Obama Wins Re-Election

Richard S. Dunham, San Francisco Chronicle, November 7, 2012

A demographic tidal wave became a Democratic tidal wave as President Obama won a tight but decisive re-election victory Tuesday with the help of record-breaking support from Hispanic voters, massive turnout from African Americans and continuing enthusiasm from young Americans.

Although Republican nominee Mitt Romney won a larger share of the white vote than any presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan scored a landslide re-election victory in 1984, the former Massachusetts governor ended up a loser at the polls because of the racial, ethnic and generational changes that have altered the U.S. electoral landscape.

The portion of nonwhite voters in the electorate has tripled over the last four decades to 27 percent on Tuesday. The Democratic incumbent led among African Americans by 93 percent to 6 percent—the best performance by a Democrat since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Heavy African American turnout in Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Miami changed the dynamic in four battleground states. In key swing states, Romney received just 1 percent of the African American vote in Florida and 3 percent in Ohio and Virginia.

Meanwhile, Latino voters, energized by tough Republican rhetoric on immigration, voted Democratic by 69 percent to 30 percent [Ed. More recent figures indicate 71 to 27 percent], tipping the balance of power in a string of states including Nevada, New Mexico and Iowa.


For the first time in American history, Latinos made up 10 percent of the electorate, up from 9 percent in 2008. {snip}


In contrast to Obama’s rainbow coalition, Romney’s core supporters were older, evangelical and white. The Republican nominee did better among white voters than any Republican since Ronald Reagan in 1984, topping Obama by 20 points, 59 percent to 39 percent. Romney scored particularly well among older white men, white women who have not completed college and rural white males.


Turnout among African Americans and young voters remained similar to 2008, while Latino turnout increased nationwide. The Hispanic vote was particularly significant in Nevada, where Latinos jumped from 15 percent of the electorate four years ago to 18 percent on Tuesday.


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  • Let’s see… I woke up yesterday with a black president, Nancy Pelosi screaming in the Republican House, and Harry Reid controlling the Democrat senate.

    Today, I have a black president, Nancy Pelosi screaming in the House, with a Democrat Senate controlled by harry Reid.

    Someone wake me when this nightmare is over. .

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      It’s never over. 

      White Privilege Is Dead.

      •  White Privilege will never die until the last White Child is scrubbed from the face of the Earth.   It reminds me of the Dark Horse Comics Terminator Vs. Robocop where  in an alternate universe the Terminators hunt down and exterminate the last person on Earth – a White teenager.

        • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

          The last White girl left on earth will be a Diversity Voodoo Rape Trophy Fetisch. She actually will be treated quite well, between rapes, because she will be the last thing of beauty and light left on the planet.

          • Test-tube-baby technology will be used to maintain a steady supply of blonde, blue-eyed white girls for the pleasure of African men.

            Black women will serve as maids.

          • ed91

             who will keep the electricity and water running?

          • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

            better yet, who will make the test tubes?

          • Frank

            Very Good.

        • I did see something funny today..  Eddie Murphy came out with his new girlfriend:



          and in one of the comments for the story, someone said– “Wow, white people are just getting effed right and left today.”

          A little humor never hurt anything.

          • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse


            For over sixty years now there has been an unrelenting demand that the white man should give up his spiritual stronghold, his race, and melt into a soulless blob called humanity. And it is not just secular liberals who make such a demand, it is also the Christian clergy. They too demand that the white man renounce any special ties he might have to the white race. The ideological underpinning for the liberals’ and the clerics’ demand that the white man renounce his race are contradictory. On the one hand the white man is told he must renounce his race because the white man’s past history shows that he is irredeemable. He has done nothing but evil in the past, and he will do nothing but evil in the future, should he be allowed to live into the future. His only hope for salvation is to worship the black man with all his heart, mind, and soul, and hope that the black man will have mercy on his poor benighted soul. Which, by the way, is a forlorn hope because the black man, unbeknownst to the liberals, is not really a god, nor does he have any concept of mercy.

          • TeutonicKnight67

             Christianity is not monolithic. It too has been hijacked by “liberals”. With the modern emphasis on “forgiveness” without moral responsibility we have seen the Faith go from the moral backbone of society to a limp wristed, empty shell of its former self. Platitudes and hand holding instead of  Certitude and Holding people responsible for their immorality i.e. miscegenation, homosexuality.

          • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

            “Holding people responsible” is a racist, sexist, homophobic and islamophobic construct.

            We’ve passed the mantle to God and await His justice. May it show us what revenge really looks like.

          • Regardless of how wealthy or attractive he is, any woman dating a man 20 years older than her must be badly messed up in the head

          • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

            Larry Sabato just said that the Obamas correctly predicted what % of Whites they’d get.

            What does BRA Diversity Leadership know about us that we don’t know?  Isn’t it frightening that we went to the polls yesterday, AS WHITES, feeling optomistic about our chances of kicking the N out of office?

            “We’re on a new path now, there’s no question about it,” said Sabato.

            Path to total extinction of White privilege.

          • ed91

             perhaps she is just a non-union hooker

          • TeutonicKnight67

             Yet another reason to rescind universal suffrage: The stupid diversity Trophy-whore.

          • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse
        • If you’re into future liberal dystopias, here’s a list:


      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        The only thing “White Privilege” has ever meant to me is the privilege to pay taxes for parasites, to be a stranger in my own country, and to suffer completely legal discrimination from Affirmative Action.  In that sense, “White Privilege” is not dead, but just begun.

        • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

          Now that BRA Diversity Leadership is entrenched in governemt, military, business, religion, and academia, look for the shrill and hysterical attacks on you “deemed” White privilege to increase to a fever pitch of lunatic violence.

          The more Diversity makes a jungle mess of everything, the more you will be blamed.

          Privilege, take a deep whiff…

      • Dave4088

         Should we end brown privilege in Mexico and black privilege in Africa?  

    • bluffcreek1967

      There’s nothing to wake up from. This is reality, and we’re in for some even darker days in the months ahead. America has made its choice.

      • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

        Diversity is our greatest darkness.

      • Well, you know, it’s interesting: I can’t think of a worse outcome. They were telling us about a “Romney Landslide,” in the days before the election, and then isn’t it interesting that they put the results into “quarantine,” before they were released to us. I find that fascinating. It wasn’t a Romney landslide, and I think Republicans were lulled into a false sense of security, so they didn’t even bother to vote. I find it interesting that Obama won every state that didn’t have Voter ID laws. Even the UN inspectors found it amazing that we don’t ask for ID. The honor system works great when you’re dealing with Whites, and not so great when you’re dealing with Klingons.

        • I’d take the Klingons; Klingons know no greater shame and horror than to be dishonored. 

          • ed91

             most of the actors who play klingons are bantus

        • TeutonicKnight67

          or Bantus

        • gemjunior

          I believe there was fraud.  Because everyone I’ve spoken to in the past year HATES obama and had no plans to vote for him.  And I live in NY, and still it seemed that Romney had more of a chance.  I’m not really sure this election was on the level.  I believe there was tampering.  We are in big trouble unless we start to get very severe with people about being more pro-white.  We need to stop these pansy ass white libs from destroying our race.  I don’t know who is the bigger enemy – the savage negros, or these self-hating race destroyers.  I really think they are far more dangerous.  I hate what has happened here – and I hope that it’s not to late for whites.  It can still be undone – but will it?

          • The race traitors and hostile racial and religious aliens who masquerade as us are by far the greater threat to our very lives than the darkie hordes. An enemy out in the open is one thing, but a fifth columnist who is in league with that enemy sight unseen in our midst is quite another. It is those traitors who should be dealt with especially ruthlessly when open warfare starts, and all other whites must know why they were targeted, and punished accordingly.

          • The__Bobster

            My polling place was packed with Obongo-hating Whites, yet I’m supposed to believe that Romney got 2.5 million votes LESS than MexCain?

          • Jane

            The people you “speak to” are not the only people who vote.

    • I avoided watching any coverage and I went to bed at 11:10 PM.
      I suspected this was going to be the outcome so I thought I might at least get a good night sleep before waking to the nightmare.

      • Well, like an idiot, I watched it, and thought Romney had a chance. The pundits kept talking about a Romney landslide, and even Obama looked depressed. He told his supporters to not give up. I thought we could pull off one last election, but no. America is done. I think that is how we need to proceed– we just need to right off the U.S., she is dead, stick a fork in her. She can’t be reformed or saved, the silly white people who voted for amnesty and the kenyan can’t be “awakened”– they’re just too far gone, guys. But that is where we have to start from: We lost, the country is dead– what do we do next?
        Remember little Germany? A tiny little spit of land, and they almost TOOK OVER THE PLANET. Before Germany almost took over the planet, her people were made to feel impotent, humiliated and she went through a terrible depression economically. We are almost there. People are like little lumps of clay. Clay is stiff when you first break off a piece, but you have to smash it, beat it, crush it– until it can be made of use. I hope something can come of this. We just don’t have a lot of material to work with. I live in Los Angeles. If I hoisted a Gadsen flag and a baseball bat, stood up on a soapbox and said “Let’s go– who’s with me?!?”  first of all, no one could understand me, because I don’t speak Spanish. Second, they’d shoot at me and think they were doing the world a favor. At least Germany was filled with beautiful Germans. They had something to work with there. America may be a lost cause.

        • pcmustgo

          I AGREE THAT THERE’S NO GOING BACK- no amount of immigration control can prevent us from turning into China/Mexico = ChinaMex. 

          However, I feel Americans (dummies) need another 4 years of The Greatest Depression to wake up….  I know we are headed into even worse economic times. 

          So if this is what it takes, this is what it takes.

          Let’em have it.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Indeed! The time is near for all patriotic, ethnocentric race-realist whites (both American and Canadian) to band together in one uniform territory and secede from this lost cause. Let us all gather in one area, flooding it with whiteness until we control our own destiny once again. We need leadership and a plan but this would be the best solution for our children. Then, having once recovered our greatness we can export our ethno-centric ideal through trade with friendly nations.

          • Were you high on drugs when you posted this comment? It is SO out of touch with reality that you HAD to have been stoned when you wrote it!

        •  Darryl touched on the ultimate taboo subject.    However, you are wrong about Germany wanting to ‘take over the planet’ and are unfortunately repeating the standard Cultural Marxist propaganda talking point.

          Aside from that, however, Darryl is correct – Whites were warned by the heavily demonized fellow with the funny mustache, who frightened the Frankfurt School subverters and they had to pack their bags and flee to America, whereupon what they had planned to do to Germany – they did do to our once 90 percent White European nation. 

          • “..you are wrong about Germany wanting to ‘take over the planet'”

            Well, let’s see, Steve.. Hitler was taking over Europe, fighting with Russia and the United States, he wanted Africa for its natural resources, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, the Japanese took over Manchuria, the British controlled Jordan and Palestine–who am I leaving out, ? That’s pretty much “Earth.”
            Here is a scale model Hitler had made of “Welthauptstadt Germania,” (“World Capital Germania”)  which Hitler had built:



            I don’t sugar-coat Hitler or the Nazis. They were what they were, and they did what they did. Their mistake was that they fought against other clever Whites and lost. Banded together, we are unstoppable, which is why so much effort is put into keeping us torn apart. Oy vey! We certainly inspire a lot of fear!


          • Phil

            Darryl, you’re again regurgitating mainstream cr*p. You quote Wikipedia as a source…LOL. If you want to learn the truth about that period of history read material from the Barnes Review and articles written by Mark Weber, Carolyn Yeager or Veronica Clark.


        • Phil

          “Remember little Germany? A tiny little spit of land, and they almost TOOK OVER THE PLANET. Before Germany almost took over the planet”

          Darryl, I MUST correct you: you are repeating LIE. Adolph Hitler’s Germany was NOT trying to take over the planet. That was the goal of THE COMMUNISTS.


          • Tell that to the millions of people the Nazis SYSTEMATICALLY SLAUGHTERED in the death camps of Buchenwald, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Sobibor, Dachau and others. Your denial of the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis are utterly astounding.

            But then again, why should I not be surprised? You far-right-wingers are living in an alternative reality to begin with.

      • Persephone Grey

        My husband’s in Philadelphia on business this week and I’ve been so completely occupied in looking after the kids that I actually forgot about the election until he called me in the morning to ask what I thought about “last night”. My immediate response – “Uh, what happened last night?!” Once he had brought me up to date, he segued the conversation into what type of gun he thinks I should get.

        • Gracchus123

          For home defense or for carry? Or both. Get one that “feels” good to you yet is enough gun. The “feel” part is important because you and the gun will quickly become good friends which is also important. 

          Good for you and your husband.

          • Persephone Grey

            Probably mostly for home defense, since I spend most of my time here with the kids.

            My biggest problem is that I’m extremely gun-shy. I wasn’t raised around guns, and the first time I saw one was on a cop when I arrived in the US at the age of 18. I found it quite shocking and scary. I jump at sudden loud sounds. The only time I’ve fired a gun was with my husband and his friends. One of them first gave me a big handgun that scared the crap out of me when I fired it. The second was a .22 rifle (what he called a “kid’s gun”) and I did much better with that. It was quieter and had far less kick. That last thing is important to me because I’m *very* petite.

            So I guess I’m biased towards the .22 by my limited past experience. What do you consider “enough gun”?

          • Gracchus123

            Enough gun has to do with caliber. And it’s controversial within the gun community to some extent.

            for example, some consider 9mm to be “enough gun” for self defense. I, on the other hand, feel much more comfortable with .45acp, a larger caliber. Many women find .45acp to be more than they can handle since they typically have smaller hands and .45acp, since it’s a larger caliber, is a larger pistol. However some of the newer “carry” .45s may be small enough for petite hands.

            for long guns(rifles), it’s another story completely and too extensive to fully cover here. 12 gauge shotguns are my choice for home defense, but again, you may not feel at all comfortable handling one. I also like the small “pistol caliber carbines for home defense such as the beretta storm in .45acp. I am partial to .45acp for close in work because it has the reputation of being a “man stopper”, and after all, that’s what you want.

            As to noise and “kick”, practice will overcome your aversion to those two impediments. In the larger calibers, kick can actually hurt you, but a firm grip on the gun will avert damage to you. Earplups help, actually are essential, when practicing. 

            Go to a reputable gun store, and ask lots of questions. A “good” store will be glad to answer your questions and will be courteous. Do not be shy.

            Practice, practice, and practice. This will cause you to overcome your fear of the noise and the “kick”. 

            And always remember, SAFETY FIRST. Learn the rules of safety. 

            First rule: A GUN IS ALWAYS LOADED (even if you just took all the bullets out, you still treat it as if it is loaded). And never, never point a gun at something you do not need to destroy.

            Good luck and good shooting.

