Pundits Tell the Republican Party: ‘The Only Way You Can Win Is by Importing More Democrat Voters’

Ed West, Telegraph (London), November 8, 2012

Congratulations to Ted Kennedy on his historic election victory. The Lion of the Senate may no longer be with us, but there is little doubt that he secured Barack Obama’s win—for as every media outlet has pointed out, Romney simply “ran out of white guys”. If America had the demographic profile of 1992, the Republicans would have secured victory; had the country its 1980 electorate, the GOP would have won in 2008 too. Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which he said would lead to at most 50,000 people a year arriving (slightly below the actual figure of one million) swung it.

The consensus among the commentariat, therefore, is that the Republicans and by implication the Conservatives need to do more to attract non-white voters by cutting down on their objections to immigration and multiculturalism. In order to win, the Republicans must encourage the importation of millions of Democrat voters—an almost flawless plan.

This rests upon a couple of false ideas. Firstly, that there is a straight comparison between Latin American immigration today and that of eastern and southern European Catholics and Jews from the 1880s to 1920s. Sure, some of the complaints sound similar, but there are major differences, and the main one is that it took the 1924 law restricting immigration to facilitate the integration of white ethnic minorities.

Integration has many forms, among them the adoption of English, intermarriage, relative equality of outcomes and voting patterns; minorities with strong identities tend to vote along ethnic lines, while integrated majorities split fairly evenly, as one would expect in a healthy democracy. Hispanics continue to have different levels of income and education to non-Hispanic whites well into the second and third generations, and beyond.

As long as that continues it is unlikely they will turn Republican en masse. Even the pro-immigration Hispanophile George W Bush, whose dynasty is partly Hispanic, only won 40 per cent of the Hispanic vote at the height of the sub-prime mortgage boom. Better than Romney, but in a two-party system not exactly reason to pop open the champagne.

Secondly, there’s not much evidence that Hispanics actually care about immigration controls. If I were a poor Mexican-American farm worker I think it’d be in my interest to seal the border; the only beneficiaries of open borders are big business, self-appointed community leaders and the Democrats. Many white ethnics favoured shutting the door in the 1920s, including Samuel Gompers.

In Britain non-whites have views on immigration to the Right of the mainstream parties, in fact so much so that by the standards of the anti-racism industry many black and Asian Britons would be considered far Right. What good does a steady supply of cheap non-white labour do for them, either socially or economically? Believe it or not, but most immigrants don’t want to turn their new home into their old, which they left for a reason.

Non-whites don’t support the Republicans or Tories, not because of immigration rhetoric, but because party loyalty is to an extent tribal and emotional. In all Western democracies centre-Right parties have difficulty attracting minority voters. The Conservatives won just 16 per cent of the ethnic minority vote in 2010; in France 93 per cent of Muslims voted for Francois Hollande.

If anyone thinks that this is due to rhetoric about burqas or being “swamped”, it’s worth noting that Boris Johnson, perhaps the most pro-immigration Tory around and a man blessed with an unusual, affable charm that attracts non-Tories, did poorly among non-whites both in 2008 and 2012. The exceptions were middle-class Indians in Harrow, and Jews, the latter because Ken Livingstone’s policy of courting one minority alienated another. Boris won London because he had enough white guys—how do you think the Tories will fare in London in 2016 or 2020? Shall we just have the bitter recriminations now and get it over with?

But even British Indians, who are the home-owning “bedrock of Middle Britain” and small c-conservatives in all the best ways, don’t tend to vote Tory that much. Why? Maybe it’s because, however patriotic they are, many just don’t like Tories as a group, and instead feel part of the more multiracial Labour family.

But a side-effect of this is that some members of the Labour family no longer feel at home; while the Democrats have gained from America’s increasing number of Asian and Hispanic voters, many whites have moved towards the GOP. Not enough to shift the demographic change in the Republicans’ favour, but enough to weaken democracy by tribalising it.

The media is unable to look at this rationally because educated people are fixed on the concept that whites are powerful exploiters (“the dominant group”) and non-whites victims, so the consensus is established that this is some unique problem of white American racism. And yet in every multi-ethnic democracy where the majority is not comfortably secure, people vote on tribal grounds, whether it be Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Iraq or increasingly, some small areas of western Europe. If you were a Martian sociologist looking at these trends, would you conclude this is down to clear, repeated patterns in human nature, or the GOP’s “rhetoric on immigration”?

