One in Four British Babies Born to Foreign Mothers

Rowena Mason, Telegraph (London), October 25, 2012

Immigrants have fueled a mini-baby boom in Britain over the last decade, with one in four children now born to a record 200,000 foreign mothers a year.

New figures show that the number of immigrants having babies has doubled since 2001, largely driven by an influx of Polish, Pakistani and Indian mothers.

This has been the main reason behind an increase in the overall UK birth rate to its highest level in decades, with 808,000 births last year, compared with 670,000 in 2001.

The spike in the birth rate is biggest in London, where six in ten babies are now born to immigrants each year.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics shows the highest increase in births has been in the Polish community, since the country was admitted to the European Union.

In 2001, fewer than 2,000 babies were born in Britain to Polish mothers.

This has now increased by at least eleven-fold to 23,000 last year, making Poland the top nationality for creating second-generation immigrants to the UK.

Women from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia, Germany, South Africa, Lithuania and China have the next highest number of babies.

Birth to UK mothers have also risen, with British-born women have an average of 1.89 children.

However, they are not keeping pace with the births of children to foreign women in the UK, who are giving birth to an average of 2.28 children.

The proportion of foreign-born women of child-bearing age living in the UK has increased from 14 per cent to 18 per cent since 2007, giving them a substantial impact on the overall number of births.

David Cameron has promised to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands a year, instead of hundreds of thousands, amid fears about pressure on public services.

However, some population experts argue Britain will benefit from large numbers of immigrants having children to help meet the demands of an ageing population.

Gordon Sharp, head of the Continuous Mortality Investigations unit, an actuarial body, argues a higher birth rate means the nation’s growing elderly population will get greater support from working-age people in 30 years’ time.

He said: “It means the dependency ratio is not as severe as it might otherwise be.”

The figures came as Sadiq Khan, Labour’s shadow justice secretary, suggested many people with a long British ancestry know “bugger all” about history in comparison to enthusiastic immigrants.

“One of the frustrations I have is I often meet people who have gone through the citizenship ceremony who are so excited and so enthused and then I’ll be canvassing in my area and there’ll be people who have lived in the same home for three or four or five generations who know bugger all about our country, about our heritage,” he told The House magazine.

“It frustrates me that you’ve got new citizens who have an obligation to learn about our country but we aren’t doing enough to make sure everyone shares that knowledge.”

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  • Dirk_Pitt

    And 2 out 4 Born to 1st or 2nd Generation immigrants.

  • Disturbing and depressing.

  • In the new James Bond film, Miss Moneypenny is black, that tells you everything. And there has been talk that the next actor to play Bond should be, Black. 

    The Africanization of the Peoples Republic of Britain continues.

    • IstvanIN

       I wonder if they will have a “chief” succeed Queen Elizabeth?

    • The__Bobster

      I hear there are suggestions of oil drilling in the film too. I’ll pass.

    • OlderWoman

      ‘Miss Moneypenny is black.’

      Puke. There goes the franchise.

  • French_reader1

    I fear that the day of global White flight is approaching… One day, tens of millions of Western Europeans will populate the Russian far-east.

  • Kronolog

    It always particularly pains me to see these stories from Britain, and similar ones from France, given that they once stood so tall and proud. It’s like seeing a quadriplegic war veteran or an amputated former athlete – a sense that it’s damn shame that it turned out like it did.

  •  Kronolog. Then these photographs will shock you. A picture paints a thousand words.

    A British school class room where 30 languages are spoken.–class-just-single-British-pupil.html

    And this is what England looked like in the 1950’s.

    And rare colour photos of 1940’s small town America.

    What’s the old saying, the past is a foreign country, it doesn’t exist anymore.

    • David Ashton

           Very moving photos.  The magazine “This England” still prints similar ones for its overseas elderly nostalgic subscribers, and in fact there are, happily, large parts of this country which do not experience the “vibrant rich diversity” in their neighborhoods.
            I knew the Walthamstow “Dogs” quite well, living and/or working in that area for most of my life.  The nearby George Monoux Grammar School was one of the finest state schools in Britain, founded in 1527, forced into being a “comprehensive” sixth-form college in the  later sixties, and now a multiracial dump.   Waltham Forest Borough (Walthamstow, Chingford & Leyton) was then generally a good all-white area, with a positive pride, and famous history – Walthamstow comes from the Anglo-Saxon for “Welcoming Place” (!).  It houses the William Morris Museum, which Muslims on the local council wanted to close down as of no interest to the present population, but their attempt was foiled, and it is being refurbished instead; a hopeful sign of what can be done if the will exists when a traditional icon is blatantly threatened.
            As a boy I sometimes sat reading comics at the back of an aunt’s Walthamstow shop, and if someone had then told us the place would eventually become a base for an Asian sky-bomb terror plot, we would think them mad – but that’s what happened.
            Five known Black youth gangs operate in this town, now near the top of a government survey of “immigrant” criminal areas.
             Much of my personal knowledge of “Cultural Marxist” infiltration of education and local government to exploit “race, gender & class” originated in Waltham Forest.       According to Labor historian Professor Peter Hennessy, in 1950 the immigrant/ colored population of Britain totaled 25,000 and momentarily stirred government concern; Britain (despite bomb-sites and post-war rationing) was then “a kinder, gentler and a far, far better place in which to be born, to grow up, to live, love, work and even to die.”         But we are NOT DEAD YET.

  • alas

    Well at least the largest amount is from Polish mothers. That’s something. Shame the next five are from third-world countries. Having said that, is anyone else worried that this only counts foreign-born mothers? What about fathers? Would that mean the real figure would be doubled? Personally, my mother is from the country I was born in, but not the father, so I would not be on this statistic, but the end result is the same.

