Undercover St. Louis County Police to Deliver Pizzas in Wake of Driver Killings

Joel Currier, STL Today, November 8, 2012

Your next pizza order could arrive at the door in the hands of an undercover police officer.

St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch on Thursday announced an unusual plan to have undercover cops deliver pizzas to parts of St. Louis County to deter armed robberies.

“If it’s a legitimate pizza order, they’re not going to know it’s a police officer,” Fitch said. “If a person has a sinister motive and they decide to rob one of our officers, it’s not going to be pretty.”

The strategy comes after Imo’s driver Brian W. Johnson was fatally shot Monday night while taking three pizzas to a home in Dellwood. Johnson, 39, was found dead in his car after being robbed of the pizzas and a cellphone.

Prosecutors have charged Earon Rivers, 17, in the killing. Police said they found him in a house with the empty pizza boxes and murder weapon. They also arrested three other teens and are pursuing charges against them.

Johnson was the second Imo’s pizza delivery driver slain in St. Louis County in six months. {snip}

Fitch said he has never tried such a crime prevention idea before. Officers who typically work undercover drug cases will be assigned to pizza delivery, as needed, starting as early as Friday in areas where similar robberies have occurred. {snip{



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  • Puggg

    The end of the article says that the cops will give pizza delivery drivers suggestions on how to protect themselves.

    But pizza delivery drivers aren’t allowed to CCW, because their employers refuse.

    • Brasilianbooty

      They need to always send two bodies. One to deliver (armed) and one to ride shotgun–with a real 12 gauge.

      • guest

        they need to stop delivering pizza to bad neighborhoods

    • Hirschibold

       Think about this. When I was a young man delivering pizzas for the Hut, there was a large map on the wall dividing the neighborhood into various zones, with certain zones highlighted as “no-go after 6pm” routes. These were the ghettos and public housing complexes where drivers had previously been shot, stabbed, or beaten on night deliveries and we were thus barred from going there.

      But there were some drivers who would still risk it, and some of them were white females, who had to go sans mace or even a pocketknife. White female with money in the ghetto and a nice car, alone=trouble. Here’s a mass aggregate, a website of nothing but pizza delivery stories from real drivers:


      Even when they don’t mention race…you know.

      • That map was  “Red Lining”.  Obama initiated the lawsuit back in the 90s against the banks that did that …..

    • camperdude

       I delivered pizza in the 80s in Sausalito, CA… hardly ever mentioned in the same breath as St. Louis!  Yet even we had no go areas.  The housing projects in Marin City were off limits after dark.  As I remember, there was no beating around the bush either; I remember clearly my manager saying many times on the phone, “No, we don’t deliver to Marin City at night.”  There was no need to explain why.

      • Rob

        Marin City. I know the place .The only Ghet-toe in Marin County.Never had any negative experiences there, but I witnessed one.

    • Libearlsuck

      I would tell them, “I am carrying a gun on me when I am delivering pizzas or you can find a new pizza boy.” Sorry, but my life and safety mean a lot more to mean than some minimum wage job.

  • Yeah right, the St. Louis County Police Department.  They can’t even find a dead body in a closet whose door is open when they’re searching a house deliberately looking for a dead body.

    And if you’re holding a picnic in a St. Louis County public park, make sure you indicate on the paperwork that your picnic is political if it’s being done for the benefit of a political group, otherwise the big brave “internationally accredited” St. Louis County PD will come and bounce you out of the park.

    Keystone Cops, truly.

  • Blacks are so dangerous you cant even deliver a pizza to them!  I mean when it takes undercover officers to deliver pizzas I think it’s time to admit that MAYBE, just MAYBE we have a race problem in this country.

    • Ulick

      C’mon. You know that, sadly, that admission won’t be made on the national stage unless it’s someone saying, as usual, that whites are behind the race problem.

      •  I can dream can’t I?  But of course you’re right.  Who in the hell gives a damn about St. Louis?

        • Puggg

          I beg your pardon.

