Will the US Follow South Africa Down the Path of White Decline?

Dan Roodt, American Renaissance, November 9, 2012

The fate of the West may be at stake.

In the aftermath of President Obama’s victory, the Wall Street Journal described the GOP as the “WOP,” the White Old Party. Indeed, the Republican Party finds itself in a demographic death spiral as youth, single women, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

In fact, the Democratic Party could become the American version of South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC), as immigration and high non-white birth rates ensure a steady stream of Democratic voters eager for “change” or even South African-style “transformation:” the ANC’s term for racial revolution and ever tighter anti-white measures.

The latest proposal is for all charities, such as orphanages or soup kitchens, to lose their non-profit status if they serve any whites at all. It would mean that charitable organizations could serve only blacks, and that whites would not be allowed to help each other in any organized way, even to alleviate poverty or care for orphaned children.

In the United States, such extreme anti-white measures are probably unthinkable today, but as recently as the early 1980s the idea of a black president in South Africa was deemed equally unthinkable. Even Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s spokesman Bernard Ingham said at the time: “Anyone who thinks the ANC will form the government of South Africa is living in cloud cuckoo-land.”

In the 1960s, so-called apartheid South Africa was still considered such a desirable place to live that 500,000 Britons emigrated there, fleeing socialist Britain.

The question therefore arises: how could South Africa, once seen as a leading Western power more or less on par with Canada or Australia, collapse so quickly to become “just another African country?” And what lessons can white Americans draw from our tragic demise, as they ponder the outcome of a Presidential election in which the evidence of a demographic turn for the worse is clear for all to see?

Ilana Mercer’s book, Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa went some way towards portraying the horrors and mayhem whites face under a hostile black government, but the underlying causes of South Africa’s spectacular collapse still need explanation.

A century ago, South African whites still enjoyed demographic parity with blacks and were a majority in most towns and cities. In 1950, demographers sympathetic to the National Party shocked everyone at a Stellenbosch University conference by stating that the black population could grow from 8 million to 20 million by 2000. This prediction seemed so outlandish no one believed it. The recent census confirmed that blacks now represent 40 million, far overshooting the “nightmare scenario” of 1950.

South African whites feared communism more than anything else, but American racial ideologies such as affirmative action and so-called BEE (“black economic empowerment—our version of minority procurement) are doing vastly more damage to them. At least under communism the Bolshoi ballet still functioned and the Soviet Union still had a space program. The pursuit of diversity and multiculturalism in South Africa has, however, led to across-the-board decline; some small towns regularly suffer water and electricity shortages.

In my opinion,America’s future will not resemble its past, but will look more like today’sSouth Africa. As the number of whites declines, loss of power will follow, leading to aggressive legislation pushing whites out of jobs and most positions of power.

Many whites will emigrate or move to the remaining red states, just as South Africa’s whites have emigrated since 1994. But ultimately there will be no place to go, as the global demographic decline of whites means that even European countries suffer the same fate of dispossession.

Demography is destiny, as Auguste Comte said. There is a mysterious process whereby whites react to racial domination not by rioting or claiming special privileges as other races do, but by working harder, having even fewer children, and quarrelling among themselves. We see this happening in South Africa, in Western Europe and, of course, in America, where white Republicans and Democrats are like two dogs fighting over a bone, while a third is about to run away with it and leave them with nothing.

The Republican Party is poised to adopt the attitude of South Africa’s liberal opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, which has forsaken its core white support and practices affirmative action in its own ranks. There are three women on its election posters: one white, one colored or mixed-race, and one black, at once expressing the party’s diversity and its disdain for the white male.

Jared Taylor asks that the Republican Party be loyal to its electorate and become the unabashed champion of white interests. Again, the history ofSouth Africa is instructive. British Prime Minister Harold McMillan made a famous speech in the South African parliament  on February 3, 1960, in which he warned us that “the wind of change is blowing through the African continent” and that ultimately we would have to surrender power to the nonwhite majority. Our brilliant leader, Hendrik Verwoerd, promptly replied in an unprepared speech that “the tendency in Africa for nations to become independent, and at the same time to do justice to all, does not only mean being just to the black man of Africa, but also being just to the white man of Africa.”

Verwoerd’s slogan of “justice for the white man too” was rejected by most of the Western world. Lest we forget, the rank and file of the Republican Party rebelled against Ronald Reagan’s veto and passed sanctions againstSouth Africa on Sept. 29, 1986.

Since that time, the U.S. has consistently pursued an anti-white foreign policy. In Southern Africa it supported black Marxist movements such as the African National Congress (ANC) and the South West African Peoples Organization (SWAPO). In Europe, it has called for a large Muslim state—Turkey—to be included in the European Union. Would the American elite ever adopt a pro-white policy domestically while pursuing the opposite of such a policy externally?

There are three forces that are likely to determine the Republican Party’s position on white interests. The first is the wishes of its own electorate; the second is the corporate sector that funds the party, and the third is the mainstream media. America’s large corporations support affirmative action and diversity, while the media support multiculturalism. The GOP will follow their bidding and betray its voters.

Like the whites of the former Rhodesia, South West Africa, and South Africa, Republicans will embark on a forlorn search for conservative allies “of color” whom non-white voters will reject as traitors. Even if a black woman such as Condoleezza Rice could be fielded as the next Republican presidential candidate, it is doubtful whether many blacks or Hispanics would vote for her.

Patrick Buchanan and others have already chronicled “the death of the West,” but we need to understand the laws of this process, because it follows a pattern of false hopes, interspersed with successive betrayals by white leaders. The final days of the Roman Empire followed the same fatal chain of events.

The crisis is far deeper than most Americans realize. South Africa went from being a powerful, Western country to capitulation in just ten years: from 1980 to 1990. President Barack Obama has already started to fire some of his best generals, just like F.W. de Klerk purged his army of all pro-white generals prior to surrendering to the ANC.

I fear that white Americans take false comfort in “still being the majority.” They do not realize how quickly they will lose that status as global demographics change, and immigration to the US accelerates.South Africa is now being overrun by immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa. But America too will become a haven for African immigrants as the population of our continent doubles from the current one billion to two billion within the next 30 or 40 years.

It could even be that Africa’s burgeoning population poses a far greater demographic risk to Americans than Mexicans. Unprecedented technological change, especially in communications, has put immigration information at the disposal of Africans in even the remotest villages.

American whites could become a minority much sooner than they think. That has been our experience in South Africa; people appreciate the enormity of change only after it is too late.

Some white Americans may clamor for self-determination, and the South may want to secede again. However, any breakaway group will find itself in the political wilderness, without media support and fighting the forces of demography and history.

We need to form a global network to keep America from falling into the hands of anti-white zealots. We should constantly compare notes on successes and failures, taking heart from every success. The United States is such a military and economic power that the battle now taking shape within its borders could well determine the fate of the West. If the United States goes the way of South Africa, whites everywhere will be in danger.


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Dan Roodt
Dr. Roodt studied at the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of Paris. He founded the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG) in 2000.
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  • Rjsns16

    Yes, the US will.

    On many micro levels, it has already happened in ALL of our US major cities after blacks were integrated.

    Blacks were handed the keys to an already-created-by-someone-else  goldmine of education, housing, etc. as they moved in.

    But the middle ground (white flight) time period is what is brutal – violence, intimidation, rapes, assaults, murders, destroyed neighborhoods and schools. 

    Eventually whites are long gone and blacks are in control of all prominent positions of the society…blaming the long gone whites.

    Are blacks the by-product of a bad environment
    Is a bad environment the by-product of blacks? (I vote for this one)  

    • ed91

      the age old question:

      which came first, the africans or the meltdown?

      • Eddie Willers

         Or, as Theodore Dalrymple puts it:
        “Do pigs make sties or do sties make pigs?”

        • ed91

           this huge overpopulation of blacks all over the world is the result of misguided liberals like doctors without borders and other charities that perpetuate the black population while providing them no education or means to take care of themselves.
          So guess who they’re going to eat?

          • John R

            Education? Means to take care of themselves? Are you another liberal? The point is that blacks have NEVER been able to take care of themselves. Their natural habitat is the grass hut village. They can survive best in the primitive, pre-modern, level. They are very much like troops of chimpanzees. What would happen if you allowed chimpanzees to keep producing into the hundreds of millions?

            Africa would be fine just with fewer Africans.

          • Thoughtcrime1933


          • ed91

             it seems you have little education too.

            read the post jackwater.

          • “Their natural habitat is the grass hut village.”

            This may be why they always destroy sophisticated societies into which they’ve been taken: They’re trying to bring things down to a level that they’re comfortable with.

          • Caitlyn99

            I honestly believe if Africa were populated by whites it would be a paradise instead of the hell hole it is today.

          • Matt

            Education is acting White. It’s forbidden in the Black community.

          • fransusan

            It doesn’t matter if you supply them with education or means to take care of themselves. They still can’t function in a civilized way. The problem is I. Q. Most are not capable of taking care of themselves in any civilized way. We taxpayers (in the US) have spent (sacrificed) billions trying to educate and take care of them for over 50 years and it isn’t working. Facing reality about the capabilities of this species is what’s needed. Political correctness forbids that, though. You can’t speak the truth about their lack of intelligence.

        • Steve

          I checked out this author. Thanks, Its a good read!

      • Which came first? Humans first began as a species in Africa. So you have your answer.

        • Joseph

          …and the first ones are still there. The rest of humanity evolved over the next 60,000 years in other places and left them stagnating back in sub-Saharan Africa.

        • lorigus

          Then came the ice Age and the human race evolved in “surviving winter” machines. That’s why they become White, because of the snow and less light.

          It is called “Evolution” and “surviving of the fittest”. Blacks in africa never had to manage differend seasons.

        • Meltonmark

          No one evolved. Try Intelligent Design.

    • it has already started

    • GM (Australia)

      An answer to your question, “Are blacks the by-product of a bad environment?”
      For an answer look at all the heartbreak and tragic results where white couples adopt 3rd world or black children. These kids get a loving environment, the best medicals, food and education etc. Yet by the time the kids are teenagers they are either pregnant or in prison or just want to go and slum it out with their own ethnic group.

      In a particularly nasty and quite recent case here in Oz an adopted child( from the 3rd world and now grown up) murdered his white parents in an attempt to get their estate. Basically this is what every brutal murder in South Africa or Detroit is all about, that is to get and or destroy everything the white man has created.

      • Bantu_Education

        Did you hear about the young Aussie guy who bought a cheap (black occupied of course) apartment block in Detroit?   Was murdered by father of one of his black tenants.  Shot in the groin at close range too, one has to wonder if not deliberate aiming.

        • GM (Australia)

          Yes I am sure it was, and the hustlers are still trying to sell bargain priced real estate to gullible Aussies, they show pictures of grand old mansions selling for about $40K  (thats less than the price of a run-down shack in a deserted mining town here) and a business plan that suggests their investment is a licence to print money! (As they say, what could go wrong?)

          I have also noticed that Detroit real estate is priced well below good housing in South Africa!

          • John

              Yes as far as I know its still going on here.Unbelievable how sometimes greed and gullibility can go hand in hand sometime.
             To buy a house for as low as a few dollars in Detroit and not figure
            out the `why` rather  than the `how to do it `will probably
            lead to more tragic deaths as what happened to this poor
             And to top it off the black that shot him in the groin had just won a multi million dollar lottery yet couldnt help his daughter pay the rent she owed.The mind boggles sometimes at this kind of black pathological behaviour. 

      • ed91

         liberals don’t seem to learn this side of disaster

      • Jjohn


        • Is this like a website for F***kin Racists or What??????????????

  • Hirschibold

    According to the London Telegraph: 
    “Yet the most right-wing president in recent memory has become the unlikely
    darling of anti-poverty activists for his unsung efforts to help Africa…In the last year of Bill Clinton’s presidency, America’s direct bilateral
    assistance to Africa was only Pounds 700 million. Mr Bush has almost
    quadrupled this sum. Combating Aids once played virtually no part in America’s development
    policies. Mr Bush has established the biggest fund ever devoted to fighting
    an epidemic.”

    Again, just like with the Hispanic issue, no white man is ever going to be able to convince non-whites to help. We must concentrate on the anti-white whites. Obama has African ancestry and African relatives, so he cannot be persuaded not to use white peoples’ money to feed blacks who cannot feed themselves and will never be able to feed their increasing number of children.

    The challenge is to either make the Bush-types understand that they are consigning middle and working class whites (and eventually themselves) to oblivion, or to somehow neutralizing the influence of the Bushes who seek to harm the whites below them in order to enhance their status. Not voting for the Neocons isn’t going to help. They won’t attribute their losses to the rage of the whites who they betrayed. Violence obviously can’t be endorsed. So what does that leave?

    • America First

       And now we are hearing (1) that Jeb Bush may be running for president in 2016; and (2) that his son, George P. Bush, has completed the necessary filings to run for (some) office in the near future.  The patrician Bushes, who are not friends of the common (white) man, seem to see themselves as the Republican Kennedys, and are promoting their own dynasty, to hell with what is good for the country and those who love it.

      • Hirschibold

         Their dynasty isn’t even white. They’re marrying Hispanics and birthing the mixed offspring who will grow to rule the browning masses and whatever whites remain. I somehow think that may have been Governor Schwarzenegger’s strategy with the maid.

        • Alexander

          No such thing as “hispanic/latin and by using that word
          you’re making the left look smart. White, Black, Asian, or Mixed. The broad Jeb
          Bush married is White. Whites from Southern Europe have different
          look/bone/skin tone than the former White Northern European majority of the
          USA. For example Cameron Diaz is white, Alex Rodriguez is mixed, and Pedro Martinez
          (the former Boston Red Sox pitcher) is black. It’s not hard to tell what a
          person is. Obama is mixed, so people that call him Black make no sense. There
          will NEVER be a full dark skinned Black guy as president, EVER. White guilt
          will die out (because left-wing whites don’t breed lol). Utah, Idaho, The
          Dakotas, Wyoming, Northern Arizona, are areas where Whites breed, and in Arizona’s
          case, they KNOW they must be Pro-White, or the mixed-raced trash, the left, and
          the socialist army from south of the border will take over. The Republican Party
          lost many races Tuesday because MANY White males jumped to the joke that is the
          libertarian party. How can any White male support prostitution, gay marriage,
          drug legalization, and many left-wing nutter causes. Libertarian party cost the
          Republican Party the election, and control of the senate. Whites are divided
          and will stay that way, until we make up less than 60% of the USA. Asians are
          very conservative people; the Republican Party must start a push to appeal to
          them. Blacks are brain dead and will solely vote for the Democrat party no
          matter what. Mixed-raced people will always vote Democrat because they will promise
          them handouts. White women that demand free abortion/birth control will die
          out. So the Republican Party doesn’t have to change the push for normal/traditional
          family values, it just needs to get some Asians on the band wagon (Asians are socially
          and fiscally conservative). We also don’t need some idiot (Mitt Romney) running for president, while calling Vladimir
          Putin the #1 enemy of the USA.

          • PC must go

            Jeb Bushes kid does NOT look white.

            Btw, Marco Rubio is mixed race, however so slightly. Notice the flaring cheekbones.

          • fenway23

            Colomba Bush is a Mexican mestizo (there are plenty of pics of her online). When I first heard that Jed was married to a Hispanic, I thought, oh… she must be one of those white Cubans since he’s the governor of Florida. But no, that’s not the case

          • Karolina

            75% or so  of Asians voted for obama, how are they socially and fiscally conservative ?, it’ an oxymoron

          • john

            The Asians will save us,LOL!!! Remember the Mad cartoon: What mean WE paleface?

          • toldev

            “How can any White male support prostitution, gay marriage, drug legalization, and many left-wing nutter causes. ”

            Some White males, myself included, see those causes as benefiting the white race. Prohibitions on things like drugs and prostitution really only serve to protect the stupid and immoral from themselves. After decades of doing that, we are now being overrun by stupid and immoral.

            When my grandfather was a teenager, a century ago, he could buy heroin at any corner apothecary shop. He never did though. In fact most whites didn’t. Drug prohibition was actually directed at non-whites. If you read the early 20th century drug propaganda, you can see that for yourself.

            Sometimes, to vanquish an enemy, you just need to allow him enough rope to hang himself.

      • TheCogitator

        George P. Bush, like Barack Obama, is not a natural born citizen. George P. Bush’s mother is a Mexican. To be a natural born citizen a person must have two citizen parents. It does not matter where Obama was born, his father was not a US citizen. Of course Bush and Rubio will claim the Obama exception.

        The reason for the requirement that both parents be citizens is so the President would not have divided loyalties. With Obama it is easy to see why the founders thought that way.

        The public (government) schools have be a great success. They have dumbed down the people to where they do not even understand the qualifications for President of the United States.

        • Yorkshireman.

           Yes indeed. I wondered about the absence of the wider Obama family on the podium following the recent re-election. But fear not oh America, all is not lost. Here is a nice news report complete with family photo.

    • Vonhauer

      None of the Bush clan are nor ever were conservatives. They are northeast liberals via Connecticut.

      • convairXF92

         Yale Skull & Bones.  S&B was soft on communism too.  Look ’em up.

    • Potocki

      You cannot make Bush-types undersytand what you want them to understand. But you can make them understand that they are our bitter and most loathsome enemy.

      It’s not the blacks and the Muz and other thirdldworders who are the enemy. Yes, they are destroying us, but that’s only becuase they follow the natural imperative of looking out for Number 1. However, it’s the Bush-types on whom the hopes of the white majority were hinged and who betrayed those hopes massively that are the culpable party — for it’s they who cooperated with the poisoned Left in opening the gates to the Thirdworlders, and the ladders of ascent to the top to unqualified and vengeful blacks 

      •  …and when they have handed over our country to the masses of immigrants, and the immigrants stage their revolution, the Bushes will say, but we let you in, and the immigrants will say just like Bane: And this gives you power over me?

        • AM

          That is a fatal mistake. In SA whites voted to end apartheid during a referendum in the early 1990’s. Then in 1994 they handed a country in perfect working order over to the black communist terrorist ANC regime, whereby supposed agreements regarding minority groups’ rights were made between the then ruling white party and Nelson Mandela. A few years afterwards, the ANC turned their back on these agreements, and started turning into the new black racist apartheid government. Minority groups (eg white, coloured, Indian) are now marginalised and vitims of nazi-style social engineering of the ANC. BUT WHO CARES? Nobody, because the whole world has been brainwashed to believe the lies about SA and that the whites deserve.

      • springisgood

        Non White Immigration, is a product of the Jews, look up the Immigration act of 1965

    • M&S

      It leaves what it has always left and what the Founding Fathers of the Revolutionary Period left us as perhaps their greatest mistaken trust: namely a refusal to legislate within the Constitution a mandate for revolutionary recourse as “When this happens, take up arms, declare a national emergency and hold a Constitutional Convention. Don’t wait for it to get worse. Don’t ask for permission, simply do as your instincts say must be done.” as a strict conditionalist doctrine.
      The Declaration Of Independence specifically states violent revolution as a duty as much as right when our rulers do not give us redress for our complaints. But the DOI is not law so much as dream and in a soft society, people don’t seek dream or duty, they seek -ease-.
      And those who might do something about this looming disaster are lost in the squeeze chart between centrists and extremists, finding no guidance as moral comfort in a mandate to action.
      Of course, in the late 18th century, we were viewing the world through a lens or perspective which feared the breakup or crib kill of a young rebel nation state into less racial than national and class-as-means driven component groups, easy to pick off.
      “As we fail to hang together, so shall we certainly hang apart.”
      A condition of destructive fragmentation which did indeed arise, a 90 years later, as the South sought to protect it’s regional interests as lack of industrial capacity through perpetuation of the slave economy.
      Unfortunately, the truth is that this nation can only be saved by envy. As those whites who remember what their genetic algorithms tell them beyond what social engineering does, can _see_ what success looks and feels like as a deep satiation of instinct. A reawakening of the dream as longing for…Freedom.
      In this, it is absolutely critical to understand that we do not face any one group within our borders who will acknowledge the penalties of losing our country but rather the forces of Global Socialism at work, acting from outside it.
      Forces which seek to annihilate ‘nationalism’ as a whole and thus suffers no guilt at the destruction of racial homelands such as the United States once represented.
      To fight this attempt at ‘irreversible destinty’, you must decide, once and forever, that it is a _very bad idea_ for us to move towards what the sociologists label as a ‘Type 1 Civilization’. Where global rule over all peoples exceeds that of the genetic as evolutionary outcomes of any given geneline.
      This is where we fail to make our case. Because as true diversity thinking doesn’t seek global domination of other cultures, nor can it abandon the best interests of the people who espouse it.
      And this is where the agenda that says “The annihilation of a single people to serve a greater good” cannot in fact -be- about good.
      But only about power. And the occulted quest for power as it’s own agenda is always centered upon evil. Even when it is by nominal do-gooder liberals.

    • Michael Folorunso

      How about let Bernie Madoff use the money (i.e white money) to run his poncy scheme from behind the prison wall??? he might just be lucky this time around to a better return

  • America First

     “The final days of the Roman Empire followed the same fatal chain of events.” 
    I concur, except that the decline of the Roman Empire took centuries, and the  decline of Western civilization and white dominance is happening much quicker in real time. What is astounding is that we have the model – the Roman Empire of the West – for our fall, but our so-called leadership is either willfully ignorant or indifferent to the consequences of the liberal policies which have impelled this decline.  Over and over again, our leaders, many of whom are or were Republican, put machinery and polices in place which have had the effect of destroying the ethos WHICH IS NECESSARY to maintaining the greatest civilization(s) and nation the world has ever seen.

    • Only when Whites are somehow (?) forced to tithe / donate to White Activists on the front line, is there only hope.  This indeed is how history has operated.  Free will donations my foot.

      • ed91

         that’s what this new (yesterday) part of obamacare demands.

        seniors will pay the first 2000$ just to play healthcare………..  that is what will take care of all those who don’t pay (guess who)

    • Ignacio

      The most important difference is at that time the barbarians were Nordics, now mestizos that could never sustain this civilization.

  • bluffcreek1967

    “American whites could become a minority much sooner than they think. That has been our experience in South Africa; people appreciate the enormity of change only after it is too late” – White Americans, are you listening?

    • ed91

       sure, all they have to do is increase the african immigrants…………

      by 500%

      and amnesty for all

      • 5n4k33y35

        They would love nothing more than to fill the Americas with African immigrants. Africa is vast and they can produce a lot of immigrants.

    • Lorin

       Unfortunately; the answer appears to be a resounding : NO!!Football and  basketball are the only subjects most white men want to talk about. Demographics, race relations, politics, international affairs and other like minded subjects just are not on their mind and they flat out refuse to learn anything about anything else.

      • Francis Galton

         Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.  I’ll admit I’ve never really been into watching or following sports, but my full racial awakening (a little over a year ago) has made me absolutely disgusted with the entire Sports-Industrial Complex, of which the “Football Dept.” is the most insidious of all.  Paul Kersey has done great work fleshing out this aspect of White racial stupidity. 

        Monday Night Football may very well be the lid that closes the pot on the boiling frog.

        • negrolocaust

          yes. i agree. i personally have stopped watching football because i dont like looking at or even hearing blacks. during business calls if a black answers the phone i hang up and keep calling until a white answers. 

      •  I have taken to ridiculing my friends and relatives who are football and basketball fanatics.  I say something like, “Wow did you see my Negroes outrun your Negroes last night during such and such game.”  It is crude and pisses everybody off but they get the point.  With the few who can actually think about things I go on to explain how using blacks in college athletics has eradicated generations of would have been white collegiate athletes.   The only sport I still follow is baseball, I just can’t seem to give it up.

        • When ever I waste my time watching any football, I ALWAYS pick the team with the following:

          White Coach and White Quarterback

          Then, if they both have that, I pick the team with the most white players.

          If they have a Black Quarterback, I will NEVER “cheer” them on. IF both are Black, I don’t even watch.

          (notice how that Negro Cam Newton is falling apart? HA HA HA)

          At games, when friends ask me who I am “for”, I always check my list and then name the team. When they ask why, I tell them I support the team that supports my “community”.. Most whites have NO IDEA what I just said but every single black in hearing range knows exactly what I said and give me their natural look of HATE.

          • Tarczan

            You stole this from me! I do the same thing. Sometimes it’s tough to find a marginally white team.

          • Rapid rate

            Im the same way with college football I like a few different teams i like teams with predominantly white athletes Stanford, BYU, Air force, Army, Navy, Boston college . I despise any college football programs that permote only the most low class literate black criminals such as, Florida, Florida state, Miami, Cal, USC, Oregon. I don’t know if its just my imagination but it seems to me that they are trying to replace schools that have always had predominantly white Quarterbacks with black ones, examples Ohio state, Notre Dame, Michigan. Is this just my imagination or has any one else noticed this as well? its as if they don’t want whites shown as great leaders in any capasity

          • ed91

             same here…………  I’m down to Peyton and a few others………………..  the rest are no one I could cheer for.

          • eunometic

            Yep, never give them your audience, if enough of us boycott this nonsense the money for it will wither.

          • BTRDAYZ

            My, my, my, what racist filth have I stumbled upon today?


            Black Man Watching

        • negrolocaust

          i suppose…. if you like watching a black brandishing and swinging a bat….

          • What?  Blacks, plus the dork in Orlando with a fax machine, are complaining about the lack of American blacks in baseball.  Of course, many of the “Hispanics” in the major leagues are black or mulatto Caribbeans.

        • Cannot Tell

          Professional baseball teams are chock full of Latinos. I hope you stop watching someday.

      • basketball: Millionaire felons bouncing a ball to please the sheeple.

        • Integration Anxiety

          NBA = Nothing But Africans, NFL= National Felon League, MLB = More Latinos Balling, NHL = National Honkey League. I enjoy watching collegiate sports, but only because I enjoy filling out parlay tickets. I could usually care less about supporting any “team” outside of Ohio State, or the lowly Cleveland Browns and Indians. But I am a little more optimistic than this article calls out.

          • ed91

             ohio state is one of the worst for bantus out of control in their sports programs

        • Joseph

          Correction: Baksetbawl

      • That is why I get a rise out of pissing them off when I confront them with the truth of what they are doing to me and other whites who DO give a damn about what is happening to us. Thy will find that when the waste matter hits the fan, white men like me will be their greatest and most implacable enemies, not the darkies or their puppet masters. They will NOT get help, refuge or assistance from white men who have been seeing the writing on the wall for decades. They will reap the consequences of their willful ignorance. Even the average room temperature IQ Mestizo knows full well the trouble whites are a race are really in. That is why when I make one of these braindead Negro worshippers angry when I point out the genocide underway against us, I know I have done a little more damage to our enemies. I detest and hate sports even more than I destes those who aid and abet our enemies.

        • ed91

          Speaking of mestisos, I believe Cortes gave them a taste of that circa 1521

          there wasn’t a lot of pussyfootin’ around.

      • Joseph

        Unfortunately, the ones intellectually capable are largely limited to forums such as this, avoiding such topics in any depth in open public discourse to escape the social/economic sanctions imposed by our billionaire socialist rulers. You know that you live in a closed society when that which everyone knows to be true becomes unspeakable.

        I heard just this a.m. on the news that the MOST searched for name on the web this year was Kim Kardashian. Two of the top five most searched news items were Honey Boo Boo (sp?) and the new I-Pad.

        People understand sex-scandals; they don’t understand science, money or
        history. We are told that experts are working on the problem so don’t worry just trust us, pay your taxes, eat your bread and enjoy the circus.

        This is where we have come to.

        War is Peace
        Freedom is Slavery
        Ignorance is Strength

    • I am a white person but surely the American continent was stolen from Native Americans in the same way as South Africa and Zimbabwe were stolen from which ever Black Africans were indigenous to the area. You could say what goes round comes around!

      • Joseph

        Well, you COULD say that, but it would be wrong. North America was inhabited largely by stone-age warring tribal cultures who killed and made slaves of each other and exploited whatever resources they could as they saw fit so this “noble savage” picture doesn’t play well here. Anglo/Europeans came and built the most prosperous, industrious society and just government in history which now degenerates with the unchecked influx of these hybrid parasites from this hemisphere and others from the east. Neither they, nor their ancestors built what they now enjoy, advantage with none of the innovation or labor. We are supposed to accept now, imposed on the people who did build this nation, what you to believe to have been unjust 500 years ago when there was nothing here.

        As far as a lesson in “going round” look to South Africa now compared to even 1970 and try to massage the facts to show how it has improved since rule has returned to the “noble savages” in that nation. After the British relinquished control of “Rhodesia” to the black gov’t of “Zimbabwe” it quickly became a vacation paradise didn’t it?

        If those are the types of places you enjoy you can probably still emigrate there, particularly if you enjoy the thrill of frequent and sundry assaults by people you will be laboring to support. I do not want these types of people from Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Turkey, Arabia, Sudan, S.A. &c. immigrating here and bringing this disorder with them.

        Contrary to what His Black Hopefulness claims, we DID build it. They didn’t.

  • ed91

    “Could We Fix An Election –Sure. They Would Never Know It”

    Ulsterman Report, by Ulsterman

    Original Article

  • Detroit_WASP

    Sadly, I have to say yes, whites will allow third worlders to ruin this nation.
    I will list the reasons I believe this.
    1.  Detroit
    2.  Flint MI, same as Detroit
    3.  Pontiac MI, same as Flint.
    4.  Saginaw MI, same as Pontiac.
    5.  Cleveland
    6.  East St. Louis

    I could go on for several more minutes listing ruined cities but at the risk of belaboring the point I will stop at six.   Why should I believe anything is going to change????

