The 2012 Election: What It Means for Whites

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, November 7, 2012

Jared Taylor on the dwindling influence of whites and the Republican Party.

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Henry Wolff
Henry Wolff is the assistant editor of American Renaissance.
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  • Very simple and on target points… Which is precisely what a remedy would need to consist of.

    Frankly, I don’t care what the GOP string-pullers or anyone else have to say unless they are unabashed White racists who are only concerned about White interests. If Mickey Mouse wants to step up and declare that he is interested in advancing White interests , I’ll vote for and sacrifice everything I have to support Mickey Mouse. I simply don’t care about people who obviously don’t care about me.

    • JohnEngelman

      Unless you are rich that includes the Republican Party. 

      • pcmustgo

        HA , HA, ENGELMAN, YOUR PRECIOUS ASIANS VOTED FOR OBAMA EVEN *MORE THAN LATINOS… too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Latinos -71% for Obama
        Asians – 75% for Obama

        Here’s the deal, Asians aren’t “offended” by the fact Obama is a manipulative, half white half black who pissed all over the white side that raised him.

        They’re more concerned about “Asian-American this ” and “Asian-American that”

        • JohnEngelman

          I’m glad they voted for Obama. So did I. Asians tend to have higher IQs than whites. After one or two generations they usually make more money than whites. They resemble Jews in their political behavior. 

          • tim

            there isnt any diversity in china and japan

          • Puggg


          • JohnEngelman

            And they certainly benefit from the absence of diversity. Diversity is not a strength. It is a problem we need to manage. Nevertheless, whites and Orientals get along fine. We are the two civilized races. 

          • Anan7

            While it is true that there is little ethnic diversity in China and Japan, they are very diverse by the American cultural Marxist interpretation of the word:  there are virtually no Whites there, so it is 100% diverse.

          • danlieb7

            China, India and Japan DO have diversity: this includes white expats or temporary workers from Europe, Australia and America who are taking advantage of the economic boom there. Most of them work for local Asian companies there.


          • There isn’t any diversity in Israel.

          • danlieb7

            As a Jewish American, I can tell you straight of the bat, that Israel is perhaps one of the most racially diverse nations on the planet. Our population includes brown Jews (the original middle eastern, Persian & Indian Mizrahis and Serphardics), white Jews (Askhenaz Jews), black Jews ( Ethiopian Falashas) and even oriental Jews (Kai-Feng Jews).


          • And all of them believe they are the same race and same religion. So, no diversity. There is no way that Jews in Israel will say: Oh, we need those somalis by 10 000s in out country. And some iraki immigrants, because diversity makes us strong.

          • danlieb7

            Thats beside the point. The rather ridiculous assertion made was that Jews in Israel hate racial diversity which is contrary to the actual attitudes in the state of Eretz Israel. In terms of race, Israel is the last place on earth where you would be targeted because of your race. Heck, the vast majority of Israel are brown skinned Mizrahis ( the biblical Jews of which Jesus of Nazareth was one of them), the second biggest sub-ethnic group are the white skinned Askhenaz Khazars of Europe ( people of my ancestry), followed by other Jews of different races ( black, oriental etc). Israel’s pop stars and icons are a great example of our racial diversity and harmony. The biggest male stars in Israel are brown skinned Mizrahi Jews such as Zohar Argov, Boaz Muada, Liran Tov, Idan Raichel, Chen Aharoni ( dark skinned Jewish dudes who make all the girls go crazy, blondes most certainly included).





            While the biggest female pop star is a blonde blue eyed bomb shell- Roni Duani, some of Israel’s top models are blonde blue eyed girls who would have made the Nazis go crazy with their idiotic fantasies about their supposed “racial-superiority”!




            In Israel, what you’d call as “race-mixing”, (wherein a perfect blonde blue eyed girl marrying a dark skinned man) is quite normal as of today and NO ONE in Israel has a problem with it. The world is changing, get used to it! Oh and those guns accumulated are useless to the winds of inevitable change. Shalom!

          • Ok, we dissagre at this point.

            Off topic: Do you consider the blonde white ones as jewish by race, or european by race? Becauae the brown ones look more to be the historical people of Israel, considering how palestinians look, who are from the same region?

          • danlieb7

            Again, it does not matter. We care more about religion NOT race! So long as you can prove your Jewish identity, you are one of us. Race NO bar!

            Some of the hottest sex symbols and male super stars are dark complexioned Israeli males who attract their fair share of blonde blue eyed women. The white Askhenaz Jews some of whom are blonde are a product of race mixing, when Semitic Mizrahi Jews intermingled with Slavic and Eurasian tribes known as the Khazars. The Khazar king converted to Judaism and ever since that tribe maintained their Jewish identity. Khazar Jews (white) do have genetic markers to the original brown skinned semitic Mizrahi Jews (Jews of the Bible from Abraham to Jesus).

            Brown ( Middle eastern, Indian, North African, Spanish, Persian & Iraqi Jews), white (European Jews), black (Ethopian Falashas) or even oriental (Chinese Kai-Feng and East Indian Manipuri Jews)…it don’t matter – we are ALL ONE tribe – Jewish!



          • Der Mann:

            Somewhere between 20 and 25 percent of the population in the non-disputed part of Israel is non-Jewish.

          • newscomments70

            John, are you serious? You are the Juan Williams of Amren.

          • John Bonham

             Yeah, John thinks he’s being bright by voting for Obama .. He thinks by voting him in, more whites will somehow wake up after Obama runs the country into the ground .. He just doesn’t realize that it will ALL get blamed on Bush and those same whites he is trying to wake up will be the first to start that rumor …

          • Detroit_WASP

            Asians are generally smart productive people. Wonder why they voted for Obama in shuch high numbers?  Is this just white hatred?  Are even the smart Asians drunk on poltical correctness?  Has all the “whitey is trying to keep you down” nonsense turned them against whites?

          • JohnEngelman

            Orientals have better things to do than hate whites. All they need to do is to look at their high paychecks. 

          • ImTellinYa

             Asians are rigid, frightened, superstitious people. They are not terribly inventive or innovative, and they seem to embrace tyranny almost as a reflex. Look at the horrible countries they come from. Japan is the best of the bunch, but the government there is extremely invasive. But Japan is perhaps the only Asian country the works at all. The rest are typical third-world hellholes.

          • Asians go to colleges and learn from liberal teachers. Asians watch TV. Also, Romney’s heavy anti-Chinese rhetoric probably was seen as anti-Asian. 

          • Skincognito

            Japan may be an advanced first-world nation, and wonderfully homogeneous, but it’s on the verge of extinction. Are Asians civilized? Sure. Is there any evidence that they can sustain a technological/industrial population for more than a few generations? No. Are they allies in the struggle for survival of the 9%, the waning master race? No ‘bleepin’ way. Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Indian development has always been closely modeled on Western trends, and in many cases, dependent on Western capital. China’s brief maritime hegemony is the exception to this generalization, but it ended in 500 years of isolation and stagnation, unlike England’s maritime era of global supremacy, innovation and dynamism. The Occidental Aryans are a unique, endangered people. If you are not with us, you are against us. Consider yourself warned. 

          • Natrép

            Steve Sailer has written an article about it (must be this one:
            If I remember correctly, one of the reasons is that Asians tend to be more right-wingish than their environment is, but unfortunately also live in liberal left-wingish neighbourhoods.

          • razorrare

            Engleman thinks the chinese are civilized like us? oh boy…shocking diffferances

            Chinese eat babies and see nothing wrong in it. And what they do to cats and
            dogs they get their hands on is too horrible, too sickening, for me to describe
            here. What they do to cats and dogs is much worse than just eating them. But to
            get back to babies: I had heard reports from time to time about the Chinese
            custom of eating babies in the belief that it is an especially healthy thing to
            do. For a modern nuclear superpower, the Chinese have some strange ideas about
            health. These ideas have nearly wiped out a number of species of wild animals
            because of the insatiable Chinese demand for their body parts. Ground rhinoceros
            horn is in such demand that it has seriously threatened the rhinoceros with
            extinction. The same sort of demand exists for tiger penises and various bear

            Human babies are harder to get for eating, and I imagine that there are laws
            in China about killing babies for that purpose. But there seems to be no law
            against eating aborted human fetuses. A number of hospitals in China that
            perform abortions sell the aborted fetuses for eating. The smaller fetuses are
            cooked in a soup. The late-term fetuses are eaten more like roast suckling pig.
            The Chinese government understandably is a little bashful about having Western
            journalists publicize this sort of thing, just as it is bashful about having
            Western journalists film what the Chinese do to cats and dogs. Not to worry,
            though: Western journalists understand that it would be the worst kind of “no,
            no” to publish such information in the West; it might dampen the public’s
            enthusiasm for more togetherness with the Chinese.

            Despite the effort on both sides to keep these peculiar customs of the
            Chinese from becoming better known in the West, information is available to the
            diligent seeker. I recently acquired photographs taken in a restaurant in China
            of a Chinese man eating what is quite plainly recognizable as a late-term human
            fetus. The photographs are shocking and disgusting to me, and I imagine that
            they also will be shocking and disgusting to the average American lemming. They
            won’t be shocking to Chinese, of course. Eating fetuses is no stranger to them
            than, say, the habit of eating snails in garlic sauce is to a Frenchman.

            The significance I see in the Chinese habit of eating fetuses, even if only
            the wealthier Chinese can afford them, is more than simply a difference between
            us and the Chinese in culinary tastes or in ideas of what’s healthy. A society
            that sees nothing wrong in eating babies, a race that finds this habit
            acceptable, is profoundly different from ours. The difference is far deeper than
            language or skin color or facial features.

            Now, I don’t hate the Chinese because they aren’t White. I don’t hate them
            for being different. I don’t even hate them because they see nothing wrong in
            eating aborted babies. That’s their business. I do have stronger feelings about
            what they do to cats and dogs, and if I had the power to do so I would
            depopulate China in order to put a stop to that. But if they want to eat Chinese
            fetuses, I don’t care — so long as they do it in China, not here. But they will
            be doing it here if we permit the criminal insanity of multiculturalism to
            continue. And it won’t be just Chinese who’ll be doing it. Think how much the
            customs and the morals of White Americans already have changed under the
            influence of the multiculturalism we already have here.


          • Williebrown2463

             The reason Asians and just everyone else voted for Obama is I think the majority of them finally realized that the GOP is full of sh!t!!!!!

          • Fasfda

            I wouldn’t call China a 3rd world hell hole. It is 2nd World country about to become the next hyper superpower and eve a 1st world country. Singapore  and South Korea are also 1st world countries.

          • Liberalssuck

             If they are so smart, why did they have to come to a white country then?

          • RisingReich

            Hey John…
            It’s ‘White’ people like you who will be the first to go.
            Hope you know that.

            ‘Problem that needs to be managed’
            You are a problem that needs to be eradicated.

          • Bobby

            Engelman, what is it with you and Asians? I, a white person, have beaten them over and over in serious games of chess, despite the fact that they study the game intensly. The only real reason they do better in school, is because they study 3 times more than whites do. I have never witnessed this higher I.Q. thing. Asians, neither created the computer revolution, including all that goes with it, hardware, software, rocket science, medical science, or any other higher technologies WHITES DID. Even the digital watches that have been the rage for some thirty years, were first invented and shown Switzerland, at an international trade show. The Japanese attended this show and took one look, and along came Casio, etc.

          • Indiana Guy

            He apparently married one and had offspring with it. 

          • danlieb7

            The greatest chess champion and the current world chess grandmaster is an Asian Indian: Viswanathan Anand. He has beaten legends like Kasparov etc. He is the current world Chess champion!



          • danlieb7

            Talking about computers and technology: The vital Pentium chip, which runs almost all our modern computers, laptops etc was invented by an Asian Indian by the name Dr. Vinod Dham also referred to as the “father of the Pentium.” Narender Singh Kapany – Father of fibre optics. Ajay Bhatt – co inventor of the USB. Just to name a few.

            Asian Indian Americans are outstanding:



            Chinese Americans are marvelous:



            Japanese Americans are awesome:



          • “After one or two generations they usually make more money than whites. They resemble Jews in their political behavior. “BUSTED !  Took him a while to slip it, but Mr. Engleman’s pro-liberal and asian posts make perfect sense now.Yes John, your people do indeed resemble asians in most behaviors and I’m glad your vanity got the best of you to finally show your true colors.

          • razorrare

            Engelmans “people”…

            The “Shower Rangers” were two men dressed in Boy Scout uniforms. They came on
            stage, turned their backs to the camera and to the teenaged spectators on the
            stage, dropped their trousers, bent over, and let fly with a shower of
            semi-liquid feces, spattering the unsuspecting girls from head to foot.
            Apparently they had dosed themselves with a powerful laxative prior to the

            To Jews, including billionaire Jewish media moguls like the owner of CBS and
            MTV, Sumner Redstone, this sort of thing is hilariously funny. It’s their idea
            of humor. Unfortunately for MTV, however, the girls who were sprayed by MTV’s
            “Shower Rangers” weren’t amused, nor were their parents. Last week two of the
            girls sued. One of them told the court:

            We were having a good time until the second act of Dude, This
            Sucks went on. All of a sudden I was smelling something disgusting, and I
            started to gag. I looked around at my friends. They were covered in something.
            As I looked down at myself I realized that I was too.

            Another of the plaintiffs, 14-year-old Kelly Sloat, spoke of the humiliation
            the girls felt when they returned to school:

            Everyone knew about it, even some of the teachers. Most of the kids
            were cracking jokes or wouldn’t come near us because, even though we washed off
            the feces, they said we smelled. I will never, ever forget what a horrible
            experience this was.

            The girls’ lawsuit charges MTV with “infliction of emotional distress,
            negligence, and battery.

            I would charge MTV and Sumner Redstone with much more than that. I would
            charge Mr. Redstone and his fellow Jews with a deliberate effort to degrade
            White culture, White standards, White morality. I would charge them with
            attempting to destroy all traditional ideas in young people’s minds of what is
            right and just and noble and beautiful and replace those traditional ideas and
            values with a Jewish concoction of filth and degeneracy designed to make our
            young people accept a Jew-dominated, multicultural pigsty society. And in my
            book, that’s a hanging offense.

            And I assure you that when the time for hanging comes, it will not be just
            this one incident with the “Shower Rangers” which leaves Sumner Redstone and all
            of his kosher crew dancing on air. This incident is merely an illustration of a
            general pattern of behavior over a long period of time. I chose this
            illustration not just because it is current, but because it is a matter of court
            record. You can verify all the details for yourself. You certainly won’t get
            those details from the other Jewish media.

            I also chose this incident because it cannot be written off as an aberration,
            like some piece of Howard Stern scatology. Sumner Redstone is a mainstream Jew:
            one of the wealthiest, most powerful, and most influential Jews in the world. He
            is a leader of the Jews, a Jew to whom nearly all the other Jews look up. No one
            can call him an aberration. He is the essence of Jewish influence on our
            society. He is a Jew who is welcomed with open arms at the White House,
            regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican is in residence. And he
            believes that what teenaged White girls need is more exposure to the “Shower
            Rangers.” That will loosen them up, make them more open-minded, and prepare them
            for sex with Black boys.

            And if you’ve been paying any attention at all to the trends in entertainment
            for teens, you’ll understand that there’s nothing exceptional about the “Shower
            Rangers.” They are just one more step in the direction the Jews have been going
            all along: not just Sumner Redstone, but all of them, from the time they first
            began taking over control of our entertainment media.

            In the 1930s Gentile leaders, most of them Christians, were able to threaten
            Jews effectively with boycotts if they violated standards of decency. One of the
            most effective leaders of this effort was Joseph Breen, who helped establish the
            Production Code for Hollywood in 1934. Breen knew exactly what he was up
            against. Of Jewish filmmakers Breen wrote in 1932:

            These lousy Jews … are simply a vile bunch of people with no
            respect for anything but the making of money…. These Jews seem to think of
            nothing but money-making and sexual indulgence…. [They] are the men and women
            who decide what the film fare of the nation is to be.

            The Production Code constrained the Jews for a couple of decades, but with
            the advent of television the Jews gained far more influence over public
            attitudes and behavior than the churches had. The Jews could safely ignore the
            Code, and in the 1960s they began pushing again in the same direction Sumner
            Redstone is still pushing with the “Shower Rangers.”

            So you see, Jews really are different. They’re not just like us any more than
            the Chinese are. And let me tell you something: I and a lot of other White
            Americans have had just about as much of the Chinese and the Jews and the Blacks
            and the rest of the multicultural filth here as we will tolerate. We’ve been
            pushed about as far as we’re willing to let ourselves be pushed. We want our
            country back, and we intend to take it back, and if a lot of soccer moms and
            yuppies and Politically Correct journalists who can’t understand that get in the
            way, they’re going to be hurt.

          • danlieb7

            So let me get this straight, the enemies of race conscious whites include Jews, blacks, hispanics, Asians and even white gentile suburban soccer moms? Hmm, how fascinating!

          • danlieb7

            Just what do you mean by “when the time comes…”? Please spare me your childish threats. The fact is your time has gone. Maybe you and your ilk need to watch for the countdown, my deluded friend!

            I dare you, what can you do about Jews? NOTHING! So please keep your infantile anti semitic threats to yourself and dwell in your wishful revenge fantasy bubble universe. Don’t worry, I won’t burst your bubble!

          • pcmustgo

            No, Jews are far more colorful and less conformist, more verbal than Asians…. Jews and Asians? Night and day….. (half jewish girl here)

          • Indiana Guy

            so then, how is going the way of South Africa a smart thing to do?

          • Indiana Guy

            I’m beginning to think that Razore is right, Jews are insidious enemies and should be eliminated from what springs up from the ashes of what was once America.

          • danlieb7

            That is entirely true about certain minority/ immigrant groups in America – Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans and Jews. They outscore their hosts intellectually, financially and in the future perhaps socio-politically too!
            I’m a Jewish-American, and unlike most of my co-ethnics (Jews are traditionally liberal and democrat), I voted Romney this time. And after the election results and especially after learning more about the facts, that includes astute posters such as yourself, I might actually swing to the democrat camp in the future.

        • Guest

          The high-income Asians I know who vote Dem (and they all do) don’t do it because they expect a Democratic administration to promote “Asian-” specific interests or give them special favors.  Nor do they do it because they love the idea of a tax-and-spend, Scandinavia-type society — in fact, most have relatively little pity for the poor, detest blacks, and favor meritocracy.  So why vote Dem?  They do it because (1) all of the other rational civilized rich people in the coastal cities where they live seem to be voting for Obama, so clearly he must be the sensible choice, and (2) the Republicans they see on TV have bizarre scary social views, often fueled by religious traditions the Asians don’t share, a conservatives do seem racist, and many are anti-immigrant.   Conservatives should make clear that immigrants who come here to work hard, earn advanced degrees and contribute meaningfully to society are not the enemy.  Well, unless you think they *are* the enemy, in which case I can’t help you.  

          If there were a cosmopolitan libertarian candidate not associated with a backwoods tea party element, I truly believe this person could attract Asian votes.  

          • Duck

            As a super-conservative person living in a liberal coastal city, and as someone who knows a lot of Asians, I think your observations are a good explanation of this situation.  Republicans should fix this situation.  

        • Guest

          Want to know why Asians vote Democrat? Read some of the comments here on Amren about Asians. 

          They are a tiny minority in this country and would naturally favor the more “racially inclusive” party just out of survival instinct. Why vote for the party full of White men who don’t want you here?

          On a side note, all these comments on how Asians are inferior to Whites seem like wish fulfillment on their part. If Asians are so lackluster, then they must not be any threat at all. It’s like hearing the branches rustle in the jungle at night and instead of checking, you close your eyes tight and rationalize it as the wind.

          On the contrary, I can easily see the next century as the Asian century with East Asian countries ascendant, not shackled by “progressive” policies. Argue all you want about Asian creativity, they clearly have what it takes to have a large technocrat population and that’s really all they need.

      • razorrare

        There is not a truth existing which i fear or would wish unknown to the whole world–Amren Staff…
        Date: 11-08-12
        First, Dr. Duke discusses the powerful evidence that Europeans and European Americans are facing a massive violation of their human rights, exposing how they face an institutional racial discrimination. Then he goes into the UN Genocide Conventionand shows how Europeans are suffering genocide as discribed the U.N. The “deliberate inflicting of the group conditions of life calculated to bring about it physical destruction in whole or in part;” How the Zionists have orchestrated immigration and other policies purposely designed to destroy the human heritage in Western nations, from a vast majority to a tiny minority in the coming years, and why European Americans must act to preserve these vital human rights.Then the two go into the election and how the media boasts about the dispossession of European values and political power in America, and how this election of Obama will lead to a radicalization of both Whites and other groups in Western nations. A realy great discussion between two of the finest anti-Globalist intellects in the entire world!
        Standard Player
        Date: 11-07-12
        Dr. Duke and James Edwards of the Political Cesspool recap the recent election from hell! They discuss the the fact that voters never had a real choice in this election but a choice between two handpicked Zio candidates who betray the interests of the United States, the European American majority, and the minority groups in America — all in service of Zio-Supremacy over America and the Zio-Globalist World!
        Standard Player
        Date: 11-06-12
        Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery Rage against the Election from Hell, and Why the American People should view this election day as proof that America
        is no longer a democracy but a Ziocracy where real political freedom of choice has vanished into a Zionist Oligarchy!

      • Bobby

        Mr. Taylor already covered the attitude of the Republican party and what their fate will be precisely because of their attitude.

      • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

        Individualism and multiculturalism are often misconstrued as conflicting ideologies. The former is concerned with individuals that must be accorded rights and self-responsibilities which limit duty towards others. The latter is dedicated to protecting victim groups which must be accommodated by non-group members with differentiated rights and privileges. In spite of their apparent differences, individualism and multiculturalism are not opposed to one another. They are complementing ideologies endorsed by the managerial regime to achieve the destruction of White racial and cultural consciousness.

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      If these numbers are true, then we have irrefutable proof that Whites are the weakest race in America, in spite of a slightly higher IQ than blacks and browns.

      We have nothing to be proud of but the past, and even then with a painful irony.

      Election was split along racial lines

      Black voted 93% for Obama
      Asians voted 72% for Obama
      Latinos voted 71% for Obama
      Jews voted 69% for Obama

      Whites voted 59% for Romney

      • Skincognito

        As the father of an immaculate Nordic daughter, I disagree; I am proud of my race every day. As an aspiring historian, I disagree; my devotion to and repect for our people’s past is entirely sincere. No trace of irony here, sir, that is your pathology. All the best, we”ll survive. These are trying times. Your cynicism is understood, though not entirely appreciated.

        On another note, thank you Jared. This video has met with favorable responses from many of my officially egalitarian colleagues and acquaintances (all of my “friends” have already seen the light). Keep up this crucial work!

        • ImTellinYa

           I like your comments. We need to rediscover the glory of Whites. We have so many heroes, it’s hard to know where to start, but we’d better start soon. Take a look at one tough White man:

      • John Bonham

         Point ?

        • LarryPeterson

          Democrats, Marxists, socialists, muslims, Asians, blacks and all primitive societies respect and fear one thing… power and willingness to use it.
          Republicans, even when in position of power, are reluctant to use it to their advantage.
          That weakness is recognized by the above mentioned and contempt for Republicans is growing, especially in groups which respect and fear strength.

          • danlieb7

            Asians and primitive? Hmm, I guess by your unlettered logic, the inventions & earliest works of Mathematics, Medicine, surgery, academia, religion, agriculture, town building & water sanitation, philosophy, ship building, paper, compass etc would be primitive too!

          • ATBOTL

            Please, do us a favor and move to Asia.

        • Skincognito

          Point? Keep yer chin up when diversity stares ya down. Put a ring on your girlfrind’s finger and make beautiful children. Be a White man, never surrender. Is that not the point of your precious race realism. Or this site just a circle jerk for cowardly, woman-hating, bitter Whites?

      • danlieb7

        What does that say about the 41% of whites who voted for President Barakat Huseini Obama? Well considering that realistically, mass extermination and deportation of the existing number of non whites in simply out of the question, it may be a feel good wishful fantasy, but lets admit it, it does not imply reality! So, now for the big question: How do you propose getting that 41% of white gentiles on your side of the camp?

    • razorrare

      There is not a truth existing which i fear or would wish unknown to the whole world–Amren Staff…
      Date: 11-08-12
      First, Dr. Duke discusses the powerful evidence that Europeans and European Americans are facing a massive violation of their human rights, exposing how they face an institutional racial discrimination. Then he goes into the UN Genocide Conventionand shows how Europeans are suffering genocide as discribed the U.N. The “deliberate inflicting of the group conditions of life calculated to bring about it physical destruction in whole or in part;” How the Zionists have orchestrated immigration and other policies purposely designed to destroy the human heritage in Western nations, from a vast majority to a tiny minority in the coming years, and why European Americans must act to preserve these vital human rights.Then the two go into the election and how the media boasts about the dispossession of European values and political power in America, and how this election of Obama will lead to a radicalization of both Whites and other groups in Western nations. A realy great discussion between two of the finest anti-Globalist intellects in the entire world!
      Standard Player
      Date: 11-07-12
      Dr. Duke and James Edwards of the Political Cesspool recap the recent election from hell! They discuss the the fact that voters never had a real choice in this election but a choice between two handpicked Zio candidates who betray the interests of the United States, the European American majority, and the minority groups in America — all in service of Zio-Supremacy over America and the Zio-Globalist World!
      Standard Player
      Date: 11-06-12
      Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery Rage against the Election from Hell, and Why the American People should view this election day as proof that America
      is no longer a democracy but a Ziocracy where real political freedom of choice has vanished into a Zionist Oligarchy!

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      The White community will revive upon just one reading of this-

  • Critic_of_Leviathan

    As always, well said, Mr. Taylor.

    I could listen to you speak for hours on end.

    Republicans “reaching out” to blacks is not the answer.

    Considering the “features” of the black demographic (72% illegitimacy rate, average IQ of 85, astronomical crime rates, ad nauseum), I would be ashamed of myself if I received anywhere near 93% of their vote.

    • Reach out to white liberals, stop opposing Gay Marriage.  More black gays means fewer black children!

      • And if you personally can’t support abortion on demand, AT LEAST let them have free contraceptives. Give them the FREE birth control of their choice in any form they want.

        Liberals literally want us to fund their non-breading activities. Give them what they want!

        It won’t save us but it might give us time.

        • Eagle_Eyed

           Abortion and condoms aren’t the main issue.  The reason poor NAMs have the amount of babies they do is because the government has made it financially viable to do so.  End welfare–and I mean completely end programs like Food Stamps and Medicaid and family assistance–and you’ll see demography improve. 

          • That’s just not true. You could end the welfare and gravy train tomorrow and they would still continue to breed like flies.

            Stupid people reproduce without a regard for financial or personal viability. Cutting off a money supply might stop White people from bringing a child into this world, but it would just cause many of the non-Whites to commit even more crimes.

          • Tim

            So what you`re saying is….. I can pay them now or pay them later… Seems like either way I get robbed. Rather have them work for it taking it from me than just give it to them.

          • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse


            Now consider multiculturalism. We are instructed by the liberal priesthood to worship the Other and all of its sacred forms. Only by prostrating ourselves before diversity will our hateful lives be purified. Multiculturalist virtue requires elevating the interests of outsiders above the welfare of our people because this will serve the collective good of humanity. Diversity is a strength and all can enjoy its benefits with trickle-up economics. The fate of non-Whites is thus our responsibility. Those who succeed do so without future obligation to us, and those who fail do so only because of injustices that must be rectified.