          • Gracchus123

            A couple of more points: the type of bullets used is important. For home defense, and given that you live with others, I would use what are called “frangible” bullets. They are lethal but break up when they hit something, thus will not go through walls. Good for apartment dwellers as well. For other self-defense use, use jacketed hollow points not “ball” ammunition.

            I would not call .22 a ‘kid’s” gun. I have killed deer with a .22 rifle. Also, it’s the weapon of choice for assassins when used suppressed and very up close and personal. Deadly.

            Hope this helps.

          • Persephone Grey

            Thank you, this is all very helpful. I appreciate the info.

    • You are the nightmare with your racial focus. Your time is up, and xenophobia is out of style.

  • Detroit_WASP

    If you want to know what America will look like when blacks control the elections, just look at Detroit.  I lived there for 27 years.  No white mayor, police or fire chief for about 35 years.

    A constant crime wave that everyone says they can fix if you just vote for them.

    Failing schools that just need a bit more money.

    Falling property values, once beautiful homes being stripped of their oak woodwork, copper pipes and leaded glass windows…..all for a crack rock and a quick high.

    Detroit is the future.   

    • IstvanIN

       From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe just about sums it up.

      • pcmustgo

        From Rhodesia to Mexico City. From Rhodeisa to Juarez

        • pcmustgo

          At least the Mexicans won’t be dumb enough to let in Muslims!!!!!!

          I somehow think the Muslim population will grow so quickly in the coming years, a bomb will  go off and destroy us all before we even get to turn fully into ChinaMex. 

          ChinaMex will be obliterated (with us in it) by Muslim-American bombs going off.

          • John_H_Holliday

            Mexicans are too stupid to know the difference – they just see brown.

      • Not really. It’s more like a Latin American country in which there is class/racial conflict. This is a very important distinction, because Latin American countries can instruct us about the possiblity of sustaining a de facto white elite in a multi-racial society.

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      Look at Fulton County, Ga.  They’ve got an election mess on their hands, even after the state came in and cleaned it up last time and charged a big fine.

      The state actually BELIEVED

    • anarchyst

      The o’bama is doing to the country what coleman young and kwame kilpatrick did to Detroit . . .

  • So long, two party system.  Now there is only The Party.

    • IstvanIN

       Most third world countries only have one major political party, such as Mexico (PRI) and South Africa(ANC).  The minor parties are crushed or banned or just ignored.  With a massive third world population we will go from a republican form of government to one party rule. 

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      Watch the GOP and Tea Party get put out of business on “racism!” charges.

      In 2016, it will be even more dangerous to “be an American while White” than it is today.

      Everything the blacks and MSM traitor White elites say openly about the GOP/Tea Party from now on, will soon be said about White Americans in general.

      They will create a climate that legitimizes even more robbery, rape, and murder against Whites than we suffer under right now.

      Diversity Is Our Fastest Doom, and we’ve arrived…

      I’m noticing that every TV commercial has blacks today, not just most.

      • Every TV commercial has a black male and white woman.

        Obliterate and Exterminate the white man.

        • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

          The Warren Court was MSM.

    • But at least now, I can marry another man and LEGALLY blow recreational pot smoke up his butt. I’ve got that going for me. Let’s all chant, U-S-A!  U-S-A!!!

      •  Darryl, you’re free to be a gay-triot in the New USA!

        • ed91

           oh boy, almost heaven.

        • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse


          On the other hand is the contradiction. The white man is told by the liberals and the clerics that there is no such thing as race. Skin color has nothing to do with a man’s soul. “We are all, under the skin, the same.” Then by what right does the dynamic duo of liberals and clergy prattle on about the sanctity of the negro god and the evil of the white man? If there is no such thing as race, then there should be no such thing as negro worship, and there should be no such thing as the demonization of the white man. “We are all just human beings and we are all just wonderful.” But the liberals and their clerical brethren are playing both ends against the middle. The white man is an evil bogeyman and the black man is a benevolent god when the liberals and the clerics are eating their Manichean Cheerios, and the white man is part of a multi-colored blob when the dynamic liberal duo are in the mood to “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.”

      • Great. So 2 white men having sex is good.

        A white man and a white woman having sex, so as to create a white baby ,is………………………..bad.

        And you wonder why America deserves what is coming.

  • The anchor babies born in the Clinton era have come to age and want their fair share. (Their fair share of taxpayer money).

    I have come to the conclusion there is only one reasonable strategy left to be accomplished in the next four years. Every Republican in a hopelessly Dem. State must move to a moderately Dem. swing State to turn it around.

    • ed91

       Draw a line from east to west 50 miles south of chicago and the southern three quarters of Illinois is worth saving.

      • Magnus Von Magnus

        That’s true of so many places. Take away Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania is a fairly conservative place. In fact, that almost applies to every Northeastern state with rural areas.

        • ed91

           perhaps a 50 mile circle around all the cities………

          anything outside of that is worth saving

  • RJSNS16

    TX and FL will both be blue states very soon.

    Who cares about “battleground” states and other misc issues?

    CA, NY, TX, FL – there’s the election.  Deep down, Republicans can’t possibly think they can win this game of bio-politics.  No way.

    • pcmustgo

      YEAH, AND THOSE MEXICANS WILL VOTE IN EVEN MORE , MORE , MORE IMMIGRATION….. No borders! They might compromise with other important groups, like Asians, and vote to help them get in more of “their own” too.

      • And more, more, more benefits too.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      All the more reason for whites to tactically withdraw by gathering in the North and taking over their own ethnostate.

      • The__Bobster

        But the red states are in the South and Midwest.

        • TeutonicKnight67

           I say the North because it is our natural environment. Also we must re-take at least one port city so our re-constituted white republic can spread its values. As a white man I prefer to retain the east for its proximity to Europe and our natural brethren. Although I am open to all ideas.

  • Ironically, the largest continent of black voters is the Deep South where nearly all states went ‘red’ on election night. Consequently, those black votes were effectively cancelled by the Electoral College. 

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Good point.

      Alabama is:

      70 percent white
      26 percent black
      4 percent Latino
      1 percent Asian.

      Alabama favored Romney over Obama, 61 percent to 38 percent.

      Iowa, on the other hand, is:

      93 percent white
      3 percent black
      5 percent Latino
      2 percent Asian.

      Iowa favored Obama over Romney 52 percent to 46 percent.

      Do white Alabamians know something that white Iowans do not know?

      • AutomaticSlim

        Yes they do!
        They have to deal with blacks on a daily basis and therefore recognize them for what they are and the dangers they pose. The “Pollyannas” in Iowa have no idea.

      • AutomaticSlim

        For Moderator:

        By the way – why was the “guest login” feature disabled? I have been using that for over a year now (with a different screen name) and liked the “anonymity”.

        Although, seeing my posts immediately is nice too…

        • The__Bobster

          Oh yeah, now everybody knows who you really are.  😉

      • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

        The Obama Voters are gloating that we are now ruled by Aliens, Perverts, and Parasites:

        Rack ‘Em Up

        By ThinkProgress War Room on Nov 7, 2012 at 5:28 pm

        Progressive Victories from Coast to Coast

        While re-electing President Obama is obviously very good news for progressives, so much more happened to bring progressive change to communities across America. These victories are further evidence of an emerging progressive majority in this country that will help take us forward as we all fight for change in ways large and small.

        Here’s the rundown of some of last night’s winners and losers.


        The Facts: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tried to run a post-truth campaign that was fact free, deceptive, and insulting to voters. They paid a heavy price for their false claims about the auto industry in Ohio. Nationally, voters affirmed that facts and a candidate’s policy positions do matter.

        The Middle Class: Voters supported a president who will make the investments in the middle class that we need to create jobs now and grow the economy over the long-term. President Obama will redouble his efforts to create an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

        Equality: For the first time in history, voters embraced marriage equality at the ballot box — and not just once. In Maryland, Maine, and Washington state, voters approved marriage equality referenda. In Minnesota, an effort to ban same sex marriage was defeated. Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin is also the first openly gay person elected to the Senate; the person who won the House seat she vacated is also openly gay. Nationally, voters rejected the most anti-immigrant presidential ticket in history. In Maryland, voters approved a state-level version of the DREAM Act.

        Women: In addition to defeating a ticket that threatened women’s health and economic security, a record number of women were voted into office. The Senate will have a record 20 women and the House will have at least 77, also a record.

        Marijuana: Voters in Washington state and Colorado both legalized the recreational use of marijuana, though it remains a federal crime.

        New Hampshire: The state elected progressive champions Anne Kuster and Carol Shea Porter to the House and will be the first state to send an all-female House and Senate delegation to Washington. Democrats also seized control of the New Hampshire House back from the Tea Party extremists who seized control of it in 2010.

        Maine: Democrats wrested control of both the Maine House and Senate back from extreme right-wing Republicans who spent the past two years pursuing attacks on voting and unions, among other things.

        Minnesota: Democrats won back control of both the Minnesota House and Senate. Republicans forced a government shutdown last year because they refused to raise taxes on the wealthy to close a budget gap, even though Minnesota’s wealthy pay a lower tax rate than everyone else in the state. The new majorities should be able to work with Gov. Mark Dayton (D) to create a more progressive budget. Minnesotans also rejected a constitutional amendment that would have instituted Voter ID in the state. It had been expected to pass.

        Michigan: The state’s voters repealed an “Emergency Manager” law that allowed the governor to seize control of cities from their democratically-elected representatives and put an unelected emergency manager with sweeping powers in complete control. The law is most often applied to communities with high minority populations. Voters also rejected a measure that would’ve crippled the state legislature by requiring a 2/3 majority to raise taxes.

        Iowa: Democrats maintained control of the Iowa State Senate, meaning they can continue to stop attacks on marriage equality, women’s health, and unions from the the Republican-controlled House and Gov. Terry Branstad (R). Iowans also rejected the latest effort by anti-gay Christian conservatives to remove a justice from the Iowa Supreme Court merely because he had joined the court’s unanimous decision in favor of marriage equality. Three other justices were successfully removed in 2010.

        Colorado: Democrats seized control of the Colorado State House and will install the first openly gay Speaker of the House. The current Republican Speaker blocked consideration of a civil unions bill even though it had the votes to pass.

        California: Progressive change happened in a big way in one of the nation’s most progressive states.

        Yesterday, voters:Approved a tax increase on households making over $250,000 in order to fund education and help reduce the state’s perpetual budget deficit.

        Reformed the state’s corporate tax code in order to create billions in new revenue for clean energy.

        Modified the state’s “Three Strikes” law so that most non-violent or non-serious third offenses don’t automatically result in a life sentence. A similar initiative failed by almost six points in 2004, while yesterday’s initiative passed by more than 35 points.

        Rejected a right-wing effort to severely limit the political activities of labor unions. Just days before the election, the initiative’s backers revealed that they broke the law by laundering $11 MILLION in contributions through out-of-state groups linked to the Koch Brothers.

        Gave Democrats a supermajority in both the California Assembly and Senate, meaning Democrats can finally overcome the 2/3 vote requirement needed to raise taxes and make California governable and solvent. Republicans have consistently blocked tax increases, forcing governors to put any tax increase before voters.


        Tea Party Extremists: Voters tossed out some of the most extreme voices in the U.S. House, including Joe Walsh, Allen West, and Chip Cravaack. Michele Bachmann very narrowly avoided defeat in her heavily-Republican district.

        GOP Candidates Who Made Offensive Comments About Rape: From Todd Akin to Richard Mourdock to Linda McMahon, all of the Republican candidates who made outrageous comments about rape in recent weeks lost.

        Grover Norquist: Signing the Washington lobbyist’s infamous pledge to never raise taxes became an anchor for many candidates.

        GOP Donors: They donated billions, much of it to Super PACs and secret money groups, in order to defeat President Obama and Democratic Senate candidates. Polluter-backed groups alone dumped $270 MILLION in TV ads during just the final 8 weeks of the election. It didn’t work.

        Our Voting System: Voters across the country faced almost unprecedented obstacles to casting a ballot. Conservatives did nearly anything possible — legal and otherwise — to keep people, particularly young people and minorities, from voting. Early voting was curtailed, onerous photo ID requirements were put in place, voter registration was made more difficult, technical changes meant to disqualify more ballots were implemented, dirty tricks were employed, and the list goes on. The net result was that tens of millions of Americans faced long lines and other hurdles when attempting to exercise one of their most basic rights. Millions more who might otherwise have voted didn’t vote at all.

        Ending Medicare, Slashing Taxes on the Wealthy: By selecting Rep. Paul Ryan (R) as his running mate, Mitt Romney put the GOP plan to end Medicare as we know it in order to slash taxes on the wealthy front and center on the ballot. Voters rejected these plans and the GOP should drop them once and for all.

        The Residents of Michigan’s 11th Congressional District: They elected a man who actually believes he is Santa Claus to represent them in Congress.

        • The__Bobster

          So “Progessive” really does mean Socialist.

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse


      We’ve all had those Introductory Philosophy courses in which a smart aleck professor proves, by geometric logic, that we don’t really exist. The liberals have been giving a similar introductory course on Race, in which they prove that our whiteness is not part of our soul. Our response to the liberals, and – lest we forget them – the white-hating clergymen, should be passionate rage. Our race contains all that we value most: our kith, our kin, and our God. If we don’t believe that the spirit can become incarnate in a people, what happens to our faith in Christ? Our faith in our Creator is inseparable from our faith in our identity as a particular people of a determinate race. Why should we ever question that our whiteness is part of our soul? Our ancestors believed it to be true, and we know, in the deepest recesses of our heart, that it is true. Even the liberal knows, in some tiny corner of his wizened heart, that skin color is more than mere biology, which is why he feels the necessity to fight “racism.” He doesn’t want a resurgence of the white Europeans because he doesn’t want Christ to rule in his liberal, multiracial utopia. The race war is the European’s ultimate challenge. If he allows his whiteness to be demonized or harmonized into nothingness, he will be a man without a soul.

    • Gracchus123

      Right, it seems that the “South” still knows “how to do it”.

  • Prepare for more bad news four years from now: I predict the Republican party will not adjust well to this defeat. Appeal to Hispanics? Didn’t they just try that?

    Well, at least this is good news for AmRen. This organization could not have hoped for better advertising than the demographic analysis of these election results.

    • ed91

       I would like to see the Tea Party be established and organized as an official party beginning today.

      • I like the suggestion, but I’m not so sure it’s enough.

        I can’t see how, demographically, the majorities of the next election would point to a reinvigorated Tea Party.

        All white conservatives should be *very* concerned. This election was more significant than that of”the first black president” because here Obama consolidated his victory and proved where the electoral future of America will remain for the next century.

        • Tim

          I waws going to say the same thing using a Stalingrad to Kursk analogy but you did it more succintly…

      • Please. Let’s be real.

