bobby

          People like Karl Rove, ARE THE PROBLEM.

    • Liberalssuck

       I agree.  The Republicans aren’t getting a clue about the Hispanics.  I listen to talk radio (Laura Ingraham and Rush), and both are saying, “Well, we need to find a way to outreach to the Hispanics.”  I yelled at the radio while I was driving and said out loud to myself, “You guys still don’t get it!  These people will never vote for anything to do with white conservatives.  They hate you, they want to screw you over.   How else can I make that clear to you?”

      • Zorro

        Just jump ship and start swelling the ranks of another Party such as the A3P. How else will anyone take you and your Party seriously, unless you have large membership numbers?

        • Liberalsuck

          Well, the RP has been taking the votes for granted of their white conservative base. They are going to quickly find out that we have more options now.

  • Francis Galton

    In other words, we want to make Camden-in-the-Caribbean another guaranteed blue welfare state (not that national electoral politics matters for Whites at this point).  It would be another 7 guaranteed electoral votes for the Democrats.  It is filled with “American” citizens who hate traditional America and Americans, just like the great state of Hawaii (another mistake of a state, IMHO).  Sounds like a winner, there!

    • I grew up in Hawaii and we never hated traditional America. Unlike the Puerto Ricans, we speak English and are taught in English.We wanted to be part of America, not against it. Granted, there are the Native Hawaiian population that resents the annexation of Hawaii, but this does not reflect the whole population. The majority of the population are Asians who were recruited to work on the sugar plantations after the Native Hawaiians were found not to be suited for plantation work. Before bringing in Asians, sugar planters were considering bringing in blacks but did not do so because they were found to be too unruly.

      • pcmustgo

        I’ve heard there’s a lot of anti-white racism on the island of Hawaii from Asians too.

      • Triarius

        I had a friend that lived there. He said pretty all the natives hate whitey and half the asians. Just what I heard.

        • Liberalssuck

           @pcmustgo and Triarius:  I’ve heard from people who live over there that the natives don’t like whites and will openly attack them.

    • pcmustgo

      Puerto Ricans on the island hate whites far less than Nuyo-ricans/Puerto Rican-Americans. In fact, I think they kind of worship whites in  a way. They are half white themselves after all. 

      I once met a Taino Puerto Rican (as in one who had no visible black or white blood in him, an Indian, an amer-indian) who randomly told me he thinks whites are smarter and more intelligent than blacks/latinos/amer-indians.Africans also hate whites much, much less than black americans.

      But true, this is less traditional american stuff, and not good. They barely speak englsh. Some speak it very well, but others barely,

      • pcmustgo

        I met this Taino on the island of Puerto Rico myself, on a vacation.

      • Xanthippe2

        They do not “hate” Americans.  But they consider them to be “rich people” who should give as much of their riches as possible to Puerto Ricans.  Any means fair or foul are considered appropriate to achieve this.

      • Zorro

        I remember groups like the FALN wanted Puerto Rican soveriegnty, and they should have had it after the Spanish-American War. Cuba is soveriegn. They are Communist, but they are sovereign, and so too should Puerto Rico.

  • The Federal Reserve will never let Puerto Rico become a state, their banking laws would no longer be secret. Puerto  Rico is the offshore accounts for the Federal Reserve and congress knows this.

  • I am not surprised that voters in Puerto Rico would want access to the benefits US states get. One thing that would have to happen. Puerto Ricans would have to learn English. The schools there teach in Spanish.

    • not1984but1776

       What makes you think that? Spanish is already the unofficial second language in all 50 existing states. Having Puerto Rico join the Union would if anything lead to Spanish becoming more pervasive here than it already is.

    • ncpride

      They would have to do no such thing. Since when does the US demand anyone learn English? We’ll just pander to them and spend ourselves broke to cater to them.

      • mobilebay

        You’re right, ncpride. This fact was brought home forcefully earlier this week when my husband applied to a major chain store for part time work. He was told that only bilingual personnel were being considered now. Of course, the only “lingual” needed was Spanish. In the great wave of immigrants in the mid-1800s, they learned English or did without. Now, we rush to accomodate those who break in by handing them the keys to our country which includes retaining their language.  A common language is the most important bond we have as a nation and now that bond is being destroyed.

