Stricter BEE Code Could Crush Non-Profit Sector

Alan Straton, MyPE, November 5, 2012

Inyathelo: The South African Institute for Advancement is warning that the proposed amendments to the broad-based black economic empowerment code could have a serious impact on charities and the non-profit sector as a whole. The revised Code of Good Practice says only companies that donate to organisations with 100 percent black beneficiaries will qualify for full points on the socio-economic development element of the Code.

Inyathelo Executive Director Shelagh Gastrow says the unintended consequence of these amendments will be corporates shifting their focus from some organisations to others that do not support any white beneficiaries. “The NPO sector is already on its knees with anchor organisations like Rape Crisis and the South African Red Cross battling to keep their doors open due to severe cuts in local and international funding. The amendments will prevent companies from claiming full points on their BEE [black economic empowerment] scorecard if they give to organisations that assist even one white child or foreign national,” explains

The current Code says corporates can qualify for BEE points if they give to NPOs whose beneficiaries are more than 75 percent black. And a pro-rata calculation is made if the number of black beneficiaries falls below 75 percent. But under the new proposals, companies can only earn full points if every single beneficiary is black and the pro-rata calculation shifts from there. Gastrow says the amendments would further racialise poverty and need. “They provide a perverse incentive to charities and organisations to turn away needy people who are not black or who are refugees in order to secure much needed funds. It also encourages corporates to do a racial audit of an organisation’s beneficiaries before contributing towards much needed socio-economic development in South Africa. You simply can’t discriminate on the basis of colour when it comes to need. We should not be forced to ask a child who has been raped what colour they are before offering assistance,” insists Gastrow.

According to the National Coalition for Social Services which represents 3000 welfare organisations, 70 percent of all welfare services are delivered by non-profit organisations (NPOs). Gastrow says if the amendments go through, government could be sinking the very organisations it relies upon to deliver critical basic services. “NPOs help government meet their Constitutional obligations to those vulnerable members of our society who cannot support themselves. The amendments are against the spirit of our democracy and the pillars on which our Constitution is built. They could result in another form of apartheid where help and support is given according to race, and organisations are forced to segregate those they assist according to the colour of their skin,” says Gastrow.

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  • IstvanIN

    Coming to a nation near you.  Soon.  Sooner than you think.  Thank you Republicans and assorted other traitors.

    • Yes Sir, I’ve just seen this up close. The mexicans and blacks were front and center when it came to getting free stuff because of Hurricane Sandy, but were nowhere but were nowhere to be found on the volunteer cleanup crews.

      • Mel

        This my friend is just how the black mini mind works they loves Hep but won’t even hep themselve they will miss us when we are all gone.
        Katrina victims are still laying on the streets the people of New York are back to work if it is possible for them — see the difference, yes I know you do

        • Integration Anxiety

          I have to agree. They will miss us when we are gone. And that is one absolute that makes me happy about ghetto minorities. When Western civilization has been completely annihilated and there is no running fresh water, no safe food or consumer products, no massive transportation that is functional, substandard health care, borderline inept, or outright criminal law enforcement/ military forces, dysfunctional and/or blatant rigging of elections, criminal tribalism leading to internal ethnostates, I can go on and on. But you get the point. This is when you have arrived in Africa-West, or what was formerly known as North America. The first three or four generations of blacks and browns will really miss picking on “almighty Whitey”, but after that the hordes from the subtropics (southern hemisphere) will adapt to their current condition of squalor, filth, decrepit depravity, disease-ridden ghettoes, and their life expectancies will be cut in half in comparison to today’s life expectancies in Western society.
          At this point diseases that were once treated rather effectively with modern medicine will have spread like wildfire, and will be lethal to a large portion of certain populations. Ethnic warfare will be out of control, as blacks, browns, Muslims & Hindus and Buddhists, and maybe the only Whites who may be standing will be Eurasians, from Central Asia and Eastern Europe, but only because a considerable portion of these people are followers of Allah. These groups will all fight in a scenario not unlike “Lord of the Flies” or Clockwork Orange. And to put the planet in the dumpster once and for all will be a superbug or chemical agent to render reproduction null and void and for those lovely masses to wither away, giving he world back to flora and fauna. Fun, isn’t it?