        We need a WHITE PARTY and make no apology.

        The Tea Party will not fight for the WHITE RACE like the Democratic party fought FOR the Black and Hispanic tribes.

        I would rather lose every election with a White Race Party than keep on fooling myself with “constitutional”, “libertarian”, etc. B.S. parties.

        Race is the ONLY FACTOR now.

        • Maybe a multi-party system would be best at this point. Otherwise we will be trapped between these two choices:

          Democratic: leftist-socialist appealing to non-white majority
          Republican: left-of-center appealing to non-white majority

        • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

          Kudlow is on a CNBC “conservative” rant about the need for the GOP to wake up to the hispanic voter and immigration reform.

          The MSM types tell the GOP that it can’t win another election if it doesn’t become a version of the Obamas.

          We say that the GOP should double down on extremism and force White governors to nullify Obama’s policies.

          • seek

            Larry Kudlow is a supply-side fanatic who sees everything through a prism of “growth.”  No other considerations occupy his mental space. 

        • ed91

           ok, White Tea Party

          • Tea, unfortunately, is not “white”.

            Maybe White Tea With Half-n-Half Party?

        • That’s hard to imagine in today’s America. I predict the republican party will not transform into the avowedly white party, but will commence a strategy of appealing to all groups *except* blacks; they will be forced to concede some of the highest leadership roles to Asians, and Hispanics; there will never again be an all white, all male ticket. So what I’m predicting as a new appeal to Asians, etc will be no longer just a gesture, but a major fact of power-sharing and strategy in all future campaigns.  

          My prediction is based on the simple calculus of race realism. If republicans can develop an image as the the party of success among all *non black* groups, and subliminally excite the suspicion towards blacks that is felt by many immigrants, hispanic, Asian, and Muslim, they could sweep the next election. Expect to see increased exposure of republicans like Rubio, Jindal, etc. At the same time, they’ll force the Herman Cain types to the margins.

          • Very true. I think that that is a distinct possibility. The Republicans will never ever ever get any type of black vote. However by including Hispanics, they could definitely marginalize the blacks.

          • Another possibility is that republican elites won’t be realist enough to figure out the anti-black strategy; they might be foolish enough to pander to blacks, as though it were just another multi-cult group like Hispanics or Asians; at that point their failures in elections would be so great that organizations like Amren could become a very prominant alternative to mainstream politics.

            I think it *somewhat* likely that the republican elites might actually be dumb enough to pander to blacks. Political correctness has become so powerful that it’s difficult to imagine the Republican leadership sitting down at a table and deciding to isolate blacks. This was the party that appointed Steele as chairman after Obama’s victory. There are some very foolish people up there.  

          • Gracchus123

            Excellent point. Forget which one, but a GOP “pundit” very distinctly left out the blacks when strategizing on TV yesterday. He mentioned, of course “hispanics” and Asians, but clearly had written off blacks.

      • C_C_Conrad

        The Tea Party is just a collection of anti-white conservatives.  A Conservative is a fool, a Paleoconservative  is just an old fool. 
        If you need a political party go to http://american3rdposition.com/

        • Xanthippe2

          Didn’t Merlin Miller say he didn’t think much of White Nationalists too?  Like, who else would have possibly supported him (or funded his movie, which was probably his real reason for running).

        • TeutonicKnight67

           i respectfully disagree. Tea party rallies are full of disgruntled whites looking for leadership. The problem with the Tea Party is that it accepts the rules of the system as laid down by their enemies. Trying to work realistically in our current framework is no longer possible on any level.

          • ed91

             that’s what I mean………..  with the right leaders the tea party is read to roll.

      • Xanthippe2

        Sorry to break the news to you, but the Tea Party is not pro-White.

      • Gracchus123

        Sounds good on the surface, but my experience with the Tea Party is that to even whisper anything racial causes the leadership to curl up into a tight ball and scream. 

        They try extremely hard, and pretty successfully, to stay very, very far away from any racial controversy. 

        That’s why I quit the Tea Party.

    • John_H_Holliday

      Rove, the republi-ho is already calling for more pandering to hispanics.  After Kennedy, it was Reagan who granted this amnesty to the Mexicans then came GW.  They just took time off to play with the whites for a while.   Rejoice in the demise of the Jahoo-loving neo-con GOP.  Very soon, the DIMS will push us off the cliff.  Only then can we begin again.  And to the non-white immigration issue – our new motto – NEVER AGAIN. 

  • As America turns brown, it turns blue.

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse


      There is no one in the upcoming Presidential election who represents white people. Romney is the “let’s liquidate the European people at a slower rate” candidate, and as such I will vote for him. But there is something else at stake in the election. A Romney victory will indicate that a significant amount of white people are sick to death of being demonized. Now, being tired of the racist label is not the same thing as embracing the racist label, which is the point we want all white people to come to, but it will be significant if large numbers of whites ignore the liberals’ racist charge and vote white. My own informal surveys tell me, and I trust my informal polls more than the official polls, that true believers in the sacred negro are to be found in the universities and in their adjuncts, the churches and the media outlets. But the white hoi polloi have no great love for the negro. Unfortunately they have no great love for their own people either. They are lost souls; having been robbed of their identity, they are a seething cauldron of resentment. And they do resent being called racists when they are, unfortunately, not racist. They will root for white sports heroes or black sports heroes. But of course that’s not good enough for the liberals. They want all white athletes to disappear, leaving only a pantheon of black athletes to be petted and adored.

    • Yes, the cyanotic blue that turns to an ashen gray a dead person exhibits. The U.S. is dead as a nation, the body just hasn’t realized that complete brain death has occurred in more ways than one.

    • vladdy1

      Absolutely. And such tactics as bald-faced lies, deception, trickery, and corruption are accepted as normal. Have we ever had an election where — to this extent — one party lied to our faces about issues like Benghazi, while making their only other campaign tactic be to accuse the other side of being liars?

      Expect Dear Leader to sign an executive order for “anti-terrorism” — one that makes it illegal to “initiate” or “cause” terrorism by such methods as free speech, movies and books, demonstrations, etc. Also, I would not be surprised if, after a couple more years pushing immigration from the Third World, obama himself declares himself “returning to the religion of his youth” and stating that he is, in fact, a muslim. 

      Get your kids out of public schools. obama has signed an order declaring “unequal outcomes” in discipline referrals and suspensions to be illegal. Advertise for someone to home school, if you can not. For example, I am a retired teacher who would gladly teach the children of working parents in a traditional manner for pocket money. There are lots of us out here, many who gave up on the public schools before obama even got in.

  • extragirl666

    Two things helped Romney lose. He said he would not reverse Obamas illegal dream act.And he said he liked some Obama care mandates. Oh and just a coincidence. All the states Obama won did not require voters to present I.D.

    • First two points about the concessions are wrong from the electoral point of view. Yes, I too dislike those policies, but times have changed, and Romney had to concede at least that much. And from this time forward, almost all Republican candidates will be forced by demography to say such things.

      • AutomaticSlim

         Disagree. Romney may have been able to energize the White “couch potatoes” who usually don;t vote if he took a hard line on the illegals. I told people that he should have chastised the hispanic girl who questioned him about the “path to citizenship” in the townhall debate. He should have started with his response with “We are a nation of laws”, and gone on to tell her that illegals would be sent back where they came from. May have awoken the “sleeping giant”, or maybe not, but was worth a shot.

        • The time for arguments of that kind was in the 1980s, or even earlier than that. With each passing year, the “sleeping giant” has become the non-whites and it is they, not white “couch potatoes,” who are awoken by confrontational statements.


        • Gracchus123

          One reason the GOP lost is simply that they were out-worked.

          My sister lives in a small town in eastern Virginia which is full of diversity much like most small towns in the eastern part of all southern states especially.

          Well, about one year ago, an Obama re-election office opened in main street in this little town and was very busy all year registering new voters (diversity voters). My sister was very aware of this having been a GOP operative in years past and very into politics even today. She was extremely concerned about this activity and talked to the GOP big-wigs in Va. to try to get them to do the same. They were not interested.

          The interesting part is that the county my sister lives in is a swing county in Virginia. Now imagine doing this in all swing counties in Virginia, then in every swing county in every swing state. 

          You win the election.

    • Alexandra

      I live in Ohio and I had to show my ID.  Then again the county I live in is fairly conservative.

      • vladdy1

        Same for me in Missouri. And since I only had my old, out-of-state license, I needed to (and happily did) provide additional info (bank statement) with my current address.

  • Francis Galton

    While I understand that these elections are “dog-and-pony shows” to some degree, and I understand that Romney was not even close to being an ideal racial realist candidate, it should go without saying that a second Obama term will be much worse for Whites (especially White males) than a first Romney term would have been.

    As the article implies (and I’ll probably end up crunching the numbers myself for my own edification), had the electorate of 1984 gone to the polls yesterday, there almost certainly would have been a landslide for Romney on the order of 40+ states (55+ states if Bronco Bamma is counting).  It is clear that as America’s demographics go, so go the electorate and the type of policies they vote for, which tend to be redistributionist and racially self-serving (read: anti-White) in nature. 

    Conclusion: Whites will never again be able to “take back” America or American culture through national electoral politics.  I’ve been thinking about several strategies (alone or in combination) to preserve a semblance of Western civilization in the Lower 48, including:

    1) a mass exodus “Free State Project”/secessionist movement to several small, lily-White conservative states (WV, ND, ID, WY, UT, OK, and a few others); let the Blue State/urban areas experience a Thatcherite socialist collapse.

    2) setting up funds/foundations/charities/crowdsourcing efforts with the goal of subsidizing White births (offensive birthrate strategy)

    3) setting up funds/foundations/charities/crowdsourcing efforts with the goal, as reprehensible as it may seem at face value, of subsidizing black and brown abortions, tubal ligations, and vasectomies (defensive birthrate strategy)

    4) the survivalist/agorist strategy–going off-the-grid as much as possible, earning income under the table and not reporting it to authorities, and disappearing from mainstream society (on paper, at least).  This hastens the Thatcherite, run-out-of-people’s-money socialist collapse.

    I don’t think there are any other viable options.  The E-verify/IHAD Conservatives want vicious, sociopathic blacks and browns to become conservative (and therefore, not socially or fiscally threatening to the US); racial realists understand that this is not possible. 

    • A very good rundown of the options. None of which will work but I am sure you have considered that. The tipping point occured in the 70s and once the line was crossed we could not return with out a civil war. This would undoubtably destroy the nation and maybe encourage a foreign invasion. I really don’t know what else can be done, most of the options you offer are well thought out but are in themselves quite temporary. The tide of non-whites and worse, the coming waves of non-Christians will eventually engulf even whatever sanctuaries we may have created. And remember, all the while our plan is in place the opposition will be watching and prepare a certain end to it. The enemy is devious and without the restraints that are on us. I, like you will continue to think this out, to find an answer that may yet save us.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        We must consolidate into a smaller, leaner, meaner ethnostate and separate from those who would disposess us.

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse


      Nothing is written, our wills are free. We can utterly destroy ourselves if we want to, and that seems to be the course white people have chosen. However, there is such a thing as the grace of God. We seem so far from His grace at this point in our history, because we have cut ourselves off from the channels of grace, our kith and kin. But who can say what miracles might occur if just a few whites would seek His grace through the racial stronghold of the soul? It all sounds too fairy tale-ish? Yes, it does, but the entire history of the European people reads like a fairy tale to me, a really true fairy tale where the Hero fights His way right to the gates of hell, defeats the devil, and leads His people up from hell to that dear, dear land called Christian Europe.


    • I totally agree with you.

      I knew when Obamtus was elected the first time that there would never be a White Man as President again.

      It is over. America is now a 3rd world “South American” mongrel nation and it CAN NOT be reversed.

      We can only, some how, some way, fight for separation.  We will have to give up land since we will not have the stomach to push 40 million Africans and 40 million Mexicans across the border.  They just won’t go.  Would you?  Would you rather fight to stay among Whites ,who hate you, or go peacefully away from White civilization?

      Acceptance of the end of America is the first thing that must be accepted.   We lost that fight.

      Forming WHITE organizations is mandatory at this stage.  We should have had them since 1965 to counter-act the march of Civil Rights, etc.  We didn’t.

      But, one thing is for sure.  Just as the America we once knew is over,  the peaceful America is over to.  From this moment on the tension will build, the growth in White Nationalism will grow and more and more Whites will become racially aware.  We just have to realize that what we had in the past is gone and can not be again.

      The Blacks will fight us all the way and they WILL ramp up their hate. As they do so it will attract more and more attention from the Whites who haven’t noticed it yet. But they will.

      The pendulum always swings.

      • Yes it will swing the other way. And when it does the blood of millions of dead non-whites will be dripping from it. Blacks are their own worst enemy, and from that day forward, NO white person in his right mind will have any mercy towards them.

        • Jews will, Taras. They share a legacy of being kept as slaves, like the Bantus. They are also among the loudest advocates of multiculturalism, gun control and economic “equality”. Heck, they’ll even convince Bantus to fight and die for Yisrael. 

          • They are in favor of multiculturalism everywhere, except in their private homeland.

            How clever.

            “By deception ye shall wage war”  Slogan of the Mossad.

          • Untold numbers of Jews were slavers, usurpers, and mass murderers such as Leon Trotsky, Lazar Kaganovich and Josef Beria. They killed 100 million Christians Slavs across Eastern Europe. That was why Poles, Ukrainians, Romanians, even Russians joined the Nazi SS and hunted them down like bunny rabbits, in revenge for the Holodomor and numerous other atrocities against them. Jews have been behind the slave trade, millions of Slavs were sold to the Muslims are baby machines and cannon fodder for their wars of agression against Ukraine, Russia and other Slavic lands. They are not victims, they are victimizers. Today’s Jews actually celebrate their massacres of Goyim in their religious holidays for God’s sakes. If you even bother to research the origins of Hannukah or Purim, you would be shocked. And no, Jews do not care about blacks, they regard them as tools, and useful idiots in their war against whites and western civilization.

          • Phil

            “They are also among the loudest advocates of multiculturalism, gun control and economic “equality.”

            Yeah, here in America and Europe but most certainly NOT in Israel!


      • Paisan, I can understand how you feel, thinking that there will never be a Caucasian president again. However, I digress. I offer the following :

        Many economists says the excrement will really hit the oscillating device in the next few months, in terms of rising  joblessness, decreasing tax revenues, crushing debt, and even inflation. How will Obama blame this one on Bush?

        I expect gun sales to continue escalating, especially by Caucasians, since Bantus give theirs away through phony gun “buy-back schemes. Obama says he wants to reinstitute the “assault weapons” ban, and Dianne Feinstein is rumored to bring it up on the Senate floor for consideration.