        • Ahem.

        • go Cards

        • seek

          As a son of St. Louis, I rather oppose that remark.  Despite its multitude of blacks, it’s still in many ways a great city.

    • Liberalsuck

      Oh, come on, now. How do you know these were blacks harming the pizza delivery drivers? Hey, could have been blonde-blue eyed Swedes for all we now. Maybe it was Asians who rob and kill pizza delivery drivers.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    The best solution is to simply stop deliveries at dusk in certain areas and sell “take-out” only.

    I delivered pizza while I was on federal probation, as I was required to have a full-time job, no matter what it was, so long as it was legal.  It wasn’t a bad deal, but at least half of my night-time deliveries were to married enlisted housing or unmarried billets at the air force academy or to the guards at the south gate (those guys always tipped really well on cold nights, especially Cameron Dunbar.)

    I didn’t mind the job very much at all, but I was never any place I was likely to be robbed, let alone killed over $20 worth of pizza.  I not only had no problems delivering to the local halfway houses on North Nevada, I distributed our fliers there when I was in the area, trying to drum up business.

    I never order pizza anymore, or take it out, or even buy it frozen; it’s too easy to make, especially if one uses flour tortillas as the crusts – the work’s already halfway done if you use those.  The spaghetti sauce section in the supermarket has abundant different marinara-type sauces, and the rest is just mix-and-match with your favorite meats, cheeses and vegetables.  A pizza cutter is two or three dollars, and a steel cookie sheet for toasting them on about the same.

    This idea on the part of the PD over there seems workable in theory, but if it works it will be forcibly shut down as “racist”, and if it doesn’t work, the PD will abandon it and pretend it never happened.

    • tickyul

      Maybe it will fly….Chuck E. Cheese now has armed officers and a tactical response team!

    • Never doing, is giving in.

  • Cops delivering pizzas? Good Lord, the price of pizzas will sky-rocket. Of course the only job more dangerous than delivering pizza in St. Louis is delivering KFC or Popeyes.

    • Delivering toasted ravioli and ooey gooey butter cake?  Not so dangerous.
      Then again, why “deliver” pizza around here when you can just as well deliver one side of a thin cardboard box.  That’s all St. Louis pizza is, pizza ingredients baked on top of a piece of thin cardboard then sliced in squares.

      • Too many people make it just for the money and the dumb customers don’t know what good pizza is. Most of the stuff around here is like crackers with ketchup and cheese on it. Almost nothing good west of the Delaware River

        • Zorro

          When Pizza Hut and Dominos are your go-to places for a pie, you know the ones that go there never had a real pizza in their lives.

      • They do it in squares there too?

      • robinbishop34


    • ed91

       kinda sounds like we’re in a police state………

      however, with blacks around, that takes the sting out of being in a police state.

      (until the cops are black)

    • Pelagian

       ” Of course the only job more dangerous than delivering pizza in St. Louis is delivering KFC or Popeyes.”

      Never thought about it before, but that’s probably why delivery service never developed for fried chicken (KFC and Popeyes were around well before Dominos).   It would be easy to do, except that nationwide 50% of your customers would be black, whereas with pizza I bet only 15% are.

  • How about just allowing drivers to carry guns and give them permission to shoot to kill.

    What will this program accomplish? Maybe they’ll catch one criminal. Then what? The program ends and drivers are left to fend for themselves.

    Other solutions are to move out of the crime ridden hood. If you don’t want to do that, make orders pick up only.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The companies like Blackjack, etc. can not afford the liability insurance.

    • KenelmDigby

      They love to call us all ‘nasty litle racists’ on this site.

      But in all honesty, how can any reasonable person deny that there is no savage anywhere (apart from black Africa), who would kill you as soon as look at you for the sake of a pizza.