          • Give people on welfare free abortions.  Refuse to pay additional welfare to mothers who have children while on welfare.

            Problem solved.  Whites don’t gave kids on welfare.  Under these rules, no one else will either.

          • Indiana Guy

            all good suggestions, but they will not ever be instituted by this government. We need states to secede, or declare autonomy form federal laws and then institute just such policies. I personally favor the idea, to start off, of restricting collection of welfare to people who live in certain well defined and isolated  areas. That isolation being either walls or other such boundaries. Then, when they riot, you have the place surrounded by well armed soldiers who are ready to contain and then crush the riot. We know blacks will kill each other over nothing more than a bag of chips, so encouraging them to emigrate from the NewAmerican state would not require a huge amount of money. 

          • pcmustgo


            We must make an argument that is it unfair for these people to take the working middle classes money to breed kids when the middle class can no longer afford to have kids (or more than 2). It’s absurd.

            They are NOT entitled to that.

          • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse


            Subscribing to ideologies that renounce White consciousness has meant living by the following principles: (1) Pursue self-interest at the expense of other Whites; (2) Make sacrifices for those outside our race and culture; (3) Combine these ideologies whenever possible, i.e., serve the Self by betraying Whites and collaborating with outsiders for money, status, and power; (4) Always promote the opposite behavior among minorities, i.e., praise and support non-Whites who situate their racial and cultural interests before the interests of Whites.

          • There’s no welfare state in Africa and they still breed like rabbits, even as 5 of their 8 children will starve to death. It’s natural, evolution at work.

          • Skincognito

            I thought you were a scientific determinist! The German Haber-Bosch process of synthesizing nitrogen is the primary facilitator of current African infant mortality rates. They always “bred” like rabbits but even fewer of their spawn survived infancy until the arrival of Western chemical science. Of course the secondary factor is Western philanthropic (feminist/”Christian”) aid, but don’t get me started.

            Also, bear in mind that African marital infedility skews these numbers in a way that further highlights the primacy of jungle law on the Dark Continent, while also reminding us that they depend on their daily bread from the scientific works of White Europeans. It’s neither natural nor evolutionarily sound that their populations are swelling and leaking into our beautiful West. Of course they come to Detroit and revert to hunting and gathering.

            Ah, negative eugenics. I’ll shut up now. This is a topic best left between my friends and me.

          • Detroit_WASP

            “There’s no welfare state in Africa”Wrong!  It’s called foreign aid.  Well meaning whites cart food to them in hopes that they will start praying to the right god.

            It reminds me of one of those TV shows where a person has 97 cats in their house, buried in feces and urine all because they didn’t have enough sense to get the cats fixed.

            Eventually, the dysfunctional ecosystem they built inside their house fails and the cops haul the human off to the looney bin and the cats all get put to sleep.

            Our story doesn’t have to end this way but well meaning whites may force it to end this way.  A common sense humane eugenics program would do wonders for all races.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          I categorically oppose abortion!*


          *the category being both parents are white.

        • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

          Instead of free abortion and/or contraceptives… offer them free sterilization.

          2 birds, 1 stone 

          • Bantu_Education

            No, PAY them..!!   And pay them well – however much it takes…!   When did you ever see blacks giving anything for free?    No blood donations, no tissue donations, no disaster-relief donations, no voluntary charity work, etc, etc.  (I acknowledge that a few do, but they’re the exceptions that prove the rule).

      • pcmustgo

        I “reach out” and try to explain to white liberals here in NYC all the time. Compassionate and honest arguments work best. It is NOT about hating blacks, latinos or asians, it’s about being honest about the hateful experiences we’ve had and racial realities. 

      • Bofu, you should be called Boof. You must be a gay who wants to be boofed in the ass. 

        The hell with winning national elections. Just think of revenge. Jews did this. Do whatever to hurt Jews. 

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      Yes! That’s it- we must define the characteristics of those whom we are reaching out to and changing ourselves to appease.

      Purposefully reducing ourselves to the level of voodoo will destroy us- it has.

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    “Whites didn’t get the man they wanted.”

    Even when we have, and ever since and including Truman, our White men gave away the line for Diversity.

    We never got Goldwater or Wallace; our Reagan and both Bushes kept the border wide open and never tampered with Affirmative Action. Bush’s Souter turned out to be a lib and his black Thomas is married to a White woman, and son Bush’s Roberts gave it all away to Obamacare.

    I just watched entire video, and any White who sees it through to the end, won’t be able to avoid the sense of panic at realizing that we are loosing the Race War, and seethe in anger that a new, young, very White, very red headed, very good looking Kennedy just won an election.

    Can you imagine what effect our universal awareness of losing the Race WAr will have the audiences for sales trainers and motivational speakers, or even prosperity preachers, who talk about how our hard work efforts and stewardship giving will improve our futures and make America stronger, while at the same time Diversity will be crushing us?

    “Republicans would rather die than admit that they are the party of White people. That’s what they will do. They will die.”

    The coming death of the GOP should be celebrated in context of the birth of the GOP. The Republicans wanted to restrict slavery to its current borders and keep the future new states free for Whites Only labor. They had a good idea, but they didn’t go far enough when they defeated the South. They let the blacks stay in America and eventually gave them civil and social Equality. The death of the GOP was long in coming, but should never lose its power for lessons: The GOP was a White party, and when it embraced Diversity, it died.

    Thank you, Jared Taylor, for this very insightful and prophetic video- your best work yet!

    • Sherman_McCoy

      ” . . . we are loosing the Race War,. .

      No, we are LOSING the Race War, so we need to be LOOSING the dogs of Race War.

      • Good…when will you guys go extinct…America has put up with your silliness since the Civil War…good riddance! 

        •  Boy, you’ll be long dead before we’re extinct.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            I think he’s just angry because someone repossessed the bridge under which he used to lurk with the other trolls.

      • Sarge

        >>>No, we are LOSING the Race War, so we need to be LOOSING the dogs of Race War.

        Even if it’s true to say that we are losing, it’s imprecise. More accurately, we’ve surrendered without a fight and without even acknowledging that there was a war on. We’ve acquiesced with no bang and hardly a whimper. 

        • C_C_Conrad

          “We’ve acquiesced with no bang and hardly a whimper.”

          I think that this is because whites have not been hurt very badly, yet.   They will awaken when they are hurt enough.  See, Wilderness Empire, & read about the Quakers. 

    • Skincognito

      Wow, he (JFK III) looks like a “priveleged” version of myself. The Northeast should just take the initiative and secede to the EU. I say that as a former Boston resident, but really, my buddies in Malden, Quincy or Southie are just as racially loyal and de facto disenfranchised as all my brothers in Detroit or Dixie. It’s sad though, that I still feel some visceral, vestigial sense of kinship with Celtic people, even when my brain tells me that they (in the case of a New England Blue Blood) are the enemy at this juncture in our people’s great history.

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    I’m a White Voter, and I Vote for Racists Only!


    We could save America with a mantra like that, but we’d
    be jailed for Hate Speech.


    The participation of Whites in the American future will
    be fascinating to watch.  Achievers will
    be faced with giving more effort for less reward, while watching the fruits go
    to the Diversity that rapes their daughters.



    The cost of White privilege will go so high, our middle
    class won’t have any at all, and we will all see the rich Whiteys as race
    traitors who compromise with Diversity First just to keep their stuff.



    And what of White artistic efforts? How will these be impacted
    by an America that is nothing but Ugly Diversity?    What greatness might spark up on occasion
    to show us who we are and offer some resistance, and then be crushed by hatred
    and intolerance for being “too White”?



    What will gifted White children think about their
    futures? The smart ones will make alliances with Diversity, but that won’t stop
    their demoralization.



    Vicious Danger is all we see ahead…

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      pls delete

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    I’m a White Voter, and I Vote for Racists Only!


    We could save America with a mantra like that, but we’d
    be jailed for Hate Speech.


    The participation of Whites in the American future will
    be fascinating to watch.  Achievers will
    be faced with giving more effort for less reward, while watching the fruits go
    to the Diversity that rapes their daughters.



    The cost of White privilege will go so high, our middle
    class won’t have any at all, and we will all see the rich Whiteys as race
    traitors who compromise with Diversity First just to keep their stuff.



    And what of White artistic efforts? How will these be impacted
    by an America that is nothing but Ugly Diversity?    What greatness might spark up on occasion
    to show us who we are and offer some resistance, and then be crushed by hatred
    and intolerance for being “too White”?



    What will gifted White children think about their
    futures? The smart ones will make alliances with Diversity, but that won’t stop
    their demoralization.



    Vicious Danger is all we see ahead…

    •  “We could save America with a mantra like that, but we’d be jailed for Hate Speech.”

      What if someone told you that you would be jailed for defending your children or other loved ones if someone was trying to rape or kill them, would jail be looked at as a roadblock, or would it be a badge of honor?

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      If you’re a white voter who only votes for racists/openly racially conscious politicians who do not claim to hate whites, my guess is you didn’t vote for very many people.  I maintain that it is possible to reassert a segregationist political platform in the United States that will appeal to non-whites as well as whites.  American Indians would LOVE to have more tribal autonomy over their reservations.  Most American Indian “national” (i.e. “racial”) reservations are about the size of ordinary counties in their respective states.  We need to offer political reform which will permit “local choice” for ethnic identity at the county or sub-county level.  Local autonomy with regard to judges, juries, and “local customs”.  Some counties may have to be broken up.  But basically, any workable political platform has to offer hope for improvement and increased freedom and autonomy to everybody.  And the best model we have is the empowerment of local county-level officers and populations to choose their ethnic makeup.  I guess one way to put this is, to get rid of the “chiefs”, we all need to become Indians…..

  • As I posted in another thread (don’t want to repeat myself here), there IS a way out, which is to stop supporting conservative ideologies that don’t matter for democracy and for the future of whites.  STOP supporting global warming deniers, support marijuana legalization, support gay marriage, support the other SOCIAL issues that are driving away white liberals away from Republicans.  You can be a Republican and support racial justice (and I mean justice for Whites, which we’re currently not getting) AND be liberal on social issues (support gay marriage, marijuana, and even higher taxes on the hedge fund billionaires).  Just THOSE issues alone, if Romney supported them, would have put him in office.  STOP catering to Bible Belt interests (God in every other sentence, school prayer, anti-abortion, etc): Bible Belters will vote Republican ANYWAY.  Get rid of the “conservative” (19th Century) social issue baggage, and Romney would win Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, maybe even California (though with the high Mexican vote, knows).

    •  It’s going to take some special men and women and some rEvolutionary thinking to bridge the gap of social discontent. But it has to be done that way.

      In a modern context of right/left, liberal/conservative, I would be considered EXTREMELY liberal. Not kooky, nutty, self-important kind of Liberal, more of a classical liberal than anything else…… but I’m also probably the most racist and pro-White person anytime I walk into a room. I’m not alone either.

      • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

        I’m right there with you- shoulder to shouldner- Heil Racsim!

    • bluffcreek1967

      I don’t have the time to reply in-depth, but here is a very brief response: I understand what you’re saying and there is some truth in it. We need to be careful that we don’t major on the minors. However: (1) Sorry, Global Warming and the controversy surrounding it is not what we should be uniting over at all costs. I don’t want to get into a debate over it, but it’s simply not an established fact that only a few scientific rogues deny. (2) Marijuana legalization?! Yeah, that’s really something we need to rally around! More Whites high on weed is not my idea of an essential issue we urgently need to support. Besides, do we really want more Whites doped up? (3) Gay Marriage?! Yeah, that will do a lot to support and promote White families and White babies! Our nation has fallen apart morally and socially, and the last thing we need to get us on the right path is for White nationalists to openly accept homosexual marriage! (4) Abortion?! Yeah, killing more of our White babies will definitely get all those folks who are voting Democrat to start voting Republican!? (5)  It’s naive to imagine for one moment that if Conservative Whites went liberal on social issues that a mass of Americans will automatically jump on the Republican bandwagon! The DWL’s and ‘minorities’ will still hate us because we are White. (6) Social  and religious Conservatives believe that a major reason we are neck deep in the problems we are in the West is due to the very social liberalism that you urge to ignore or forget. (7) Our founding fathers made it clear that this nation was designed for not merely White people, but for a religious and moral White people. It wasn’t designed for any other.

      • razorrare

        I was just going to respond to Bofu when i read your post…thanks for saving me the time…couldnt agree with you more…we need an ignore button for people like Bofu,Engleman,dietblab,and other like minded posters whose real intentions for posting here is suspect…

        • My beliefs are almost entirely aligned with Mr. Taylor’s, and largely aligned with yours. I wish to prevent the disintegration of white America, Western Culture, and civilization as we know it.  Why is it that I have to subscribe to denying global warming, or agree with everyone in my party on some religious dogma about abortion or gays?  

          The Ancient Greeks or Romans were no strangers to same-sex copulation, and if they had pot, they would have certainly endulged.  Yet they produced Plato, Aristotle and Ovid.  What did Jerry Falwell ever produce? Why do I have to be a partisan of super-Christian conservatives who believe in creationism to be called a conservative or be worthy of posting here?  

          • bluffcreek1967

            I don’t think you have to subscribe to any particular view of global warming, gay marriage or religious dogma in order to truly oppose the disintegration of White America. We were simply responding to the mistaken notion that Conservative Whites should abandon their social views and concede to liberal ones in order to attract more Democrats who would usually be repulsed by our rather strict social views. I explained this in my previous post.

            I understand that not everyone who posts on Amren is a Christian or has distinctly religious opinions (some are non-religious, atheists and agnostics). A person can be non-religious and still be very supportive of a White identity and opposed to multi-culturalism. Their contributions are certainly needed. With that said, however, I think we need to realize that many of the problems Whites face in America are moral, ethical and dare I say even spiritual in nature. I don’t think we can avoid it. Our founding fathers rightfully recognized this even though several of them were not distinctly, Bible-thumping Christians (some of them were plainly deists). They realized that there was a moral/spiritual element to the kind of country they wished to establish and they said so in no uncertain terms. We must not forget this.

            Yes, the Ancient Greeks or Romans engaged in homosexuality, and you’re right that if marijuana was available to them, they probably would have smoked it. However, they were not a great society because of their sexual vices or perversions, but in spite of it. Their rampant immorality, in fact, contributed greatly to their demise although admittedly other factors were a part of it. Homosexuality is not the sign of moral progress for any society. Rather, it’s one of the clear indications that a society has lost its moral bearing and is on its way to ruin.    

          • newscomments70

            Homosexuality in Greek and Roman times is grossly exaggerated. Someone found some ancient “gay porn” and exclaimed, “look, they all did it!”. That is nonesense. 

            In ancient Rome, drug, alcohol, food, and sex orgies were common with the elite, ruling class. That sounds like what we have now with the Kennedys and the Hollywood crowd. History is repeating itself. These people were and still are destroying civilization.

          • rebelcelt

            The main reason rome fell was because of Roman women not having Roman babies. They had to start relying on Germanic tribes for their sodiers.

          • Bantu_Education

            I think many in the race-realist community only want to deny Global Warming/Climate Change (whatever) because it is mainly econut  lefties who bang on about it.   Not all are though – all my life this issue has bothered me and the solution that I am about to propose also promises to be our salvation, as it is one that will facilitate voluntary segregation.   

            The reason I cannot discuss it here is because the left will fight tooth and nail to scupper any idea (even one that has the potential to “save the planet”)  that will also benefit whites.  To the left, the war against racism is more important than ANY other issue.   

          • Jerrybear

             The reason I don’t buy into the AGW theory is their terrible solutions to the supposed problem.  I’ve heard good scientific arguments from both sides of the debate but their absurd global solutions of taxing all countries and making a carbon credit system is such a giant steaming pile of BS, that I’m pretty sure that the end is not imminent as the alarmists would like you to believe. 

          • I would put more faith in global warming if all those lefties supposedly fretting over it would ever suggest reducing immigration into the United States, so we don’t have to chop down all our trees a la Haiti and paving over our natural areas to make room for everybody.  Or if they would recommend placing revenue tariffs on Chinese made products, with the money used to drop taxation on U.S. manufacturing, so more products purchased domestically would be made domestically instead of burning up incredible amounts of fossil fuels shipping every thing over from China.

            But they never do that–why?  Because they don’t really care about climate change, they just care about having the world government that they believe that scaring people over climate change will bring.

            Even Al Gore, Mr. Global Warming himself, debated Ross Perot once on Larry King live over NAFTA in which he took the free-trade position.  Amazing how Gore’s concerns about the climate evaporate the moment you suggest we import less from overseas or have less immigration into the United States.

          • jack ryan

            Yeah OK. But what are you suggesting? That the GOP re-appoint Ken Melman a “gay” Jewish man as chairman of the national Republican party? 

            Q: What % of American voters who might vote Republican are Gay Jewish men?

            A: 0%

            Pandering to non Whites, pandering to homosexuals doesn’t win White Republican candidates many elections, except is some very unique areas (San Diego gay areas).

            The key with White gays is to leave them alone if they don’t cause trouble. Most responsible White gays don’t demand homosexual marriage equality.  Most gays like many partners. If gays cause too much trouble, they can move to Haiti, Saudi Arabia.

          • Gunrunner1

             Yes, the Greeks and Romans did all those things and then they were conquered by other races  and made into teachers and Eunuchs.  I would rather a Leader leading Whites to take back their Country and expelling nonWhites than watching my son become “less than”.

          • Guest

             “I wish to prevent the disintegration of white America, Western Culture, and civilization as we know it.”  ???

            Sorry, Bofu.   That train has already left the station and the time to cancel it’s destination has long since passed.

      • You may be right (and I hope you are not) on your point (5) – that no matter how we merge with the liberals on social issues, they’ll still hate us as whites.  But maybe there is a way to paint this as a more “Liberarian”, “government off our backs” solution.  Certainly true conservatives would not support abortion or drug legislation – that goes precisely against true classic liberal (and these days, they would be called “conservative”) values.  

        In the end, mine is the only solution left.  If you stand athwart history, you will get run over, no matter how loudly you may yell “stop”.  Pick your battles (my battle would be legal equality for all legal citizens regardless of race – which means equality for whites also, not privileges for blacks & illegals like we have now), and stick to them.   Abortion debates are not going to impact appreciably the number of white vs black babies, this is a red herring.  

        Also I never said unite over global warming – I said, admit defeat on global warming debates, don’t stand athwart a landslide coming at you – and focus on what matters.  The alternative is America becoming Zimbacuadoristan.

        • bluffcreek1967

          Yes, I understand what you intended to say about global warming. I agreed with you that we should pick our battles wisely and not major on minor or insignificant matters that have no bearing on what’s really important. But with that said, I must ask: (1) Why admit ‘defeat’ on global warming debates? How does that solve the issue either way? If I have read you correctly, you seem to assume that the global warming issue is scientifically settled. It’s not. (2) Quite frankly, the global warming debate is not even relevant to the bigger threats that we as Whites face with massive third-world immigration and multi-culturalism at every turn. (3) The legalization of abortion has, in fact, impacted appreciably the number of White babies in our country. We often assume it’s just Blacks and Hispanics that abort their babies, but there have been millions of White babies who have been aborted by their White mothers – and it’s tragic. These White babies could have contributed greatly to our numbers here in America but, instead, were discarded as if they meant nothing, not even seen as human. Who knows who they could have turned out to be?  

          • TeutonicKnight67

             Agreed! I made that exact point in a previous post. We need more white births, not less. We may never “catch up” to the brown parasitical hordes but we need to re-invigorate and consolidate ourselves.

          • sandra

             You can’t force women to carry a fetus to term–women have always found a way to get rid of unwanted “babies.” To deny women safe medical help, to favor a fetus over a full human being, is sick. It has never worked and will never work. You men do not own our bodies.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Yes, you’re correct, I certainly can’t force you to carry your baby to full term. If it’s inconvenient for you to give birth to your developing human fetus (baby), you have the legal right to kill it. And that’s exactly the primary reason most White babies are aborted and discarded – it’s inconvenient! Yes, men do not own the bodies of women. However, a sane and moral society should have the right to prevent its women from murdering their developing human babies out of selfish reasons and which are not based on medical dangers or medical complications. But we must remember that the West is no longer sane or morally sound.

          • OlderWoman

             You are obviously an idiot. A ‘fetus’ is a baby. Life is in the blood. The child receives blood at 21 days. Therefore, it is a viable life and full human. You are an insult to humanity.

          • WildDan

             You men do not own our bodies.
            No, we don´t. It is your body and you should take care of it.
            So either do not have sex without contraceptives or take resposibilty for your unborn child. It´s as simple as that.

          • Neither do women “own” men as wage slaves for children that may or may not even be his. Nor can they force a man to be an instant daddy for another man’s kids. To deny men the right to see their children and be a part of their lives is a crime. To divorce men who are being good fathers to their children and faithful to their wives for the purpose of taking him for everything he’s got is a crime against our race too. Frankly, a big part of the problem with the white birth rate is the fact hostile racial and religious aliens have done a bang up job turning white men and women against each other. While white men are not blameless, neither are white women. Moreover, many white women actively purse non-white men as a not so subtle insult to white men. So white women who complain about not being able to find a white man, it’s because many of them are righteously angry and disgusted at the behavior of white women folk, including this one who wants to spend his remaining years in peace.

          • Net_Drifter

            But, some man has a claim on the fetus you would be carrying. Even the potential life isn’t yours. It unfortunately has to be attached to your body for awhile. Poor thing.

          • John Bonham

             lol  Chill,  these are only suggestions, Sandra …

        • rebelcelt

          We WIN by chnaging their minds or/and forcing them to do things our way. The liberals forced us into liberalism with the Supreme Court, bought off politicians and a liberal media. For decades the only thing people could watch was liberal shows on the three networks.
          They were in the distinct minority and now control culture through deceit, cunning and stupidity and naivete on the conservative part.Look how many people think the Bushes are conservative!

      • All these years gone by and I still fail to understand how a Liberal who is liberal on social issues is any more detrimental than a Conservative who is conservative on social issues. Both completely ignore the obvious decline of White America. Both repel from the mere mention of racist, just so they can push their social issues.

        • bluffcreek1967

          It’s not hard to understand. Most liberal social issues are the very ones that have contributed greatly to our nation’s demise (e.g., rampant immorality, drug usage, lack of respect for authority, homosexuality, pornography and on and on). Granted, social Conservatives have, at times, gotten on their high horse and persued causes that weren’t necessary and highly divisive to the American people. But, for the most part, it’s been the liberal ‘crusades’ for the past 40 years that have wrecked the most havoc upon our nation. They have been the primary instigators of social unrest and division among our people.

          I believe it is wrong-headed and naive to believe that a nation can pursue greatness and somehow ignore the deeper moral, ethical or spiritual dimension as if they are not relevant to its health and vitality.

          •  Absolutely nothing you named can be pinpointed as a decline of White America. Many European countries are far more liberal than the United States, and they seemed to do fine all of this time. It’s only when the floodgates of immigration are opened that any type of decline is noticeable.

            Rampant immorality is a bit of circular logic, because to many Conservatives anyone not a Conservative is following something considered to be immoral.

            Would it be insane for me to believe that an America with a 70%(and falling) White population of Conservatives would be somehow less in decline as a nation than a 100%  White population of Liberals?

          • bluffcreek1967

            Hmmmm, lets see. Out-of-wedlock births, pornography, lack of respect for authority, rising drug usage, homosexuality, aborted White babies, etc. – none of these should be seen as evidence of our national White decline?! These social problems are rampant in America and we can’t simply blame it on the floodgates of immigration. Whites need to take responsibility for our own moral degradation and not blame every problem of our doing on non-Whites.

            Rampant immorality of the kind we see in our nation would be perceived as a genuine moral concern and threat in any half-way sane country. The very sort of immorality we see in America has contributed greatly to the fall of other nations throughout human history. Even today, many Muslim nations hate America because they see clearly how such immorality erodes common decency. It ruins the moral fibre of any nation that allows it to flourish – and a nation does not have to necessarily be ‘Conservative’ or ‘Christian’ to see it as an obvious threat to its citizens.

            Yes, some European countries might be more liberal than we in America, but this does not mean they are doing just fine. They too are undergoing a great moral decline as seem in Holland, Germany and Britain as evidenced in their drug problems, rebellious teens and counter culture, and yes, decadent immorality. This too cannot be wholly blamed on immigration.

            Non-White immigration makes things worse for any White, Western nation. But a nation’s own moral decline is not dependent upon third-world immigration. It can take root and progressively get worse before any serious immigration occurs. The 60s counter culture of drugs and free love, for instance, took root way before the implementation of any later federal immigration act.

          • Indeed – Sweden, with its 1970s porn films, was still a great, and leftist, society to live in, and it is only in the last 20-30 years with the rise of immigration that it has become a walking dead man of a democracy.

            However, I concede bluffcreek’s point that indeed immorality (as you define it, but I do agree that porn, homosexuality, and drugs are of a certain type of “loose” behaviour, immoral or not) does not make a nation great.  But I have not seen great decline in civilization unless it is accompanied by lesser, less able, races or cultures.  In the case of the Romans it was the Europeans (not racially inferior at that point, but certainly culturally inferior), and in the case of Western Europe it’s the Muslim inferior culture and and African inferior racial stock.  

            I’m really not sure what else to do – I offer my solution of letting go of social issues more as the only solution to a problem.  I have not seen anything on this forum other than complaining, or unrealistic solutions: move to __xyz___, get together with the 1200 people reading AmRen and start a race war against 100 million minorities (give or take).  I don’t see a race war succeeding any time soon, so I’m just trying to offer a solution.

            bluffcreek et al seem to be suggesting the status quo – soldier on, our conservative values will win out in the end.

          • TeutonicKnight67

             You’re BOTH right. In a civilized (100% white) society we have the luxury of debate over social issues, global warming etc. But in a mongrel society we must hold fast to some form of morality because our divisiveness on issues will only be read as weakness. We must be united in the face of our enemies. Debate clubs are a luxury we can no longer afford.

      • Vyncennt

        Although I read every article on this site, and 95%+ of the posts beneath them, I rarely (possibly never) post. I think this time I should….

        I have to agree with Bofu this time, if for dissimilar reasons. Permit me to explain my positions briefly….

        Global warming: I believe it is happening. Others do not and I respect their point of view. Does it matter in context to the more immediate threat?  Not one bit. 

        Marijuana: I don’t believe it should be permitted. Others do and I am almost on the fence on this issue. Does it matter in context to the more immediate threat? Not one bit. 

        Gay marriage: I don’t believe it should be implemented in it’s current form. Does it matter in context to the more immediate threat?  Not one bit. 

        Abortion: I don’t believe in this practice for my family but am unsure if that gives me the right to dictate how others should act. Does it matter in context to the more immediate threat? Not one bit. 

        ….there’s a common denominator here that I made quite obvious….

        In our current dismal state of affairs, we must choose carefully which battles we pursue. We do not have unlimited resources, we are not in the “lead”, and we must fully embrace any ally that is offered. 

        Personally, my views fall more in line with Bluffcreak, than with Bofu. We ARE morally degenerating. No doubt about it in my mind. The real question involves raw numbers and nothing more:

        Do we, solely as social conservatives, have the numbers to stand against the Diversity AND the white social liberals?

         I do not believe we do, and if recent events are any indicator, I would be justified in that belief. The enemy of our enemy is our friend (as cliche as that may be it still holds true). Moral issues can be ground down after those who hold them dear (whites) have the numbers, lands, time, and power to do so. Here’s another cliche: Divide and conquer. Unfortunately, we are at the receiving end of this one. This, at least, we can remedy…if only temporarily.