        Where TF are the Democrats going to find another Obama? After this election, he’s a lame-duck. It’ll be a cold day in Tarsus, before the country considers an Illinois Bantu, as presidential material; much the same way that the old Soviet Union decided that a Georgian would never lead it, in the aftermath of Stalin’s horrors. Although I must say, the Massachusetts Bantu Deval Patrick, may run for president in 2016. He can claim he’s the logical successor to Shaka Zulu Obama. The Democrats have painted themselves in a corner.

        Then there’s always foreign adventures. Obama could get this country knee-deep involved in the Middle East, the Far East, (although he’d treat China with kid gloves – they hold most of our markers, after all) or even – gulp- Africa. There’s speculation he may interject the U.S. in Mali, because them Bantus there can’t deal with al-Qaeda. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the U.S. import thousands of Malian refugees, on “humanitarian” grounds, as a result of meddling. 

        You may well be right about Bantus ramping up their hate- that’s why I expect gun sales to keep rising. The George Zimmerman trial could be the powder-keg. If he’s acquitted, expect Bantus to chimp out.

        Observer, there may yet be a Caucasian president – another member of the Kennedy clan was elected to the U.S. House in Massachusetts. Not that I’m jumping up and down like a blind dog in a meathouse, mind you; but, if a Kennedy does decide to run for president, the Democrats may be tearing themselves apart. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a Kennedy run, being opposed by Bantu and mestizo candidates in the Democrat primaries. 

        One thing’s for sure – we’ll live in interesting times. 

    • pcmustgo

      I encourage whites (and have already) to take advantage of America’s welfare system to breed more. If blacks and latinos can do it, we can do….

      Two can play that game!

      • C_C_Conrad

         This will also help to break the US  “system” which is good for us. 

      • RisingReich

        Good luck getting past Shaniqua at the welfare office.

        • NM156

          -or Sheboygan. Here in Chicago, they get names from a Wisconsin map: “my little Weyawega just got an A in black history! Winnebago’s gotta catch up wit her sister!”

    • 1) Good idea but I would also choose “swingable” states that would benefit from non-Dem. voters like FL, OH and WI.
      2) Won’t work, it would be deemed racist.
      3) We already have it, it’s called Planned Parenthood.
      4) Sounds good, I would add precious metals to that.

      Other options: 1) Allow for the deportation of repeat, non-violent felons. As part of their sentencing give them the option of surrendering their passports and shipping them off to whatever country will take them. Liberia sounds good, just pay Liberian politicians $10k a head and they’ll take them. It’s a start.

    • The__Bobster

      I’m sure Vdare.com will crunch the numbers for you in a day or two. They’ve been saying that Romney needed to clear 60% of the White vote to win. He got 59%.

  • ed91

    Romney was campaigning to groups exceeding 30,000.
    Obama was in front of groups of 200 or so…….

    All they would have to do is rig the machines to vote for obama every other time a vote for Romney was cast. 

    or something similar………  this smells fishy

    • The word that I got from the state democratic party folks in my state is that they are stunned. They really thought that they would lose this state, Florida and, the nation. The answer though is that finally, after all of the immigration and pandering to black and hispanic single women to create as many children as possible, all of these turned into voters. Combine that with the leftist whites, women, unionists and the ignorant and that is the death knell for the Republic.  I believe quite strongly that there was widespread fraud in this election yet either this election or surely the next ones, they will have enough to flood us with numbers and we will never again challenge.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I agree, it smells fishy…

      Curiously, Obama lost in every state that requires a photo ID to be produced before voting. A list of closely contested state elections with no voter ID, which narrowly went to Obama include: Minnesota (10), Iowa (6), Wisconsin (10), Nevada (6), Colorado (9), New Mexico (5) and Pennsylvania (20). This amounts to a total of 66 electoral votes. When added to Romney’s total of 205 electoral votes, that would give Romney 271 electoral votes, enough votes to win even without Ohio or Florida.

      No incumbent president in the last 60 years has won reelection with the unemployment rate as high as it currently is. The only way left for the Democrats to keep Obama in office was to steal the election. Obama failed to win ANY states with photo ID laws for voters, but he did win all the swing states which require no voter ID.


      In Diebold We Trust.See Here:  



  • Here Lies the United States of America, 1776-2012.


    It was a great 236 years…

    • AutomaticSlim

       It was a great 188 years. The death roll started in 1964. Although the cancer had been there since FDR, and even Wilson before him.

      • You’re right on the money pal.

      • Persephone Grey

        Not even that. The Civil War was the death of America. It’s just been a slow, lingering death that has only now come to an end. Everything from here on is decomposition.

        • Gracchus123

          Absolutely correct. If you really want to get nit-picky, I count from the loss at Gettysburg. Actually, I think Lee’s decision to “invade” the North was a huge strategic error. 

          Nevertheless, that was then, this is now. What to do???

      • Xanthippe2


    • TeutonicKnight67

       Cause of death: Suicide

      • C_C_Conrad

          Assisted suicide maybe, genocide for sure. 

      • The__Bobster

        No, it was the importation of enemy aliens between 1880 and 1910.

      • Xanthippe2

        No, murder.

    • Phil

      Here Lies the United States of America, 1776-2012. R.I.P.I said that four years ago, i.e., 1776-2008. Now it’s definite.Phil

  • Demographic tidal wave? I call BS it was a Gendergraphic tidal wave made up of years worth of White women inviting every brown and black person they can find to waltz into this country while they handed them a voter form and EBT card. That way they can celebrate their free abortions and not have to deal with half breed kids.

    The Femocratic mob rule is simply force and it is time it was met with force.

    • dd121

      It’s amazing how easily the left cynically manipulated young female voters.  They appealed to their latent hatred of things male by invoking the possibility that the mean ole white man would take away their abortions and birth control pills.  This of course was not going to happen.  70-30 they went for Obama.  What answer do we have for stupidity?

      • RisingReich

        If you can’t make people see the light – burn them by it.
        There was once a woman who posted here that said that women should never have been given the right to vote.  So unique this lady was, that our Moderator even gave her latitude  to make her case.

        Wonder where she is?

        • John_H_Holliday

          Living her dream of subjugation, it seems.  Only stupid people shouldn’t vote.  Bring back the literacy tests for voting.

          • Persephone Grey

            I’m far from subjugated, pal.

            “Only stupid people shouldn’t vote.”

            Amounts to the same thing. Most women are extremely stupid when it comes to things like running a country. Surely this has been so amply demonstrated that it need not be debated any more?

        • Persephone Grey

          Right here. And I rest my case.

      • Diamond_Lil

        Regarding how young female voters were easily manipulated:

        “What answer do we have for stupidity?”  
        – Romney’s lack of charisma.

        • The__Bobster

          Obongo has charisma?

          Of course that’s a good reason why women shouldn’t vote. Men look for competence in a candidate, not charisma.

          • Diamond_Lil

            Oh come on, Bobster.  Obama has charisma, just nothing else.  Charm and persuasion are a gift in politics.  The original comment was about young women.  You said “Men look for competence in a candidate….”  Oh yeah, that’s why so many of you were gung-ho for Sarah Palin, that brain trust – what an embarassment!  Perhaps, educated women of all ages are still holding that selection against the republican party.  Face it, you guys are just as guilty, only it lasts until old age with a goodly portion of your types.  Intelligence is not limited to one gender.  Plenty of men and women on the right side of the curve, your comment, however, is definitely on the left side.      

          • OlderWoman

             I don’t see charisma. All I see from the mulatto in the White House is a purple-lipped scam-artist who looks suspiciously more like Frank Marshall Davis every day. I refuse to use his name ever again. I want his name to fade from history. Thus, the ‘mulatto in the White House.’

          • Phil

            “Obama has charisma, just nothing else.  Charm and persuasion are a gift in politics.”

            LOL! The marxist mulatto interloper-in-lieu-of-a-president is a bore.


    • fenway23

      Overall, Romney won White women by 56 percent and white men by 62 percent (per CNN). If no minorities had been allowed to vote the Kenyan community organizer would have lost..  On the other hand, if Whites of both sexes had been the sole  deciders of this election Romney would have gotten a solid majority of the overall vote total.    

      What I can’t comprehend are the 38 percent of white males who voted for Obongo.  Who are these people? Only aboout 4 percent of men are gay and if gay white males went for Obongo 3-1 over Romney, that still means about 35 percent of heterosexual white males voted for the Obamination.  

      • The__Bobster

        The real problem for Romney was unmarried women who regard da gubmint as a surrogate husband.


        Oh, and 2% of males are colon cowboys and 13% of them voted for Romney.

      • Yes I am seeing now where the older and married White females did support Romney into the 56% range. Perhaps that particular sub group deserves a bit more respect than I used to give them. Still that is barely above half and it should have been in the 70’s and White men into the 90’s.

        • Xanthippe2

          Why exactly should 90% of White men have voted for Romney??? He is no friend of Whites.  We need a White third party.

      • Xanthippe2

        And White women didn’t start being so stupid in regard to racial matters until the media encouraged it.  The vast majority of White women in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s were as opposed to letting non-Whites into White society as men were. 

    • Diamond_Lil

      If my daughters grew up pro-diversity, my husband and I would have ourselves to blame to a great extent.  In any event, as easily as many women are brainwashed by schools, media and universities, they can still be righted and open their eyes.  It will take strong, intelligent role models, however, not ones calling for violence against women.

    • No Name

      56% of white women voted for Romney. 42% voted Obama. Gender is nowhere near as pivotal as race.

  • JackKrak

    I live in Poland & today I heard a brief radio interview with the foreign minister about what the election means for Poland, etc. When asked why Romney lost, he mumbled something about being too conservative and then hesitated as the tried to find the right words for the second reason. Finally he said “There have been…..significant………er…….changes in the…….demographics of the American electorate….”

    The Polish foreign minister knows it. You can be sure that leaders in Russia, China, Iran and elsewhere know it. We here at Amren know it. The blacks and Mexicans certainly know it. I’m sure that most operatives and strategists for the Dems know it. Anyone with half a brain knows it, really.

    But tell that to white liberals who think their boyfriend won because of high-minded liberal principles and superior plans and ideas & you’ll just get a blank stare.

    • NM156

      Mexicans weren’t in control of this election, kolega. Forty percent of whites voted for Obama, not much less than 2008. This demographic shift is BS. Naprawde.

      • The__Bobster

        I don’t think so. Twenty or thirty years ago, Romney would’ve won in a landslide.

        • NM156

          Well. arithmetic indicates that if whites voted a few percentage points more for Romney, he would have won as well. Idiotic hayseeds left untrampled by Third Worlders such as Iowans, 90+% white, put Obama back in the White House along side the other demographics the MSM has been braying about. Those yokels may have blown the election in crucial states.

      • Xanthippe2

        Better check your math there… Generally hard to win an election with 40%. As for the demographic shift being BS, take a trip to California (or drive a few hundred miles in any direction).

      • Phil

        “This demographic shift is BS.”

        This demographic shift is NOT BS. Having said that, if the Whites overwhelmingly voted racially like BLACKS DO–especially in this horrible economy, incredibly high gasoline prices, etc.–the marxist mulatto interloper would have been a one-term loser.


    • Can’t help but think that those who engineered it know it too. You know those folks who control the media, the banks, Hollywood, pornography, and the diamond business. You bet they’re rubbing their hands and counting their money and laughing at all the ignorant sheep so easily divided and manipulated against each other.

      • The__Bobster

        The same vermin flooded Europe with muzzies, yet they’re now kvetching that the muzzies are attacking them.

        • Gracchus123

          The strategy is low level conflict, so they need the “muzzies”. Deception coupled with “divide and conquer” equals control. 

    • Xanthippe2

      The local (SF Bay Area) “consevative” talk show hosts were all saying that the demographic change of the U.S. is the reason for the election results quite clearly (not just the Presidental election, but Prop 30 too).  The solution: the Republican party has to do more to appeal to Mexicans and Blacks.  Oh, they have to be more pro-homosexual too.

      This is the Republican party of the future.

  • razorrare

    Latin Countries are all giddy over the results of the election…


  • Obama was given the victory before the election took place. The Jews elected him before the first election and now the second election. If it wasn’t for dead people, cartoon characters, and fraud, Obama never would have been elected. The only problem that Obama has is that God will not allow him to do the Jew bidding. The Jews had a gun up to his head and he pleaded with them to give him another chance. That is what they did.  However, it will do no good. Obama will prove to be a fool and more of an embarrassment. He is destined to failure worse than the first 4 years. He isn’t even a U.S. citizen, which means that he is unqualified to be President. It means that we haven’t had a president for four years, and now we won’t have a president for the next four years.

    • The__Bobster

      Or a budget. How do you run a government without a budget?

      • Gracchus123

        That’s easy, he spends whatever he wants!!

  • I have already started work on filing my immigration papers for New Zealand and have contacted several realtors about putting my house on the market.  It’s over.

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

      i did the same thing only im going to germany!! !!

      • …where again, you will encounter PC and immigration problems.

    • How do you get started on that? My mother is only just starting to talk about leaving Arizona, but she’s still thinking that a move to another state is the solution.

    • I’ll leave California but I’ll stay and fight for whay’s left of my country. Too many good men died on Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Normandy and Anzio for me to turn my back and have a yellow stream drip down my pant leg. I won’t give them my country on a silver platter. I owe them that much.

      • Tim

        My Dad used to say he reversed engines so fast on his landing craft at Salerno,  the Navy wanted to try him for desertion…

      • I won’t either, but whites must learn to think like Russians and other Slavs. Namely, if we must, destroy everything that is of value to our racial enemies and let them starve and kill each other conquering ashes.

      • SheWillBeSaved

        I’ve been a longtime reader of amren, many times i’ve felt a strong urge to post here and there, but always held back due to my job, and a healthy dose of paranoia. But i read your post and it flipped a switch somewhere Luca, it brought (more than one) tear to my eye, and i just wanted to say “amen to that”. Too many brave men, young and old, have given their very lives fighting for an America that barely even exists anymore, and i, we, all of us here, if you have any love for this country, or what it used to be, need to stand your ground, hold fast with one another, and fight again.

        How dare any of us give in to the temptation of running away ? Thats the whole reason this is happening in a nutshell, we, whites, have for the most part lost that spark, that fire, which made us feared and respected throughout time itself. When has turning tail and running away done us any good ? Does white flight from cities leave behind thriving eutopias ? Did we reach the moon, the MOON for gods sake, by saying “eh … This seems a bit too tough, lets wait till the blacks figure out this whole space flight thing”

        History repeats itself … Without fail. What in the world will giving up, and fleeing, do? Other than delay YOU having to stand and fight.