      Savages exist everywhere in the tropical world, but your typical tropical savage has a touch more honor and decorum than that most worthless and despised of all creatures the American ghetto black.
      Even a G-d Damned ravenous shark is a superior sort of creature.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I would never call a shark “God Damned”.  A shark is just doing it’s job, and the only ones that seem to have any self awareness at all are porbeagles, who are interested in human divers but don’t bite us (very scary when they approach, as they look so much like great whites and makos), and which play with each other very much like dolphins.

        Hammerheads seem curious about human divers; even only the very large ones rarely bother people; the rest seem busier hunting stingrays.  Swimming in a big school of hammerheads is a strange experience.

        Stingrays are downright friendly when you feed them; unless stepped on or panicked, they don’t sting, and their teeth are basically like our molars; they crunch up shellfish on the bottom.

        Perhaps the most intelligent sea life after the toothed whales might suprise you; the larger octopi are about as smart as dogs and cats.

  • crystal evans

    Why don’t these pizza place stop delivering to these problem neighborhoods and only provide carry out service. Makes sense to me.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      They get sued for negligence when drivers are killed, but also sued for “racism” when they won’t send drivers out to problem areas.

      I did plenty of deliveries that were technically out of area, but I always met the customers at a service station with good lights within my delivery area.  That way, I was covered and my boss covered as well.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I hate to repost, but did you notice in the article that the guy who was murdered in ESL was 39?  He probably either had few useful skills except the willingness to work, or had recently been released from prison, couldn’t find anything else he could do to pay the bills, or some combination of the three.

      I think 39 is a heck of a sad age at which to be killed over $20 worth of pizza.

      • Before I start this comment, I want to advise all our Indiana people who are about to read this (Daily Kenn, Wayne Leon Engle, Indiana Guy, etc.) not to freak out when I use a certain word here.  St. Louisans will understand what I’m saying and why I’m saying it.  But in the context I’m about to use it, it has nothing to do with the state of Indiana.

        The vic definitely looked like a hoosier.

        However, I doubt he did any time, because then he would have been stuck cheek to jowl with blacks from St. Louis and Kansas City, and therefore he would hate them so badly that there is no way he would want to deliver pizzas in the chocolate suburbs of St. Louis.  (Note:  This didn’t happen in East St. Louis, Illinois, as you suggested.)  He would perhaps try to get on doing something in Jefferson County or parts of South St. Louis County or what remain of the hooiser parts of South St. Louis City.

        It is my experience with ex-con hoosiers around here that they studiously arrange their lives to have as little contact with blacks as possible.  Delivering pizzas to blacks in black suburbs isn’t consistent with that.

        My bet is that he was the son of old time white parents who remember when Near North County was still white, and for whatever reason, couldn’t or didn’t want to leave and can’t find any better work than delivering pizzas.

        • Jhart

          I read that the victim had been a pizza delivery driver for over 20 years. He was also a bass guitar player. He was once arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. I don’t wish to disparage his memory, but I’m thinking life-long stoner, personally…

          • refocus

            Hey great.

            He got stoned.

            Therefore its not such a bad thing he was killed. 

            He was probably stoned at the time.

            The killer really was doing a public service, cleaning up the street. 

            Thanks, I never would have seen your point of view.


          • Jhart

             I’m not sure what in my post leads you to conclude that I feel it was a good thing this unfortunate was murdered. I was only speculating that he was a stoner in reply to QD’s theory he was a hoosier. You seem to have completely misconstrued my words. I live in the greater St. Louis metro area and am quite fed up with the Diversity and all its blessings…

        • Bob

          I”f your dishwarsher is broken, then you have to warsh them in the zink.”

          You forgot  “sodee.”

          Yeah, “hoosier” to someone from St. Louis means something not good.

        • robinbishop34

           You’re describing a south St. Louis hoosier accent, not a St. Louis accent.

      • IstvanIN

         This comment is for everyone putting down this poor man.  I do not care if he was working a second job, or was unskilled, or an ex-con getting his life back on track, or even someone who had smoked some marijuana at some point.  He was white and did not deserve to die at the hands of uncivilized savages.  Pure and simple.  I am sick of whites who feel that some white lives are not that important.  So and so was probably liberal, had tattoos, was gay, was homeless, was an alcoholic, etc. so therefore their death wasn’t too bad.  We need to stand together or we will fall together.