    The reasons whites allowed blacks to ruin these cities is because it was always easier to just move.  Why stay and fight for your neighborhood when you can just move?  So, whites fled, blacks took over and turned these places into third world villages dependent on government programs and the generosity of goofy whites trying to save blacks from themselves.
    By the time whites wake up enough to fight back with drastic change to immigration and welfare breeding farms for low IQ thrid worlders, it will be too late.

    I feel like I am watching one of those  1970s science fiction “end of the world” movies staring Charleton Heston!

    • Carocaput

       To pick Rubio is to lose our reason for being.

      • Detroit_WASP

        Carocaput, what is your plan?  Deport them all?  That will never happen, way too late for that.  Give me solutions not dreams and I will listen.

        1.  Secure the boarders
        2.  Cut welfare to the bone
        3.  Government funded abortions for the poor
        4.  Find conservative blacks and browns and run them for public office as Republicans.
        5.  Immigration reform.  Only let in smart educated people.

        That is the sort of plan you are looking at now.  Nonsense about rounding them all up and shipping them back is fantasy land stuff.  

        • Athling

          In the final analysis there is only one way. Whites must have their own nation with defined borders. You can not share your geographic space with racial aliens. How we get there remains to be seen.

          • Karolina

            Athling, it’s a great idea, but it will never happen, as Detroit Wasp said, it’s a fantasy land,  we must live in the real world…

          • The real world requires separation.

          • Bantu_Education

            It can and will happen, but not in the conventional way of seceding and then attempting to defend vast land-masses.   It will come about thru long-leasing of easily-defendable and racially-exclusive enclaves rather like Hong Kong in the past.  It happened before, it can happen again..!   

          • Bjdeller

             But that is what South Africa planned but despite the fact that the vast areas, most as big as US States, to be ceded to the black South Africans contained profitable mines and industries, and a First World infrastructure. but the terrorists aided by the Soviet union wanted the lot. The Apartheid plan was to save the white South Africans and to ensure that that part of Africa would develope well to avoid all the problems that have plagued Africa, the whites who built up SA so that it formed 45% of the GDP of the WHOLE OF AFRICA despite international sanctions, the white South Africans who had every right to future freedom and security and who had  developed economic and social conditions that allowed the black population to grow to 40 million including those who came form central Africa and who did not care about Apartheid (separate development) all they wanted was full bellies and some sort of a paying job pus hope for the future that they could not obtain in their countries they fled that were ruled by black Africans.

            This is not racist but factual and easy to check in the real sources.

             Zimbabwe/Rhodesia  and most of the other African countries “given their freedom” were existing examples of a future South Africa ruled by black Africans and yet the Western Liberals and Socialists demanded that the white South Africans commit suicide.     I lived there until 1999 when having British passports my family and I escaped to Spain where we are retired, bitter but much wiser.   Many educated black South Africans did not want the changes as they knew what the future holds. 

            Another Zimbabwe.

        • Mick Chaney

          3.  Government funded abortions for the poor

          Now, you know the catholics and christophobes will never go for this.  Every life is sacred!

          • Sherman_McCoy

            That’s why Christian movements who are unabashedly pro-white are so valuable.  I believe that abortion of HUMANS is murder.  Dangerous predators, not so much.  And (here I repeat myself again), if blacks and liberal whites make use of abortion, they should eventually kill themselves off.  We, of course, will have as many children as we can, raising them in the fear and admonition of a righteous God, who made different nations for a reason.  (Though why He ever would have created Negros is beyond me).

            Abortion has ceased to be a cause for me.  I can tell someone considering it that it is wrong and that she will probably regret it somewhere down the line, but in the end, the decision is between her and God.  My conscience is clear.  My five kids and 8 grandkids are all white and doing great.  Actually thinking of having another . . .

          • joe

            Nioggers are NOT sacred!!

        • Pelayo

           Start fighting back. Make them afraid.We still have the numbers and the skills.

        • laager

          The biggest weapon American whites should fear is the black birth rate.

          Learn from the South African example.
          1868 – 50% white and 50%black
          1900 – 3m black and 1m white
          1990 – 35m black and 5m white

          Ironically white SA was destroyed through their compassion and benevolence and the meddling of western liberals – a small handful as pointed out in Dan Roodt’s Russian Revolution example. 
          Don’t let it happen in the USA. 

          • Bantu_Education

            Don’t believe it was ever 50-50, not if you take all the tribal areas into consideration which at that time were only nominally controlled by whites, e.g. Zululand, Transkei, etc.  However I’m willing to be swayed otherwise if you have the sources for this.   Your figures from 1900 on though are more or less correct and I believe the white ratio was still 20% or more as late as the mid-1960’s.  If the Nats hadn’t virtually blocked British immigration from 1948 to 1963 the white proportion could have climbed back to 25% or more, but at the risk of English becoming the dominant language not Afrikaans.   

          • laager

            I hope this graph a statistics will print here. I found it on the www. Need to search again to provide an accurate source.
            I hope this will suffice in the meantime.

            SOUTH AFRICA Population Growth (Non White vs White)

            Total Non Whites Whites White % 
            1868: 800,000 400,000 400,000 50
            1948: 11.5 M 8.5 M 2.5 M 21.7
            1980: 29.5 M 26 M 3.5 M 11.8
            2001: 44 M 40 M 4 M 10

          • laager

            Graph and statistics found on Why-we-are-white-refugees
            which came from
            [Approximate numbers taken from Graph: SA Demographics, from 1868 to 2001; from Prospects for the white tribe: the future of the Afrikaner people in South Africa, by Dan Roodt] (see Wake Up Whitey Photos, for Graph)

            If you GOOGLE South Africa Population or Demographics there is a wealth of information on the topic.
            I do not have the time to read all of it now.

          • Bantu_Education

            In reply to Laager – there is no reply option after your replies to mine, so I have to reply here and hope you see it.

            I had a look thru several pages of SA popn/demograpics, etc, but didn’t find any racial breakdowns before the 1904 census.  I did find a 1868 estimate for the entire population as 1.06 million – interestingly this had declined by 5% or more to just over 1 million by 1870 – which seems strange.  

            Anyway the 1.06 million is not that far from the 1.2 million you quoted and if the figure of 400,000 whites is correct then the ratio was 2 to 1, not evens.   Anyway, given that SA consisted of 4 territories at the time,  I think that any estimation of black numbers (particularly in the Boer Republics, but also Transkei and Zululand) was very much a guesstimate.   

            Therefore, I think it could be fairly said that in those areas fully white control the black/white ratio probably was even.  

            The most surprising thing was that in the OFS in 1904 almost 40% of the population was white.          

          • Cyb

             I disagree. South Africa HAD to be done. To once and for-ever silence the critics who decried racism. To give blacks a chance to hand them a shining country on the hill and make it prosper. And they destroyed it. It is an experiment that only has to be done once.

          • Bantu_Education

            I dont get your point “an experiment that only has to be done once”, when the same suspects had earlier forced white Rhodesians to entrust themselves to another group of white-hating black Marxists.   

            Are you saying that the lesson has now been learned and the “critics who decried racism” have now been silenced?   What total rubbish – the liberals always knew that the blacks would fail – the intention behind giving blacks their “freedom” was not for their benefit but to destroy a white enclave whose very success made the blacks look what they are – evil and stupid.   

            Remove the one piece of good fruit in the barrel to make the rest look more edible.


          • gemjunior

            Well, it had been done many times before – Haiti and Rhodesia are a couple of examples – any nobody was looking or listening.  SA was done RECENTLY- with the eyes of the world on it demonstrating very clearly what happens when blacks take power – and still nobody is looking.  Even while their brethren are butchered in ways that have only been seen here in Knoxville and Wichita but will increase to the Nth degree as blacks get power. And people still don’t see.  That is what is so frightening.  The propaganda has been very effective.  Throw in a few negro doctors, judges and superheros and whites believe anything.  That’s why the Confederacy and Jim Crow had to be destroyed and brought down – because they KNEW the truth.

          • Just like the Holdomor against my Ukrainian ancestors was an experiment that had to be only done once too I dare say. I doubt a white South African would see the genocide against them that way.  This is not an experiment, this is genocide.

          • laager

            We watched the process you refer to start in 1957 in Ghana work its way east and then south through all the former European colonies with Zimbabwe capitulating in 1980. The RSA managed to survive another 10 to 14 years.

            What exactly do mean by racism?
            The “racism” I saw was teaching blacks to read and write, teaching them the English language, installing a free health service that enabled them to multiply 10 fold, taking them out of unsanitary shacks and housing them in masonry dwellings, clothing them in western apparel, introducing them to Christianity, democracy, the rule of law and freehold property rights, ending the barter system and creating millions of technical jobs in an industrialised capitalist cash economy.

            The SA blacks have called this “slavery” and “oppression” and the UN declared this progress “A crime against humanity”   

          • Detroit48224


            Respectfully, no, that experiment has not only been done once.  It was done in Detroit, Cleveland, East St. Louis, Flint MI, Pontiac MI, Benton Harbor MI.

            Benton Harbor MI is a good example.  A small town on lake Michigan.  It SHOULD be one of those places like Mayberry NC on the Andy Griffith show where we city people can go to rent a cottage or go antiquing.  Instead it is a crime ridden, economic and academic disaster.  Crime rate and SAT scores nearly identical to Detroit.   Reason?  Benton Harbor MI is 95% black.  

            This experiment has been done over and over and always has the same results.   Black folks destroy neighborhoods.  Even honest blacks will admit that. 

            I honestly believe that blacks cannot maintain, let alone build basic shelter (homes).  Forget about skyscrapers or suspension bridges, they cannot build or maintain homes.   Of course there are a few exceptions, like white NBA players are exceptions. 

            When you go past a construction site, it is all whites and mexicans…..VERY few blacks.   If you see more than 10% blacks on a construction site, I GUARANTEE you it is a government project.

          • Theophilus Ghoststone

            And not a word from the Western media about it. A liberal would rather see the world fall into a black hole than to admit their ideology is wrong. Two dimensional thinking is a liberal’s calling card.

        • shmo123

           You don’t have to round them all up and ship them out. Just have the guts to uphold the laws that are already on the books, cut out the goodies, and they’ll leave. What other options will they have??

          • Karolina

            What other options will thay have?,  Riots 24/7, they will not leave…

          • Karolina

            I should add looting, that’s what they do..

          • SacJP

            ‘Shoot rioters on site’ will fix that.

          • Persona Non Grovel

            Is that Benton Harbor or Bantu Harbor?

        • puffdaddy

          Who is going to do that? Never going to happen. With amnesty around the corner there will never be any organized support for anything that focuses on self reliance. 

        • Carocaput

          Unless the perception and reality is that we would if necessary deport all then nothing will happen.  They came here to loot and replace us.  Let them know we will displace them from our borders.  The sooner the easier and better.  After all half- measures never worked for Rome.  But I agree your list is best to start with.  But don’t drag it on for our out- numbered children’s sake.

        • SLCain

          “Carocaput, what is your plan?  Deport them all?  That will never happen, way too late for that.”

          Nonsense.  We could easily deport 12 million, or 20 million.  When it comes to deportation of illegal aliens, just remember:  “Yes, We Can!”.

        • 1XXX

          You want a solution that will work??

          Here’s a solution: Turn off the grid for six months.

          I guarantee you a different country will be the result. With far fewer “people of color” to boot.

          • ed91

             explain your ‘grid’ clearly

          • SacJP

            Whites are reproductive k strategists…. Fewer offspring but significant parental investment in each one… It’s a reproductive strategy that favors individual fitness and these individuals will do comparatively better under extremely adverse conditions like a long-term power grid failure… The blacks tend to trend more as reproductive r strategists, with promiscuity, minimal parental investment, and as many offspring as the environment will support… This is a group that shrinks and grows quickly as the environmental conditions allow (so rather than fight to stay alive their genes let many ill raised young simply die in a disaster, and their few surviving cousins can reproduce fast enough to bounce back when the disaster is over.) They also reproduce at very high rates under artificial ‘abundance’ conditions such as that which is achieved on the backs of whites in the modern welfare state.

            If whites want to survive as a race we must leverage this genetic difference in our favor when the great ‘culling’ happens (and the super rich drag the population level down to more ‘manageable’ levels.) Well prepared whites will naturally survive at higher rates than dependent blacks, and as long as we act decisively in the aftermath we can parlay that into a longer term demographic foothold by preventing the cycle from starting anew (by whatever means are needed to achieve that goal.)

            Prep now, in a sensible way, and in a way that the state can’t easily confiscate everything, and encourage members of your family and tribe to do the same.

          • M&S

            And why would rich whites who wanted to solve the world’s population problem have themselves been responsible for starting it by mandating that we feed the hopeless and take in the refuse of the world in preference to the competent, interbreedable, white populations which had made us successful?
            And a gun license which is the only real hope you have facing a pack of rabid blacks or Hispanic slinkers is the same as being on a kill or detain list if you don’t give up your firepower.
            There is one hope for whites to survive what the rich have set _us alone_ up to die from and that is to take our power out of the economy before they are ready to face us and like the man said: “Pray we are so fortunate, pray they are that stupid…” as to take the first step too early in a fashion which makes it clear to whites that they are out for everyone with a white skin, not just survivalists on some remote area or cultist Mormons down in Texas.
            The biggest threat to our survival here is the Conservative willingness to go along with the wink-and-nod smile of a government which is clearly sending this country over the edge. Not because they have a ‘cunning plan’ to bring us through the worst, but because they are on the road to a fumbling World Government which makes the UN look like Star Trek’s Federation.
            We don’t have the automation to support a 14 billion population by 2100. Or even 10 billion by 2060. We don’t have the resources, world wide, to support everyone living -something like- the good life, even if whites are suddenly driven poor by their Brother’s Keeper black minders.
            We are left with a condition in which our leadership is clearly mad with megalomaniacal lust for power and will do -anything- to take the next step, rather than acknowledge that it is the alternative: individual nation states and their component terrain isolate subspecies which is, was and will always be the best route forward as some races plateau early or never and others continue the hill climb on the basis of stronger militaries maintaining preferential access to global resources while we prepare for intra-System and then interstellar spaceflight.
            What we do to or for the other racial groups once we leave this crèche world may not matter, because we will have evolved to a next-step homo evolutis. But if we _fail_ to be the driving energy of our own genetic destiny, we should expect nothing less than the greed and envy of other races to steal that destiny from us.
            Guilt, compassion and pity are weapons in their hands, for use against us.
            Put ENOUGH of us together, (as a white ethnostate of say 1-5 million) and the word ‘racist’ begins to be laughable as that group will excel where no others, burdened by ethnic vampirism, can. It just takes one LARGE group to say: “No.” We will not abide by your anti-white laws. And the line will be drawn.
            It will be like Taiwan and China. Invade and the world frowns upon you. Isolate behind ‘No trade, in or out’ and you make it clear who the real victims are even as you bash your own economy in the nose by pulling X-many dollars from the GDP and forcing excess taxation without representation from the -rest- of the population to compensate.
            Let them go as we have forced Russia and Serbia and Iraq to do and watch what happens when ‘non-aligned’ whites, stuck back in JRA, have to watch with green eyed envy what happens when a microstate becomes it’s own powerhouse rather than having to feed an ungrateful terrorist Federal system, hell bent on centralizing everything that the Constitution explicitly states belongs to the States while abandoning such fundamental responsibilities as protecting our sovereign territory, printing our own money, and securing this nation’s future for it’s indigene populations posterity.
            We live under the thumb of Tyrants and the Declaration Of Independence tells us what to do about that.
            But it doesn’t tell us how. And individual violence is NOT the way.

          • SacJP

            Agreed. It’s a rough situation. I hope white people wake up soon…

            I don’t hate other races, and I’d even be perfectly fine with a low double digit percentage of non-white minorities in my ‘white’ homeland, but only the best and brightest, and even then inter-racial miscegenation should be discouraged, and if they don’t pull their own weight they should lose the right to reproduce freely (I actually believe that about everyone, including whites.) Having some low percentage of other groups does enrich the country in a positive way (even if only to be a constant reminder of what we don’t want full scale,) but in the long run high percentages of white people do make the best societies, as history has shown (though Asians may give us a run for our money.)

          • M&S

            U.S. Population:
            Thirty nine million blacks, average age 24.
            Three hundred twelve million whites, average age 41.
            It would be a blood bath alright but most of the victims would be white sheeple within arms reach of a hungry ethnic.
            But what would happen would be that the government, run by Jews and their self-appointed black bureaucracy would step in and order the white military to begin ‘regional equity’ on a massive scale, bringing everyone into common proximity so that they could start fixing (the electrical) grid in the fewest number of population centers while distributing cooking gas, MREs and bottled water to all and sundry who wanted to ‘follow the dream’ of a miscegenated nation doing the Mau’ist cultural revolution thing.
            Between the indoctrination they receive in boot and the recent combat experiences of SWA putting them all on edge, the military would follow their own internal laws and specifically protect the Constitution _as interpreted by their propaganda officers_ (yes, we have commisars too, they just don’t call’em that…), which is to say that Chain of Command and UCMJ would drive every action they undertook as individuals more afraid of and rah-rah-go! empowered by their leadership who in turn would look on the emergency as an excuse to ‘do what they do’ to the nth degree.
            i.e. We could not expect the military to help and would likely not even /know/ half of what they did in the boonies as the equivalent of Indian Relocation could quickly turn to Einsatzgruppen level ‘sweep and clear’ operations.
            Not all of which would have to involve boots on the ground (though you certainly couldn’t hide from them) as Congress has instructed the FAA to make airspace allocations for upwards of 30,000 drones in U.S. airspace by 2020.
            Those forces which refused to play along would be stood down and the paramilitarized, federalized, police forces would step in, just like they did in 1939-40 Poland, behind the Army Groups.
            Losing ‘The Grid’ is losing accountability. Because the only people who will have 100,000 gallon bunkers of generator diesel will be the Feds and they will have a wild night genocide party with everyone who doesn’t play along.
            No thanks. Thirty nine million is perhaps one third to one quarter of the real losses of WWII. Add to this the Feds putting us all in cages where they can watch us bounce off the bars and you have a nightmare scenario in which _not enough people would die fast enough_ for even the Exurbs to be safe.
            The only thing which would save whites under such circumstances would be preemptive nuclear razed earth policy to creating no-go zones around certain populations so that they could not immediately escape.
            And I don’t want fallout from a 170KT B-61 Mod 10 drifting over the countryside whose wheat and meat I hope to eat, after.

          • Musashi5000

            Your belief in the competence of the government is completely misplaced.

          • M&S

            But there is the threefold advantage which government has:
            1. It is not run by the elected but by those who hold the campaigns and count the votes.
            2. It is persistent. So long as it doesn’t collapse completely in the face of wolf warfare from within or without, the sheep will grow a new wool, next year.
            3. It terrifies others. Who resent you standing up when they cannot, even if you somehow are left alone. It is the advantage of numbers and the reality of biting the hand which doesn’t slap you, yet, combined.
            When you look at a triumvirate of finance/government/law ruled by 70% of one group whose influence is that of 3% of the population and whose power has apogee’d within five generations of taking 25% of the college education spots, you understand that government is indeed powerful.
            Not because it is fair or just but because the nature of governance and particularly of democracy is the defocussing of skill and power through bureaucracy (some would say tyranny) of procedure over purpose.
            In this, I think I have both the nature of governance and the nature of the anglo saxon who believes there is security within an ordered world, well and truly understood.

        • We can deport most of them. When the welfare and other monies stolen from white taxpayers at gunpoint is cut off, they will leave. When they cannot whelp hordes of illegitmate, bastard kids on whites’ dime, they will leave. When they face violence and getting killed for harming our people, they will leave. When they cannot get jobs at the expense of whites, they will leave. In short, we don’t have to round them up and send them south in cattle cars. We can MAKE them leave by giving them a very could shoulder and making it clear how hated and unwanted they reall are. Inducing them to self-deport as well as securing the borders are two sides of the plan. Stopping birthright citizenship, ceasing forcing hospitals to care for these illegals, AND severely restricting immigration are the only answers. I would ban all non-white immigration permanently, we can train our own doctors, scientists and engineers or recruit them from other white nations.

    • Ulick

      Well put, Detroit WASP. I see the situation almost identically as you. You are absolutely correct that this race was about race, and people of color seeing everything as a racial tug-of-war. Minorities that accuse whites of racism are doing so because they themselves act in a race conscious manner and would act racially if they were in whites shoes so they assume that whites are acting similarly. It’s always about race with minorities. Always.

      • laager

        Watching the election from the UK I have to agree.

        If Obama’s manifesto had been; paint all the lamp posts in the USA yellow, he would still have won. Policy had nothing to do with the election at all.

        Look at the South African example. The ANC has been returned to power with a 60%+ majority at each election since 1994. Yet they are effectively doing nothing for their constituency. It is all about getting on the gravy train for the power hungry and forgetting about who put them there once they get their snouts in the trough.

        • Ulick

          Laager, I used to read “Mike Smith’s Political Commentary” blog. When I went to visit that blog several weeks ago I saw that it was now defunct. Someone mentioned that several posters might know why the host pulled the plug on Smith’s blog and where it can now be found. One of the posters mentioned was “Laager”. I’m not sure if that was you (I assumed it was). I was curious if you know anything about this and whether Mike is up and running at another site?

          • laager

            Same laager.
            Plenty of rumours about the site
            My view is that it is temporarily dormant
            It is has become the successor of SAS – South Africa Sucks.
            This went through a number of iterations and being unilaterally closed by the www hosts a number of times.
            Bottom line is that there are forces out there who don’t like gloves off freedom of speech finding a voice on the www.
            I hope that AR have taken the necessary precautions to protect this site against similar predatory attacks.

          • TMM

             Laager, are you sure Mike’s blog is down temprarily ? I think it is down for good. 

      • Bantu_Education

        Exactly, people of low intelligence and ethics always judge others by their own low standards as they don’t have the intelligence to think any different.

        • Joseph

          I think that you overlook the fact that people of middle and high intelligence make the same error. They also believe that others think the same way that they do. They believe that others will make the right choices if only you reason with them and “educate” them.

          I think whites have evolved to be cooperatively tolerant to what now
          is a harmful degree and are not nearly as racist as the blacks are.
          Consequently, they mostly do not consider that the blacks (or Jews) are
          as racially centered as they really are so just can’t believe that the
          election could actually be about race or that whites could be
          the victims of racism but the last election shows this in spades (pun

          This is why so many middle to upper-mid class people buy into these innumerable useless gov’t programs. These suckers have reasoning ability and a work ethic and believe that the takers are similarly endowed and motivated -but they are not; they are parasites. The hosts do not understand the lifecycle of the parasite nor relate to the strategy. The takers are the uninhibited ones who will eat all of this year’s grain and leave none to plant next year so starve without a sponsoring host of some sort -that’s you. Others at the top of this scheme use this nearsightedness -and encourage it, to their own advantage to accrete even more wealth and power to themselves by being brokers of largess to the low classes while promising the mid/upper classes that they will benefit by raising up the “disadvantaged” making them productive and as a corollary, reducing the threat of criminal activities which might be directed against the upper classes due to their undeserved “privilege”.

          It is a scam which has really gained currency since the end of WWII when the major universities were effectively purged of all tradition and replaced by the Freudians, Straussians, and the Frankfurt-School Marxists.

          We are effectively finished as a race. I believe that we are now past the point of return with the present demographic composition and corrupt traitorous econo-political players we have.

    • ed91

       The Omega Man

      • You mean the film where Heston gets it on with the Angela Davis stand in?


    • 5n4k33y35

      Nope. Marco Rubio has too much European ancestry to appeal to most immigrants from south of the border. I’ve seen them all over the country and at least 95% are darker than Rubio.

      Probably about one third aren’t mestizos at all. They’re full blooded natives without any European ancestry. Marco Rubio is almost completely European. You’re dreaming if you think such a pale hispanic would make the difference to them. They still would have voted for Obama.

      The only way Romney could have won would have been to get a little bit more of the white vote. Enhancing racial divisiveness is the one true way. This is the only right way to go until the point of diminishing returns.

      Look at it this way – Obama got 43% of the white vote last time. He got only 39% of the white vote this time. If conservatives get 4% more of the white vote next time, that’s more than we’ll ever get of the minority vote.

  • Devynsdad

    We need to pick a few lightly populated western states and start the migration.  Pack as many white Americans, Europeans and Africans in as possible and arm ourselves to the teeth.  Then simply refuse to follow DC. 

    • Again it boils down to money.   There are enough good White Leaders known to us all in North America to do the job, if the money was available.  These are leaders who already stick their necks out whether with public speeches, or internet radio shows, etc.  They are here for us.  So, how to get Whitey to donate, one way or another, is the key question .    Having said this, I for one know, with scientific certitude,  that the ferocity of our race will bring our ultimate victory.

    •  africans?????

      • I think he means white Africans, whose heritage is in Europe.

    • You must first recognize your enemy before you can defeat him. Your enemy: white liberals. They are the enablers and engineers of the decline. Blacks and browns simply follow their lead. Defeat them and the rest will fall into place. First step: As many non-liberal whites as possible if they live in New England, IL, CA, OR, WA, NY, NJ, DC, etc. move to FL, VA, OH, or WI. Move these States in an anti-liberal/Dem. direction.

      • The Traveler

        “Defeat them and the rest will fall into place. First step: As many
        non-liberal whites as possible if they live in New England, IL, CA, OR,
        WA, NY, NJ, DC, etc. move to FL, VA, OH, or WI. Move these States in an
        anti-liberal/Dem. direction.”

        That will NEVER happen, and I can’t believe anyone would be naive enough the post it…or to “like” it. Libertarians have suggested the same for years and haven’t succeeded. This is akin to that scam where people are told to avoid buying gas en masse on a certain day as a way to protest rising prices – thinking that other people actually will or that it will make a difference. For every one Caucasian that sells the home they’ve spent a decade paying for and moves to a totally alien place based not on economic prospect – such as a job offer – but a fad internet posting, thousands of illegals will move into those same areas.

        I see now why my people lost.

        • Bantu_Education

          Correct, nothing like this will happen without a total economic collapse – white people are far too comfortable to want to rock the boat, let alone sink it..! 

        • I live in So. Cal. and it is infested with liberals and all their accompanying trash. I would much rather move to a swing State where my vote might possibly make a difference for future elections. Short of seceession, revolution or collapse I can’t just sit on my hands and whine. It’s all I have at the moment and there is an element of common sense involved in that. I don’t expect everyone to do it, but if others are thinking of escaping some liberal hellhole, I would suggest they move to a swing State. I think your numbers are off but let me say this, every conservative taxpayer who leaves California will be replaced by illegals…fine, eventually with less taxpayers the benefit-seekers will have less and less funds supporting their entitlement habit. When I leave whoever replaces me will vote for liberals, but they are already. I’ll go where I am away from liberals and where my vote has a chance at making a difference.

          • Fasfda

            I’m looking to move out of so cal. There are many issues plaguing the state (north cali is different the south cali though I heard).

      • Exactly…obammy
        didn’t win because of the black and illegal mexican votes, he won because of
        the treasonous White liberals who supported him. Of course, that fact is ignored
        in order to bolster  the narrative
        that” hispanics elected obammy,”  now deserve the amnesty they so forcefully
        demand. Just days after the election we have GOP” leaders” falling all over
        themselves with tales of how their thinking has “evolved” on the amnesty issue
        for illegal invading hispanics.


        Just who
        will rise up to defeat this poisonous amnesty doctrine that will reward some 30
        million hispanic illegal invaders with US “citizenship.”

    • ATBOTL

      I think Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, the Appalachians would be better for that.  It’s whiter than the NW and less liberal.  

      • Gracchus123

        Long live the Appalachian Republic!

      • Can throw Missouri into that.  Back out the blacks and scattering of white libs in St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia, and you have the politics of a mid-south state.

      • Coleman91444

        Which is why I moved to Tennessee in 1987 from Los Angeles. Believe me, it does wonders for the soul to be in a community that is over poweringly white and non libtard.
        Of course, one must avoid Memphrica (Memphis) which is a black hellhole.

    • RileyDeWiley

      Migration could very well happen in a negative way – as things deteriorate, whites will flee the worst areas first, and end up together by default. California is almost clear of whites now, and they have gone North and East. The Northwest migration could just be this process carried forward a few years. 

  • Francis Galton

    Great piece, Mr. Roodt.  I think the example of South Africa (Zimbabwe, too) is a perfect case-study in White dispossession and demographic (heading into overt and active) genocide.  Your supposition that the Democratic Party will soon become America’s ANC is spot-on as well. 

    Ultimately, I think the only real solution will be the creation of at least one (preferably several) inviolable White ethnostates–I’m thinking a sort of Rocky Mountain Republic myself (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska, or thereabouts–all overwhelmingly White, traditionalist/conservative states).  The biggest obstacle, paradoxically, is convincing WHITES that this is both desirable and necessary to the very physical survival of themselves, their children, and their grandchildren (to say nothing of their culture and traditions.)

    We need to start injecting gentle, “dog-whistle” cultural memes into American (and other nominally White) societies as seeds in the minds of Whites.  Hopefully, these seeds will grow into full-blown racial consciousness and racial “survival mode” within a decade or so.