        Ill be there with you Luca. I am not a coward. I am white, and i am proud of my race, my heritage, and all the men who came before me, who died before me defending the once incredible country of ours. If you wish to run, then do so, please do so, because that flame that burns so brightly in our collective breast must have died out a long time ago.

        I will fight for my home, for my country, for my people. I owe it to every one of you who feels the same.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Hey Snow, isn’t New Zealand having the same problem?  


      There really is no place to go.   Perhaps it’s time to make a stand and fight – but maybe not in California.

    • frederickdixon

      Ah! New Zealand. I have an old (1950s) childrens’ encyclopedia in which NZ is described as a “British country on the other side of the world” with a 96% white population. Sorry to p*ss on your parade, but I’m afraid that description is a little out of date. A high Maori birth rate, even higher rates of miscegenation, and mass immigration from Asia and the Pacific have reduced the white population to about 70% at best, and far lower among children. Moreover, a country which was founded to provide food for urban Britain now has a free trade agreement which has reduced her to an economic satellite of China.

      Still, the South Island is said to be still quite white, and your emigration will help to slow down the browning of NZ by a nano second.So good luck – but I still think that white people need to stand and fight where they are.

    • Why? So you can suck up to the Maori savages with tattooed faces and apologize to them for imposing white society on their previously perfect, noble-savage culture??? Get real. New Zealand and Oz and Canada are filled with even more white-guilt horsecrap than the U.S. is. Oz has got a bunch of Muzzies and boomerang-chucking Aboriginals that the Lefty-P.C. government sucks up to. And they don’t have a First Amendment to allow you to criticize it.

      You’ve got nowhere to go, pal. Your only option is to take your own country back.

    • Persephone Grey

      Make sure you head for the South, then. The North is all Fijians, Samoans and Asians.

  • I read a Vdare letter from a reader who said he voted straight ticket democrat for the first time.
    I have seriously considered doing that myself, but I voted for Romney, and I got played again.
    The GOP is going to put up Rubio as a candidate as if that’s going to work, and still do not realize that Ohio and Florida are not swing states anymore.

    Well, I won’t vote straight ticket democrat, but I will vote for the liberal democrat who is running against any republican who mentions a path to citizenship, supports affirmative action, and too afraid to air a Willie Horton ad.

    I propose giving these white democrats what they want. All of these twentysomethings who voted for Obama need to feel that affirmative action sting. We need to suggest more Section 8 housing and refugee processing centers be built in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Minnesota.
    I thought Maryland would go republican after all of these flash mob beatings, but they are still blissfully unaware. The GOP won’t mention any of this, and I say they deserve to go the way of the Whigs.

    I’m tired of  “at least he’s not as bad as the democrat”.

    • C_C_Conrad

       I so agree.  The R party has been selling us out for 150 years.  Lincoln said, that the best way to get rid of a bad law is to strictly enforce it.  Make the dummies suffer so that they will come to hate the anti-white, pro-white-genocide, agenda. 

  • Time for a Golden Dawn America.

  • Nicholai Hel

     I still have trouble believing in DIEBOLD’s count. I think it was Joe Stalin who counted them. How else to explain the passage of the DREAM act?

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Here in California the Dems now have a super-majority in the legislature, enabling them to pass any tax increase their hearts desire.  The state constitution requires a two-thirds majority for tax hikes, and they’ve got it.  I pity the minority of productive Californians who will flee in droves, but our state will become a vast toxic stew of parasites, mental defectives and moral degenerates that with any luck will serve as a horrible warning to the rest of the country.  I would flee myself, but I’m stubborn, and I went Galt years ago.  I have nothing to steal.

    • The__Bobster

      Really? The denizens can still “take” your life. Be careful.

  • 5Sardonicus

    The Republicans already seem to be learning the wrong lessons from this election. Pandering to Hispanic voters and opening our borders to more immigration scofflaws will not save the Republican Party but destroy it. Most Hispanics take more from the government than they take in—almost twice as many Hispanics get welfare in California as whites. Too many Hispanics are poor, uneducated and come from countries without a rule of law or respect for limited government.
    Whites have remained in power in the Deep South because they vote as a block, even though blacks are much more numerous in the South than other regions in the country.  The rest of white America could learn from the South.  Finally, the Republicans need to abandon militarism and foreign “nation building” interventionism.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Yeah, they put up two liberals in a row, both were defeated and the lesson they take away is that they are not liberal enough.  That’s why they’re known as the Stupid Party.

      • NM156

        Then the question is how many conservatives stayed home yesterday?

        • ed91

           how many of their votes were flipped by the machines?

        • The__Bobster

          2.5 million more than four years ago.

        • AintNoGood

          Stayed home? No. They died.

  • razorrare

    Special Reparations for blacks(slavery)soon to be forthcoming…

    • ed91

       isn’t that the Knock out game?

    • Phil

      How about the blacks (freedman) that owned slaves…hmmm? Besides, these useless eaters have getting ‘reparations’ for years via welfare, affirmative action (discrimination), special set asides, and all sort of preferential treatment at the expense of better qualified and more intelligent Whites.


  • bluffcreek1967

    Neither the GOP or the Democratic Party have served in the best interests of Whites. They have both betrayed us (albeit in different ways perhaps). The Democratic Party abandoned Whites decades ago, and the Republican Party has proven to be politically inept and weak.

    I’m fed up with the Republicans and their watered-down version of race pandering to the Blacks and Hispanics. I’m tired of their efforts to ‘reach out’ to Hispanics because they are ‘hard working’ and ‘family oriented.’ Yeah, well all those ‘hard working’ Hispanics proved where their devotion truly lies and it wasn’t with the GOP. When are Whites going to realize that Blacks and Hispanics and even Asians will NEVER align politically and socially with Whites in large numbers? They are different from us in so many ways, and they have demonstrated once and for all that our efforts at ‘reaching’ them have been futile.  

    It’s time for a new party, one that has the interest of Whites at heart. One that’s hard on illegal immigration (in fact, all immigration, legal or otherwise, for that matter) and genuinely seeks to return to our country’s founding principles. All the ‘outreach’ and political pandering hasn’t worked. We’ve only made fools of ourselves. We must STOP trying to ‘win’ people who have no solidarity with Whites. Whites are responsible for themselves, and we must now do everything in OUR best interests and for OUR preservation.

    The good news is that there’s still enough of us here in the U.S. to demonstrate our solidarity and strength. When Whites have the will, they can accomplish great things. We always have. We are intelligent, resourceful and many of us are still financially strong. It’s not over yet.

    Granted, the America we once knew and loved is gone. We will never change the ‘minorites’ and, quite frankly, that’s never been the mission of White folks anyways. Time to let them go, and turn our attention to ourselves. How things will change in the months ahead and where Whites will find themselves is anyone’s guess. Secession? Another Civil War? National Revolution? A new America? I don’t know. But we need to start thinking differently than we have in the past. We must unite now for our own survival. The Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and self-hating White liberals sent us a very clear message on Tuesday. Did we hear it clear enough?

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I would say that Whites need a revolution inside our own heads.  (Easier said than done, I know.)  Even among “conservatives”, the number of Whites who can truly see the peril before us is 10%, maybe 15%.  Even lily-White states like New Hampshire went to Obama, and if we can’t defeat the most incompetent President of modern times, then we’ve got worse problems than him.  I don’t blame the blacks, the browns, or even a certain tribe – we could deal with them handily if we got our own heads on straight. 

      In recent times there has been serious discussion about exactly why Whites are suicidally nice, but it hasn’t gotten very far.  We need to identify the source of this flaw in ourselves and find a way to reverse it, or at least circumvent its worst effects.  Making things worse and hoping the burnt hand teaches best has not worked, the liberal machine of turning nice White women into dead White women has churned away nonstop, with precious little gain in consciousness and horrific losses.  The poison between White men and women needs an antidote.  The fairness towards those who hate us needs to stop.  The question is, how?

      Secession movements?  Sounds great, but without a revolution in our heads, we’ll quickly replicate the mess from which we fled.

      • C_C_Conrad

         I wrote a book that will help with this mental revolution.  Jack’s War, give a copy to everybody. 

      • RisingReich

        I agree the poison between White women and men needs an antidote. 
        Some racial solidarity and COMMON SENSE might be nice.

      • frederickdixon

        Excellent. I hope you will forgive me as outsider if I make certain general suggestions not in answer to your posting:-

        1/ forget ideas about secession, it would never be allowed to happen, focus rather on regaining every square inch of your homeland.

        2/beware of the religious right, race realism is not what they are about and Christianity is too often used as a  weapon against us . As  a great race realist one remarked “race is my religion and the nation is my church”.

        3/Conciliate women. Be pro-choice, pro-pill AND pro-family. Avoid violent or macho imagery.

    • C_C_Conrad

      Whites will learn when there is blood on their faces. 
      “But we need to start thinking differently than we have in the past. We must unite now for our own survival.” You hit the nail on the head with that. This will need to happen in ALL white countries.

      •  I am not sure they will learn even then.  I have heard too many white South African’s singing the praise of SA despite buckets of blood, torture, rape, and murder of whites by blacks in that country.

  • Hispanic vote for Obama I saw was 75%

    • ed91

       The mexicans know that once they take over, they can handle the blacks with little problem.

  • Here’s an article about Obamas’ data crunchers.

    From the photo, most of these warriors for diversity appear to be white:


    • OlderWoman

       What does the blue and white flag in the photo represent?

  • One danger is that now some trashy and or dangerous people get control of the Republican party.  People like pizza-man Cain, Bobby Jindal, etc.  It will take a miracle for a strong, principled conservative white male ever to get nominated again. 

    • ed91

       The Tea Party needs to be a separate party.

      If it stays simple and honest, count me in.

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    Here was the news from the day after Obama’s first election.   From then till now, the trend is inexorably toward total White genocide.

    Beware and Prepare, because you really do know what’s coming next, you see it in your worst nightmares, and you are extremely right… what will your daughters do?

    Vote by Race and Sex, CNN

    Whites did not get the president they wanted.

    November 5, 2008

    Why Obama Won, Politico

    Obama built a “multiracial, 21st century” coalition.

    November 5, 2008

    White Americans Play Major Role in Electing the First Black President, Los Angeles Times

    Whites aren’t as “racist” as the media thought.

    November 5, 2008

    Kenyans Bask in the Glory of ‘Native Son’, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    “Obama, being partly African, has the moral obligation to intervene in Africa.”

    November 5, 2008

    Obama Win Gives Hope to Indian American Politicians, India Times

    If Obama can do it, why not Bobby Jindal?

    November 5, 2008

    Obama’s Former Pastor to Speak in Milford, Connecticut Post

    Now that his protégé is safely elected, Jeremiah Wright will come out of hiding.

    November 5, 2008

    Fla. School Will Remain Named after KKK Leader, AP

    Duval County school board votes to keep name of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School.

    November 5, 2008

    Workers Flee into Woods During Police Truck Stop, Portland Press Herald

    Maine troopers call off search for illegals after ICE says it won’t hold them.

    November 5, 2008

    The Dangers of Internet Censorship, Boston Globe

    Determining which ideas are “harmful” is not the government’s job.

    November 5, 2008

    Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Brilliant Oxford Graduate After Roaring Through Red Light Can’t Be Deported . . . Because of His Human Rights, Daily Mail (London)

    High Court thinks deportation to Pakistan would be too hard on killer’s British wife.

    November 5, 2008

    Sweden to Relax Laws to Welcome Low-Skilled Workers, IANS

    Sweden opens the floodgates.


    This may have been the defining moment for the end of Whites in America. 

    For 300 yrs, Whites built this great Nation, creating the highest standard of living, the best opportunities, and amazing science, society and  culture — the envey of the entire World.


    Then, in 1965, we decided to do something that no other people in the entire history of Earth have ever done — we decided to replace ourselves with new races.   We decided to become an ever-diminishing hated minority in our home.   Ted Kennedy changed immigration to favor non-Europeans.

    Aided by White ethno-masochists, a small group of Marxist immigrants from Eastern Europe, who hate Europeans, initiated a media, academic, cultural, and political propaganda campaign to convince Whites that it was “racist and evil” to want to pass along their wonderful homeland to their own children.  Ethno-suicide was good.  

    In a blink of an eye, Whites fell from 87% of the population to only 49% of today’s kindergardeners.   

    And the new majority — what unites them?   Dislike of Whites and a craving for their wealth.   Their goal?   To transfer that wealth from Whites to them.   How will they do it?   They will start by electing Obama.

    Yes, this is the end of White America  Obama will do nothing to stem the flood of People of Color into the USA — the resulting demographic tsunami will outbreed and out-vote Whites, reducing their numbers to an ever decreasing minority.   This new  low-IQ, dysfunctional, impoverished, and angry “victim” majority will simply vote the transfer of wealth from Whites to themselves.  

    • C_C_Conrad

       Actually it started long before 1965.   The anti-whites started integrating the military in the 40’s.   And of course, the whites just whined and did nothing just like today. 

      • Phil

        “The anti-whites started integrating the military in the 40’s. ”

        Jewess Anna Rosenberg from NYC wrote the military desegregation orders for Truman to hand to the military and much more. Rumor had it that she was a member of the Communist Party, and related to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the spies who committed treason against the US by selling US secrets to the USSR. Roosevelt and later Truman used her as a special consultant to construct Affirmative Action policies and apply them to all of our military forces. Her policies too were supposedly a model for businesses to emulate.

    • Tim

      Can I copy this and put it in the Time Capsule?….

    • The__Bobster

      Then, in 1965, we decided to do something that no other people in the entire history of Earth have ever done — we decided to replace ourselves with new races.

      “We” never had a vote in this decision, just the destroyers of nations in some back room.

      • The Verdict of History

        “Destroyers of Nations”…

        Even with blatant prohibitions on shedding light on such matters, many on Amren are not afraid to call a spade a spade…. 

        Many of these very destroyers actually defected from Obama — 78 percent supported him in 2008— 69% supported him this time around…

    • Phil

      ” We decided to become an ever-diminishing hated minority in our home.   Ted Kennedy changed immigration to favor non-Europeans.”

      Whoa! You left out Emanuel Cellar and Jabob Javitz and the Jewish lobby they represented who
      was number one force that pushed for decades to ‘reform’ (read: pervert) our once-sane, once-pro-White immigration policy via the Immigration Reform (in reality, perversion) Act of 1965.


    • Phil

      “a small group of (cultural) Marxist (Jewish) immigrants (subversives) from Eastern Europe, who hate Europeans (and Christianity), initiated a media, academic, cultural, and political propaganda campaign to convince Whites that it was “racist and evil” to want to pass along their wonderful homeland to their own children.” (But not in their hyper-nationalist home away from home, Israel).


