Israelis Favour Discrimination Against Arabs—Poll

Telegraph (London), October 23, 2012

A majority of Israeli Jews favour introducing discriminatory policies against the country’s Arab population and would support an “apartheid” system in the West Bank if it were ever annexed, an opinion poll has shown.

With three months to go before a general election, a survey reported in the Haaretz newspaper shows further evidence of a sharp tilt towards nationalism in Israeli society.

More than two-thirds of those questioned by Dialog, an opinion pollster, said they would oppose suffrage for the 2.5 million Palestinians living in the West Bank were it to be annexed to Israel.

Nearly three-quarters—74 per cent—say they also support a system of segregated roads for Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank, although the majority say they would view such a policy as “necessary” rather than “good”.

Although favoured by some nationalist Jews, the prospect of Israel annexing the West Bank, which it has occupied since the Six-Day War of 1967, remains a distant one.

But with little progress being made in resurrecting the Middle East peace process, the possibility of annexation is viewed by some as increasingly likely.

Palestinians, as well as some liberal Israelis, warn that the growing Jewish settler population in the West Bank means that the creation of a Palestinian state—the cornerstone of a “two-state solution”—is looking increasingly unviable.

The survey found that a majority of the Jewish public—59 per cent—say they want a system that gives preference to Jews applying for civil service jobs. Arabs, who constitute 20 per cent of the Israeli population, complain such a policy unofficially exists already.

Just under half of respondents, 49 per cent, said they want the state to treat Jewish citizens better than Arab ones, while 42 per cent said they did not want to live in the same building as Arabs and did not want their children to go to schools that also admit Arabs.

Tellingly, 58 per cent of those surveyed said Israel already practices a system of apartheid against Palestinians, an opinion normally only voiced by the Jewish state’s staunchest critics.

This finding in particular has already prompted soul-searching on the Israeli Left-wing.

“This [survey] lays bare an image of Israeli society, and the picture is a very, very sick one,” Gideon Levy, a prominent commentator, wrote in an opinion piece accompanying the poll.

“Now it is not just critics at home and abroad, but Israelis themselves who are openly, shamelessly, and guiltlessly defining themselves as nationalistic racists.

“We’re racists, the Israelis are saying, we practice apartheid and we even want to live in an apartheid state. Yes, this is Israel.”

The poll surveyed 503 people.

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  • I think it is not wise to bring up this type of news.

    It will be used by closed minded racists Anti-Semites who find fault with Jewish opinion of NO DISCRIMINATION in America but DISCRIMINATION in Israel. 

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      Multicult for thee, not for me.

      White privilege is the scourge that won’t go away, but Israeli borders are non negotiable.

      • Steve

        Israeli Jews dont give a d—- about US immigration policy. You are confusing US Jews with Israeli Jews. Israeli Jews would be more than happy for the US to build the biggest border fence in the world.

        • Exoplanet Finder

          So, are we to buy into (no pun intended) the idea that Israeli Jews are pro-US border fence, electrified or not, surveiled or not, fortified or not, because Israel is a nation-state further along on the spectrum of ‘watch out the rest of the world exists and you need to defend yourself from it’? In other words, are you saying that Israeli Jews are sane? I hope so, and I hope they start writing letters to their “American” cousins to start acting 1) like Americans, or 2) at least like Israelis. Cause the American liberal Jew thing is really making it hard for us right now to get anything done to preserve the Republic.

          • blight14

             I disagree with Steve 100% and I would imagine most others do too….is the mindset of a Muslim in Iran really different if that of a Muslim in LA, I don’t think so….

          • Steve

            Israeli Jews are perfectly sane. Above all they do not listen to or have respect for EU, US or Jewish left wingers who have no idea what it is to live in a tough neighborhood. All Muslims think alike maybe but Israeli Jews are nothing like US Jews. I lived there for several years while working for a US company. Israeli Jews do not believe in open immigration, do not believe in multi-culti feel good nonsense. That main wing of American Jewry – reform – which is ver liberal, gets zero official recognition in Israel, something US Jews whine about endlessly. Only irrational Jew haters think Israeli Jews, all of whom serve in the military and then the reserves until 50, are anything at all like Israeli Jews.

          • ATBOTL

            Jewish culture has deep seated antipathy towards Europeans, Christians and the West that goes back thousands of years.  I find it hard to believe that although American Jews are still undeniably driven by such animus, Israeli Jews have lost this cultural tendency completely.  

            Netanyahu’s father wrote an anti-white book about how evil the Spanish were for not letting Jews and Muslims rule over them: Prime Minister’s father was an anti-white activist who’s life’s work was demonizing whites for being racially cohesive and you want us to believe that Israelis aren’t hostile to us.  Really.  

    • Hirschibold

      No people are above reproach or debate. Whites on this site are hyper-critical of whites who they feel have sold out or betrayed the white race (Limbaugh, Bush, O’Reily, Kennedy, Chris Matthews) etcetera. Why should Jews be immune from scrutiny or appraisal?

      Everyone recognizes that outliers like Marc Levin or Michael Savage are one of a type of Jew, the kind who consider themselves white and recognize that NO Western culture with any level of civilization can survive in the absence of a white majority.

      The right honorable Winston Churchill got it about correct:

      There are nationalists, internationalist, and Zionist Jews.

      • You can be White, or you can be Jewish.

        You can’t be both.

        Why not?  Easy.  A White nation will permit discrimination,  deed restrictions and  restrictive rules for schools, clubs, etc.  When we HAD those, there were many places that denied Jews and Blacks entrance.

        A White Nation will have that again. So, for all the Jewish people who post here. What are you going to do when you want to buy a home in a neighborhood that says NO BLACKS, NO ARABS and NO JEWS.

        What now?  Will you say that is fine and go on and be happy and let it be? Or, will you start the law suits all over again to end this vile racists discrimination?

        So, you have to choose.  When you buy that home will you sign the paragraph saying you are NOT JEWISH?


        See, this will not end well.

        • Hirschibold

           Alright, let’s say you make that argument to Michael Savage, and he accepts your premise that Jews are a distinct race. The future for Jews in an anglo-homeland (if they are accepted) is maybe a “NO JEWS ALLOWED” sign at the country club. What is it in a black or brown majority-nation? I’ll tell you. They’ll be butchered for being considered white. You think some Sub-Saharan with a Panga machete and tire rubber for shoes has read Kevin Macdonald’s
          “Culture of Critique?”

          No one is saying that Jews shouldn’t have a homeland or be able to defend their interests. They’re merely pointing out the hypocrisy of those Jews who say “We are God’s chosen and we want a nation based on our religio-ethnic interests, and it would be racist and evil for white gentiles to do the same.”

          I don’t want to fill this page with a flame war (that’s a good way to get comments disabled), so I will let you have the last word, and ask: what about what I’ve just said don’t you get?

          • My argument is very simple.

            Jews have the 100% RIGHT to a Jewish Homeland.  They can do what ever they want in this homeland since it is FOR THEM. That means to me they can discriminate anyway they want against any person or group not considered “Jewish” according to what ever laws they come up with.

            I also strongly support any homeland for Arabs,  Africans, etc.

            BUT, do Jews support 100% a homeland for Whites where WHITE people can make any law they want discriminating against any people they choose to consider not White?  A homeland where the White citizens can decide for themselves who is white for what ever reason they want without insults?

            It is that simple.  I understand that no Christian may own land in Israel nor can any Non-Jew become prime minister. I understand there are schools where ONLY Jews can attend and even city blocks where ONLY Jews can live.  I 100% support that.

            I am not offended.  I like that. Why? Because  by keeping a place 100% Jewish they keep their “race” alive.

            What about us Whites?  If my apartment building does not permit Jews, will you say “fine”, that is GOOD for the White “race” since they need to keep their “race” alive.

            BUT we Whites have one serious problem.  All other groups want to live with us.  I have NO desire to live in a Black community,  Arab community, Asian community nor Jewish community.  I would never sue, demand or vote for a politician to give me the “right” to live anywhere around them.  I want to live with WHITE PEOPLE.

            Shocking,  Jews, Arabs, Africans, Haitians, Mexican ALL WANT TO LIVE AROUND WHITE PEOPLE.  Because of this, the only way Whites can maintain a White homeland is with violent FORCE since these groups want so badly to live with me.

            Why? I don’t want you. I don’t like you. I “hate” you. I am a racists.  I am a redneck. I am ignorant and full of hate……………………..but you want to live with me.

            Which one of us is more sick.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            If it helps, I don’t want to live with you.  You seem a bit on the angry side, and I just can not imagine why.

            Before you blow up, that was sarcasm.


          • Svigor

            I agree with you on the fundamentals, but with an important difference: I withhold the support for Jews that you grant unconditionally; I withhold it until it is reciprocated.

        • Jewish Mama

          I am OK with that as long as I can say that NO GOYIM OF ANY COLOR ARE ALLOWED IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD.  Fair enough?

          • deefmeedadumdum

            That depends upon where your neighborhood is. Hopefully, it is in Israel where you belong.

          • Jewish Mama

            Guess you belong in Germany 70 years ago.  And I am definitely not going there.

          • Yes. Totally fair.  You should be able to live with your people as you choose.  That is honorable.