        • I agree 100%.  

          WHITE FIRST, then we can argue among ourselves.

          That is how La Raza and the JNAACP operate.

          • IstvanIN

             Absolutely.  Family quarrels should not be aired in public.  We should, but sadly do not, present a unified front.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          My point exactly.  Killed over $20 worth of pizza when he was working a low-paying job because that’s what was available, and by someone who isn’t legally an adult and who hasn’t had a serious worry in his life yet?

          I think 39 is too young to check out and also far too old to be killed over some fast food in a nation that landed men on the moon.  It doesn’t matter whether the victim lived in his mom’s basement, was gay, had tattoos, smoked grass or listened to “alternative” music or was a left-handed albino Eskimo.  None of that matters.

          What does matter is that a guy was working a $#!& job that I had once done and was killed for food and small change by someone who was neither starving nor broke.

          • IstvanIN

             And unlike the Urban Americans who killed him he was employed!

        • ATBOTL

          It’s sad to read these kinds of comments, they are the fruits of white hyper individualism.  The reaction of extreme individualist whites when another white is being attacked is not to defend them but to find excuses why they aren’t worth helping.  No other race reacts this way when there own people are under attack.  

        • Skincognito

          Good call. I’m heavily tattooed, I imbibe and I guarentee that I’ll throw a punch before most of the desk jockeys on this site. But I excel in my academic work and my daughter is ganz nordisch. Certain country club “racialists” out there need to realize that, in some respects, they are little better than the Establishment Comintern that simultaneously isolates itself from the diversity threat, while dictating to the Lumpen how we must enrich ourselves through diversity. Race over all. Herrenvolk democracy built this country, it’s comin back. Now let us all hold hands and sing “Kumbaya.” I kid, just lay off the more reckless elements of this burgeoning movement; we may well contribute a decisive burst of energy at the crucial hour (see Greece).

    • 1Forced_Registration

       Why don’t these pizza places stop deliver to the problem neighborhoods?  There isn’t a lot of non-problem neighborhood left. I delivered pizzas about 6 miles from there during 1990-1992. That area was actually slightly better then. I had a molotov thrown at me about 6 1/2 miles from where this driver was killed and I’m lucky to be alive to talk about it. During the same incident (a small riot that broke out during the Rodney King BS) the owner of the local liquor store was dragged from his store by a group of blacks armed with bricks & petrol bombs. They beat him to death with the bricks, looted, and burned down his store.  There were maybe 3 cops available to respond to the incident, and by the time they got out there the owner was already dead; they were outnumbered easily 50:1.  This was in broad daylight — we had already stopped delivering there at night due to one of our drivers getting robbed, and beaten.  It was not the first incident there, not even my first incident in that area. On one occasion I was greeted by youths with baseball bats and had to call a police officer just to make the delivery. The police, and the customer thankfully completely understood my apprehension about getting out of my car virtually unarmed in a 5 on 1 situation. That area was so bad that even the police cars had chicken wire behind their windshields due to bricks being thrown at them, and were getting pot shots taken at them in some of the apartment complexes there. (One of the more notorious ones had the apartments on the inside of the complex as well as the outside, with the wonderful pathways that didn’t have working lights most of the time. Those always made me paranoid. One of our drivers (thankfully she wasn’t hurt) was confronted by several youths armed with baseball bats, and a piece of rebar while turning around a blind corner. She gave up the money, the pizzas, and was lucky that was all that they wanted.

      The best temporary solution the police could do was to block the roadway to keep other people from wandering into the riot zone, and try to get help on the way from neighboring departments. Order was sort of restored, and the neighborhood pulled due to that incident (I worked for Domino’s).  I’m quite familiar with the Jennings store delivery area, and if they pulled every problem delivery area they would largely be carry out only. It would essentially be the death knell for their business. The owner might do better to take what money they have and build a franchise 45 miles west, but its a lot of money he probably doesn’t have.