  • razorrare

    Good riddance Neo-con party–Since you are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm i spewed you from my mouth decades ago.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    A demographic tidal wave became a Democratic tidal wave as President Obama won a tight but decisive re-election victory Tuesday with the help of record-breaking support from Hispanic voters, massive turnout from African Americans and continuing enthusiasm from young Americans. 

    [Evil laugh] In other words, the liberal’s evil plan has worked! Heh! Heh! Heh!

    And whites are still too stupid to see what’s happening…or at least to care! Heh, heh, heh!

  • NM156

    Hispanic vote was at 10% yesterday. SF Chronicle and the MSM are delusional about the demographic implications of this election. Whites abandoned Romney by 40%! Unbelievable!

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      Whites have abandoned generalized Anglo-Saxon destiny in exchange for false philantropy for “the Other”.  Nietzsche was right, but for our sins of racial repugnance, we need White Christ more than ever.

      Myron Magnet

      Obama and the Burden of History

      The president hastens—and embodies—American decline.

      Culture changes policy; policy changes culture; and so the wheel of history turns. This is one of those moments when you can see it move. America’s traditional culture of self-reliant striving, of taming the wilderness, of limiting government from interfering with our own pursuit of happiness as we individually define it threatens to give way to a belief that our past and its values, from the heroic Founding onward, is a record of folly, vice, and misery, just as the British came to feel shame at their magnificent history. We are coming to care more about the victims—ever more broadly defined—than the successful, now assumed to be mere beneficiaries of injustice or worse. We are withdrawing from international leadership, disarming (understandably enough, perhaps) after a decade or more of inept foreign policy and timid generalship, guided by an idea of proportionality in warfare that has led us to act as if we were not the most powerful nation on earth, a self-fulfilling prophecy. We have become sentimental about nature, as if it were not red in tooth and claw, requiring us to master, cultivate, and use it—and no less sentimental about human nature, mistaking evil for misunderstanding or for justified resentment that a little compromise can dispel.

      • NM156

        We Slavo-Celts following in the footsteps of our Anglo Saxon sponsors are in the same moral and cultural abyss. Take hope, however, a major economic reckoning, an opportunity for realignment, in the not-too-distant future.

  • OsRazor

    The big story here is that Barry got 9 million fewer votes in 2012 than in 2008 and still won.  The second big story is that Romney got a highers percentage of the white vote than McCain in 2004, but he also got 2 million fewer votes than McCain.  The Gallup and Rasmussen polls were right that the Democratic base would not be as enthusiastic as in 2008, but they were completely off that the Republican base would come out in big numbers.  Did not happen.  Exit polls said Democrats were +6 of the voters, compared to +8 in 2008, when most of the polls said that Democrats would be +3 or less or even that Republicans would be +3 or more.

    As to Barry and his win–Democratic professionals (we know of whom we speak) have now perfected the herding of their “base” in early and absentee voting.  I do not doubt that at least 5-10% of that effort is fraudulent, but they have made sure that before any national election day even starts, they will have at least a 20% lead.  I think they calculate those numbers and turn the faucet on or off on election day with “new” votes depending on how close the race is.  On the democratic side, we have to forget all thinking about free wills and the integrity of the vote.  For the democrats, national voting is little more than power politics and the efficiency and ruthlessness of their machine would make any Soviet or ChiCom apparatchik blush.  In this election, they did just enough to win where they needed: FL, VA and OH.

    As to Romney, I suspect that a good percent of the 2 million shortfall was with evangelicals.  No one will talk about this, but little else makes sense.  He was eminently a more qualified and accomplished person than McCain, the economic indicators were all in his favor, Republicans (as evidenced by 2010’s showing) were in a mood for blood, etc., and yet . . .  Where are those 2 million votes?  Why did they stay home and pray?  Shame on whites and especially the Zionist loving evangelicals.  Fools!

    Demographically, as pointed out by others here, Romney lost most of the states in which whites are 80% or more of the population, while winning most of the states (read South) where whites are less than 80%.  Whites have more than enough raw numbers to dictate the political direction of this country (and will for at least another decade), but they most of them outside of the South lack any sort of racial solidarity.  How long that will last is anyone’s guess, but I suspect the whites of the Northeast, Midwest and Northwest will not find solidarity until it’s too late to avoid bloodshed.

    •  We have a greater degree of racial solidarity in the South because we have been surrounded and outnumbered for a long time by hostile blacks and increasingly now another alien race, the mostly Mexican Hispanic invasion.  How long this will hold is a question though as we have a disgusting number of young white women dating various non-white men.   I hear more and more white men in their 40s talking about leaving the South and searching for a whiter place to live.   I wish all those race traitors in the lily white Northern states like Maine could walk in my shoes for just a week, maybe that would wake them the f**k up.

  • Epiminondas

    Although Romney won a greater percentage of the white vote than any candidate since Reagan, the problem is that white voters in key states did not show up to vote in enough numbers to overcome the minority surge.  And in truth, Romney and the Republicans do not give average whites any reason to vote. Look at how both of the Bush administrations handled affirmative action, open borders and education issues.  Whites sense that there is no difference between the two parties.  They’re demoralized and elected to stay home.  The Bush family did their work well.

    • JohnEngelman

      The Republican Party does not care about white people unless they are rich. 

  • How do you get started on that? My mother is only just starting to talk about leaving Arizona, but she’s still thinking that a move to another state is the solution.

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      Doomed Beyond All Hope of Redemption

      Posted by Robert Stacy McCain on Wednesday Nov 7th at 6:11am


      What is left to hope for? That the American people will soon regret their choice? That another four years of economic stagnation and escalating debt will cure them of their insane appetite for charismatic liberals? If four years of endless failure have not rid them of this madness, the disease may well be terminal. Perhaps others will still see some cause for hope, and in another few weeks my friends may persuade me to see it, too. But today I will hear no such talk, and I doubt I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow. At the moment, I am convinced America is doomed beyond all hope of redemption, and any talk of the future fills me with dread and horror.

      • NM156

        Dread and horror may be a good thing for Americans after the debt cloud and the EU’s massive problems make their way through the US economy. These two problems are serious.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Hey AngloKraut, how ya been? As bummed out as me? I’m honestly thinking about selling my house/property, and investing in gold and silver, and then moving to Austria or Germany.

      • Yeah, pretty bummed out. I was only one of about three people at work who was visibly anxious about the result. Everyone else was riding a sugar rush of free healthcare (which I pointed out would likely be the first thing our employer would eliminate).

  • ” Obamas Rainbow Coalition .”

    Strange term since there is no Black in a Rainbow.

    • Very good.

      I would add there’s also no brown.

      Of course, you could say there’s no white either except without white (light), there would be no rainbow.

      Be careful how and when you use this line so it doesn’t backfire on you. 

      • David Ashton

          Enough yellow and red for Mr Engelman, though.

      • OlderWoman

         All colors are in white. I learned that in art school.

    • The__Bobster

      Or brown.

    • OlderWoman

       Wasn’t the rainbow coalition organized by jesse jackson? Love your second comment.

  • I am breathless at the stupidity – the sheer PC – of most commentary so far. Anything to avoid noticing the elephant in the room: RACE. Congrats to the San Francisco paper, of all places (gloating of course, but still, good to get the truth out).
    RACE is electoral destiny. We lost because of demographic change brought about by mass immigration. That’s it. In the Senate we had some losses because of the fanatic wing of the prolife movement.
    (Prolife is politically “correct”, so to speak – it brings in more votes than it costs – and morally correct. We Republicans will do worse if we jettison those good people. I say this even though abortion is, paradoxically, good for America: it has both a racial effect – keeping down the nonwhite population – as well as a eugenic one – most women having abortions are, er, “low income” [read: “low IQ”].)
    Romney decisively won the white (aka – “American”) vote. Romney is the President of (Real) America.
    Enough said.
    End immigration (or start bringing in lots of whites – good luck with that), or America dies.
    End race denial, or America dies.
    Yes, take it from a Californian. It really is that simple – and every bit of empirical data backs me up.
    No one sees this, but the result of this election will be the Death of America, the Death of American Conservatism, but also the Birth of a New White Nationalism.
    There are a lot of conservative whites who don’t like Obama, who are not racists, but who also dislike racial socialism. They are ripe for racial nationalists’ plucking.
    We whites are not just going to fade away. America is our country, and we are going to START fighting for it now (especially as the economic catastrophe and continuing antiwhite outrages render social conservatism and imperial neoconservatism increasingly irrelevant).Time to embrace a hardline white nationalism. Patriots need to get in the faces of GOP politicians everywhere. You start supporting the white community, esp wrt ending immigration, or we go elsewhere. 
    But ultimately, we whites must now divorce ourselves from America, first in mind, later in body.

    America – 1776-2008 RIP. You were a great country.

    Mitt Romney is the President of America. Obama is the President of Post-America. He is not my President. I no longer feel any sense of loyalty to or concern for the USA. It is the oppressive, multiracial empire I happen to live in. Post-America is a loser nation.


    We must fight henceforth along two vectors. First, we must build up white “communitarianism” in the US, an encompassing moderate nationalism to corral as many of our kinsmen into a unified pro-white empowerment movement. Second, however, we must understand that our final goal now is no longer to Take Back (and Clean Up) America, but to work towards the White Republic (or the different White Zion) – racial secession and ultimate sovereignty. That is a noble aspiration, and the work of a well-spent lifetime.

    • AintNoGood

      An aspiration begging a HOW?

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    “Meanwhile, Latino voters, energized by tough Republican rhetoric on immigration, voted Democratic … tipping the balance of power in a string of states including Nevada, New Mexico and Iowa.”

    Iowa?? Since when do Hispanics (at 5% of Iowa’s population and probably 1-2% of all Iowa voters) tip the balance of power?

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    32-year-old man is fighting for his life after being the victim of what
    appeared to be an unprovoked attack in downtown Baltimore in broad
    daylight on Friday.
    said John Mason was walking near his home around Howard and Lombard
    streets when four men converged and started beating and kicking him.
    Mason was rushed to Shock Trauma with skull fractures. Surgeons noted
    footprints on his face, according to Mason’s aunt, Christina Jasi.Mason is currently in a medically induced coma.
    a life-or-death matter at this point. We don’t know if he’s going to
    survive. If he does survive, is he going to have the quality of life
    where he can live by himself again? Would he need us to take care of
    him? We don’t know,” Jasi said.

  • kjh64

    Did Obama REALLY win though? The U.N. was shocked at how lax our voting was. In some states, ie. California which is huge, illegals can get driver’s licenses. Don’t think they didn’t vote and don’t think anybody checked. After all, checking would be racial profiling.   If you look at the election map, you can see how many states didn’t vote for Obama. Yet Obama “won”. I know good and well, many illegals voted. I’ll be willing to bet there were those(both citizen and illegal) that voted numerous times as well more than a few dead people casting ballots. I’ll be willing to bet that the chances are good that the close election was “stolen”, by corrupt Obama/supporters because illegals etc voting in a close election could very well alter who won.

    PS-Demographics may radically change but not in the way some here think. Things may get so bad in the next 4 years economically, that many illegals go home and others don’t come. Legal residents from China/India etc. may head home and others  may stay home as their countries will be better off. Think about it, if America Inc. goes flat broke, the money for the handouts and jobs will run out. With no money/handouts, nobody will want to come. White people, as spineless and pathetic as they have been, may finally get off their backsides and raise hell. As I said, we’ll wait and see.

    • IstvanIN

       They won’t go home, a broken America is better than India and China on their best days.

    • The__Bobster

      Illegals won’t go back until our economy is worse than theirs…or they are barred from employment. Second and higher generation ones will stay and keep on breeding.

      • NM156

        No, they’ll go back when the massive welfare benefits they’re used to dry up-and dry up they will after austerity measures go into effect. No matter how long the Bush tax cuts are retained, the money in the US economy is not enough to offset looming debt payments. The Earned Income Tax Credit and low-income Child Tax credits worth thousands to those with incomes considered low by the govt. will be cut drastically; WIC/EBT benefits will be tightened and cut; utility assistance and federally-funded medical care will be on the chopping block. Co-payments for Obamacare will be coming due as well for anyone with a job. The lifeline cuts will be deep and serious. Single and pregnant again? Too bad-either Medicare or the hospital wants its $60,000 for delivery and care for your premature illegitimate. The list could go on and on. However, because the economy has recovered a bit, they may kick the the can down the road again by borrowing at interest again from the world bond market if the EU doesn’t cave in before then. Even so, that addition to the debt leaves them less time than the 2 years between 12/2010 and 12/2012 to face the reaper.

  • AintNoGood

    Minority vote didn’t do this.


    Yankees did. I’d rather my daughter marry a bisexual Chinaman than a Yankee.

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse


      As America becomes darker – both figuratively and literally – problems for white Americans will only increase, and the multicultural establishment will be part of the problem for suffering whites, not the solution. We must be part of the solution. We must earn the support of whites – not by the usual “movement” freakishness and misanthropy, not by the usual crackpot pseudo-scientific and pseudo-historical racial theories, not by irrational conspiracy-mongering, not by theosophical nonsense about “Hyperborea and root races,” but by being a positive everyday presence in the lives of the members of our racial/cultural community.

      • AintNoGood

        I agree. But I think you may overestimate the possibility for race consciousness north of, say, Missouri. In any significant way, I mean. The demographic shift that so much is being made of will trickle more slowly into places like Vermont and Iowa…and by the time it does, the loss will be irrevocable, as the cities and coasts are going first.

    • ncpride

      Hey, thanks for the link to this Southern website. It’s always nice to interact with like-minded folk with so much culture and heritage in common.

      • AintNoGood

        Native Louisianian, descendant of two Confederate soldiers and a delegate in LA’s secessionist delegation.

        • On a sidebar, how did the referendum on strengthening the Second Amendment in Louisiana fare?

          • AintNoGood

            Passed in a landslide. The apes of NOLA have made the whites of LA pretty comfortable with the idea of being armed.

          • Thanks, what was the percentage?

    • IstvanIN

       Slanted eyed, hermaphroditic grandchildren just sounds so wrong.

      • AintNoGood

        Better than slack-jawed Yankee scum.

      • NM156

        They can just “look away, look away” if the perversion upsets the “Yankee”.

    • Yankee or reb, if we don’t hang together, by Heavens we shall hang separately.

      Your hatred of me will only divide us even more (to the delight of our common enemy) and make the end come that much quicker. 

      • TeutonicKnight67

         I tried that same approach above. Southerners have an ingrained cultural bitterness toward the North and most of it is justified. However, Mr AintnoGood isn’t doing any of us any good by continuing white divisiveness. Stop fighting the last Civil War. We need to start preparing for the next one.