            You need to understand something very important.  We don’t want to live around you. You want to live around us.

            We are not the problem.

          • blight14

            Well stated and very true……Again, why is this cretin on Amren?

          • ATBOTL

            Exactly.  They have followed us to the ends of the earth.  Every time they were made to go away because their behavior got too outrageous, they came back as soon as they were allowed to and often before.  That tells us all we need to know about their claims of persecution.  Their behavior towards us is ultimately the same as gypsies, blacks etc… they never stop complaining but can’t bear to not live us.  

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Would that neighborhood be in Israel or in North America?  Please pick the former, ma’am.  What is yours is yours, but what is mine will never be “ours”.  If you have a nation, in which you completely deserve to be safe forever, we have several continents in which to do likewise,and we wish you well there or anyplace but here.

            Since we don’t use the k-word for you, please do not call us “Goyim”.  We are Europeans.  You are free to call other species of these “Goys” and “Shiksas” anything you like, except my wife.  She is Japanese, and not a Jewish American Princess.

            Werstehen Sie Alles?

          • Jewish Mama

            Goy, unlike shiksa, is not at all an offensive word.  It simply means a nation.  No offense intended.

            As to your other point, you are certainly free to loathe Jewish people as much as you like, but it is really not up to you to dictate us where we should or should not make our home. 

          • IstvanIN

            This is actually in response to Jewish Mama below:  Goy is offensive.  Period.  Also, yes, we should be able to decide if a member of an alien race is allowed to live in the nations we built.  We are tired of your people telling our people what to do.

          • Afoster477

            “Goy” actually refers to a group of people or a nation.  A common expression in the Hebrew liturgy, often translated “chosen people”,  is “Goy ykhad b’Aretz”, “A people, or nation, unique upon the Earth”, and refers to the Jews.

            For the record, my mother was German Jewish background, my father had an Irish Protestant mother and an Irish Catholic father.  I was baptized Episcopalian and grew up attending Presbyterian Sunday School.  I consider my mother to be just as White as my father.  Today, my belief system would be more in line with Reform Judaism than anything else.

            Und, ja, Michael, ich verstehe Sie.

          • Svigor

            Goy is offensive.  You now know it’s offensive, because I have informed you.  You don’t get to decide what I find offensive; I do.

            You no longer have ignorance as an excuse.  White, European, European-American, Anglo-Saxon…I find all of these alternative labels acceptable.  Pick one.  If you want to refer to non-Jews, try “non-Jew,” or simply “human.”

          • Svigor

            The Yiddish epithet, “goyische kopf” puts the lie to the inoffensiveness of “goy.”

          • Steve

            Goy when used in Hebrew speech means nation and is not offensive. Goy in Jewish vernacular outside of Israel means Gentile and is offensive.

          • Afoster477

            If Goy is offensive it is because non-Jews have made it so.

          • Skincognito

            Haben Sie ,,Verstehen” gemeint? Oder? Kein Problem, es ist mir egal, weil die ,,judische Mutti” kein Argument gezeigt hat. Sie und ihr Volk haben keine richtiggestellte Stimme in unserer Politik. Scheiss auf ihnen! Bleib hart Bruder!

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Nobody belonged in Germany 70 years ago.  Guenther von Paschen was murdered by the Nazis in1944, and he was the best gunnery officer in either fleet at the Battle of Jutland, May 31 to June 1, 1916.  He said in late 1944 that since the western Allies had landed in France and the Russians were advancing in the east, he thought Germany would probably lose, and it cost him his life.  I think he was beheaded at Plotenzee in Belin, via guillotine, facing upwards, though I am not sure.  Hanging had been almost dispensed with by then; they couldn’t kill officers, retired or otherwise fast enough by hanging in late 1944.

            Perhaps you have forgotten who defeated the criminals who murdered that poor brave man.

          • Anon12

             The Germanic peoples are one  of the Tribes, so YES they do belong in Germany.  And in the  REAL USA of the past, I might add, along with our fellow Tribes that came here.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I don’t loathe Jews.  I’ve been accused of being one online, just for showing them some sympathy.  I am Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Protestant German, Cherokee and Tuskarora.  I am sick to death of some of this “stuff” the second letter of which actually is actaully an “h” and the last a “t”.

            I hate what people do to each other at times; I knew Irish Chang, who dug deeper into the Nanjing massacre until she couldn’t take it and it drove her crazy until she killed herself in Los Gatos, Calofornia.  I tried to tell her that there are no clean answers in human history.

            The Jews I knew in college were generally very funny, like Matthew Kauffman and Alex Rosenberg.  One was quite beautiful: Sylvia Salzberg.  They were all very bright, especially Matthew, though Alex was hilarious.

            I miss them.   

            One of my other friends died of cancer in March.  He was French Protestant, and his wife Russian Jewish.  They were very good for each other, and I write to his widow every month.

            Unlike some others online, I completely agree with the right of Jews to their own country.  That said, none of us like to be told what to do in a nation that is really ours.  I think there is a double standard being exercised here, and I have been very slow to openly admit it, and I still do not want to do so, but we are “Europeans” or “Americans” and never, ever “Goys”.

          • skara_brae

            “Irish” Chang? Brilliant.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Her research drove Iris crazy, and she shot herself in the head in Los Gatos, California.

          • skara_brae

            How about, further up this page, the chap you mention who “converted to Baptism”? You are a riot sir.
                 Please don’t stop posting. Oh and by the way you are not the only one who knows about Iris Chang. You are just the first to hilariously call her “Irish”.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I am 3/16 American Indian, Cherokee and Tuskarora.  I can tell you the worst part about everything to do with this.  My mother once told my ex-father that she would never have married him if she had known.  She didn’t find out about her own ancestry until her mother was dying.  I wasn’t told anything about this until I was 30.

            The funniest parts of this mess were when I told my best friends and I got “That explains a lot”,” Do you get any money for that?”  “That explains a lot” and “She looks Japanese in the picture, but bigger and meaner.”

            Indians probably wouldn’t be over happy about people telling them are Goys; try telling an Apache, Najavo or Sioux that.  I’ll bet you’ve never been out west.  Captain Evans (Cherokee) got a posthumous CMH, commanding USS Johnston off Samar in late 1944, for taking on battleships and cruisers, and my wife’s great-grandfather did something not very different for the other side, with similar results.  I don’t blame him; a Japanese pilot who attacked a US ship in late 1944 was committing suicide anyway.

            The Tuskarora we have a photo of was Rachael Lilly.  Amerind women thought they were getting a good deal with a white man, as we didn’t make women do all the work.

            One of my best friends said that I could dilute it out all I want but that I could never get rid of it all. 

            Are you laughing yet?  I’m not a “Goy”.  I’m Celtic-Amerindian,  and since I don’t use the “K” word, the “G” word shoud cease.



          • blight14

            Why are you here?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Perhaps she thought us “Goys” and “Shiksas” were stupid?

            I hope not. I hope she wanted to understand where we’re coming from and while initially underestimating the distance that separates us would still like to reach an accomodation, because it never hurts to make friends.

            That’s what I hope.

          • IstvanIN

             Sounds good to me.  Freedom of association and private property are two rights your people have fought to take away from my people.  As long as the rights go both ways, this would be a great thing.

          • Steve

            What do you mean these are rights “your people” fought to take away from”my people”. Jews do not act as a collective. I do not get any credit from you (and I shouldn’t) for the polio vaccine or Google. In Israel, which this article is about, they would not care about you enforcing restrictive covenants in property – these are not US Jews and frankly I would not either. If someone wants a jew free neighborhood, fine by me, their loss.

          • Goyim means “cattle”.  It is Yiddish.

            Why do you prefer to live among us?

          • Steve

            Goy in Hebrew means nation. Goy when used in yiddish or Jewish vernacular means Gentile It does not mean cattle however in Hebrew or Yiddish.

          • eduard

            Agree. Actually ; human cattle. 
            Jewish mama should explain: “Tob shebbe goyim harog” –
            the Talmud.  It  means Kill all the best gentiles.

          • Anon12

            We of the White race are NOT goyim.   We are the real chosen….

      • blight14

         Henry Ford warned us……

      • Anon12

         Chris Matthews is “white”?   Hardly….

      • Svigor

        The phrase you’re grasping for is “Righteous Jew.”

        • blight14

          Please elaborate and list, we’re all ears……

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       Are you related to this guy?

      P.S. most of us anti-semites, as you racists like to call us, just tell the truth.

    • Svigor

      Lol, I see what you did there…


  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    This can’t be true.  The Jooz bring “judgement and justice” to the world, according to the Bible.

    So why won’t they bring Diversity into their private schools?

  • Michael_C_Scott

    The apartheid system, and especially the passbook law was intended to keep cities in the RSA from filling up with jobless, detribalized blacks.  When apartheid was finally removed, guess what happened?

  • Afoster477

    In 1900 in all of Palestine, including what is now Jordan, the Arabs were less than 10% of a much smaller population.  The Arabs only started overrunning Palestine after European and American Jews started pouring an immense amount of money into the area, and making the desert bloom.  These so-called Palestinians have no valid claim on Palestine and should go back to the hell-holes they, or their grandparents, came from.