    How about we start with some billboard campaigns?  Or maybe start making bumper stickers, yard signs, or the like–let’s turn it into a full-blown ad campaign.  Here are some possible slogans/messages that are not “racist” in any way–just factual and subtle, and appealing to White racial integrity:

    1) “100% diverse means 0% White”
    2) “There will be no majority-White countries in 100 years.”
    3) “If endangered species are worth saving, why not Whites?”
    4) “Every race in world history has owned slaves.  Whites were the only ones that freed them.”

    You have to appeal to Whites’ current sensibilities and “turn the tables” on them, so to speak.

    • Gracchus123

      Whites: The only real minority group!

    • Sounds good to me. Of course you skipped over the civil war part. 

    •  I think, Francis Galton, you are onto something here. Despite the demographic marginalisation of whites world-wide, the main problem is psychological and ideological.

      I fear the Cultural Marxists active in America, especially at the universities, have cooked up the perfect storm by making sure that art and culture reflect their values. Maybe I should write a follow-up article about how whites are brainwashed by books and movies to:

      – believe in a an alternate reality where whites are bad, criminal and lying, as opposed to “people of color” who are moral and upright citizens;
      – accept that people in authority will normally be non-white (the police chief, the judge, the president). In fact, long before Obama was elected, several Hollywood movies had already featured a black president;
      – accept that scientists and experts are normally black (although somewhere in the background they have white-looking slaves who actually do some of the “technical” work);
      – right-wing or pro-white politics and criminality go hand in hand.

      I have recently read a few American bestsellers by people like John Grisham and Lee Child, and watched some of the blockbuster movies and all of them contain overt and covert propaganda of this nature. Given the sustained Cultural Marxist onslaught on the minds of white Americans, I am actually surprised that so few whites actually vote for Obama!

      Some of the theoristis of the Dutch Freedom Party have written extensively about how the American Sixties (civil rights plus the hippie movement) actually poisoned the whole of Western culture. We are currently living with the consequences of the Sixties revolution.

      As I suggest in my article, the fate of America is absolutely crucial for Western survival. The only reason why South African blacks are not going for outright genocide against us, is because they fear some sort of international (read: American) reprisal, Nuremberg trial, etc. Once the USA is firmly in Third World hands, it will be open season on the white communities elsewhere that have already been disarmed (such as SA whites).

      Europe too, will not stand against the Muslim world without the support of American whites. They are generally pacifists, live in overcrowded cities with little physical activity and can hardly cook their own food, let alone fight or shoot.

      However, I would say about 20% of the Western/European population has already woken up to the problem, but they are marginalised, being treated like heretics by the multicultural media, the universities and even the churches. Together that 20% already constitutes a global force. After all, the Marxists never got 20% support among white people and look at their huge successes!

      The internet has brought us all together, regardless of geography or even language. You can even read Russian now by using Google Translate. Like the small Greek city states stood together to stop the vastly more powerful Persian Empire more than two millennia ago, we need to work together as “islands”.

      Like the Cultural Marxists, we need to see culture and ideology as a “terrain of struggle”. Also, we could start global campaigns and boycotts against anti-white corporations, not invest in their shares, not buy their products and generally trash their brands.

      Always remember: one man, or a small group of dedicated people, can change the world. Just read the history of the Russian revolution. There were six people on the Politburo, and four of them were against the revolution! Lenin was in exile and only Stalin and Trotsky were in favour of overthrowing the Czar. Yet they made it happen because they wanted to.

      Given the odds against us, we are perhaps already stronger than we realize…

      • laager

        “In fact, long before Obama was elected, several Hollywood movies had already featured a black president;”
        Let us reiterate; Obama is not a black man. His mother was white – therefore he is 50% white and 50% black. In the American context he may be considered black but the truth is he is Mulatto. In the UK this would be Mixed Race and in South Africa the term used was Coloured.
        Bottom line; his ethnicity is neither black nor white and his nationality is American – and even that is suspect.

        Something we should really be concerned about is that once Daniel Craig fulfills his contract for the next 2 Bond movies, there is talk that the the next James Bond will be black. Miss Moneypenny already makes that transition in Skyfall.

        Bob Dylan was right: The times they are a-changing.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          “Europe too, will not stand against the Muslim world without the support of American whites. They are generally pacifists, live in overcrowded cities with little physical activity and can hardly cook their own food, let alone fight or shoot.”

          Mostly true, but most Germans are pretty active folks.  They ARE, for the most part pacifistic, and probably fear above all else being called the N(azi) word.

          • Skincognito

            It seems that every White culture has its own “Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung.” Eradicating this from our collective psyche, along with monogomous reproduction, must take precedence over partisan politics. I firmly agree with Mr. Roodt that some elements of Social Theory and Mass Comm studies (aka cultural Marxism) ought to be appropriated by free-thinking loyal Whites. Certainly film and television fantasies operate within a clearly defined set of racial types, overwhelming affirming White stupidity, cruelty and impotence. I’m a grad student in the humanities, and am pleased to report that with a sound theoretical framework and abundant evidence, pro-White cultural studies is feasible. There is simply a tiny reserve of scholars interested in deconstructing anti-White discourse. They’re quite content marrying Jews or Asians and having one mongrel offspring.

      • Gracchus123

        Agree with most of what you have posted, however the 1917 revolution was financed in large measure by Wall Street and some other sources. Where do we get funding and organization to proceed???

        • Stein

          Why not instead start sending not so humble requests for trucks and trailers of cash for projects in our aim and see what happens and keep us informed. Contributors to our hostile organisations are known. We would like to see if there are money workers out there that are siding with us. I would also prefer to buy their products.

      • Bantu_Education

        re: Hollywood depicting blacks as US President.   They’ve gone further than that – Morgan Freeman played “God” in “God Almighty” and altho it was a comedy, I don’t believe it was a “random” choice without subversive intent – besides many true words are said in jest.   I also have been watching this (blatantly white hating) “black genius” presenting an otherwise good popular science show “Through the Worm Hole” – the intention presumably being to place him on the same pedestal as Carl Sagan .

        Last night on BBC World News an interviewer was admonishing the Anglican Church for not choosing a black Archbishop of Canterbury, since apparently Africans now form the majority of that church.  And then there’s the recent sci-fi movies where noble and courageous blacks saved the world…..and so it goes on, ad nauseum..!!  

        • 5n4k33y35

          I was just watching the History Channel about old white industrial bosses, and then suddenly “hiphop mogul” Russell Simmons chimes in, as if he were on par with these barons of industry.

          They also featured AOL CEO Steve Case. But I was particularly irritated by the entertainment CEO opining on industrial giants of the early 19th century. It definitely had a whiff of “Affirmative Action” mentality to it.

          The ubiquitous black expert is inescapable nowadays. We ought to start sending white dudes to do Watusi dances at their events, just to show them how irritating diversity can be.

        • Karolina

          Dennis Haysbert is openly glothing that his portrayal as the first African-American U.S. president on Fox’s “24” helped pave the way for Barack Obama..

        • Theophilus Ghoststone

          Which is why I have not had satellite or cable since 2004. If you buy it you are funding Marxist propaganda. I rarely see a Hollywood movie due to the nauseating propaganda in them. When I sit down in the theater I feel like the starship Enterprise. Shields up, propaganda filters on full!

      • 5n4k33y35

        I agree and I believe the response to the Chick Fil-A controversy demonstrated our potential.

      • Tarczan

        I am hopefull that as Obama unleahes his war on America, that whites will become increasingly receptive to our message. What we are really fighting against is an idea. If we could somehow get a differant idea planted in the brains of white men, we would quickly reverse this issue.

      • Tarczan

        One thing that would work is to advance the concept of Federalism, that is states’ rights. If all of these social programs were run by the states, then the state wouldn’t be able to print money. If an individual state wanted a welfare program, fine just pay for it. The states that did that would of course go broke, since they can’t print money, like the fed. Social engineering, welfare, povery programs, etc would be in the purview of the states. We could make the arguement that it belongs to the states, and if they add them, who cares? They would most likely fail, and be proved as such by the relative prosperity of other states.

        I think this arguement should be advanced for other issues, such as abortion and drugs. 

    • Afdew

      “Whites” are not a specie. Please try again.

    • Stein

      Flag action: Make a website containing the map of USA, fill it with flags marking news and notices on resistance and pro white actions. 
      Some here says that we will never get going, but white flight happens already, this will be a valuable tool to direct something which just looks like flight, but is really a new beginning, and also a chance to live in peace and comfort among beautiful people.

    • That’s how you do it, incrementally. little by little, step by step.

  • Interesting how only the western world is blessed with the miry clay …

    Daniel 2:40 And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces
    and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in
    pieces and bruise.

    Daniel 2:41 And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron,
    the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the
    iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry

    Daniel 2:42 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall
    be partly strong, and partly broken.

    Daniel 2:43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they
    shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to
    another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

  • je suis paganisme

    “Demography is destiny, as Auguste Comte said. There is a mysterious process whereby whites react to racial domination not by rioting or claiming special privileges as other races do, but by working harder, having even fewer children, and quarrelling among themselves.”


  • Charles Gerety

    It’s the nature of our way. By which I mean we are naturally kind, peaceful and fair. This in a big way has worked against us. Don’t mistake kindness for weakness. Things have a way of working out in the bigger picture and the truth will withstand.

    • “That which is good about you will be used against you”.

  • Moving around to red states will not get you free of Liberal political domination, in fact it makes it easier for them,  the way corralling cattle makes it easier to manage them.
    The Left/right divide is so deep now that the time is right for discussing dividing the country. You can make a rational argument for two separate countries. The Left and Right are both suffering from political oppression. The Left we be free to design it’s progressive utopia without the racism and old ideas of the right polluting the new landscape,  and the Right  can live under the existing constitution (minus a couple of offending amendments) content with their values and beliefs.
    I see the division as horizontal, the division being proportional based on populations, creating two new independent countries, with the whites claiming the northern half.   Both Ideologies get two coasts,  Alaska for the north, Hawaii for the south.   The natural segregation would be for blacks, mexicans and liberal whites moving to the south, with asians deciding which side offers them the better opportunities.  You would think blacks would be wildly in favor of this plan, seeing their political power double overnight, and living in a liberal utopia where diversity is king.  Mexicans would support the plan for the same reasons, plus they would be reclaiming their ancestral homelands. White liberals would be the most excited over the new plan, with roughly equal populations, they would occupy a new land free from hate and oppression, their progressive dreams would come true, something not possible in the current USA,  “diversity is our strength” could be the new country’s motto.  Other details like dividing the dept and the military, foreign holdings etc could be worked out.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      You don’t think the blacks are going to let the whites off the hook, do you?  They need us to provide for them.

      •  there will be a good number of enlightened white liberals who will be proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the black man and support them!

        • “Enlightened white liberals” are anti-gun, supposedly, but they will be VERY satisfied to let their Black “friends” carry and use the guns against us racists pigs.

          What these “enlightened white liberals” fail to know is that after the gun battles with us racists pigs (which we racists pigs will win),  their Black friends will turn their guns on the effete enlightened white liberals.

          Blacks have NO loyalty to ANY White or Jewish person.  Once they deal with Whites and Jews then they move on to killing each other. 

          What a world.

          • anarchyst

            Let’s take it a step further . . . those of the “tribe” have no allegiance to any country but one . . . not only that, they despise anyone not of the “tribe”.  Oh, sure, they will be nice to your face, but in close company, they hate our guts . . .

          • Make NO mistake, MANY liberals would more than like to have any opposition to their agenda literally be killed off—and to have their property stolen & redistributed to the ‘oppressed minorities’.

            Look at the reality that minority on White crime and violence is hidden, suppressed and, as we will see in the case of Zimmerman–endorsed by the liberal courts.

            Under Obama, it WILL get worse….be prepared if you are White.

      • puffdaddy

        Progressive whites can work to pay for them in that separate country – I think it is a great idea.

    • Fasfda

      You must’ve missed 1860s. It sounds great. In fact, I would be very interested in who wins out.

      I would not trade Alaska. It is too beautiful. Hawaii is overrated.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The latest proposal is for all charities, such as orphanages or soup kitchens, to lose their non-profit status if they serve any whites at all. It would mean that charitable organizations could serve only blacks, and that whites would not be allowed to help each other in any organized way, even to alleviate poverty or care for orphaned children. 

    Wow, that is really chilling. You can’t get much more hateful than that. I can see that happening in the US if current trends continue.

  • razorrare

    Excellent article…

    America has been in the hands of anti-White zealots for many decades…

  • I wrote some time ago & I’ll repeat:

    * in the case of radical demographic shift from one group holding power to another, democracy must go. I know it’s unpopular & against the current. Just- if you want to keep your country for yourself, start the process of ethnic cleansing & clearly defined racial-ethnic policies. So, democracy, equality, liberty, fraternity …..must go.

    * in the extreme cases, it can be “solved” only through some kind of WW3 with billions- not tens of millions – casualties. When you still own superior fire-power- use it.

    Not humanistic, eh ? No, it isn’t. It’s about survival. Otherwise, you’ll have complete collapse of White race & ultimately global civilization.  Not dissimilar to last E.G. Robinson’s movie.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Ah, Bardon, you never fail to improve my mood.  A rapid crash will serve us better than a slow one.  In a disaster, whites will show their quality.  A slow decline doesn’t being out our best. 

      • GM (Australia)

        “In a disaster, whites will show their quality”; saw this in a small way tonight on a news clip from NYC, all the volunteers helping out were white!  Most of those on the receiving end were not white. When the world wide meltdown occurs I am sure we will be the survivors.

    • Fasfda

      Yes democracy is incompatible with this movement ultimately. 

  • Eagle_Eyed

    On the bright side, most immigrants to the US aren’t black.  Hispanics–though Spanish speaking welfare leeches overrepresented in crime ranks–are a lesser evil.  And Asians provide some social and economic benefit despite their alien and non-Western culture and race.

    This isn’t to say America as we know it is past unless Whites decide to defend her.  It is.  But we won’t be as disenfranchised as our S. African brothers and sisters, and at least some domestic tranquility will be possible for our people considering the vast areas in the suburbs, Midwest, and Mountain West which are Whitopias.

    • ed91

       you’re wrong

      check out the lutherans and other groups settling ‘refugees’ from somalia and many other african countries.
      a million per year or more

      • Eagle_Eyed

         MOST immigrants aren’t black.  I’m not wrong.

        • I agree with you that most immigrants are not black. But the UN prediction of two billion Africans in 30 years is going to be a game changer. Africa does not have jobs and infrastructure to support its current population, let alone double the present number. Either the US will have to donate signifcant amounts of GDP to “develop” Africa (like we did with our black homelands) or Africans will simply emigrate to wherever the bright lights are. High commodity prices are making Africans generally richer and more mobile, so I could easily see the ranks of “African Americans” swelling to 100 million within the next few decades.

          • puffdaddy

            Catholic Charities is already importing many Somalis into Minnesota and Maine and other places – in the hopes that they will convert (to Catholics, not to Americans). It has yet to happen; in fact some have gone back to Somali to fight as jihadists.

          • Karolina

            Lutheran Church has been  instrumental in importing Somalis into USA, they leave now in 37 states, 40 ooo in Ohio may have influenced election in this state..

          • laager

            Is one of the objectives of 1st world aid to Africa [although they will never admit it] to keep the problems of 3rd world Africa contained within Africa? As you correctly point out the population explosion is neutralising these efforts. Therefore the non stop illegal immigrant, political asylum seeking stream of black Africans to Europe and North America. It is far easier to gravitate to the white man’s world and be a parasite than it is to create your own utopia.
            I saw it whilst working on a building contract in the UK. We employed a 40 year old Nigerian male to keep the site offices clean and tidy. How desperate must life be to be prepared to travel 2,000 miles just to push a broom and vacuum cleaner. Looked at another way; how abysmal is the Nigerian economy if they are incapable of creating such a job in their own back yard.

        • ed91

           I wish I was wrong…….

          you’re confusing illegals with legal immigrants…..

          • puffdaddy

            No, I am not saying they are illegal – that’s what is so awful about it. If they were illegal we could deport them. Churches bring them in as political refugees.  We can’t get rid of them – my question is what benefit do Muslim Somalis bring to America? And what benefit are they to American native born black people. Zero. So why do we need them?

          • Eagle_Eyed

             If you look at the US demographic numbers, blacks are remaining fairly steady as  a percentage–around 13%.  Whites are declining, in part due to low birth rates, but also because of the hispanic and now Asian immigrants.

            The next South Africa?  Probably not.  The next Brazil?  Well on our way.

    • Vast numbers of third-world refugees have long been resettling in places like Lincoln Nebraska and small towns in Maine. I do think there will be important stealth succession efforts on county levels. Without some legal separation whites can run wherever they want to, but the long arm of Cultural Marxist law and politics will be right over their heads. A majority of Latinos and Asians voted for Obama.  

      • ed91

         and Tennessee

        • You must mean where refugees are being resettled. That would explain why the last time I tuned into James Edwards on ‘The Political Cesspool’, they were offering a simultaneous translation in Hmong. 

  • Susan

    Someone showed me information from DHS website and it will be bringing in 800,000 African and Cuban refugees in 2013.This federal govt is so anti-white it is sickening.The destruction of a great white country is happening faster than I had imagined.

    •  and you will be the one supporting them because you no longer have any say in the political decisions of this country, they can now vote to take as much from you as they want,  and to open the door to who ever they want. this is the slipperiest of all slopes

    • jet

       what is it titled under?

    • shmo123

       Can you please show the link of where that is stated. 800,000 is nearly the number of total immigrants allowed in per year. 800,000 refugees sounds way too high. I don’t agree with either number mind you, and would cut them to the bone, but I’ve never heard of such a high figure.

  • Snowhitey

    I am afraid that whites in the entire Western World do not see the threat that exists today anymore than they saw it decades ago.  The minority of whites who do want to live in predominantly white countries and be governed by supportive whites leaders are spinning their wheels.  There are unseen forces at work.

    Until whites truly look at the source of this destruction, the end will march closer and closer.  I, myself, believe it is unstoppable at this point.  Because the forces at work against us are working by stealth and people still refuse to believe that conspiracies exist.  This is the one weapon our enemies never have to worry about being taken away or destroyed.  Because it is supported and defended by the very people it is being used against by denial.

    Is it not white men who started and continue to support this destruction?  The Western World was on top of the world just fifty years ago?  How could we decline so quickly without help from within?

    Globalism is the culprit and you better start looking at globalism as the culprit if you want any chance at all.  This is a synchronized attack all over the Western World and it is being led by the same people.  People that look just like us.  World domination is the goal but they must first destroy their ONLY threat.  People that look like them.


    • “There is a power behind the Throne” 

    • Rjsns16

       I was with you right up to the 1st sentence  of the 3rd paragraph.   C’mon now.

      Then I resume agreeing with you again.   And yes, there was help from traitors and collaborators among our people…and so forth.

      • anarchyst

        There are many of the “tribe” that look just like us . . . all one has to do is to “follow the money”–not the “chump change” of the average person, but those “in charge” . . .

  • puffdaddy

    Dear author or moderator — 
    “The latest proposal is for all charities, such as orphanages or soup kitchens, to lose their non-profit status if they serve any whites at all. It would mean that charitable organizations could serve only blacks, and that whites would not be allowed to help each other in any organized way, even to alleviate poverty or care for orphaned children.”I cannot find any stories about this despite a fairly extensive Internet search – is it possible to provide links. I’m interested in reading more about these proposals. Thank you for your service!

    • laager

      See: http://tia-mysoa.blogspot.co.uk/
      South Africa – The Final Countdown

      • puffdaddy

        thank you

    • SA Guest

      Two links you will find shockingly informative:



      This should make it abundantly clear how desperate things
      are for South African whites!

      • puffdaddy

        thank you

    • The story broke in one of the main Johannesburg dailies and we posted it on our website, here: http://praag.org/?p=3205

      • puffdaddy

        Thank you Mr. Roodt. I am reading Ilana Mercer’s book now and I also have been to your website (which is on her blog roll) but since I only read English, I was unable to really examine a lot of what was there – but thank you for this link. It’s a shame no one in the US traditional press reports on this. I find it horrific. Best of luck to you.

    • Janee

      Jon Houzet `s editorial in the `Talk of the Town` Port Alfred is very extensive and gives the whole scary picture. What is astounding is that most charitable organizations are run 100% by white for the benefit of mostly 100% black recipients. If they BEEE that to 100% Black-I think there will be  very few charities left. 

  • That picture of the young white boys playing makes my stomach turn and my emotions seeth with hate.

    They look like my boys.

    It is time for the remaining White South Africans to GET OUT. If you can’t then form your Lager and only, and I mean only, deal with each other.

    Do what the Jews did before they took over the world.  They only traded and lived and socialized with each other FIRST.  Then maybe, in 2,000 years from now we can have our own Redshield family  ( “RothSchild”) and we  can trick a nation to grant us a White Homeland.

    It is going to be a long 2,000 years.

    • eunometic

      One thing for sure is that those levels of poverty among an all White population or community would be exceedingly rare, a large Black population creates poverty for everyone and is clearly capable of enacting laws that exclude us from employment, education irrespective of our merits or hard work.

      Affirmative action and racial quotas are fully in place in Sth Africa and vigorously applied against White students seeking access to university eg Medicine, law. Don’t expect it to end if Whites become a minority in the US. Personally I would like to see AA Applied against Jews as a Separate category as that would be entirely fair.

      Charliez Thieron makes me puke when I see her.

      • Francis Miville

        Most SA Whites are doing quite well : with the loss of government and qualified jobs, they go back to what made them strong first : military activities. Impoverished blacks tend to turn into bandits, but poor whites in the natural-born soldiers and security guards they are. Insecurity is so high in SA that Black millionnaires only trust racist Whites to keep their poor brethren at a distance. Intellectual superiority is not the fountainhead of Aryan grandeur, even they most often get it as a false reward from the devil. The only trait of White superiority is bravery in a world conceived as perpetual combat, and also preference for the pleasures of violence over those of sensuality and intellect. All it takes to have Whites made subservient to multi-ethnic empires is giving preference to Athens over Sparta, but as soon as the Whites have been replaced by others all the Athens fall into ruins and there remain only the Spartas. SA is simply going to the Middle Ages, and when The Middle Ages start there for real the Aryans will be the Knights, the Blacks the peasant serfs, the Brown the working poor, and the over-intelligent, over-educated off-white like the Jews and the Indians, the enemy to fight at all costs.

    • GM (Australia)

      Yes, they do look like normal boys from any traditional white neighborhood and forced to live like trailer trash to use an American expression but without welfare. Their families have got very little chance to move away from South Africa. Would the do-gooders in Minnesota who want to import Somalis be prepared to sponsor these white African families to the USA or Canada? They should be doing so. But look at the bigger picture, if we were to find ourselves as white minorities in a society dominated by Blacks, Muslims, Asians or Hispanics, do you think we would get access to jobs let alone social welfare  This is something we all need to think about as our demographics start to change.

  • Yes, it will happen , I’ve posted this before, but I think it’s worth repeating.

    A Warning to America from South Africa by Gemma Meyer

    (Gemma Meyer is the pseudonym of a South African journalist.
    She and her husband, a former conservative member of parliament,
    still reside in South Africa.)

    used to say that South Africa was 20 years behind the rest
    of the Western world. Television, for example, came late to
    South Africa (but so did pornography and the gay rights movement).

    Today, however, South Africa may be the grim model of the
    future Western world, for events in America reveal trends
    chillingly similar to those that destroyed our country.

    America’s structures are Western. Your Congress, your lobbying
    groups, your free speech, and the way ordinary Americans either
    get involved or ignore politics are peculiarly Western, not
    the way most of the world operates. But the fact that only
    about a third of Americans deem it important to vote is horrifying
    in light of how close you are to losing your Western character.

    Writing letters to the press, manning stands at county fairs,
    hosting fund-raising dinners, attending rallies, setting up
    conferences, writing your Congressman – that is what you know,
    and what you are comfortable with. Those are the political
    methods you’ve created for yourselves to keep your country
    on track and to ensure political accountability.

    But woe to you if – or more likely, when – the rules change.
    White Americans may soon find themselves unable or unwilling
    to stand up to challenge the new political methods that will
    be the inevitable result of the ethnic metamorphosis now taking
    place in America.

    Unable to cope with the new rules of the
    game – violence, mob riots, intimidation through accusations
    of racism, demands for proportionality based on racial numbers,
    and all the other social and political weapons used by the
    have-nots to bludgeon treasure and power from the haves –
    Americans, like others before them, will no doubt cave in.
    They will compromise away their independence and ultimately
    their way of life.

    That is exactly what happened in South Africa. I know, because
    I was there and I saw it happen.

    Faced with revolution in the streets, strikes, civil unrest
    and the sheer terror and murder practiced by Nelson Mandela’s
    African National Congress (ANC), the white government simply
    capitulated in order to achieve “peace.”

    Westerners need peace. They need order and stability. They
    are builders and planners. But what we got was the peace of
    the grave for our society.

    The Third World is different – different peoples with different
    pasts and different cultures. Yet Westerners continue to mistake
    the psychology of the Third World and its peoples. Sierra
    Leone and Zimbabwe are perfect examples of those mistakes.

    Sierra Leone is in perpetual civil war, and Zimbabwe – once
    the thriving, stable Rhodesia – is looting the very people
    (the white men) who feed the country. Yet Westerners do not
    admit that the same kind of savagery could come to America
    when enough immigrants of the right type assert themselves.

    The fact is, Americans are sitting ducks for Third World exploitation
    of the Western conscience of compassion.

    Those in the West who forced South Africa to surrender to
    the ANC and its leaders did not consider Africa to be the
    dangerous, corrupt, and savage place it is now in Zimbabwe
    and South Africa. Those Western politicians now have a similar
    problem looming on their own doorsteps: the demand for power
    and treasure from the non-Western peoples inside the realm.

    It is already too late for South Africa, but not for America
    if enough people strengthen their spine and take on the race
    terrorists, the armies of the “politically correct”
    and, most dangerous of all, the craven politicians who believe
    “compassionate conservatism” will buy them a few
    more votes, a few more days of peace.

    White South Africans, you should remember, have been in that
    part of Africa for the same amount of time whites have inhabited
    North America; yet ultimately South Africans voted for their
    own suicide. We are not so very different from you.

    We lost our country through skillful propaganda, pressure
    from abroad (not least from the U.S.A.), unrelenting charges
    of “oppression” and “racism,” and the
    shrewd assessment by African tyrants that the white man has
    many Achilles’ heels, the most significant of which are his
    compassion, his belief in the “equality of man,”
    and his “love your neighbor” philosophy – none of
    which are part of the Third World’s history.

    The mainline churches played a big role in the demise of Western
    influence throughout Africa, too; especially in South Africa.
    Today’s tyrants were yesterday’s mission-school proteges.
    Many dictators in Africa were men of the cloth. They knew
    their clerical collars would deflect criticism and obfuscate
    their real aims, which had nothing whatever to do with the
    “brotherhood of man.”

    Other tyrants, like the infamous Idi Amin, were trained and
    schooled by the whites themselves, at Oxford, Cambridge, and
    Harvard. After receiving the best from the West, they unleashed
    a resentful bloodlust against their benefactors.

    From what I have seen and read thus far, I fear Americans
    will capitulate just as we did. Americans are, generally,
    a soft lot. They don’t want to quarrel or obstruct the claims
    of those who believe they were wronged. They like peace and
    quiet, and they want to compromise and be nice.

    A television program that aired in South Africa showed a town
    meeting somewhere in Southern California where people met
    to complain about falling standards in the schools. Whites
    who politely spoke at the meeting clearly resented the influx
    of Mexican immigrants into their community. When a handful
    of Chicanos at the back of the hall shouted and waved their
    hands at them, the whites simply shrunk back into their seats
    rather than tell the noisemakers to shut up. They didn’t want
    to quarrel.

    In America, the courts are still the final arbiters of society’s
    laws. But what will happen when your future majority refuses
    to abide by court rulings – as in Zimbabwe. What will happen
    when the new majority says the judges are racists, and that
    they refuse to acknowledge “white man’s justice”?
    What will happen when the courts are filled with their people,
    or their sympathizers? In California, Proposition 187 has
    already been overturned.

    What will you do when the future non-white majority decides
    to change the names of streets and cities? What will you do
    when they no longer want to use money that carries the portraits
    of old, dead white “racists” and slave owners? Will
    you cave in, like you did on flying the Confederate flag?
    What about the national anthem? Your official language?

    Don’t laugh. When the “majority” took over in South
    Africa, the first targets were our national symbols.

    In another generation, America may well face what Africa is
    now experiencing – invasions of private land by the “have-nots;”
    the decline in health care quality; roads and buildings in
    disrepair; the banishment of your history from the education
    of the young; the revolutionization of your justice system.

    In South Africa today, only 9 percent of murderers end up
    in jail. Court dockets are regularly purchased and simply
    disappear. Magistrates can be bribed as can the prison authorities,
    making escapes commonplace. Vehicle and airplane licenses
    are regularly purchased, and forged school and university
    certificates are routine.

    What would you think of the ritual slaughter of animals in
    your neighbor’s backyard? How do you clean up the blood and
    entrails that litter your suburban streets? How do you feel
    about the practice of witchcraft, in which the parts of young
    girls and boys are needed for “medicinal” purposes?
    How do you react to the burning of witches?

    Don’t laugh. All that is quite common in South Africa today.

    Don’t imagine that government officials caught with their
    fingers in the till will be punished. Excuses – like the need
    to overcome generations of white racism – will be found to
    exonerate the guilty.

    In fact, known criminals will be voted into office because
    of a racial solidarity among the majority that doesn’t exist
    among the whites. When Ian Smith of the old Rhodesia tried
    to stand up to the world, white South African politicians
    were among the Westerners pressuring him to surrender.