        • David Ashton

            And stop fighting the 2nd world war, and its aftermath wars.
            “We  have waged our wars and our class wars before the eyes of color, have humiliated and betrayed each other; we have even summoned it to take part in them.   Would it be anything to wonder at if at last color were to act on its own account? … All attempts to gather up the content of the future in parties will soon be forgotten.”  (Spengler)  

        • NM156

          Southerners over 70 years of age, maybe. Beyond them, Southerners couldn’t give a toss.

        • Gracchus123

          I salute you!! The one thing we need to do above all else is to UNITE. I also am a proud Confederate, but discovered some years back that it does no good to keep fighting that war. 

          “Whites unite” should be our mantra or surely we will go down.

    • TeutonicKnight67

       Ouch! We need to unite brother, Not all Yankees are smug leftist Liberals just like all southerners are not redneck yahoos. Look at the county by county electoral map. You will see that Pennsylvania was nearly all for Romney and New York was 50/50. Yet Obongo still took all their electoral votes. Of course people in those states are more race realistic than those further north due to their higher black populations which give them a healthy dose of “diversity” in action.

      • AintNoGood

        I beg your pardon. I was a bit hot. My apologies to all.

  • WmarkW

    This election was NOT a referendum on the AmRen platform.  Two guys arguing about who could manage the economy better, with almost no discussion of affirmative action anywhere in sight.   The facts on the ground haven’t changed about the effect of race, and the Supreme Court still has enough justices to prevent Eric Holder from making it illegal to advocate HBD.

    Mitt Romney did what could be done — made Obama the first President ever to be re-elected by a smaller margin than his first win.  No one like Bachmann, Cain or Gingrich could have done that.   The Party as a whole campaign the whole year as if voters would be so eager to toss Obama, that they could just complain about how bad he was, and expect to be delivered the keys to the kingdom.  But voters weren’t about to throw the bums out, solely to acquire a new set of bums.  The distribution of Congress barely changed, so voters accepted that the current government was doing what it could under bad circumstances.    Meanwhile, we have to keep up the advocacy for good ideas, which will eventually win out.


  • tickyul

    Texas and its 29 electoral votes will eventually turn blue and stay that way due to immigration. That basically means that the Demorats will have a lock on a huge amount of electoral votes from day one…..the Demorats, on a national basis, will have a royal flush…hand after hand after hand.

    • NM156

      The 40% of white votes that went to Obama and the 8% of white votes that sat at home since the 2008 election can be won over in high percentages if GOP Inc. would abandon its idiotic free tade and open borders stances and ease up on or abandon altogether other issues, which I am not knowledgeable enough to comment on. The fact that 41% of the white vote went to Obama and that millions of registered voters sat home should be a major source of shame and embarrassment to the right. How much more an they sell out America to foreigners just to enrich themselves?

  • loyalwhitebriton

    My condolences. Though I don’t live over there, the general vibe that I picked up was that America was disillusioned with Obama, and the ‘other guy’ would clinch it. Apparently not (Amrenners notwithstanding).
    I saw Obama’s ‘victory’ speech on SKY News. He mentioned something about ‘200 years after colonialism’. Obama just can’t shake his anti-British bigotry, can he?

    Anyway, there is always 2016. Will you find an intelligent, pro-white, pro-American, Republican candidate by then? No, probably not. The white west is s****ed! 

    • IstvanIN

       I, for one, am proud of the United States Anglo-American heritage and am glad my family completely assimilated to it.  The British (English, Welsh and Scots) and the founding Americans, overwhelmingly British, along with Germans, Swedes and Dutch, were a great people with a vision that extended well beyond their immediate territory.  Unlike Africans the British and Americans constantly strove to be better than they were and to expand their horizons.  Americans brought civilization to what became the 50 United States, unlike Latin America which has stagnated.  The British brought civilization to the four corners of the world, unfortunately few appreciated the legacy left to them.  The Africans destroyed their legacy while Canada, Australia and New Zealand, like America, are just giving it away.

      I hope that one day Britain, her white realms and America can regain their former glory and join together to save our peoples.

      • David Ashton

          As an Englishman in  Britain I thank you for that generous comment and hope.

    • TeutonicKnight67

       Not just Anti-British sir! Anti-WHITE by implication!

    • ed91

       we had massive voter fraud via the voting machines.

      but the media wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole and may have been complicit in it.

  • This is so hilarious, and I do not know why white people let these racists, get away with this myth. The myth that whites are becoming a minority. 1st Latino or hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race. Over half of the so called Latinos are  white and identify as white, but on our U.S. Census identifty as hispanic. It is the new cool in so called hispanic communities, to cling to the label “hispanic” even if you are not. White mothers with part hispanic babies, put down on the U.S. Census that their children are hispanic, but are really white.  Most of the so called “latinos” are as white, as me. The African American population still remains about the same. Minorities, including whites that identify as “latino” or “hispanic made up just 29% of the electorate (now remember that includes white so called hispanics). Whites came out 72% Again, without the white vote, Obama would have lost. If only whites were as racist as blacks and hispanics, and voted for their race. If all whites voted together for one party, the so called minorities would not stand a chance.

    Plus, for Anti-white racists to make whites a minority, they have to include, the  3 minority groups together. You all must remember, that 60% of Mexicans are of Spanish European blood.

    Now, yes. If we continue to allow our racist government to give Amnesty to Illegal hispanic aliens and to pour, large non-white immigrants into our country, we would become a minority. This is genocide and a world wide hate crime. I do not think, the American people are going to allow this much longer.

    • Tim

      Pamela, all I know is that when I walk thru the mall I grew up in, no one looks like me, when everyone used to look like me…

      • NM156

        I’ll bet all malls outside of the white regions that voted Obama are a polyglot stew of immigrant welfare users. I had the same revelation you did not long ago at my local mall.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Some Mexicans may be White Spaniards, but they’re rarely the ones who come here.  We get the mongrel mestizos and the indios.  You mustn’t live around them or you would know this.  No one would mistake them for Whites.

  • GrowingAnnoyed

    I see the term White Privilege thrown around here a lot. Without trying to be pedantic, I think we need to define this term.

    White Privilege is not White people treating non-whites poorly; it is merely White people treating each other well. 

    Of course, from this one could make the case that by White people treating each other well, they are de facto not treating other groups as well as they do other Whites. That’s fine. To this I say, why don’t Blacks treat other Blacks as well as Whites treat other Whites?

    Maybe because the former group is for the large part not predisposed to civility, decency, tolerance and kindness?

    Even the Civil Rights movement, NAACP and other Black movements and organizations have demonstrated themselves to be incapable of envisioning how to help fellow Blacks except through the lens of how they could coerce or threaten (naive/misguided/stupid/ignorant/neurotic) Whites into helping Blacks.

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      White privilege is what the Diversity Enforcers say you have and gives them cause to wipe out your present hopes and future dreams.

      Your Whiteness puts you under a racial Bill of Attainders- you are criminalized for your race.

      It doesn’t matter what “White privilege”means to us- they are the ones with the power and the victory.

      You’d better spend your time understanding them than “defining terms”.

    • ed91

       white privilege:

      1) the ability to plan
      2) the ability to have or develop some self-discipline
      3) the ability to obtain enough education to be able to learn on your own
      4) the ability to feel responsibility and act on it
      5) the ability to dream and act on it in a positive manner

      yes, I know some non whites can do one or two in a limited fashion.
      they can have privilege too, it isn’t a mystery
      some whites can’t do any of the above, so it isn’t about race, it’s about the mind.

      it’s like weighing 350 pounds.  You got there on purpose, if you don’t know that, you’re stupid

      (and fat)

  • Diamond_Lil

    Gawd, an entire day of having to listen to the Mexicans gloat about beating whitey.  Although they hate blacks as much if not more, they are jazzed about the open border policy they envision on the horizon.  Thank goodness I married my handsome bartender.  It’s a four martini night.    

    • NM156

      Even Mexican political activists are complete blockheads, thinking that if only the Senate didn’t have the filibuster back during the 2007 CIR vote, they’d be busy colonizing the USA right now and collecting $8000 in Earned Income Tax Credits at tax time. The fact that the House of Representatives was locked down tight on anything resembling amnesty never enters their brains. It also hasn’t occurred to them that much of the vote process in the Senate was for show, a cynical ploy to fake concern with the plight of the illegal hordes.

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    White Resistance, finally!Looks like White college students have an instinctive distaste and fear of BRA Diversity Leadership and do the right thing by protesting.  The good news is that this direct action lets other White students know that they aren’t alone. The bad news is that all these heroic warriors will end up on the SPLC Hate Watch list and never get a job.

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/higher-education/obama-re-election-protest-escalates-at-univ-of-mississippi-racial-slurs-2-arrests-reported/2012/11/07/1722d70a-2946-11e2-aaa5-ac786110c486_story.htmlObama re-election protest escalates at Univ. of
    Mississippi; racial slurs, 2 arrests reported

  • JohnEngelman

    I wonder if there would be this much hysteria if Barack Obama was an equally liberal white man. I wonder if there would have been any controversy over where he was born, or what his religion was. 

    • Hysteria among AmRen you mean?  Or among the populace?   Obviously, here people care about the future of the white race, and the prevention of Zimba-cuador-stan.  There is the perception (perhaps not warranted) that Obama as a black will do what’s best for blacks, and by implication, what’s worse for whites.  Therein lies the “hysteria” (by the way, as a man I do not believe myself capable of “hysteria”, the word meaning originally an affliction originating in the uterus).  

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Nobody here likes you, why do you post here? Go start an Asian Renaissance website.

      Oh, and yes we’d be suspicious of any candidate who was potentially a muslim born abroad. 

      • “Nobody here likes you” is not a valid answer to a fair question.  See my answer below.

      • JohnEngelman

        Those who don’t like me here are those who understandably fear a little intellectual rough and tumble. They would rather have their opinions reinforced than be required to justify them with facts and logic.

        • David Ashton

           You ignore the facts I and others have documented, and your response to debate is usually just to keep repeating your opening statements.
            Study the dozen or so books I have listed on the New Left (some by their own people) and on the infiltration of universities by neo-marxists, “critical theorists”, postmodernists, anti-racists, etc.  
            Only a moment ago I opened a an academic catalog to find this familiar jargon endorsing another typical study on “multicultural management”  – “account of the relationships between religion and other maskers of identity, including nationality, socially defined race, language, class, political ideology, generation, gender and sexual orientation”.
             The common aim is not just to (mis)interpret the world but to change it (in undesirable directions).   I begin to suspect that, apart from your IQ infatuation, you are personally so sympathetic to left-wing paradigm shifting that you do not recognize it as a problematic reality for the rest of us.

          • JohnEngelman

            When I make a factual assertion I usually document it with a link to a credible source. Just quoting some right wing ideologue who says that Cultural Marxism exists and is a threat to western civilization does not quote a fact about the existence of Cultural Marxism or western society. It is a fact about the right wing ideologue. 
            I keep asking for prominent thinkers and political leaders who call themselves “Cultural Marxists.” I keep hearing insults, but no answers. 

          • David Ashton

              I didn’t just quote “some right wing ideologue”.  Perry Anderson, for example, who said post-war Marxism “migrated virtually completely into the universities” is left-wing.  I cited numerous primary and secondary sources, naming and quoting influential cultural theorists and activists in the Marxist or postmodernist tradition; the term “cultural Marxists” is the name others give to those calling themselves cultural theorists &c but justifiably so. 
               Socialists call themselves liberals but they are not liberals in the sense that Herbert Spencer would have recognized the term.  In Comintern days Communists used the word Democrats as their public-face designation.
            The label on the tin is not as important as the poison inside it.
                The political/media preoccupation with “race, gender & class” is not a phenomenon that has arisen by accident.
               Again, you are not listening to the answers – go back to my book-lists and read the contents.  Mark, learn, inwardly digest, and tomorrow see what appetite you have for your chow mien. 

        • Well, with Whites, you never know what you’re going to get– could be liberal, could be conservative, could be in the middle, could be good, could be evil– but with blacks, I KNOW what I’m getting. They vote in the 96th percentile. (+-4 points) If a black opens his mouth, I know what follows is going to be A) Wrong
          B) Anti-American
          C) Anti-White
          D) Moronic
          E) It will most likely rhyme

          I don’t waste too much time trying to figure them out.

        • ed91

           you are the last person to be called intellectual.

          naive and uninformed with a touch of misplaced persistence is more like it.

    • robinbishop34

      I wonder if there would be this much hysteria if Barack Obama was an equally liberal white man.

      I wonder if Obama would of been re-elected if he were a white man? Nope.

      • OlderWoman

         He’s not black. He’s a mulatto.

  • JohnEngelman

    This does not mean the end of civilization. 

    President Obama nearly lost because most Americans are worse off than we were when he was inaugurated. Mitt Romney did lose because he did not convince most Americans that he had a better plan for fixing the economy. 
    It is as simple as that.

    • Look at Mr Taylor’s video, it sums it up nicely.  Obama won because he got 93% (I think it’s really closer to 99%) of the black vote.  To paraphrase an old election truism, “it’s the demographics, stupid”.

    • Persephone Grey

      No. Mitt Romney lost because of his unbearable whiteness. Wholesome Anglo-Americanness is now a liability. This election represents the metaphysical defeat of White America. The psycho-spiritual effect of this loss will shortly begin to manifest in our everyday lives. We are a conquered people living under occupation.

      • JohnEngelman

        By “we” I suppose you mean “we whites.” We whites are no more “a conquered people living under occupation,” than we are suffering race displacement and genocide because of a conspiracy of Cultural Marxists. 
        It is all a fantasm inspired by hatred and fear of those who are non white.  Being a white man does not matter any more. What matters is IQ. The future is multi cultural, multi racial, and meritocratic.


        • David Ashton

          Give it a rest, Engelman.

          • JohnEngelman

            Your old road is rapidly agin’ 

            – Bob Dylan

        • Being a white man does not matter any more. What matters is IQ.

          Maybe for you. But, the point is:

          1. there is an American nation, composed of whites, but not all whites belong to it

          2. to be a part of a nation is irrational. To quote Orwell:


          Hitler is a criminal lunatic, and Hitler has an army of millions of men,
          aeroplanes in thousands, tanks in tens of thousands. For his sake a
          great nation has been willing to overwork itself for six years and then
          to fight for two years more, whereas for the common-sense, essentially
          hedonistic world-view which Mr. Wells puts forward, hardly a human
          creature is willing to shed a pint of blood.

          Before you can even talk of
          world reconstruction, or even of peace, you have got to eliminate
          Hitler, which means bringing into being a dynamic not necessarily the
          same as that of the Nazis, but probably quite as unacceptable to
          ‘enlightened’ and hedonistic people. What has kept England on its feet
          during the past year? In part, no doubt, some vague idea about a better
          future, but chiefly the atavistic emotion of patriotism, the ingrained
          feeling of the English-speaking peoples that they are superior to
          foreigners. For the last twenty years the main object of English
          left-wing intellectuals has been to break this feeling down, and if they
          had succeeded, we might be watching the S.S. men patrolling the London
          streets at this moment.