    • pcmustgo


      I thought this commonwealth thing was a grand bargain where they get all the benefits, but none of the responsibility and can still wave a  puerto rican flag. 

      • anmpr1

         They do not get SSI.  So they show up here, apply for SSI, and then once the direct deposit check is in Banco Popular, they head back to the island.

  • potato78

    No problem.  Welcome!

    White color will become dusky color, which will be future color….


    4,000,000 new  Democratic victims of color, voting to transfer wealth from the hated Whites to themselves.

    Whites are toast in this country.

    • It is time for whites to wake up and take this country back. 

      • Liberalssuck

         They won’t.  They’ll let their guns be taken away and will just sit back and do nothing but bitch and complain in private.

      • Zorro

        It’s been time for about 30 years, now. No movement by any alternative Political Parties means no voice in Government. Join an alternative Party with your family and help to grow its numbers.

    • More than ever, whites must secede from the U.S. in any way possible, because these darkie hordes and their Jewish overlords are not entitled to our wealth, heritiage or blood.

      • Alexandra

        Replace “Jewish” with “Jesuit.”


        Don’t be so surprised, either…you know right well Catholic churches are encouraging “immigration.”  And what’s the major religion in Mexico…?

        • Magnum Force

          Odd how I came out of Church today and everyone without exception was fed up with the past election, and the way this country has turned. Teddy Kennedy was a topic of discussion, for his obvious contribution to our country’s demise.

          Don’t believe all the crap you hear. White Catholics are just as fed up as any Protestant group. And as I recall, the Southern Baptists have a new black leader, and Methodists and Lutherans have the Midwest swimming in Afrian “refugees”. White Catholics have also stopped giving to Catholic Charites in numbers because of their lopsided support of the others.

          Many Mexicans fein Catholicism while a good majority hold on to their Santaria voodoo crap.

  • Q : What’s the difference between a puerto rican and a mexican?

    A: I don’t know and I don’t care, stay the hell out.

    • Two differences. Puerto Ricans are US citizens from birth and have the right to vote. In fact, a large number of Puerto Ricans in Orange County, Florida helped Obama win that state. 

      • anmpr1

         Correct.  Orange and Osceola counties went Obama.  They have a large PR influence, with Osceola perhaps a majority.  To the north, mostly white Seminole went for MR.  Race is the deciding factor.

    • pcmustgo

      Puerto Ricans are tri-racial (half spaniard white, 1/4th black and 1/4th amer-indian Taino mix) and Mexicans are mostly bi-racial (mestizos, amer-indian./spaniard white mix).

      Puerto Ricans have the curly/kinky hair , and paler, whiter skin. 

      Mexicans are more short and brown with straight black hair. 

      Puerto Ricans are more rowdy, ghetto and “thugged out”. Also more talkative and vivacious and colorful. 

      • Liberalssuck

         Irrelevant.  They are not like the white Europeans, they hate white people, they would rather tax us or steal from us than have to hold a job and earn money.  What don’t you get about this?

      • Alexandra

        The uncle by marriage I referred to in another post has straight black hair and blue eyes.  My cousins, who are half-Puerto Rican, are blue-eyed blonds.

        • Zorro

          All of Latin America is ruled by the old White Spaniards, Portuguese, as well as German, Polish, Irish, Italian, and Ukrainian Immigrants that became the backbones of those countries. Mexico and the rest of those festering holes are pushing their undesirables north into our country.

      • Zorro

        Thanks for clearing that up.

    • Joe

       I know you don’t care but here’s a a difference. Puerto Ricans tried to assassinate Harry Truman and shot up the U.S. Congress. They also blew up many buildings in NYC and killed some people too. Mexicans have some catching up to do!

    • Zorro

      About a two hour boat ride.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Puerto Rico would make a good penal colony. Other than that, forget it.

    • crystal evans

      Na, Puerto Rico is too beautiful to make a penal colony.

      • pcmustgo

        It is a very nice island, friendly to tourists, has every eco-system you could imagine- desert, rain forest, mountains, beaches

        Been there twice. Nothing but positivity from the islanders, who are far less ghetto than their american counterparts. 

        • IstvanIN

           A PR friend of mine once told me that Puerto Rico exports most of the trash to the mainland.