    • NYB

       If Jews behaved like the Danes, and Israel was their Denmark, there would be fewer conflicts with the goyim.

      Whites have a right to be masters of their own houses as much as Jews have a right to be masters of Israel.   We could agree on that.

      It’s the Jewish diaspora which creates conflicts of interest.  They have too much power and influence in white countries, and it is negatively impacting the group fitness of the white race.

      • blight14

         They actually loathe our very existence…..and I do NOT see reconciliation in the future, ever.

        • IstvanIN

           So right, just like Hispanics and blacks, they can not wait for our demise.  Well, they do want our women to breed with to improve their looks, once again just like Hispanics and blacks.

          • blight14


          • Anon12

             Exactly!  They sure don’t want to look like the Barney Frank’s and Henry Waxman’s, Phyliss Diller’s etc……they are dead giveaways.

          • IstvanIN

             Poor Henry Waxman is very bizarre looking, one thing you can not say for Barney or Phyllis.  He has a Halloween mask like appearance.

        • Steve

          Where do you get that absurd idea? No one loathes your very existence. Not Jews here and not Jews in Israel. No one ever taught me to loathe anyone’s existence, except if they did something to deserve it. Jews in the USA have a 50% intermarriage rate – and that is Jewish men and women- not just Jewish men. And not even half of those intermarriages will raise Jewish children. If Jews loathed you, how would this be possible? Your statement is pure projection.

          • blight14

            We’ll agree to disagree…..

          • ATBOTL

            There is no other rational explanation for Jewish behavior in advocating anti-white policies(that Israel is exempted from) than hostility.

      • ATBOTL

        The problem is very few Jews, in or out of Israel, will agree to that. Remember that Jews believe that a Jew should be able to go to any country in the world any time they want to. They believe that not allowing Jews to immigrate to your country is “anti-Semitism.” They have no respect for the borders or laws of the goyim. This attitude long predates modern issues with immigration and is a core component of diaspora Jewish identity.

    • That sounds racist to me.

      • OlderWoman

         You have a serious problem.

      • blight14

        Its merely parroted pablum learned from years of indoctrination….

    • Skincognito

      I’m willing to compare Arabs and Zulus on a psycho-social level, the question remains: Are South Africa and Israel that comparable? The British invented the modern concentration camp in the course of the Boer war, relegating thousands of White women and children to premature death. Of course under the guidance of the Afrikaaner, racial solidarity and reason prevailed until SOMEBODY intensified the international campaign against civilized Southern Africa. White resistance was fierce and noble.
      Israel terrorized British soldiers as Israeli nationhood was being granted by the UN, following a fratricidal struggle in which Britain sacrificed her empire in order to defeat the Axis empires. Israel nevertheless has relied on Western aid and benefitted the Western holocaust industry, which essentially emerged only after the ’67 war.
      I agree, Judenstaat fuer die Juden. But pay your own bills and stay out of our struggle for survival.

      • ATBOTL

        “ut pay your own bills and stay out of our struggle for survival.?”

        What is the likelihood that they will ever do that voluntarily?

    • ATBOTL

      That’s total nonsense. Your saying over 90% of people who live in what today are Israel and Jordan were’t Arabs in 1900? Who were they?

      The reality is modern Palestinians are largely descended from ancient Jews who became Christians and later Muslims. Modern Jews are largely descended from Greek and Roman converts.

  • John L.

    I’ve been noticing  how “pro minority”, “pro immigration” , and all around socially Liberal They are My whole life.  Basically,  A community of Bob Dylans and Barbara Streisands, and Noel Ignatiefs  i.m.o. Lately, I’ve noticed that some like Michael Savage aren’t that way. But, usually they want to prosecute a War on terror,  and I’m more Isolationist.

    • blight14

      Don’t kid yourself on the phonies like ‘Savage'(Wiener), Levin, et al………they can play/act like they’re on our side but just under the surface they have but on allegiance…And don’t EVEN get started on that snake David Horowitz……there’s something about the ‘fable’ of the frog and the scorpion that comes to mind….

      • Anon12

         You are so right!  Play acting is very accurate.  Think controlled opposition is the name of their game….

        • blight14

           A certain person early in this thread came on with a rather baiting comment….I replied ‘why are you here’ and it was deleted, why? If you post a blatantly goading comment I feel I have every right to ask you why you’re here, where are you going with your comment…..I guess not….

  • StillModerated

    So does this mean there will be no school busing? What would Justices Breyer , Gissburg and Sotomayor have to say about that?  Anyway, in Ramallah, they’ve been bulldozing the houses of Arab Christians since 1967.  Don’t expect any expose on 60 Minutes.

  • preparationHbomb

    Well, who can blame the Israelis, with Arab – read:  Muslim —  bombs constantly exploding in their cities from either rocket launchers or from suicide bombers???   How thrilled would YOU be to have Muslims in your town if that’s what was happening in your area?   I’m not at all pleased to have ANY Muslims in my country; why?    9/11.   Any questions?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I have an Arab in my neighborhood.  He converted to Baptism, so would be executed as a former Muslim apostate if he returned.  He’s a good guy, if a bit too far into Baptism for my liking, but I don’t get to make that decision for him, do I?  He’s on the HOA board and works hard to do things right here, and… he was one of the first of my neighbors who started talking to me again after I returned home after three years in federal prison.

      The first neighbor who started talking to me again was the ex-crazy woman who used to scream at her poor half-black kids.

      • French_reader1

        Conversion to Christianity can be a form of rebellion among Arabs. That exists. On the other hand, I believe he converted just to be a member in the homeowners association as it can be a
        condition of purchase (if I understand what I am talking about).

        Conversion is usually a matter of interests in the Middle East. I doubt that it’s different everywhere else. Maybe he spoke to you because you were yourself a kind of outcast (I don’t know for what) and therefore likely a more compassionate ear?

    • blight14

       You’re attributing blame for 911 on the wrong side……19 primitives from caves with an old Win98 laptop did NOT ‘mastermind’ 911……….”By deception…..” is the motto…..

    • Svigor

      Well, we all know how (largely leftist) American Jews would fall on the question of who’s to blame for the poor, oppressed Pals bombing Jews, if anyone other than Jews were involved.

      There’s an easy way for Israelis to prove their anti-racist bona fides, of course.  People in China, India, and South America aren’t Arab.  They aren’t bombing Jews.  And many of them would love to move to Israel and become citizens.  But they’re no more welcome than the Arabs.

      Seems Israelis are just racist.  Odd how moving Jews from minority to majority has that effect.  Sort of how free speech, questioning authority, etc., were a biiiiiiig deal for Jewish leftists before they took over the commanding heights of American culture, but are now going the way of the Do-do now that they have effected the takeover.

      Jewish politics always boil down to “wh0-whom?”  Once you get that, all of these “paradoxes” and “contradictions” disappear.

      • Steve

        American left wing Jews DO blame Israel and sympathize with Palestinians. Israelis are not anti-racists and never claimed to be. They are pro-Jewish period. If that is racism, like everything else, they would say so be it. Israeli Jews are not US Jewish leftists. they are not the same people. There is zero contradiction because US Jews are one group of people and Israeli Jews another. Israeli Jews do not grovel before the EU or US left wing and dont give a damn what the world thinks of them. Remember in the seventies there were two pariah states, Israel and South Africa. The Boers crumbled under the pressure, the Israelis did not. Above all Israeli Jews are not PC. They dont like Arabs and say it. If US Jews dont like it, well too bad. If you dont like it, too bad. Only irrational Jew haters believe US and Israeli Jews are remotely similar.

    • blight14

       Oh SURELY you don’t believe that ’19 muzzys from caves masterminded 911′ nonsense?????????  Do tell, this should be great……From the Star Wars movie, ‘Those blast points are too accurate for sand people’…..So yes, I’d love to hear your Muslim=911 tale……

  • Sam in TN

    There is plenty of evidence, available to anyone caring to look, revealing who selects our news and entertainment content for us.

    All that is really needed though, is for someone to reflect on the the silence of major media outlets regarding Israel’s treatment of their non-jewish residents versus the exposure and subsequent damnation South African Whites received for their Apartheid government.

    Indeed, he may notice nothing with an anti-Israeli stance is ever broadcasted on tv or published in the big newspapers or magazines, while we hear about all the bad things Hamas and the PLO have done. Meanwhile youtube abounds with videos making the “only democracy in the middle east” look bad. Hours can be spent watching eyewitness footage of the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the Westbank. He may also reflect that every American has heard of the Nixon tapes, the Iran-Contra affair and other scandals. but no one knows about the U.S.S. Liberty incident, who the spies were for the USSR or who were pressing the Bush administration for the invasion of Iraq.

    So what group in the U.S. could own our media, want omit anything condemning Israel, and push all the multicult garbage seen on tv (all of it diametrically opposed to the kind of behavior displayed  by Israel)? Here’s a clue. It isn’t the far left. The far Leftist are the as fast to criticize Israelis as they were to criticize South Africans or Serbs and are called “New Antisemites” when they do. Hell, many go to the West Bank to stand in front of the bulldozers themselves or make Pro-palestinian films for festivals, none of which ever see the light of day.