      Two of the biggest problems in my delivery area, and in the Jennings area are apartments that have numbers on the inside of the complex as well as the outside, and lots of one way in and one way out streets. For the first problem you have to get out of your car, walk down dark alleys/pathways to get to the addresses on the other side. Anyone can be waiting in those stairwells. I carried a 5 cell maglite with me (the only “legal” weapon I could) to help cut down on problems, but those delivers always made me nervous. The second problem forced me to have to drive through a riot to escape it; I had no other viable choice as a large number of that mob was moving toward me and I had no where else to go. Those areas were typically 99.9% black. There were decent and honest blacks living there, but there were also street gangs, and a great deal of hostility from the younger blacks living there toward anyone that wasn’t black.

      These police officers are volunteering for a very dangerous assignment. Pizza delivery is actually more dangerous than being a police officer by the numbers, and in those neighborhoods it definitely is.

      • Why the hell did you do that?

        Come on. MOVE.  You life as a White person is worth far more than delivering pizza to Africans.

        I don’t understand some people

      • Nicholai Hel

        “Why don’t these pizza places stop deliver to the problem neighborhoods? ”

        Dunno. Maybe someone should ask the supreme court? Would Jesse Jackson deliver pizzas to Euro-American neighborhoods. Would the pizza be free from spit and boogers.

        Now I DO foresee one possible solution.

    • sarah stein

       Because that would be racist and your business would get shut down, even though according to OSHA you’re supposed to provide a safe work environment.

  • seek

    What?  No pizza deliveries in dangerous all-black neighborhoods?  Hey, that’s redlining.  Let’s get HUD in on this.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Let HUD agents deliver the pizza.  I’d like to watch.

  • NYB

    A badge and good marksmenship aren’t going to be of use if the criminals kill without warning. For that reason, it sounds like the police don’t really want to mount a sting operation, they just want to deter the thugs with announcements.

    If they really wanted to go fishing for crime,  they should send lone, white undercover officers walking in black areas late at night, unannounced.

    • Pelagian

       Thats what they do to catch child pornsters and perverts.  But murder of whites isnt important enough to the police to use this tactic.

  • tickyul

    Haha, this is what the country has become….a mess.

    This undercover pizza thing is kinda the same as Chuck E. Cheese employing private SWAT teams due to Urban American savagery.

  • Bob

    I delivered pizzas in St. Louis for a while. The danger zones are north of Delmar. The pizza places decided not to deliver there and the Post-Dispatch, staffed by idiot liberals, said that was a terrible thing and they should deliver there. However, no one at the Post offered to do any deliveries.

    I did suffer what the police called “a strong-arm robbery.” A teenage black boy opened the door, grabbed the pizza out of my hand and slammed the door. Since I knew they were stupid, I ran around back and saw three of them running out the back door, one holding a pizza.

    My manager was so angry he went to the house and pounded on the door. I forgot what happened. I think the boys’ grandmother answered. Maybe she yelled at them. The police just took a report and that was that.

  • Forward_8826

    I have a dream that one day, in this country of my
    forefathers, that my children’s work output will be taxed to the point that
    their Logic will lead them to bear me few grandchildren. And then, after my
    children lose their jobs to outsourcing or because they got caught saying the
    wrong word, that they may find work delivering pizzas to 3rd world welfare
    recipients who are too lazy to cook. And that when they deliver those pizzas to
    3rd world welfare recipients who are too lazy to cook, that they may
    not be physically beaten or killed.


    I also have another dream. 

    • Michael_C_Scott

      So do I, and my Old Sergeant said I would be Rearmed, because He spaketh unto me that I shall have no fear under the heaviest Artillery Fire, though they be rockets, or at least not much more than would cause me to soil my pants, though I must shun that, as it be quite unhealthy.