          • mobilebay

            I keep recalling Al Pacino in “Scarface.” Wasn’t he a Puerto Rican export in the movie? Not a good example, I’m afraid. I really don’t see why it’s up to PR to decide on statehood. Shouldn’t that be our perogative? I vote “NO!” We have enough “developing” countries we support now. If we stopped baby-sitting the world, stopped government waste and fraud and stopped benefits to those who break into our country, what we would save would go a long way in paying the natonal debt. Yet, our government, in its infinite wisdom, would rather cut out Social Security which it calls an entitlement. The above handouts are the true entitlements.

          • pcmustgo

            Most PR’s are far more mulatto looking than Al. 

            Many PR’s are friendly, decent people, who don’t hate whites- but they have very low iq’s, are into hip-hop, welfare, etc, etc, and it drags them down. Also high violent crime rates (not as high as blacks). 

            I lived in  Puerto Rican neighborhood for a long time- no problems. 

          • Liberalssuck

             he was a Cuban in Scarface, but still. 

          • Zorro

            If you pay into something your entire working life, you are “Entitled” to take it out when you need it. Much like Unemployment Insurance. You need to have a job, and work, and then lose your job, due to lay-offs or any other reason like that, to get the benefits that you have paid into the system. Those aren’t hand-outs. You paid into it. It’s called “Insurance” for a reason.

            What gets me in knots is when people get all sorts of SSI, SSD, and Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Section 8, etc., and have never worked a day in their lives.

          • Zorro

            Why don’t they send them to Venezuela, instead?

    • Zorro

      You mean a Carribean Devil’s Island?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Puerto Rico is a Spanish-speaking Third World nation where the median income is $17,000. They enjoy all of the benefits (food stamps, medicare, medicaid) of US citizens but pay NO federal taxes. 

    I think 0bama’s plan is to kick Arizona out of the union and admit Puerto Rico.  The Dems are doing everything they can to stack the deck in their favor at the voting booth:  Lots of democratic voters, 2 new democratic senators and 5-6 democratic house members.

    Aetter idea would be to cut them loose entirely.  Hawaii too, let Queen Latifa have it back.
    What else does 0bama have lined up for statehood # 52, 53, 54, 55…


    • pcmustgo

      Arizona is on it’s way to becoming a mestizo version of Puerto Rico (the mulatto version)

    • Nicholai Hel

      And to think we won this ‘prize’ in The Spanish-American war. Can we please give it back now. Spain could make use of more voters.

  • This two-question polling system (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_status_of_Puerto_Rico#2012_plebiscite) is rather distorted and meant to force statehood where no such consensus exists (of course, don’t expect the BBC to tell you that).  First, they ask should there be a change or not, and the independence & statehood forces both vote YES, even though they’re on opposite sides of the equation–that’s how they got to 54% yes.  Then they say, well now that you want a change, which should it be, and of course the statehood side will win over much smaller independence forces.

    The flaw is that the % wanting independence is incorrectly added to the % wanting statehood in the first poll to determine whether the second question should be asked, when in fact those wanting independence would certainly prefer the status quo of commonwealth over statehood.  Instead the % wanting the status quo should be augmented by twice the lower of those wanting statehood or independence, as those two sentiments cancel each other out.  For example, if 46% want status quo, 45% statehood, and 9% independence, that’s equivalent to 64% wanting status quo and 36% independence, as you cancel 9% wanting independence with 9% wanting the opposite sentiment of statehood.

    Further, two or the three options in the second poll (independence and free-association-after-deciding-how-to-divvy-things-up-with-the-USA) are quite similar, splitting the independence vote further guaranteeing a statehood win.

  • Perhaps the most effective way of halting Puerto Rican statehood is to keep proposing that it be returned back to Spain instead (whom we took it from during the Spanish American War.)  A surprisingly large chunk of Puerto Ricans will agree with the idea, showing that Puerto Rico isn’t really meant to be part of the United States (i.e., they are Spaniards at heart and should be returned to their true mother country.)  This thread on the matter: http://www.topix.com/forum/topstories/T8I8FVC6J7M76FM6P has 54 responses, the majority from Puerto Ricans and nearly none of them were opposed to a return to Spanish rule, or at least preferred Spain to America.