        Although approximately 75% of my friends/family are full conservatives….they ALL are racially aware. This has changed from past years. There was a time that I was the racist (but apparently a fault the more liberal were willing to live with). Now we may disagree on many things, but not this.

        Let us all band together. We will have plenty of time to bicker over social issues when we are not surrounded by hostiles. There’s a time and place for every fight and this time…this place…is neither.

        Thanks for reading this…I hope I didn’t put anyone to sleep =) 

        • US_Eurolad

          100% on target. For as much as Jared is decrying the “hard line” stance of the GOP as its death knell, what then? A fairly moderate viewpoint comes in and is shouted down by hard-line conservatives. You are, in fact, your own worst enemy for this reason and you are sinking this ship. You are the -very- old school unmovable mindset that is the problem. Evolve or perish into history. There is a LARGE difference between becoming a commie leftist libtard and enganging in the give and take of alternate views amongst MODERATE Whites. You want to know why this election was lost? Because even moderate women recoiled in horror by the idea that if she is raped, well, walk it off… and have that kid. Really? Really! And you wonder why the other side has buried us. That hard-line anti abortion stance alone, had it not been an election topic would have put Mitt in the White House, I have no doubt of this whatsoever.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Informed Democrats knew that Romney couldn’t and wouldn’t have been able to repeal abortion rights. The Democratic party and the MSM made it into an issue in order to scare simple-minded women who would react emotionally and not bother think through the matter. And they did a good job at it too. They wanted everyone to think that Romney was waging a war on women and was eager to take away their reproductive rights the minute he was sworn in. Utter nonsense! Romney could never have done it even if he wanted to because both the moderate wing of the Republican party, including the Democrats, would not have allowed it to occur. Besides, Romney was never a firery political warrior with a strong social agenda. He was too concerned about being ‘liked’ and being seen as ‘nice.’ His concerns were over the economy, and not about waging a ‘war’ against women.

        • nathan wartooth

          Here, hear!

          Concentrate on what’s important first: Get rid of non white immigration, kick out as many illegals as possible, build a border fence, get rid of affirmative action and quotas. 

          THEN you can prattle on about how porn is root of all evil or that gay marriage somehow makes straight women not want to have babies. 

          • C_C_Conrad

             I’m sorry guys, but this will NEVER be done by the current political system.  This will NEVER be done with the current mind set of whites.  This will NEVER be done by asking nicely.  This will NEVER be done without a LOT of pain. 

            www. jackswar. com

        • ed91

           it really doesn’t matter if GW is happening.

          the politicians want to use it to take more of our money.

          at the end of all of this…………..  I would rather live in a hothouse than give any more money to politicians………

          so even if there is legitimate GW, I will never support the gov in it.

      • Tim

        Legalizing drugs would cut off nonwhites suppliers at the knees AND keep people who are determined to party from haivng to have contact with them. Seems like a WIN-WIN to me…

        • bluffcreek1967

          No, legalizing drugs would not be the answer. It would only bring us further down as a nation. There are many reasons for this, but I have neither the time or energy to elaborate on it now. But one thing to consider: If we legalize all drugs, what sort of chemical imbalances, medical complications and rates of drug addiction will we see in the next generation or two in our White children? What kind of genetic and biological issues will we be witnessing if our White progeny become addicted to even more dangerous future narcotics? A drugged up nation is a nation ready to be conquered!

          • Here’s a question, why would white progeny become addicted to narcotics? If whites are the superior race…

        • currahee1911


          Enforcement of drugs laws puts many a young buck in prison where their sexual choices will not result in pregnancy.

          Who cares if the darks take drugs?

          Best regards.

      • nathan wartooth

        I hope that you know that abortion is the only thing keeping the black population in check. It’s the only reason it’s not rising every year like Hispanics are. Also I’m not sure how not letting homosexuals get married helps make more white babies? Maybe you are hoping a gay person will marry your daughter and make a few babies before he divorces her for a man? 

        But yelling about how much you hate homosexuality and how you hate abortion in the same breath as talking about nationalism or white rights makes you look like a NUT JOB. 

        Worry about all of the things that make you go ewwww AFTER the country has been saved. It wont matter how many gays are getting married or abortions there are after Whites have been dispossessed in our own country. 

        It’s not about compromising what you believe in, it’s about having priorities. 

        Not to mention all of those things should be states rights not federal rights. If a state wants to ban or allow anything it should be able to. Giving the federal government this much power is part of the problem in the first place. 

        • KD_Did

          Yes!  they should be State’s issues. Our Founding Fathers had a much different view of a State as what we do now. They were son’s of Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc.

        •  I’m not sure some people can understand the concept of a priority. It amazes me that some of the “conservatives” flap their gums about American values and Founding Fathers, yet they are persistent in having the federal government regulate every facet of their social life. They are essentially just as Statist as anything the Left has to offer. Sorry, geniuses, but the Founding Fathers’ views were the antithesis of Statism.

        • bluffcreek1967

          I respectfully urge you to read my prior posts here wherein I agree with not majoring on the minors and yes, having priorities. My earlier posts were in response to statements made on global warming, abortion and homosexuality. I clearly recognize a diversity of opinions among race realists and I don’t claim to know all the answers. Yes, it’s true we can get caught up on non-essential matters of debate and fail to unite as Whites on the more important matters of our own racial survival.

          And no, there’s no inconsistency per se in morally opposing abortion and homosexuality and in remaining nationalism and White rights. You never bothered to explain how this makes me sound like a nut. I also won’t go into it now as to why it’s not nuts either because I am busy at works.

          And yes, gay marriage and abortion should be Sates rights.

          One further point. Having differences amongst us and even debating those issues fervently is not something we should avoid or fear. It’s a natural part of any group of people who seek to unite and ferret out various issues that have or will affect them in the future. Even if Whites ever get their own homeland here in America (whether through secession or civil war, etc.), these will still be matters that will need to be addressed. So, among Whites, we should be unified in the essentials, but in non-essentials liberty and diversity of thought. But in everything love and respect toward each other.

      • “but it’s simply not an established fact that only a few scientific rogues deny.”
        Yes, it is.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Global warming is a phony issue, and, unless you’re either a fool, clueless or a troll, you know it. If the leftists were really, deep down concerned about global warming then they would be the first to want to halt hispanic immigration, since increasing the population of the “world’s biggest polluter” will only increase our emission of “greenhouse gasses.”

      • Bantu_Education

        You clearly don’t understand the left or their priorities.    To them their holy crusade against racism is THE BIGGEST ISSUE and far out-trumps their concerns about the planet.   They would rather the entire planet turned into a stony desert than support any cause that could be construed as “racist” and supported by their racist foe.      

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Exactly what I’ve said all along.  I could not care less about “Marriage Equality” or abortion as issues.  Arguing about them is just fiddling while Rome burns.

      What conservative issues serve our interests?  I can think only of canceling welfare programs, allowing school choice via voucher systems,  and stricter law enforcement.

      Consider, with the disappearance of welfare, so disappear most illegals.  Blacks, of course, will take to the streets in even more violent activity, hence the need for stricter law enforcement, and liberal use of the death penalty.  And given a voucher system for private schools, we could separate our kids from Taniqua and Latrine.

      Debatable is how much of the above would be enacted by a Republican House, Senate, and Presidency.

      • rebelcelt

        I agree selfishnes is a big problem even in the church. But as imperfect as the Church may be can you name a better institution to get rid of selfishness? I know in Memphis Metro area where I live, one has to buy a nice (expensive) house in the burbs to provide a safe enviorment for the kids and wife. I would  have bought a house half as expensive if it were not the safety issue and of course schools.
        But, back to my point, the largest families I know are people in the churches. I cannot think of a family with four kids that is not religious.  


        • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

          So what if Whites are superior to blacks and brown when we are a minority?  It just won’t matter.

          Everything will be against us, and all the laws and regulations will be for Diversity.  Really, so what if we are better if we can’t BE better?

          What will it be like for Whites who are energetic and creative to be suppressed by Diversity?  How will the channel their frustations?

          More frighteningly, we won’t be producing those kinds of Whites, because the schools will squelch them down to Diversity levels before they can mature.

          We are headed toward a future for EXTREME PSYCHOSIS…

          • If whites cannot channel their creativity because they are being oppressed by dieversity, they will direct it towards the deaths of those imposing dieversity upon them. It will be as simple as that.

      • Up here in Cunuduh white couples and single whites are buying doggies, and raising them as if they were children

        • Liberalssuck

           Much like most white people nowadays.

    • MerlinV

      In other words move to the left and alienate cultural conservatives who make up the majority of people who read this website for example? Uh, no. That wont work. You are interjecting your own personal desires. Become Democrats. Thats your solution? Oh, and dont forget the transgendered. You left them out.

      • US_Eurolad

        Then you will perish into history as the “immovable stone” you and your current GOP buddies are. Only ignorance doesn’t allow for discussion. The same way I cannot successfully argue with a libtard about race, I cannot argue with a conservtard about values. But they have the majority and you are fast becoming a fossil. Continue to alienate moderate Whites, let me know how that works out for ya…

    • sandra

       Absolutely. I am a proud white lesbian. I would have voted for Romney if he hadn’t made war on women and gays. I have an innate right to be happy in the only way I can–with another woman. To deny us this very basic right is evil and to tell women they are NOT in control of their own bodies and lives is to make them glorified incubators, not people at all. I love my race. Stop making me choose.

      • Tired

         Hello Sandra. I am a white gay male. I completely agree. I love my race.

        • jack ryan

          Ok, fair enough. But talk is cheap. Let’s see you DO something for your/our race. In Europe Gay men like Pym Fortyn and populist, nationalist member like Hader in Austria won elections on defending our people and they were tolerant of gay people. 

          Why don’t you do the same here in America?

          I suggest gay and liberal Amren supporters join their local Democrat party and work for our people in “liberal” ways. Read the classic Amren article “Don’t Write Off the Liberals” – the article explains the many ways liberals can take the wide side.

          Do you really want the likes of Blacks like Michael Vick to abuse your beloved dogs? How about Muslim men from tribal areas in Pakistan taking over your neighborhoods and abusing gays and women, like they do in England?

        • Liberalssuck

           Most gay males I’ve met were anti conservative, full of white guilt and bashed Christians.  I even pointed out to a gay male who ripped on Christians that, “It’s because of living in a majority white Christian setting that you have the rights you do. Do you think if you lived in a muslim country you could tell people you were gay?  They’d kill you in a heartbeat.”  You know what this gay guy said in response, “I’ve never had a muslim bother me.”  Unbelievable.

      • nathan wartooth

        Don’t you know it’s more important to keep gays from marrying and to keep women from having abortions than to save the white race? Geez. 

        • Liberalssuck

           The GOP should have focused on closing the border and how they would bring jobs back home and reduce taxes.  While I don’t care for homosexuality or for drug use, it is not an immediate concern of mine.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Sandra, Romney didn’t make war on women or gays. That’s what the MSM said because they wanted persons like you to get all fired up and vote for our Dear Leader. I would say they were quite successful. And no, Sandra, no one’s going to take away your precious right to kill your White babies. And no one’s going to arrest you for having lesbian sex. So don’t worry, it’s safe to come out of your hidden bunker now.

      • jack ryan

        How exactly did Romney “make war on and women and gays”? Did Mitt Romney kill or order the killing of any women or any gays? In war people kill other people.

        Wow are you confused. 

        You don’t deserve to live in a free, White Western society. 

        You deserve to live in a non White, non White Muslim country and then see how the locals “tolerate”, spoiled, idiotic Lesbian American womyn.

        • Net_Drifter

          It’s a slogan or deliberate attention getting quote she heard somewhere along the line and she can’t get it out of her thick head.

      • No Name

        “I have an innate right to be happy in the only way I can”

        You have the typical entitlement attitude that’s so common in blacks. Emotions are abstract and subjective. To say anyone has a ‘right’ to such a thing is asinine. There are some people who can ONLY be happy if they are hurting or even killing others.

        There is no ‘war on women’. That’s just a scare tactic to gain the support of gullible airheads. Women have 100% control over their own bodies whether abortion is legal or not. Despite the sound bites and rhetoric that has become popular, abortion is NOT a mere issue of women’s bodies.

        Personally, I don’t care which side you ‘choose’. I would rather not have people with these typical black characteristics as part of the white community.

        • bluffcreek1967


      • ed91

         get over yourself and you girl parts……… 

        there should be more to a person than their genitals.

      • Puggg

         I think you’re engaging in concern trolling.  I don’t think you were ever going to vote for Romney, as evidence how “quickly” you supposedly “ran back” to Obama based on Obama campaign talking points.

      • Tyrfing

        Rights, rights, rights.

        Do you have any responsibilites?

        Be warned. They’re not all fun and games.

      • Pelagian

        “I am a proud white lesbian.”
        what you proud about exactly?    Just asking…

        • OlderWoman

           I want to read her answer. She seems like a pushy miserable woman. Most lesbians I’ve me are like blacks in one way, they blame others for their misery. Lesbians hate men like blacks hate whites. I’ve seen lesbians operate in southern california and they do not like to be rebuffed if they make a pass at you. Personally I find them disgusting.

    • jack ryan

      Yeah, OK do this in White liberal areas, but the key is to know what works and what doesn’t work with the White groups you are trying to reach.

      Don’t try to force economic conservatism, free market capitalism on struggling White union and non union works. The GOP lost the entire NorthEast because poor and working class Whites (Reagan Democrats) abandoned the GOP. Poor and working class Whites resent rich people and will fall for socialist, pro government talk.

      Religious divides are an unpleasant fact of life – just know where you are, who you are talking to – you/we don’t have to lie to win support of regular Whites, just tell people what they want to hear. Most White Americans don’t have MBAs, PHDs in Chicago School Free Market economics, regular Whites hate this stuff.

      • Liberalssuck

         The reason why the GOP didn’t get as big a turnout over the years is because they are tired of the GOP ignoring them, of not reducing the size of government, of not rolling back ONE liberal policy that’s been implemented since the 1960s, of the wars overseas while ignoring the war at the border, pandering to people who will never ever vote for the GOP in large numbers, etc.    Still, the talking conservative pundit shows don’t get it.  I even heard Laura Ingraham saying, “We need to bring in more Hispanics.” I was driving and almost yelled at the radio saying, “You guys still don’t get it!”

      • Pelagian

        yes we need AFL-style  anti-immigration, trade unionism.  Ditch the Chicago school.

    • Tyrfing

      A person who only contingently opposes genocide is simply evil.

      Non-whites will continue coming, and eventually they won’t need white liberals any more.

      NOBODY will need them.

    • John Bonham

       So in other words, become more  liberal/progressive/democrat  then the  liberal/progressive/democrats ?? I hate to tell you how wrong you are  but, you are way wrong .. You’re telling us to compromise against ALL of our interests .. You’re telling us to accept the very things we hate.. What good is that ??  Then you may as well vote for an Obama ..

  • My compliments on the decor, especially the human skull on right.

    • I believe it has rather high cheekbones.

      • So perfect for this macabre theme.  

        • OlderWoman

           Is it related to Elizabeth Warren?

  • So clear. So concise. I actually went numb watching this video.

    Unfortunately, even if the Republican Party explicitly makes an appeal to whites, it will only increase the number of white race traitors who have no idea (or worse, rejoice in the fact)  they’re participating in genocide against their own people.

    • You’re right about the effect of explicit appeals to racialism in today’s America. It has an additional minus effect by alienating people who might value white civilization but who prefer a non-confrontional approach.

      I think the Republicans will attempt a completely different appeal to racial dynamics in the immediate future: they’ll market themselves as the tacit party of *non-blacks* and attempt to win the loyalties of more successful immigrant groups (asians especially and white hispanics). Expect to see a *major* increase in prominance of Jindal etc, side by side with a quiet demotion of the Herman Cain types.  

      •  I don’t believe for a second that a “minus effect” would be anything even remotely close to the impact felt by White people rallying behind a large entity(Racist Entity) with clout.

        The entire premise of a person who would prefer a non-confrontational approach simply doesn’t have any value in it. Tens of millions of White Americans probably prefer non-confrontational approaches, but they get robbed, raped and killed regardless. Their neighborhoods gets destroyed, their finances ruined, their safety put in constant jeopardy, their kids future given away, etc.  There are simply no White Racists or “explicit appeals of racialism” to blame for any of this. If they’re not smart enough to realize this, then they become just another spoke in the wheel of multiculturalism.

        White people react timidly and hide behind passive resistance because those that came before set it up that way. That is what is expected of them, and that’s basically all they know at this point. They have seen nothing else. That non-confrontational/conformist person accepting their destruction is simply a non-factor to a racially aware position. Certainly not a net gain, but not really a minus either.

        • “…the impact felt by White people rallying behind a large entity(Racist Entity) with clout.”

          There is no such clout and they don’t rally. And the reason is that white people, considered generally, won’t confer loyalty on race realist groups or individuals. The best illustration of this point is all the conservative journalists in recent years who have been marginalized or fired after saying politically incorrect things.

      • ImTellinYa

         NonWhites are Democrats overwhelmingly. That is a fact we’re going to have to get used to. In any case Whites need, deserve and have the right to their own exclusive party that will fight for their interests. As for confrontation, we’re going to have to get used to that too. Avoiding confrontation has led to the U.S. being overrun by millions of lively, vibrant, diverse, hostile, violent, parasitic third-world savages. It’s time to embrace the confrontational approach. We’re the only race that hasn’t.

    • anew

      If the GOP went explicitly and aggressively WN, they would get blown out over the next few elections, but there is a chance that if they stuck to their guns, and did a good job making their case, that the public would become increasingly accepting of the idea over time. I really think this way is their only chance, but it requires of them some spine and delay of gratification, so it won’t happen.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Good point!

    • TeutonicKnight67

       The ignorant ones who have no idea can possibly be convinced. Those who knowingly participate should be cast out to live with their precious melting pot when the White ethnostate is finally realized.

  • I was among the 41% whites who voted against Romney (I went with Virgil Goode).  Romney is not the “white man’s candidate”, unless stapling a green card to every foreigner with a U.S. degree so he can compete with Americans for American jobs, replacing U.S. white collar workers with H1-Bs from India, and endless war in the Middle East is somehow white friendly.  I also found his anti-tariff views bad for our manufacturing base. His free-trade, neocon foreign policy agenda caused him to lose my vote.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      But that was Mr. Taylor’s whole point. Whites are fragmenting their votes among a variety of issues (American jobs, anti-tariffs, Middle East, etc.) while blacks and hispanics vote as a bloc for a single issue: blacks and hispanics.

      • Tired

         I think the problem is we don’t have a party that represents us. The Republican and Democratic parties are both extremely anti-white. We need our own party, our own Golden Dawn.

        •  Yes, let’s.  It’s time.

      • The problem is that when blacks and hispanics vote as a bloc for a single issue, they get more welfare and more immigration. When whites vote as a bloc for a single issue, they get more debt and more war and more immigration.

    • razorrare

      How well did Merlin Miller fare in Tenneesee? I’ll find out saturday when i tune in to political cesspool. 

    • Wil

      If Whhites divide their vote the Black/Mexican agenada wins. This time the black liberal president won. A Mexican is coming soon.

  • Democrats have a built-in electoral college majority now. Friends in the know tell me that it’s Hillary’s in 2016 if she wants it. Thereafter, there’s no reason not to nominate a black, mulatto or Hispanic, so they will. I think we’ve seen our last white male president with George Bush for quite some time.

  • Dan

    This election has really upset me more than I thought it would. While I had no strong desire to see Romney win, I have been saddened by the wave of anti-white vitriol that has accompanied Obama’s victory. Liberal pundits are celebrating the changing demographics, Republicans are refusing to admit there is a racial divide in this county and “conservatives” are calling for more inclusiveness to broaden the electorate.
    I obviously won’t reiterate the points spoken in the video, By Jared Taylor is right; the GOP is finished in national elections (although I feel 2020, rather than 2016 will be the final nail in coffin).
    But in a way I think we whites deserve it. If we aren’t willing to do the bare minimum to protect our interests, then we deserve our fate.  I always chuckle when an outsider accuses us of “white supremacy.”  Whites are the only group of people who actively works against their own interests and institute policies that result in their own displacement, and then celebrate the results.  There is absolutely nothing supreme about that!
    Sometimes I think it isn’t worth it anymore.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       This is largely how I feel.  However, we shouldn’t be pretend that national elections determine a people’s fate.  The intelligent, moral, successful backbone of the US is white Americans.  Certainly things must change, however not winning in Washington may be the way for whites to realize that we should protect our interests ourselves (at the state and local  and personal levels) instead of waiting for Superman.

    • ed91

       not only anti white vitriol.

      under the radar (msm) there is an uptick of the knockout game being perpetrated by blacks. 

    • quote: “While I had no strong desire to see Romney win, I have been saddened by the wave of anti-white vitriol that has accompanied Obama’s victory. Liberal pundits are celebrating the changing demographics,”

      I’m thrilled about it, the amount of “ha ha ha…whites are yesterday’s news!” animus in the liberal media is generating many white race realists.  Many of the white-hating Left are working to pour millions of immigrants into the United States in hopes of getting non-Hispanic whites down to such a minority that they can be easily Final Solutioned; I don’t know if they’ll ever be successful with their filthy goal but it’s lose/lose anyway as our cities turn into third world slums due to overpopulation and poverty.

      quote: I always chuckle when an outsider accuses us of “white supremacy.”

      The tag of white supremacy unfortunately is unavoidable for anyone opposed to affirmative action.  The argument for affirmative action is that blacks are behind due not to problems of their own making but the fault of whites, therefore the latter must be discriminated against.  The only way you can rebut that is to make a statement that blacks are behind primarily due to shortcomings of their own, and that whites simply have their acts together more, a.k.a white supremacy.

      • ATBOTL

        Exactly. The racial gloating from Democrats is doing our work for us.

  • Populist economics with social conservative agenda and non-interventionist foreign policy= maximal white vote where it counts: Ohio and Pennsylvania.

  • Hirschibold

    I am going to take a chance and send this to some of my mainstream conservative friends, who are still crestfallen from the Romney loss. Maybe they are not so disheartened that the PC blinders have not been lifted from their eyes. Still, I think it is worth the stigma of being called “racist” or supremacist in order to spread the pro-white message (unless you risk job loss). Taylor is in the trenches. If he wanted to, if he would only yield to the trial by ordeal and abase himself to the Left, he could be a very rich senator, congressman, or TV presenter.

    • Liberalssuck

       True, but aren’t you making exucses by saying “unless you risk job loss”?  It’s fear that is stopping us: fear of getting fired, fear of standing alone, fear of ostracism, fear of assaults, etc.  Our enemies will never give us permission and have it in their agenda to displace us, so why are you asking for their permission?  Like my marital arts instructor told us, “If your attacker has obvious intentions to kill you, you have got nothing to lose fighting back.”

  • CG12

    Excellent video, you hit the nail on the head.

  • Pelayo

    Gay marriage, abortion and legalization of Marijuana should NOT be issues in our politics.

    •  No, but if someone is trying to divide a White population, wouldn’t it make sense to inject issues that only White people will divide themselves over? You don’t see many black or brown people ready to gut their countries over these ridiculous non-foundational social issues.

      White people are supposed to be really smart, but sometimes I really, really don’t see it.

      • razorrare

        Oh,so your solution is for Whites to take on the unfavorable characteristics of blacks?Shaking hands with the devil is what got us  Brown vs Board of Education,Civil Rights movement, Affirmative Action and every other liberal policy that had the affect of defacating on Whites…compromising ones beliefs to get a little of something else is a fools game…to give away a “little” of  Western Civilization in return for “political support of ones selected “Party” is to partake of the cultural genocide of the White race…one little step at a time…Khrushchev was right…”we shall bury you without ever laying a finger on you” “A little here and a little there and the American people will not even notice the changes until it is too late.”…or words to that affect….We traditional conservatives(paleo-conservatives) are better than the liberals,and because we are not willing to sacrifice our principles or morals dosent mean we are less smart than our enemies…..nevertheless the argument is pointless…for the whole system has become totally corrupt…your vote dosent really count for nothing..the winner has been picked even before the vote counting has begun.

        • I’m really not sure what your point is. My point is that people like you are far too enthralled with proving an impotent and defeated brand of salvation is the big secret White people don’t know about.

          I am a Racist. My views on social issues don’t interfere with my foundational conviction of a race-based society.

          You are a Conservative. Your social issues ARE YOUR FOUNDATION.

          We are neither comparable nor compatible.

          My solution is simple: Get rid of people who put very broad and divisive social issues ahead of very targeted racial issues.

          • razorrare

            My views on race are a part of MY FOUNDATION…right alongside Christianity & Western Culture…none can exist without the other…repasting this cause i am tired of rehashing the same argument over and over with other posters…

            Hitler did say that the heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was Christianity, but he also believed that mankind could not do without religion…
            Though he detested the Sermon on the Mount,Hitler conceded in Mein Kamph that religion was indispensable to society:
            “This human world of ours would be inconceivable without the practical existence of religious belief.The great masses of a nation are not composed of philosophers.For the masses of the people,especially Faith is absolutely the only basis of a moral outlook on life.The various substitutes that have been offered have not shown any results that might warrant us in thinking that they might usefully replace the existing denominations.”
            As for his Nazi elite,with its Darwinian pagan ideology,Hitler added:
            “There may be a few hunfreds of thousands of superior men who can live wisely and intelligently without depending on the general standards which prevail in everyday life,but the millions of others cannot do so.”
            Stalin who sought to eradicate Christianity,recognized its hold on the Russian people.In the Great Patriotic War,he opened cathedrals and churches,released bishops and clergy from prison,and called on her sons to fight,not for party or politburo,but for “Mother Russia.” Stalin understood that the masses were not Marxists,but God and Country Christians…
            By 1938,as he concluded that Europe was losing its faith to skepticism,agnosticism,and atheism,Belloc wrote that the West had embarked on a voyage certain to end on the reef of civilization ruin…
            “The skeptical attitude upon transcendental things cannot,for masses of men,endure.It has been the despair of many this should be so.They deplore the despicable weakness of mankind which compels the acceptance of some philosophy or some religion in order to carry on at all.But we have here a matter of positive and universal experience.”
            Every Nation,every Culture has to be inspired by a body of morals.Behind that body of morals must be a doctrine we call religion.Throughout history,Belloc was saying, the death of religion meant the death of culture and the civilization to which it gave birth.Once Christianity had triumphed in the Roman Empire,the pagan gods were dethroned,the empire passed into history,and Christendom was born and began its ascendancy…
            “Human society cannot carry on without some creed,because a code and a character are the product of a creed,” Belloc wrote.Individuals may carry on with “a minimum of certitude or habit about transcendental things,” but “an organic human mass cannot so carry on.”Belloc echoes the belief of Washington and John Adams that religion and morality were interdependant and indispensable to the survival of a free society and a virtuous republic…ALL excerpts taken from P.B. Suicide of a Superpower–The Death of Christian America…
            Atheists want to believe God is dead so everything is permitted with no social consequences.It is no coincidence that violent crime–murder-rape assault-illigitimacy-divorce-abortion(Roe vs Wade)–suicide–every social ill conceivable can be traced back to the time that Traditional Christian America started its descent…
            It is the fruits of Christ that the White race found the most wanting–Faith,Hope Charity,Mercy and Love–these are commonly found in the White race and no other.Christianity is our White Identity and those who are busy at destroying its foundations are our Enemys.

          • robinbishop34

             Stop you two.

          •  I don’t care what Hitler said.

            You can spin it as many times as you like, but the fact remains that you seem to put very divisive social issues at or above the core of race.