    When Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe murders his political opponents,
    ignores unfavorable court decisions, terrorizes the population
    and siphons off millions from the state treasury for himself
    and his friends, South Africa’s new President Thabo Mbeki
    holds his hand and declares his support. That just happened
    a few weeks ago.

    Your tax dollars will go to those who don’t earn and don’t
    pay. In South Africa, organizations that used to have access
    to state funds such as old age homes, the arts, and veterans’
    services, are simply abandoned.

    What will happen is that Western structures in America will
    be either destroyed from without, or transformed from within,
    used to suit the goals of the new rulers. And they will reign
    either through terror, as in Zimbabwe today, or exert other
    corrupt pressures to obtain, or buy votes.

    Once power is in
    the hands of aliens, don’t expect loyalty or devotion to principle
    from those whose jobs are at stake. One of the most surprising
    and tragic components of the disaster in South Africa is how
    many previously anti-ANC whites simply moved to the other

    Once you lose social, cultural, and political dominance, there
    is no getting it back again.

    Unfortunately, your habits and values work against you. You
    cannot fight terror and street mobs with letters to your Congressmen.
    You cannot fight accusations of racism with prayer meetings.
    You cannot appeal to the goodness of your fellow man when
    the fellow man despises you for your weaknesses and hacks
    off the arms and legs of his political opponents.

    To survive, Americans must never lose the power they now enjoy
    to people from alien cultures. Above all, don’t put yourselves
    to the test of fighting only when your backs are against the
    wall. You will probably fail.

    Millions around the world want your good life. But make no
    mistake: They care not for the high-minded ideals of Thomas
    Jefferson and George Washington, and your Constitution. What
    they want are your posessions, your power, and your status.

    And they already know that their allies among you, the “human
    rights activists,” the skillful lawyers and the left-wing
    politicians will fight for them, and not for you. They will
    exploit your compassion and your Christian charity, and your
    good will.

    They have studied you, Mr. and Mrs. America, and they know
    your weaknesses well.

    They know what to do.Do you? ”


    This article first appeared in the August 2000 edition
    of Middle American News. It is reprinted here in response
    to numerous requests.



    • je suis paganisme

      ” The mainline churches played a big role in the demise of Western influence throughout Africa, too; especially in South Africa. Today’s tyrants were yesterday’s mission-school proteges. Many dictators in Africa were men of the cloth. They knew their clerical collars would deflect criticism and obfuscate their real aims, which had nothing whatever to do with the ‘brotherhood of man.’ ”

      Read “Julian” by Gode Vidal. It is an historical account of the Roman Emperor Julian in novel form. Julian wanted to turn Rome back to the “true gods.” He despised Christianity and had the same opinion (from the article above) about the Christian bishops and priests of his time–a bunch of money-grubbing,  property-stealing  con-men who only wanted power, and who decieved people by appropriating Mithraic traditions and by pure political manipulation.  He was convinced that the new religion weakened the Empire.

  • Quote from the article”
    “We need to form a global network to keep America from falling into the hands of anti-white zealots.”
    My response:
    America is already in the hands of anti-White zealots. 

  • pmdawn

    White South Africans return home amid global crisis:-

    “Census figures show the white population in South Africa is 4.5 million, the highest level since 1991.

    After years of emigration, many are now returning, especially as the economies of the rich world have stumbled.

    “We know Europe is in trouble, the United States economy is weak as well,” said John Loos, an economist at First National Bank.

    In contrast, South Africa’s economy has grown steadily since the first all-race elections in 1994.”…………


    • laager

      First National Bank support a website “The Homecoming Revolution” which encourages white ex-pat South Africans to return to South Africa. 
      The site used to run a comments forum but shut it down as 99% of the posts were from people informing readers why they were leaving SA against their will – crime, job discrimination, no future for their children being the main reasons.

      The easiest way to check if this reverse trend is in fact taking place is to interview the managers of household removal companies. The last I read they were being overwhelmed with enquiries and business to move families out of the country.

  • ” South Africa is one of the few places in Africa which are advanced enough to have mines or trade unions, due to the fact that the place was run by competent white people for a long time. South Africa has, entirely predictably, gone the same way as every other country in Africa following transition to black rule: i.e. it has collapsed into barbarism. tribalism, corruption, incompetence, violence and criminality.

    Highest homicide rate in the worlds. Highest rape rate in the world. Highest AIDS infection rate in the world. Economic backwardisation. The collapse of a once highly productive farming econony. The virtual genocide of the Boer farmers (studiously ignored by western leftists and our media)
    African societies appear to be incapable of self government. ”

    For an excellent summation of modern South Africa, read “Into the Cannibal’s Pot” by Ilona Merce

    • laager

      “African societies appear to be incapable of self government. ”
      Now do you understand why Ian Smith declared UDI in Rhodesia and why the RSA under the National Party resisted majority rule for as long as it could.

      Whites at the coal face in Africa knew this but for some peculiar reason the liberals in the west – most of whom had never set foot in Africa – knew better and effectively created these modern day disasters.

      Where are they now with their solutions?

      • This is the same problem we just had in the US elections.  The most White of our States  (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire) ALL voted for Obama. These States are about 95% White.

        Why?  They have not had much contact with Africans to know better.  My wife, for example, was born and raised in a little town in Upstate New York. She told me she had never seen a Black person until she was 17.  Even today she thinks they are just well tanned Whites.

        As for the Deep South?  These Dixie States such as Alabama, Mississippi, Lousiana,, etc.,where there are 20%+ Black,   they ALL went for the White man, Romney.

        Why? Because these Whites KNOW what Africans are like since they are forced to deal with them 24/7.

        • The further away whites live from blacks, the more naive, ignorant and foolish they are about black peoples behaviour.

          • Charles Gerety

            They say it’s the lack of exposure that leads to “intolerance”. It’s exactly the opposite. The more one is around certain people and or culture the more awareness of obvious facts. It’s difficult for whites who live far away and have had no REAL time with blacks to judge. Going alot by watching brainwash TV with warped perceptions on the real world is alll they have.. I ask….who is truly the “ignorant” ones.

          • laager

            Back in the 70s in South Africa I befriended a New Zealander who was on his walkabout to see and experience life in Europe. Being an avid rugby fan he stopped off in SA for 4 years.

            Inevitably our conversations got around to the apartheid system, particularly as he worked as a site engineer [civil] on major construction projects which involved managing black manual workers.

            He said the average perception of blacks in SA by New Zealanders was that they were exactly the same as whites, the only difference being that they had a black skin. This is why they were so pro SA blacks and anti SA whites whenever they were fed the carefully selected media clips by the liberal media.
            They had been taught that blacks were discriminated against only because of the colour of their skin. There was no knowledge of 9 different tribes with their own languages, heritage and customs or capability to do jobs in the sophisticated technical white western society or manage themselves within western democratic structures.

            His first reaction on stepping off the ship in Durban harbour was; “where is all this oppression and segregation I had been taught. All the blacks I saw were well fed, well dressed and going about their blue collar work with smiles and laughter.”

            By the time he moved on to England he had a far greater grasp of the complexities of Africa and white co-existence with the local people PLUS what the so called evil white man was actually doing for the upliftment and transition of these people to western ways. 

            The contact westerners had with black South Africans were the ones who had obtained an education through white created and managed institutions. They were the thin veneer on the top of the proletariat and successfully mobilised liberal support against the whites, particularly the Afrikaaners.

        • Barrack Osama

           That’s why I love diversity and fully support bringing it to places like 93% white Washington. Diversity can only thrive as a fairy-tale homogenous whites tell each other. Bring it to their doorstep, and it becomes a paradox that destroys itself.

        • fenway23

          Even if you live an insular existance in some whitopia up in Vermont, learning about the vibrantcy of African-Americans can be as simple as tuning on the TV and watching some Maury Povich or a few episodes of Hard Core Pawn.  There are no excuses…

      • JohnEngelman

        White liberals usually know few blacks. Those few are usually exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment.
        When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.
        To know what blacks are really like one usually needs to see them up close on terms of approximate equality in an environment where they are in the clear majority. 

        • 5Sardonicus

          Those of us who have lived in the deep South have been up close and personal with blacks for generations. We know them. The Yankees in Vermont and Maine only know the mythical “Magic Negro”

          • JohnEngelman

            During the civil rights movement segregationists did a poor job of getting their message out to whites with little personal knowledge of blacks. It was difficult for segregationists argue that blacks were inherently violent and criminal when segregationist mobs responded violently to peaceful civil rights demonstrations. 
            Regardless of his private life the public image of Martin Luther King outside of the South was of a humble man of God who was too good of a Christian to hate his enemies.  
            Segregationists did not have any leaders of the caliber of Dr. King. Outside of the South his enemies were perceived of as bullies and thugs. 
            Even George Wallace did not acquire a national following until the black ghetto riots began to convince many in the North that blacks were a problem. By then the civil rights legislation had been passed. 

          • 5Sardonicus

            I admit the South has been let down by its leaders in the twentieth century. We haven’t had great leaders like  Thomas Jefferson, John C. Calhoun and Robert E Lee. The images of peaceful demonstrators being mauled by Bull Conner’s police dogs in Birmingham Alabama did not sit well with most respectable Americans. However, while Jim Crow segregation had some petty and ridiculous aspects, it was based on racial realities, not liberal fantasies.  Today, if given a chance, most whites  choice to self segregate.  Our Constitutional right of freedom of association has been curtailed by government tyranny.
            Addtionally,I don’t consider Martin Luther King to be a great leader, particularly because of his communist affiliations  and many moral  improprieties. If not for his unfortunate martyrdom by a criminal assassin, I doubt we would have had his current apotheosis and cult of worship .He was heading for irrelevancy in old age. George Wallace and Lester Maddox were inrticulate buffoons, who were transformed into red neck boggy men by the MSM.

          • 5Sardonicus

            See my response to you below.  I get the feeling that this will start a whole new discussion.

          • JohnEngelman

            A great leader achieves his goals. Martin Luther King did. 
            His “I Have a Dream Speech  is one of the most eloquent in the English language.
            His friends in the American Communist Party would only be a matter of legitimate concern if he passed classified information to the Soviet Union. There is no evidence that he ever did. 
            His sex life was unacceptable in a Christian clergyman. Nevertheless, as a famous, charismatic, and prestigious man he faced temptations most of us do not.     

          • shmo123

             5Sardonicus. Leave “I have a Dream” to the realm of poetry, where it belongs. For a man with such lack of character to talk of “content of character” is bad enough; to live the life he did while he hid behind the veil of clergyman is about as hypocritical as one can get. Temptations you say? Great men resist them, especially so-called “Men of God”.  I wonder if that’s why his FBI files remain locked up until the year 2027. Strange, don’t you think?

          • 5Sardonicus

            Mr. Engelman one great speech does not make for greatness. Plenty of charismatic tyrants (Hitler, Lenin, and Castro) have made eloquent speeches that have moved their publics. I’m not saying that Reverend King was a despicable tyrant, he was not, but he was self serving in many cases. I agree with shmo123 about King’s hypocritical morality. When you set yourself up as a secular saint, you better be careful how you conduct your personal life. After the passage of the Civil Rights Act, King was becoming irrelevant, almost a travesty of his former self. His tragic death elevated him to undeserved deification. Does he deserve an important place in U.S. History? Yes, but there is something unseemly about the current cult of King worship.

          • JohnEngelman

            Dr. King gave other great speeches.

          • anarchyst

            The so-called “civil rights (for some)” marches  were anything but peaceful.   During the marches, there was violence on the sidelines, mainly perpetratd by the “handlers” and “planners” of these “marches”.  The “handlers” and “planners” were mainly northerners (liberal jews) that came down south to foment hate and discontent.   The “reporters” on the scene conveniently turned a “blind eye” to the violence by “civil rights” advocates.
            One particular event comes to mind–the murder of a housewife from Detroit, Viola Liuzzo.  For one, what the hell was a housewife with children doing riding around with blacks in the south?? Didn’t she have young children and a husband to take care of??
            Her death was unfortunate–and provided “fuel” for the “civil rights” crowd.  I often wonder if the civil rights organizations’ “planners” and “handlers” deliberately “set her up” as a “sacrificial lamb” in order to further their aims.   For those that dispute my take on the violence by civil rights proponents that was not reported as such, I WAS THERE.

    • JohnEngelman

      In t he United States the yearly murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants is 4.2. In South Africa it is 31.8. In Honduras it is 91.6.

  • South Africa is becoming more ” African ” and that’s what white liberals from Europe and America wanted, isn’t it ? and therein lies the problem !

  • Dave4088

    The white, Western world went insane after WWII and has chosen dispossession and death to atone for the alleged misdeeds and crimes of the German Nazis.   Of course, a certain group has been pushing us closer and closer to the cliff, but I digress.

    I immediately thought about the plight of S. African whites after the recent re-election of Obama and how American whites could find themselves in a similar situation in one or two decades hence.   You see, whites, especially white Americans, have lost the will to survive and it truly pains me to come to this conclusion.  Furthermore, Obama has charted a new course for the Democratic party and their radical non-white base and the goofy, deracinated white liberals who love them will now demand nothing less than a fringe leftist who despises white people.   It will be rough seas with no end in sight from this point forward.  

    The “racist” Republican party is catching mestizo fever and seems eager to diversify its ranks and kick its traditional white base of support to the curb.  It’s so called leaders are self-serving hucksters and sellouts.  They are no longer a countervailing force to the loony, anti-white left if they ever were to begin with.

    • Steve

      The Western world went insane during WWI and has never recovered. The US could have kept it going for another century but its involvement with European nonsense, the 1965 immigration Act, and above all, far above all, the failure, with or without any Act, to enforce the Southern border etc., ended that. But really WWI was a watershed event historians will look back upon as the End of the West. The world which has eagerly looked forward to an end of the Western liberal order, will find things very unpleasant soon enough.

      • Dave4088

        WWI shattered the espirit de corps and common purpose that existed between England and European nations, but it didn’t eradicate racial consciousness among whites. WWII did just that with most white people erroneously believing that acting in the best interests of our race (as Germany did) leads to the mass murder of Jews, other ethnic minorities and world war. Therefore, whites adopted an anti-racist belief and value system that was the polar opposite of the pre WWII era, but which is antithetical to our welfare and long term survival.

    • newscomments70

      I was frustrated for 8 years with GW Bush and his neocons. They all pushed for open borders with Mexico, amnesty, and wars for Israel in the Middle East. We were screaming “NO, WE DON’T WANT THIS!”, but they did not listen. The Republicans had a majority for four years and they could have done something, but instead they chose to destroy us.

  • Letter from the Telegraph concerning AIDS, and it sums up Africa, or to be more precise, black Africa.

    ”I have been waiting for an authoritative comment on the article by Roger Highfield and Charles Clover (Science, Feb. 1) suggesting that Aids began as a result of people in Central Africa eating certain
    chimpanzees. As none has been forthcoming, your readers – and perhaps  the medical profession    might like to know of my own experience.

    In 1957, as a student nurse, I was working at the Fever Hospital in Johannesburg. Patients were sent to us from all over Africa. Few could speak English, so could not describe their symptoms in detail or tell us how they might have contracted their particular illness.

    I remember clearly the first patient who came in with very odd sores. A lot of tests were done – saliva, tears, blood, etc. – but we could not identify it’s problem, and he died. Suddenly there was a spate of
    similar cases, all from Central Africa and all ending in the patient’s death. The hospital asked a mission station in the Belgian Congo (as it then was) to send someone down to tell us more about their lifestyle and what they ate.

    We were told that in the Congo there was an endearing little monkey, grey but with a green sheen to its coat. While other chimps and monkeys were hunted and eaten – as they still are all over Africa – these were adopted as pets and even venerated, as people believed that the green sheen had mystic powers. Despite this veneration (or perhaps because of it), I was taken aback to learn that men copulated with them, some apparently picking up some sort of virus as a result.

    When we realised that we did not know how to cure these very ill men,we decided there was no point in admitting any more. They simply stayed at home and died. We called it green monkey disease; some time later our professor, Jock Gear, said he was sure they were the first cases of Aids to come to official notice.

    One question remains to be answered. Presumably humans had had sexual relations with these monkeys for a very long time. So why was it only in the 1950s, and only in a relatively small area of Central Africa, that the monkeys contracted the virus, and passed it on? Where did they
    get it from? ”


    Millom, Cumbria

    • The Polio vaccine used the Kidneys from these Green Monkeys to produce the vaccine.

      Thus, when the vaccine was used extensively through Central Africa (almost as a mass human test) the AIDS virus immediately showed up in…..Central Africa.

      When AIDS researchers attempted to get data on the Kidney Tissue used back in the States they were DENIED every time they tried.  The data from this manufacturing of the vaccine is still DENIED.

      What are they hiding?

      • Gracchus123

        Read DR. MARY’S MONKEYS.

      • That means that AIDS was engineered, and I personally suspect it was engineered as a bioweapon. When the United Nations puts out papers stating how wonderful it would be to create viruses that kill people by using their own immune systems against them, it is clear evidence AIDS did not appear naturally. There are scientists who have exposed some other facts about how AIDS was not only engineered in a laboratory, it was also deliberately injected into gay men and drug users who spread disease far and wide. The Polio vaccines have been shown to also been tainted with a virus that like Ebola and AIDS attacks the brain. Given that AIDS kills Africans especially effectively, I would say it could be an ethnic bioweapon. 

  • laager

    There is more detail on how charities in South Africa are now being racially targeted on:

    http://tia-mysoa.blogspot.co.uk/Article: South Africa – The Final CountdownWhite charities set up by whites to assist whites are now being compelled by law to spend a maximum of 10% of their resources on whites. They remainder is expected to go to blacks.This is what is happening in a country where the 10% minority white population generate about 75% of the nations tax revenue through their entrepreneurship and commerce. This tax revenue is administered by the black government for the benefit of the black population on all 3 tiers of government – city, province and national. So even with this massive advantage they still have to effectively steal from white charities.It is also worth noting that with the AA and BEE [Black Economic Empowerment] laws many whites have been expelled from their jobs – particularly in municipal, provincial, state and parastatal employment. These jobs have now been taken over by blacks thus creating the new emerging black middle class. At present there is no information available about them creating charities to support their own.Within this article there are 2 Youtube clips:
    WARNING!The following video contains scenes that are not suitable for young or sensitive viewers.

    This deals with the years 1980 to 1990 in the run up to ending apartheid and then majority rule.
    It is quite sad to see that the only voice of reason was Ronald Reagan while the rest of the world mislead by the liberal western media did everything in its power to end white rule – first in Rhodesia and then in South Africa. 
    In the TV documentary series Have You Heard from Johannesburg, British MP Barbara Castle swoons over what a “charming and reasonable man Oliver Tambo is”. This clip will show you the real Tambo in action. Johannesburg International Airport is now named after this fiend to honour him.

    The second clip:
    will give American readers an opportunity to see their Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in action on her jaunts to South Africa.
    Readers can draw their own conclusions.

    • The very large African female singer, wearing a leopard skin outfit ( they just love those leopard and zebra skin prints, don’t they ? probably reminds them of home, the jungle ) sticking her  gigantic posterior ( I’ve never seen anything quite like it, you could probably see it from space ) and rubbing it up and down  suggestively into the crotch of Hilary Clinton.

      I found that very disturbing and entirely inappropriate.

      • laager

        This is Africa.
        This is what western liberals said South African whites had to integrate with.

        BTW – before the arrival of the white man there was no such thing as woven or printed fabrics in South Africa. Just another example of the oppression that blacks suffer at the hands of the evil white man.

  • WardKendall

    “The question therefore arises: how could South Africa, once seen as a leading Western power more or less on par with Canada or Australia, collapse so quickly to become “just another African country?”
    Part of the answer to Mr. Roodt’s question: because F.W. DeKlerk, a white South African leader, sold out his white countrymen. Yes, the American elite urged DeKlerk to sell out, but in the end it was DeKlerk himself who enacted the surrender of South Africa to black rule. That, and the fact that white South Africans – who were well-armed, simply gave up with hardly a whimper. It was one of the most cowardly and disgraceful acts in the entire history of the white race. 

    White South Africa is dead. Any attempt – short of placing suitcase nukes in downtown Pretoria – will not restore white rule there. Durban, for instance, is a seething, rotten, leprous hell-hole jam-packed with licorice-colored sub-humans. The only thing left for whites to do is abandon their once prosperous and proud land and flee to Australia, the closest thing to their former homeland remaining on this planet. 


    • laager

      “white South Africans – who were well-armed, simply gave up with hardly a whimper. It was one of the most cowardly and disgraceful acts in the entire history of the white race.”Not true.                                                                                                                                                                            Do some reading on the bush war / Angolan conflict. SA was fighting a proxy war on behalf of the west – especially the USA – to stem the spread of communism in Africa. The small SA forces had routed the opposition despite massive support from the eastern block and Cuban forces and had advanced to the hills overlooking the Angolan capital Luanda. The military commanders then awaited instructions from the politicians who in turn were waiting for the USA to fulfill it’s pledge of support. What happened? The USA reneged on its agreement and congress packed up and went home for Christmas. This was the big betrayal plus the efforts of Kissinger leading from the front forcing the whites to capitulate. White SA was deluded into believing that the Mandela led ANC was a moderate organisation capable of managing a country with a first world infrastructure. Since his departure the true ANC has revealed its colours and the very communist state that the Afrikaner National Party had warned against for 40 years has now become the reality they fought against. If you want to blame any white group it is the white liberals in the west and SA that are responsible for what has come to pass. We can only hope that conservative forces in the USA will organise themselves to stop the same thing happening there.

      • debra

        Well, look how Kissinger betrayed the Greeks to the Turks in Cypress.

        • Kissinger was a Jew, and Jews always side with Muslims or any other non-whites against the white population in any conflict anywhere. They did so in Spain back in the eight century A.D. They did so in Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia and every other country where there was a non-white invasion. This is why whites must NEVER allow their futures to ever be under the control of Jews or any other racial or religious aliens ever again.

    • GM (Australia)

      Flee to Australia, yes great idea, we need all the whites we can get. As I have mentioned previously, Indians have now replaced the Chinese as our biggest source of migrants. Outside our main cities Australia is still mainly white but  many parts of our large cities are now almost completely dominated by non-whites and/or Muslims.

      Slightly related; the police here are presently investigating the disappearance of a child in south west Sydney, the Muslim family are refusing to cooperate, the news report also mentioned that this family has 13 children, yes, thirteen! (We have done out part by producing 9 beautiful white grandchildren and one great, how can we ever keep up with these 3rd world demographics even in our own country? It is starting to get very depressing)

    • KenelmDigby

      I’ve always said FW De Klerk was South Africa’s Gorbachev.
      – Both men only knew one policy – abject surrender, self abasement and grovelling at the feet of their enemies.
      Both men arose at around the same time.
      Both men were deeply vain and shallow attention seekers, whose only object in llife was to collect as many baubles as possible for themselves and be feted at big, posh dinners as ‘jolly good chaps’. And incidentally, both men made a fair packet by betraying their people.

      • GM (Australia)

        What you say is obviously correct, possibly there was a sense of the inevitable in both instances. And yes, there were certainly great accolades to be received for these actions and it is still questionable as to whether South Africa or the former USSR are now  better places.

        But it should not be inevitable that the USA, Australia, Western Europe, Canada and NZ should now be overrun by 3rd World, African, Asian or Muslim immigrants and I do mean overrun because this is what is happening. Like the fall of the Soviet Union and the demise of White South Africa  our invasion by inappropriate immigration was unthinkable only a generation or so ago.

        What do we do about these things? We use this forum to lament the many real problems that we see which are constantly threatening our very way of life.  Do we have any real answers?

        • PIG

          Answer is what you have told. That is Soviet Union.Remove unemployment and increase production.You will not see businessmen calling the people of other nation. End up this business rule. And then under no circumstances they will illegaly enter into your country

      • Bantu_Education

        I cannot agree with this.  Whatever you think about Gorbachev’s personal motives, he ended a brutal and tyrannical system that had murdered perhaps 100 million of its own people.   Gorby was not evil, unlike Judas de Klerk..!!!

    • Bantu_Education

      I have often wondered whether the “stroke” suffered by P.W.Botha was not natural but the result of some kind of sophisticated “Mickey Finn” administered by Judas FW deKlerk and other plotters who possibly had been “bought” by the CIA?   I believe it happened after an official dinner of some sort – it would have been very easy to put something in PW’s drink or food I imagine.   PW made a complete recovery but during his short illness he was deposed remarkably quickly.   I smell a rat.  Would be interested to hear Dan Roodts opinion on this, if he is reading all these posts.   

      To add further support to my theory – I read somewhere that de Klerk was once considered very right wing, and thus very unlikely to support black rule.   I think he was paid handsomely (not just the Nobel prize which alone is worth $millions) to sell-out his country and people.  Thats why I always call him “Judas”.   

      •  While he was still alive, I was invited to PW Botha’s home in the Wilderness on two occasions and had very interesting discussions with him.

        He was adamant that his so-called “stroke” was not natural, but that he was poisoned. Apparently the dosage was not high enough to kill him, but caused symptoms not far removed from those of a stroke. However, he was examined by all the specialists at 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria, none of whom found evidence of a stroke.

        As you say, the “stroke” incident was then used by FW de Klerk to depose PW Botha and embark on what finally turned out to be military surrender to a third-rate terrorist group, the ANC, which could never have taken South Africa by any other means as our army was about number 4 or 5 in the world.

        I further suspect that De Klerk’s brother, Willem, had been recruited by British Intelligence even while he was still editor of the Transvaler newspaper. Shortly before De Klerk took the decision to unban the ANC and release Mandela, Willem de Klerk was called to London by British Intelligence for a stay in a hotel, after which he went back to brief FW on what the Britons thought should be done.

        Robin Renwick, the British ambassador at the time in South Africa, had also engineered the demise of Rhodesia at Lancaster House in 1979, so he knew how to play the various white factions off against another to get radical blacks into power.

  • This article says that Pik Botha was a CIA agent working to subvert white South Africa.

    ” CIA recruited Pik Botha who was the South African Minister of Foreign
    Affairs to be a spy and used him to subvert the government from within.
    Botha’s main role was to undermine and alter the attitudes of the
    government regarding black rule. Botha recruited Piet Koornhof, the
    Minister of Sports and General Tienie Groenewald, head of the military
    intelligence. He passed on to the CIA a list of names with photos and
    address’s of Afrikaner nationalist and other activists; he also arranged
    for violence to be used against Boer activists throughout the country. ”


    • GM (Australia)

      Re Pik Botha, this incident still stands out in my mind. During the very heady anti-apartheid days in the early 80s we used to visit a (very dear) friend who was all into peace, love ,harmony and of course the anti-apartheid movement. On one visit I looked at some of their literature, there was a picture of Pik Botha and the instructions were to get your children to gouge his eyes out (of the picture) using a sharp pencil. Did someone say peace, love and harmony?

    • laager

      David please remove this reference as it is full of inaccuracies.                                                   Spreading this information does the pro white movement more harm than good.
      I checked this with a colleague and we both agree on the following:Anton Rupert [RIP] was an Afrikaner not a JewThe ANC was founded in 1912 not 1963The National Party came to power in 1948 – not in the 1960sFW de Klerk was never a Freemason – more than likely a member of the BroederbondOppenheimer’s wealth came from mining – diamonds and gold, not bankingRupert’s wealth came from cigarettes and alcohol – manufacture & distributionlater they both may have bought into banks but they were not bankersWhat proof is there that Vorster motivated the assassination of Verwoerd?What proof is there that Pik Botha was a CIA agent?At the time Afrikaners were dividing into two camps – conservative and reformistBotha was in the reformist campTrevor Manuel Jewish? I doubt it. He was an Afrikaans speaking coloured.

  • LHathaway

    “Are blacks the by-product of a bad environment”  (or) “Is a bad environment the by-product of blacks? (I vote for this one) ”
    Either is irrelevant to whatever might be best for whites. That’s the issue, what’s best for us.

  • LHathaway

    “If the United States goes the way of South Africa, whites everywhere will be in danger”.
    That’s just what they want, whites to feel in danger. Then they can get them to vote for any crazy thing. We’ll go the way of SA anyway, even after we vote for crazy stuff. Only separation will truly save us.

  • Excellent article. Yes, a “global network.” As a start, we need a place where we can get near-instant news of the failures and successes of our people all around the world, and how we might express support or lend a hand, if we have any resources at all to direct. This should have an important impact on our psychology and effectiveness. No matter how hopeless a runaway fire might be, if you are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your brothers-in-arms working along a bucket brigade it can make all the difference in the world. And even if you ultimately fail, you know that you gave it your all.

  • ageofknowledge

    Well let’s see, 67% of all new job growth bypasses U.S. citizens currently. Legal and illegal immigrants get it.

    So if you have no jobs then…

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Well, I’m done here. I can no longer be a part of this site or indeed the alt-right as it currently stands. It is sickening and disgusting to read all this defeatism. 

    “Oh lordy lordy, CFR candidate 1 beat CFR candidate 2, its over! We lose!”

    The fighting hasn’t even started yet and all I hear is how we already lost. Some of you want to beg diversity for an enthnostate, but when they tell you no, you’ll just give them your gun and your lily-White daughter.

    I remember when I was first fully awakened. Shortly after the Zimmerman incident I realized the media was 100% a propaganda machine. Not just a little bias, but complete liars for the sake of the establishment. I soon found AmRen and the alt-Right. Every article made my blood boil, decades worth of lies, cover-ups and anti-White agendas. 