    • Pelayo

       Perhaps the Spaniards wouldn’t appreciate them. They have had it with the New World latinos who have migrated there. According to Spaniard with whom I’ve spoken, they are responsible for most of the violence in the schools generally directed at Spanish kids.
      I have Puerto Rican colleagues who consistently refer to PR as “my country”. My response to them is that PR is part of the US and therefore is also my country. They usually have no answer. If they get independence we’ll have to support them ad eternum with foreign aid.

      • Yes, Puerto Rico is not much of a concern for us.  The above thread notwithstanding, the few PR-icans I’ve met are good, patriotic people and as far as I know the U.S. flag is not being disrespected on their island.  Badmouthing the island and its people in my opinion is largely uncalled for, because we took/stole it from Spain as a war prize so we only have to look in the mirror for blame if PR’s a problem for us today.  If you steal someone’s cat and it turns out not to be litterbox-trained and is hence relieving itself all over your home, don’t blame the cat.

        • pcmustgo

          Been there twice. THERE IS 1 PUERTO RICAN FLAG FLYING ON THE ISLAND OF PUERTO RICO- and it’s at the statehouse.

          And yet here in NY, the ghetto-ricans erect massive flagpoles fit for an army barrack outside their ghetto house flying the flag- everywhere. Of course often in housing project windows.

          Puerto Rican Americans are confused, low-iq mulattoes who simply don’t have an identity outside of the PR flag, the Puerto Rican day parade, wearing white sneakers, living in house projects, welfare, section-8, foodstamps , salsa, etc.

          There are a few Nuyoricans or American PR’s who rise above this stereotype, and are classier but not enough.

          Mexicans (and Native Americans) imitate black hip-hop culture, but do they really love blacks? They dress like ghetto blacks, but do they really love blacks?

          Like most non-whites, the more “educated” they are , the more they hate whites and get into the identity politics nonsense.

          • Liberalssuck

             even most “educated” whites hate themselves and are liberal.

      • I have Puerto Rican colleagues who consistently refer to PR as “my
        country”. My response to them is that PR is part of the US and therefore
        is also my country. They usually have no answer.

        OMG. PRs associate too much with blacks, looks like dumbness is contagious.

        • pcmustgo

          They are 1/4th black. Yes, sadly, most Puerto Ricans try to out-ghetto Blacks. Like many mulattoes, they have to “prove” their blackness by acting more thugged out than Blacks.

          That being said, I have met many Puerto Ricans that openly hate blacks and have suffered vicious bullying from Blacks for being lighter/whiter skinned, despite their black blood.

          Classic blacks bullying mulattoes case. 

          Puerto Ricans, especially the ones here in the US, have an identity crisis…. like most mulattoes. 

          Anyone who knows anything about Puerto Rico knows that the islanders are far less ghetto and not at all into “hip-hop”  like the ones here. Literally night and day. Their poorer (and blacker) immigrated here.

          That being said, no, they should not become a state.

          Lovely place to visit though. 

          • pcmustgo

            Puerto Ricans have a confusing relationship with blacks. 

            Their love for each other is very over-stated and misunderstood. 

            Do blacks and Puerto Ricans get along? Yes and No….and hell no….

            Dominicans, just a shade darker than the Ricans, are NOTORIOUS for hating Haitians and hating blacks.

          • tremendouscoast

            My father was part of the great Puerto Rican dispora that left after WWII.  Had to good sense to leave Spanish Harlem and move to mid – America, where I grew up with few problems.  My father fully assimilated to America and I can honestly say I have never suffered discrimination (as far as I can tell).

            He also loved and was greatful for the opportunities provided in this country.  I agree that ghetto PR’s are ALMOST as bad as blacks.  There is also little love lost between PR’s and blacks, not to mention PR’s and Mexicans.  Anglo liberals never seem to grasp this and assume they are united against ‘whitey’.

            I am probably the only Puerto Rican ‘race realist’ on this site.

          • tremendouscoast

            Just want to point out, my father was white by PR standards, very slightly mulatto in apperance (i.e. Luis Fortuno) but you would guess me as Italian or maybe Greek.  Because my mother was Celtic/Anglo-Saxon, NO ONE guesses me as Puerto Rican.

            As for statehood, I have an emotional connection to the idea but know it would not be good for America.