            Your views on social issues are your foundation. Saying your views on race are part of your foundation doesn’t negate the fact that you will still cling to personal convictions at the expense of racial divisions.

            You are most certainly a Conservative. You have nice little compartments where you try and stuff all of your singular ideas and views on social issues, fairy godmothers and other mysticism. Those not meeting your exacting standards of moral despotism are basically regarded as inferior. Race just happens to be one of those compartments you have. You are a CONSERVATIVE!

            I am most definitely a Racist. I simply don’t care about social issues at this time. A Christian can be a fellow Racist. An atheist can be a fellow Racist. Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, vegetarian, carnivore, capitalists, socialists, short people, tall people, blondes, brunettes, redheads, guys named Skip…. I just don’t care. I’ll accept practically any White person who wants to advance White interests. I am a RACIST!

            Since you’re the kind of person that needs to receive a moral code from a book, let me spell it all out for you as briefly as possible:

            Your dedication and devotion to pro-White people is conditional upon their adherence to your moral standards. Mine is not.

          • My creed? Whites Only
            My religion? Whites Only
            My moral code? Whites Only

            then, among ourselves we can debate everything else which is secondary.

            Please keep in mind that this entire issue of multi-culturalism has NOTHING to do with ANY social issue. It is a technique being used to conquer and control the world. If all other tribes are defeated, then one tribe, hidden, can rule the world.

            Can’t you all see it?

          • Sun

            I’m so tired of people like you. Thinking that whites are the best thing that has come across since ice cream. So I’m going to spell some things out to you

            1. White people started this whole multiculturalism and immigration thing to begin with. Period. I’m tired of how “race realist” like yourself constantly excuse or turn a blind eye to the core problem caused by Liberal whites.

            2. Perhaps you aren’t around white liberals  so you speak of ignorance. They are not something to be exactly proud of. Yes, I would rather live on a mountain then just suck up with them. It is called integrity.

            3. Many white people are stupid.

            Do you know how many bloody articles I read BY WHITE PEOPLE stating how ecstatic they are about becoming a minority? Is that intelligence? If these people are part of the “white race,” then I rather not be associated.

            Do you know how many times I watch shows where WHITE PEOPLE completely just GLORIFY how evil white people are? Not black people. White people do this. Unaware of what or who they are and how much HYPOCRISY lies in their action. What impact that sort of dialogue will have on their children in the future?

            You seem to think that when a sheep goes into a wolves den celebrating its own demise, that particular sheep is still intelligent or decent because it is a sheep like you. I don’t think so.

            4. While it is astronomically stupid to glorify your own demise, it is still stupid to boost yourself on the accomplishments of others based upon race. Liberals for all there stupidity and folly actually have a a point here. Being an innovator means you need to have the ability to question and be creative.

            Not all white societies are the same, kiddo. If you ever strolled down West Hollywood you would know instead drumming your simplistic mantra.

            I see stupid white people all the bloody time. The worst ones think that once they go poof the world will be a better place. 

            If you think being white is all there is to what makes a society great then you can live among left wing types. I on the other hand will live on a mountain. Left wing societies eventually destroy themselves.

            The problem with race realism is that there is no objective criticism against anyone who is white.

            Let me illustrate. 

            White Liberals sign bill that allows more lax immigration. White Conservatives fight that laxed bill and reverse it. White Liberals allow immigration from all countries instead of Western countries. White conservatives fight against it. White Liberals want section 8 housing. White conservatives fight against it.

            Not all white people are the same.

            EVERYTHING comes down to values. Period. Thank god there are people on the right who still understand this.

          • I don’t think all of that is going to fit on your epitaph.

          • Indiana Guy

            You are just wrong, the reason Romney lost is that 3 million conservative Christians stayed home and did not vote. He would have won if it weren’t for that. Get over yourself and y0our deviant desires.

          •  The Presidential election is not won by popular vote. You do know this, right? Just throwing some random number out there doesn’t give you a proper picture of where those votes could have come from or what real impact they would have had on the electoral votes.

            From the numbers I’ve seen, even with 3 million extra votes, that wouldn’t put him ahead of Obama with the popular votes.

            Obama: 61,303,752
            Romney: 58,226,235

            And people wonder why many conservatives irk me as much as liberals. The sad part is not that you don’t seem to understand elections. No, the really sad part is that you seem to be a little inspired with the idea that you almost got Romney in office.

    • Hurray for that!  I for one support those issues, and I’m still a conservative and a supporter of white culture.

    • IstvanIN

       Those issues are divisive and unfortunately we have lost the ability to have rational discussions on those issues.  Gay marriage: I am against but have no problems with legal protections for long term gay couples, as well as other couples who may have good reasons for not marrying traditionally.  Abortion: as a form of birth control I am absolutely against but a complete ban, no.  There are times, such a when a women’s’ health is in danger or the child is deformed, when difficult choices must be made in an imperfect world.  Marijuana: do we really need another mind-altering substance among our youth?  I think not.

      I have voted for candidates with whom I disagree on one of the above.  Why?  Because I try to judge all their positions on the issues and vote for the man or woman I feel has the best overall view.  Single issue votes drive me crazy.  I’d rather vote for a man I agree with 9 out of 10 times and change his position on one issue than vote for the guy who agrees with me on one but is a lunatic on everything else.

      Try to have a rational discussion on these topics, won’t happen.  Better to leave them out of the national discourse as much as possible. 

      • ImTellinYa

        As for gay marriage; it simply doesn’t exist. Marriage is between a man and a woman in the sight of God. When the government tells us “gay marriage” is now a legal fact, they are lying. Whatever it is that they are calling “gay marriage” is no kind of marriage at all. But everything the government does right now is based on lies and false assumptions. Our government is the enemy of its own country and is especially the enemy of Whites.

    • Indiana Guy

      Gay sex does not lead to reproduction. It should be ignored AT BEST. Look, the reason Romney LOST is that 3 million conservative Christians stayed home!!!! So you are completely WRONG. Go back to looking for something to gag on in your public sex cruising places and leave the real humans alone!

  • razorrare

    I was just going to respond to Bofu when i read your post…thanks for saving me the time…couldnt agree with you more…we need an ignore button for people like Bofu,Engleman,dietblab,and other like minded posters whose real intentions for posting here is suspect…

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    “The Republicans are finished as a national party.” 

    That’s a pretty big, strong, bold, even shocking statement to most people, but I suspect Mr. Taylor is right about that. The GOP either becomes a consciously pro-white party or it ceases to exist, and I don’t see the GOP ever becoming consciously pro-white. It’s a matter of simple mathematics, and demographics. This is truly a momentous turning point we’re witnessing right now.

  • Gary Jenkins

    Mr. Taylor, regardless of who wins, the Jews still win. Look at all the Jewish names in Romney’s advisor list.

    Divide and conquer.

    The Jew is the enemy of ALL gentiles Mr. Taylor, not just Whites.

    Amren is going nowhere if they don’t recognize the fact JEWS ARE THE COMMON ENEMY OF ALL GENTILE RACES.

    Jews see ALL racially homogenous societies as a threat to Jewish interests. Racial diversity benefits no race.

    All gentiles must work together to defeat Jewish hegemony.

    Gary John.

    • That’s just not true.  Obama is the enemy of Jews: 85% of American Jews in Israel voted for Romney.  True, he carried the Jewish vote in America, but that’s because of the same self-hating that Jews share with other whites.  And as a purely racial theory, you are completely off the mark.  Jews are mostly white (as a religion) and all white (as an ethnic group), and share the same culture as gentile Whites.  Jews do not collect welfare, Jews score higher on standardized tests than all ethnic groups except maybe the Japanese, and Jewish nation in the Middle East is the only democracy in the region.

      You would be well-advised to keep your anti-Semitic views to yourself, or at least, not conflate them with the real question here, which is how to keep the White race (Jew and Gentile together) from becoming extinct as a political, and then an ethnic entity.

      • You’re talking to a deaf people …

        • IstvanIN

           Deaf or honest?  The fact remains that they have worked tirelessly against European-American interests, culture and society for the past 100 years.  When you look at what the media, which they control in the US, what their organizations, what their judges, and what their politicians support over and over again only one conclusion is possible.

      • stephengreen

         Whatever the other rights and wrongs here for the purposes of a short answer:

        “These results support the view that the Jewish populations largely share a common
        Middle Eastern ancestry and that over their history they have undergone varying degrees
        of admixture with non-Jewish populations of European descent.”

        • pcmustgo

          And yet, we, Jews, (or half Jews) suffer anti-white racism and abuse too…. what are we to do?

          • stephengreen

            In what context  pcmustgo? People of Jewish descent, are well represented in elite schools, in many high income career paths and so on.

            I am aware that (especially in Europe) there is some antagonism towards Jews, mainly by extension to the situation in Israel, but to what hardships or roadblocks are you referring? Of course the growth of Islamic communities can only increase this and yet many of the secular nations in the ME that have allowed historical pockets of Jews to exist have been overturned partly by actions of the US government.

            Please enlighten.

          • Choose chosen.  Choose.

          • eiszeit

            “And yet, we, Jews, (or half Jews) suffer anti-white racism and abuse too…. what are we to do?”

            Get the F out of our countries, go to israel, and never come back.

          • danlieb7

            So do Asians. I have heard of numerous incidents where blacks or hispanics attack Chinese, Indian or Korean people. Asians suffer discrimination in college admissions due to AA. So does that mean that just because you suffer abuse from minorities, you become “white”? So should we include Asians as “whites” too?

      • george00

        ” Jewish nation in the Middle East is the only democracy in the region” That’s not true. Egypt, Iran and Palestine had elections.
        But mainly what I wanted to say is all this yaking and theorizing is not necessary. It’s very simple, give the people what they want. All the polls say the over whelming  majority are in favor of abortion rights, ending involvement in the Middle East wars, against gay marriage (civil unions are OK), environmental protection, against Affirmative Action, against nonwhite immigration, against Busing to achieve racial balance, against amnesty for illegals. I think that covers it. If Republicans did thoughs things they would win by a landslide.         

      • Anti-Semitic?  Really.

        Name me one significant Jewish organization that supports the right of White People to have a homeland.

        Can we not say, thus, that Jewish organizations are Anti-White?

        The slur “anti-Semitic” is going the way with the slur “racists’ used against us White People.  If we have to be “racists” or “anti-Semitic” to have our own homeland (JUST LIKE YOU DO), then so be it.

        It was Jewish organizations that created the NAACP, the SPLC, fought the Brown v Board of Education and fought to end deed restrictions.

        • Here’s a link with a photo from Obamas’ front-line data crunchers; the people who are credited on a winning election strategy.

          Please take note of the flag in the background hanging above the action:

          • GTL

            That is the flag of the City of Chicago, not Israel.  Run “City of Chicago flag” on google and you will see. 

          • Thanks for the correction.

        • Name one significant white organization that supports the right of White People to have a homeland.

          • Liberalssuck

            Quit trying to manipulate the conversation.

          • You say it like it’s a bad thing. Whites have actively supported their destruction as a people, Jewish and Gentile whites together.

        • OlderWoman

           American Jews hate white Christians because we believe we are engrafted into Gods covenant  and that we inherit the same rights as Jews. They hate the Messianics because they believe in Jesus. They also hate the White Southerners because of slavery. There are very few Jews in the South. Synagogues in my southern town support a two-party state in Israel. So, in essence they are anti their own people in Israel.

      • jack ryan

        A sad Jewish American Conservative once (in the 1970s) made the observation that:

        “American Jews live like rich Episcopalians, but vote like poor Puerto Ricans”

      • pcmustgo

        re: “Jews are mostly white (as a religion) and all white (as an ethnic group),”
        I am half jewish ethnically. Jews are, on average, 90% white/european, the rest being Middle Eastern… What is Middle Eastern? You could argue that middle easterners are some kind of mixed race. The kinky hair that many jews have comes from somewhere.

        I would agree we have become white in America and share the same culture, more or less, with whites. 

        I agree with everything else you said.

        • danlieb7

          Jews are not white no more than light skinned Lebanese, Hispanics, East Indians, Iranians, Israelis or Turks!

          • pcmustgo

            I never said the Jews are 100 percent white or european…. studies show they are 90 percent. They look “white”. They are viewed as being white. Oh, and light-skinned (not normal ones) lebanese, hispanics, Iranians and Turks also “look white”.

      • Liberalssuck

         Jews have mostly pushed liberalism onto whites and the “conservative jews” are why we have wars in the Middle East and why so much of our funds go to Israel.

    • razorrare

      All the jewish names in Romneys adviser list are jewish in name only…they are Ashkenazi(Zionist) jews,more correctly called Khazars–the fake jews…I have nothing against real jews(Hebrews)…however ,i do agree  with the content of your post. 

      • Actually, genetic evidence has disproven this.

        • razorrare

          Genetic evidence provided by whom? Ashkenazi geneticist?…Just supporting the biggest lie ever told…Benjamin Freedman,Koestler,and other former jews say otherwise…

          Zionist Israel, which is 80-90% Askenazi Khazars, is not the Israel of the Bible. Here are some facts:-1980 Jewish Almanac“Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”(1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3)-The Jewish Encyclopedia: “Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania.”-The American Peoples Encyclopedia… for 1954 at 15-292 records the following in reference to the Khazars: “In the year 740 A.D. the Khazars were officially converted to Judaism. A century later they were crushed by the incoming Slavic-speaking people and were scattered over central Europe where they were known as Jews.

          • andreaostrov

            get a life

    • Jews are white. Period. AmRen has been clear on this.

      •  I don’t care two cents about what AmRen says on this question, jews themselves deny that they are ‘White’ and every political, cultural, and/or racial (tribal) decision they make on any issue will be 100 percent of the time based on what they perceive as being ‘best’ for their tribe.    Which means, Johnny boy, that it will be bad for the perfectly legitimate ethnic interests of White European people.

        Get a clue, pal.    Go to youtube and find that 60 Minutes video clip where Mike Wallace corrects Morgan Freeman and tells him:  “I am not white.  I am jewish.”

      • They are not white, they are hostile racial and religious aliens who like a growing number of Hispanics too masquerade as whites, and yet work nonstop to opress and dispossess genuine whites.

      • bluegrass91

        Though Ibelieve Amren should simplify itself to issues involving Pro-White issues, your statement is overly simplistic in the extreme.  Jewish involvement, particular in media influence and money, was integral in both creating the culture and continuing the policies of White dispossession.

        However, its best to slowly acclimate oneself to this concept and avoid reading the protocols of the elders of Zion.  Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer is a good place to start.

        Jews, though I’d be more than willing to accept them as White, will likely still work against White interests for a long time to come.  In the minds of AIPAC, the ADL, Jewish hollywood, or the heavily Jewish SPLC; Pro-White will likely always equal Nazism.

        We may simply be incompatible peoples in the long run.

    • andreaostrov

      hear hear

  • Diamond_Lil

    Excellent commentary as usual, Mr. Taylor.  
    But we – the producers and intellectuals – are not expendable.  Been reading Kipling to my little mancub for bedtime.  The Disney version of King Louie  kind of resonates with the Democratic mantra of dependency, low education and wealth redistribution these days led by King Obama: 
    Now I’m the king of the swingersOh, the jungle VIPI’ve reached the top and had to stopAnd that’s what botherin’ meI wanna be a man, mancubAnd stroll right into townAnd be just like the other menI’m tired of monkeyin’ around!Oh, oobee dooI wanna be like youI wanna walk like youTalk like you, tooYou’ll see it’s trueAn ape like meCan learn to be human too( Gee, cousin LouieYou’re doin’ real goodNow here’s your part of the deal, cuzLay the secret on me of man’s red fireBut I don’t know how to make fire )Now don’t try to kid me, mancubI made a deal with youWhat I desire is man’s red fireTo make my dream come trueNow give me the secret, mancubCmon clue me what to doGive me the power of man’s red flowerSo I can be like youYou!I wanna be like youI wanna talk like youWalk like you, tooYou’ll see it’s true Someone like meCan learn to beLike someone like meCan learn to beLike someone like youCan learn to beLike someone like me!If you look closely, you might see Biden, the white afro- haired character.King Louie from Disney’s “The Jungle Book”

  • Hal K

    He laid it all out.  Whites have to start voting as a block if they want their interests to be represented.  The Republican Party has to actively lead the way towards this if they want to remain viable.  Neither will happen, I am afraid.  It is more likely that the Republican Party will keep leading whites into oblivion, but if a substantial fraction of whites wake up about their group interests then all is not lost. Our best hope is probably that the GOP disintegrates sooner rather than later.

  • andreaostrov
  • Dibblah

    Balls. The US is now run by Zionists. Every financial transaction, every War and every life lost or ruined by said War is totally controlled by Talmudic Zionist Scum. Every bank that’s been bailed out, every home that’s been re-posessed and every nation that’s been ruined by mass immigration by cultures alien to their own and by people who are only here because their countries are toilets and havn’t progressed to a civilzed nation is the real crime of the centrury.
    The fact that their citizens flock here (to the West) demand the same benefits they’ve never paid into and enforce thier backward culture on the rest of us whilst fleecing our money is the biggest joke ever in world politics.- Imagine what (truthfull) historians will say of this era?-Don’t blame the immigrants- They’re just doing what any other person would do when presented with a fail-safe, never have to work, country to live in.
    Blame the 5th column; dual national scum who have a “tribe-focused”  wider agenda and always put Isreal, Jews, and (the senior ones) a one-world government that they would own and run above any consideration for any American. The Talmud is Satanic and all the Illuminati and Masonic scumbags are their puppets; but with real power and money.
    White America- Here’s the news: it’s either Revolution and a re-location for the Zionist 9/11 perpetrators or America is finished as a nation. That’s it. WAKE UP!

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Brilliantly put, as usual.  Another interesting facet is that while whites are losing influence due to demographic change, I believe the make up of the white population is becoming and will become more conservative and Republican supporting.  From my own experiences of friends in their 20s and 30s, whites who are more likely to settle down and have multiple kids are also more likely to be Christian, whereas the secular and liberal egalitarians are also normally less family-oriented.  If we have the courage, and can keep these kids from becoming brain-dead egalitarians–they will vote for traditional positions and candidates who are overwhelmingly white and patriotic.  So there may be hope.  59% may be improved upon, and the white/non-white divide will only continue, hopefully awakening whites en masse.

    Meanwhile, the poor minority groups which continue to destroy the cultural fabric of America, will only be slowed by two things–a moratorium on 3rd world immigration and the removal of socialist, welfare programs.  Complete removal.  Private charity as practiced in the Christian West for centuries is not only more efficient than the government-run waste we have today, it is also strengthens communities who become less selfish.  When people understand that they have responsibility to their neighbor, and that it isn’t something Uncle Sam takes care of, social unity necessarily increases.  With self-segregation, whites will be living around and helping whites while minority groups do likewise amongst each other.

    • laager

      The UK media followed the US election in great detail. Many American commentators, unknown to us here, provided their analysis as events unfolded.
      One of the summaries stated that O’Bama’s support came from blacks, hispanics, women – all races and young [30 somethings] upmarket whites who lived in integrated communities.
      It seems as if this new wave of white yuppies are the product of the integration / diversity / enrichment thinking they receive during their university education.

      The damage they are doing is serious, for by the time they come to their senses in their 40s the growing demographic shift Mr Taylor speaks of may neutralise any changes they may make in their political support.

      We were also informed that most Republican support was in the southern states from older conservative white voters. The statistic that no-one offered was what was the % of the actual popular vote that each candidate received. My understanding of the US electoral college system is that a candidate can be voted into the Presidency even though he has actually received the fewest votes. Is this correct?

      Another point seems to be the apathy amongst the whites to make the effort to vote, thus devaluing this essential freedom that the forefathers in all democratic nations paid a high price for to gain. We were treated to one interview where someone in Jersey said she was too busy cleaning up her house after Hurricane Sandy to take the time out to vote.  

      • KD_Did

        Just to answer a couple of your questions, Yes, states each have a point value, based on population. If you win a state by ONE vote you get the points for the whole state. 270 needed to win. The Democrats already begin with the two most populated states in their pocket…NY and Cali. and YES there was a lower turnout for Romney than there was for McCain 4 years ago.  The percentages were 50 and 48 of popular vote as best i know.

  • Hal K

    We are seeing a new side of the two-party system.  It can keep dissenters marginalized for decades, but it can also be subject to sudden instabilities when one party ignores the consequences of its actions (or inaction) for too long.  Let’s hope that we are about to live through very interesting times.

  • Dibblah


    As always elloquently and factually accurate; thank you for the dose of sanity. The key message here that I’m extrapollating from your post is that unless whites vote for whites in the same way that non-whites do for their own, then we will be forever ruled by non-whites and America will be forever devolving into a non-white 3rd/2nd world country. Is this what the founding Fathers wanted for this great nation?

    My point is simple and un-cluttered- focus on the enablers: Who is in enough power (accross Media, Banking and Politics) that would want to set up a divide and rule strategy based on race that would eventually dis-enfranchise whites and enable them to rule the non-whites with impunity and with the whites being cowed, effeminized and docile to their takeover?

    You decide.

    • The Bible says they are to rule over all other nations.

      • HKwills

         And who wrote the Bible ?

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I watched the video again, and the one debatable statement made by Mr. Taylor is, “Unless Mr Obama sends the country into a vicious slump that he can’t possibly blame on George Bush, there will be no more Republican presidents.” 

    As a lame duck, isn’t Obama likely to have an even more mediocre 2nd term than the first? Is the demographic shift going to be that great in the next 4 years? Not that it will matter if the Republican president refuses to be unabashedly pro-white, but it seems there’s still a chance for a conservative to get elected.

    •  The vast majority of minorities will vote for the candidate with a ‘D’ next to their name on the ballot, and if the candidate happens to be an incumbent – the record of the incumbent, and whether or not they were successful or whether they were a complete failure – does not even enter into the picture.

      Minorities based their voting decisions on one thing and one thing only:  ethnic identity politics.

      Which means they vote for the most anti-White candidate that they can.  The GOP, like it or not, and whether it is true or not (I don’t believe it is) is viewed as the party that represents the interests of White conservative people.     One of the primary desires of White conservatives is to pry as many leeches and parasites as possible off of their hard earned paychecks in order for them to be better able to live by their conservative principles – a big part of which involves taking care of their own families and not relying upon the government.  Keeping as much of the money that you work for and earned is a critical component of that effort to be self-reliant.  This desire clearly conflicts with the objectives of leeches and parasites, who mistakenly believe that they are entitled to an ever increasing portion of the fruits of another man’s labor.   

      Thus, even if America collapses into an economically failed sewage pit – I will promise you that in 2016, whoever the Ds trot out to replace Obongo – these minorities will vote for them and not for anyone the GOP runs against them.  

      One last observation.    The non-white third world is permanently mired in poverty, corruption, and dysfunctionality for a reason.   The reason is because all cultures are not equivalent, despite what the Cultural Marxist liberals have told us – and all peoples on this planet are not equally talented at building and maintaining advanced, prosperous and vibrant First World caliber civilizations.     The problem we face, unfortunately, is one that involves ego.   The incompetent people who comprise the Obama constituency refuse to admit that they are unfit to run a first world society.  To make matters even more dire, they are immune to efforts to shame them by calling them parasites and leeches.     Actually, I suspect that they are rather proud of their leechy abilities and in a twisted, bizarre sort of way, get a very definite boost in competitive adrenaline when they are able to out-leech their fellow minorities. 

      Incidentally, we’ve all seen the endless studies that have touted the clearly unjustified, unearned, undeserved, but amazingly high levels of ‘self-esteem’ that 80-85 IQ blacks consistently register, when given various tests that are designed to measure this human characteristic, right? 

      Here is an excellent video that I highly encourage you to watch:

      Mark Steyn talking about the fraud of multiculturalism, which he calls “a cult of ignorance”, on The Michael Coren Show.

    •  The vast majority of minorities will vote for the candidate with a ‘D’ next to their name on the ballot, and if the candidate happens to be an incumbent – the record of the incumbent, and whether or not they were successful or whether they were a complete failure – does not even enter into the picture.

      Minorities based their voting decisions on one thing and one thing only:  ethnic identity politics.

      Which means they vote for the most anti-White candidate that they can.  The GOP, like it or not, and whether it is true or not (I don’t believe it is) is viewed as the party that represents the interests of White conservative people.     One of the primary desires of White conservatives is to pry as many leeches and parasites as possible off of their hard earned paychecks in order for them to be better able to live by their conservative principles – a big part of which involves taking care of their own families and not relying upon the government.  Keeping as much of the money that you work for and earned is a critical component of that effort to be self-reliant.  This desire clearly conflicts with the objectives of leeches and parasites, who mistakenly believe that they are entitled to an ever increasing portion of the fruits of another man’s labor.   

      Thus, even if America collapses into an economically failed sewage pit – I will promise you that in 2016, whoever the Ds trot out to replace Obongo – these minorities will vote for them and not for anyone the GOP runs against them.  

      One last observation.    The non-white third world is permanently mired in poverty, corruption, and dysfunctionality for a reason.   The reason is because all cultures are not equivalent, despite what the Cultural Marxist liberals have told us – and all peoples on this planet are not equally talented at building and maintaining advanced, prosperous and vibrant First World caliber civilizations.     The problem we face, unfortunately, is one that involves ego.   The incompetent people who comprise the Obama constituency refuse to admit that they are unfit to run a first world society.  To make matters even more dire, they are immune to efforts to shame them by calling them parasites and leeches.     Actually, I suspect that they are rather proud of their leechy abilities and in a twisted, bizarre sort of way, get a very definite boost in competitive adrenaline when they are able to out-leech their fellow minorities. 

      Incidentally, we’ve all seen the endless studies that have touted the clearly unjustified, unearned, undeserved, but amazingly high levels of ‘self-esteem’ that 80-85 IQ blacks consistently register, when given various tests that are designed to measure this human characteristic, right? 

      Here is an excellent video that I highly encourage you to watch:

      Mark Steyn talking about the fraud of multiculturalism, which he calls “a cult of ignorance”, on The Michael Coren Show.

      • Ed_NY

        Well said Steve.  I believe it is all down here for White Americans.  With both non-white immigration and non-white birth rates in this country out pacing that of Whites, we have passed the point of no return.

      • Sun

        The best post on here. I love Steyn as well.

  • God help this country we will all need it with this mess!

  • andreaostrov


  • Dear Mr. Taylor,
    Thank you for speaking up, we need more people like you who tell the truth and cares about American values.

  • Hi Mr. Taylor. I like your video. I’d like it even more if you slammed your fist and swore once and again, but nobody is perfect. Keep the videos coming.  fg

    •  So you’d like one of those Peter Finch “I’m as mad as hell” speeches? Nothing wrong with that.

      • Yes, I think that is what the country needs/wants at the moment. After decades of PC nonsense and mind/speech control, I think we’re ready for honest, rough men. Here is a quote, for example, by one of my heroes, General Patton:

        “When I want my men to remember something important, to really make it stick, I give it to them double dirty. It may not sound nice to some bunch of little old ladies at an afternoon tea party, but it helps my soldiers to remember. You can’t run an army without profanity; and it has to be eloquent profanity. An army without profanity couldn’t fight its way out of a piss-soaked paper bag.

        •  Eloquent Profanity is my middle name.

        • No Name

          Profanity doesn’t have a sting anymore due to how commonly used it is.

          • Not among politicians– they’re forbidden.

    The Problem for GOP with Hispanics Is Legalism, Not Nativism.

  • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

    “I’ll have those ni66ers voting Democrat for 200 years.”

