Husband Arrested in Calif. Killing of Iraqi Woman

Elliot Spagat, Associated Press, November 10, 2012

Eight months after the beating death of an Iraqi-American woman that drew international attention because it appeared to be a hate crime, the woman’s husband has been arrested on suspicion of her murder.

Police in the San Diego suburb of El Cajon announced the arrest Friday of Kassim Alhimidi, 48, and described the killing as an act of domestic violence.

The March killing of 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi made waves around the world after the couple’s 17-year-old daughter told reporters that she found a note by her mother’s bludgeoned body that read: “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

But the case took a wholly different direction on Thursday when Alhimidi was taken into custody after being called into the police station, said El Cajon Police Chief Jim Redman, who declined to comment on the evidence or elaborate on a possible motive but said there were no other suspects.


Alhimidi went to Iraq for about two weeks to bury his wife and returned voluntarily, Redman said.


At the burial in Najaf, relatives wept uncontrollably. Alhimidi and the 17-year-old daughter, Fatima, fainted as the body was lowered into the grave.

Kassim Alhimidi was publicly silent for six days after the body was found, while his children spoke often with reporters. In his first public remarks — made at a news conference at the family’s mosque in Lakeside — he demanded to know what motivated the killer.

“The main question we would like to ask is what are you getting out of this and why did you do it?” Alhimidi said in Arabic as his 15-year-old son translated.


The killing shocked residents of El Cajon, an east San Diego suburb and home to one of the largest enclaves of Iraqi immigrants in the United States.

Police initially said the threatening note meant they had to consider the killing a possible hate crime but stressed that was only one theory. They said there was other evidence and that the slaying was an isolated case, easing concerns that other immigrants could be targets.


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  • Michael_C_Scott

    Another hate crime hoax!  I am utterly shocked; shocked that it would take police eight months to suspect that the killer of a Muslim woman or girl might – just might – be a male family member.

    • Joe

      The killing happened in their home.  Some evil Nazis were driving down a suburban street and their evil Nazi ESP powers told them they would find a burqa-wearing Muslim inside that house, so they burst in and beat her to death and wrote a note.  Of course, that’s the first explanation I could think of!  17 year old daughter growing up in San Diego, conservative Muslim father, what could go wrong!

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I have evil ESP powers. Doesn’t everyone?

  • Puggg

    Will the 17 -year old daughter go up the river for false statements or false report?

    A) No
    B) No
    C) No
    D) All of the above

    • Michael_C_Scott

      If this one proceeds as per the usual script, we will be told:

      A) She was “confused”.
      B) She was manipulated by “abuse”.
      C) She faced “language difficulties”, “racial discrimination” and “religious discrimination”.
      D) She was out at the golf course “looking for the real killers”.
      E) All of the above.

    • crystal evans

      I think the teenage girl really did not know what happen. She just found her mother’s lifeless body.

      • Puggg

        If she just found her mother’s lifeless body, why would her mind default to an “Islamophobic” hate crime?

        • crystal evans

          Because she also found the note that was left.

  • bubo

    I called this one.    Of course I was a terrible racist according to Huffpo for even thinking such a thing.  They were so sure it was a “teabagger”  who did it.   Just another lie cast at White America, with little hope of getting an apology.  

    • HamletsGhost

      I called it too. I was in San Diego during this time and caught it on the local news. The case stank so much that even local journalists were publicly skeptical. But so strong is the impulse to blame whitey that the facts just couldn’t be allowed to interfere with a good ol’ story of white racism. I just wonder why it took so long to build a case against the husband.

    • tickyul

      Yes, the Libscum were salivating when this story broke….anticipating the arrest of Nazi Whitey.

  • crystal evans

    I personally think that he wrote the note  to draw detectives off his trail. From what I have read, she  was planning to divorce him and move to Texas, where she had relatives. Divorce is usually forbidden in Muslim communities. 

    • Persephone Grey

      Only female-initiated divorce. It’s fine if the men do it, all they have to do is say “I divorce you” three times and she’s out.

  • The__Bobster

    The March killing of 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi made waves around the world after the couple’s 17-year-old daughter told reporters that she found a note by her mother’s bludgeoned body that read: “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

    Check out the age of the mother. Now check out the age of the daughter. Does anyone see a problem here?

    • StillModerated

       Hey! What’s good enough for the prophet is good enough for the everyday tenthead-in-the-street.  She was probably his first cousin in a marriage arranged by the tribal chief back in the Old Country.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Top causes of murder for Arab women:

    1.  Her dad
    2.  Her husband
    3.  Her brother
    4.  Her uncle

    Men that beat on women, need a good beating.   I wonder what ever happened to the Arab (maybe Afgan) woman that had her nose cut off by her husband?  I know some US doctors were going to fix her as best they could.,9171,2007415,00.html

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Not just her nose, but also both ears.