The obvious solution for the Republican Party, and for the health of American democracy, is to turn off the tap, like America did between 1924 and 1965, and allow those minorities already here to assimilate into Republicans.

Even as a matter of principle, conservative parties should not embrace mass immigration because, aside from the fact that their voters don’t want it, it is a profoundly un-conservative policy. But principle aside, any political strategist who suggests he has the formula for winning over large numbers of ethnic minority voters for the Tories by adopting socially liberal immigration policies is a snake-oil salesman.

Unfortunately, so stunned are conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic by the liberal media’s headlights that they’re unable to see what’s heading for them.

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  • Romney did not run out of white guys. He just didn’t do well enough with them outside the South and energy production areas of the non-South.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      “He [Romney] just didn’t do well enough with them outside the South and energy production areas of the non-South.”

      Illustration: Vermont is 96 percent white, 1 percent black. Vermont’s whites voted 33 percent
      for Romney. Obama carried Vermont 67-31.

    • Jerrybear

      There’s also plenty evidence of voter fraud in the swing states. Astonishingly, the irregularities took place in heavily urban districts where registration was higher than the population and Romney received 0% of the vote.

      • I can believe that there was a lot of fraud in those precincts. But I can also believe that Romney got not one single legitimate vote from those precincts, the worst of the worst ghetto parts of Philadelphia and Cleveland.

  • Puggg

    None other than Rush Limbaugh said it best:

    “In an electorate full of children, Santa Claus beats hard work every time.”

  • NYB

    “1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, …..would lead to at most 50,000 people a year arriving”

    It could have been true, if a limit of 50,000 immigrants per year was set as policy.

    Government policy is to allow more than a million annually.

  • Snowhitey

    Ted Kennedy was a co-sponsor. The Immigration Reform Act of 1965 was the brainchild of two Jewish Americans Emmanuel Cellar and Jacob Javits. Let’s put the real blame where it belongs. Although Ted isn’t off the hook, he was a follower and not a leader.

    • You Are Now Enriched

      Blaming the Jooz will get you deemed a hateful, extremist, probably violent, and obviously dangerous Anti Semite, which is code word for somebody the Jooz hate.

      • Jerrybear

        They certainly like to meddle in different nation’s business. As I understand it, the cultural Marxists who have degraded society faster than anyone could have imagined were all Jews. That being said, talk radio has a lot of conservative Jews who are fighting the good fight.

        • In the American Civil War, prominent Jews played both sides. One even ran off with all the Souths gold as Atlanta was burning from Shermans forces.

      • After looking who the key players were in lying us into the current mess in the mid-East and for the fiscal shenanigans on Wall Street, people have begun to see that the term anti-semite is now mostly a way to stifle honest criticism.
        In light of all the crap that they’ve perpetrated in this country, I think we’d better reevaluate all those charges of people from the past being anti-semitic.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      One of the reasons Dennis Praeger believes in God and life after death is because he believes there must be ultimate retribution for evils committed in this life. If that’s the case, then Teddy is roasting on an open fire, with rat-demons nibbling at his nose.

    • fenway23

      Maybe Teddy was a “follower” back in 1965, but for the rest of his senate career he could never pass up any opportunity to commit treason against his nation and his race. Remember, it was he along with McCain that was the face of the senate Amnesty back in 2006 and 2007. Then there’s the Diversity Visa Lottery (which the Stupid Party keeps saying they’ll eliminate, but they never do). This lottery, which was his handiwork, has brought over thousands of unassimilable black Africans and mid east Muslims. If it was just the ’65 act that he was responsible for, then I’d say maybe he was a useful idiot… but his subsequent actions prove he was nothing but a vile slob who knew all along what he was doing.

  • potato78

    “The Only Way You Can Win Is by Importing More Democrat Voters.”

    Otherwise, republicans will be marginalized.

    Russia and Japan to create brotherhood of Asian Super Ring.