    Lyndon B. Johnson

    • JohnEngelman

      After Kennedy’s death, Johnson took the initiative in finishing what Kennedy started and broke a filibuster bySouthern Democrats in March 1964; as a result, this pushed the bill for passage in the Senate.[49] Johnson signed the revised and stronger bill into law on July 2, 1964.[49] Legend has it that, as he put down his pen, Johnson told an aide, “We have lost the South for a generation”.      

  • I feel sorry for Jared Taylor, an oasis of sanity and reason in a sea of cultural marxist, multicultural madness, he’s like John the Baptist, he’s got a very good message but sadly no one is listening, (except Amren readers.)

    • ed91

       so tell your friends to listen to him.

      and their friends.

      and there are these new things, called books and websites.  Spread the news.

  •  Agenda, Grinding America Down

    Award winning documentary on cultural marxism, political correctness, the long march by Gramsci etc etc.

    • Bantu_Education

      Watched the first 10 mins or so, a good production but no mention of race.

  • razorrare

    Celestial Time states…

    You are most certainly a Conservative. You have nice little compartments where you try and stuff all of your singular ideas and views on social issues, fairy godmothers and other mysticism. Those not meeting your exacting standards of moral despotism are basically regarded as inferior. Race just happens to be one of those compartments you have. You are a CONSERVATIVE!
    I am most definitely a Racist. I simply don’t care about social issues at this time. A Christian can be a fellow Racist. An atheist can be a fellow Racist. Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, vegetarian, carnivore, capitalists, socialists, short people, tall people, blondes, brunettes, redheads, guys named Skip…. I just don’t care. I’ll accept practically any White person who wants to advance White interests. I am a RACIST!
    Since you’re the kind of person that needs to receive a moral code from a book, let me spell it all out for you as briefly as possible:

    Your dedication and devotion to pro-White people is conditional upon their adherence to your moral standards. Mine is not…

    For accuracy i do consider myself to be a paleoconservative…

    Your a racist but not a “classical liberal” as you yourself have described yourself? Classical liberals have no social issues?   Really? Its obvious you are incapable of seeing the bigger picture…How does a liberal advance White interest that advocates for the abortion of White babies? Accept anyone who claims they are for White interest? Really? Thats excactly how our institutions of higher learning,organized religion,government,electronic & printed media,and other like-minded institutions were invaded and taken over by the enemy…McCarthy was right…My moral code dosent come from a book,it comes from my Whiteness,from my knowledge of right and wrong that Christ saw fit to bless me with.  So let me respond in kind…

    Your dedication and devotion to pro-White people is  shallow & cheap…Its you who started slinging arrows at other Pro White Christians on these boards…your style of wit endears you to no self respecting White here on this board.My religion is pro-White,pro-Christian & pro -Western Civilization. In my youth i learned that “pro-Whites of your ilk were the first to run & scatter when confronted by negroes attacking Whites .If you dont want to hear pro-Christian comments then stop telling others about your “dietist” beliefs…same for your announcement that you are a classical liberal and then whine when some conservative engages you in debate.You know squat about me…there is instruction in the Bible that says,”even a fool is considered wise if they keep their mouth shut.” Ya might wanna try it.  

    •  Does the man-written bible also mention anything about spinning your wheels in redundancy and using non sequiturs as your own personal fertilizer.

      Your “religion” is Conservatism. Your Conservatism is your religion. Your devotion to pro-White people is dependent on them accepting YOUR personal convictions. I’ve already stated this, so there’s just no need for you to keep proving it over and over again.

  • andreaostrov

    Remember how the media portrayed thug trayvon martin as a sweet angel-like kid while portraying zimmerman as a ruthless ‘white racist’?

    remember how the media made omar thorton out to be some tragic othello-like figure while making his victims as ‘racists who deserved to die’?

    romney got zimmermanned. 

    the look on obama’s face after the victory was the same as the look on oj’s face after he beat the murder rap. he knew he got away with murder with the help of the media. 

  • Michael_C_Scott

    It means another civil war, you fools.  Nobody has ever had a nuclear civil war before.

    • IstvanIN

       Depends who gets control.  It takes two keys to launch, just because the prez says take out Georgia doesn’t mean the commanders will.

  • I have a hard time understanding a “boooohoooo” atmosphere here. Whites in the US are still 65% & cover most of US territory and control most of everything. Non-whites are ca. 35%, at war with each other and “united” only in reaction towards whites- actually, most of them don’t have a true identity, especially Asians.

    What white ethnically conscious Americans have to understand: this is a wake up call. Awake. Organize. Empower grass roots movements. Work in media and education as to promote white European-American values.

    This is a trench warfare & it can’t be won by whining or complaining.

    • David Ashton

        A constructive comment as usual.

    • We can not “work in media and education” since we do not own nor control them.  They are controlled by international groups.

      We can not work within this system since this system is designed to DESTROY the White race.

      I only want to work in a system that is WHITES ONLY.  Then I will be concerned about everything else. First, it must be WHITES ONLY.

      Unless you do that, you will constantly be fighting those who hate us.  As long as any Non-White is around they will be doing everything to destroy us. 

      Let us stop fooling ourselves.

      • US_Eurolad

        Spoken like a man who cannot think outside the box or see past a single election. You ARE aware that the things occuring haven’t occured in a vacuum? The people who want to Unmake our race have been doing this in small doses and increments over decades. They are, truth be told, smarter than you. They have moved among us for generations. Your weapon, if you possess the gray matter, is to turn that same weapon backwards.

        Thumping your chest about WN, da J00z, hard line conservatism will get you a tombstone for your race. Find like minded people, share your views in private, have them find like minded people, share their views in private. In an age of instant social media you would MARVEL at how fast a revolution can be hidden just below the surface, and right under the nose of your average American moron.

        Put your Bible down for a minute, and instead go read the books of your enemies. Alinksy, Trotsky, all the rest. They were masterful at what they did no need to reinvent the wheel…

        • “Da Jooz? ?  Really.  Then  you tell me the enemy is Alinsky (joo) and Trotsky (joo)…….as was Stalin,  Molotov, etc.

          I am aware the enemies of the White Race have been at it for hundreds of years.  Actually, you can date the beginning of this race war to the late 1700’s when Amschel Mayer Rothschild conceived of the idea of taking over the money supply as the means of taking over the world, but that is another topic.  His HATRED for Christian Gentiles was profound and his observation on money being the future weapon was nothing short of genius.  The fact he had 5 genius sons was the key.

          • US_Eurolad

            Let me say it a different way… yes you are well aware of the role of the Tribe it is your -method- that is extremely flawed. You want some massive uprising and that reality is gone now, forever. You can embrace it and be marginalized until most White DNA is just a thing people read about in dusty old history books, or you can become a subservive element in the system and flip it back upon the enemy. Make a choice.

          • Take  back control of the money supply, or at least, support an honest one they can’t corrupt.

      • This is a defeatist Manichean world-view. Actually, there is much place in media, from Internet to White students unions to … I remember how Communist censorship, much stricter & more efficient, has been defeated many times thanks to tenacity & inventiveness of the “subversives”.

        Sure, White America can do much more. Just, it takes strategy, tactics..and money.

        • Net_Drifter

          Whites also have to learn to be underhanded if necessary.

          • Whites better learn to use their enemies own methods against them as well. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    • David Ashton

        As usual a positive response from you.
        Perhaps Jared Taylor should sift through all these comments and bring together all the constructive non-defeatist suggestions.

    • Net_Drifter

      “This is a trench warfare & it can’t be won by whining or complaining.”
      The only thing that is really disturbing about it is that there are so few white people ‘firing’ back. A form of cultural/political conflict in of itself isn’t a scary thing. It’s the almost total one-sided..ness. 

  • We get the government we deserve.  For to long good people stood by and did nothing, now it’s possibly to late to reverse the damage.  Where is John Galt when you need him?

  • AmrenEconomist

    The National Review online wrote a truthful article about the 2012 election.  I’m amazed.

    “The demographic changes set into motion by official and de facto immigration policy favoring low-skilled over high-skilled immigrants mean that a Republican party that purports to stand for small government and free markets faces an uncertain future.” 

  • Maybe Barak Obama’s election is a blessing in disguise, it will wake up naive whites to the question of race .

    • ed91

       there are many who think it might be better to have obama as he will help wake up so many…………

      the knockout game is going to be big this coming year.
      and the reactions from the whites who still have balls.

  • laager

    Jared Taylor has identified a very pertinent issue in the voting patterns that returned Mr O’Bama to the White House – the % of Blacks, Hispanics and Asians that turned out to vote for their “black” candidate. Mr O’Bama’s credo could have been paint all the lamp posts yellow across the USA and they would still have voted for him. What America is witnessing is tribal support. It has got absolutely nothing to do with the quality of policy.

    This is what is happening in South Africa right now. The 80% black majority consistently returns the ANC to power with 65% margins although their party actually does nothing for them. In actual fact it is robbing them blind whilst those that get into power are only there to steal as much from the national. provincial and city purses as they can.The US will only counter this pattern when the white majority makes the effort to get out and vote and  supports the opposing candidate regardless of the party he or she represents. Current white voter apathy will not deliver the change required. 

    Interestingly every commentator or reporter on the TV media we saw in the UK referred to Mr O’Bama as the “black” president or candidate. Mr O’bama is not black. His mother was white. Therefore his ethnicity is 50% black and 50% white. In the UK he would be referred to as mixed race. In South Africa it would be coloured. I believe the term used in the USA is mulatto.

    • pmdawn

      “his ethnicity is 50% black and 50% white…………”

      Nonsense, there’s no such thing as “mixed race” in America and you know it.

      Ever heard of the One Drop Rule?

      • Pelayo

         A Florida police chief has been asked to resign because he is accused of “racial profiling” and he’s fighting back. He stated that he has two grandchildren who are African-American so how could he possibly be in favor of racial profiling. You are so right! The chief has an Italian surname so therefore his two g’children are half White but apparently even to the chief they are Black. What the HELL is wrong with these White people? That was a purely rhetorical question.

    • IstvanIN

       In America he is black.  Period.  He looks black.  He identifies as black.  He is racist against white.  He is black.

  • I like how people still think it’s just about the colors in the Crayon box LOL. And bro.. No more Republicans will be elected? WELL I GUESS IF YOU GUYS KEEP IGNORING RON PAUL, then I guess so xD;;

  • pmdawn

    Poor angry white men. I guess it’s never much fun losing power and influence. 
    The world  is getting over you and moving on. 

    Change or die. 

  • I found Barak Obamas victory speech when he went into Baptist preacher, rap mode, with his cadence going up and down highly irritating.

    All ebonic speakers have this speech pattern.

    • David Ashton

       Pity he didn’t jump up and down as well, but he is only a “50% drop”.

  • A typical Barak Obama supporter, every other word is  ” Mother F**ker. ”

    • That’s called a “Ghetto” person. This isn’t really significant, but here is a significant video for you

      • ed91

         maybe, but it’s hard to listen to blacks talk about racism……….like they don’t lead the pack in it.

        they have little idea of what it really is……………  they are too wrapped up in their black voodoo to realise they aren’t the first people that every got stepped on.

  • Also, hoowww the heck do you guys even let Mitt represent you guys?!?!?!?! Like dayum, yeah he will definitely help the Rich, but guys, this world is shared with everyone. Should treat people exactly how you’d like to be treated UNLESS they give you a reason not to.  Stop with this stupid “OMG his color isn’t even white” Btw I never use the colors of the Crayon box, cause pretty much NOBODY IS THAT COLOR! Only white people are MIMES! I tell you what though, say if you don’t like an Asian, Hispanic, or African American etc etc. If you and one of them were dead, decayed to the bone. YOU WOULDN’T KNOW HOW HIS/HER’s stupid skin color would look like. Only way to judge is by how he goes about him/herself. How he/she interacts and treats you, as well as if they have respect for themselves. This White/Black Sh** is getting old. We all need to get on to the 21st century.

    It’s not the end for “Caucasians” at all. Have you actually seen the crowds in Obama’s rally? It was pretty much an equal amount of EVERYONE! That is very heartwarming. Humans are supposed to come together. We were originally born in the same place 122923902302 years ago. Of course a place would get overpopulated, so there was a need to spread out. But how Tyrant-like it is to just ignore the fact that we’re all family and just see your new group as the best or better than everyone else… Come on guys… seriously…. come on. I love everyone, unless they (the individual, or group set to do bad things a.k.a gangs etc) give me a reason not to. I never put anybody in racial groups. “Oh White people are all this, Asian people are all that, Hispanics are all this” CAUSE they’re NOT ALL ANYTHING. People just love the easiest ways to point things out.

    Anyway, sorry for the random in and out rant =( *gives a heartwarming hug to everyone*. Love all of you guys, keep your head up and let’s all try to work together. (As for voting, really start paying more attention to Ron Paul even though you and I won’t agree with 100% of everything he’s saying, but at least he is consistent and just about everything he says is true!

  • Hmm, re the political solutions Mr. Taylor says he’ll be discussing in future videos, he may be constrained by Amren’s charitable status requiring him to be careful with what he says.  I don’t think he’s allowed to endorse specific political parties or candidates.

  • newscomments70

    We simply have to elect our own leaders and no longer recognize the traditional U.S. government infrastructure. Our current democracy has become obsolete. Colonial Amercicans revolted when they felt completely alienated and dispossessed by their British overlords. White southerners revolted and seceded when their vote became irrelevant. They only lost because they were outnumbered by other whites. Revolutions will always occur in extreme situations. Some will say that whites are too complacent and passive…I hope that you all prove that statement dead wrong.

  • Michael_Alan_Prock

    We will never resolve this conflict in our favor unless we realize the extent to which Whites have been displaced in our own ranks by so-called “Whites” who are hell bent on displacing us with people who are more amenable to their interests.
    Read The Brotherhood of the Cord pages 100 to 158 for an important insight into who, how and why they are doing it.
    This book is available for free at the widely popular file sharing website
     Just enter the title into the site’s search engine and read online, or download as a pdf (recommended).
    204 pages and 771 footnotes of of vital info.

  • You people are so silly, so anti-intellectual…so detached from reality…oh, sorry, your part of the GOP…never mind…proceed..


    A highly educated white Civil Engineer, living in the suburbs of Northern Virginia who owns his own business, and earns over six figures a year…who support and voted for President Obama…

  • Anything can happen in four years.

  • You people are so silly, paranoid and out-of-touch with reality based living. And you wonder why you got crushed in this election…then again, you’re part of the GOP’s dwindling minority.. hilarious….


    A highly educated civil engineer living in the Northern Virginia. Who owns his own business, and makes over six figures a year…and very much supports President Obama

    • IstvanIN

       Are you black or just a self-hating white is has no love for his fellow European-Americans let alone his own children, siblings, nieces and nephews, cousins, etc.?

    • SLCain

      “A highly educated civil engineer living in the Northern Virginia. Who
      owns his own business, and makes over six figures a year…and very much
      supports President Obama”

      And yet you are still a stupid swine.  Why don’t you go find a clutch of “youths” hanging out on the street.  I’m sure they’d be really impressed with your Obama T-shirt.  They might even let you keep your wallet after they curb-stomp you.


    • BernieGoetzFan

       Why not move to Anacostia for some “reality based living”?

    • curri

      The fact that you’re doing fine is just a meaningless anecdote. A “highly educated civil engineer” surely knows the difference between anecdotes and data.
      “Let’s just say that I expect the de facto social policy of seeking to replace white male Anglo-Saxon Protestant products of intact families with a labor force that increasingly consists of uneducated, illegitimate, irreligious female people of color to work even less effectively than the Roman attempt to replace Roman citizens with German barbarians in the legions.

      The bizarre thing is that it is the numerate and historically aware portion of the population that is decried as benighted, outdated, and anti-science by the bien pensantry.  They are betting on hope and belief in the inevitability of “progress” against mere population demographics and math.  In the immortal words of Pepper Brooks: ‘It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ’em.’ “(…)

    • Welcome to Amren–this site gets newbies all the time who 100% disagree with the articles here (and passionately insist that number will never change), then after a month they 90% disagree, and then another month 80% disagree, and then before much longer are cuttin’ checks to Amren to help sustain the site.  I hope you’ll stay on board.

  • Looks like you guys got “legitmaely raped” by the electorate the other night…don’t worry, it was a gift from GOD! LOL

    • Vyncennt

      Will you still offer that “LOL” when your daughters are legitimately raped by the Diversity that you hold so dear? When your local demographics exceed 25% minority? When you home is broken into and that which you have worked so hard to obtain is taken from you? When you or your wife are physically/verbally assaulted…under a rain of racial slurs? When a large, and ever growing, percentage of your income is taken from you and given to those who refuse to put in the time and effort to obtain the success you enjoy?

      Was white privilege the coattail you rode to a six figure salary?

      A “highly educated” man would be able to analyse the relatively simple math of our current demographics, crime statistics, and future projections. These numbers are easily found on multiple web sites including those sponsored by our government. As a civil engineer, were you trained to ignore the numbers? Somehow, I doubt it.

      You look down on us, I know…

      You judge us paranoid…unreasonable…uneducated…ignorant…racist…

      Lacking the ability to interpret reality,even……yet…

      You ignore any facts, any events, and any figures that don’t adhere to our current state of affairs as you picture it should be. You comment from far behind the lines about the events taking place on the bloody front. Tell me again…who, exactly, has a poor grasp of reality?

      On a side note: If you actually read a reasonable amount of the responses here, you will find the Mitt has little support on these forums. Obama has less, mind you, and there is no argument about that. But Mitt was never our representative.

  • eavesmac

    The United States is a country built on European ingenuity.  The brits and others left behind the royalty to fully benefit from their own labor.  Freedom.  Now through subversive tactics, those we left behind have infiltrated and want us back under their control.  Not happening.  All these racial problems are just one implement of the takeover.  Keep us distracted while they take everything.  International bankers are the culprits as well as communist idealists.  The most powerful thing on earth is the american buying public.  If we collectively divert our dollars in a more healthy direction, it will be almost comical to see them scrambling.

    • IstvanIN

       The Queen is the one destroying our country?  Or the Brits in general?  Don’t think so.  The group “we left behind” in 1789 is not the one working feverishly on our demise.

      • David Ashton

         Brits are victims of the same forces that are eating away at north America, western Europe and sadly now also white Australasia.  Only Lyndon La Rouche and David Icke think HM The Queen has anything much to do with it.

  • Indiana Guy

    It’s time for Whites to move to certain states and then secede.

    • That is the solution in the end.  Those of us who have been thinking of this for decades know that separation is the ONLY solution.

      Lincoln said the exact same thing.

      BUT,  they will not let us secede.  They need our money and want “our” women.  Thus, we will have to fight.

      We must prepare now.  You and  your family and friends need to buy as many guns and as much ammunition as you can while we still can.  They are going to shut that door.

      Can a bunch of white racists red neck hillbillies really “take on the US ARMY”?  It won’t be fought that way.  Many in the army will join us.  BUT,  the more determined we are and the more armed we are, they more they will resists.

      Remember. We are White. We are smarter. Each white man in combat will be “equal” (Damn do I hate that word) to 10 of them since we are fighting for the preservation of white children.

      There is no more time for compromise or “Republican Party”.  Waste.  

      Also, video talks like this are a waste.

      The time for talk is over.

      • Indiana Guy

        Well, we can’t all go off individually in violent action, that would be unfocused and accomplish nothing. I think the first step is to create a party or organization that declares itself as the “White ” party, the party or group that protects and advances the interests of whites. It should have a clear platform that involves points such as -1 it is a genocidal injustice for whites to be supporting the reproduction of other groups by forced transfer of wealth in the form of taxes and welfare payments. It forces white people to have less children. 2 We demand a return of restrictive covenants so that white people can live in SAFE neighborhoods NEAR their place of employment rather than having to spend money and time commuting-which also reduces the family size of whites.3 We demand the elimination of all affirmative action programs and the elimination of all laws against discrimination. White people are repeatedly the target of attacks by other groups and we should be able to create safe places of business,  residence and recreation. The more power white people lose the less likely it is that their attackers are ever punished or even pursued by the police. It is time for white people to DEMAND segregation for their self protection!
           Those are just a couple of points that could be included in the manifesto for the “White” party. Once the party is formed, then we can start fighting. We can have well conceived and coordinated operations. WE get our ducks lined up in a row and then go after them. But in order to get anywhere, you need to have a clear idea of your goal and what is required to achieve it.

        • ed91

           you would have to be very careful about the media.
          if you declare yourself a white party they will try to destroy you………
          also the fbi and other federal agencies

          • US_Eurolad

            Don’t stop the fantasy for them please… Allow me to help the “less gifted” intellectually of which there seems to be a majority here. Loose the “White” totally. You may as well paint a bullseye on your forehead and your women will forever consider you the pariah outcast losers you are destined to become. Who will you breed with for this race when no women support you? “European” is a much different animal, and you will still find yourselves on the radar of every group there is that has a radar. But you MIGHT, just maybe, attract the moderates who are after this election, on the fence. Or keep on with the whole WN, Name the Jew thing, and just start writing your epitaph.

          • Why should we be ashamed of WHITE?

            That is exactly what “they” want.  They don’t want us to have any racial pride.  They have it, but we can’t?

            Arabs and Africans born in France are now “French” and thus European.

            A Muslim with 4 wives in London and 12 kids are all British.

            No thank you. I AM WHITE and I MAKE NO APOLOGY.

            If that makes you uncomfortable, then you are both a race traitor, will not be allowed into the future “free states” (which will be for WHITE PEOPLE with a BULL’s EYE on their faces) and you can stay in “European” America with the Black British, Arab French and Turkish Germans.

    • BannerRWB

      “define the geographic boundaries for minorities.”  – I would define such boundaries as anywhere outside of the White ethnostate.  Why go to all the trouble of starting a new nation based upon race realism, and then retain racial minorities?  Otherwise, I believe you will need to create a viable race-based state for Blacks as well, and have them understand that we come to agreement on the boundaries, or we eventually reach a point of conflict.

  • Indiana Guy

    I am already disgusted with the republicans. If Romney had won he would also have granted amnesty. He may have also managed to get the economy up again…which would mean greater numbers of illegals coming in. Obama’s ruination of the economy may in fact be the salvation of white people. 

  • Indiana Guy

    Well, I ‘ll be waiting to hear what he thinks can be done. This is what we need. We don’t need another ramzpauline video of someone sarcastically whining about what we all already know to be the situation. That accomplishes nothing. 

  • Ray_1985

    I have the perfect answer to this problem, we could save this country in one or two generations, but you all have to do exactly as I say, or else we are done for, I want each and every single one of you to make a vow, that you all promise to have at least 4 or 5 kids, and if you cant have any kids for some reason, then adopt some from Canada or Russia, and dont just knock up a woman and leave, you must be a good father, teach common sense and morals, take them to church, not one of those “Hipsters” church, but one that doesnt give in to white liberal guilt, I plan on having as many kids as possible and I or should I say we, need your help, can you promise me this everyone? Please?

    • Vyncennt

      Whites having a competitive amount of children is much like U.S companies competing with Chinese companies.

      Our competitors are subsidized and we are not. The results will likely follow the same line.

    • David Ashton

      This is not the place, nor even a good time, to discuss the personality, ideology and activities of a German leader who died in 1945, except to recognize the impact of his legacy upon our present and future difficulties. 
         It might perhaps be helpful if western civilization could find an intelligent popular leader of clear vision and strategic gifts, with access to funds and public communication, but no such person of stature is visible on the horizon.  “The time does not always find its man.”  
         What we do need is more co-operation, collective and miscellaneous actions by opponents of the dominant ideology of “race, gender, class”, whereby the Cultural Marxists, by similar progressive and varied methods, have taken over education and legislation, dominated Democrats and paralyzed Republicans. 
         We must defeat the New Left and race replacement, partly by using comparable tactics of language, infiltration, front-organization, single-issue demonstrations, lobbying, &c.  It is not too late to study Lenin, Dimitrov, Gramsci, and the tacticians of Black and Mexican racism.

  • Barrack Osama

    The GOP will now try to reform its image by placing people like Jindal, Love, and Rubio at the vanguard. Their pandering to non-whites will fail spectacularly. They are pretty much done, yes. I expect to see a more libertarian party form from the ashes of the GOP.

  • Bantu_Education

    What has the GOP to lose by taking a clear and strong stance against the blatant racism of Affirmative Action?  Also, something has to be done about the intolerable media cover-up of the epidemic of black on white hate crimes.    A lot of white Democrat voters must be negatively affected by AA.  And if they knew the truth about hate crimes and how the Democrats are complicit  in the media silence?   Wouldn’t they switch to the Republicans like a shot?  So few blacks vote GOP anyway, so what is there to lose?   A race war?  Its already happening and whites are losing it because they are sleeping.    

    • ed91

       I believe the elites claim to be elites first and white as an after thought.
      Thats why we need a third party……..  perhaps the tea party with good leadership………
      the thing to look out for is some assh*le like rove trying to run the tea party. 
      that would be just another repub party……….

      we need a fresh, new, clean, articulate 3rd party………  no neo-cons, no rinos, no roves.

      and no, biden doesn’t own those adjectives.

  • There are only one of two things that will save us, either a new modified “Hitler”, or a war (or both). Nothing else will be successful. Look at these threads and find within yourselves the reasons why all your schemes and dialogs won’t work. Whites cannot agree on things just because they are white. The fact is, Whites really do not consider themselves a cohesive race. They don’t need to rally around skin color to make themselves feel whole. Does an Armenian look at a Swede and see a mirror image of himself and think “Ah..we have so much in common”? Whites evolved in different isolated regions and they have always felt diverse and different from one another based on their own advanced languages, arts, politics, inventions and cultures. Darker people were never viewed as people of any consequence until the mid-19th century and even then just barely. Europeans had advanced civilizations and shaped the world and the darker peoples dwelt in the stone-age and in distant lands never posing a threat to the modern world. In the meantime, whites were busy disagreeing with and waging war with each other over land, religion, politics, culture and ideologies. Because whites are so diverse in everything except general skin color they can never become a cohesive group based on that one common feature.

    The only solution is to appeal to a common interest and a common cause. We need a second revolution (bloodless I hope) based on “Common Sense” and patriotism. If a party espoused nothing but the Constitution, Liberty, patriotism, a common-language, common values, no welfare (except justified), regulated immigration, work ethic, basic conservatism, morality, etc. it would have a much better chance at salvaging this nation. It is the radical liberal ideas and policies of Wilson, FDR, LBJ and BHO that were/are the recipe that made the mess we are now in. If you purged this country of all the darker races you are still left with white liberals who ruined this country since 1913. Business interests will always want cheap labor and we will always have other races here to perform such work. Liberals will unionize them, antagonize them, manipulate them and tell them they are victims and how to vote and we are back to square one. (The solution to that would be immigrants on short-term work visas and not give them citizenship.)

    The root of the problem in this country is liberalism in all it’s ugly disguises. Some would say jews, communists, socialists, progressives, liberals, anarchists..whatever..they do not embrace American ideals and should not be allowed to have power. Liberals played the one card they had and that was a numbers card. Increase the population of the those who can be manipulated, then divide and conquer. These other ethnicities would never have the ability to organize without the liberals behind them guiding them each step of the way.

    Hitler was a political genius and a military fool who eventually became a maniac, and delusional with power after 1940. He was religious and totally committed to the cause of salvaging, repairing and building his country after it had been ravaged by war and politics. What did he do to pull Germany out of the worst depression the world has ever seen to become a world power? The three major things were he expelled illegal immigrants (jews), disbanded trade unions, and outlawed the communist party. He put all Germans back to work and his economy came soaring back (prior to wartime production).