     Somebody else must be deciding what makes it in the news or Hollywood and its not hard to figure out who it is.

  • eiszeit

    We Whites need to stop taking semites seriously.  This race hates the entire world, but it hates Whites the most.  It’s suicidal to allow them any power in our lands. 

  • bluffcreek1967

    I have no problem with Israelis wanting their country to be dominated by their own kind (Jews), and giving preference to Jewish citizens. As a people, they have worked hard to have their own land. They took what was essentially a desert, no-man’s land and made it into a beautiful oasis. What land they were originally given has been whittled down to almost nothing because of foolish “peace” agreements with the Palestinians. The entire world has placed enormous pressure on Israel to make utterly unreasonable concessions to their sworn enemies who are never content with anything that’s offered in peace to them. The world condemns the Jews when all they are seeking to do is survive.

    Their surrounding Arab-Muslim neighbors have terrorized them from the very establishment of their country in 1948, and so I don’t find it irrational or unjustifiable that they would favor discrimination against Arabs. I know it seems harsh, but how much more should the Jews give up? Every Israeli attempt to reconcile and make peace with the Palestinians has resulted in the death of Jews and their children. I know the Israelis are not perfect (what nation of group of people are?), and perhaps at times they have not handled their conflicts in the best way. But the Israelis have demonstrated more restraint and more sincerity in pursuing peace than the Palestinians ever have.

    I know such thoughts don’t settle well with some Amren readers, but I support Israel’s right to have their own land, to protect it from their enemies and to establish policies that are in their best racial or cultural interests. I would not want any U.S. taxpayer funds going to support their military because that’s not the role of our government as understood by our founding fathers. The Israelis are wealthy enough to build and maintain their own military defenses. But again, they have the right to determine their own future and to protect it as well just as Whites do in America.

    Again, the Jews are not perfect. Some of them have influenced the world in ways that have not been good. Sadly, many of them have been deeply influenced by social-marxism and they have  promoted causes that we would not always agree with. But what race or ethnicity has been perfect, wholly and consistenly good at every point throughout their entire history?

    The Jews, in truth, have brought much that is good to the world in the form of art, literature, music and science. Some of the greatest inventions have come from the minds of Jews. They are an intelligent people, and they are not generally prone to violence. In fact, I find them to be a rather peaceful people. When was the last time you were afraid to walk late at night in a Jewish neighborhood? How often do we hear of roving Jewish gangs, ready to rob and beat others for their money or tennis shoes? Moreover, many Jews (especially in Israel) are not liberal. Many, in fact, are quite conservative and maintain strong marriages and families. They are successful because they are intelligent, their families remain intact, they cherish a strong tradition and identity, and strive to excel in all they do. What could possibly be wrong with that? In my opinion, much of the anti-Jewish attitudes that folks have spring from personal resentment and jealously over their success. Others think the Jews are too close-knit, committed only to other Jews. Maybe so, but what’s wrong with that? They are simply doing what every other racial or ethnic group does. As Whites, we should admire it and dare I say even emulate it! I would say that in light of their persecuted history in which the entire world turned against them, such Jewish solidarity seems quite warranted.     

    • There’s a long history of Jewish gangsters and involvement in organized crime—have you forgotten Meyer Lansky and Crime, Inc.?  And how about the so-called Russian mafia?  Get a grip!  Israel is a world-class center of human trafficking- according to the latest State Department report on human trafficking.

    • ATBOTL

      Jews are leading the charge to destroy whites. That’s the most important fact about them for racially aware whites.

  • elitist

    Most of the commenters on this thread sound like a raving

    The last time people you like you exercised influence over
    Western society, the result was the Holocaust.

    Whether the Jews are white or not is moot:

    to debate the imaginary question of whether Jews have the
    right to live among “whites” is to miss the point by light years:

    if you’re halfway sane, we will do whatever is necessary to
    raise portions using your population, simply because we are enormously
    successful, productive, hard-working, intelligent.

    Because, indisputably, we have contributed more in relation
    to our numbers than any other ethnic group to the greatness of modern Western

    By any rational criteria, Nobel Prize winners and national
    science medal winners, contributions to medicine, physics, mathematics,
    philosophy, engineering, the arts, or any other area of human endeavor, the Jewish
    contribution to European and Western society has been gargantuan.

    Non-Jewish whites who are not clinically psychotic would
    want to have Jews in the neighborhood, because we commit virtually no crime, contribute
    disproportionately to the tax base, and are usually excellent citizens.

    Most of the countries where the Holocaust took place have
    been poor, boring backwaters ever since.

    The exceptions are Germany and Austria, which are wealthy,
    but certainly boring, the level of cultural achievement took a nosedive after
    the deportation of the Jews, and has never come close to recovering.

    As for the Muslim nations that has successfully become  “Judenrein.” There are miserable, poverty
    ridden, dysfunctional backwaters too.

    They would rather wallow in self and misery and admit that
    they need to choose.

    That that to which we refer to as “the West” was created by
    the Jews as much as by any other ethnic group.

    The Jews are no more foreign or alien to Western
    civilization in English, the Germans, or the French.

    To put it very simply:

    the Jews are one of the central ethnicities of European and
    Western civilization, and in terms of contribution to the arts and sciences,
    disproportionately the date greatest contributor to European greatness.

    The notion that the Jews should be thrown out of, say, New
    York City could they don’t belong there is so flamboyantly, spectacularly,
    breathtakingly crazy, but it is almost funny.

    As for lumping the Jews – a hyper successful genius cast of
    Caucasians – with the dysfunctional black and Hispanic and Muslim population is
    simply deranged.

    This entire thread screams inferiority complex.

    Is every word in it is objectively factual, this comment
    will probably be censored.

    That is how the white nationalist movement stays retarded, ineffectual,
    comical: by avoiding reality, stoking its petty resentments, and jabbering
    crazily in an echo chamber, avoiding dialogue with sane people at all costs.






    • blight14

       That was so touching, thank you……no really, seriously… would you enlighten us on ‘global warming’, sadly, there are some ‘retarded’ deniers of that plethora of ‘fact’ also……..its probably those same ‘white nationalist’, sheesh!

    • IstvanIN

      Most of the commenters on this thread sound like a raving Nazis.  The first thing a Jew says when a white protests his dispossession.

      The last time people you like you exercised influence over Western society, the result was the Holocaust. Answering this would get my post deleted.

      Whether the Jews are white or not is moot: to debate the imaginary question of whether Jews have the right to live among “whites” is to miss the point by light years:  If Jews are white or should be allowed to live among us isn’t moot, a people should be allowed to determine if an alien people lives among them. Every people has a right to its own society and homeland, including yours.

      if you’re halfway sane, you will do whatever is necessary to raise the Jewish rtions of the population, simply because we are enormously successful, productive, hard-working, intelligent. Another falsey. We are not Africans who need someone to manage and develop our society.  We are more than capable of not only taking care of ourselves, but advancing society, which we have done quite well without you.

      Because, indisputably, we have contributed more in relation to our numbers than any other ethnic group to the greatness of modern Western civilization.  Oh, not really.  The Greeks, Romans, and  Germans are not exactly slackers.  And over the last 250 years I would say the Scots, a small group, have contributed MUCH more to our advancement than the Jews have, without all the destruction.

      By any rational criteria, Nobel Prize winners and nationalscience medal winners, contributions to medicine, physics, mathematics,philosophy, engineering, the arts, or any other area of human endeavor, the Jewish contribution to European and Western society has been gargantuan. But so has the damage, and we could enjoy the fruits of your contributions without living among you.  Technology has a tendency to spread.

      Non-Jewish whites who are not clinically psychotic would want to have Jews in the neighborhood, because we commit virtually no crime, contributedisproportionately to the tax base, and are usually excellent citizens.  The same could be said for us.  It is psychotic to want to give away one’s home.

      Most of the countries where the Holocaust took place have been poor, boring backwaters ever since. Germany recovered quite nicely.  And eastern Europe was enslaved by Communist Jews, for the most part, they were the leaders of most of the communist organizations, including the secret police.  The Hungarian revolution was less a protest against communism than it was a protest against the Jewish-communist strangle-hold over the Hungarian people.  Look at the leaders of the communist party in Hungary.

      The exceptions are Germany and Austria, which are wealthy,but certainly boring, the level of cultural achievement took a nosedive after the deportation of the Jews, and has never come close to recovering.  Your opinion.  Some aspects of Jewish culture is less than savory and we are probably better off without them.  Besides the German people have been beating themselves up for the Holocaust for generations now, talk about punishing the child for the sins of the father.

      As for the Muslim nations that has successfully become  “Judenrein.” There are miserable, poverty ridden, dysfunctional backwaters too. They would rather wallow in self and misery and admit that they need to choose. The Muslims problems are not a lack of Jews but Islam and a lack of IQ.

      That that to which we refer to as “the West” was created by the Jews as much as by any other ethnic group.  Simply a gross exaggeration.

      The Jews are no more foreign or alien to Western civilization in English, the Germans, or the French. Living among us does not make you one of us any more than a black or Chinese becomes European because he lives with us.