  • MAJ

    Barack Obama speech in St. Louis – March 4, 2013:

    ” I have a dream that little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the delivery of their pizza.

    I have a dream today.

    I have a dream that one day down in Cool Valley little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands and gather up the free pies delivered hot and fresh and paid for with EBT cards.

    I have a dream today.

    I have a dream that one day every subsidized urban housing complex shall be delivered to – with wings and corn bread – in thirty minutes or less no matter the time of day or night.

    And I say to you today my friends, let free pizzas pull up for delivery to every cement porch and crack house.

    And when this happens, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, except White children, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, “Free at last! Free at last! Free pan pizzas! They’re free at last!” 

    • Puggg

      Except the free pizza won’t be pan pizza.  Like Q.D. said here, it will be that thin cardboard crust stuff.

  • KenelmDigby

    I don’t know about you, but whenever I read about the murder of pizza delivery drivers – the sole motive for the taking of a human life appears to be so that murderer can momentarily assuage a hunger pang by suffing his face full of a $10 pizza, plus side orders of coke, watermelon, sweetcorn and fries etc, I am strongly reminded of the fact of the ubiquitous, widescale and endemic cannibalism that has existed on the continent of Africa since time out of mind.

  • With caller ID available,  why not just DON”T answer the phone when you see where it is from?

    Of course this won’t work with cell phones unless there is some GPS ap that lets you know where the call is coming from.

    Another idea is to take the call, take the order, take the address and then………….forget about it!
    IF they call back, you play stupid, take the call, take the order, take the address………and then…..forget about it.

    Play the game they play.  Over and over.  Like you do with any child, and as Albert Schweitzer said after living in Africa for 30 years, “they are children”.

    I would offer “pick up” only.  Once you get the address tell them your location ONLY DOES PICK-UP for everybody.  They won’t know that you are lying.  They won’t give a white address since they want the white driver to go into their hood so they can kill him for $15 of cheese and white flour.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I actually took pizza orders from home for a while, as some of the drunks would transpose two numbers and ring me up at home.  I always reminded the callers who were obviously black that it was free if their order didn’t arrive in 30 minutes.  I also offered them outrageous “specials” that would have quickly bankrupted a real business.  Those were happy times!

      I’ve had my current phone number for 14 years, and the only wrong number dialers I ever get are calling for the van Dykes, so I tell the callers I have eaten the van Dykes and am living in their house.  It’s not as much fun as taking pizza orders.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    I briefly delivered pizzas back in the late 80’s. We too had no go zones (or the manager would tell the person to meet us in the parking lot of a strip mall right at the edge of the no go area.) The most heavily armed drivers were the three blacks who worked there. Fortunately, I was never robbed, but decided to move on due to the wear and tear on my car.

    My dad knew an individual who owned a convenience store back in the late 1960’s. When the busing orders came down, the middle school down the road suddenly filled up with the undertow. Prior to this, I’m sure he had some low level shoplifting, but his first week of the new school year saw $350 (in 1969 dollars – approx $2225 in 2012) worth of merchandise missing. So, he put up a barrier at his front door and wouldn’t allow anyone under 18 to enter. He hired an additional stock clerk to run and get orders. There were screams of racism by the undertow. Not to long after that, whites began bailing out of the neighborhood and he sold his store at a loss just to get rid of it.

    • Pelagian

       How could he leave all that enrichment behind?

    • But, but, but, but  Diversity is our strength. 

      He didn’t want the vibrancy, the multi-cultural joy, the “can’t we all get along”,  the “all men are created equal B.S”?

  • anarchyst

    There was a successful “criminal eradication” program in early 1970s Detroit known as STRESS (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets).  This program inserted police officers disguised as vulnerable older people into areas where criminal activity was rampant.  A large number of “predators” “met their maker” as a result.  Detroit’s first black mayoral candidate, Coleman Young, made the abolition of STRESS a cornerstone of his political campaign.   Of course, upon his election, one of the first things he did was abolish the STRESS units.   He could not stand to see his “homies” dispatched to the “great hereafter”.  Criminals were now able to continue their activities without hindrance.  The rest is history.