    Americans can never claim an ethnic commonality at this point in time but we can clamor around the ideals that made us great. And it wasn’t political correctness, welfare, affirmative action, union thugs, liberalism, the EPA, pornography, the ACLU, the SPLC, birth control, etc. We need an “American” renaissance (pun intended) not a White renaissance, or racial renaissance. In my humble opinion, that is the only way. You can’t solve a problem until you identify the cause.

    • The Traveler

      “We need an “American” renaissance (pun intended) not a White renaissance, or racial renaissance.”

      Sorry, but you’re just wrong – period. That was tried by Ron Paul, and it didn’t work. The only solution is secession . White people as whole may not consider themselves a race, but there is a certain section of the country that does. You see this in the way they block-vote, the way they all support each other’s college football teams against outsiders, and in what little is left of their culture. They are the key. If led by intelligent and crafty leaders, they could become a nation again…and we could go with them. THAT is the solution.

      I have to say that as I read through the comments here, I was reminded of that scene in the Matrix where Neo is told that some people aren’t ready to let go of the system, that they’ll fight to protect it. Well, I’ve seen a lot of that here tonight. There are a lot of people plugged into the system, ready to defend it at all costs…even when success is no longer possible.

      To address comments made by many here, I’ll state what should be obvious: moderation will not work. The GOP could instantly drop opposition to gay marriage and abortion and the impact would be negligible for several reasons. A) As with Richard Nixon’s pandering to the South in the 1968 election, it takes time for the message to sink in – in his case it took the next election cycle for the strategy to bear fruit. In this case, it would likely take ten years or more to begin winning moderates. At that point, the demographic tidal wave will have overwhelmed any gains made in that area B) a large section of DWLs vote democrat in order to appear socially attractive and morally superior, not because those issues are actually deal breakers in an election. They will continue finding excuses to vote Democrat. If not gays, then guns or something else. At that point, there will be nothing left.

      Appealing to white nationalism across the board will not work either, and for what should also be obvious reasons.  A) large sections of the country (New England, Pacific Northwest) are not affected by diversity the way other sections are (everywhere else). Yes, they are diversifying and may one day be “Republican,” but by the time they do, the rest of the country will be long gone. B) many Caucasians are simply immune to such appeals as they do not consider themselves a coherent race and never will.

      Yes, appeals to economic populism could breath life into the GOP, but only for a time. Her inevitable fate is death at this point.

      The only solution is freedom, and I’m not talking Ron Paul. It would be difficult, but it’s not impossible. However, it would take a certain craftiness that I’m not yet sure Caucasians are capable of – Jews, maybe. But never-the-less, it can be done. I won’t bother writing how in this post for fear of having it deleted or never posted, as has happened here in the past. 

      • A “Whites Only” agenda will never draw allies and would constantly be hounded and ostracized. You will be infiltrated with white liberals and you’ll be back to square one. Your platform and principals must be unshakeable but you must have allies. You can have people of other backgrounds and races as long as they are not out of control or beyond a 10% demographic. Whites are not a cohesive racial group and never will be. A perfect example is the KKK, who are completley and universally vilified. Even Japan allows other races to immigrate for humanitarian reasons but the immigrants will never become dominate in Japanese society or politics. You can have White-dominated principals, policies and society without a “whites-only” agenda.

        • The Traveler

          Sorry, but you’re just wrong. I know the region better than you do.

          “You can have people of other backgrounds and races as long as they are not out of control or beyond a 10% demographic.”

          Actually, you can’t. At one time America was only about 10% non-white. Now, not so much. Any bit of diversity like that will inevitably lead to more, as it has in the American case – especially if you share a three-thousand mile border with another country whose citizens want in.

          “A perfect example is the KKK, who are completley and universally vilified.”

          I would recommend that you actually read what I wrote because it is obvious by this statement that you did not. 

          “You can have White-dominated principals, policies and society without a “whites-only” agenda.”

          No, I’m sorry but that is not the case at all. In order to have such a society, Whites must have power – they’ve just lost it.

          “Even Japan allows other races to immigrate for humanitarian reasons but
          the immigrants will never become dominate in Japanese society or

          That is naive and certainly not the case. If Japan allowed in immigrants, some Japanese would ally themselves with those immigrants in order to curry favor and gain power, as has happened in the United States. Over time, those liberal Japanese politicians would advance their own interests – political and economic – by advocating for ever more immigration until the tidal wave could not be stopped and native Japanese lost power, as the historic American majority just has.

          “The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re
          inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers,
          lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save.
          But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that
          makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are
          not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly
          dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

  • george00

    I don’t understand why Obongo won states that are the whitest in the country.  New Hampshire, Iowa, Maine, we can’t blame that on nonwhites. 

    • JohnEngelman

      Whites in those states have contact with few blacks. Those few are likely to be exceptional or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment.
      In order to understand what most blacks are like it is usually necessary to see them up close every day on terms of approximate equality in an environment where they are in the clear majority. 

    • I believe much of the white votes for Obama comes from white people who don’t want to believe, or others to believe, they’re racits.

      • JohnEngelman

        I voted for Barack Obama because I am not rich, and because the Republican Party is the party for rich people. Even if I was rich I would rather be a Georgetown Democrat than a country club Republican.

        • Net_Drifter

          Georgetown Democrats are just the flip side of Country Club Republicans.

          They both have disdain and contempt for the ‘little people’. Republicans because they have more money; Democrats because they believe they are so much smarter.

      • Rosa

        And they want to feel and be looked up as a la apge, progressivea,modern.Not old, out of date !
        You have to see all the cehlebrations here in Europe about Obama ! hE is the New ! Romney was the Old, Ugly, Rich, Unelegant and Ignorant America !!

  • NorthernWind

    There are two types of White liberals; the naive ones and the race traitors. The naive liberal is merely ignorant and good intentioned, these people often have reservations about things like affirmative action but overall believe in equality of the races. The result of their supporting liberals has anti-White effects but they aren’t inherently anti-White. The race traitors are those who truly oppose their own race. They are ethno-masochists who want to drag us all down with them. They go on and on about White privilege, say that Black on White crime is expected and even deserved, and actively condemn and fight any White person or group which doesn’t adhere to their sick worldview. They are almost always cultural Marxists who see Whites as the new Bourgeoisie to be destroyed.

    The former can be saved. I was once a naive liberal (luckily I was 19 or 20 when I found Mr. Taylor so I never caused any damage!). It’s hard to go through primary school and high-school when they constantly promote lies and come out with a sane worldview. It’s even harder when the school is overwhelmingly White and exposure to actual minorities is very limited. Not to mention the lies which are disseminated through mass media. They can be saved from the madness but race traitors are rotten and will never be our ally. 

    If we want to outreach to the naive liberals, we need to appeal to their emotions and not their reason. Emotions are a pathway to break through the barriers which block reason. Like a Trojan horse, we must find an effective way to break through the barriers and destroy the false worldview from within. Only then can the reason of the naive liberal be liberated. Talking about IQ and such is necessary but it’s hardly central and won’t convert anyone. We must discuss rights, we must make them sympathize with their own kind. Ask them moral questions; do you believe that a future in which French people are a minority ruled over by Muslims is OK? It’s a hard thing to do but it’s possible. Show images of our past and if possible early films. Now that tugs at their heart strings, to see true beauty for the first time. 

    • “If we want to outreach to the naive liberals, we need to appeal to their
      emotions and not their reason. Emotions are a pathway to break through
      the barriers which block reason. Like a Trojan horse, we must find an
      effective way to break through the barriers and destroy the false
      worldview from within.”

      That’s an interesting position you’ve perched yourself on. Tell me, where is it you believe you’re going to lead the naive liberal? Are you leading them to the limp-wristed Conservative base that was ready and willing to elect an extremely black Herman Cain to represent them? The Conservative base that chose an anti-White, racially inclusive, flip-floping, pro-amnesty Romney? The Conservative base that devours its own the second they believe they’ll be called racists if they don’t? The Conservative base that elects the same type of establishment fools election after election?

      My question is not what you think you have to offer the naive liberals to convert them, but a question of what it is you believe naive conservatives even have to offer?

    • David Ashton

        Same in Britain.  I know our own school scene very well.
        Here is a good analysis and advice.  We are beginning to put together a program of effective resistance from some of these posts.

    • If you want an insight into the mind of a race traitor, check out democraticunderground:

  • NorthernWind

    They are naive liberals. They live in White towns, work with White people, and send their children to White schools. They haven’t experienced the wonders of diversity yet, only token Blacks and those that are doctors and heroes in film and television.

  • JohnEngelman

    The Republican Party exists in order to advance the economic interests of the richest ten percent of the American people. Those in the employer investor classes benefit from a high rate of immigration because it depresses wages, and consequently raises profits. 
    The growth in the Hispanic and Asian population hurts Republican politicians politically, but it benefits their wealthy clients economically. 
    Another threat approaching the Republican Party is the increase in economic inequality. As the rich get richer, the standard of living for most Americans, including white Americans, declines. The Democratic Party has forgotten how to exploit the politics of envy and class war. When leaders of the Democratic Party remember, the GOP will be in more trouble. 

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      The paradox is that as Whites are minoritized and lose political power, the Diversity will be free to do to the Rich Elites whatever it wants. 

      I guest the rich will start pushing money toward the Dems in exchange for leniency- the old pay off scam.   That’s what they were doing with the GOP, because the certainly weren’t getting any Conservatism from the GOP.

      Can you imagine what rich Whites are feeling like right now, after spending so much on Romney an expecting to win?

      I assume their anger will become creative…

      • David Ashton

         They need to shift from the benefits of investing in workers overseas and the priority fate of Israel to the employment of white workers and the future of the USA.

      • razorrare

        Not hardly…those same rich Whites? spent just as much money on Obama.

    • David Ashton

        More good sense.  Moving the GOP in a race realist direction is not a course to be avoided, and has a better pay-off than religion-based social anti-liberalism, though the so-called “progressive” erosion of western cultural norms by “c*lt*r*l m*rx*sts” is a multiple process (“race, gender, class” as they call the sequential target areas).

  • Dom

    Whites start acting like minority. You are going to be on.

    • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

      Minority Whites in maj. black cities put Obama stickers on their cars, but sadly, they mean it.  Let’s hope they get enriched…

  • JohnEngelman

    In my opinion American Renaissance should concern itself with specific issues where it can win, rather than the fortunes of the Republican Party. The civil rights legislation passed during the 1960s is not going to be repealed. It can be enforced in ways that prohibit affirmative action and forced school busing.
    Non whites who are here legally are not going to be deported. Nevertheless, Americans in the employee classes who are registered voters are jeopardized economically by high rates of immigration. Most Hispanic and Asian voters may want these rates to remain high for reasons of racial solidarity. The great majority of whites and blacks do not. Drawing attention to the economic, environmental, and social costs of high immigration is an area where American Renaissance can present arguments that resonate. It is important to point out that those of us who favor more restrictions on immigration are not motivated by irrational color prejudice, but that we have legitimate concerns. 
    Finally, the reality of intrinsic racial differences needs to be publicized. For too long as a country America has been refusing to look at what is clearly visible. The writings of men like Jean Philippe Rushton, Arthur Jensen, and others of like mind should be defended and popularized.  
    If one feels something strongly it is easy to overestimate the number of those who feel the same way. It is easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion.
    One does not get places politically by changing minds, but by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist.

    • David Ashton

        Now you are beginning to talk sense.
        Quite true that persuasion begins with some of the ideas the potential convert already holds, and you can show that your solutions are more beneficial than future alternatives available.
         Some of us might call this “Cultural Anti-Marxism” (just a joke).

    • robinbishop34

       One does not get places politically by changing minds, but by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist.

      I’ve seen you say this a number of times before. What are the existing sentiments, how are they broken down by group, how can they be exploited?

      Are you talking about a psychological/controlled opposition type of approach?

      • JohnEngelman


        Thank you for asking interesting questions. Let me illustrate what I am talking about with an historical example.
        In 1930 Germany was in the depth of the Great Depression. During the 1920s Germany had experienced ruinous inflation. Germany had lost the First World War after devastating casualties that included many civilians who had starved to death because of the Allied blockade. 
        In 1930 if a political pollster had asked the Germans, “Do you believe that Germany should try to conquer Europe and kill all the Jews there?” the great majority of those polled, including many Nazi sympathizers, would have answered, “No.” Many would have been shocked by the question.
        However, if you had asked, “Are you angry about your circumstances in life, circumstances of Germany, and do you think Germany’s enemies during the World War and the Jews are responsible?” most Germans would have probably answered, “Yes.” 
        That was the attitude Adolf Hitler exploited to come to power.
        The great majority of those who post on this website are nostalgic about the 1950s. There are many things I miss about that decade too. The top tax rate never got below 91 percent. One third of the work force belonged to labor unions. A higher percentage of the American people attended church. A much lower percentage engaged in sex outside of marriage. It was a good decade to be a child, like I was.
        Nevertheless, many American Renaissance posters would like to repeal the civil rights legislation that was passed during the the 1960s. Some would like to deport non whites, or restrict them to bantustans. 
        That is not going to happen. Most whites do not want it to happen. I do not think the attitude of most whites on the matter will change. I know mine won’t.
        At the same time, the end of the easy economic growth of the post World War II era has placed most whites, including me, in an ungenerous mood. This makes it easier to argue that high rates of immigration reduce the average standard of living for those who already have the legal right to be here.
        Moreover, the persistence of black social pathology and reduced academic performance lends credibility to the writings of men like Arthur Jensen and J. Philippe Rushton. This credibility in turn makes it easier to argue that whites should not be expected to make sacrifices on behalf of blacks, like affirmative action and forced school busing. 
        Although the crime rate has been declining for a generation, this has not happened because of social reform and social welfare spending. It has happened because the prison population has tripled. This makes it easier to argue in favor of an even harsher criminal justice system. 
        One of the principles of judo is that one should not push or pull against a greater force, but that one should use force where it can be most effective. The same principle works in politics.      

        • robinbishop34

          The problem I see is that racial tokenism and perpetual moralizing clouds the natural sensibilities of most young whites today. I don’t believe their collective feelings about multiculturalism, legislated equality, moral relativism, etc are organic, –they have these slogans etched in their heads from Sesame Street on. They are made to feel historical guilt and then given a fashionable way to assuage that guilt by culturally and economically committing suicide.

          With younger whites so steeped in proletarian science and pop culture ethics how does the truth about the limited capacities of blacks ever gain any mainstream legitimacy? How does the idea that it is not only okay, but healthy and natural to have ethnic interests as whites?

          • JohnEngelman

            Racial egalitarians benefit from the persistence of de facto segregation, and the decline in the crime rate. The less contact one has with blacks, the more positive one’s attitude is likely to be about them. 
            In addition, there are other issues for younger whites to be concerned with. During the late 1960s and early 1970s my opposition to the War in Vietnam prevented me from focusing on the black ghetto riots, and the increase in crime. 
            It was only when I was robbed at gunpoint in 1977 that I began to realize that blacks were a problem. That did not turn me into a Republican, but it did make me a race realist before I even knew of the term. 

        • robinbishop34

           Well, I wrote out a thoughtful response and follow up question(s) to you but it mysteriously disappeared. I have to believe this was a technical snafu as it was benign as can be. I wish I’d done like I normally do and save my questions and answers in notepad instead of using the message box.

          Perhaps the moderator can be of some help?

          • Actually, Disqus can be of some help if someone behind their servers would fix their bugs. The biggest problem at the moment is, in case those of you who are not registered Disqus users haven’t realized, is that everyone’s posts are going into the pre-approved folder, meaning even unregistered users’ posts are appearing right away.

          • robinbishop34

            I checked my Disqus account earlier and it wasn’t there but now it’s appeared. Thanks.

  • JohnEngelman

    What are the interests of white people? I can think of three: immigration restriction, an end to affirmative action and forced school busing, more effective law enforcement.
    Blacks are more likely to be crime victims than whites. Consequently they have more of an interest in effective law enforcement. They should be told as gently as necessary that if they view the police as their chief enemy they have been reading too many history books, and too few newspapers. 
    Blacks also benefit from immigration restriction. 

    • The Verdict of History

      John…try SEPARATION…. that should be the ultimate object and common interest….

      • JohnEngelman

        If you are advocating a return to legally sanctified segregation that will not happen. Most whites do not want it to happen. This is unlikely to change. 

        • BannerRWB

          John, Verdict even capitalized SEPARATION. I believe he means a total separation of the races, not segregation within a given nation.  Those Whites who wish to live in a society with other races would be able to leave a White nation in order to do so, but right now, there are no White nations where only Whites can live.  I am convinced that the world will allow Whites to have their own nations or else the world will suffer violence far greater than what we have ever witnessed in human history.  What choice would you make? Would you allow White ethno states in return for peace between the races, or if not, do you prefer that we end up with White ethno states anyway, but only after a vicious race war?  The only other option, it seems to me, will be the genocide of Whites.  Is that a valid choice for you, the extermination of a race of people?  Please respond.

          • JohnEngelman

            What you want will not happen because most white, including me do not want it to happen. Whites are not threatened by genocide. Low IQ whites are threatened by an economy that has no use for them. 

          • BannerRWB

            Please keep in mind that your opinion expressed here has little to no bearing on mine on this issue.  It does not matter to me if John Engelman, a majority of Whites, nor even the rest of the world’s population wishes there to be no White ethnostate.  It only matters if enough Whites have the desire and will to form, along with the means to protect, such a state, for one to come into existence.  Beyond that, any Whites staying outside the boundaries can join with whatever segment of the human population with which they want to join.  You are partly correct though, in that if we can create a White ethnostate that we can protect from destruction, and do so while we have the needed population, then Whites will not be threatened by genocide. As for low IQ Whites, I guess we could discuss that issue at some point, but it wasn’t at issue in this thread.  For now though, I would be glad to see you provide an actual answer to my question, which I will put more directly:

            A choice:
            – A White ethnostate through peace?
            – A White ethnostate through violence?
            – Genocide of the White race?

            If you see another option for the survival of the White race that does not involve one of the three listed above, please outline how this other option is to come about.  Thank you.

          • BannerRWB

            as to my recent comment, obviously #3 – genocide, does not constitute an option for survival of the White race.. my bust. 

          • Net_Drifter

            “Low IQ whites are threatened by an economy that has no use for them. ”
            Okay, then why are you so callous about that? Why hope for vulnerable, disadvantaged whites to be overwhelmed by racial aliens? 

        • ed91

           bs again engleman…………….  how do you know what most whites want?

        • Wrong, it is going to change, and just like events of recent years, it will occur with lightning speed. Many whites I know do not like or want racial aliens around them or their children.

          • JohnEngelman

            That is probably because the whites you discuss the issue with think the way you do. That does not mean that they think the way most whites do. Orientals and whites get along fine. 

        • Net_Drifter

          Only need a removal of legally enforced integration. At least Affirmative Action isn’t popular even in this climate. The rest would be more difficult.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am opposed to affirmative action. I do not think blacks should be discriminated against or in favor of. 

  • Indiana Guy

     JT is correct, Romney did not clearly state that he stood for the interests of white people. He like the Republican party, is SCARED to even think that, let alone admit it.Let’s think of what would have happened if Romney had won. He would have had to do some very unpopular budget cutting. He may have revived the economy but he would have legalized the illegals too. A robust economy with a policy of legalizing aliens would be like a tub of hot water to place slit wrists in-it would only speed up the end.
      In the end, with the media against him along with the difficult economy and tough cutting, he would have had four years at most and then the dems would be back. Let’s face it, the time to create the White party is NOW. 

  • Indiana Guy

    JT’s analysis is a refreshing change from the usual pablum that is being tossed around. Basically, most analysts are saying that Romney lost because he chose a white male running mate. Well hell, so white people can not be white and win? That is BS. That shows we have already lost the country. The old political ballgame is no good anymore. Democracy is broken. We have to look to other ways.

    • Bantu_Education

      Piers Moron, CNN’s English twit, was drivelling that line today.  

  • Achaean

    The Occidental Observer has a very interesting article which opens as follows:

    The most often heard accusation by liberals against white
    nationalists and critics of mass immigration is that they are bedevilled
    by irrational fears…But none of this is true. Science is now educating us that White
    nationalists are normal humans beings who happen to exhibit a healthy
    and “positive” evaluation of their own ethnic group consistent with
    evolutionary theory.

  • Tired

    The Republican party is not our friend. 

    We have NO political party. No one represents us.  We lose either way. We need to form our own political party, I propose we do and we call it the American Renaissance Party!

    I didn’t want to vote. This is my first time voting and it was a choice between two people who are destroying our race. I did not celebrate the election. I mourned my family’s naive enthusiasm and the fact that if god blesses me with children, their voting experience will be just as bad, if not worse than my own.

    When a candidate appears, and says quite honestly that he supports our race, you can guarantee I will vote for him or her!

    God bless our race. Times ahead look bleak, but remember, we are all in this together. We are all white Europeans. We are connected by our blood. No one can take that away.

  • Smkuehl

    The Republican Party is owned and controlled  by the rich and business-class, who demand an endless supply of cheap and cheaper labor from the Third-World.  Ergo, its overriding purpose and mission to to further enrich millionaires and billionaires through massive tax-cuts and “outsourcing” and deregulation and Third-World immigration, not to represent the interests and promote the welfare and improve the lives of whites generally. Ordinary whites have no reason to vote for either party.

    The bad news is that Obama won reelection. The good news is that Romney lost. Like Obama, Romney would have granted amnesty to illegal aliens and increased legal immigration. At least Obama won’t bomb and start a trillion dollar war with Iran.

    • Did you say Trillion Dollar War?

      That is why there will be a war with Iran. 

      Trillion Dollars.

      Obama and Romney work for the same masters.  The masters would like another Trillion Dollars, especially when one group of soldiers that die is their ancient enemy and the other group is the Goyin.

    • A L

      That’s why we need a new pro white party.

      • Net_Drifter

        A few thousand would vote for it. Maybe. 

    • eunometic

      You might be interested in reading Kerry Bolton’s “the revolution from above”

      He shows that the elites are essentially manipulating both the left and the right-wing parties to synthesise A world suited to them. Leftists see themselves as champions of the working class are merely useful idiots to elites. Think of their internationalism which is really helped when opening up borders to cheap labour immigration and have completely undermined working classes. Leftist even help free trade in order to help “poor people”. Ever noticed how Millionaire “liberals” like the Rockefellers and Fords behave? Note how little really distinguishes Bush from Obama.

  • Johna

    You are some of the dumbest white folk I have ever seen. You think the world revolves around people like you. The world is in the shape it is because of white people. Take, take take is all y’all know. GREED is what y’all live by. One day before you die, read your Bible and see that Jessie was not like you. You people will surely die and go to straight to HELL.

    • NM156

      Who’s Jessie?

      • Net_Drifter

        I think Jessie be Jesus and Jesus be Jessie. 

        MLK was the father
        Jessie is Jesus
        Al Sharpton is da’ Holy Ghost.

        Whites is the Devil.

    • MissBonnie123

      You claim “The world is in the shape it is because of white people.”

      Apparently, nonwhites like the shape of the countries White people create because they run away from their countries and move to White countries. They don’t seem to be afraid of experiencing racism and oppression from Whites, but they sure are afraid of their own kind because they wouldn’t fight against their own peoples’ oppression against them!

      You call us “dumbest white folk.” I call you anti-White.

      • ImTellinYa

         Well said. There are a lot of White people in denial and wallowing in cowardice and self hatred. In order to stay in denial they have to go through all kinds of tortuous rationalizations that essentially end with redefining cowardice as courage, wrong as right, defeat as victory. That is the essence of the Leftist pathology. It’s all lies and false assumptions. They are desperate to force us to be as mentally-ill as they appear to be.

    • Johna, I’ll gladly go straight to HELL, as long as the sign on the door says WHITES ONLY.

      By the way Johna,  why do you DEMAND to live with us White folk? Your world is “in the shape it is because of white people)  yet you DEMAND to live with us and if we move away from you, you FOLLOW us.

      Explain that.  But, let me help.

      You would rather live with us white people than live around your own people. We basically want the same thing, you and me.  We both want to live with whites people.

      • ImTellinYa

         Ditto brother.

    • Dan

       Johna, Can you give me an example of a Black run country that isn’t over run with violence, criminal activity, poverty and disease? Can you give me a list of Black inventions or accomplishments? Or maybe give me one example of a city in the USA that has been taken over by Blacks and has actually flourished? Yet you accuse my race of being dumb and greedy and hell bound.

      Johna, your entire race is like a rampaging group of malevolent children – you destroy everything in your path and make life miserable for those around you.

    • ed91

       that’s funny, I was thinking that about you and your people jonny.

    • US_Eurolad

      Why are you all talking to it? I mean I’m a MODERATE European Nationalist and I don’t engage it in dialogue as much as possible.

    • Zqrxpad

      Yeah, like your opinion matters to us! You’re too stupid to understand that it”s people like you that prove us right every day. Hell has nothing over dealing with YOU PEOPLE. Go to the H.P. or the NYT with your non-sense, they’ll kiss your butt over there, you don’t have any clout here!  But thanks for the laugh anyway.  

    • Bantu_Education

      “You people will surely die and go to straight to HELL.”

      If one believes in re-incarnation, as I do, then Johna boy is right – we will come back to this hell infested by black scroungers and parasites – but next time we’ll get rid of the infestation once and for all.  

    • Bantu_Education

      Boy Johna is quite correct.   If you believe in re-incarnation, as I do, then yes we are all going to hell and that hell is here on an earth infested with parasitical negroes.  

  • Guest

    I think Taylor is being unreasonably optimistic with this video.  The GOP is not “finished” because we no longer have actual elections.  We are not (and have not been for some time now) anything close to what we originally were….a constitutional republic with representatives we vote into office.  We are a communist oligarchy very close to what was represented in the book 1984.

    Think carefully on this.  What reason is there to believe that Obama has ANY support outside the black vote and a handful of other non-whites?  What evidence is there that blacks bother to show up and vote in appreciable numbers?  None.  Unlike previous “elections” our controlled media doesn’t even bother to put up the pretense of large scale support for any of the candidates anymore.  The elections results are a complete fabrication designed to have whites going, “ooooh, almost got someone I don’t completely despise in office….maybe next time”.  If they bother to have a “next time”.  Usually, they put on a big show of how close the election was and how “divided” the country is politically.  They didn’t bother with that this time….a huge warning sign.  Our masters no longer fear a slave revolt if they abuse us too badly.

    Taylor wants white people to believe that we need to act as a cohesive group to counter non-white voting blocs.  That is a half truth.  Whites do need to act cohesively but not to vote.  There is no vote.  There is no solution with democracy because there is no democracy.

    To be blunt.  Buy guns.  Lots and lots of guns.  Lots and lots ammunition.  Buy fuel and store it.  Store potable water.  Store food that will keep for years and in large quantities.

    Civil war will begin soon or large scale overt abuse of the white population will begin soon depending on how people react to the outrageous behavior that is coming this year.

    Basically what you need to look for is where they get away with large scale gun confiscation.  If they succeed nationally with that, it’s time to abandon the United States.  If they succeed locally with that, it’s time to move to wherever they don’t get away with it and see if secession happens (more likely a split of this country into smaller ones).

    Make no mistake.  If you choose poorly what side of any borders that are likely to crop up, as a white person you will be lucky if all you are is a second class citizen.  Slave is more likely to be your fate.  If you live that is.

    • The Election Process is as “real’ as WWF  (World Wrestling Federation)

      The Election is a show.  A scripted phony slug fest used to hypnotize and entertain the masses…..but unlike the WWF,  the masses really think there is a real process.