    What caused the USSR to shatter? A financial crisis.  What caused Yugoslavia to shatter? A financial crisis. What is causing Greece’s Golden Dawn to rise? financial crisis. What has the West (including SA) not seen since the Great Depression? A financial crisis. What is just around the corner for the US? A financial crisis.

    War is coming, plain and simple. I hope to survive it and rebuild a worthwhile nation when it is over. My survival depends on how well I prepare, so now with Obama back in office, I must re-double my efforts. I wish you all the best of luck, except for Engelman, I hope he gets exiled to China where the Chinese spit on him everyday because he’s White.

    • Even a PUA site has more realistic approach:

    • SnowFlake

      Bad_Mr_Frosty, please don’t leave us!  Many AmRen readers are currently depressed but we need each other for moral support.

      Very soon, within our lifetimes, good things will start happening for the White European people of the world!  This is just a rough period right now that we have to work through. 

      God has blessed the White race with great ingenuity.  When we have goals and are optimistic and lift each other up, we will create a bright future for our people.

      Keep the faith!

      • Which GOD?  Please, not the “god of Israel”.

        I  want a WHTIE GOD, like Odin and his son Thor who was sent to Earth to save mankind.

    • Rjbrjb1

      I like your spirit BMF. We have to fight even if some of us see longer odds. That said, one of the things that most depresses me is the quality of young white men in the country at present. They are sardonic, androgynous individualists and I think this is attributable to the loss of our manufacturing base. American use tools — keeps a man grounded in reality and gives his some appreciation for cooperation. Young white men do not seem to me to be — in sufficient numbers, to a sufficient degree, at any rate — grounded in reality. So many of them claim “technology” backgrounds because they sell things (actually, usually services) online & can keep count of clicks. As we’ve ceded power to blacks, we’ve corrupted our own. So BMF, I’m with you in the fight but I do not assess the odds very favourably at the moment, my friend.

    • PIG

      you have to be in a planning group of youths for freedom. Plan is what we need and youth is what will do-and both white  female and male togather,Fight for existance

    • Tim

      I have no dog in this fight but it seems to me that a guy that only “woke up” shortly after the Zimmerman incident has no place calling out others on thier defeatism. Although I agree with you, I`m thinking I “woke up” when I was 9 in about 1967…. Are you like under 25 or?!? Could you elaborate what you were thinking all that time beofer you “woke up”? Thanks and regards…

  • Jaundiced1

     The parallels between the U.S. and South Africa are there.

    The first post-apartheid leader, Mandela was a relative moderate respected by many whites.  Each successive leader after him has turned further away from whites.

    Like Mandela, Obama appeals to liberal whites.  He sounds moderate for the still large white demographic.   As the demographics change, however,  we could see more radical leaders who will be less moderate and further disregard the interests of whites.  And these future leaders won’t need the support of  liberal whites.

    As for those poor and persecuted whites in South Africa, shouldn’t countries like the Netherlands and the UK be offering them the chance to seek asylum or have some sort of right of return?  They are after all their diaspora.

    •  ‘ Shouldn’t countries like the Netherlands and the UK be offering them the chance to seek asylum.

      The Dutch and the British ruling elite have a contempt and disdain for fellow whites, after all they supported anti apartheid movements against South Africa.

      Georgia wants South African immigrants.


      • laager

        “The Dutch and the British ruling elite have a contempt and disdain for fellow whites, after all they supported anti apartheid movements, leading to the destruction of South Africa.”
        ………………………… and the biggest injustice of all?
        It was Britain who created Apartheid.


        • David Ashton

              Malan, Strijdom and the estimable Verwoerd were not British.  The big pressure against South Africa came from the Soviet Bloc and the US following its own desegregation.  Heath and Thatcher tried to put a brake on the anti-apartheid campaign.  

          • laager

            You have missed the point.
            Read the links I have given you and you will see that Britain started passing segregationist [apartheid] legislation – eg pass laws –  in the Cape [post 1806] and Natal [post 1843] before the Boer Republics came into being – OFS 1854 and ZAR 1856.
            Under the Union Governments with pro British PMs from 1910 this continued until 1948 when the National Party came to power. All they did was give the existing status quo the name of Apartheid = Segregation. Another way of looking at it was Formal Apartheid took the place of Informal [i.e. un-named] Apartheid.
            Thereafter the NP set about developing the homelands and returning them to the tribes as western democracies after they had been conquered by the British between 1806 and 1902, forced to become British subjects and incorporated into the British construct the Union of South Africa. This African Yugoslavia was designed to provide the cheap labour source for the British owned diamond and gold mines, the lust for which precipitated the two Anglo-Boer Wars – or from the Boer / Afrikaner perspective Vryheidsoorlog: Wars of Freedom [Independence}

          • Bantu_Education

            “Britain invented Apartheid”.   I think that claim is a bit of a stretch.   Certainly Britain did introduce some features of Apartheid – you mention “pass laws” but many authoritarian govts have similar laws even today, in China for example you I believe you cannot just leave the country and go and live in a city.   On the other hand the Cape Colony had a colour-blind constitution – blacks and coloureds could vote if they owned property.  Even this small measure of “democracy” for blacks would have been anathema to the Boers.   

            And under British rule I’m sure blacks were given a minimal education (if at all) – “British Bantu Education” if you will.    But most of the other elements, e.g., the “Immorality Act”, “separate facilities”, etc (so-called “Petty Apartheid”) and the very strict hierarchy of racial classification, group areas acts, etc, etc, if not their original ideas they were reinforced and formalised by the Nationalist govts of 1948 on.  It is claimed by the usual suspects that there were over 300 apartheid laws but I suspect thats a wild exaggeration.

            Anyway I don’t want to get into a tit-for-tat over this as the important point – one that was never strongly made by the Nats – was that none of these laws were intended to be vindictive they were made in order to protect whites from the predations – petty and otherwise – of blacks.  And the protection of whites was in the long run essential for the protection of blacks.  

            Everything that has occurred since 1994 has served to justify the reasons for apartheid – this is what I always tell people, and mostly they don’t have an answer for that because they know its true.          

          • laager

            My apologies for taking so long to respond.
            The two links I provide are an excellent resource regarding the legislative trail of segregation / apartheid in SA. I have not counted them but 300 national statutes, provincial ordinances and municipal bye-laws across the nation would not be far off the mark.
            We must remember that the British class system was the order of the day and their law making effectively defined and entrenched this system. In the Cape the social pecking order was White British, White Afrikaner, Coloureds and Blacks after slavery was abolished. In Natal it was White British, White Afrikaner, Indian and Blacks.
            The Progressive Party in the 70s tried to revive the qualified franchise based on property assets and minimum education but western liberals would have none of it. It was one man one vote or nothing. I suspect that the historical system in the Cape set the bar unattainably high enough to ensure white domination indefinitely.
            The “seven pillars of apartheid” laws were really no different to the status quo of Europe which each nation is clearly defined on language, architecture, tradition and custom. What the Nationalists were trying to protect was independent black identity and nationalism and unravel the false unity created by the act of union.
            The independent homelands would have created nine homogeneous states on a par with Lesotho and Swaziland – which were quite acceptable to the west.
            The failure of multiparty western democracy in Zimbabwe is self evident where party political lines are drawn along tribal lines and not policy and principle.
            The Nationalists were visionary enough to see this but of course the all knowing western liberals didn’t have a clue and considered all blacks to be the same.
            I think this internal tribal conflict within the ANC will eventually be the cause of it’s demise. The unifying cause of battling the white man is now over and petty tribal differences and conflicts will rise to the fore.
            What the west saw as divide and rule was actually the best solution for SA. PW Botha floated the idea of “a constellation of SA states” [i,e, federation] but ran out of time to implement it.
            We are now seeing the wisdom of the NP policies come home to roost in that a black SA politician has called for education to revert to mother tongue as they are witnessing the loss of individual tribal identity. The younger generation now speak a dialect of black African-South African English and are losing their mother tongue heritage.

    • Owen Reed

      I have worked with South Africans who moved to the U.K. I found them just as foreign to me as any other foreigner.Why should the U.K. accept them? The U.K. Has no blood ties with South Africans!They are the projeny of the Boers and not the British.

      • GM (Australia)

        Please go back to school and learn a bit of modern history and also how to spell progeny.  On a personal note we have many South African connections with family who moved from the UK to South Africa from the 1920s up till the late 60s. No blood ties? (South Africa was considered a more up-market destination than Australia in those times!)

        • Owen Reed

          Why don’t you leave school and learn how to grow up?So I made a mistake spelling progeny wow big deal.

        • Owen Reed

          Typical loud mouthed Australian

      • David Ashton

          I know several Afrikaners in the dental or medical profession, friendly fellow-whites, no more “foreign” to me as an Englishman than some Welsh or Ulster folk.

        • Owen Reed

          Yeh well tell them to stay in their own Country and stay out of mine foreigner

          • Bantu_Education

            What are you doing here?

      • Bantu_Education

        “The U.K. Has no blood ties with South Africans! They are the progeny of the Boers and not the British.”
        40% of white South Africans are “Anglos”, many of whom would have originated from Wales (in case you are Welsh, given your name) .   Of the white Safricans who have emigrated to Britain the great majority would be Anglos since Boers are much less likely to qualify for a UK passport.

        I am surprised you don’t know any of this, unless you are a “foreigner” yourself?
        Anyway, your opinion is a strange one and not shared by 90% of white Brits who generally welcome white immigrants, even E.Europeans, but especially former “colonials”.           

      • laager

        May I suggest you take a holiday to South Africa and spend time in the province of KwaZulu-Natal [KZN]. This territory became a British Colony in 1845 after the British ousted the Boer Voortrekkers who had trekked here between 1834 and 1838 to escape British oppression in what had become the British Cape Colony in 1806.
        KZN is the most English of the old four provinces. As Dan Roodt correctly points the descendants of British settlers who reside there today see themselves as English-British before they see themselves as English-South African. This is born out by the fact that they take great pride in the provinces nick-name: The Last Outpost of The British Empire. It is quite a rude awakening when they visit the UK and discover that the British view then as colonials like Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians – despite their attempts to speak British English.
        Study a South African telephone directory and note the number of British surnames you will find. It was not the Boere who named towns and cities like Malmesbury, Worcester, Wellington, Ashton, Montague, Robertson, Richmond, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Harrysmith, Ladysmith, Smithfield, Newcastle, Colenso, Donnybrook, Eastwolds etc.
        And two mainstream movies – Zulu [Michael Caine] and Zulu Dawn [Peter O’Toole] were filmed in KZN to tell the story of the Anglo-Zulu wars.

        Your denial of your Anglo-South African heritage makes me feel quite sorry for the fellow who lived in our road and proudly raised the Union Jack in his front garden every day.
        But I don’t suppose that compares to the rejection pain that ex Rhodesian PM Ian Smith and others must feel who gave up a number of years of their youth to fight for Britain as fighter pilots and soldiers to combat Adolf Hitlers expansionist plans in Europe during WWII.

  • elitist

    Although further decline in the US and Europe seems
    inevitable, a good overall strategy and could political organization could slow
    or reverse it.

    Necessary, and first, would be a QUANTUM LEAP in
    sophistication regarding communication and media.

    Jared Taylor, for example, is good at explaining the Amren
    position, but will never reach a large audience – certainly not a young one,
    and that is what is decisive.

    Second would be VERY sophisticated strategic choices:

    the main objective is simple: to maintain a white majority, eliminate racial preferences.

    immigration, social benefits for new arrivals, race
    preferences, crime.

    Third, a network of insiders and reliable financial support
    (i.e. to find a gigantic and remorseless media campaign hammering the main
    points: slow down immigration, phase out race preferences, no euphemisms when
    discussing minority crime).

    I think that whites have the skills and the numbers to at
    least slow down if not reverse the current rush toward disaster, but not the
    organizational skills, media, the determination, or the

    Example: NOT “these people are sucking us dry!!”, but instead “equality is the bedrock principle on which America stands, racial preferences are un-American.”

    Example: NOT “Americans is drowning in a tide of useless
    brown people,” but instead:

    the numbers just don’t add up, we need an immigration
    moratorium to reduce one (Numbers USA is very effective here).

    example: NOT “Blacks should have fewer children,” but instead: “we must eliminate
    all obstacles to responsible family planning”

    Example: NOT: “Blacks are dumb and violent, just like the
    KKK always said”, but instead:

    “As everyone on earth, including blacks, always knew before
    political correctness repressed reality, the cognitive functioning black is
    very different from that of whites, and you are not doing blacks any favors by
    pretending otherwise.”

    Of course, some of the palpably lunacy of the right would
    have to be sacrificed, particularly as regards birth control and abortion.

    Most importantly, a white can succeed in Europe and US once it discards
    a series of right wing pet peeves:

    fetishizing the virtues of corporate behemoths: OUT!

    Climate change denial: OUT!

    Anti-Semitism, homophobia: OUT!

    Shoving religion down people’s throats: OUT!

    Whites will win if we can get our priorities straight.

    Otherwise we deserve to lose.




    • David Ashton

         Yes, a sophisticated presentation of a moral and humanitarian case is desirable, if only because it disarms any reasonable “soft-liberal” resistance.
          Corporate capitalism: oppose its import of cheap labor and export of finance to competitive cheap labor.
          Climate change: neutrality on the scientific argument, but oppose overpopulation inside, and over-spill from, the “third world” as environmentally unfriendly.  Don’t injure western industry while China and India expand their own “carbon” production.
          Antisemitism: No threat to Jewish life and limb, religion or legitimate pursuits, but find common agreement on Muslim and other immigration, while being fully aware of support by some obstinately leftist Jews for an “anti-racism” inimical to western survival.
          Homophobia: recognize that the war against the traditional family goes hand in hand with war against racial and racial cohesion, the leftist exploitation of LGBT issues being allied to exploitation of other “minorities” against the traditional white family unit and values.  More white children in good homes.
          Religion: Recognize the attack on Christianity is part of the leftist attack on western civilization, while rejecting the masochistic clerical enthusiasm for other races – and religions.  No gain from the mass-abortion of healthy white babies.
         Refute, as “only fair and truthful”, the propaganda that either suppresses or vilifies white people and their history.

  • KenelmDigby

    A very excellent and very perceptive article.

  • Ted of England

    To answer the headline question,’I hope not.’.

  • Andover2210332

    The root of the problem is African Ham race slavery 500 yrs ago once somebody ended white Shem race slavery in Europe. White slaves built and maintained all of Europe for 1000s of years didnt they? Why was it ended? Evil? Wasnt it to make way for Ham race slavery? Who was behind it and why?  Slaves were needed like a hole in the head in the west. This is the real problem and the paradox of it all is European whites did it to themselves and African blacks are 100% innocent and were meant to remain in their African zoo cage eternally as pets of their tribal chiefs only not to be slaves for whites.
    Didnt Europeans know how to hire whites for wages to pick cotten or clean house? Who in the hell would be stupid enough to go out on a limb and buy Hamite African black slaves anyway but someone under a trance or spell of evil?
    There is a much bigger story to this since white slavery had to end to open the door to the hideous mistaken trickery of using African slaves to do simple soft labor chores making them pets and farm animals of the owners.
    There should have never been a single African black slave in the western hemisphere to this day in 2012. And Thomas Jefferson and the FFs could have easily ended slavery and sent them all back to Africa but failed to do so. Black slavery was a collosal catastrophic mistake to say the least. White slavery would have worked as it did for 1000s of yrs in Europe.
    Why did the elite whites like Jefferson in all his wisdom understand that white Shem slaves were legal during not only the entire 3500 yrs of WMR time span for writing it down but also during the time span of Constantine who approved it all. Sure Ham was cursed but his race was in Africa and of zero consequence to the white race not bothering a white soul.

    How could black slavery be justified in the west when in fact white slavery  was in existence the entire time span of their Book of WMR and was never a problem and in fact accepted as normal by their Messiah and Diety? Why did it end?
    Jefferson using the Ham verse to justify black slavery is complete hypocrisy seeming to suggest that blacks were the only ones who should be slaves to the other 2 brothers yet ignoring the fact that white slaves were never called a sin and accepted and approved by the peasant Messiah and ancient jews.
    Double standards.  Now who reaps the consequences of something so unneeded ? The ancient white Shem jews were right. The children always pay for the sins stupidity and ignorance of their fathers.
    Whites were right about everything except ending white slavery and replacing it with black slavery during their period of western expansionism that was also a mistake apparently.

  • pmdawn
    • puffdaddy

      Well SA looks like utopia from the news story – so I guess white farmers are not being killed, and there is no problem with poor white SAs. Right?

      • pmdawn

        There are killings and poverty everywhere in this world, mate.

        • puffdaddy

          Yes that’s true mate. So, I’m not going to worry about it anymore. I’m not going to worry about the US Department of Justice statistics on crime, criminals, and victims either.  Since it happens everywhere, it’s not a concern. Thank you for reminding me of that.  These pictures are meaningless to me now: http://ajkraad.wix.com/genocide-museum  What’s the difference between this and anyplace else in the world? None. Nothing special.  I’m going to go back to NASCAR and Honey Boo Boo.

          • pmdawn

            You don’t say! Blimey, nothing gets past you, does it?

          • puffdaddy

            No and nothing ever will. We have large view finders here.

  • Fr. John+

    The fact that you have asked the qeustion (even with a Dutch/Afrikaaner surname) is its own answer.

  • Mickey Meadows

    Sure, it’ll happen if things continue as they are. But the US has..what…200 million Whites. There’s a lot of ways this situation can turn itself around.
    What is sure, though, it won’t turn around by itself as a result of some topsy turvy law of chaos. That is because what is happening to Whites in the West is not random. There is an organized enemy who want us gone. And when there is an organized, sophisticated well financed, powerful enemy…things don’t turn around just by themselves.

  • Maverickmenthols

    Demand the end of AA. Romney would be President today if he ran on ending AA. This ain’t rocket science.

  • Susan

    For people interested in the refugees being brought here(of cause most are low IQ third worlders),the website is Federal Register.I have to ask this person who showed me the paper when I see him- Thursday ,hopefully-so I will get back to you with more info.

  • JvNk

    The revolution in South Africa was NOT conceived, planned or executed by blacks. It was funded out of London and Scandinavia, and the real planners and brainpower in the ANC terror organization – the South African Communist Party – had surnames like Slovo, Fischer, Kasrils and Sachs. The revolution against South Africa’s whites was funded and planned by our fellow whites. There is even a horrific YouTube video where the above mentioned Ronnie Kasrils sings about killing whites next to the loathsome terrorist god, so beloved by white lefties, St Nelson Mandela.


    Know your enemy.  He is not Mexican or black. These people do not have the planning ability or resources to bring about your liquidation. Your real enemy is as white as you are, but his self-hatred leads him to desire his own race’s destruction. He sits in Hollywood or in the editor’s chair of the liberal media, or he is a professor at a left-wing college.

    • anarchyst

      It’s those of the “tribe” that are fomenting revolutions all over the world.  Their mistrust of anything white is proof positive.

    • 1XXX

      So true.

      These whites are the first ones that need to go.

  • Sam in TN

    Of course the US will follow down the path of South Africa. It already has in Detroit, Memphis, St. Louis, Washington D.C., Birmingham, Gary, Atlanta, Cleveland etc. Any place blacks take local control, we can expect some version of the Zimbabwe experience. It doesn’t matter whether it be a single city or an entire country, as long as they dominate.

    After importing the decisive votes over the last few decades, the people who designed these disasters may now have perpetual control of the U.S. Why wouldn’t they will keep pushing the same policies that created these wastelands. Its not like their failures of South Africa, Rhodesia, American cities, or any socialist hell hole has ever stopped them before.

    Seriously, have you ever heard one of them say that they are sorry for what happened to South Africa or Rhodesia after they put sanctions on those places; that they were given exactly what they wanted and these countries are utter failures precisely because they got what they wanted? No it hocus pocus lingering racism or the legacy of colonialism and slavery that’s the problem.

    The only consolation is that it is a mix of hispanics, leftist, and blacks that now make up the majority of the electorate. Imagine if it was exclusively blacks who now controlled America.

  • Louisvillian

    Can anyone here, maybe with more knowledge of political sci than I do, explain why the US and Great Britain have been so painfully incapable of defending our peoples with the kinds of effective nationalist, White parties that most of Europe has? I’ll give my own probably iffy historical guesses on why, but this is an honest question that I don’t understand. If they can do it, why can’t we? For most of the past decade, I’ve been working in Europe on cross country contracts, learned a bit of the languages to talk with the locals and keep up with the local press. Most of Europe is technologically advanced and facing the same PC attitudes in the media that we do in the US. Yet, most EU countries have a strong and reasonably successful defense of the nation party, or at the very least respected and forceful defenders in the mainstream parties, gaining real power and restricting third-world immigration, multiculturalism and similar plagues on the West.

    There are the True Finns, one of the top Finnish parties in recent elections. Switzerland has recently banned minarets by referendum and posed such tight restrictions on mosques and halal that the 3rd population in the country is mostly leaving. Swede’s Democrats, not sure of the full name, is gaining power and finally clamping down hard on non-Euro immigration- the major source of migrants to Sweden recently has been by Poles and Czechs! Dutch and Austria both have a Freedom Party, Belgium has Flaams Belang, Denmark has a people’s Party, Italy and Hungary have tough defender parties with power that have thoroughly altered immigration laws. Greece for all it’s troubles, is helping itself by massively deporting the 3rd world population there. Germany’s leader openly shredded the idea of multiculturalism, and the country’s Turkish population is leaving more and more every year. The BNP in the UK meanwhile is scorned even by ‘conservatives’ there and is being deprived of power, often by shady means encouraged by government, media and even private business. The Poles were immigrating to UK for a while too but most are leaving for home or going to places like Sweden or Netherlands, since the British media and politicians treated them with such hostility. So the question remains, Why can’t we in the USA and Britain protect ourselves with such nation-defending parties like the other European countries, rather than being stuck with the useless, traitorous Republicans or the equally useless Conservative Party in England, whose idea of ‘conservative’ is screwing over the USA’s White working class by out-sourcing all our jobs to Mexico and India?

    This last point is informative, because the whole meaning of Leftist and Rightist in Europe is radically different, we don’t even have a way to interpret it here in the US. In fact, I’m not even sure the whole model of Lefists and Rightists even works there, it’s got many more directions and more and more today at least, all sides seem to rally around defending the White culture, at least outside the UK. As example, France’s current President Francis Holland was called ‘Leftist’ by the US press after he beat Sarkozy a few months ago, and on some economic issues he may seem that way. But on cultural and immigration issues he has a tougher line than Sarkozy or even many rabid conservative talk show hosts here in the US. He’s been filling French documents and texts with harsh articles on how corrupt the Ottoman Turks, and obviously its modern successor have been, deliberately angering the thin-skinned Turkish politicians and helping to further encourage the Arab and Turkish population of Europe to leave. He’s also clamped down hard on 3rd world immigration to France, he hates it because his cabinet argues that mass immigration pushes down wages of the French working class! This is the kind of obvious logic and nationalism that both Leftist and Rightist parties in the US and Britain should have, yet for us, they’re both in favor of massive immigration to our countries for their own reasons. Why?

    Since I’m posing these questions I guess I should try to offer something resembling an answer to kick things off. I was a history minor and I naturally tend to look there first, so my guess about why the United States, and equally Britain and Canada, have so far been unable to mount such parties or national defenses in the mainstream parties, goes all the way back to the Norman Conquest in 1066. I got this sense from several stays in Britain. To my shock, a lot of the ugliest hatred and contempt for Britain’s Anglo-Saxon and Celtic, working-class White population was always coming from the snobbish, upper-class land-holding gentry who even today hold Norman names in England. The weird thing is, most of these people were reliably members of the Tory Party, yet their ‘conservatism’ largely consisted of attacking British White people as lazy scroungers, while celebrating themselves as being so cosmopolitan for inviting millions of Third World migrants from the Indian Subcontinent, Africa, the Caribbean and wherever else. Even after more than 900 years, these modern-day Normans still consider themselves to be superior to the lowly Anglo-Saxons and Celts, and they despise the non-upper class British Whites who make up the bulk of the country. So much that they want to replace British Whites with docile, stupid Third Worlders who will be willing to work as slaves.

    Think about it, we usually and with justification attack the Leftists and cultural Marxists for all the damage they’ve done to our societies. Antonio Gramsci, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Lippmann in Australia, Ted Kennedy in the US, Hart and Celler, we all know how much they’ve hurt us. But has The Right, at least in the US and UK, taken a different stance? Not where it counts. The Chamber of Commerce and upper-crust Rightists in the US and UK also support mass immigration from the Third World, increased out-sourcing of US and British jobs to Mexico or India, more H1B visas and even more foreign workers taking more jobs, cheaper labor and esp with the neocons, American and British Whites sent off to bleed for outrageous wars in the Mid-East that have nothing to do with us but make the upper crust, new Normans even more filthy rich. Margaret Thatcher for example is usually considered to be very conservative, but her ‘conservative’ credentials amounted to little more than a full-scale war against Britain’s White factory workers and working class in general, plus getting rid of the services that made sure British Whites could start families and raise their children. Meanwhile, Thatcher encouraged out-sourcing and increased mass immigration from Pakistan, India and other places in the Third World, all to knock down British wages even more.

    The same goes for the Republican Party and ‘conservatives’ in the US. The ‘conservatives’ in the UK and US are nothing like the real conservatives in Europe, who defend their country’s traditions and White population from being demographically or culturally overwhelmed by the Third World. While for our ‘conservatives’ swamping out our own White populations is the goal, since it pushes down wages of the White majority and so makes the White upper class, banksters and country-club buddies of the rich even richer, surrounding by docile Third Worlders working for dimes and nickels. The very history of the 20th century was defined by this. World War I was the suicide of the West, and it was totally avoidable, but it happened because the White upper-crust in Britain and the US wanted it to happen. Woodrow Wilson, J.P. Morgan, the Rothschilds, Lloyd George, Lord Grey, Asqueth- they all knew that Britain and the US had no interests in fighting and prolonging the war in Europe. Geopolitically not to mention for the benefit of their peoples, they would have gained most by staying out, letting the continent come to realize the danger of the new war technologies and come to an early treaty. 

    But the banksters and the British upper class, and the American gentry that was sympathetic to the old Norman class in Britain, instead pushed to prolong the war to make themselves richer at the expense of Whites in general throughout the West. Their short-term financial interests were short sighted just like the plantation owners in the South, importing millions of African Blacks. It’s easy to forget that a large number of the abolitionists in 1850 took their stance for very practical reasons- they could see all the trouble and unrest that would result from importing millions of Africans to the US, wanted to send them back, and wanted the US economy to be based on free, forward-thinking White labor and manufacturing, much like the culture and economy of the Germans. So now forward up to 1914, and who do these banksters and effete White upper-class members in the US and Britain make war on? The Germans, the very culture that had embodied and advanced the idea of a country becoming strong through the hard work of free white labor, without massive importing of millions of Third Worlders to work on the cheap.  

    So that old Norman aristocracy still rules in Britain and sees itself as different and above the millions of Anglo-Saxons and Celts around them, hating the freedon-loving, hard-working British White masses enough to swamp them out altogether with the Third World. Same with our upper-class ‘Normans” here in the mansions and Chambers of Commerce in the US, who seem to have the same attitude, the same contempt for the White American masses, the same hatred of the idea of a society of free White labor and manufacturing, and the same push to swamp out the White American masses with the Third World. So we can gain nothing from our current party system and mainstream ‘conservatives’ whose ideology, like the Leftists here, is designed to demographically replace us. And, maybe because of this cultural divide and history, we in the US and Britain are stuck with a White upper class that identifies and works directly against the White majority even since the Norman Conquest, something you don’t find in other White countries with a different history. If that’s the case, then we probably need some kind of historical revisit-ing to literally get a handle on this self-dividing culture within White America, and realize our common interests.

    I admit this is just a guess, historical-based because it’s what I studied. As I know next to nothing about political sci, I don’t know if there’s an explanation to be found in the institutions like the courts or common law structure, the way our government is structured or some other factor that could more easily explain it.

    • GM (Australia)

      I can give one very brief answer to part of your comment, the leader of the BNP is NOT liked, as simple as that. The BNP  has also lacked leadership unity but at least the party is now acquiring some political skills. Britain needs the BNP and it’s message more than ever. I certainly agree with what you have said in your post re the past and present complex social political make-up of the UK.

      • To run a political party you need about £20 Million a year, which the Labour and Conservatives parties get. The BNP cant match that.

        Also the BNP is up against the BBC ( The Bolshevik Brainwashing Commissariat ) a very sinister left wing pro multicultural, pro mass immigration organization with a budget of £3.5 Billion pounds a year and 23,000 employees.

        The BBC sets the agenda , this is their world view

        BLACK = GOOD
        WHITE = BAD
        MUSLIM = GOOD

        • GM (Australia)

           The Bolshevik Brainwashing Commissariat, good one, I like it!

        • David Ashton

            More or less correct.  The “Normans” are not to blame.

          • Skincognito

            I welcome British insight into this question: isn’t the BNP rather soft on miscegination? That is too say, don’t they cast a net wide enough to include “patriotic” non-White Christians, Hindus, Jews and “moderate” Muslims? Please, correct me if I’m wrong.
            But in terms of nationalist politics in these dusky days of Western civilization, surely we should all unite against race-mixing. My impression is that the NF has a more clearly “race realist” approach to the pressing demographic and cultural issues of our day, as Anglo-Saxons stare down the barrel of extinction.