          Similarly, why are the Russians fighting like
          tigers against the German invasion? In part, perhaps, for some
          half-remembered ideal of Utopian Socialism, but chiefly in defence of
          Holy Russia (the ‘sacred soil of the Fatherland’, etc. etc.), which
          Stalin has revived in an only slightly altered from. The energy that
          actually shapes the world springs from emotions — racial pride,
          leader-worship, religious belief, love of war — which liberal
          intellectuals mechanically write off as anachronisms, and which they
          have usually destroyed so completely in themselves as to have lost all
          power of action.

          So- your rational, IQ project of life of a nation is doomed to failure. It has not enough life in it.

          • JohnEngelman

            Thank you. I have read that too. Nevertheless, the future does belong to those of all races who have high IQs. It does not matter if you or like that future. It will happen. It is happening. 

          •  Reading too much science fiction & letting it influence your vision of reality, JE.

          • JohnEngelman

            Visit our best universities and and corporations. Then tell me about the racial reality you see. 

        • Persephone Grey

          Meritocratic? Are you blind? In a meritocracy, Obama would never have been elected in the first place. The man has done nothing. Romney, whatever one may think of him, has accomplished a lot more in his life than Obama has. As for “the future is multicultural and multiracial”, well, no sh*t, Sherlock. So was the past. So is the present. The fact remains that the most stable, successful nations have always been

        • NM156

          The present is meritocratic, and those without merit want to get their hands on whatever the merited have. The unmerited increase their numbers by several million each year because of immigration and those born to unmerited immigrants. The left has even begun a side industry of blaming the merited for the failures of the unmerited, claiming that only rich kids can afford to pay for intensive test prep that gets them into elite high schools and colleges, test prep that only allows the elite students to compete among each other at a high level and not with those who can’t spell “cat” “dog” or “mommy”.

    • ed91

       nothing is as simple as that, except perhaps your thought patterns.

  • You are all conflating liberalism and “black power”/obamology.  They are not the same.  Obama won (other than the vote fraud and voter intimidation) because of 2 very disparate reasons: (a) he got the black / minority vote, and (b) he got the Vermont et al liberal white vote.  Look at the other propositions and other races:
      – Marijuana  – Gay Marriage  – Bank Reform (Warren beat Brown in MA)  – Taxing the rich (a lot of people may have not voted for Romney because they don’t want hedge fund managers to keep paying 15% tax)  – Health Care (sorry to disappoint you conservatives, but Universal Health Care is the norm everywhere else and it works)  – Global WarmingWe are not going to change the fact that a black candidate will get 99% of the black vote.  But we CAN change the other issues, and the appeal to white liberals.  I am definitely in the Romney camp and not in favor of the US going the way of Rhodesia, nor of electing Jacob Zuma as the next US president (with or without his 5 wives).  But if I were afraid of being labeled “racist” like the liberal post-graduate elites in Vermont, I would have voted Democrat. The Republicans have got to let go of opposing gay marriage, protecting the billionaires and fatcats, working for the good of Jamie Dimon & friends, or they will lose big EVEN AMONG WHITES  in the future.  The way forward for the Republicans is to go liberal on issues which don’t matter in the long run – I mean, really, do you REALLY care if gays marry or not? I couldn’t give a rats ass.  Global warming?  Come on, people – is this really something you want to deny when the evidence is around you?  And even if you doubt it, is making a few regulations on power plants that big a deal, when the future of democracy is at stake?   Everywhere I see in these comments, people are worried about Zimbabwezation of America and the seizure of the white American farms that is coming, folks.  Correct, folks: THESE are the important issues.  Not f*cking Marijuana, abortion and gay marriage, or condoms on the porn sets (that proposition passed by the way).I invite thoughtful comments, please no flame wars.  I am new to this forum, but it seems to be populated by thoughtful people. 

    • I agree 100% with you. I could give a sh*t less if Mike wants to put a ring on Jeff’s finger. It means ZERO to me. Also, Marijuana needs to be legalized. It’s a God Dam plant for God sake. I don’t smoke the junk, but who cares if someone does.  Same for Global warming, though I don’t particularly believe in it. It is definitely worth compromising.

      • ed91

        that is a stupid argument.  there are hundreds of poisonous plants………
        do you want to eat them?   go ahead.
        here’s the ones that start with D

         deadly nightshade, belladonna, devil’s cherry and dwale

        • NM156

          I know quite a few potheads on our side. They aren’t anti-white liberals, and many are well aware and frightened of the oncoming dispossession of whites politically and demographically. Criminalization of pot just makes them more angry against perceived authority, which in the case of marijuana prohibition, is historically conservative a la Nixon and to a degree Reagan.

    • NM156

      You mean the global warming causing the E. Coast snow at the moment? XD You may find much compromise on gay marriage, but climate change is another third rail. The public does not see any evidence in their year-to-year lives and are a little more than vehement about paying $1800 per household to control CO2 emissions. A question related to the climate change politics of the left is why they would support the ongoing importation of endless millions of immigrants who then become part of the world’s biggest consuming machine, the USA. It boggles the mind. Even the Sierra Club’s main billionaire benefactor has stipulated that population control be removed from the club’s manifest.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    black racial violence explodes in baltimore knockout king leaves man with 50 percent chance of survival.

  • Dibblah

    What about just having a President who doesn’t have a fraudulently created long-form Birth Certificate? Please can we start there; impeach and imprison his fake, cheating, lying ass?
    Failing that welcome white America to your demographic future.
    Obviously the only people laughing now (aside from 99% of non-white voters) are the Zionists.
    It’s all going to plan, thank you for your face YT but you’re no longer relevant; particularly as we set-up and installed these “electronic” voting machines.
    A wise old stick once said that “it’s not the people who cast the votes in an elcetion that matters; it’s the people who count them” In this instance I believe never a truer word said.
    America- Look at Brazil and Zimbawbwe. -That is your future. To have any chance to survive you must get rid of the root cause of 90% of this and expel the Talmudic Zionists and re-assert pride in the white race. Don’t- and we’re doomed.

  • John_H_Holliday

    It’s not all bad.  The defeat of the Jahoo-loving Neo-cons is a major victory.  The Dims will defeat themselves.  We can begin again.

    • NM156

      Their prospects for 2016, 2020, and beyond are Antonio Villaraigoso, Mayor of Los Angeles, and Harvard affirmative action beneficiary Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, TX. Of course Hillary will be the prime candidate in 2016 if she wants to run, but these other two characters are being vetted by the Democrats as serious contenders. After the Obama era has run its course, the Dems are out of non-laughable candidates.

  • dd121

    When people ask what is to be done about the loss of White America, the answer right now I’m afraid is not much.  We’re all to comfortable and content in middle America.  Once the left manages to crash the dollar, the US economy and the World economy the situation will become a lot less comfortable.  I don’t think we have that long to wait.  Then, perhaps, we’ll resume the discussion.  In the mean time, hang on to your guns.

    • ed91

       the discussion won’t be on the internet…….  at least for most of us

  •  Minorites will vote for whoever is handing them liquor and smokes. Every day sink deeper into the third world abyss. The good news is, soon the minorites will be fight each other for handouts.

  •  As I surf the web online news since the election ended, I see exactly what I predicted would happen if Romney lost this election coming true.

    I predicted that the vitriolic hatred of ‘Whiteness’, and the hardcore, vehemently anti-White racist elements which have been allowed to fester and grow just beneath the surface, and which have been just barely held in check  inside the Republicrat Party – would explode and start screaming that the GOP must tell their White conservative base to take a hike.     And, that is exactly what I am now hearing and reading.     

    This anti-white racist clown named Marc Rubio appears to be jockeying for a leadership position in this effort to demand the disenfranchisement of nearly 100 million voters who happen to be of White European descent and who share the traditional conservative values of their, not his, Founding Fathers.   

    Let me make this point very clear.   As a White man of European descent – I will not, under any circumstances cast any votes for Marc Rubio or for any other anti-White racist minority.   If I wished to be ruled by Hispanics, I would apply for an immigration visa to one of the many failed, poverty stricken, drug & crime infested dung heaps of  nations that have been turned into unfit places to live as a direct result of Hispanics ruling and governing those cesspools.  

    Furthermore, this idea that anti-white racists like Rubio and his self-hating White elitist snob buddies like the Bush family are going to flush 100 million or so conservative White Americans down the toilet and try to transform the GOP into a mirror image of the Communist and parasite infested Democrat Party is a recipe that will destroy the GOP as a viable national political party.

     To that, I say, good riddance.   This GOP is the worst enemy of its own White conservative base and it desperately needs to be destroyed, root and branch.

    To the AmRen readers, Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Magazine has an outstanding article up and I highly recommend it.  It’s titled: 

    The Republican Party Must Perish


    The website appears to be down temporarily, but please check back later.  This article is truly outstanding and is a must-read.  

  • Tim

    For those of you who weren`t there, it`s kind of like the fall of Saigon, but this time it`s my country and I`m there…

  • Dave4088

    So the SF Gate is telling us that race matters?  I thought non-liberal white people who warned of such demographics and its implications for national elections were derided as neo-nazis and racists?  I guess its okay as long as one is a white liberal basking in the glow of the Obama victory.   


  • pmdawn

    Poor angry white men. I guess it’s never much fun losing power and influence. The world  is getting over you and moving on. Change or die. 

  • GMfromOz1

    The only good news is that there are so many critical comments on this post, white awareness levels must be on the increase.

  • Obama only has four more years, and that’s all, then he’s gone. Unfortunately I’ll be 28 by the time this happens. Obama is a rarity, so rare that there will probably never be another like him. Americans wouldn’t vote for a typical black man like Herman Cain, regardless of what party he’s in. We voted for a “highly educated” half black man who was raised by White people.

    • ed91

       number one, he’s not highly educated……….  he has a swiss cheese education, lots of holes in it.  

      number two, he won’t be leaving after 4 more years……….

      number three, the country as you know it won’t be here in 4 years, maybe it isn’t now.

  • White Americans wouldn’t do this. A liberal Herman Cain would probably get at least 70% of the black vote.

  • Why did I call Herman Cain a “typical” black man? He’s really not a “typical” black man. Anyone who has been to a ghetto or any black neighborhood knows that. No one would vote for a “typical” black man, not even black people. 

  • je suis paganisme

    I have respect for all men, regardless of color or religion.

     It was a White Christian Elder who ruined my father. It was a White man who raped my wife. It was White (blonde) girls who made my daughter’s life hell in elementary school until she was rescued and loved by her black teacher.

    White people are mean as hell to each other. So, Obama’s getting re-elected is no big deal to me. I, my family, my friends–we are all outcasts, anyway. 

    Today, my best friend is a homosexual. Of my other friends, one  is a convicted felon and I am pretty sure the other is bisexual.   I am active in the French group in my city–a wide variety of highly-educated creative individuals.  

    So, yes. I respect all men, but I do love what the White race could become. 

    But let’s see some movement in that  direction.

    •  No thanks. There wont be a White race if we become what you want us to become.

  • You’re French, so I forgive you. Hey want to hear a funny joke? Why are there so many trees in France? Because the Germans like to park their tanks in the shade.

    But no, really, I forgive you.

  •  You’re not a minority.  You’re a right wing extremist.   We all are.

  • Afoster477

    Maybe I have been in Chicago too long, but I seriously doubt that the Democrats have ever won an honest election.  The title to this article should have been: OBAMA STEALS ANOTHER ELECTION.

  • Achaean

    Occidental Observer has a very good article, “Ethnocentrism is normal and rational” which explains the chemistry of in-group and out-group behavior, and argues that white nationalism is normal, healthy, and rational rather than irrational, as individuals like Engelman argue. 

  • vladdy1

    Cannot get over the fact  that all 7 swing states — OH, PA, VA, FL, NH, CO, and WI — went to Dear Leader. What are the odds? Truly God must love Barack Obama..

    • OlderWoman

       The mulatto’s ‘win’ had nothing to do with God. He may have allowed it but that doesn’t mean He approved. Republicans lost because they’re spineless and Romney, Christie and Susana Martinez praised him too much. I’m sickened by their compliments.

  • Puggg

    Rush, who was unusually racial and talked a lot about immigration today, (and read a column stating what we know, that Hispanic voters are mainly welfare/gibsmedat voters, not obsessing over immigration policy nuance voters), noted that Romney 2012 got 3 million fewer voters than McCain 2008, and if those 3 million voters would have voted Romney, Romney wins the popular vote, and maybe even the electoral vote depending on which states those 3 million people are in.

    I can add to that:  Obama got 8 million fewer voters than he did in 2008.  This means there were a total of 11 million people who didn’t vote this year who did vote in 2008.

  • Sarge

    According to at least one source, “7 million fewer whites voted in 2012 than in 2008.” 

    If that’s accurate, then the problem (once again) is foremost with white people, who lack racial awareness. See “The Case of the Missing White Voters” at the following website: http://tinyurl.com/d76wqwp

  • OlderWoman

    I worked in Romney/Ryan campaign headquarters here. A woman came in to purchase signs for her yard. Her sister lives in Palm Beach, Fla. Her sister told her that about 500 blacks came to her sisters polling place intimidating white senior voters.. People at that polling place were scared of them. Press hasn’t reported it at all. Per usual.

    • NM156

      The SF harpy is Pelosi, but who’s the greasy car salesman?

  • 5n4k33y35

    Let no your heart be troubled.

    • Huh?  What’s all this “let not your heart be troubled” stuff?  Are you talking about the wall banging talk radio and cable TV host who goes on and on about that for a year and then comes out for “but it’s not amnesty” amnesty for illegal aliens then dances around and whizzes over Todd Akin’s political corpse because he didn’t do what he wanted him to do after the Fateful Sunday?  

      And also….everyone’s a “Great American.”

  • Frank

    If this election told us nothing else, it told us reducing the voting age from 21 to 18 was a mistake.  Why do you think Ted Kennedy was one of those pushing for the change?

  • Marcus

    From Reliable sources that States that required voters to have a photo I.D went for Romney.
    Those States that did not require photo I.D. went for Obama.
    The foreign observers that came from mostly socialist countries were surprised that voters
    were not required to have photo I.D.
    Except for the internet, this has not been even mentioned in the mainstream media.
    They are to busy in celebrating the Obama victory.

  • Face it, AOTAW, you’re freaking out because the era of while male dominance and privilege in this country is coming to an end, thanks to our changing population demographics. And there’s nothing — absolutely NOTHING — you can do to stop it from happening.