  • Hal K

    Jared Taylor predicted that the Republican Party would be “swept away” in his video last week, but one has to wonder if this is the only possible outcome. Would the Republican Party necessarily collapse after it was no longer able to win the presidency or control of either house of Congress? If it did collapse, what would the aftermath look like? Aren’t most white conservatives more likely to start thinking about secession before they turn to white identity politics?

    We have to assume that anti-white liberals will be racking their brains looking for ways to keep the Republican Party viable, since it does such a good job keeping white identity politics suppressed. Would the Democrats find special “consolation prizes” to give to Republican members of Congress? Might the Democrats take steps to intentionally alienate certain nonwhites just to push these votes into the Republican Party?

    • Tucker

      “Aren’t most white conservatives more likely to start thinking about secession before they turn to white identity politics?”

      We cannot allow that to happen. Secession that includes the presence of non-whites inside the states that secede will only delay the white genocide planners for a short time, because differential breeding rates between Whites and non-whites will still result in the non-whites eventually increasing their percentage of the population within the seceded states to a point where they will outnumber the Whites. Plus, the issue of race hustling, minority crime and minority parasitism will continue to exist and thrive – and the same gutless whites who pandered to minorities by forcing their fellow Whites to subsidize the endless social entitlement programs and hand-outs in hopes of bribing minorities to behave will repeat this process all over again, inside the seceded states.

      So, no – we must forget this idea of secession unless it also includes the creation of an exclusively White Ethnostate. Solve all our problems at the same time, folks. Do NOT let our enemies talk us into cutting a deal that will be still spell a death sentence for White European people.

      • Hal K

        Yes. The anti-whites might actually welcome secession in order to mollify white conservatives before they become racially aware. The emergence of white racial solidarity is the one thing they fear most.

  • anmpr1

    I realize that Republicans are known as the “stupid party.” But if they really kick this neoconservative stuff up another notch (which they probably will), then the Party deserves to die a horrible death. This goes beyond stupid.

    • The__Bobster


      Back in June in I asked Has Romney Sold Immigration Policy To Sheldon Adelson? Subsequently I took note of a Politico article which directly attributed Romney’s Chick-fil-A wimp out to the influence of a group of pro-gay Jewish donors.

      Now corroboration of my fears on immigration policy has appeared: On the morning after, Jewish Republicans advise the party By Ron Kampeas JTA.org November 12, 2012

  • The__Bobster
  • Eagle_Eyed

    As others have pointed out, only the “stupid party” would think that importing voting blocs which went 3 to 1 against you is good for future elections. The GOP should be desperately trying to end immigration, yesterday.

  • That’s like saying the only way you can save a sinking ship is by letting in more water….

  • 5 Reasons Amnesty Would Be Political Suicide For The
    Republican Party

    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to assume that the GOP would be able
    to capture the Hispanic vote if we pass an amnesty. None. Zero. Zilch.


  • asfwqqw

    Yeah because simply taking the advice of your opposition is a brilliant idea. I know the GOP is stupid but I wonder if they’re THAT stupid.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Errr. Yeah, we are. I rather doubt that even the Sailer Strategy would work after four more years of Obamagration (with the help of useful idiots in the GOP).

    • The neocons and their ilk are also advocating the GOP supporting amnesty. When the GOP does that, they sign their own death warrant. Dump those bastards, and start taking care of the American middle class. Then watch the Reagan democrats come back.

  • Write you Republican Senators and let them know that if they go for ANY form of amnesty that they are committing suicide and that you and all your white conservative friends will stop voting for Republican candidates at any level. We need to push hard before they slip this through to let them know they will have a disaster on their hands if they give amnesty or any other special privileges to illegals.

  • john

    The Republican Party, as a national entity, is completely dead. The RNC will work to become less friendly to White voters and more friendly to illegals and Blacks. I will never vote for a Republican again, nor will any of my friends whom I have discussed this with. They lost millions of Juan “Amnesty” McShame voters this year, and will lose millions more still in 2016. If they want the votes of Blacks, Browns, Asians, homos, and illegals, they can have them, but they won’t have mine or millions of other Whites. Good luck RNC! You killed off your greatest strength, so you may as well go fully Black now!