        • I see the same thing with tornadoes in the mid-west.

          Whole towns destroyed in minutes. People standing outside the empty lot that was once their home crying, saying, ‘we’ll rebuild’. A year later, the town is 90% rebuilt and with new tornado proofing construction standards.

          Yet we still hear about the ‘victims of Katrina’.

          The difference is obvious but ignored.

    • Liberalsuck

       If the conservative establishment at this point doesn’t take a hint that they need to stop pandering to nonwhites, then I really REALLY have no hope for them.

      • IstvanIN

         What conservative establishment?  You mean the Neo-Cons?  We don’t have conservative or liberals, for that matter, we just have Marxists and race traitors.

    • laager

      Follow the money.
      Where does the money come from in South Africa that supports these charities?
      White entrepreneurship and commerce which also generates about 75% of the nations tax revenue.
      The black ANC control this revenue for the overwhelming benefit of the black man in the country today.
      The AA and BEE [Black Economic Empowerment] legislation has all but expelled the white man from the work place in municipal, provincial, state and parastatal institutions. Preferential black employment is the order of the day thus creating the new emerging black middle class in South Africa.
      The question is: how many of them, and much do they donate to charities to support their own?
      Very few and very little I suspect.
      So behind the pc speak of Ms Gastrow, the real truth is that this legislation will effectively steal private money from whites to support more non producing blacks.
      The time has come to say; No more. 

  • CoweringCoward

    Tell me again why whites treat blacks decently in any place on this green earth!?!?

    • Liberalsuck

       Whites have been severely brainwashed over the years.  I sense soon most whites will even more “anti-black” views than even our grandparents or great-grandparents had.  They are getting extremely fed up with the double standards, the bad behavior from blacks, the fact we are punished for not tolerating their bad behavior, etc.  Beneath most whites is a quiet, but growing seething hatred.  It will strike someday. 

    • OlderWoman

      I’m opposed to one aspect of Samaritan’s Purse….pandering to a country that destroys itself, commits genocide against whites and murders it’s blacks with impunity. I think it’s hopeless to try to improve the life of people who have no concept of morality and compassion.

  • Jay11

    Where are the young, liberal black protesters standing up for racial equality, like the young, liberal whites did when they campaigned against apartheid?

    • Black people are not pathologically altruistic like whites are, on the Vdare site there was a study done that said blacks are very selfish and egotistical.

  • dd121

    When you get one party rule, anywhere in the world, any time in history, you get tyranny.   That’s the ANC control of South Africa, and the Democrat party in the USA.  It’s coming to this country with a vengeance.  Wait for it.

  • IanJMacDonald

    South Africa under the ANC is the most racist government in the world.

  • Negroazation at its best.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    God, I wish I could get this deal.  We’ll take all the whites off the ANC’s hands if they’ll take all the blacks off our hands.  I’d even be willing to pay for transportation and about $10,000 a head (hell, I’d pay up to $50,000 or more per head, because it would still be a bargain, but I want to start low so I have somewhere to go).

    • OlderWoman

      I’d be willing to contribute to that cause if I could be assured it would not be hijacked by liberals and I would want to make certain that the U.S. will take the Boers.

  • I would suggest whites simply stop contributing to these NPSs but once they did, the money would be expropriated through taxes and other coercive money transfers methods.

    This proposal is pure racial discrimination. Since it’s only against whites, it will be ignored by the world community.

    • laager

      The problem is that there are an estimated 600 to 800 thousand destitute mainly Afrikaner whites living in Grapes of Wrath type shanty communities. They have been expelled from their jobs through AA and BEE legislation. Their jobs have been taken by black people – in many cases barely competent at anything. On top of this the whites are denied state support benefits as they are deemed to be “previously advantaged”.
      Their only support is through church charities who rely on corporate donations. This is what the legislation is targetting. Another tactic in the genocide of the Afrikaners.

  • We have the same thing in this country. It’s called affirmative action.