    • These are very interesting comments. I think many societies decline because of a loss of identity. Or they have conflicting identities, which in England may be traced back to the Norman invasion as you suggest.

      In South Africa, we have always had a conflict between the indigenous white or Afrikaner identity and the colonial British one. When there was a referendum on becoming a Republic in 1960, the white electorate voted narrowly in favour. Natal province, although politically conservative, voted 76% against the Republic as they wanted to remain under the British queen as titular head of state.

      Eventually the vast majority of whites had a strong South African identity. But a small, liberal/leftist minority identified more with Britain and especially the values of the British Labour Party. This was true of the academics and the journalists who were all trained at the universities. Despite being a minority, they had powerful institutions on their side, such as the English-language press and the four very liberal universities: Wits, Cape Town, Rhodes and Natal. The British churches too, were on their side, such as the Anglicans and the Methodists; in South Africa they more or less espoused the Marxist so-called “theology of liberation”.

      Finance came from abroad: from Britain, Sweden and Norway. Together with the intense propaganda campaign orchestrated in the world media in the 1980s and betrayed by FW de Klerk who tricked them into thinking he would make only certain concessions but not surrender completely, the SA whites finally capitulated.

      What those European patriotic parties have in their favour, is that they are drawing on the strong national identity of some European nations. Those identities have not yet been divided although the multiculturalists are trying their best by referring to Muslims and Africans as “New Swedes”, “New Germans”, etc.

      Jared Taylor in his book on “White Identity” also makes the point that whites in the USA will have to adopt a strong identity, just like the other races of blacks, Hispanics and Asians. But together with such a racial identity, I think white Americans must also celebrate their cultural and historical heritage.

      One of the lessons of history is that a people without an identity will not resist. That is also why liberals and socialists fear nationalism. The former French Socialist president, François Mitterand, said: “Le nationalisme, c’est la guerre”, or nationalism is war or means war. That is not true, but without some form of patriotic feeling people will not resist oppression, invasion or dispossession by others.

      A line must be drawn between Americans and the hyphenated pseudo-Americans. By calling themselves “African Americans”, blacks are actually doing you a favour. They have no idea what “African” actually means but they must be encouraged in pursuing a distinct identity to yours.

      A lot of people here refer to the West and Western culture that is decidedly under threat. Pat Buchanan, Samuel Huntington and others have written about that. So have Pim Fortuyn and Martin Bosma of the Dutch Freedom Party and other European authors.

      I think we must work on a renewal of our Western/European identity as a kind of “metadiscourse” uniting us all, but then also focus on what makes us local, tribal, members of families and geographical groups. The states in America have wonderful histories that are still recollected, but could be embraced even more, like Europeans also rediscover their ancient roots in the pricipalities, duchies, and so on.

      The pressure is on all of us to reinvent ourselves, while reaffirming our roots and ancient heritage.

      • The Sun never set on the British Empire because God didn’t trust an Englishman in the dark.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Dan Roodt:  “But together with such a racial identity, I think white Americans must also celebrate their cultural and historical heritage.”

        A most important point.   Consider the history taught the Founding Fathers. According to two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough:

        “They [the Founders] were steeped in, soaked in, marinated in, the classics: Greek and Roman history, Greek and Roman ideas, Greek and Roman ideals. It was their model, their example. And they saw themselves very much like the Greeks and the Romans, as actors on a great stage in one of the great historic dramas of all time….” (2002 speech, Depauw University).

        Compare to their history instruction to what is taught to white pupils in American public schools. Perhaps the nation’s foremost education historian, NYU research professor Diane Ravitch, encapsulates current realities best. In The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn (2003), for example, Ravitch describes the comically elaborate “bias and sensitivity guidelines” textbook publishers must use to screen content if they hope to market their textbooks to state textbook adoption committees. In the example below Ravitch is referring to the bias guidelines of textbook publishing giant McGraw-Hill: 

        “The MH guidelines express barely concealed rage against people of European ancestry. They deride European Americans for exploiting slaves, migrant workers, and factory labor; they excoriate the land rapacity of the pioneers and mock their so-called courage in fighting Native Americans: ‘Bigots and Bigotry,’ say the guidelines, referring to European Americans, ‘must be identified and discussed.’ European Americans, the guidelines suggest, were uniquely responsible for bigotry and exploitation in all human history . . .” (p. 44)

        McGraw-Hill has no animosity towards the children of European-American ancestry. It wants to sell textbooks. McGraw-Hill and the other publishing giants produce what state textbook adoption committees want. Such guidelines produce content that earns McGraw-Hill credibility with the array of pressure groups who, in hyper-sensitive 21st century America, exercise an effective veto over textbook sales.

        • David Ashton

            John Engelman, please note.

    • KenelmDigby

      The simple answer is that most of the nations of continental Europe have  parliamentary systems of government in which poltical representation is apportioned according to the percentage of vote garnered by any political party (ie ‘proportional representation’).
      The USA and Britain operate systems have ‘winner takes all’ systems in which the party having a plurality of votes cast gets everything, and the smaller parties (even if the nationwide aggregate of their votes amounts substantially, to total more than a combination of seats), get nothing.
      The upshot is that in both Britain and the USa a two-party duopoly exists, in which policy is ‘stitched-up’ between the duopoly. Because ‘nice’ people don’t discuss ‘race’, immigration policy is stitched-up as their is a cozy agreement between the duopoly scarcely to mention it, yet alone do anything about it.
       In coninental Europe, the issue is forced on the table, and the elitists cannot weasel out of it, whether they like it or not – their careers hinge upon it, and the only thing a politician values more than being ‘nice’ about ‘race’ is his career.

      • Yes indeed that is correct KenelmDigby, do you also know the following important information?  After WW2 part of the surrender terms and restructuring of government included voting should be based on proportional representation?  

        This was to prevent any one party or duopoly of “like minded” parties gaining complete control.  This also guaranteed that every vote truly counted and people were allowed to vote for what they really wanted, for representatives that truly reflected the wants of the individual voters.  

        A system based on voting for the “less of two evils” and tactical voting was eliminated in theory.  How many times have you wanted to vote for a fringe party and stopped yourself because your vote would be “wasted”?  

        Look up proportional representation and the reality and reasoning behind it, in addition to Germany New Zealand also uses this model. 

  • Don L.

    If one ventures forth in a pair of slightly soiled coveralls and listens carefully and gently to
    a sampling of those who voted from the bottom third of the social pyramid,  one senses early
    on that the electon does not mean much in terms of issues, race, etc.  Few of them had much
    affinity for either of the candidates and few of them had much awareness of the main issues.
    Blacks are an exception as most could not see beyond pigmentation and certainly couldn’t see
    that in all the formative years of life,  Barry Obama had little regard for race and little experience
    about it– his occasional claims to the contrary notwithstanding.

    • David Ashton

        What about Mrs Obama & her background?

  • Alexander

    Breedddddddddddddd. How hard is it to be a white man and bone a white chic? Worry about everything else later. Whites are split on race reality. While asians, blacks, and mixed fully support racial power.

    • Alexander

      I make only 34k a year, 25, and have two white kids already. My street is all white, and counting my own two, there is only 6 WHITE KIDS! 4! There are 9 cats, and 7 dogs! Whites will die out, and live the life of dung piles. Whites value sex, alcohol, money, and drugs over anything and everything else. GREED DESTROYS ALL GREAT COUNTRIES.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

         There don’t have to be lots of kids.  Don’t dis pets, I’d rather food go to them than to Africa.

        Our ancestors made the world they did so we COULD enjoy the things that make life happy.  It’s not really a bad thing, until you throw cultural Marxism into the lot – “Oh, but the poor black African rat-kids need iPods too!”  No, they don’t.  They should have been aborted, and their parents sterlized, simply for being irresponsible super-breeders who breed more than they can feed.

  • JohnEngelman

    Unless there is a vast influx of black immigrants to the United States I doubt “the US will follow South Africa down the path of white decline.” 
    Hispanics have lower rates of crime and illegitimacy than blacks, and higher average IQs.
    Asians have lower rates of crime and illegitimacy than whites, and higher average IQs. 

    • Anon12

       A traitor like you trying to tell us Whites here that asians are “better” than the blacks and hispanics for us Whites?   Take a hike. ALL three races are BAD for White nations!

      • JohnEngelman

        In the United States “Asians” are considered to be Orientals and immigrants from India. How are these bad for white nations? 
        The only way that I can think of that they are bad is that many whites cannot compete with them because they are too intelligent.  

    • David Ashton

        WHY do Mexicans and Asians vote Democrat, except for special privileges granted to minorities but not to the majority of whites who are obliged to pay for them?

      • JohnEngelman

        Asians usually make more money than whites. Like Jews they care about those who are worse off than they are. Mexicans have the sense to realize that economic policies that benefit rich people do not benefit them. 

    • nathan wartooth

      So I guess since China has a billion people they should just send 300 million of them over to the US and all of us whites should just shoot ourselves since Asians are so much better than us. 

      The thing is that it doesn’t matter that Jews and Asians have higher IQs or commit less crimes than Whites. They have a culture all their own and their own way of running things just like Whites do. 

      Whites literally have no homeland anymore. It’s being taken over by people who have homelands already. 

      If White people had a homeland I would move there. Since I don’t, I have to make my last stand right here. I don’t want to live in a place that reflects Asian, Black, Arab, Jewish or Hispanic culture. I want to live in a place that reflects White culture. 

    • Skincognito

      Please visit Detroit, DC, Newark, East St. Louis, Gary, Philly; must I continue? IQ, crime-rates, VD rates, and partisan politics are not the issue. The biological and cultural fabric of the Westernmost outpost of the most glorious civizilation in human history is. If this assertion sounds chauvinistic, it is. We fast approach the terminal point of polite discourse. “Influx of black immigrants?” Where do you live? I would seriously like to relocate, but my Aryan instincts tell me that running is cowardly and futile. See ya in Seoul!
      Oh and please document your claim that “Asians” (this term is horribly imprecise and I wouldn’t accept it from an undergrad) stand up to blacks. Mestizos may, but most mestizos carry a great deal of sub-saharan DNA, thus explaining their propensity for tribal warfare with blacks in LA, Chicago, etc. But asiatics? Please clarify, where, when and how they represent a new vanguard against the Kaffir.
      Oh and to Alexander, Prost! Nordic blood is priceless! I will drop out of grad school before negelecting my young, Nordic family! Let us all strive for at least 3 per couple!

    • No, it is not going to follow the path South Africa has to utter destruction, it is going down the path of Yugoslavia, and the former Soviet Union. When Yugoslavia collapsed, several ethnic conflicts that were raging for centuries flared up again. Do you have any idea that when the Soviet Union collapased, 200 different armed ethnic conflicts started? Some of them are raging today, what do you call the Beslan Massacre, the Moscow Theatre incident and many other attacks against ethnic Russians? I call them acts of war against Russia on the part of mostly Muslim ethnics such as the Chechens, which are a bunch of brigands, terrorists and criminals. Hispanics can be just as violent and merciless as they are. Imagine what is going to happen here in a country where many people have five, ten, even dozens of guns and the skills to make and use all sorts of explosives, booby traps and high tech weapons when the U.S. collapses. You are going to find out just have ruthless whites can be when we are fighting for our own homeland, which the Asians are also stealing from us just like the Hispanics and other unwanted immigrants are. All have homelands of their own already, they are taking ours so they can breed more of themselves and attempt to kill us off. We rose up and smashed enemies before when we have been written off as weak and ineffectual, we will do it again. When the white man starts to hate, it always leads to piles of his enemies being left dead and dismembered across the landscape. We are going to revert to Vlad the Impaler, who solved lots of problems with blunt, greased stakes.

  • Cyb

    Why don’t african refugees go to south africa it’s a modern state? why do they have to flood to europe?

    • Ted of England

      Perhaps they like all the mod-coms that Europe gives them.Perhaps they don’t like the idea of being killed by other Africans whose Country they would invade if they dared to illegally enter other African countries.And therein lies a big difference for all to see. 

    • HamletsGhost

      They do that too. Lots of Nigerians and other West Africans crowd Jo’burg and other cities. They dominate the drug trade there. Funny how some things never change.

      • Owen Reed

        What you say is true.I quite recently(two years ago) watched a documentary about border controls in Zimbabwie.There were vigilante groups who just gathered up illegal immigrants from other African Countries and bussed them back.They were State sponsored and there was no legal recourse for the illegals.They just sent them packing! 

    • laager

      This is happening. It is estimated that there are between 6 million and 10 million illegal black immigrants in South Africa from north of the Limpopo River. We know that almost 1/2 [3m] of Zimbabwe’s population is there.
      The reason they choose SA?
      It is easier to get to than crossing the Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea to get into Europe. At the border they just have to bribe a border “guard” and they are in.
      South Africa is the most developed economy on the continent. 5m whites created a standard of living and quality of life comparable with the USA although it is only about 1/8th the size of the USA.
      Black South Africans do not welcome these invading foreign blacks as they take the scarce number of jobs [created by the white man] on offer. They resort to “Xenophobic Killings” to make their point and get rid of the intruders. On a Youtube clip you will find a foreign black referring to SA blacks as the most “racist” people on earth.

      And please understand this: foreign blacks are NOT “refugees” or “asylum seekers”
      They are illegal immigrants and economic migrants.

  • Scott

    We are already there. 

  • 5Sardonicus,

    If you call Wallace and Maddox buffoons without being tongue-in-cheek, then you have never seen recordings of either one in action, and you certainly haven’t seen tape of Wallace debating leftist law professors.

    • Pelagian

      >>you certainly haven’t seen tape of Wallace debating leftist law professors.

      I would love to see some of these.  Links??

  • rogue18

    I just think that white people are missing something inside them that prevents them from truly caring about their race or identifying with it. I don’t think that I’ve ever met a white person in real life who truly cared about his or her people. Even the most conservative people I’ve met are only concerned about mass immigration because they feel it threatens economic libertarianism. If only non-whites could be converted to their economic views they would be happy to hand over their country and women to them. Similarly I think that most people are attracted to sites like American Renaissance because they think that non-whites drag down the economy or increase crime not because of any true affinity for other white people.

    • Svigor

      Time to leave the kiddie pool.

      There is a small portion of our race that still carries the ethnocentric gene, as it were.  Eventually they’ll be the only Whites left, and they’ll be able to do what they must to survive.

    • AB7

      How would you know? Even those who do think about being a white person, or of the white race, in the modern liberal age wouldn’t dare utter that to even their closest friend or family member. There are people who would literally divorce someone they have been married to for a long long time if the spouse ever admitted being a concerned white interested in “saving” the white race. The entire topic is literally off the table, and cannot be broached in almost any situation or place, except of course to mock those who think that way or make some point about how other races are all allowed to think that way but not whites. Loss of spouse, loss of job, loss of friends, are all bigger concerns for most people than spitting in the ocean and admitting knowledge of and concern about the problem of the loss of the white race. 

    • I am here as Jared Taylor is a White Leader.  In times of trouble humans seek out leaders.  There are very few ” clean ” candidates for White Leadership, but for sure Mr. Taylor is a clean one !!

    • Skincognito

      Howdy Rogue,

      A Detroit working-class skinhead with beautiful Nordic children here. I’m not worried about anything but the continuous flow of our people’s unique, ancient blood. This Republic belongs to us, and it is better cared for in White poverty than (temporary) cosmopolitam prosperity. The consensus is that we will recover from whatever economic quagmire the financial cliff leaves us in, so long as our racial stock remains dinstinct and intact. 
      I agree, although there are some country club types on this site who distrust masculine, possibly tattooed co-racialisists, but along with other alt-right websites, this remains better than crippling silence. F it, make ’em uncomfortable, White racial pride is the last tabboo in this dying country.

      All the best, H8.

      • anarchyst

        We need to promote the birth of white children . . . our “negative replacement rate” for the survival of our race is not only appalling but is a major factor in our racial suicide.  There is a movement among whites called “quiverfull” which promotes the creation of large white families to insure the survival of our race.
        I for one, am not the least bit intimidated by racially aware whites.  I for one, have no problem “discussing” our present precarious position with those whites that are racially unaware and quite often get them to “think” about our present situation. 
        I, for one, am PROUD to be called a racist and consider it a “badge of honor”.  It is encouraging to see racially aware whites speaking out.
        As always, best regards . . . have a gr88t day!

  • Jerabek

    Sure seems that way, we are being over run every day, mass media portrays whites as dumb asses, blondes are air heads, the standard of personal property rights, rule of law is being replaced by a marxist hoard of non whites. 

  • Prettycelticwarrior

    Please watch this video on YouTube
    “An Urgent Message for America”  by user keywiki

  • • I call it the ‘demographic dance.’

    Whites move to escape black crime and social improprieties only to be followed. So they move again. Eventually, whites run out of places to move. 

    • Europeans constitute world civilization’s innovative class.

    Most everything from the light bulb, to the computer, to the combustible engine, to medical advances is the product of Western culture. Where would the world be without white ingenuity? Where will it be when that innovation is gone?

    • Western civilization provides the civilization’s infrastructure. 

    There are some who actually want to destroy civilization. They view technology as an affront to social justice and their misguided  environmentalist concerns. 

    It is shot-sighted to allow these people to destroy the infrastructure of civilization. When the Europsphere succumbs to balkanization, that infrastructure will fall plunging the world into a new Dark Ages that will almost certainly include mass starvation. While the self-sufficient East Asians may survive, other people of color will suffer the most. 

    • White people are altruistically neurotic. 

    White people respond to TV ads begging for money to support cute little brown and black children in 3rd-world nations. Brown and black people will never send money to help cute little white babies. While supporting these benevolent agencies is admirable, we must be conscious that it is a one-way proposition and secure our ability to continue to offer our support. 

    • We are experiencing a cultural shake down.

    Imagine black thugs robbing a old white man at an ATM. Then, superimpose that image over all of Western culture. It’s a massive shake down; extracting capital by force of government from white innovators to be redistributed in the form of EBT cards, ObamaPhones and ObamaCare to non whites. And ObamaCare is just that: An effort to force the innovative class to underwrite the health care of blacks. 

    End of rant. 

    Think I’ll copy-paste into a blog post / 🙂

  • PDK

    I remember back 20 years or so ago when Jesse Jackson, the then reigning King of the black shakedown industry, bemoaned that more blacks were in prison than in college. Further, he said or implied that whitey was responsible for this, that blacks were being treated unfairly by our white culture.
    This of course was not true in reality, only in Jesse`s, the black`s and of course DWL, disingenuious white liberal, dolt`s mind was this true. This is the preferred black illusion, that blacks are losers because they are persecuted by whites, which further, the white liberal ideology and blacks themselves, protect, defend and support rather than embrace reality.
    Because blacks have a physically smaller, lower IQ cerebrum, they cannot compete with whites in all manner of things in a higher culture, they are incapable. In large measure the black smaller cerebrum and lower IQ is due to their more progenesic neotenous development compared to white`s more hypermorphosic neotenous development.
    However, rather than accept themselves for their nature and embrace their personal responsibility to mature, they prefer to remain immature, substitute an illusion for reality, and embrace their natural propensity for thugism. This natural propensity for thugism is what a bigger body and smaller cerebrum people, who refuse to mature, gravitate to.
    Though all this be true, liberal ideology not only embraces the blacks, but encourages them to remain immature. For this keeps the loser blacks right where they want them, part of the hoi polloi flock, where further, in a fully enfranchised democracy, they can be used as a means to achieve the  end of power.
    Of course you will never catch DWLs walking the walk of the talk they talked. Never will a Cher or a Sean Penn be caught living in a mostly or partly black neighborhood. At most only in neighborhoods with the token black for show, such as a Whoopi Goldberg.
    Because thug blackism will continue to force white flight, why not all, NLW, non-liberal whites, flock to gather together in republican states for a possible future declaration of independence.
    Lastly, it seems obvious to me, and I hope to many others that a mating and therefore mixing of black and white genes will only  make a smaller cerebrum with lower IQ for our white posterity, our white race.
    As Jesus said, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”, amen to that friend. Thank you.

  • Bobby

    The Wall Street Journal, The Times Mirro Corporation, the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, indeed, every major newspaper in the U.S., the leftists in Hollywood, the Blue states on the leftist Eastern Sea board, ALL OF THEM, hate European-Americans with a passion. Only the red states, honest hardworking people for the most part, are the targets of the genocidal campaign waged by the above traitors to the United States of America’s original heirs.

  • Thought I would put this were as many people as possible would see it & get the chance to sign it.
    There are also a few for Louisiana and a few other states out there.
    Remember you don’t have to be a resident of said state to sign it’s petition either so feel free to sign them no mater where you live.

  • Bob

     Anyone who thinks that Ilana Mercer is a friend of the West and whites is mistaken. Her rabbi father had to leave South Africa because of his anti-apartheid views. Then they moved to Israel then Canada. She is not to be trusted. When it comes right down to it she’s support Israel and Jews above all, no matter what she says

    • anarchyst

      Let’s face reality . . . jews are  JEWS FIRST and then (reluctant) members of their respective countries . . . This is how they can “justify” proper immigration controls for Israel and (attempt to) deny the same rights for every other country in the world where they have influence.

    • One wonders how much of this Jewish radical leftism is just a compensatory reaction against their own pre-Englightenment traditions (rabbinic law, mitzvot, etc.).

  • Nah, We’ll never go down like the South African Whites. There’re just too many of us to deal with and we’re better than any ten of our minority adversaries. At some point, we’ll take this country back. It won’t be easy, but we do all sorts of things that are difficult. The impossible takes a bit longer. 

    • You forget that half of the white population hates whites and would like nothing better than to see the entire race on it’s knees. This is why we need to divide the country

  • AB7

    No need to get too worked up about this, either way, white or non-white, white majority or minority, the expanding presence of Islam in the West and in America will ensure, with 100% certainty, the loss of our so-called freedoms and rights. So not only is there nearly zero chance the West will stop the anti-white march to oblivion, there is about an equal chance that the expansion of Islam will be stopped, let alone reversed.

    So at this point, whites in the West need to just accept that modern liberalism has indeed won, and vanquished Western Civilization. We have lost already and are now merely in the process of going through the motions. It isn’t just the academic and media establishments which have brought this about, it is also the churches in the West. So with those three gone, which institutions exactly are going to join with the remnants who might “care” to save the West? Answer, there are none.

    Those who appreciate what is happening and read articles such as these possibly commenting with bravado that they will grab their gun and defend to the end should appreciate that the government, military and police forces will all be on the side of the non-white minorities and Muslims, “protecting” their interests against such threats. In the end the writings and comments of those who see and would like to change this trajectory will provide little more than cold comfort to those in the future who look back and wonder what happened as they struggle to survive in the wasteland that was once the West.

  • Founders221022

    The key to retaining a white nation majority and correcting the problem is the convert white liberals to vote conservative. 
    America is still 70% white and the real problem are the race traitors who are brainwashed with liberalism they learn in college and school. 
    This is the real problem.

    Figure out how to convert white liberals. This is the REAL solution.  Dont blacks vote black? They are not brainwashed. What is the white problem? 
    Figure out a way to immitate blacks and white vote white only and the problem is solved. 

  • Founders

    Once this final generation of non-brainwashed whites die off  chastised as old white and irrelevant the final end of the white race will be swift to the delight of the demonic Obama and his non-whites.  Liberal whites will all be slaughtered. Planet of the apes tried to warn whites of their destiny and it wasn’t blowing each other up with the nuclear bombs. 

    The time has arrived to separate the Red nation from the Blue nation and secede with 25 states that hold 75% of the land mass on America. Will Obama attack like Lincoln and risk the deaths of millions?  This is absolutely impossible and he knows it. 


  • Labradorman

    Francis Galton,please see http://www.castefootball.us.

  • Jay11

    I think a short term answer/response is to hunker down and starve the beast.  Other recent columns have said just this.  Never vote democratic party again, even if the republican candidate is also imperfect.  Push the tea party more into being the America first party.  Vote people in who will promise the following:

    1. End all foreign aid.
    2. End all foreign military aid.
    3. End welfare as much as possible.
    4. Shrink government.
    5. End affirmative action
    6. End all immigration
    7.  Deport all illegals.
    8. Cancel all H1 visas and work permits and send them packing home.
    9. End all foreign subsidies and raise tariff walls to make goods made here cheaper for us than foreign ones.
    10.  Eliminate those parts of the federal government that are beyond the scope of the constitution like dept. of Ed, etc
    11. Lower taxes across the board.
    12. Make English our official language.
    13.  Cut Puerto Rico loose – full independence.
    14.  Send all foreign ‘refugees’ back (with $$$ to help them LOL) and don’t bring in any more.
    15.  Send Americans to JAIL for employing illegals and confiscate their assests.
    16.  Complete the border fence and deploy the military on the southern border.
    17.  DECREASE any welfare or assistance payments for every extra child a welfare momma has (rather then increase as has always been done) and require sterilization after 2 kids if they still want welfare.
    18. Require schools to root out any and all subversive, anti-white and anti-American curriculums in the schools nationwide.
    19.  Revoke citizenship for children who have at least one illegal immigrant parent – and deport.
    20.  Close nearly all foreign military bases all over the world.  (Why do we have 39 bases in japan, for example)
    21.  Stop meddling in foreign affairs.  Who cares if china and japan quibble or fight over specks of islands over there, or if india or pakistan fight or sudan and south sudan fight etc.  We must STOP being the world’s policeman.
    22.  End all legal immigration except for love marriages (check for veracity).  End all chain migration.
    23.  End foreign entanglements and treaties that could drag us into wars we don’t want, like George Washington warned against.  Why do we need to tie our destiny to japan, israel, ukraine or any other place?  Friendly relations, but no military or defense ties with any nation outside the English speaking world.

    This is my ideal platform.  This is how I test all candidates for elective office.  ‘Nuff said.  America first.

    • GM (Australia)

      Just items 3, 5, 6 , 7 & 12 would be an excellent start.

  • Dr. Pepper

    If you want to save the Whites in the US from what happened in South Africa, you must first know who the people were that undermined the Whites in South Africa.


    • Ashkenazi jews are the most intelligent of races, but as we all know, intelligence doesn’t equate to wisdom.

  • Compelling and prescient.  I could never imagine the Republican Party adapting an agenda focused on white interests or pro-white domestic policy.  Extinct and irrelevant will more likely be their future.  And even if the GOP did become the unabashed champion of white interests its unlikely the contemporary white American population indoctrinated in self loathing would embrace such a political body.

  • Guest

    It is difficult to gauge what is really going on out there. Every day we
    read of surveys and polls and statistics which demonize White people
    and indicate that racism (committed by whites only, of course) is on the
    rise, yet we hear those same academic and media sources who bemoan the
    rise of racism gloat that white racists are an insignificant group, a
    “dying breed”. Which is it? What are the racial sentiments of the
    average White Christian American? Will we ever know the truth?

  • It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read “Mene, Mene, Tekel, U-Pharsin.”

    South Africans lost their country through suicide. They believed the same nonsense that many White Americans believed when Barack Obama was elected in 2008. Share power, placate to the non-Whites, and peace will be at hand.

    We already have Affirmative Action and racial preferences not only in higher education, but also within the federal government and private employers. Just look at how Blacks are exceptionally overrepresented in the Post Office, the symbol of the failed, bloated, bureaucratic apparatus that is the US government.

    In places where Whites have already ceased to be a majority, we have already seen economic collapse, continued racial preferences for non-Whites, and redistribution of wealth from Whites.  Take a look at Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Baltimore.

    The only reprieve we might have is that the US is a far more extensive country than South Africa, and therefore there might be more areas to flee to until complete Africanization occurs.

    • You could flee, but you would still be dominated by leftist/liberal politics, they would still be taking your money and giving it to others.  Starting a political movement to divide the country now while you still have cards to play is better than fleeing. I would much rather live in a divided country where my political and philosophical beliefs are shared by the vast majority than the current USA where my ideals are vetoed.

    • GM (Australia)

      Perhaps we also need to look at the very big picture in all these things, whites make up 10% of a grossly overpopulated world. Whites tend to have 2 or less children while 10 children families are quite normal in the non-white world (Including US cities). The numbers are against us at every level, in other words there is really  no place to flee to. 

  • newscomments70

    We are turning into Mexico or perhaps Brazil, not Africa. Turning into Latin America is a nightmare, but it is not complete destruction. The real Mexico has a much lower birthrate than the past. Young couples typically have two children. They do have a middle class, freeways and skyscrapers. It is however extermely dangerous because of drug cartels and other criminal presence. Hispanics are more white friendly than blacks. That is cold comfort, but the difference is noticeable. Some hispanic people even pass as white. For years I lived in Los Angeles. I had to live and work in many Hispanic dominated areas, which is most of the city. Driving was treacherous, but walking around was fine. I didn’t experience any violence or threatening situations. I would not DARE walk around in a black neighborhood in LA or anywhere. Most black neighborhoods in LA are gone now. They have been gentrified by Mexicans. 

    We are still 72 percent of the population. We still have a chance to turn this around. If we collectively stand by and do nothing, this is our future. 

    • IstvanIN

       There is a lot of anti-Anglo sentiment among Hispanics.  They are used to their native “white” populations in Latin America, although there is resentment there.  They hate whites Americans for the most part.

      •  A lot of Euro-Hispanics hate the Anglos – mostly because of their perceived hypocrisy and smugness- and for lumping them together with the mestizo hordes.  As a Euro-Med- I respect the Anglos apparent respect for order and work ethic- but despise their cynicism, technolatry and soulless pragmatism.  Their fake smiles don’t help either.