    • Petronius

      You forgot to add :

      5.  Her cousin.

      Whoops!  That would be redundant of #2.  My bad.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “Men that beat on women, need a good beating.”
      No; the wife- and child-beaters need a good killing. Beating them is OK,so long as they are eventually allowed to die of it.
      Some of the female “Usual Suspects” say they don’t want protection from men, but still say they are afraid of men.
      Really: which way do the women want it?

  • StillModerated

    Only 8 months to solve a murder? Way to go, diverse popo!  Or did politicians collude with the guttersnipe, yellow press to pump up the racist crisis?

  • Duckworth

    “Paging Captain Obvious!  Captain Obvious, the MSM and San Diego PD need you to help them explain what happened in this situation!”

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Who did not see this coming?  

    Yet the media were quick to jump on this story as a Hate Crime committed by xenophobic, hate-filled, racist (most likely White) Americans

    New York Times:  “Iraqi Immigrants in California Town Fear a Hate Crime in a Woman’s Killing”

    Yahoo:  “Iraqi Woman Beaten to Death in California, Hate Crime Suspected.”

    ABC:  “Iraqi Woman Beaten to Death in California, Hate Crime Suspected.”

    CNN:  “Hate Crime Possibility in Killing of Iraqi Woman in her California Home.”

    Guardian, UK:  “Savage Killing of Iraqi Woman in California invested as Hate Crime.”

    Press TV:  “Iraqi Mother Beaten to Death in US, Hate Crime Suspected.”

    Another lefty media hate crime hoax goes up in smoke.  

    This was a standard Muslim killing, nothing more.


  • Howard_W_Campbell

    If he had murdered his wife in Detroit, this may have never been solved. The Detroit homicide department has around a .200 batting average. They would probably have chalked it up to the massive K presence that one sees in Southern Michigan. Just as soon as they found the charred remains of a 10 foot tall crescent moon.

    A white woman could be killed in a strange auto accident and I could see the husband being dragged in and looking down the barrel of a gun for a confession. Isn’t it standard operating procedure in a homicide investigation to focus on the immediate family first and then work from there?

    As for the 17 year old daughter; it sounds like she wasn’t too happy about an arraigned marriage to a cousin. How much would the welfare costs be for defective kids due to consanguinity? These people just flat do not belong here.

  • Sarge

    Murder is a terrible thing. 

    So is this: “enclaves of Iraqi immigrants in the United States.” 

  • Joe

    The SPLC has a story about it, without any corrections or updates, even though it was obvious from the beginning that it was a family matter, not a hate crime:

    The story is careful to call it a “possible” hate crime but treats it as a fact and links it up to that other known hate crime of the murder of Trayvon Martin, aka St. Skittles.

    I’m glad the SPLC allows comments on their site.  Some of them are funny.  A few of the commenters pointed out what should have been obvious when this story first broke: dad did it.  Then the other commenter call the first group Fox-news watching conservatives for not believing that it’s a hate crime.

    I’m sure this was featured in a fund raising appeal from the SPLC.  Will they send back the money when the father is convicted and it’s proven that this is not a hate crime, but rather a case of an older conservative Muslim father and an Americanized 17 year old daughter?

  • thieudemir

    The $PLC should start conducting workshops on how to do a proper hate crime hoax.  Many of the most recent ones have been too easy to dismiss, relying on such cliched stageprops as nooses, backward swastikas and the like.

  • Thoughtcrime1933

    Free this innocent diversity and find the hateful, baby eating racist White hetero males that did this! Just like all those church burnings that King Clinton just KNEW were perp’d by hateful, baby eating racist White hetero males! Maybe we should get Janet Reno to swoop in and demand the local military bases strip search their White enlisted for racist tatts. But there is NO WAY NO HOW that a blessed diversity could hurt a fly, no matter how backward and primitive their culture or religion is…according to evil baby eating racist White hetero males.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The really amusing thing about the “church burnings” Clinton mentioned is that there were none in Arkansas when he was growing up, and the more recent round of church burnings that brought on his infantile posturing for the news appeared to have been committed by drug-using teenagers who thought they were “Satanists”, and not white supremists at all.

      Move along folks; nothing to see.

  • mobilebay

    Somehow this reminds me of an old song…”Doin’ What Comes Naturally.” To this son of Allah, it was his right. They people are savages, but we and other first world nations keep allowing them in.

  • seek

    Muslims certainly are bold when it comes to killing the sexually “immodest” among them.

    • Persephone Grey

      And you know this woman was “sexually immodest” how, exactly?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        We Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, pagans, agnostics, Rastafarians, Pastafarians, Druids, Zoroastrians and Shintoists don’t know whether a Muslim woman is sexually immodest. We can’t tell. Only Muslim men can tell, which is the whole point. In what used to be the developed West, we called this a “rigged game”.