      The rest of your absurd statements can only be characterized as insulting to whites, self-serving, hyperbole, and the rantings of a Jew who feels he needs to lord over the poor, dumb, cultureless, inferior goyim.  Sir, we do not need you. Actually your people need you much more than we ever did or ever will.  Infact you need us more than we need you.  Without US and European (you know, the place Israel threatens to nuke) support Israel would be quite gone.

      • elitist

        Let’s examine this carefully:

        I write:

        “The last time people you like you exercised influence over Western society, the result was the Holocaust.”

        You respond with:

        “Answering this would get my post deleted.”

        In other words, you would LOVE to write:

        “The Holocaust was a great idea”, but censorship prevents you.

        But you are….NOT a “raving nazi”???

        I REST MY CASE

        Ps. re “Israel threatening to nuke Europe”

        Thank you.

        Thank you so vey much for crashing so noisily out of the closet as both a nazi and as completely delusional.

        Pps. I could not care less what self-avowed Nazis think about Jews or me, or ANYTHING.
        But nothing that you “feel” alters the reality of Jewish contribution to European civilization, which is too well-known to require emphasis.

        AMREN should keep it simple by eliminating all moronic rabble, nazi and otherwise from its comments section.

        Otherwise, AMREN is simply doing the BEST POSSIBLE JOB of convincing everyone that the white movement is a pile of criminal garbage.


      • IstvanIN

        To the moderator who edited my response: Israel has made veiled threats to take out every European capital, as well as every Middle Eastern capital, if the Arabs ever got the upper hand in any attack on Israel, long before Pamela Geller made the suggestion.  Her nukes are on submarines which would survive an Arab attack.  The Europeans may not have always been the nice guys, although since the end of WW2 they have been as self-destructively good hearted as any group ever, and the Arabs certainly can not be judged as open-minded, but the Israel’s are not innocent lambs by any stretch of the imagination.

      • IstvanIN

         Would you kindly delete the portion of the last sentence of my post in parentheses so that it represents what I wrote and not what I did not write.  Thank you so much.

      • Miller Scott

        Wow, just wow. So the masks come off, eh?

        We have a WN who thinks Jews aren’t white (the Ashkenazi cluster on a gene map looks very close to other whites, compared to say Arabs) and have done nothing to build up The West.

        Then we have a Jew who thinks non-Jews aren’t really white (he puts the word in scare quotes, indicating that he thinks its existence is only alleged) and the Jews all by themselves made every part of The West worthy of the name.

        Huh. And I am of the opinion that both the pagans and the Jews have done a great deal to create The West, indeed, I’d gladly give them all the credit, for whatever it’s worth. Not much, judging by the level of malcontent we see all around us today.

        Give me old Europe, Christendom, and I’ll happily leave The West to whomever would fight for its ashes. Give me faithful Christian men of Europe to lead our nations back to glory, and I’ll be happy to let the Jews and pagans rule their own followers in whatever way they see fit. And I’d ask for the same in return. Let white Christians rule white Christians, and let whomever else would submit humbly to his rule do so also in peace.

        • ATBOTL

          Jews won’t agree to any deal that doesn’t involve them telling us what to do. It’s not in their nature to respect other peoples self determination.

      • I don’t think the Jewish contribution to Bolshevism was mentioned in any of the posts- amply detailed in Slezkine’s “The Jewish Century” and in Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together”- still unstranslated into English but available in several other European languages.

    • Sam from TN

       Please tell me I’m avoiding reality and that these are petty resentments. In fact, these should be among our greatest resentments.

      American Jewish contributions to Soviet espionage and subterfuge

      Victor Perlo, J. Peters (Sandor Goldberger), Nathan Silvermaster, Julius Rosenberg,
      Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg, David Greenglass, Morton Sobell, Jacob Golos, Congressman Samuel Dickstein, Harry Dexter White ,Theodore Alvin Holtzberg, George Koval, Harry Gold, Saville Sax, Morris Cohen, Abraham Brothman, Mirriam Moskowitz, Mark Gayn, Joel Barr, Alexander Ulanovsky, Robert Soblen, Harold Ware, Bill Weisband, Flora Wovschin, Judith Coplon, Philip Jaffe, Sidney Steinberg, Henry Steinberg, Irving Potash, Fred Rosenberg, Joseph Weinberg, Carl Winter, Louis Weinstock, John Gates (Solomon Regenstreif), Andrew Roth, Alexander Bittelman, Gerhart Eisler, Nathan Witt, Abraham George Silverman, Betty Gannet, Israel Halperin, Nathaniel Weyl, Irving Potash, George Meyers,Isidore Begun, Jack Statchel, Jay Lovestone, Jack Soble, Isiah Oggins, Grace and Manny Granich, Israel Amter, Samuel Gerson. J. Isodor Gottheil, Miriam Maxwell Abt, Jacob Mindel, Rose Bloomberg

      Jewish contributers to the radical social, and cultural criticism of the Frankfurt School, relocated to Columbia University in the 1930’s

      Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm

      Jewish Contributers to other radical academic disciplines
      Noel Ignatiev- co-founder and co-editor of the journal Race Traitor
      Franz Boas- Led a ‘life-long assault on the idea that race was a primary source of the differences to be found in the mental or social capabilities of human groups. He accomplished his mission largely through his ceaseless, almost relentless articulation of the concept of culture’ .
       ‘Boas, almost single-handedly, developed in America the concept of culture, which, like a powerful solvent, would in time expunge race from the literature of social science’
      Jacques Derrida- deconstruction:  “Deconstruction does not only expose how oppositions work and how meaning and values are produced in a nihilistic or cynic position”
      “The political (rather than analytic or conceptual) critique of binary oppositions is an important part of third wave feminism, post-colonialism, post-anarchism, and critical race theory, which argue that the perceived binary dichotomy between man/woman, civilized/savage, and caucasian/non-caucasian have perpetuated and legitimized Western power structures favoring “civilized white men.”
      Susan Sontag- said “Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.” Ironically died of Leukemia, a disease first classified by a Frenchman.
      Noam Chomsky
      Karl Marx- needs no introduction

      S.M. Neuringer on Jewish Contributions to the shaping of American Immigration Policy

      “In undertaking to sway immigration policy in a liberal direction, Jewish spokesmen and organizations demonstrated a degree of energy unsurpassed by any other interested pressure group. Immigration had constituted a prime object of concern for practically every major Jewish defense and community relations organization. Over the years, their spokesmen had assiduously attended congressional hearings, and the Jewish effort was of the utmost importance in establishing and financing such non-sectarian groups as the National Liberal Immigration League and the Citizens Committee for Displaced Persons.”
      Sheldon Morris Neuringer “American Jewry and United States immigration policy, 1881-1953”

      Hugh Davis Graham on Jewish Contributions to the shaping of American Immigration Policy

      “Most important for the content of immigration reform [i.e., anti-restriction], the driving force at the core of the movement, reaching back to the 1920s, were Jewish organizations long active in opposing racial and ethnic quotas. These included the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, and the American Federation of Jews from Eastern Europe. Jewish members of the Congress, particularly representatives from New York and Chicago, had maintained steady but largely ineffective pressure against the national origins quotas since the 1920s…. Following the shock of the Holocaust, Jewish leaders had been especially active in Washington in furthering immigration reform. To the public, the most visible evidence of the immigration reform drive was played by Jewish legislative leaders, such as Representative Celler and Senator Jacob Javits of New York. Less visible, but equally important, were the efforts of key advisers on presidential and agency staffs. These included senior policy advisers such as Julius Edelson and Harry Rosenfield in the Truman administration, Maxwell Rabb in the Eisenhower White House, and presidential aide Myer Feldman, assistant secretary of state Abba Schwartz, and deputy attorney general Norbert Schlei in the Kennedy-Johnson administration”

      Jewish contributers to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965
      Congressman Emmanuel Cellar: proposed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which according to the esteemed Ted Kennedy  “will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.”