    • There is no way to turn it around when so many whites are content with how things are.  The only way to change things is to get everyone to agree to separate the country in two.

  • PLEASE move up here to N. AZ

  • Pelayo

    I’d like to know why there is no movement to help the SA Whites. It’s hard to believe that only a very few White Americans know anything about the genocide that’s going on over there.
    A feel that Whites are becoming more and more aware of the racial hatred being projected by Black. A liberal friend in Florida was discussing a High School  in Palm Beach Country that she described as “iffy” to which I replied ” DO you mean that there are lots of Blacks?’ Her response was ” Weeell, I didn’t really want to put it that way”.  These people need to get over the bogus guilt that’s been instilled in them since the mid 60s. Once they realize that they are in no way responsible for the deplorable situation of race relations and that most of Blacks’ problems are self inflicted they ( Whites) will feel stirrings of their survival instinct. We are STILL the majority. Four more years of this Admin. should be enough to fire up their fighting spirit.

    • IstvanIN

       A few years back an Australian MP brought up the problem whites in Zimbabwe were facing.  He suggested that these white be granted refugees status and easy immigration to Australia.  Another MP said that would be fine as long as blacks were also taken in since they were also victims.  The proposal died there.  Maybe somebody else remembers the story?

      The sad thing is English speaking, white, educated British Rhodesians would be a natural fit for white, British, English speaking, educated Australia.  This is why I am so disheartened, too many of us are more than happy to sacrifice fellow whites, including babies, to certain destruction and instead “save” people who hate them and will kill them.

  • plaintruthforidiots

    Those aren’t ‘African’ refugees in that photograph, they are INDIANS, clearly so to anybody with two eyes and half a brain… Fool!

  • sickandtired

    South Africa was doomed from the start because it depended on an overwhelmingly black workforce to do its blue and pink collar labour. There is a joke among white South Africans that they would rather be murdered in their own beds than make them.
    The same is happening in Europe and the US. It isn’t the fact that whites are unprepared to do dirty and dangerous jobs that results in these jobs being dominated by non whites. It’s the fact that whites have a higher general IQ which means that in a multi racial society they are bound to be lifted into white collar professions. If the white dominated society we desire returns it would mean many whites having to give up their cushy middle class lifestyles which is what holds many of them back from endorsing pro white movements.

    • laager

      Another way of looking at this is that whites saw themselves as contributing towards black upliftment by creating jobs for them.

      Most SA whites live in a 1500 to 2000 sq ft single storey house on about 1/4 acre of land.
      Back in the 60s when the cost of living was cheap most whites on a middle class salary employed a live-in black maid and a gardener who commuted to work. Their work load was not onerous and a very easy going benevolent status quo existed. These two domestic employee jobs put  bread on the table for at least another 6 to 8 people given that the homeowners were also feeding their domestic staff and providing free accommodation and health care for their employees.

      Visiting Europeans, North Americans and Australians saw Southern African whites as “lazy” – but were they really? Besides these entry level jobs into the white cash and industrialised society whites were very paternalistic in teaching blacks the ways of western democratic capitalist society

      In those days the ratio of black to white was about 4:1 
      This benevolence has now backfired as the ratio has now soared to 8:1

      People like Mandela and Tutu bang on about the “oppression” they suffered under white rule. Malema plays the race card even harder and claims that blacks were “enslaved” – an absolute lie. The bottom line is that absolutely everything the black man in South Africa is today – from reading, writing, learning English, the clothes he wears, the occupation he has, the brick dwelling he lives in, the car he drives etc – is thanks to the white man.

      As the economy grew more and better opportunities became available to them.                          This “dependence on an overwhelming black workforce” was a natural evolution of training the local population for few Europeans chose to emigrate to SA. The majority went to North America and Australia. The “enslavement” that blacks speak of is from a direct lack of understanding on how a industrialised capitalist society works, for they have never created one anywhere on the planet. Time and motion experts repeatedly told SA industrialists that the productivity of their workforce was abysmal compared to Europe, North America and Asia.

      As in Zimbabwe, black South Africans are on a long slow painful learning curve as they discover just how good life really was under white minority they are working so hard at getting rid of.

  • Tipperary

    In Maine Somalis were forcibly brought to Lewiston ten years ago against the wishes of the residents. Those who objected were called racists by the local left wing churches and organizations. A newspaper man in New Hampshire was fired because he objected to this forced settlement of Somalis in Lewiston. So much for free speech. During the last election, two Somali women were brought to the polling place by another woman who guided them as to how to vote since they apparently cound not read or write English. The mayor of Lewiston has been attacked by the rabid dogs of the left since he asked the Somalis to become more Americanized and leave the bad aspects of their culture at the door when they come here. Maine has been invaded by left-wingers who constantly screem that Maine is too white and that we need more diversity. Take heed, this will be coming to your town. Whites need to organize to protect our white Christian civilization.

    • Epiminondas

      It couldn’t happen in a more deserving state.  They’ve been asking for this since 1865.  Enjoy the diversity.

  • sickandtired

    The sad thing is that the whitest parts of the US (Maine, Vermont etc) are the most anti white.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Case in point: Vermont is 96 percent white, 1 percent black. Vermont’s whites voted 33 percent
      for Romney. Obama carried Vermont 67-31.

      • IstvanIN

         There are none so blind as those who will not see.

      • Epiminondas

        The Yankees are still in full Civil War mode, even if they have to vote AGAINST one of their own (which they have done for the last six presidential races).

  • Fire Eater

    This really was the last chance to work within “the System.”

    Third world nation’s gun legislation –  registration – confiscation – REVOLUTION.

    We really are in the endgame of civilization and you had better prepare for it…unlike South Africa, the White people in this country are the most heavily-armed group on earth. We need to be promoting the “prepper” mindset among our people.

    • Jay11

      Last time I was in Georgia, it was like half black.  What will you do in a state that is a microcosm of the problems everywhere?

  • CherokeeJames

    I’m excited about this!  Maybe now whites can get a United Negro College fund too!!!

  • Americans as a group are probably the most insular and uninformed of all Western peoples.  It’s almost impossible to talk to an American about anything deemed “controversial”- except on the net. How can one engage in civil and community action when people seem so disjointed, weak and cowardly?  If I want to engage in a political conversaton – I go to any ethnic restaurant staffed by 1st generation immigrants.

    • IstvanIN

       So true.  I had dinner with a friend who lives in Philadelphia, doesn’t vote, and didn’t even know the Black Panthers were out again in PHILLY this election.  But he knew all about the Eagles!

      • benvad

        That’s the problem right there. Self medicating with nonsense such as the NFL, NBA and MTV. These forms of coda are creating illusions of Bantus as musical/cultural/sports hero worship.

        Pathetic to say the least.

  • Patrick

    If America goes the way of South Africa that would be good for Whites outside America because the Whites in America spend all their time promoting anti-White policies in foreign countries.

  • IMEinar

    I have a question that has bothered me for a long time. Why did the South Africans whites give up power? They had one of the best militaries in the world, and could have won any civil war. They  only needed to look over to Rhodesia too see what would happen if they gave up power. In my opinion they broke an important principle: Never give yourself over to the mercy of your enemy, especially when you have the upper hand. So why did they do it?  This is my first post. God bless all in Amren.

    • Jay1

      I also wonder abut that.  At the time there were some white areas advocating for ‘homeland’ status (basically a state within a state) but the proposals went nowhere.  I thought partitioning the country would have been a good solution.  The whites could have given up 50% of the country and gotten rid of 95% of the blacks.  They were not thinkng straight.  They were drinking the leftist kool aide of ‘brotherhood’ and ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘social justice.’  Now whites are only a majority in the Western Cape, and that is the last place they hold any political power, and the ANC is railing against that, saying if whites have power anywhere, it’s raciss’.

      • IstvanIN

         Partitioning, and not a state within a state, would have been the best solution.  No more importation of blacks, just whites doing all the work in an independent country.

      • Bantu_Education

        Sadly, whites are far from being a majority in the W.Cape – in 2011 they were down to less than 16%, blacks 33%, coloureds 49%.    Until recently blacks were in 3rd place and going back just a few decades they were a small minority.     

        What political power whites have rests on the Democratic Party’s coloured supporters.   The majority of Coloureds have always voted against the ANC.     

    • Bantu_Education

      The short answer is “because they wanted the whole world to know they are not the odious nazi racists as they had been relentlessly slandered”.   The leftist propaganda war against whites worked in S.Africa – its now working its same evil magic in the USA. 

    • Funruffian

      The White South Afrikaners and Boers fought hard during Black terrorism in the 60’s and 70’s. Thye did a good job at creating a sophisticated alarm network to fight off murderous forays from invading Blacks. However, they recieved great economic pressure from the American media bemoaning the White Boers as Supremists who were mistreating Blacks, even though this was a fullblown lie. American leftists tried to overturn Rhodesia and aided the Blacks in their terrorism against White South Africans. Eventually, the Whites had to surrender their power which was overturned due to fierce economic pressure. The Whites were outnumbered 12 to 1. In 1979, Rhodesia, surrendered power to Mugabe and the ANC thinking that the world would appreciate them, but it only led to collective suicide. I suggest you listen to Dr. William Pierce’s video on “A Lesson in Zimbabwe”.

  • Dear all after the debacle of the Election just gone, you get Whites [ the dimmer type ] saying the Republican Party must make overtures to the latin Americans [ Mexicans ] to bring them on board.
    About 20 years ago I was in conversation with some young American females, they were going to great lengths to convince me because they had Mexican friends how wonderful Mexicans were. I let them have the floor and when they had finished spouting, I cut in and said, look, no matter how friendly you think the Mexicans are towards you, they regard you as nothing more than a Gringo and a Bloody Gringo at that. Well! the room went a very hushed silence. The look of shock and horror on their faces is still with me, I got up and left the room for them to ponder my thoughts. The Election just gone reveals that many White Females voted for the Sepia one, I just wonder if those American Females I spoke to all those years ago voted for the Sepia one?. You can bet they did. It has been said before= a person can not complain who  Mother is but who your President is, is your own Bloody fault.

    • Jay11

      I try to get my white coworkers thinking, but I am more subtle about it.  Plant a few seeds here and there.  Point out something incongruent with their liberal worldview, but feign incredulity.  Let them put 2 and 2 together.  Agree with them.  Then they think they came to that realization, and their realism grows, even if ever so slightly.

      Example: I was at a conference and most of the whites were the youngish, liberal, metro/hipsterish types.  Multi-culti, diversity and social justice were the topics du jour at every table.  They would try to outdo each other in their devotion to these causes and there wasa lot of emoting about their love for the ‘vibrant’ cultures out there.  One liberal made a comment about how ‘whites have no culture’ and how ‘boring’ white America was.  So I moved into action.

      I mentioned a news article I read (in the liberal NYT) about how it was common for immigrants from a certain part of the world to treat women poorly.  The article also mentioned honor killing and all the rest.  The liberals were aghast at the practice and universally condemned those attitudes.

      I pointed out that if we respect all cultures, how can we judge those people and what they do?  I used the liberal lingo and emoted about ‘imposing’ our ‘priviledge’ and ‘arrogant attitudes on them.’  I pointed out how ‘we’ believe that all cultures are equal and that it was not our place to judge others.  The liberals, especially the emotive, effeminate men, were shocked.  They were more against the practices than the two women at the table.  It was funny how they were literally dominating the females out of the conversation.  I could have really had fun, but I thought I should restrain myself.

      So the men objected to every liberal angle I brought up, and the final proclomation of the most dominant one was that ‘It doesn’t matter what they (the immigrant group) thinks, when they come to our country, they have to follow our ways.’  The two females nodded in agreement.

      I secretly claimed a small victory.  A seed was planted.

      All you need to do is use their liberalism against them. 

      • IstvanIN

         I have done that with honor killings, female genital mutilation, general lack of women’s rights, gay harassment, and religious intolerance.  It is funny how they, the so-called liberals, only want to accept the invaders food, language, clothes, and general culture in our nation but not the whole ball of wax that comes with primitive people.

    • Bantu_Education

      This is why our wise forefathers didn’t allow women to vote – since then policies have gone on a slow but steady spiral to socialism and the granting of ever more social benefits to the useless classes.  

  • Testing

  • scutum

    “What is astounding is that we have the model – the Roman Empire of the West – for our fall, but our so-called leadership is either willfully ignorant or indifferent to the consequences of the liberal policies which have impelled this decline.”

    What must be understood is that this is all being done on purpose. The elites want to return the world to a feudal system and this is much easier to accomplish if the average IQ of the populace is 85.

  • Redheadchik

    I’m scared 🙁

  • Epiminondas

    I didn’t sleep well the night after reading this.  Horrifying.

  • NorthernWind

    I don’t think that Whites in America will face what the White South African’s are facing now. The circumstances are very different, the land is different, the international system will be different, and so on.

  • Ffjjgh

    I doubt this nation will ever see a caucasian president again – the numbers aren’t there anymore – so whites won’t spend their recsources to run for office. I worry and regret that I have grandchildren – as the USA deteriorates, their lives likely will be miserable. Paybacks are a b- – – h I guess.   

    • AB7

      There are still plenty of [physically] white people to have a majority. But enough of them will vote against any party or person that suggests trying to preserve the white race, so when they vote they make non-whites the majority.

  • We are already heading down that path…here in an interesting blog, that has not been updated for about 5 years, but, gives an accurate picture of how things have changed in Los Angeles, CA—I’m sure this holds true in many US Cities–interesting reading:


  • Cannot Tell

    Is white flight to Eastern Europe out of the question? The population of EE is rapidly declining and the Chinese may someday want to acquire some of that property, but in the meantime, what is to stop American whites from buying land from the Eastern Europeans and establishing a white ethno-state there?

  • What the hell do you mean by “The question therefore arises: how could South Africa, once seen as a
    leading Western power more or less on par with Canada or Australia,
    collapse so quickly to become “just another African country?”
    You should be proud to be an African you Jacka**!!!!!!!!


  • Those derelict Afrikaners should move northwards in all-Black countries where all those Blacks are perfectly conscious of their own shortcomings (as well as of their few talents they love), and hire athletic and flegmatic Whites, especially when it comes to military activities related to aviation or machinery. In Ivory Coast english-speaking whites of every hue are welcomed, to replace the French that are detested. Even in South Africa, those Afrikaners should claim themselves of the Spartan model of micro-society, they will end up rapidly in high demand as security guards among others. In all societies of all colours, Aryans have always be appreciated for their aloofness and intellectual detachment in difficult military situations, which in any Black-led society cannot but multiply. What always brings the White man’s demise is not the presence or even the majority or the rule of Blacks or Browns, but the Athenian (and late Alexandrian Jewish) way of education based on the over-intellectual ideal of leisure class as highest human condition of all, it brings the White man’s demise and shame even in the absence of Negroes and other turds, just look present-day Greece. What brought the Afrikaners’ demise was their own enjoying their superiority as a leisure class instead of pursuing the way of life of the Grand Trek. All aristocracies that turn into leisure class and Athenian ideals of superiority are about to lose cruelly, witness the French Revolution where my own ancestors were reduced by brown peasants to the relative poverty we are still experiencing, except for those who resumed military and adventure life. Afrikaner whites should resume the Trek so to speak and live among the Zulus and the Bantus exactly as a superior tribe respected by others, the Blacks themselves would be progressively enchanted.

    As for white Americans, they should first desert universities and be intent on their kid’s going to military academies instead. They should boycott religiously any university or church having taught only once any such thing as the non-importance of race or genes, they should first prefer a poor close-knit racist community as were constituting the original American fabric, to a posher kosher one.

  • Don’t worry. Obama is not America’s Mandela. He will be rather recalled as America’s Allende, that is to say as its ultimate shame, without a martyrdom’s posthumous glory. He is the terminator of America as a liberal humanistic country, and as in Chile all social sectors marked by that ideology will fall into shanty towns of their own. He will be remembered as the ultimate Black man in power that finalized America’s decline before its transformation into something very different, may be several countries at war with each other for good as older Europe used to be at the apex of her glory. Black men will never be elected again at any position of power. Even if American is to go on as more and more multi-cultural entity, like ancient India or 20th century Brazil, all cultures therein will agree upon keeping the Black man at his ultimate lower rank. The newer non-Negro communities that come in were born outside the late Western humanistic paradigm and make no qualms about finding Blacks animalistic, even many Black communities themselves. Those foreign ethnic groups, like for instance very dark Indians, maintain a White Aryan beauty ideal or fantasy that many Whites themselves have been led to forget. Latinos don’t fall for liberal thought any longer, except for purely short-term opportunistic goals, those who fall outside the Catholic church’s purview generally become Evangelists dreaming of an Aryan-led society (even when they are zionists). Obama’s utter failure will impact even the heirs of Mandala in SA.

  • Politically Incorrect

    If South Africa is so racist to white people then why is it that almost every player on the South African rugby and cricket teams are white, there are only a few colored players on each of those teams.

    The captains of the Sprinboks and Proteas are white.

    Y’all need to stop whining.

  • eunometic

    I’ve noticed over the years that anyone making arguments for policies that would make it easier for women to be either full time mothers or have a better work family balance are swatted down extremely aggressively by the liberal left especially a certain ethnic group working within the liberal left. It’s clear the objective is to keep the white birth rate down, the nuclear family under stress. Everyone thinks immigration is destroying our race but it is also antenatal, as opposed to pro-natal push of the liberal left.

    Left wing policies aggressively reduce the White birth rate.

  • christopher mahoney

    The problem is that the single largest voting bloc in the Democratic party is white people.

  • DichterS

    Politics is a social phenomen. In any social phenomen you can NEVER EVER compete with someone who are giving away stuff for free. (Maybe in Switzerland it will not work because these clever people will immediately realize that their own things will be given away). But everywhere else in the world it is a simple recipe – promise those who do not have much that they will get things for free. Once they have voted you in, you explain to them that the free stuff they where going to get, was unfairly acquired by the affluent and is still being held unfairly by the affluent. Then tell them to keep voting for you and you will change legislation to help them and their kin enter the country and tell them you will introduce legislation to take the stuff that belongs to the affluent and give it to the ‘previously disadvantaged’ (who incidentally bred themselves into the disadvantaged position) but who are a very rich source of votes by now.

    Just keep promising, lying and cheating and they keep on voting and breeding. Until everybody is disadvantaged of course….

  • AM

    White people in SA should have just left the blacks alone, instead of trying to help them. They should not have given them hospitals, schools, and jobs. Then the blacks wouldn’t be able to blame the whites.

  • stephensphotos

    Us White South African, unlike all other white people in the western world, are first hand witnesses of the end result of leftist policies and neo-liberalism. Which, in case you’re wondering, is the destruction of western society, western culture and western morals, which is what made western society the greatest in human history.

    For so many decades White South Africa was scoffed as being evil, racist and backward for our policies and beliefs. None of those white leftists who were so vehemently against us in every way, took a minute to consider (or to do any thinking at all) that maybe a thing like Apartheid was in place not because we were morally depraved, but was in place for a very specific reason. And I think that reason is now so clearly visible to white people throughout the rest of the western world.

    But I dont think that as a civilisation, us westerners (white people) are going to end up in a permanent state of decline, we are a too resilient people. Evidence of which is visible in SA today. Ultimately the only political choice white people will have one day, is the choice that Germans made in the 1930s. Yes that is a frightening thought.

  • christopher mahoney

    One thing that I find very interesting is that whenever I encounter SA expats (refugees) they simply will not discuss why they left or anything about race relations. Here is my interpretation: I have only met anglo or Jewish refugees, who were the liberals pre-ANC. I’ve never met a Boer. The anglophone liberals cannot admit that they were wrong; hence emigration and that peculiar reticence. They are still liberals, even after being mugged by reality. Some truths just do not compute.

  • Dster78

    By the time Europeans arrived in Africa – what were they doing with the land? They were squatting living in huts. The whites brought advancement to deep dark Africa and now they’re erasing any remnants of white history.

  • If Hispanics become the majority in the U.S. then they will keep the white race the majority. They have already gone from Hispanic to White Hispanic. Will eventually just be called White (like the Italians). So America will still be a white majority.

  • Bill Rubin

    Wow, this is a fairly racist group of comments! The most obvious are the ones commenting about black children being adopted by white wealthy parents and still ending up in prison…which is patently false. Black (and Hispanic) children adopted and raised by white children perform almost at the same level educationally and with outcomes as white children.

    South Africa is also not preventing white people from ANYTHING. It is trying to right the wrongs from the apartheid era where blacks WERE prevented from having access to almost anything in the country, including even living in certain districts. That has changed, and that is naturally for the better.

    As a white Republican business owner who voted twice for President Obama, I find the assumptions that only blacks/Hispanics allowed the President to win to be entertaining. That might be true in red, conservative states where racism runs rampant in the white communities, but that is less true in the blue more progressive states where racism is less common or severe and where racial diversity has been encouraged for a much longer time. More white people voted for Romney and McCain–that is true. But plenty of white people (over a third, in fact) did vote for Obama. And the income level and education of that third of white voters was the highest of white groups. So the wealthier and more educated you were as a white voter, the more likely you were to vote for President Obama.

    As usual, the typical anti-Obama and pro-white rhetoric comes from people of less educated backgrounds–who have grown up with less educated and less tolerant surroundings to know any better–or people with less economic means–who often blame “the others” for their perceived lot in life.

  • Vinu

    The last photograph in this page, the boat full of people, titled “African refugees.” is actually in Hooghly river, Bangladesh. Sensationalism is not going to help your cause.

  • The actual issue is more deep than mere skin colour. The English as well as the dutch speakers belong to a different social structure. The African/Asians and also certain White Continental Europeans belong to feudal language based social structure.

    In feudal language social structures, social communication is quite barbarian, brutal, beastly and more or less akin to carnivorous animal-like. However, people who live in English nations and speak native-English cannot understand the tremendous difference that exists among different living beings, including those who are collectively called human beings. They see other living beings, also called human beings, as equal to them in intellectual and other dispositions, because they see them only on the platform of a planar language known as English. The fact is that there is no concept of human equality outside the domains of planar languages like English.

    As to the native English and Afrikaners in South Africa, they are in a very desperate situation, in which they are slowly getting embedded into a brutal social pattern and arrangement. Once they get fully embedded inside this satanic arrangement, they will be no different from the others in the brutal social system. Actually their refinements and politeness etc. will turn out to be their weakness, in a social system and communication wherein politeness has no value.

    The US is fully compromised and no help can be expected from that quarters. In fact, the US is slowly becoming an Asian/African nation, with all the feudal features therein. It is a very dangerous situation in which the tremendous powers of technology will be in the hands of persons least fit to manage them. For they will all be powerfully connected to the interior social leaderships of Asian/African feudal households.

    GB went mad with the coming to power of the super-nut Clement Atlee. There is no feeling for ‘England’ or even to the term ‘Great Britian’. It is now a nonsensical entity that promotes an historically inept concept called ‘United Kingdom’. Everything that the formally uneducated high quality Englishmen achieved all around the world, to create the English Empire, was thrown to the rats by Clement Atlee and the idiot, formally highly educated academicians.

    The South African Whites belong to a highly refined population that imparted quality to the social apparatus and at the same time, stood apart from the dirtiness all around. The blacks would have improved, if they had not listened to crooks like the Mandela who literally belong to the native feudal classes that had held sway over them for centuries. In fact, blacks being under the feudal upper class blacks is going to be another historical tragedy.

    If someone with money and power could bring help to the South African White to move them en-mass to some other location in the world, it would certainly be an act the gods would bless.

  • White supremacy and control over non-white persons has nothing to do with the external covering, but control of the mind; a superimposition of a European mindset upon people of color.

    Why would a race of people extract another people from their homeland, systematically and violently take away their names and ancestral identities and then impose a European mindset upon them?

    Answer: To control them. Imposing a European mindset (and religion) makes them no threat.

    When Muhammad Ali changed his name from Cassius Clay, White folk lost their minds. That in itself warrants a psychological study. Why would such a thing bother White people so much? Answer: Because a Black man is being what he wants to be, not what THEY want him to be. They cannot control him.

    Any Black person in this country who does not think like the typical White American (or agrees with his religion and political ideology), is viewed as a threat.

    I am an high-level manager within a large organization who happens to be African American. I make to apologies for being of African descent and I speak of my African ancestry fondly as persons of other races do theirs. Yet, my White colleagues are very uncomfortable with my speech patterns and not being so engaged in the “European-based” holidays as they are.

    My being in touch with my ancestry really bothers them; but that is not my problem, it is theirs.

    Yet, if I walked around agreeing with the White “mindset” and being involve in celebrations and traditions that are “European-based”, I am their friend.

    Step outside of all of that, their eyebrows are raised.

  • Guest

    Europeans and Americans demand today the closure of borders and a policy of separate development because they are overrun with immigrants from the Third World, and they are afraid of living in a crime-infested extreme country like South Africa, where poor whites are homeless with no shoes, and rich ones inside gated communities with barbed wire.

    Let’s face it, even blacks themselves in South Africa believe Third World immigration is bad news.

  • SacJP

    Oh, just all of prehistoric europe… About the only things white civilization has ever wanted from anyone else is the natural resources they were laying on top of and not utilizing, with some isolated slave labor when the slaves were offered as a product for sale on international markets.

    • Pollitically Uncouth

      How quick you are to forget Sac just who it was who were offering the slaves for sale. And who was it who fought to end slavery? It sure wasn’t Chief Ooga Booga back in Africa. The biggest mistake any American President has ever made, was made by Lincoln(another filthy rotten Republican) when he attacked the South for trying to leave the Union. All he had to do was say, “O K” and maybe find boxes and help them pack. And once they were gone he should have put up an impenetrable border between the 2 countries, like they have between North and South Korea. That is just in case any of them try to sneak back.

      • SacJP

        Nope, you’re preaching to the choir man, I’m not disagreeing with you at all and I wasn’t being sarcastic…

        The race of those offering the slaves for sale were predominantly black and ashkenazi jewish (which is why I say that Americans bought the slaves as an already commoditized product on preexisting international markets…)

        Political self determination is the right of any people, and trumps “territorial integrity” of some fleeting and fictional ‘government’ (which itself has ZERO rights,) so the south should absolutely have been allowed to succeed. We’d all be better off for it had they done so.

        • M&S


          Had the south been allowed to seceded we probably could’ve reconciled by now and reunified (after slavery was abolished and all of the necessary adjustments made to the economies in a just and non-opportunistic way.)

          I also believe we would have had the sense to listen to our Founders and stay out of both European wars. Integration of Europe in their own rite of passage to nation statehood suffered enormously because we would not let the ‘parental culture’ have their teenage moment.

          Three tries later, the Germans still ended up running things but they have done it through multicultural sabotage of existing national biased systems which is on the verge of destroying our common culture base altogether.

          A U.S. divided would be a U.S. that had to concentrate on keeping people fed even as it expanded into Indian nations with half the population and would have prevented or at least delayed that effort sufficient to try and give those two, hugely disparate, cultures a chance to come to terms.

          And no, I’m not a Native American apologist.

          Blacks would have suffered an extended period of slavery of perhaps 20 years before King Cotton ate the soil and the South was left impoverished and, if not begging, then certainly at a point of economic transition where a quiet word might have healed hurt feelings rather than very deep, physical and cultural, wounds.
          It would have also had a major effect on the rise of the British all but slave cotton industry in Egypt and elsewhere, changing the face of the British Empire perhaps.

          I also believe that, as a condition of their rejoining the Union or even simply as a continued standalone state, the South would have repatriated a majority of their black slaves overseas simply because a large number of white Southerners (including those in the military like Lee) saw what it was doing to lower class white labor.

          Whether this would have made blacks happy I cannot say but if, only when a black is too ‘valuable’ to be risked (draining swamps and cutting canals for the ICC for instance) are whites ‘thrown in with the snakes and the gators’ to undercut each other to get the job by offering to work for near-nothing, something is very wrong with your socioeconomics.

          The bitter irony is that, despite this, the South fought for Kindred as a common belief in each other, all coming together when one of them was at risk while the North fought for abstracts and even then had to use chicanery in Congress to get the war rolling. Yet for all this, when it was over it was the North who wrote laws forbidding blacks from resettling in their states while demanding the South take hold of their blacks and raise them up as equals.

          Talk about shaking a sacked pitbull and then loosing the mad dog from within after kicking down your neighbor’s fences…

          • SacJP

            Wow, I never really reflected on how disastrous the outcome of the civil war really was, in that it includes many of the current problems that plague western civilization (most notably our total inability to assert any ethnic interests of our own…)

            I wouldn’t really say “Germany” runs things now… It’d be more accurate to say that the super-wealthy (and largely semitic) central bankers run western society as a whole, including Germany quite thoroughly (though however strong a hold their boot has on Germany’s throat the industriousness, grit, and plain old high productivity of the ethnically German people is what holds up the E.U. economically.)

          • Steve

            Assimilation is the theory that has fueled our pluralism country to work but every minority these days has a rabble rousing agenda and moving to segregate but this time it is from their own hands and not by the white “privilege” devil as we are referred to by rogue ministers. In fact the tables are being turned on us whitey founders despite our great inventions and technology by dreg and drug lowlifes of blatant racism. White people have got to get it into our heads that there is a lot of drumming up of resentment aimed at minorities promoted by democratic socialist “progressives” to promote their agenda of entitlement. The sad truth is that they then become the ones benefiting from the sucker-punched “voters”, e.g. Obumma Care failures, Security issues from appeasement of islamists, and lack of strong leadership in foreign policy; Obumma’s idea of foreign policy is secret orders for drone attacks, allowing the border to become a dream ville, bowing to the saudis, and traveling to new golfing courses.