    As for my fellow conservative Whites, we need to jump behind this secession movement and push relentlessly until it happens. We really are two Americas; The Conservative States of America and The Leftist States of America. Divide along those lines and help the undesirables to immigrate to the states that are friendly to their needs. Once all of the Blacks, Browns, illegals, druggies, felons, and homos are in the leftist states, they can vote to abolish all laws and live a life free of the “oppression and tyranny” of “evil conservatives”, quite happily ever after.

    Balkanization is the only way.

    • David Ashton

      Who will pay their bills?

  • David Ashton

    The anti-conservatives “advise” US Republicans and UK “Tories” to be more (racially) “inclusive” to win more votes. But they are already “inclusive”. Non-whites are not banned from membership or activity. What their enemies want is for the “right-wing” parties to adopt “left-wing” policies, i.e. more non-white immigration and special welfare programs for non-white and other specified “minority groups”. Such policies will NOT secure re-election. They will simply destroy the “right-wing” parties as a preliminary to destroying the “right-wing” nations.

    The advice is such a poisoned chalice it seems incredible that it should be seriously considered, but it is opposed by many elected Republican and Conservative representatives who should be encouraged to maintain and reassert their patriotic and common-sense opposition.

    In the USA anti-communist white Cubans and in the UK industrious east Caucasians from India of Christian or Hindu heritage should see the wisdom of retaining a white/Anglo hegemony, and you need to distinguish between Jewish supporters and opponents of multiculturalism.

    As for Christian opposition to social liberalism, this works in de facto alliance with “racial patriotism” and is at least preferable to Christian leftism which “turns the other cheek” to Islam and “resists not the evil” of sexual degeneracy.

    Remember that the New Left/”Cultural Marxist” attack on nationhood is multifaceted – “race, gender and class”.

    “The New Left with exception of small groups is in no way fixed on the [white] working class as the revolutionary class”. “This opposition is sexual, moral, intellectual and political rebellion…total, directed at the system as a whole.” “The minority must go beyond discussion and writing to local and regional direct action, riots, ghetto rebellions and so on.” (Herbert Marcuse)

    I disagree strongly with much of Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” (2007) but his biographical account of Saul Alinsky, as “radical” mentor of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, is accurate and most relevant to this issue.

    See also: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=1511

  • montreat

    Never take the enemys advice on anything. Liberals lie steal cheat extort 24/7/365. Obama is the top liberal demonic on the planet and enemy number one as the world premier golden calf idol. Drag this dirty beast pos to his knees and trash this filthy lying scummy bastard liar for the next 4 years nonstop. Rip this faggot apart from his sinews flesh and bones and destroy every cell in his wicked body sent from the pit of hell needing to return with all his lib scum where his whore bitch mother slut resides sitting on lucifers cock when not sucking it. Evil begets evil attempting to take out the chosen Shem race as was warned and always been in play with the war between principalities of the airwaves that never ends. He is the anti without any question and his eradication work has just begun. They warned you about this creature from the sea who would trick the world. He has arrived in full view. Fighting the good fight nonstop is required.

  • mobilebay

    Never thought I’d see the day when the leaders of this once great country would back down from turning back the invaders. We’ve fought many a war with countries who wanted to do us harm and conquer us. Now, we bow to people who are impoverished, have little education and only invade for what our foolish government will give them. They have no need, nor intention of ever becoming true citizens, nor would we want them to be. Why include people whose first act is to break our laws? Do our leaders not know that most of the third world inhabitants would get in anyway they could if given the opportunity. Their upkeep would then fall on the backs of Americans, as it does now. Yet, they have conquered by simply walking in, increasing the population with anchor babies, and settling in, knowing full well they will be welcomed by those who profit from their being here. It really isn’t complicated. If they stay, big business profits from cheap labor, in turn giving votes to politicians. All aided and abetted by anti-American groups among others.

  • I think the figure was 50% of whites didn’t bother to vote. Romney was crap and it was the GOPs own fault. Possibly a set-up because they could not have picked a worse candidate.

  • Why is it that only White countries have a duty to become multiracial? I don’t see any Africa or Asian countries telling their populations that they must accept mass immigration. I don’t see any countries, apart from White ones, imposing racial quotas and mixing – whether people want it or not.