      Wikipedia’s List of Jewish Contributers to Political Activism
      Anti-corporate activists
          Judi Bari, environmentalist (Jewish mother)
          Robert “Gypsy Boots” Bootzin, Health food and fitness guru
          Laurie David, environmental activist
          Rob Reiner, actor, director, producer, writer and anti-tobacco activist; son of Carl Reiner[1]
          Henry Spira, animal rights activist
          Kivie Kaplan, head of the NAACP
          Winona LaDuke, Native American activist & environmentalist (Jewish mother)
          Stanley Levison, Communist Party USA member, advisor to Martin Luther King
          Abel Meeropol, composer of anti-lynching song Strange Fruit
          Michael Schwerner & Andrew Goodman, CORE activists, KKK victims
          Joel & Arthur Spingarn, early NAACP leaders
          Tim Wise, anti-racism activist
          Leslie Cagan, founder of United for Peace and Justice
          Daniel Ellsberg, leaked the Pentagon Papers
          Allen Ginsberg, poet and Pentagon-levitator
          Allard K. Lowenstein, politician and anti-Vietnam war leader
          Bernard Lown, co-founder of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Nobel Peace Prize (1985)
          Murray N. Rothbard, writer
          Elmer Berger, Reform rabbi, deceased
          Noam Chomsky, linguist, historian and author
          Norman Finkelstein, former professor, (denied most recent tenure at DePaul University)
          Fred Newman, founder of International Workers Party
          Adam Shapiro, member of International Solidarity Movement
          Anna Baltzer, author and public speaker.
      Civil liberties
          Felix Frankfurter, Supreme Court Justice, helped found the American Civil Liberties Union
          Nadine Strossen, head of ACLU (father half Jewish holocaust survivor)
          Abbie Hoffman, co-founder of the Youth International Party (Yippies)
          Ed Rosenthal, cannabis activist
          Jerry Rubin, co-founder of the Yippie movement
          A.J. Weberman, Yippie activist, author
      Feminist and Gay Rights Activist
          Bella Abzug, feminist politician, deceased
          Gloria Allred (1941–) lawyer and radio talk show host[2]
          Bettina Aptheker (1944–) lesbian activist, author, and educator[3]
          Andrea Dworkin, feminist writer
          Susan Faludi, feminist writer
          Leslie Feinberg, transgender activist & author
          Clara Fraser, founder of Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party [4]
          Betty Friedan, co-founder & first president of NOW
          Franklin E. Kameny, gay rights leader[5]
          Harvey Milk, murdered gay rights activist and openly gay politician
          Robin Morgan, editor of Ms. Magazine
          Ernestine Rose, feminist
          Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms. Magazine (Jewish father)
          Rebecca Walker (1969–) feminist writer[6]
          Naomi Wolf, feminist writer
          Evan Wolfson, gay marriage activist
      Leaders of Jewish communal organizations
          Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe
          Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League
      Liberal and left-wing activists (miscellaneous)
          Michael Albert, co-founder of Z Magazine
          Saul Alinsky, community organizer
          Ben Cohen, founder of TrueMajority
          Jeff Cohen, founder of FAIR
          John Garfield, blacklisted actor, left-liberal activist
          William Kunstler, civil rights lawyer
          Al Lewis, actor, Green Party candidate, anti-prison and anti-drug war activist
          Eli Pariser, campaigns director of
          George Soros, founder of Open Society Institute
          Barbra Streisand, entertainer, liberal activist and fundraiser
      Jewish Defense
          Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League, deceased
          Mordechai Levy, founder and chairman of the Jewish Defense Organization,
          David Marcus (“Mickey” Marcus), U.S. Army Colonel, hero of Israeli War of Independence
          Avi Weiss, Orthodox rabbi, leader of Free Soviet Jewry movement
      Nazi hunters and Holocaust educators
          Marvin Hier, Orthodox rabbi, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center
          Eli Rosenbaum, director of the Department of Justice’s Office of Special Investigations since 1995; Nazi hunter since early 1980s

      Gun rights advocacy
          Sandra Froman — President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), second female president and first Jewish president
      Immigration reform
          Kinky Friedman, country singer, 2006 candidate for Governor of Texas
      Conservatives and neoconservatives
          Midge Decter, writer
          David Horowitz, writer, activist, commentator
          Irving Kristol, founder of American Neoconservatism.
          William Kristol, editor, writer
          Rabbi Daniel Lapin, founder of Toward Tradition
          Jay Lovestone, AFL-CIO cold warrior; earlier, chairman of Communist Party USA ousted on orders from Joseph Stalin
          John Podhoretz, writer and commentator
          Norman Podhoretz, writer
      Of course nobody’s saying any of these conservatives are white advocates. More likely they espouse the “invade the world invite the world” approach to foreign policy.

      Jewish American Politicians
      Current Senators
           Michael Bennet     Democratic    
            Richard Blumenthal    Democratic        
            Barbara Boxer        Democratic    
            Herb Kohl         Democratic    
            Benjamin Cardin    Democratic    
            Al Franken         Democratic        
            Dianne Feinstein    Democratic    
          Frank Lautenberg     Democratic    
            Carl Levin        Democratic
            Chuck Schumer        Democratic    
            Ron Wyden        Democratic         –
            Bernard Sanders    Independent        
      Current Representatives
            Henry Waxman     Democrat    
            Barnett Frank         Democrat    
            Gary Ackerman     Democrat    
            Sander Levin         Democrat          
          Eliot Engel         Democrat    
            Nita Lowey         Democrat    
            Robert Filner         Democrat        
            Jerrold Nadler        Democrat    
            Rochelle Berkley    Democrat    
            Janice Schakowsky     Democrat    
            Bradley Sherman     Democrat    
            Susan Davis        Democrat        
            Steve Israel        Democrat    
            Adam Schiff         Democrat        
            Eric Cantor         Republican    
            Allyson Schwartz     Democrat        
            Debbie Wasserman Schultz     Democrat    
            Stephen Cohen     Democrat    
            John Yarmuth         Democrat    
            Jared Polis         Democrat    
            Theodore Deutch     Democrat        
            David Cicilline         Democrat        
            Alan Grayson         Democrat        
            Lois Frankel         Democrat        
            Brad Schneider     Democrat        
            Alan Lowenthal     Democrat    
      Former Representatives since 2000
          Rahm Emanuel (D-IL: 2003–2009)
          Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ: 2007-2012)
          Robert Wexler (D-FL: 1997-2010)
          Jane Harman (D-CA: 1993-1999, 2001-2011)
          Martin Frost (D-TX: 1979-2005)
          Tom Lantos (D-CA: 1981-2008)
          Nan Hayworth (R-NY: 2011-2013)
      Former Senators since 2000
          Joe Lieberman 1989-2013 (D-CT)
          Paul Wellstone 1997-2003 (D-MN)
          George Allen 2001-2007 (R-VA)
          Norm Coleman 2003-2009 (R-MN)
          Russ Feingold 1993-2011 (D-WI)
          Ted Kaufman 2009-2011 (D-DE)
          Arlen Specter 1981-2011 (R-PA)

      We need an American Renaissance precisely because of these people.

      • bluffcreek1967

        That’s certainly an impressive list. The problem is that, if you looked, you could find just as many (if not more) non-Jews who could be referenced alongside the Jews you cited. Yes, Jews have been very influential in promoting liberal causes and secular-human ideology throughout the world. For a variety of different reasons, a good portion of the Jewish people are socially liberal.

        Perhaps due to the level of anti-semitism and world-wide rejection they have received, they have been great supporters of immigration in the Western world. They know from first-hand experience the plight of those who suffer and seek refuge. Their empathy toward other humans, admittedly, has exceeded at times their wisdom – particularly in the area of immigration. We see this reality not merely in America, but even in their own homeland of Israel. Their hearts have naively opened to the very people who wish to destroy them. But this was not due to some sinister plot to eradicate Whites as some have suggested – and if it was, it represented the thinking of only a very small portion of them. I would say that just as many non-Jews (if not more) have been complicit in promoting third-world immigration in civilized, Western nations.

        As for Jews being socially liberal and anti-White, this has been the scourge on almost all Western educated people, Jews and non-Jews alike. Liberalism is the social-political cancer that has plagued all men and women regardless of race. To make it appear as if the Jews are solely guilty for this or as if this cancer has emanated from them alone is neither accurate or fair to history. Prior to the educational and academic influence of Jews in Europe, there were quite a number of Gentile scholars who were quite liberal and atheistic in their own right. It’s easy to point out the liberal Jews as you have done, but we must not ignore the many Jews throughout the West who are quite conservative. A Jewish revolt against liberalism and secular humanist thought has occurred, in effect, over the past 25 years in America and a return to Orthodox and Conservative branches of Judaism. In other words, many Jews have come to recognize that their adherence to liberalism is utterly destructive to Jewish survival. I would argue, likewise, that its also destructive to Whites in Europe and America as well.

        Yes, Whites in Europe and America can survive without the presence or influence of Jews. But I believe strongly that the Jews have contributed greatly to the West in the form of the arts, science, medical discoveries, and literature. Their good contributions have outweighed by far their bad ones. In fairness, we must recognize this.

        • Sam from TN

            “The problem is that, if you looked, you could find just as many (if not more) non-Jews who could be referenced alongside the Jews you cited.”

          No you couldn’t. At least in certain regards. The lists of Soviet agents inside the U.S. reads like the membership directory of a New York synagogue. Its true that three of the most famous spies outside of the Rosenbergs were gentiles: Whitaker Chambers, Elizabeth Bentley, and Alger Hiss. However, the first two gained notoriety for exposing the communist infiltration before Congress back in the 40’s while the latter was famous for his position high in the State Department. Besides them, its hard to find native born American spies who were non-Jewish.