        • Steve

          Did you ever read of Tippu Tip a black slave trader and also an islamist who traded slaves in Africa?

  • SacJP

    Africans have been enslaving each other for thousands of years. Europeans enslaved one another for hundreds of years, and yet still blacks can’t pick themselves up….

    In light of the persistence of black cognitive deficits across generations, after controlling and even eliminating all environmental or societal causes, and the obvious fact this reveals (that the differences in mental capabilities is genetic,) if this genetic damage is attributable to conditions of servitude for a few hundred years then no amount of time will fix that damage (and unconstrained reproduction in a welfare state will only make it worse.)

    Why should white people collectively lift a finger to help other races? I see nobody of any other race doing anything for the impoverished whites of South Africa. We know you are full of crap and have a blatantly anti-white agenda.

    When races of people are inherently unequal there can be nothing ‘just’ or ‘right’ about trying to enforce equality at an aggregate level. The best to be hoped for is that the exceptional outliers of the less endowed race are given equivalent opportunities to the more average members of the better endowed race. This will of course never result in ‘equal outcome’ overall, but equal outcome makes no more sense than expecting a wolf and chihuahua to have equal outcomes in a fight.

  • SacJP

    Africans have been enslaving each other for thousands of years. Europeans enslaved one another for hundreds of years, and yet still blacks can’t pick themselves up….

    In light of the persistence of black cognitive deficits across generations, after controlling and even eliminating all environmental or societal causes, and the obvious fact this reveals (that the differences in mental capabilities is genetic,) if this genetic damage is attributable to conditions of servitude for a few hundred years then no amount of time will fix that damage (and unconstrained reproduction in a welfare state will only make it worse.)

    Why should white people collectively lift a finger to help other races? I see nobody of any other race doing anything for the impoverished whites of South Africa. We know you are full of crap and have a blatantly anti-white agenda.

    When races of people are inherently unequal there can be nothing ‘just’ or ‘right’ about trying to enforce equality at an aggregate level. The best to be hoped for is that the exceptional outliers of the less endowed race are given equivalent opportunities to the more average members of the better endowed race. This will of course never result in ‘equal outcome’ overall, but equal outcome makes no more sense than expecting a wolf and chihuahua to have equal outcomes in a fight.

    • M&S


      When races of people are inherently unequal there can be nothing ‘just’ or ‘right’ about trying to enforce equality at an aggregate level. The best to be hoped for is that the exceptional outliers of the less endowed race are given equivalent opportunities to the more average members of the better endowed race. This will of course never result in ‘equal outcome’ overall, but equal outcome makes no more sense than expecting a wolf and chihuahua to have equal outcomes in a fight.
      No. Because it is an investment. _Across the races_ a smart man and woman’s children will have IQs in the range between their parent’s mean and their races median intelligence.
      This is one of the reasons why smart blacks have such a hard time starting an upper middle class among their own: even if they have the moxy and the brains to make and hold onto their own money, their kids typically have something like 135 – 87 / 2 = 111 which is just on the edge of gifted but not going to college.
      This is why 16% of our whites have 120 IQ while only 1-2% of their population does.
      Now, imagine what happens when that ‘our average is their exceptional’ wants to have kids. It won’t be a black woman they look to to have something near a deep conversation. It will be a white woman that their overweaning nature will tell them they ‘deserve’.
      And even if there is a white woman willing to degrade herself that way, the nature of the beast is one of a bunch of mocha kids who now have to be given partners of -their- own, and they will, typically, have neither the brains nor the charm of papa or mama and so you have generated a kernel of disaster which can only grow like rust on wheat, leaving you right back where you started from: a population that cannot take care of itself and from which all the best come running because _they think they shouldn’t have to make their own mess better either_.
      This is not a winnable condition. Until and unless advanced gene therapy and the will to ‘act white’ on a permanent basis overtakes black self-identity in the face of a massive implosion of our society, there is no hope of improvement for them and only Permanently Demarcated Separation for us.
      And the more we yield to the idea of ‘just a few’ the more the 84% of the planet which are R-Breeders will take that as permission to continue the population explosion problem, here.

      • SacJP

        The reason IQ reverts to mean is because of the inferior NON-dominant genes that the unusually intelligent person is mathematically likely to carry no matter how lucky they got in the lottery for their own dominantly expressed genes…

        A simple understanding of this SHOULD keep inter-racial pairing by whites, especially with black partners, to a minimum. Maybe thats part of why they are dumbing down schools including basic biology.

        I think at some basic level even the smartest best looking black man knows that underneath his statistically improbable combination of dominant genes lies an inferior genetic baseline, and this is part of why they go for white women. This is also why any self respecting white woman should look beyond the gene expression in that individual since at best they are only seeing 50% of the genes that individual carries.

        I agree, gene therapy and designer babies is the only clean and peaceful way out of this… The only other way includes a lot of killing and/or societal upheaval. Gene manipulation is preferable.

        • SacJP

          Its also worth noting that if you hook up with someone with family members who are also intelligent you are lowering the likelyhood that their IQ is a statistical fluke, and are likely to do significantly better than reversion to racial mean. This does at least make inter-racial selective pairing a little bit feasible, but you must look back way further than just at the families current generation.

          • M&S

            As I said earlier, I believe that genes rotate, generationally.
            ACTGTGACTACGGACT The histones which dictate which portions of the genetics are used for a given generation (where specific chromosomes may be employed multiple times for different tissue generation) play up and down a given scale like piano chords played at different starting points, _so long as they include the basic combination of necessary letters_ (or a close match) they generate matching tissues.
            This rotating genetic condition is probably an evolutionary aid which prevents deleterious effects from population bottlenecks as well as repeat-encoding of genes which are flawed.
            I believe that it is inherent to the act of speciation which, contrary to current popular theory is _not_ about blending people to a muddy middle of shared dominant genes (losing fifty percent every generation and getting hybrids optimized for different environments who are half as well endowed with the genes for each until they slump out or are rejected by society and self-cancel in shrinking populations of their own).
            Rather, speciation is intrinsically an act of putting an existing group into a low competition environment where they are sufficiently few in numbers and sufficiently challenged by altered living conditions as to suffer just enough inbreeding to trigger the gene rotation and mutation which innovates change.
            Darwin showed us this on the Galapagos as a terrain isolate and we simply failed to LOOK AT THE DATA and see it for what it means.
            Paleoanthropology also shows us this as individual species of hominid rose to different levels of success, adapted to specific environments and then faded out as those environments did or were annihilated as outsiders, fleeing or expanding from their own environment with a superior genetic dealt hand, took over and ‘were racist’ (not inclusive).
            And again, people don’t see it for what it is because that would make their bleeding hearts hurt to know that they were fools of the first order for inviting in competitors and then bending over backwards to adapt their system to the competitor’s needs.
            Which is social evolutionarily suicidal.
            Again, not because of hostile pairings forcing gene flow. Because there is remarkably little of that, going back to Denisovans and Neanderthal. But rather because PHYSICAL displacement is the norm. As LCD environments which provide substantial accommodative/alternative survival modalities to the least compatible species group end up enabling that group to live off the benefits of the indigene culture, rather like cuckoo birds.
            Except cuckoos don’t usually hunt their surrogate parents.
            Which is what is happening in the U.S..
            The Jews know how this works. They have known for couple dozen generations at least. A Jewish mother looked at her sister and said: “I’ve got Klutz (literally a block of wood), you’ve got yiddisher kop, let’s trade.” Which is how Jewish daughters ended up marrying the dumb brother of a smart man and -why- Judaism, a strictly patriarchal society, is passed down through the female line.
            Something in the woman’s female genetics either catalyzes or stabilizes the genetic donais. And that dedicated inbreeding program (which went on long before the Middle Ages in Europe) is what gave them a unified, high replication overlap, of the ACTG code for brilliance.
            Which is not to say that whites cannot compete, naturally, because, until the 1800s or so, Jews kept their noses buried in the Torah and Talmud and didn’t see the real world for what it was becoming, even as we built it. But now it enables them, through empathy and through wealth and through intelligence to use -other races- to destroy the world we built to reflect our own genetic algorithm and that understanding of how our mental construct translates to our social, evolutionary, environment drivers is what they are using to destroy us.
            Until and unless we acknowledge the raw power than a unified body of 3% of this country’s population ‘disparate impact’ uses to control and spoil the progress of our lives, we will -never- see the value of small groups pioneering their own paths at the cost of other cultures.
            And that will be our destruction at the hands of a multicult society which functions at the sixth grade level where every other race can compete with us, even as we can no longer innovate the high end solutions to make our own existence sustainable.

          • SacJP

            I can’t say that I disagree with you at all…

            Despite the high rate of inbreeding in the ethnic jewish population (and the opportunities that presented evolutionarily) I think that there has been, and continues to be, a lot of gene crossover between the jewish and larger European population…. They are very much a partially isolated semi-asiatic sub-population within the larger European masses.

            I really wish we could get the Jews on our side… Their behavior as late has tended toward the sociologically parasitic, but this is largely cultural and there’s no reason to think that it couldn’t with effort be changed. It could easily become a symbiotic relationship, and I think it must if either of us are to survive. They have evolved to be successful within majority European-descended peoples’ societies. Even when they have ‘their own’ country is requires economic and military ‘life support’ from the European nations. There is no reason to expect that they will be able to continue to blend into, excel in, and in many ways dominate non-white societies (and they will be viciously murdered by the jealous hordes just as fast, if not faster, than we will.)

          • Meltonmark

            Sorry. Darwinian evolution doesn’t exist. It’s a myth. Try Intelligent Design.

          • M&S

            The evidence presented in _The Ten Thousand Year Explosion_ suggests that we have undergone tremendous mental changes in just the last 3,000 years and that these changes were particularly in evidence in some parts of the world and markedly less so, elsewhere, with relative scaling inherent to the complexity and sophistication of the social environment in which people lived.

            The Greeks who brought us the Iliad and the Odyssey as illustrations of human angst and greed induced suffering were in fact, at their top societal levels (Macedonian Burial Mound skull brain case indentations from a king), still very primitive, 1,500 years BCE.

            In the period 1,650CE Roman catacombs, we find braincase imprints which show twice the convolute densities of late Renaissance people.

            Yet it was not until the Enlightenment (and likely the Industrial Revolution) that ‘modern man’ truly begins to show present day levels of convolute densities, dwarfing those of men born even just 350 years ago.

            While in blacks you have intermediate convolutes but an overall braincase volume as much as 100 cubic centimeters smaller. Likely as a result of high testosterone leading to early skull sutcher closures and high ambient temperatures having large penalties for high brain function.

            Given we have the evidence of cave paintings, red ochre corpse decoration and assorted tools and jewelry (which we would normally associate with modern cultural expressions of time sense and mortality) going back as much as 100,000 years ago, we cannot rule out the notion that the modern protomorphic form has been around a LONG time and simply took all this period to reach so high on the basis of stable societal conditions and higher nutritional models and infectious disease controlled health, to maximize our developmental potential.

            It seems to me far more likely that such variation, which aligns so closely to social and environmental norms (intelligence tracks closer to region than temperature does), would be dictated by internally orchestrated genetic developmental activations than some Creator Being that felt the need to intervene but ‘not for everyone’s benefit’ in some kind of global outcome.

            I can’t prove it in an absolute sense of what selected/engineered for the potentialist outcome of modern human design but I can tell you that, rather than push out the origins theory another level to ET or Another-Name-For-G-o-d association (who made them?); I would as soon state that the universe is self ordering and thus, to some extent, animate in it’s own sense.

            As such base chemical bases and physics reactions in atomic bonding don’t have to be about unique circumstances but simply infinite recombinations gradually self-associating on a repetitive basis until weighting conditions force the pattern to imprint as reality.

            Debye first discovered the potential for this in his 1920s studies of high energy plasmas (like those which drive the sun) which, thanks to their enormous electric and polarity based charge potential, should have energy densities completely random-scattered in their distributions throughout the super high energy construct.

            Yet they don’t. They have an ordered progressive stratification which we now call the ‘Debye Curve’.

            Whatever the sub-existential anchor is which locks in that physical characteristic, be it string theory or quantum potentialism as paralleling outcomes that merge to a tangent whole.

            Or some mix of the two and a third, chaotic, destabilizing, condition, which allows for change in it’s own right, the truth may well be that ‘things are the way they are’ because that is the nature of reality as a self-emergent and merging condition.

            Did we look for the pattern matching conditional variables by which evolutionary biochemistry /could/ happen, rather than demanding it’s source point as original vector (godhead or other), we might find a more pragmatic tool for explaining the recombinative/associative behaviors of just about everything that we now attribute to chaos theory and other systemic ‘rule of no rules’ conditions in fact have mergent definitions related to their global initiating conditions that are completely natural and vastly more complex than we now assume.

          • The Olde Man

            Creative Design is the major influence. Evolution just one of the tools.

          • M&S


            Evolution just one of the tools.

            Pretty powerful tool.

            Read _The Ten Thousand Year Explosion_. Mentally at least, we have done more evolving in the last 4,500 years or so from the Greek period to the 1600s to Today than the common ‘Earth Genome’ of all flora and fauna has in the sum of billions of years before then.

            Even accounting for the realities of multiple mass extinction ‘do overs’ and the need to create multiple supporting biotic systems for the ecosystem as a whole, any CD effect is one of purely laconic input at best.

            What is interesting is that our own genetic master file appears to have been laid out in a readily indexed fashion by which ‘legs over here, head over there, organs here and here’ it is readily addressable in bit segments, not what you would expect from an aggregate development over such long period timeframes.

            Yet there are still unknowns as a function of allele groups activating multiple times to generate multiple tissue types within an epigenetic, developmental, sense.

            And it happens in all species, regardless of their chromosome counts as total genetic data spreads.

            Taken together, these are less indications of a guiding hand influencing the design than the realization that patterns appear to be self forming in a universe which is known for it’s massively chaotic early conditions and yet general stability and form repetition, overall.

            If we truly understood and accepted that we are the gods of this world because we have the ability to see into pattern and will it’s change via symbologic reason, we would truly begin to have access to fundamentals of design and influence that stretched beyond our normative understanding of macro-reality.

            An Existence that can be shaped and sculpted as much as ‘discovered’ in it’s rules is one where, regardless of initial creative impulse, we truly are our own pro-generative creations.

          • The Olde Man

            Well, I read Darwin’s Black Box and I think Gee,something seems to have started all this. And there are more and more mutterings from the astrophysicists that indicate that just maybe Something had to have started all this.

            Creationist claim evolution does not exist. Not smart.

            Evolutionists claim Creation does not exist. Not smart.

            I kind of like Intelligent Design combined with evolution myself. At least I can believe the earth is more than 4,000 years old which the Creationists seem unable to fathom.

          • M&S

            What I can see is twofold:
            1. The monotheistic G-o-d claims, through human mouthpieces, to have created us in his/it’s image.
            This is certainly justifies the notion that we are genocidal butchers with limited impulse control because he itself apparently spent the better part of ten thousand years trying to kill us all of before he told Noah: “Okay, I see it now, you’re not /intentionally/ evil, it’s endemic! I hereby promise to never again visit these mass deaths upon you.”
            His next solution was self-destruction. Entering into a murder suicide pact like some immature or defective personality to ‘make a big statement’ by murder-suiciding his biological son for the benefit of the rest of us lesser kids on the basis of having ‘solved the problem’ with our innate evil by…killing himself.
            Not only that but, through the artifact of command telepathy, we were given no choice but to participate in this grizzly business as the spear wielders.
            Blink. Blink.
            And what does his son tell us before making us complicit in this horrid crime? That we must love him for this act. Or face going to hell, forever.
            Blink. Blink-Blink.
            By -my- standards of constructed morality (which are, after all, those which G-o-d supposedly gave me), these are innately, inalterably, evil and manipulative pre-conditions that tie us forever to intolerable acts of butchery and self-deceit.
            And I refuse to accept a G-o-d that forces them upon me as first principles to knowing his love or existing in a heaven where, for eternity, I will supposedly be giving him mine.
            What I do believe is that a preexistent Jewish religion, looking to enslave the barbarians of the north and the east (as they then and still do consider us to be in their own holy book as workday teachings, in Israel, which are starkly pragmatic in their attitudes towards the other races) set up a daughter religion which was precepted on the basis of the Old Testament but did not include any of it’s ‘permissions’ or ‘chosen people’ rewards for intra-tribal loyalties. Suggesting instead a pattern of submission alone.
            And again, if this is an entirely human moral standard whose motive is entirely different from what it is stated to be (submission to god becomes submission to other racial populations who write/twist the system rules for their own benefit) then I am free and fit to accept or reject it on the basis of it’s moral standing among fellow humans like myself.
            _And nothing else_.
            I do not need a presumption of offered immortality ‘after death’ to say: “No Way, this is a sick as twisted, immoral, tradition.”
            And so I do.
            Creationists and Intelligent Designers do not have the answer.
            Because no god as flawed and interfering as the one who created a system of rules which is so immoral as that which the three religions of The Book attempt to foist off upon us can be said to have made the beauty of the indifferent universe.
            And even if, in some flawed translation or mistaken overreach (technical capability vs. the moral wisdom to use it appropriately) some ET or ‘other agency’ in fact made us in a petri dish by recombining the second chromosome to make space for a 23rd; the reality remains that _what created the universe_.
            Was the universe.
            And that means that everything since, including the supposed Almighty is a factor of the passing of multiple aeons plus the natural pattern imprinting characteristics of reality (as space:time) itself. Cumulatively, micrometrically, creating reaction patterns that mimic and then create sentient reflective isolates.
            This I can actually accept. That a superior species may exist which is enabled by having been here such a long time before us that it’s patterns have naturally assumed the complexity of all that it has experienced.
            But I will not attribute to such a separate life form or multi-conscience the false ideation of an all powerful god. Because my view of that power is that it is no more potent nor less savantly innate to it’s own existence than it is to our own.
            It is resident as an instability matrix in all things. Neither more perverse nor elevated than the intent which shapes it into pattern and form.
            And we need merely learn to call upon it and it will come to our understanding as aid. THAT is what makes us special. That we can separate ourselves from the impetus of the patterned moment that is force, war, deceit, by other humans looking to (subconsciously) ‘control the matrix’ by controlling US is to /understand/ what must be done to survive by using the fluid nature of that matrix.
            Within our understanding and outside it’s temporal existence as a kind of bubble-within-fate separate existence. One whose detachment is essential to making our outcomes whilst still understanding why we wanted them.
            This is ‘Not G-o-d’. This is Us.

          • GordoFabulous

            Interesting reading your thoughts on all of this. It’s a fascinating perspective that I am going to have to read a couple of times to fully get my head around.

            That being said, I find it interesting that you point so heavily toward patterns being found and amplified in nature; yet, if I understand you correctly, you reject the notion of a creator God or an intelligently-designed universe. It seems that you base this notion off primarily from a rejection of what man says about God, not the logical possibility of one existing. (Correct me if I am misunderstanding.) The two ideas are really separate issues. I harken back to a line in “Angels and Demons”- I’ve only seen the movie -where Ewan McGregor asks Tom Hanks about believing in God, “not what man says about God”.

            I do think you miss a couple key concepts, though. For one, you seem to be limiting yourself to a three-dimensional/linear time model. The basic concept of a creator God demands that He exists beyond the confines of time and space. At the very least, if we ask “where” He exists, we are at least looking at a fourth-dimensional being. (We know a fourth spatial dimension exists from our experiments with quantum entanglement.) Well, if we can expand our concept where a being may “exist” spatially, then it is a fairly simple step to allow such a being to exist in a second or third dimension of time. Such a being therefore has the perspective to witness the entirety of creation and all possible cause and effects and so is uniquely capable of creating the right design of a universe that will, as you state in a way, design itself.

            Coming myself from a computer programming perspective, I understand how this kind of concept can play out. We are limited by our minds and time, but the process is still the same. When you design software, a lot of it is setting up the correct conditions for the code to design a lot of itself in the process of running the program.

            From that higher perspective as well, you can understand the relative insignificance of wiping out most of the animal or human population at various times. From our perspective at ground level it can seem like a cruel thing, but from a longer-term perspective, the occasional “cleansing” can have beneficial long-term effects, like you occasionally delete files from your computer or run anti-virus software. If you ever watch an ant hill and think of the creatures as being individual biological programs, it gives a little more perspective on this.

            Anyway, that’s my perspective on the kinds of ideas I picked up from reading your writing, which I do have to commend you for on their “thought-provoking-ness”.

            There is one thing on which I would like to hear your thoughts. If we consider the Big Bang theory at its first instance, we have an infinitely-dense, infinitely-small particle from which everything came about. However, if we inject into that idea the concept of time-dilation, we run into a rather severe problem. Per the laws of time-dilation, in an infinitely-dense environment, any forces that would act on or within that particle would never show and effects because time would be running infinitely slow. So while we can argue all day about whether or not the creator God has done anything since then, our current laws of physics demand a presence outside of the universe that violated an inherent law of physics to spark the creation of the universe.

            Again, I’m not trying to argue about anything having to do with what man says about God (no religion or anything like that). I find your writing interesting, and I am curious to hear your response to that, given your, I believe correct, interpretations of nature finding patterns and structures within itself, and your rejection (if I understand you correctly) of a intelligently-designed universe.

          • Theophilus Ghoststone

            Someone needs to fire the designer in Africa. I see no intelligent design there. Just a sad continent with no future.

      • Jo Peter

        Oh I never meant ‘reproducing with white women’ to be one of the societal advantages enjoyed even by an outwardly ‘Caucasian quality’ black man… The white woman, with even a rudimentary knowledge of genetics, and an ounce of self respect, will infer the quality of the non-dominant genes ‘below the water line’ and avoid that reproductive ice-berg from a mile out.

    • Steve

      I agree with some of your points but that there are contributions from blacks as with music and sports as two examples. I do not think as a whole that blacks can compare with whites when it comes to inventions and philosophy in general. Of course with time this has changed somewhat but has a long way to go. This is something that everyone seems to know but it is pc’d away and when it doesn’t change fast enough the scapegoating crowd starts in on how whites have been “privileged” as if as a whole we didn’t work hard to make this a great country by inventing all those great inventions and even the form of government that has been unrivaled all over the world. Of course the pc crowd with come down on whitey for coming here and making the u.s. our country. I say to them that the indians took it from someone and were busy fighting and taking it from each other most of the time. Whether or not one wants to play the justification game, the u.s. is a land of pluralism where opportunity exists for all if they want to take it. There are outliers as you say who have done well but for the most part there is the majority continuing to stay lowlifes generation after generation. In LA the Korean community during the riots was beaten down by the Blacks but now they are building a skyscraper and the sons and daughters are prospering as professionals while the Blacks are still living in the times of Rodney King. This tends to support that differences in make up have some influence since both groups lived in the poor community.

      • Keith Taylor

        “… contributions from blacks as with music and sports …” you mean the decline from classical to hip hop and gansta rap? And precisely what level of education do you need to chase a ball or run long distances?

  • SacJP

    What does that have to do with anything? So traditional African societal structures don’t support large complex civilizations, efficient resource utilization, or high population density… These observations are all entirely consistent with the sentiment of not wanting peoples with genes evolved under these conditions to immigrate into our very different western type societies… Yes, western style civilization is, in my opinion, better, but it’s a WHITE style of civilization, one that other people can be shoehorned into only in low concentration and/or with great difficulty.

  • take a close look at what’s at the end of that path for white america.

  • Mark Cesare

    The real evil and culprits here are the Rothschilds. They feared America, we’re behind the slave trade, divided us therefore (north and south), and like other nations took control of our government by funding wars they started – like the civil war. Then pillaged those nations for their profit. Thanks.

  • Pollitically Uncouth

    If the white man has turned everyplace where he has settled into a ghastly nightmarish hell hole, why do all these these virtuous people of color keep trying to pile in on us? Is it possible that these noble creatures of divine perfection are so stupid they don’t even realize that they’re supposed to be running in the opposite direction? Or, as hard as it is to believe, is it possible that you Jingo are just a Goddam Liar?

  • Pollitically Uncouth

    Just what the hell does “remove 400 years of enslavement” even mean? And tell me, just what “every advantage” are you referring to?
    I assume by what you are saying, that the efforts made by the European people to improve the world we live in is “Just more of Whitey’s tricks!” The fact that the enlightened, noble people of Africa refrained from making those efforts, indicates just how easily they were able to recognize the true pernicious nature of Whitey’s sneakery.

    • Steve

      Hey, I saw some blacks today at starbucks and they didn’t look like they were being fooled by any lame posts!

  • john

    What are you talking about? Look at Poland or other East European countries. Twenty years ago, they were just emerging from 90 years of slavery. Everything they had had been destroyed by the socialist idiots in the Soviet Union.

    They have been able to build up an good working Nation in 20 years.

    What are you talking it has to last 300 years to build up something? Look at South Korea or other countries.

    Stop blaming “Slavery” for this – go and learn about White slaves stolen by vikings, Berber, Turkish / Arabic Slave states and so on.. Whites are the most enslaved race, the islamic states tokk for 400 years the europeans and caused the decline of Italia, Spain and Balkan..

    So stop blaming Whites for the idioticy of blacks. If they aren’t able to build up their own lives, they are responsible for this. Only they! No on other.

    • Steve

      Right, so many examples and some people still don’t get it. LIke Tom Waits says, “You got to get behind the mule in the morning and plow!”

  • Caitlyn99

    we owe them nothing. They should praise the creator that their ancestors were brought to a white country …….Africa is a hell hole. For whatever reason it is a hell hole. And please understand that there would have been no slavery in Western countries had there been no black slave traders. And by the way slavery is alive and well in Africa. It is their way of life.

  • Theophilus Ghoststone

    European feminism has caused this crisis. European women around the world in Canada to the States ( if your people came from Europe you are European ) have been brainwashed by Jewish run media corporations to have careers instead of children.
    As a result we are facing this demographic crisis. Feminism has two dimensional thinking. They are incapable of basic logic: no kids = no replacement adults = collapse of civilization= no future.

  • the united nigfrica

    I am a ,50 year old white male. I am a democrat and voted first for hillary in the primary election. I voted for obama for change. My vote was for better wages with benefits, for affordable healthcare, the american dream basically. Bush messed up america with deregulation of the housing market which lead to corporate greed which is still going on. There are two major problems america faces today. One being the rich one percent ruining the chances of lower income whites for the american dream. Two being blacks and rap/hip hop music fueling the hatred of all whites. As long as both are going on simultaneously, america is truly doomed. The blacks are truly out of control in this country blaming the whites as usual,, and as an excuse to do crimes. And corporate whites, kings of their castles creating wealth for themselves and not creating jobs. Yes, it is, is truly too late for american. The corporate criminals will live on private islands with their own security. And blacks, and Hispanics will ruin america by over population and crimes.

  • nettie

    Go to amazon and type in white slaves and you will see even white slaves to black masters

  • Pollitically Uncouth

    Unbelievable! Where did the race-hustlers dig you up? But then I’m not the uncooperative type. All white people should go back to Europe. What’s more, before we go we should have the decency to
    put everything back the way we found it.
    Seriously though, you should read the following, it will give you a more accurate understanding of the history of that part of Africa.
    Frontiers: The Epic of South Africa’s Creation and the Tragedy of the Xhosa People by Noel Mostert, 1992

  • Partyforever

    Western liberals have given black people a massive freedom to do what they want. They gave Mugabe Zimbabwe. 250 million percent inflation, 90% unemployment. They gave Namibia to SWAPO ( 40% unemployment ). They refused South Africa to annex Namibia in 1940. Instead of allowing negotiations to take place between the ANC and the NP, by 1986, while S Africa was at war with the USSR and its proxies, they pushed for international sanctions when S Africa’s security forces had not even killed 2700 – over 40 years of apartheid. Most were terrorists. They have given absolute freedom to black leaders to do what they want with whites in Africa, in the US. Currently in South Africa there dies 2000 people a month with murders! That’s what died in 40 years of apartheid. Instead of fostering dialogue, they throw the baby out with the bathwater. There have everything. Zero accountability. Zero criticism. Zero responsibility. The same thing is happening with Hamas who can do what they want – place stockpiles of weapons near hospitals. Deliberate lying by the international community or media. Siding. It’s colonial guilt or something. Suicuide.

  • Steve

    Hey, All us whiteys need now is some spiritual work songs to keep us company as we spiral out of control down into our oblivion. Swing low sweet……

    On second thought I think what will happen is whites will realize what’s going on and changes will slowly assure our survival.

  • David Gearhart

    Obama is trying to demonize the whites, conservatives and the Christians. his flooding of our country with illegal immigrants is for him to steal our elections. As seen by his race riots, whites and the police who protect us from these terrorist activities are now being called the evil. While the racist rioters are being backed by Obama and the media. Their one liner campaign slogans that they chant as a mantra as the agitators lead their mindless mob mentality. The chants have all been proved to be lies and deceptions, which is the back bone of Obama’s socialism.

  • klepp0906

    Deport the entire species like Lincoln intended. ~15% of the population making up ~65% of all violent crime. Why has it taken this long? What do they offer the United states? Compare our crime to countries with more chimps, then with less. See a pattern?

  • Theophilus Ghoststone

    Then white women better start having children because cardboard cut outs of whites will not help. We are dying out all over the world and the media says nothing.