    • A L

      If there were to be a serious civil war type situation, the kind of guns that you can buy legally in the US are not very valuable.  Real wars are decided by artillery and massive volumes of automatic fire, as well as by anti-tank munitions.  It’s not even worth thinking about at this point, we are very far from that.  

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    What does Jared Taylor make of the Missing White Voters, especially when they had every reason to vote against Obama BRA Diversity?

    Perhaps the White community needed a warrior to energize them, and none available, neither were their votes…

    The Case of the Missing White Voters

    By Sean Trende – November 8, 2012

    • pcmustgo

      Let’s admit that 60%+ of whites are dumb, mediocre losers who watch reality TV and voted because they saw Michelle go on “The View”. True, they are , on average, more intelligent and stable than blacks, but they get what they deserve. They’re clueless.

      Even having 23 million unemployed people doesn’t make them think about the possibility that immigration is a problem. I read the exit polls, and many support amnesty and aren’t that bothered by illegal (and of course not legal) immigration.

      Whites will get the country they deserve. 

      Many are more literate than blacks and latinos, but do they read? Most don’t even vote. They watch sports and reality tv. 

      Can’t wait til’ the REAL “Reality TV” begins, you know, the one we live in every day. 

      • pcmustgo

        Fall of Rome. Celebrity President for a Celebrity Culture. 

        Sorry, too busy to read about America becoming Yugoslavia, I had to watch my “E” TV and find out what Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears wore, said and did yesterday. 

      • ed91

         In some respects I can understand why some of the 60% you speak of, quit supporting the republican party………..

        there is some truth to the repub party being run by the fat cats and top money earners…….  many of those jokers don’t care any more about that 60% than obama does about the black hordes that vote for him………

        and I have sympathy for why some of that 60% have just given up.
        they can’t really compete, at least not with the ones that go to the ivy league schools and know all the right people….   who can blame them for quitting?   I’m quitting the repubs myself………..and I like and admire Mitt……….  but the bushes and rove and oreilly are trash as far as I care and I’m done with them.

      • Ni123

         “Many are more literate than blacks and latinos, but do they read? Most don’t even vote. They watch sports and reality tv. ”

        Yes, I see them around. Brainwashed zombies. Give them panem et circenses, and they’re all yours.

        • eunometic

          The irony is that the biggest consumers of media including print are the most propagandised.

          There is our tragedy, we’ve lost control of the media to a hostile group that wants to end us.

          • Ni123

            “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses”.These are the words of Lenin, the leader of socialist revolution in Russia. Everything is going according to the script “How the communists destroyed America”.

      • Bantu_Education

        I enjoy some reality programs, esp “Survivor” which never fails to show blacks in their true light – lazy, un-cooperative, and resentful.  Sadly, all this flies straight over the heads of the lobotomised herd of white sheeple.     Baaaaaaaahhhhhh…..

    • razorrare

      Sounds like a positive to me…less voters this time around suggests that more and more Americans  are waking up to the fact their votes dont really count.

  • pcmustgo

    We’re not going to be Brazil. “The Change” is happening to fast for that, for us to even pretend to assimilate these Asian, Indian and Mexican people into our society. 

    We’re heading towards Yugoslavia. I don’t think “America” will last another 40 years.

  • pcmustgo

    GET USED TO MEXICAN PRESIDENTS 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe a few Asians coming up too… 

    At some point, America will become so chaotic and rife with civil war, another group, like Iran or China, will invade. 

  • NM156

    Next time some knucklehead rank-and-file conservative uses the phrase “big tent” in a discussion of how the GOP should counter the incursion of Democrat Hispanics into the electorate, be sure to correct him or her about the rock-hard reality of what Hispanics want, which is not lower taxes and limited govt. They vote relentlessly for more welfare and govt. benefits for their own ethnic group. Next year will be a painfully difficult one for the world economy, with massive US fiscal problems and repercussions from an EU reckoning looming large, but also a time of enormous opportunity for the right, including immigration restrictionists.

    • ImTellinYa

       Absolutely. And the Hispanic problem especially gets worse with every generation born here. More of them quit school because they can’t do the work. More of them have children out of wedlock. More of them turn to gangs. They commit crimes at vastly greater rates than Whites even in the lying government crime numbers which define a lot of Hispanic criminals as “White.”

      More of them become societal parasites, and more of them vote for Leftist traitors. Karl Rove’s “socially-conservative, naturally Republican Hispanic” is just another symptom of White denial of reality. Karl Rove is either an idiot, a liar or mentally ill.

      It appears, in fact, that Hispanics tend to assimilate downward to the Black culture, which by any definition is an extremely low common denominator.

  • pcmustgo

    AT LEAST this election got even Bill O’Reilly talking on national TV about changing racial demographics, hispanics taking over, and the RADICAL CHANGE that means and has already meant for electoral politics. It means, for one of the first times ever, 8% unemployment rates don’t get in the way of an incumbent being re-elected. 20% unemployment rates probably won’t either. 

    Pundits will be talking for days OPENLY about the radical multi-culturalism and radical immigration policy that has already altered this country and will continue to do so. All old paradigms are out the window, because those paradigms were for a majority European nation, a nation that just 50 years ago was 90% white.Oh, btw, Jared Taylor, OBAMA *WILL send America into a vicious economic slump (and had Romney not radically halted the shipping of jobs overseas and the flooding of our nation with millions of immigrants each and every year, he would have as well). However,  the non-whites will STILL vote for him or Democrats. So we’re doomed either way.If the Republicans go more multi-cultural, it means giving out more amnesty and hispandering. That being said, I’m not against a Rubio or Cain ticket. I don’t see how they are any worse than Bush, Romney, Mccain etc in terms of immigration policy. 

    • “That being said, I’m not against a Rubio or Cain ticket.”

      Well of course.

  • newscomments70

    How is black on white violence different in Australia than in the US? If any folks have some experience or knowledge about that, please advise. I know it exists there, but is it more, less or the same?

    • Bantu_Education

      Are you talking about Abos or the Africans they’ve recently imported as so-called “refugees”?    Either way its much less, mostly due to the lower numbers but also lower levels of radicalisation.  That will of course change as their numbers grow and more of them catch on to the easy money of scamming whitey.    

      • newscomments70

        Either or both. I’ve been to Sydney and witnessed racial tension first hand. There are some pretty nasty whites as well, but most of the trouble is from the Muslims, it seemed. Still though, Australia seems like a much more peaceful country than the US right now. I’ve tried to immigrate to Australia before. I have a Master’s degree and a lucrative business. They don’t want me though. They would rather take in “refugees”…blows my mind. 

        • Bantu_Education

          You should try NZ – its easier to get accepted and once you’ve got citizenship (3 yrs?) you can freely move to Australia if you still want to.  Another option is Tasmania which I believe is permitted a slightly lower threshold if you elect to stay there at least 2 years.   Although Australia’s smallest, coldest, and “poorest” state it is a really beautiful place, especially the capital Hobart.   

  • razorrare

    A prelude to a remedy…required listening for a correct understanding of the real enemy…

  • jeffaral

    The reinvention of the Reps is under way to cater for a soon to be non-white majority, in the same way that the Southern democrats, the formar slave owners party, did;  so don’t worry about their future; anyway the Reps NEVER defended White people’s interests.    

  • razorrare

    Anyone find it upsetting that Russia television held a American 3rd party candidate debate while here in America no such debate was televised…what does that tell ya?

  • razorrare

    Anyone find it upsetting that amren moderators are busy deleting the most relevant posts? A remedy offered by Mr.Taylor  will  be as useless as cowpie.

  • razorrare

    Amren moderators sees this link to the truth offensive and not worthy of posting here???

    Who are the dividers????…

  • razorrare
    Another Pro White discussion  on the results of the 2012 elecctions…
    Why would pro White moderators delete this link ? Something here just dont smell right…

  • razorrare

    A Conversation With James  Edwards on the 2012 election…

  • Wildbob

    I think that conservatives throughout the nation need to take a look at where they live and where they should live.

    Move to a red state. If possible move to a small city and move with your conservative friends. Run for local office. Then start being fiscally conservative at the local level. Do away with welfare. Start businesses. Make it a desirable place to live. 

    Do this throughout the red states. Abandon the blue states. Create great places to live that do not support freeloaders.

  • MekongDelta69

    If you are a straight, white, conservative Christian or Jewish male American legal citizen (and veteran), you are screwed.


    End of story.

    Welcome to Zimbabwe…

  • Blow_Yourself

    Why does Jared have a bowl on his head?

  • Solvang56

    60,o48,006 are STUPID!!!!!!!

  • Triarius

    What it means? Balkanization, consistant as gravity.

  • nglaer

    Why should I, a middle aged white male, vote for candidate who would have America fight wars for Israel’s benefit.  The black candidate was the greater patriot. 

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse
  • Black Radical and Proud


  • ImTellinYa

    Sorry for being so long-winded. I couldn’t help it.

    A lot of people are saying that this election was the last chance to elect a conservative and get back on the right track. I agree that millions of White people rejecting Obama might have had a salutary effect on the fortunes of Whites. At the very least it would have been a start. But really, Romney himself would have betrayed us utterly. He was a typical RINO coward who would have bent over for the Black and Hispanic enemy. He would have pushed hard for amnesty, increased legal immigration from the third world. Forget about him making an attempt to deport illegals, close the border, end affirmative action, end the “Free Trade” agreements and end all of the other irrational, insane government policies that are like a malignant cancer. Forget about him reforming and dismantling the permanent left-wing bureaucracy that is like a huge, malevolent cuckoo in the nest.

    But this election was probably the last chance to preserve the present shabby status quo and ward off for a short time actual tyranny. And believe me, in the coming Leftist horror show, Whites will play the part of the monster.

    Why have Whites let this happen? It has to do with guilt at unprecedented historical success and an understandable feeling of invulnerability because of the power amassed by Whites in the past 500 years. But Whites have essentially destroyed themselves because of an ability to deny reality. I guess things were so good for so long for Whites that they thought they could squander it all for a fleeting, superficial feeling of sanctimonious, condescending moral superiority. Increasingly reality has intruded, forcing Whites to retreat into deeper denial where cowardice is courage, love is hate, right is wrong and sullen alienation is superior to happiness. All hallmarks of the Leftist pathology. What could change that?

    Put a huge number of, let’s say, White people of varying temperaments and types in a situation where the government is their deadly enemy, nonWhites hate them, nonWhites are taking their jobs, attacking them, using taxpayer-funded services paid for largely by Whites, openly mocking them and doing all of this with the support of the  powers that be while those powers also forbid Whites to even openly admit that they have vital interests as a group. As long as those Whites, or a large proportion of them, are in denial about the reality of their situation, you will see most Whites acting like cowards and trying to force all Whites to embrace cowardice and redefine it as courage in order to maintain the denial; a denial that they all know in their heart of hearts is a lie.

    Open most Whites eyes to reality, and even the most timid, introverted, soccer-playing, ectomorphic geek will have a sudden interest in the life and times of someone like Adrian Carton de Wiart; a very tough White man indeed; possibly the last White man to fight a formal duel. These geeks will find the courage they need to do what needs to be done. They won’t be experts, but their leaders, when they arise, will be. And anyway it doesn’t matter. Courage, intelligence and a willingness to improvise is all that’s needed. Millions of Tommys, Grunts, Landsknecht, Ivans, Gendarmes, (even Swedes!!) and Poilus proved it over and over again.

    Avant mes enfants!

    • Bantu_Education

      I’ve read every single comment on this thread and this is by far the best.  Thankyou..!!

    • Bantu_Education

      Great comment – thankyou..!!

  • WardKendall

    I speak only for myself, well realizing that others on this board will not agree: that said, I have an uneasy feeling that four years from now the brutal lessons learned from this election will be forgotten (or consciously ignored) by the majority of WN’s. In 2016, I predict the Republicans will nominate yet another white man, simply because the best candidates in that party are invariably white. If, instead, they try to play cute and nominate a tokenized blackie or brownie, it will be so painfully obvious that they’re desperately begging for the traditionally liberal non-white vote that the sneering Democrats will completely smash them at the ballot box. 

    No, playing cute race games like that will not save the Republican party. Their only real chance to win again is to essentially copy the Democrat party platform, which would then be a de facto ideological surrender of such breathtaking magnitude that conservative voters might as well break out the Jim Jones flavored Kool-Aid and be done with it.

    Barring that, what I believe we need at this late hour is a simple acknowledgement that the game is over. Lamenting about “the Jews” changed nothing. As for those WN advocates who use that as their sin qua nonto glean donations, they should just retire, as their occupation is now obsolete. Nothing they ever did or said made one iota of difference in stopping Obama. They should admit that, and silently shut down. In fact, the whole complex machinery of white nationalism should take a long, hard look at itself, and realize one thing: we are never going to effectively alter the minds of our fellow whites to the extent absolutely necessary to accomplish what most of us want: an America flushed clean of every illegal, “legal”, and “amnestied” Mexican in the land; a rounding up and expulsion of America’s 35 million African socialists eating our country alive from the inside out; the complete and total gagging of every single leftist/liberal white “libtard” who even now revels in the Browning of America. All this I believe is necessary to make America a safe, secure, prosperous, and happy environment to ensure the future of the white race on this continent. 

    But it’s too late. Even if the next five presidents are all white (very likely imo) it won’t matter – none will be pro-white. We need to accept that. 

    I think WN’s need to finally accept that we are a special breed. As such, we need to seriously consider a new strategy. So, if America is lost, what are our options. I will pose one here, but there are others.

    As a variant of Harold Covington’s plan to found a “Northwest Republic” in the American Northwest,  I believe a United White Nationalist movement to colonize Alaska would have the best chance of seizing political control of a territory. Yes, it’s cold. But it has far more natural resources than the Northwest Plan, has access to the sea on three sides, has a weak nation on its eastern border (Canada) and a possibly pro-white nation on its west (Russia). Like the idea or not, Alaska offers the best chance to seize political control of any one of the 50 US states, and certainly offers betters odds of doing so than Covington’s Northwest Plan.

    Admittedly, Alaska will turn off many, if not most WN’s. If it were within my power, I’d convert the climate of that land to one more along the lines of California. But that’s not possible. In my novel (which many of you may have read) the hero Jeff Huxton realized that earth was lost to the white race. Via Karl Ramstrom, he came to understand that a colony on faraway Mars was our peoples’ last and final hope. Well, Alaska may well be our “Mars”. If, after reading this, you may be tempted to sneer and ridicule the idea as stupid. Or simply “defeatist”. It may be both. 

    But, in closing, I hope that those who may lead the WN movement in the coming years do not give us a replay of the last fifty. Those years accomplished little – or nothing. I hope our leaders realize that, and seek a new vision. 

    Ward Kendall

    • Bantu_Education

      Interesting idea, but I think whites deserve better than frigid Alaska.   Rather than trying to control vast territories they should be thinking along the lines of smaller autonomous white enclaves, long-leased as was Hong Kong.   Or study the history of Italy and Germany pre their disastrous re-unifications.   Hundreds of city states, many of which blossomed with ideas and great culture.   The best things come in small packages.

      It happened before, it can happen again.    


    • ImTellinYa

      We need to take it ALL back. It’s not only possible and desirable, it’s what we deserve if we prove that we deserve it by taking it back. Very simple.

    • Soon, within YOUR lifetime, a comment like that will get you arrested and sent to a “re-education camp”……..probably somewhere in…….ALASKA !!!!

    • Sounds like my idea of White Zion – conquering a small country through mass-WN immigration. 

      Bottom line(s): the struggle to save the Aryan race will occur in Europe. Either Europe returns to white consciousness (or ethnonationalism, which for there is functionally the same), or our race will eventually go extinct. The battle for Europe is a pure Race War – a war to the death for some or all.

      America and other New World white nations are in a different situation. We are already lost, racially. The Old Republic, or even just (a new, more liberal) White America, will never be restored. But does that mean WNs must give up the fight? Blacks will NEVER “own” the USA (though Mexicans might someday). They will never have their own African-American nation. But did that ever stop them from fighting for rights and power and money? Of course not.

      We whites are soon to be in the same position. Henceforth, the purpose of WN politics is not to Take Back America, but to empower our people to the greatest extent possible – to secure their future within a lousy,multiracial context. Racial conflict will be the “new normal”.

  • Borachio

    Well said.

    What do we do? I, for one, am applying for jobs in Europe. Norway is lovely this time of year. They might want someone with two doctorates but no diversity credentials.

    • Bantu_Education

      Norway in November is lovely?   Hmmm, each to his own I suppose.   To assist your application I advise you should convert to the religion of peace and tolerance.   They will be only too keen to accept you as that would demonstrate that Andres Behring had absolutely no effect on their immigration policies.   On the contrary in fact..!

    • Norway, like all White nations are targeted for mass Black immigration so they too can become slaves of the Blacks.

      This is a world wide attack on the White People.  It was planned decades ago.

      Every single “White” nation is being invaded. Everyone.

      Coincidence? Intentional?

    • US_Eurolad

      Norway is it? Interesting choice… I don’t think you have ANY idea what the hell you are talking about. Scandinavian countries are actively and aggressively importing Islamics to their own genocidal benefit. They are even more lost than the States. Would you like to see Norway’s new “Culture Minister” I wish I was making this up.

      Jesus Wept.

  • As always, a great video, very well said. I think the point needs to be made that this should not be taken as ‘vote GOP no matter what.’  The GOP has been a disaster for whites, flooding the country with illegals and supporting the same policies that the Democrats do. If the GOP wants white people’s votes, they must adopt a platform friendly to our interests  namely, less economic socialism, no NAM immigration, and no more imperialist foreign policy. I think third parties such as the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party  (niether of which is perfect on white issues) getting large numbers of white votes may be the only thing that could make the GOP rethink white issues. 

    • eunometic

      Indeed don’t vote Republican but for an alternative. So that they can see where their vote went, if necessary kill them off.

  • Paul

    I didn’t read all 270+ comments but I see abortion is being discussed. I don’t see why Republicans can’t use the argument regarding the population pressure of immigrants. As Bill O Rielly said “even if they are good people, they all can’t come here”. We will never fix any of the problems with education, healthcare, traffic and gridlock in the cities, lack of jobs,  if we don’t close the borders.  I’m as much of a racialist as most on this website, but the Republicans don’t have to use race to say “Sorry America is FULL”. Then maybe the budget can be balanced etc, etc.  But the Republican party is all about entertainment and show but no real action.

    • ImTellinYa

       The Republicans have to use every weapon available if they are ever going to be relevant again. I personally think they are done. The GOP has let themselves be turned into the official whipping boy of the Leftist tyrants. The are less a viable opponent and more of a trophy trotted out for the Politically Correct mentally ill Leftists to spit on and revile. Most Republicans are personally decent people (I exclude the GOP leadership who are disgusting Quislings to a man), but they need to wake up from their denial, understand ALL of the horrible reality and speak ALL of the truth and that includes race. Half measure just ain’t in it any longer.

  • Solvang56

    60,047,006 are STUPID!!!!

  • Solvang56

    OOP!!!! There 61,122,638 are STUPID!!!!!, not 60,047,006…………..

    • Solvang56

      It is right numbers…….

  • seek

    Republican Party bigwigs will be of no help.  Already, the party’s key organizers are crowing about the need to be more “inclusive” (i.e., less white.)  There’s a good quote from GOP strategist/Christian Right activist Ralph Reed, one of the most useless people in politics, in today’s Wall Street Journal about how Republicans need to reach out to those Americans whose voices aren’t being heard.       

    • ImTellinYa

       I know that useless pud Reed didn’t mean this, but he inadvertently told the truth. The Republican Party does need to reach out to those Americans whose voices aren’t being heard: White people. White people are not only not being heard, we’re barely allowed to even speak. The Republican Party IS the party of Whites. The GOP is just too cowardly to admit it. I’ve mentioned this on a couple of Tea Party sites that I frequent and the very idea of race is very threatening there.

      But race is the issue. There’s a race war going on and Whites are the ONLY ones being attacked and we’re also the only ones not fighting. In the next four years the truth is going to come down like a hard, cold sleet storm.

      • Until the Republican Party changes the name to “White Party”,  then I am not interested.

  • Robin Thomas

    No….”whites” did NOT originate multiculturalism and massive third world immigration….a particular tribe that LOOKS white but isn’t….instituted these horrifying things on an unsuspecting populace. Obama is NOT the enemy of this tribe, and in fact, Wall St. put him into power both the first and second time. Wall St. was the biggest contributor to both Romney and Obama. They cover their bets.
    JT’s video is brilliant and I can’t wait to see the next one. IMHO, the biggest issue is immigration, and the talk of amnesty (already!) from Biden. If they legalize from ten to twenty MILLION illegals, we might as well pack our bags and go. Somehow, by any means necessary, we must stop them from doing an amnesty. The future of this country depends on our stopping this encroachment on our RIGHTS as white American citizens. None of the other issues compare to immigration, because none of the other issues are such an IMMEDIATE threat to whites. Abortion is a big concern, certainly, but it ranks second to immigration.

  • Greg Deane

    Romney won an all time record of 59% of the white vote which would have been a landslide endorsement just 10 years ago. Now 93% of blacks voted for Obama; 71% of Hispanics; and 72% of Asians. The third world hordes are overturning the will of the European Americans who built the country the new waves of immigrants are destroying. The GOP can only survive if it candidly embraces the cause of white America, and stops trying to pander to the newcomers and blacks.In time, White America will become a rump state, once the liberal dummies in the Oregon, Montana, Utah and the Midwest and New England realise they have painted themselves into a corner, and link up with the Old South, down throgh Alabama. The disruptive minorities in New York will have to be ejected, and the southwest handed back to Mexico, as well as the third world invaders who have proved themselves hostile to white America. The blacks can also leave a society where they cannot expected to be supported by a re-emergent racial consciousness, where whites know they must preserve the fortified rump to which they will be reduced. Similar sequestration will occur in much of Europe.

  • sarah stein

    Wow, 98% of the Klan voted for Obama. 

  • As Whites become more marginalised, they’ll use money as a weapon, jobs, wages, welfare etc, we need to counter this with  alternative money systems, buy Silver and Gold, and maybe look into buying a couple of Bitcoins. They intend to operate a cashless society  so they can control  access to  money, and it will be whitey that bears the brunt of this. We should prepare and hedge against this move with Gold Silver and a Bitcoin or two which can be stored in a ‘Brainwallet’  

    What  is Bitcoin.

  • RisingReich

    These comments here tonight explain why the US is done.  Stupid ‘white’ people still arguing over ‘gays’ or ‘abortion’ or ‘drugs’.  None of that matters.  There will always be gays and women who kill their babies and people whom use drugs.  I dont like it either, but I also know it’s largely moot.  Get over it.

    Real, genuine White people have been defeated, at least as how most of us here define “White”.

    Oh the hell with it.  I’m sick of posting here and on other sites, just to be ridiculed and made fun of becuase I face reality.  I’m sure this post will be ‘moderated’ because I crossed some idiotic ‘line in the sand’ of ‘civility’.  DUMB.

    None of this is going to end until White people declare WAR on non-Whites.  You people who still think ‘reform’ is possible are a large part of the problem.

    Keep on clinging to your ‘civility’ and all this highbrow handwring while we get flushed down the toilet.  Keep going to your ‘parties’ with browns and blacks while they smile to your face and stab you in your back.  Oh, yes, you are so ‘holy’ and ‘nice’ and ‘civilized’ while you get slaughtered.

    Honestly, if there is a God, he is DISGUSTED with our lack of self-respect and identity.

    It will be interesting to see how long my post stays up.

    • “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” — Thomas Edison

      Ridicule, slander and hostility are just part of the process.

    • “There will always be gays”  

      This is entirely irrelevant to the issue of  Special Rights for (Self-Proclaimed) ‘Gays’ …  of which gay marriage is just a subset.  We all know what happens under a regime of Special Rights:  all the reasonable rules of free Association, time/place restrictions, keeping of good order, public safety, protection of the rights of the majority…  goes out the window in favor of the whims  of the Special Rights group.

      “These comments here tonight explain why the US is done.  Stupid ‘white’ people still arguing over ‘gays’ ”

      I’m not arguing over gays.  Very few people here on this website would contest the situation of tolerance, such as existed in the 1970s:  Everybody knew one or two gays, you didn’t beat them up, they were free to operate, they could be open to friends and confidantes, …. but at the same time there was a duty to the common good to keep their predilections quiet.

      Unfortunately, gays, just like blacks  before them, are bent on proving beyond a reasonable doubt the adage, “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile”.

      Even before Tuesday, I was getting carpet-bombed with  Gay Television,  Gay Politics,  Gay Bumper Stickers, Gay Wedding Announcements (“Come to the breakroom and honor Cindy and Caroline on their engagement for a civil union”).  It’s Gay Gay Gay 24-7.  After this resounding victory for gay rights on Tuesday, what straight would dare, for example, complain to a gendarme about two gays getting it on on a park bench in front of your kids?  You would have gay activists with plenty of time on their hands, picketing in front of your house.    And the gendarme would write you up to appear before the human rights commission for even complaining.

      For Western civilization, this is a bigger survival issue than even race.   Just ask the Romans.  Sorry.

      • RisingReich

        What are we to do about the ‘gay’ thing?

    • US_Eurolad

      Tell you what. Start the War buddy. Go right now to wherever and declare war on non-whites, in public, loudly. Take EVERYONE else here that is too dim to understand subversion, subterfuge, and manipulation with you. Mostly hard line, low IQ, ultra conservatives. All of you Start the War. I’ll be popping popcorn watching from the sidelines as you rocket yourself into the history books. I’ll take moderate INTELLIGENT Whites, and start the revolution a different way, and long after you’ve marginalized yourself into irrelevance, my children’s children will continue what I started.

      • RisingReich

        What is an ‘ultra-conservative’ anyway? Are you one of those types who thinks that someone who’s ‘right wing’ is automatically ‘low IQ’?

        Anyhow, when I said ‘war’ I meant the same way they are currently waging war against White Civilization everywhere. It’s an attidute I speaking of, an attidute you clearly lack, so I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

        But nevermind, you are so much better and smarter and more restrained then I can ever hope to be.

        Yeah – go ahead and watch from the sidelines ‘budy’.

    • Net_Drifter

      There is no rushing the Citadel 0′ Power. At least not yet.

    • OlderWoman

      I appreciate your take on this. That White people declare WAR on non-Whites. I live in a building of mixed races. I completely ignore the blacks and Domenican Republic immigrants in our building. Even if they speak to me I just move past them. We have mudsharks here also. I ignore them also. There is no way we should have to assimilate with people we don’t trust and have proven they are not trustworthy. Our cultures are different and I do not want to adapt to anyone elses culture. I like my culture thank you.

  • Erikabcd

    White Republicans are just plain, simple and stupid. Their failure to see an Obama win 4 weeks ago is proof of that. Will the GOP put forward another G W Bush in 2016? Most likely. Look at the damage he did to the US economy! Why do the self-destruct so often? Why do they still listen to Karl Rove?

    Their traditional core values; hard work, family, self reliance, anti-war, pro-education, etc are good values. The GOP can win with those values; Reagan did (then he doubled the deficit) Why are they out there saying rape is ” God’s Will”? The GOPs message is a good one. Why do they insult such a large number of voters by saying things that are’t even issues

  • Net_Drifter

    John Engelman is one of the most callous people toward whites he considers “low IQ whites”. To him, whites who have never held and can’t hold a professional career aren’t worthy of a good life, apparently. Better to bury those whites under an avalanche of high IQ nonwhites. 

    Then, in almost the same breath he comments on how greedy and uncaring the Republican party is toward working class and middle class whites because they are in the bag for the richest ten percent. That’s true, but I don’t see much difference between them.