          As far as intellectual movements go, what is important to note is that they were the founders and the majority of the early proponents of the most radical and vicious schools of thought. Again: Marxism, Psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School, Deconstruction, Critical Theory, Second Wave Feminism, and NeoConservatism. While these movements are largely devoid of any rational basis, they have provided the fuel for all the nasty things committed by our universities and press. If you’ve sat through a sociology or liberal arts class, youv’e heard some version of the above.
          As for the rank and file of leftism and anti-white movements: of course they are made up mostly of gentiles. After all Jews account for less than 2 percent of the U.S. population (though you wouldn’t think so from the number of Senators and Congressmen that can be numbered mong them, not to mention the 3 Supreme Court Justices. Compare that to the number of protestants: 0). You really can’t create intellectual, social, and political movements with any chance of changing the national landscape when you have so few numbers, you’d need significant support from the community at large. I’m not discounting the contributions of White leftists to our present peril, I’m merely noting the Jewish community’s overwhelming devotion to every cause detrimental to white over the last century, the zeal of their activism, and the influence they’ve peddled to our politicians, educators, media men, as well as the rest of our social and cultural mileau. But what troubles me most is that they have been the vanguard of everyone of these movements whether it be communism, affirmative action, open borders, the denigration of Christianity through the “separation of church and state”, or so called anti-racist organizations like the loathsome SPLC. Whatever it is, as long as it exist to dissolve traditional western, that is White Christian, society, they have been a part of it, in numbers overwhelmingly disproportionate to their share of the population and since the beginning. I never said they were solely guilty for our present situation, but I do think they own a huge share of that guilt. Meanwhile, it would be impossible to create a comparable list of Jews who have done good for our side. It would simply be pathetic.
          To be fair, I can’t paint the Jewish community with one broad stroke, but as for the activists, lobbyists, politicians, media moguls and the rest of those Jews who’ve made it their life’s work to shape the perception of our population or otherwise influences our public life: they have known what they are doing since the beginning. I don’t believe that the rabbis meet in some dark room once a year saying “this is how we will get the gentiles now”. It’s a lot simpler than that: they’ve simply had the cohesion, financing, and access to the media and political personalities that have let them create real change in our society. Something we’ve not been able to do.

          Don’t believe me? If you care to take the time to browse a 1998 interview with Earl Raab, former executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, with his coreligionist Eleanor Glaser. He frankly details how much pull the Jewish community has had in American politics, and to what ends they were working for when they supported open boarders, school integration, downplaying Israel’s relationship with South Africa while publicly condemning Apartheid to save face etc.

          Just imagine what we could do if Amren had a budget in the millions, the ear of politicians and tv executives, and deep ties to similar organizations with just as much power.

          “They know from first-hand experience the plight of those who suffer and seek refuge. Their empathy toward other humans, admittedly, has exceeded at times their wisdom.”

          Precisely why they have just deported whatever African immigrants they were able to. What empathy do they show to the Palestinians when they turned them into refugees in 1948. Remember, the Israelis committed the first terrorist acts in Jerusalem before Israel was even belonged to them. Not only did they kill the Arabs living there, they killed the British, who were helping them set up some kind of state while Palestine was under their control. I care as little for Muslims as the next person: I want them to leave America. I want them out of Europe. But if we’re going to say those things we can’t very well say they have no right to hate the people who took their grandfathers homes, have walled them into tiny strips of land, and would throw them out if the International Community wouldn’t censure them for it. We can’t blame them either when they hate us for giving Israel the guns and money to treat them like crap. That’s what 80% of our foreign aid goes to: the Israeli military budget.

          “A Jewish revolt against liberalism and secular humanist thought has occurred, in effect, over the past 25 years in America and a return to Orthodox and Conservative branches of Judaism.”
          The reason for this is easy to explain: The American left does not support the behavior of Israel.
          The Jews are now abandoning the American Left not out of any sympathy with our ideals, the beliefs of traditional, white Americans, but because the situation has changed and it is good for the Jews to do so. The far Left, sticking to the same principles that made them to rant and rave about the plight of blacks in America, South Africa, and Rhodesia, now has its sights set on Israel. Go to youtube and see for yourself the multitudes of videos taken by Western protesters as they deliver aid, stand in front of the bulldozers, and get harassed by the IDF in the West Bank.  
          Meanwhile, Jews no longer have to worry much about anti-semitism rearing its head. In fact, conservatives are the most ardent supporters of the Israeli state. American leaders, fresh from AIPAC fundraisers or vacations in Israel will keep sending them the guns, money, and American white boys to fight against whatever Muslims are pissing them off at the moment.
          Look at the people around Bush, Paul Wolfowitz et. al, who were hell bent on invading Iraq. What good did that do for America? Nothing. What bad did it do? Killed a lot of white boys and helped Obama coast into the Whitehouse. What good did it do for Israel? U.S. bases between them and Iran. Quite frankly, they treat the USA like a whore.

          I could rant on and on about this, but there’s just too much information for one article. I appreciate Amren for covering this topic.

          • bluffcreek1967

            There is too much to respond to in your rebuttal and it would take too much time and space to do so here. A few brief replies are in order.

            Yes, you could cite just as many Gentiles who were just as committed to liberalism as many Jews were. Again, much of the foundational thought of liberal ideology was already present among many Gentile scholars and writers prior to the 19th and 20th centuries. Granted, a good many Jews built and further developed such thoughts, but they were not the sole originators of them.

            The issue is not whether such liberalism was “vicious” and destructive. Of course it was. And as I have already noted, some Jews (far too many) have been influential in promoting those same political ideas. They were wrong and misguided. But that’s a far cry from proving that the Jews had a unique and distinctive plan to undermine White America merely because it was White. They wanted to change the world to what they thought was better as do many ideological zealots. But to suggest that most of them had a specific anti-White agenda in their plans because they wanted to eradicate Whites is not true. You might find a few who may have said such things, but this was not the dominant view among them.

            You said,”To be fair, I can’t paint the Jewish community with one broad stroke.” But you have. This is why you have referenced quite a number of them in your posts. You are not merely telling us that many Jews are liberal and have promoted anti-American causes (which I agree with), but you have unfortunately broad brushed them by arguing that there was a also a specific, anti-White purpose to it. That is, to eradicate the White race. I don’t think that fits the facts and you have made too many leaps in your arguments in order to denigrate the Jewish people.

            As for Israel deporting the Africans from their country, there were specific reasons for this (namely, high rates of crime among the Africans), but I just can’t get into that now. Such acts on the part of the Israelis does not discredit them as a generally benevolent people who desire not war but peace. The entire discussion of Israel’s right to the land has been debated endlessly by better minds than you and I, so I will leave it for it now. I have read much on the issue over the years, but there is so much involved and I cannot do the subject justice now.

            The abandonment of many Jews from liberal-socialism to a more spiritual frame of mind is not because it’s now somehow convenient for them to do so or because other liberals are not supportive of Israel. Rather, it’s because many have come to realize the utter bankruptcy and moral depravity that results to family and nation when social-Marxism is embraced by any people. They are returning to their Jewish roots in effect. Like other groups or nations in the world, they have realized that their swing to the left for the past 100 years has not been good or beneficial for them. There are a whole lot of Jews in Israel and in America who are not as socialist as you seem to imagine. And I would add that the overwhelming majority of them are not hell-bent on destroying the White race.

            No, Jews will always have to be concerned about anti-semitism because there are still many grossly exaggerated claims against them. Many people still wish to eradicate them from the face of the earth and finish what Hitler only began. Granted, not every criticism against Israel has its origin in anti-semitism, but there are far too many persons these days who hate not merely the mistaken ideology of many liberal Jews, but the entire Jewish people as a whole.

            Yes, Bush as well as Obama have had influential Jews in their administrations, but so what? There have been many Gentiles also. The decision of past American presidents to support and defend Israel was not based on any Jewish arm-twisting or manipulation, but because they believed that after the tragic events of WW2, they deserved their own homeland. They also knew that Israel was a civilized nation that adhered to essentially Western values and ideas. They have rightly supported Israel, although I too would not justify spending American dollars to increase their military might.

            There is much more to say, but time will not permit it. I must say that some of your points are rather scattered and you have jumped from one subject to another in your indictment against the Jewish people. Very few of your thoughts are even half-way developed which makes it difficult to answer because there is too much background information that needs to first be established. Oh well, I guess that’s the nature of this sort of forum. Thank you nonetheless for the exchange of thoughts.

          • IstvanIN

            Just keep a couple of points in mind:  We are fighting for our survival.  It never ceases to amaze me how the press likes to point out that ONE NBA team has too many whites but would never point out how over represented Jews are on the Supreme Court and Congress, especially the Senate.  Jews have never had it better here in the US than in any other country in the world, yet a huge proportion, bigger than the proportion of similarly minded whites, of their population works tirelessly for the destruction of white, Christian America.

            There is a big difference between working to protect your own rights, and even advocating for the rights of others, and working to take away the rights of the US majority population.  And when you look at the horror the Jewish conceived and led communist movement in the Russian Empire/USSR and Eastern Europe.  Stalin’s secret police was largely Jewish. The Hungarian Revolution of 56 was more about the stranglehold Jews had on the Government and Secret Police than it was about Communism per se.  Imre Nagy was a loyal communist but also a man who believed Hungarians should be leading Hungary.  He was executed for it.

            What is even more upsetting is the double standard the largely Jewish owned and/or controlled press has when it comes to reporting news and even historical facts.  There is no problem reporting the race of someone white who makes a transgression, but the race of a non-white is covered up to the extent possible.  To note that certain unsavory characters past and present were Jewish is also forbidden, even by other Jews.

            Most Jewish or Jewish led organizations are rabidly ant-America.  Are there Jews who support America, consider themselves Americans first and foremost, and don’t want to see the US subsumed by the third world?  Of Course, but they are a minority of their fellow travelers.  White folks are a lot more evenly split, we are not in lock step on every destructive program.