  • Howard_W_Campbell

    If the majority of the children born to parents who were from Poland, Lithuania, Germany and (white) South Africans, it would not be as alarming. They could certainly fit in a lot better than those from Pakistan and Nigeria. I agree the (white) British men and women need to step up to the plate and have children.

    “Gordon Sharp, head of the Continuous Mortality Investigations unit,
    an actuarial body, argues a higher birth rate means the nation’s growing
    elderly population will get greater support from working-age people in
    30 years’ time. He said: “It means the dependency ratio is not as severe as it might otherwise be.” The question though is: How many of these newly minted kids will eventually land on the dole and be a net drain on the system?

    Enoch Powell was like Jeremiah crying out in the wilderness. While he wasn’t thrown into prison, Powell suffered in much the same manner. England will reap the harvest they sowed by not listening to him. We may well see the Caliphate of Great Britain in our lifetimes.

    • Enoch_Power

      Here, here! England is doomed. There are too many leftist, liberal traitors in senior positions now ready to hand over her cargo and willing ultimately to hand over the wheel.

      Shame on them!

    • OlderWoman

      A Brit, Benjamin Creme is pushing “Maitreya’, an anti-Christ. And Britain is a nation of fortunetellers, psychics and witchcraft. This is a curse against Britain because it has abandoned God. Much like what the U.S. has done and is turning into.

  • JackKrak

    British mothers are too busy going on weekend benders and partying until they’re 37 and then frantically trying to have one child before they reach 42. Not saying that American, Canadian, Australian, etc. whites are much better but the UK definitely “leads” this category.

  • potato78

    Actually Britain has been taken by Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia women and babies.  After the next 20 years, Landon will be occupied by dusky people around.

    • KenelmDigby

      There’s no ‘vacuum’ in England, particualrly London and the south-east.
      It’s hideouly overcrowded and congested.

  • KenelmDigby

    I’ve said this many times before, but there are *at least* as many second or even third generation third world people in Britain as there are immigrants, so therefore,  at least 50% of births in today’s Britain are third world origin.
    Which strangely enough, more or less exactly tallies with the USA.

  • The video I made earlier this year speaks more volumes than I could ever write.

    Sad times.

    It seems the whole push is against us: morally, financially, organisationally, in televised media, in print, in demographics, in law, in systems of elections…….and despite all these setbacks, one of the biggest problems, if not the biggest, is that you can speak to many whites and they can come out with something like “well, it doesn’t really matter does it, what colour the populace are in the future?”.

    I am breaking my own rules which I set myself earlier this year (in which I promised myself to not let it overcome me and to not be so negative), but, I really don’t know how to ‘save’ a people who do not wish to be saved.

    It is a hard enough slog as it is (and often unpleasant and burdensome) to have to stick to your guns when you do not ‘hate’ anybody (and only hate the “situation” we are in), but when your own people (as a mass) are so hoodwinked that they do not show any signs of desiring self sustainment and survival, I really don’t know what to do about it.

    They seem to have lost the will and desire to live and prosper. No doubt it is through a lot of conditioning, but that does not mean it is less of a problem.

    People talk of creating a white culture again to try to solve this – and I can understand and support that point to some degree – but, for example, how would providing tinned foods and heating for the white elderly this winter turn them into race-realists and get their extended family on side to the white nationalist cause? It seems a bit of a stretch.

    You could even actually be helping some old leftwingers who vote Liberal Democrats – just in the name of racial ‘solidarity’, whilst they have you for mugs. Helping people who support the cause and want to be saved is one thing. Reaching out to, and creating a counter-culture with the many who don’t feel there to be a problem (and perhaps even violently oppose your viewpoints) is something else – something that I cannot figure out how it can be done.

    Today, many are moaning about that failed deportation of one Muslim cleric. At least that kind of thing ‘gets them going’ a bit from time to time, like pavlovian dogs. Yet, I cannot help but find it frustrating that they are concentrating on one man whilst thousands more like him are walking through the airports into this country every week – and hospital maternity wards are brimming with Africans and Pakistanis.

    There is a kind of schism in people’s brains. I really cannot explain it. It is like they are dazzled by a shyster’s illusions whilst their pockets are being simultaneously picked.

    It is never over until the fat-lady sings I suppose……but she isn’t half gargling the water and preparing the vocal chords off the side of the stage.

  • 1XXX

    Maybe if whites would discover a will to live and stop caring about the opinions of those that despise them, then this crap would cease.

    As it stands right now, whites are their own worst enemy.

  • I stopped watching Bond after Pierce Brosnan.

    • Persephone Grey

      I stopped watching when they announced Pierce Brosnan. Yech. *shudder*

      • OlderWoman

        I stopped watching also when Pierce Brosnan attempted to be James Bond. Too sissy for me. Roger Moore wasn’t much better. I enjoyed Daniel Craig in “Casino Royale” but Sean Connery will always be James Bond to me. I’m finished with the new James Bond after what I’ve read about it.

        • Persephone Grey

          Exactly. I obviously can’t speak from a male point of view, but in my opinion Sean Connery will always epitomize Bond, because he alone of all the Bonds possessed the perfect combination of masculinity, rakishness, debonaire sophistication, innate superiority and a twinkling, mischievous sense of humor. Pierce Brosnan is simply too dandyish for my taste, and while Daniel Craig certainly has the necessary masculinity, he is also a bit on the rough side, aesthetically speaking. I’m with you; Bond is over, as far as I’m concerned. There are no male actors these days who have the presence to pull it off the way they used to.