    • JohnEngelman

      That is a legitimate criticism. I do not see myself as callous toward them. I just recognize unpleasant realities. I care about everyone who obeys the law and plays the game by the rules, regardless of race. I particularly care about those who play the game by the rules and lose.  
      Because I believe in the importance of genetics I see little moral significance in the distribution of wealth and income. Hard work, honesty, and decency will keep one out of prison. They will usually keep one off of welfare. They will not make one rich. Many rich people have none of those qualities. 

      • anarchyst

        The “probem” is that the “rules” are different for those of the “tribe” than for the rest of us . . .

  • negrolocaust

    this is what it means

    • negrolocaust

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I clicked on the link you provided, I hadn’t heard that story about the Giant’s fan down here in Southern California.  He must have been White, attacked by a black otherwise it would have been news all over the state, if not the country.  Even the police are downplaying the attack:

         Investigators believe Moffitt may have been injured by accident in the rowdy celebration on Haight Street police spokesman Officer Gordon Shyy said.

        Yeah, right.

        San Francisco is firmly controlled, top to bottom, by leftist maniacs.

        Here is their legacy in “latest news:” (from the same page as the Giant fan’s beating death):

        *NorCal Homeowner Arrested After Fatally Shooting Burglar, Wounding Another.

        *‘Roaming Rapist’ Arrested for 35 Counts of Rape in Sacramento Area.

        *Toll Plaza Murder Suspect Asks for Quick Conviction to Watch Monday Watch Night Football.

        *CBS 5 Cameraman Beaten, Robbed After Oakland Live Shot.

        *Woman Found Dead in San Jose Home Homicide Suspected.

        Fallout:  California!!!


  • Bobby

    “There isn’t a single point this man makes that isn’t blindingly true. He lays it out so simply, that his conlusions on the fate of whites and the Republican Party should be manifest to even the most politically naive. Will European-Americans ever wake up from their deep, deep, delusions on how the dynamics of power operate? I sadly doubt it, for the majority of whites I’ve come into contact with.

  • Vlad Dracula

    Listen to Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent who defected to the US, on youtube. These Bezmenov recordings are from the 80’s. There is an ongoing socialist/communist plot to destroy the United States and implement a marxist agenda. Listen to Alan Watt on Cutting Through the Matrix. According to Mr. Watt, the white man (race) is being phased out to bring in a better slave class to serve the NWO.  I believe both are quite accurate in their assessments and its only a matter of time.

    • It is not the Black man we must fear.

      It is the group behind the Black man we need to fear.

      The Black man is just a tool.

  • Wil

    If Blacks voted 95% for Obama, Asians voted 72% for Obama, Latinos
    voted 71% for Obama, and
    Jews voted 69% for Obama;  Obama only needed about 35% -40%
    of the White votes. The present demographic change will continue the same pattern or most likeke increase and
    the absolute number and % of the minorities will increase more.

    Unfortunately conservative Whites are a political minority. Even
    conservative Hispanics ( pure or mixed but dominant Spanish-European genetics, proud
    American citizens, Christians, hardworking , considered Whites or “blanquitos”
    at their countries of origin, etc.) are being manipulated by the leftists. They
    dislike the liberal and black agenda but at the end voted for Obama. Why? They
    felt rejected by the GOP.

    The leftist/Black agenda is winning.

  • Amen, Jared Taylor. Wouldn’t change a word. Greatly look forward to the next video. Yes, what to do, in a practical sense. We are at a time when that is the most important question to discuss, and yet that is the question least discussed. 

  • pcmustgo

    check out s “Missing White Voters” , and Limbaugh too. I’m thinking these missing white voters (7 million less than in 2008, crazy given you’d think they’d want to get revenge on Obama and assert tea party stuff, etc, “take the country back”) are evangelicals who didn’t like Romney because he’s a Mormon. 
    Of course Romney wasn’t great, but wasn’t voting Obama out by any means the goal? Why weren’t these white voters as furious as me at Obama? 

    Unbelievable. 3 million republicans and 7 million white voters stayed home! Enough that could have voted Romney in.

    • US_Eurolad

      I’m not even a little surprised. Because Romney has a God, but it isn’t my god. Romney has -this- position on abortion but it isn’t my position. Romney has millions of dollars, and I do not. Blacks and spics vote as a MONOLITH in spite of the vast differences they have as well because though they are dumb, they are smart. Whites haven’t gotten this memo and many of the people that post here are not much better.

      “Gentleman, we must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang seperately”- Benjamin Franklin, 1801

      The wisdom of the ancients stands the test of time.

  • Eff U. Whiteman

    Whites are dying off so who cares what it means for them?

    • Laugh now, Orc. If what you say is true, When we are gone this country will complete its downward spiral into the third world hellhole that the brown and black whordes have been slowly turning it into. You’ll pray for whitey to come back and fix everything.

  • nglaer

    Why should I, a middle aged white male, support a candidate willing to fight a war for Israel’s interests? Curiously enough, the black man was the better patriot.

  • jeffaral

    Thank God the Isreal, Wall Street puppet Romney lost !

    • Rosa

      and you really think Obama is jewwise and jewfree?

  • Texasgirl102234

    Lighten up. Its always darkest before the dawn. Obama will have run out of excuses long before his 8 yrs are up and the economy twice as bad as it is now if thats possible and its for certain no other non-whites will ever be elected as even Obamas 50 million new mexicans will understand he was a total fluke so the main fight will be between the next white RNC candidate and the next red DNC candidate. Blacks wont even be a part of the equation. Unless you notice blacks and reds do not mix or get along and hate each other.
    The key to winning in 2016 is a white real latino with European heritage and that will be the Rubio caucasoid. Also by that time Obama will have already legalized all the reds anyway so it wont matter.
    Whites much understand that European white latinos are just like them and Spanish is a European tongue spoken by the same number of white Europeans who speak English.
    It is pure ignorance not acknowledge the difference between the red mongoloid Asian latino and the white caucasoid real latino European.
    This is not caving in the liberals in the least but being intelligent. The real white caucasoid latino and the  red mongoloid imposter latino must be differentiated. This is the key. The only reason the reds speak Spanish is because the white latino Europeans who discovered the western hemisphere conquered them 500 yrs ago and 100% of the Cuban Batistas who fled and got politcal asylum were of 100% European origin.
    There are well over 100-125  million pure white caucasoid European latinos in South America too mainly in Brazil and Venezuela but also in Chile and Columbia and other places.
    Be wise as serpents if you want the winner race for alltime to prevail and stop allowing the non-whites to capitalize on this and outsmart you.

    • MissBonnie123

      I have found that many, if not most, White Latinos do not identify with other European Whites but with the brown-skinned Latinos. Marco Rubio is a great example. He is pro-Latino, not pro-White. He will be just as detrimental to the White race as any other Latino.

    • jeffaral

      Can you tell me where to find the 125 million white caucasoid European latinos?   I know Latin America and never saw them.   Maybe you can finf them in Texas???!!!

  • eunometic

    Obama lead in the female vote, any idea of what the White female vote was versus the White male vote?

    • No Name

      Obama got 35% of the white male vote and 42% of the white female vote.

  • Harm_Wulf

    For those posters saying “How can we turn it round, we need to be more like the people who despise us” …you can’t turn it around. You have to start again and drop your stupid egalitarian , we are the world ideas. 

    You need to be White , proud of it and totally unapologetic in going after our racial/group interests,.

    You were de-raciated for a reason. That reason is now clear . You’ave lost the country that you and your White ancestors created out of the earth through blood  and sweat. You’ve lost it because you wouldn’t stand up for yourselves , because you think like your racial enemies want you to think , because you believe in that genocidal term racism.You/we were to cowardly to stand up . Now you’ve lost what you built , you can build again ..but this you should learn the lesson. We build for ourselves, White people , we keep what we build and like the jews we ask teh only question that matters to us and our well being …”Is it good for the White race”…and never let the jews in again.

    • US_Eurolad

      Tomorrow, go out in the streets, in public to every person you encounter and tell them the answer to the Jewish Question. Get off your anonymous faggotry of keyboard jockeying telling people what to do and DO it yourself. Tell every person you meet about White Power and Jewry for the next 4 years, real name, real self, in public. Go for it… Report back when complete.

  • Romney might have won had not numerous dead demoncrats voted two and three times in the states that did not require photo ID to vote. In those states a simple Library card is enough to subvert the system.  Im not even addressing the automatic voter machines that changed many voters choice from Romney to Obama on numerous occasions.

  • Why dont we all move to Europe and take all our roads, schools, homes, hospitals, electronic inventions, skyscrapers, automobiles and every other damn thing whites have created.  Then when the land is barren and desolate the blacks and latrinos can have it.  Lets see how they do or if they can do half as good as we did.  Im betting they try to follow us to wherever we go and attach themselves to us as the parasites they truly are instead of actually working to get there.

  • Cassandra

    I’m a white woman.  Conservative on many issues (well, many fiscal issues) and racially aware.  I have a high IQ and a high income and would not mind living in Jared Taylor’s America.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but — if you are trying to build an ideal white society, I am probably the kind of person you want to recruit.  However, while I voted for Mitt Romney, I would easily have voted for Obama over someone like Rick Santorum, Todd Akin or Sarah Palin.  Since these idiots have clearly come to dominate the Republican party and since a viable libertarian party is a long way off, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to an America with a Brazil-like future: wealthy white (+ Asian)  enclaves, fortified by walls and bodyguards and surrounded by an uncivilized jungle.  Fortunately, the white theocrat mouthbreathers who have doomed the Republican party will — like many of the third-world Muslims with whom they share so many social views — be too poor and stupid to reside in significant numbers within these remaining pockets of civilization, and I won’t be forced to lay eyes on them as I go about my day.  They can languish outside with the others who failed to evolve.    The small elite bubble-cities won’t be utopias — you’ll be forced to spend lots of time listening to your neighbors pontificate about fair trade and Apple products, and politicians will do their damnedest to redistribute your hard-earned money even as you struggle to keep pace with a rising cost of living.   But it’s where we’re headed.  

    • US_Eurolad

      The moderation level in this place is amazingly high. It is yet another reason, this race is doomed. They rail against political correctness and forcing only “one” type of thinking, and then just nuke posts with an alternate point of view. Fear and cowardice, that is what I smell here. Most of you will die with pee-pee running down your legs. I gave my perspective and it was taken away with a single mouse click. When you get your collective fear together you MIGHT have a chance until then, I go to greener pastures where open discussion amongst MEN, not sissies is the rule of law.

    • So, you will enjoy a high class prison.

      Not me.

      • Net_Drifter

        Not to mention selling out every white person she considers  ‘beneath’ her. What an enlightened woman.

    • Puggg

      Concern trolling.  You would have never voted for Romney.  What proves that is your prostration to left wing talking points.  Because you’re a left winger.

  • John

    Millions of foolish people routinely squander their money in various lotteries while praying for a miracle. These hapless, misguided imbeciles have no understanding that they are far more likely to be hit by an airplane or struck by lightning than to win the lottery, yet they waste their money week after week.

    What we must to understand as Whites who desire to preserve our heritage and our race is that we have a far greater chance of winning the lottery than of having the Republican Party act in our best interests.

    Reagan betrayed us with amnesty, as did Bush I. The Republican Party had six years of unbridled control of all branches of the federal government during Bush II’s presidency, yet they did absolutely nothing to move America in a very conservative direction.

    Republican presidents, congressmen/women, Supreme Court  justices, and federal judges, all Republicans, have betrayed us at every turn for decades. Yes, the Democrats are worse, but they don’t pretend to be otherwise.

    As conservative Whites, we have enormous financial clout to bend the government to our will, yet we do not use it. Why? I have long maintained that we must become organized at a very high level and begin to quantitatively identify corporations that threat our race and our heritage. We must use that knowledge to withhold our commerce from them.

    We must also look at every conceivable means under the law to minimize our tax footprint.

    Why in Heaven’s name don’t we act? Why do we provide our commerce to corporations that are our enemies and a government that actively facilitates our dispossession? Why?

    We really need to organize and begin to act as a group. It’s far past time to stop complaining and begin acting, in an organized, methodical manner.

    Your thoughts?


    • This is why we need a WHITE organization to do just that.

      To educate and let us know which PRO WHITE companies we should do business with.

      To encourage White Areas.  

      To create a White Entertainment Network. 

      To establish White Student Unions on ever college campus.  

      To create a White Congressional Congress.

      The list is endless.  Any organization that is serious, intelligent and does this will have MILIONS of followers.  I am guessing that 40 million of the 50 odd whites who voted for Romney would join.

      THEN, the line is drawn.

  • jeffaral

    Whether Obongo or Romney, the real winners are -always- the Joos!

  • John

    When attempting to debate demographics issues with those on the left, many conservatives completely miss the point. We may as well visit the local zoo, enter the gorilla exhibit, and attempt to pursue a meaningful dialog with its simian inhabitants. The bottom line is that it would be a futile endeavor. The gorillas only know to eat, breed, and defecate. That’s what they naturally do. They simply would not understand your presence in their domain. Attempting to talk to them would only interfere with their activities of eating, breeding, and defecating. They would become angry at your presence and immediately attempt to kill you.

    Attempting to discuss national problems with Obama’s ilk and his enablers is the same. Our sides are totally different. Our focus should be on complete seperation, not on making more concessions to leftists, Blacks, and Browns. Our unrelenting drive must be on White autonomy. An all White society would certainly not be a utopia by any means, but it would be much better and much more civilized, by many orders of magnitude.

    Miscreants and undesirables simply do not belong in civilization, and I do not apologize for saying that. It’s simply the truth.

    • This is what the whites in South Africa should have done.

      They should have made the bottom half of the country for whites and separated it from the “Northern ” part.

      When the original Dutch first settled southern South Africa, there were a few small tribes of Africans that died off.  The Blacks of South Africa came down from the North and were NOT the original settlers or “owners” of southern South Africa any more than the Dutch.

      The southern part of South Africa DID belong to the white man.  It is here they should have drawn the line. Kicked out ALL THE BLACKS,  armed themselves to the teeth and said: WHITES ONLY.

      It would have worked. Why? There would be no way any blacks could have committed any act of terror or any attacks on the whites since NO BLACKS COULD BE IN Southern South Africa.

      That is the #1 reason for an All White country.  Anybody who isn’t white would be followed and questioned and monitored.  Thus, racial strife would be IMPOSSIBLE.

      In an all White nation, there would be no racism. No racial discrimination.  No “education gap”.  No racists Affirmative Action,  no Black on White woman rapes.

      We, as the White Race, will NEVER know peace until we have a White Nation.

  • Bantu_Education

    Just read this on a financial newsletter I receive – thought I should share it here…

    Most commentators wanted to make the system simpler, so that the winner would be chosen by majority of the popular vote…

    But we wonder: why should one person’s vote count as much as another’s? What is sacrosanct about the one man, one vote principle?

    Yesterday, we explained that zombies shouldn’t vote at all. People who get money from the government should abstain; they have a conflict of interest. Naturally, the zombies vote for more blood. And now, there are so many of them, it’s impossible to stop them.

    And what about people who haven’t bothered to read the paper or inform themselves about the issues? We admit; such people are usually way ahead of the common, brainwashed voter… but for the sake of argument, shouldn’t the informed voter’s vote be worth more than the uninformed voter’s vote?

    People who don’t pay taxes shouldn’t be allowed to vote either. Golf memberships… clubs… corporations – almost all require that your dues be paid up before you have the right to vote.

    Come to think of it, how come the government doesn’t operate on a “let them who pay the piper call the tune” basis? Why don’t the people who actually pay the costs of government get more say in how it is conducted? Why don’t they get more votes than people who pay nothing? You might get one vote for every $1,000 you pay in taxes, for example. If you pay nothing, you get no vote. If you pay $1m, you get 1,000 votes. Wouldn’t that be fairer?

    Or, how about this: auction votes on the internet! You just put out, say, 100 million votes. Make them available by national auction. And then voters get to decide for themselves how much they are worth… and how many they are willing to buy. You have an election every year… and give the proceeds to the government.

    You could allow for a market in votes. Vote scalpers could buy votes in a block early… and then sell them off to desperate voters on election day.

    Yes… let’s have an honest election, for a change!

    Until tomorrow,

    By Bill Bonner

  • Ageofknowledge

    I agree. All true.

  • palmcoastpatriot

    Amidst all the gloom and doom, there’s a few things to consider that are more positive.

    1) VERY Conservative Republicans – and very White – won domination of the House.
    The House election results are a more accurate measure of the intrinsic political mentality of the nation since the left-wing national media have much less ability to skew the outcomes.

    2) Republicans have 30 Governorships to only 18 for the demonrats.

    3) Republicans are the victim of terribly bad luck with timing.
    If sour faced bland John Kerry would have won in 2004, then all the blame for the financial melt-down would have fallen on the democrats and any Republican would have won a landslide victory. Any Republican would have nurtured the fragile economic recovery of 2009 with tax cuts, less regulation, and less government resulting in a much stronger economy and another dominating Presidential victory.

    The Conservative ideology is based on the values of personal responsibility and economic freedom.
    It’s an ideology geared to confident First World peoples in a land of great opportunity. Conservatism will never have much appeal to Blacks who are hopelessly mired in government dependency and Racism Paranoia.
    On the other hand, there’s real potential to bring a significantly larger percentage of Hispanics to embrace the Conservative ideology. They have significantly higher I.Q.s, a much better work ethic, and a recent census report showed that they greatly reduced their birthrate indicating that – unlike blacks – they have the critically important ability to use contraception.

    I’m not naive, but there are over 200,000,000 non- Hispanic Whites in America and it’s the more Conservative of us who are having, by far, the most children.
    If the Republican Party can create a stronger sense of racial-political solidarity in Northern Whites and combine it a more skillful appeal to Hispanics outside of mexifornia, then they’ll make a strong comeback in Presidential politics.

    Watch out for Ted Cruz for 2016.
    It’s long overdue for the Republicans to run a young dynamic charismatic candidate for the Presidency.

    • The U.S. House of Representatives was the firewall against what was a mild blue wave because this was the first House elections after the 2010 red wave/teanami rushed in Republican state legislatures that gerrymandered most states’ Congressional maps favorable to Republicans.  The blue wave that turned out to save Barack Claus was in a Congressional sense clumped up in safe blue gerrymander districts.  Look at Ohio:  Blue for President and Senate, but 12 of its 16 Congress seats went Republican.

      As an aside, Allen West (loser, thank God) is bitching about fraud and the new district he had to move to because the Republicans in the Florida State Legislature aced him out of his district.  I wish that one would shut up, go away and find something to do to help himself or us.  No, dillweed, your district wasn’t aced out of existence to hurt you, it was aced out of existence to help the team wearing the red kit (a bit of British lingo there) overall.  The 2010 census bumped FL up from 25 to 27 House seats, and the state legislature merely drew lines to keep as many of those 27 as possible in Republican hands, and thank God for them they did considering the Obama ground game in Florida.  You’d think an ex-military man would grok the concept of taking a bullet personally to save a company.

      As for Ted Cruz, my tribal instincts tell me to oppose a national career for him.  If he votes okay on immigration, then fine.  Let him have a nice long Senate career.  Too, he wrote the amicus brief on behalf of the states in the Heller cause, to his credit.  But I want my white country to have a white President and Vice-President.

      • John

        I completely agree, my friend.

        With regards to many on our side beginning to yield ground to the left by making pro-Latino, pro-Asian, and pro-Black comments, I resist all of those comments and ideas in totality. I do not want Latinos, Asians, or Blacks representing me, my friends, my family, or my business. I will never vote for a Latino, Asian, Black, or Brown, nor will I ever vote for Whites who enable them or advance their causes. Period.

        It’s not because I hate them or anything illogical like that, but the fact of the matter is that we all have very strong, innate motivations to act on behalf of our own people. Latinos, Blacks, Asians, and Browns act on that and vote accordingly. Only Whites fail to do so to the same degree.

        Unfortunately, many of the weaker-minded Whites have been led astray by those who assert that diversity and multiculturalism are “good”, and conservative individuals like me are “bad”. Of course, “conservative” no longer equals “Republican,” as we have seen for many years now.

        The imperative need for the complete Balkanization of the United States grows by the hour. I am completely serious.

    • Don’t and I mean DON”T you EVER insult me by calling me a “non-Hispanic” White.

      I am WHITE.  

      The phony term “Hispanic” is a fabrication.  By definition I am “hispanic” since my parents happened to be living in Brazil when my Dad (a pilot from Alabama – white racists redneck man) knocked up my Mom (white GERMAN girl from  New York) and produced me (a white racists redneck boy).

      I am serious. Drop this term.

      • US_Eurolad

        In spite of my general dislike of your proposed methods, this is quite relevant. Hispanic is such bullsh!t and invented. Secondarily, like the OP is becoming more and more the mainstream with that little catch phrase that is all the rage now “non-Hispanic Whites” You see it more in MSM now than ever. This puts Whites at the bottom rung and that will become the way it is spoke from here on out. Language, and control of language is power. This is why Negros, became Colored, became Blacks, became “African Americans”. Now the other browns also want to climb the ladder of language power. Soon it will be “non-Hispanic Whites” anytime you are talking about white people.

  • Achaean

    Look out for interesting article, Gregory Hood, “A White Nationalist Memo to White Male Republicans”.

    • I just read it, spectacular, profound!

      This is my new bible, making copies for anyone I can convince to read.  Im still left with, what now?

      • US_Eurolad

        “What now?” I just penned a 5 page manifesto about “what now” on a different site. I despise the amount of censorship on amren and still think this is a place run by -very- scared and soft white males who could NEVER carry out said manifesto, but that being said, I will link to it in short order. Stay tuned. The revolution WILL be televised and you won’t even have to go to jail assisting it.

  • ed91

     “Could We Fix An Election –Sure. They Would Never Know It”

    Ulsterman Report, by Ulsterman

    Original Article

  • WOW! What a cliff hanger.  I agree, the Republican Party is finished, and I’m a Precinct Chair in my district.  I’m done.  Just listening on talk radio about the need to increase the base by pandering and appeasement was disgusting.  They are OVER.

    But what remains?  When I speak to other white conservatives of the need to collaborate with a racial group/identity to reclaim ones standing, values, and goals they are appalled?

    What is it going to take to get the average white conservative to understand we are under assualt, marginalized, discriminated against (diversity) and disenfranchised solely BECAUSE  we are white?  Most dont get it, they refuse to accept the truth and the facts. 

  • LHathaway

    dont know about the content but this is one of mr taylor’s better presentations

  • Fire Eater

    Third world nation brings gun legislation – registration – confiscation – REVOLUTION.

  • This seems like an opportune time for a reminder from His Eminence, Pastor James David Manning, that actually, a black President was NOT just re-elected on 11/6. 

    See “Her Name Is Miss Ann”:

    But, by all means, proceed!

  • ed91

  • Yair

    Henry Hi, 
    I am unable to watch this video due to country restrictions. I am including the note I wrote Jared Taylor on this.  Would you be able to lift the restriction?

    Jared hi,I tried watching your latest youtube upload “The 2012 Election: What It Means for Whites”. 
    I was hoping to hear your thoughts. I believe these elections were nothing short of an ethnic showdown, with the America of old on the losing end.Unfortunately, I received the message that “this video is not available in your country”.You may be aware that I live in Israel. According to Youtube the reason for blocking availability in certain countries could be because of copy rights. I can’t imagine that that would be relevant to your commentary to he latest elections.I would love to be able to see your commentary and I wanted to place it on my FB page.Would it be possible to lift the country-restrictions on your end?Many thanksYair.

  • eiszeit

    Jared, either name the jew or shut up already.  It’s not possible to take any race-conscious White seriously if they refuse to acknowledge the fact that every White nation is under the control of a violent middle eastern race that hates Whites and wants to genocide them.

  • John R

    In my opinion there is perhaps only one workable solution to the decline of this great nation (Make no mistake, the decline of The American Majority IS also the decline of the nation as a whole.): End Universal Sufferage. If we established some reasonable restrictions on voting, much of our politics would change for the better. I am not rich, by any streech, but here’s my idea on qualifications for voting:
    1. You should be at least 21 years old to vote. People under thyat age are just too immature, and are ignorant of life. They only know what their teachers tell them. And don’t give me “But you are old enough to fight at 18…” That is BS. We have no draft in this country. The people in the service are all volunteers. And, as much as I respect their service, just because you are a soldier, does not mean you understand issues in this country any better than a civilian.
    2. You should be a taxpayer to vote. Retirees can vote, too, if they paid into the system most of their lives. You should at least have paid a minimum amout of taxes to be eligibal to vote. Not be rich, mind you, but at least be a productive citizen. I would make an exception if people have physical disabilities that preclude them from working.
    3. The old requirement to be a property owner works well for me, too. Be someone who has a natural stake in this country.
    4. Like running for office, you should be a citizen, AND be born in this country to vote. It would probably never pass, but I would like to add, that it would be even better if BOTH your parents are citizens, too.
    5. A literacy test is not a bad idea, either. At least know something basic about this country, and it’s government, before you can vote. (And the test is in Standard English!)

    There, that about does it. Note that it would exclude most non-whites from voting, especially people who just sneaked accross the border to get welfare freebies. I realize that passing all these requirements wouldn’t be easy, but the Republicans should work at passing at least some of them. That would ensure the survival of our two party system; of competent government in the USA; and ultimately, the survival of the White Majority in this country and the World.

    What do you fellow posters think?

    • Bantu_Education

      It would be pretty obvious that the majority of those being denied would be black and brown, so rather let everyone have ONE vote (for being a citizen) but with the possibility of earning extra votes up to a maximum.  

      My own idea would be based on these 5 “C” principles, namely….

      CITIZENSHIP (single basic vote for everyone of age)
      CONDUCT (deduction of, or total suspension of voting rights, depending on the offense) 
      COMMITMENT (additional votes for long term citizens, ie, would benefit older people) 
      CONTRIBUTION (sliding scale according to tax contribution) 
      COMPREHENSION (a test for knowledge of the issues)

      Under this or a similar system citizens might have from 0 to 100 votes, but with most responsible citizens in the range of  10-30.   One could argue against a maximum limit (as there is no limit for wealth or tax contribution) but a system in which a few wealthy people held a large proportion of the total votes would not be healthy either, that is why I would propose limiting it to 100 or thereabouts, depending on size of the total vote.

      Of course nothing like this is going to happen in the large “democracies” since it would need to be “approved” by the mass of non-contributors who wield so much power.  This is my proposal for a new “country” (or city state) on long-leased land, built from scratch and inhabited by “like-minded” and “approved” citizens.   “Intentional Communities” as it were, but hopefully not the hippy fringe.     

    • Aside from the fact that I think most of your proposals are absolute non-starters in the real world, the reason I would reject property/real estate requirements is because Shaquonda can own a house with a subprime loan and a productive white person in an expensive city has no choice but to rent.

      Any proposal, like I want, to restrict the franchise to net taxpayers would never get past the courts for substantive due process.  Also, what of white first responder public employees, cops/fire/parameds?

      The only realistic route to reducing the real franchise is to restrict the vote to people under 21 to those who are in the military or are engaged in some equivalent public service, and disenfranchising convicted felons totally.  Even that will be a hard slog.  Then after that, enacting security measure on top of security measure to prevent fraudulent voting.

  • Jack Smith

    Leo McKinstry is clearly one of the few journos who gets it.

  • Jmail

    This guy has nothing of substance.  only one color vs. another.  Stupid

  • “This video is not available in your country.”  Freedom of expression made in Germany.

  • dislaw

    Still waiting for the “another video”…so are the other 59%.

  • lakshmi

    Thank you for sharing this post.