        • ATBOTL

          Nonsense. Jews created most of the key anti-white ideologies and movements. That fact that gentiles were forced to toe the line after Jews gained dominance over elite institutions does not changes that.

    • GENIUS

      Name me one major Jewish Organization that defends the Whites race’s right to exists.

      Just one, OK?

    • That’s because Jews settled in areas that were already culturally and economically active.  Just look at Jewish achievement OUTSIDE of Europe- and come back with your findings.

      • In addition – Jews practiced a form of practical village eugenics by means of the matchmaker.  Young and smart Jewish men and women were matched with each over generations.  If it worked for Mendel’s peas- why shouldn’t it work for people too?

    • ATBOTL

      You aren’t part of our people and you have no business telling us what to do or think.

  • ThothAmon

    Nationalism for Jews, Bolshevism for the non-Jews. That has been pretty much their policy towards the White world.

  • Achaean

    The ancient Greek Miracle, invention of philosophy, geometry, deductive reasoning, prose writing, tragedy, history writing; the Roman invention of the legal persona, the greatest empire, latin literature; the Catholic invention of universities, cathedrals, Romanesque and Gothic architecture, Aquinas, St Anselm, nominal thinking, Roger Bacon, the Papal Revolution of the 11th century and Canon Law, the 12C Renaissance, followed by the Italian Renaissance, the Discovery of the World, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, Romantic Movement — there were all White achievements at a time when other ethnic groups in Europe were non-existent or submerged in Talmudic rituals.

  • Whirlwinder

    With Islam’s hatred of Jews, I find it incredible that Israel allows any muslims to mingle among them. And the idea of  the so called “two state solution” is a fantasy that is found only in the western mindset. Islam will never allow Israel to continue to exist, and if they could find a way to destroy them they would eagerly be about that process. American political leaders are ignorant of the muslim hatred for Jews which has been festering for some 1400 years ever since the Jewish men of the Banu Qurayza tribe was slaughtered in Medina. 

    • GENIUS

      Very true.  This is why the Jewish people should understand the Africans hatred of the White people.

      The Jewish people, and the White people are natural allies.  We both must fight for and demand a homeland for the Jewish people only and a homeland for the White people only.

      It is time for all good Jews to come to the aide of their White brethren.

      • anarchyst

        THAT will never happen . . . a “subset” of the “tribe” is responsible for our present-day immigration and cultural “diversity” troubles . . .

        • Slavinika

          Funny you say that,  of all the Jews I know with the exception of one, they hate blacks, Arabs, and don’t want non-whites near them. I’m sure they don’t like the ones who brought them here.

          • ATBOTL

            You must be hanging out with a highly unrepresentative sample of Jews.

      • jack ryan

        Sounds good in theory, but it’s never worked.

        With Jews as with Blacks and Arabs it’s:

        “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours needs to be multi cultural”

    • anarchyst

      Actually, islam and judaism are more closely related than judaism and christianity.  A critical comparison of the jewish talmud and islamic koran shows this to be true . . . there are many similarities in both texts . . .

      • Whirlwinder

        The only similarities are the ones Muhammad carped from the Jewish texts while dreaming up his Koran. A large portion of the Koran is all about hating and killing the infidel. These horrific tales will not be found in the Jewish texts.

        • anarchyst

          Not entirely true . . . those of the “tribe” have their own “infidels” (goy) and confer second-class status on them . . . and could be compared to islamic dhimmitude.  “Tribal” proscriptions on “goyim” are actually more severe than islamic proscriptions on “infidels”.  Islam does not consider nonbelievers to be less human while talmudic teachings actually  consider “goyim” (gentiles) to be on a par with “livestock” only to serve the interests of the “tribe”.  In “tribal” writings, “goy” have no legal recourse against those of the “tribe”. 
          Best regards,

        • Sam from TN

          Purim anybody? Jericho?

           “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow,
          they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.

          That is why gentiles
          were created,”

          “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have
          no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,”

          “In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it
          will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity.
          Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.

          is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,”

          Rabbi Ovadia Yose, former Shepardi Chief Rabbi of Israel

          “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail”

          Rabbi Yaacov Perrin

          On Baruch Goldstein, perpetrator of the Cave of Patriarch’s massacre

          “The master of the ceremony called upon a
          Kiryat Arba resident to address the crowd. He started by praising that
          “righteous and holy physician, Dr. Goldstein, who rendered us a sacred service
          and got martyred in the process.” The speaker called upon the audience to
          mourn him. By and large, the audience remained silent. Some applauded. Only a
          single individual, wearing a small beard and a knitted skullcap, stood up and
          yelled: “I disagree; that was a cold-blooded murder!” Instantly he was
          physically assaulted. Many in the crowd yelled: “Kick the infidel out of the
          hall!” The tempers calmed down only when Ben-David finally appeared on the
          stage and began singing. Outside after the performance some people reminisced
          that more Gentiles had been killed by the Jews in Susa during the original
          Purim [75,000]. They, therefore, reasoned that this was the right time to kill
          a comparable number of Gentiles in the holy land.”

          “People awaiting the arrival of the corpse [of Goldstein] could be heard repeating:
          “What a hero! A righteous person! He did it on behalf of all of
          us.” As usual in such encounters between religious Jews, all the
          participants tuned into a single, collective personality, united by
          their burning hatred of the Israeli media, the wicked Israeli
          government and, above all else, of anyone who dared to speak
          against the murder.”

          The Real Significance of Baruch

  • I can’t blame the Jews for their survival strategies- because THEY ARE WHAT EURO-CAUCASIANS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING ALL ALONG!  Instead- Euros got
    comfortable and lazy as a majority, broadly speaking — which gave energetic and enterprising minorities a chance to occupy critical societal niches.

    • IstvanIN

       Agreed.  The day that whites and Jews decide to do their own “menial” work is the beginning of our path to freedom.

  • IstvanIN

    Do we need anymore proof that they are not our friends?,7340,L-4299673,00.html
    Quite an eyeopener.  

  • anarchyst

    The jewish “holocaust” has been perverted beyond its original historical significance by those of the “tribe” that wish to deflect any criticism of jewish practices as well as to serve as a “moneymaking operation” which demeans the whole sordid affair.  In act, there are many more jewish “holocaust” survivors alive today than at the end of WW2 . . .

    • They say 6 million Jews died. 

      Very interesting that in the area occupied by the German Army there was never a population of Jews anywhere near 6 million.

      Hush.  If you question this you are a anti-Semite.  

      • anarchyst

        You are correct.  Official International Red Cross figures are about 731,000 from all WW2 perils.  Best regards.
        P. S. BOTH of us will probably have our posts removed.

  • Realistic Hebe

    Unlike their American Counterparts, Israeli Jews had political correctness pounded out of them by the reality of living in the middle east. The nationalist-realist streak has been strengthened by the infusion of Soviet and Sephardi Jews. Whereas America Jews are able to move to the suburbs to escape the consequences of diversity, Israel is small enough to make that not possible. 

    • Why don’t the American Jews move to Israel to escape the consequences of the diversity they FORCED on America?
      Had we White Americans been allowed to keep our restrictive covenants about who can own and occupy homes, then we would not have the “consequences of diversity” which so many Jewish lawyers shoved down our throats.

      Think of all the Country Clubs that are forced to let Africans in since Jewish Lawyers sued the very same Country Clubs…………………………………………………….

      • IstvanIN

         Had we kept out 1922 immigration policy a lot of this would not have happened.

    • Where are the Ur-liberal Jews going if/or when America finally collapses into a ex-Yugo moment?

      Paraphrasing Diana Ross and the Supremes – ” Ain’t no penthouse high enough/suburb far enough- to keep them away from those”.

  • jack ryan

    We wrote a fair article for Occidental Dissent on this subject, admitting the very disturbing reality that the American Jewish community overwhelmingly favors genocidal open borders immigration in to the United States, at the same time the American Jewish community supports making Israel a Jewish ethno state. That’s just reality, a disturbing sad reality, but reality nevertheless:

    Yes Virginia, the Jews Really Suck on Immigration

    My advice is to not get obsessed about this subject, but to instead just recognize different people tend to be good and bad in certain areas. The American Jewish people are terrible on immigration and generally just very bad in politics, but they are good in other areas, like being good students.

    American Jews tend to be like American Blacks, they don’t take constructive criticism well and the Jews will circle their wagons and scream “NAZI”, “HATER” to any White Gentile that says an unkind word about any Jewish person, even open spies, traitors like Jonathan Pollard.

    Something else I’ve had moderate success with is to have a Jewish friend who will pass on legitimate criticism of other Jews. Jews can criticize other Jews. We can’t, or else it gets very nasty and we usually lose.

  • JohnEngelman

    Genesis 15:18 In that same day t he Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates.

    Genesis 17: 20-21 And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful and will multiply his exceedingly: twelve princes shall be beget, and I will make him a great nation. But my covenant will I establish with Isaac, which Sarah shall bear unto thee at this set time in the next year.

  • JohnEngelman

    The Israelis should have expelled the Palestinians right after the won the Six Day War. Then they should have annexed the land they conquered, and settled it with Jews. Few people in the United States would have complained. We were too busy celebrating the Israeli victory.