          • Liberalssuck

             I would say that while many of them have cultural issues (Puerto Ricans vs. Cubans vs. Mexicans vs.  Guatemalans, etc), many of them dislike white people and want to displace us.  I know this doesn’t apply to you, but as I said, many of them think like this.  Much like blacks; most blacks hate white people and do or support other blacks doing bad things to us.  Not all, but most.

        • tremendouscoast

          Not this PR! I avoid blacks wherever possible, I also avoid low class, ghetto PR’s.  I like nice, rural, clean safe areas.

          • tremendouscoast

            I wanted to state what may be obvious to most here but there is a BIG difference between the white, Spanish, Puerto Rican culture and the mulatto/black one.

            I consider myself to be racially and culturally white, and am accepted as such by people I come in contact with. 

  • TFD123

    Does this mean I can just as easily vote my state OUT of the union if enough people vote for it?  I’m getting ideas here…

  • Michael_C_Scott

    This is of course up to them.  The Chamorros on Guam could do the same, but I would like a peaceful mechanism for seccession from the Union.

    If we could do this peacefully, we could still be allies afterwards, the way the US and Britain are.

    • skara_brae

      Allies you say? How is your “neighborhood boycott” of British goods coming along?

  • Puerta Rico become a State? What next..Haiti?  I can just see the liberal think-tankers: Hell, if the third-world dregs who vote Democratic can’t come here quick enough (because of our “broken” immigration laws) let’s just annex them and admit them as States.

    • pcmustgo

      Don’t forget, technically the US Virgin Islands are somehow a part of “America” too. So is Guam.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Haiti is not a US  Territory like Guam or Puerto Rico, and Haitians can not vote in US elections.  Puerto Ricans and Chamorros already can.

      Where Hawaii is concerned, yes the ethnic natives don’t like us Haoles.  The Japanese, Chinese and Koreans also don’t like each other, but the situation in Hawaii is typical of much of the Pacific.  Okinawans hate blacks, loathe whites and dislike Japanese.  Taiwanese aren’t overly fond of mainland Chinese.  Catholic and Muslim Philippinos fight like cats and dogs.

      The situation in which white Americans of various ethnicities and religions that normally loathe each other – English and French, Poles and Germans, Catholics, Protestants and Jews – put aside most differences to recognise each other – along with some of the “tamer” Indians as co-nationals and even intermarry is historically unique in that it happened so quickly, and this clouds our thinking. 

      People hating each other over their differences is actually normal and not an exception.  The new Libyan government has recently announced that Jews are not allowed in Libya.  The ban is not merely on Israelis, but on all Jews; having overthrown Ghadaffi Duck, they’re insisiting on living in the middle ages.  While confiscation of white-owned land in Namibia was proceeding, none of the greedy Bantus being suddenly enriched gave much thought to the real natives there, the San bushmen.  In Botswana, the San have actually been relocated.

      • Zorro

        We helped to overthrow Kaddaffy, a danger that was boxed in for years now, and like Mubarak, have replaced both with Muslim Brotherhood Sharia law fanatics. Good job!

    • Zorro

      You should read about the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the SPP, and its march to a North American Union.

  • The wretched will inherit the world, therefore America must inherit the wretched of the world until she herself is the wretchedest of the world, and inherits the New World Order.

  • Frank

    We do not need the problms PR statehood would bring.  We should give them their independence rather than make the cournty part of ours.

  • Alexandra

    I have an uncle-by-marriage who’s Puerto Rican.  The number of times I’ve seen him sober in my almost-40 years I can count on one hand.  He really hit the bottle after my aunt died.  Surprised he’s still around.

    I might add that the local police station didn’t need the home address…all they needed to hear was “Rodriguez house.”  My cousins were fairly well known to them…one cop told me that he couldn’t believe I was actually related to them, since I’ve never been in trouble.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    I always thought Puerto Rico was quite happy being a US Territory, as they don’t have to pay taxes that way.

    Did they drink some Silly-Aid or what?

  • Bobby

    This nation is so through. Do Puerto Ricans like European Americans? Not the ones I’ve met.

  • ageofknowledge

    They did such a fantastic job of ruining New York City and Chicago. Of course, they want all their relatives on the dole as well.

    • Zorro

      Liberals think that most Puerto Ricans will be like the ones in “West Side Story”.