    • Zorro

      The rest of the City, the White part, was then under greater stress due to this guy’s  election.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Have you ever actually tried microwaving a frozen pizza?  I did, exactly once, and what I got I rolled up and ate like a burrito.

    It tasted good, but the thin, crisp crust I like was soggy.

    • Zorro

      It’s a crime to call that frozen crap pizza. But at the same time, that’s  all the blacks should be getting at their local Stores, anyway, because Pizza Delivery people should refuse to take anything to them. It’s a job that may put a few dollars in your wallet, but it certainly isn’t worth your life.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t microwave it, you put it in a convection oven

  • The only bright side  to this black cancer is that they are so stupid that they usually get arrested. Of course we are stupid too, we keep releasing them over and over

  • Guest

    Lol….that’s not going to last long.  I can tell you from personal experience delivering pizzas as a young man in black neighborhoods that few people bother the pizza delivery man (the last thing the local gangs want is for their pizza delivery to be halted in their neighborhood).  Only the most lawless, wild west areas like, well, st louis county, lol, are people so crazed they disrupt the food coming into their mouths.  It’s like being a crack dealer in a very dangerous drug neighborhood.  It would be the end of the world for these people if suddenly crack distribution was interfered with.  Whoever did it would end up shot in short order by people who want their crack (or pizza).

    So they aren’t going to catch many would be pizza delivery murderers.  What they WILL see is crack, smack, meth, vicious assaults, rapes, flung feces and every imaginable behavior that would demand a police response, every single time they attempt to deliver a pizza.  It will instantly overload them with arrests and/or force them to look the other way as they observe serious crimes taking place.

    I give project pizzaboy about a week.

  • Dr. Pepper

    So if you want a police man to show up at your location, the best thing to do is order  pizz and not call 911. I wonder if you could order a pizza by dialing 911?


  • KenelmDigby

    Basically, a pizza is around 90% wheat flour, plus a few add on extras.
    Wheat, these days, is grown in huge mechanized farms, (many are in Kansas, ironically), and is produced so efficiently that the cost price is literally pennies on the dollar.
     – For a handful of ground seeds of wheat, a man was killed.
    Now, if I had my way, a most codign punishment would go to the murderer. The fertilising agents of wheat are nitrogen and phosphorous, what the human body is made of, infact.
     I would order that the murderer be literally ground into a wheat field, whilst still alive so that his blood and bone fertilizes next year’s crop.

  • Labradorman

    Observer,do understand that section 8 housing has infected the suburbs also and the danger increases everywhere,the will be soon no where to “move away”from pizza kill zones,the hostile elite have all of the bases covered,and just imagine what life will be like for our White grandchildren,especially Boys,as South Africa looms here,and White genocide is accelerated.

  • negrolocaust

    a black group of five diverse “negros” or somestimes known as “afro- or africanized americans” has shot a 17 year old white high school leader for sport in nc. because they are ashamed of their low achieving race and they are bitter that they allowed themselves to be taken as slaves because they were too weak to fight back and now feel the world owes them a living.

  • Can the EBT card be used to pay for a pizza delivery?

    • IstvanIN

       Yes, the cash portion, not the SNAP (FS) portion.

  •  I briefly worked in a pizza shop in my early teens.  It was a 95% White northeastern suburb.  The shop didn’t do deliveries.  I lost my job after the owner was gunned down in the shop by the angry husband of the cheating wife.

  • Puggg
  • Jeddermann

    The pizza boxes were empty. That is often evidence used as a sign of a depraved mentality and the death penalty is sought and given.  Persons so cold blooded as to kill and then eat is a mentally depraved individual. This was probably a group out to have some fun. This punk is 17 so death will not be sought for him but could be for others.  I think MO does execute?

  • Puggg

    The undercover pizza squad just netted its first take: