Lacrosse Equipment Company Finds Itself in Hot Water After Questionable Slogan

Yahoo! Sports, November 9, 2012

Warrior Lacrosse, one of the sport’s preeminent equipment companies, recently ran a promotion in which it gave away pairs of its Dojo shoes to people who used the hashtag “Ninja Please.”


Jovan Miller, a midfielder on the Charlotte Hounds and one of just three African-Americans playing Major League Lacrosse, said that he is boycotting Warrior products because of it.

“The actual meaning behind ‘Ninja Please’ is the ‘N-word Please,'” Miller told WCNC. “They put ninja in it to kind of disguise it.”

While Miller is sponsored by Warrior’s rival, Maverick, the MLL was co-founded by Warrior founder David Morrow. All the teams in the league wear Warrior equipment, and MLL promoted the campaign through its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“As far as Major League Lacrosse is concerned, I do believe they were just ignorant to what the phrase was,”Miller told WCNC. “But in those [Warrior] offices, when someone came up with that phrase, I believe they knew exactly what they were talking about.”

Major League Lacrosse Commissioner David Gross told WCNC that he was unaware of the expression’s actual meaning.

“I honestly didn’t know what it meant until someone told me to look it up,” Gross said. “MLL was simply posting and retweeting a sponsor. We deleted all of it after I found out what it meant.”


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  • IstvanIN

    Ninja is now code for N#99#2????  Why not just ban the letter “N”!

  • The more shocking news is that there is a professional lacrosse league in this country, which means too much bread and too many circuses.

    • skara_brae

      Lacrosse is a good, tough sport with no preening, hot-dogging or bragging. And it is played by tough, fit, vast-majority white athletes. (with a nod to Six Nations athletes/teams). 

  • Let me get this straight: A Bantu is upset over the use of a Japanese word, “ninja” claiming it actually means the “enword”. How can this be? 

    Would he feel better if the slogan was, “Nigerian, please”?

    • dukem1

       Hey!  Who ever heard of a ninja saying “please”, anyhow?

      • APaige

        Who ever heard of a N**ger saying please?

  • ed91

    that’s probably a common black thought process.

    everything is about them and their blackness.  or so they believe.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I would never have guessed this had Miller not brought it to the nation’s attention.

    Can we use the word “ninja” here without having our comments deleted?

    Ninja, ninja, ninja!  (That felt good.)

  • RebelliousTreecko

    You’d think the East Asians would be the ones angry over this.

    • East Asians are smart. They honestly know and openly say that people like Jovan Miller don’t make irreplaceable contributions to civilization.

  • Spartan24708

    I find it hard to keep up with all the racist buzz words that keep cropping up. Chicago, apartment and now ninja? Is there something we aren’t getting in this story.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I hadn’t heard about “Chicago” and “apartment”.  This might be good news; maybe the ninjas are in the process of completely losing it.

      • Spartan24708

        It was actually “Chicago politics” but just the city name does it for some people. I checked the “ghetto dictionary” online and this is true believe it or not but since it is something blacks say to each other it should pass.
        Sent from my iPad

    • Lorin

       The person that controls word meanings controls the  conversation. The more words blacks and minorities find racist or hurtful the more constrained white people will have to be. I work in such an environment, what means one thing today may have an entirely different meaning tomorrow depending on the feelings of which person feels hurt.

  • Do you mean “ninja”, as in “ninja loans”? Yes, it’s all becoming clearer now.

  • I really care about offending blacks. It’s something that keeps me up at night, as I wring my hands together.

    • dukem1

      Man up, Darryl!   There’s enough pillow-biters out there as it is.
      Do not be niggardly with your true thoughts and feelings!
       You can get through this!

  • In the African thought process, primitive as it is, any word can mean anything they deem it to mean. Racism is whatever they decide it is. And woe to those who disagree. A good analogy would be the SPLC. A hate group is any group the SPLC says is a hate group. Therefore, anything an African says is racist, is racist.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “Any word can mean anything they deem it to mean”.

      I thought that was the Humpty Dumpty character in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass” in his conversation with Alice:

      “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean; neither more nor less.”

      “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

      “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master – that’s all.”

  • TheCogitator

    Blacks can make these far out insane accusations, and we are supposed to run around like they make sense.

    As the far more intelligent people, whites must learn to tell blacks to go to hell.

  • “We OWN that phraseology!”

  • I would have opted for ” git to it ninja”.

  • JackKrak

    Yes, Detective Jovan Miller, you’ve cracked the case. You saw right through the transparent attempt by Warrior Lacrosse to put the old cliched marketing trick of tapping into raw racial hatred to drive sales of lacrosse equipment. Good that you & others like you are on constant watch for this kind of shocking corporate malfeasance and I for one am grateful for your vigilance. We all look forward to your next discovery of a word beginning with the letter “N” followed by “please”. Keep us posted!

  • dhs

    I don’t agree that the black lacrosse player is stupid or irrational. Blacks have keen social awareness, and are good at social manipulation. This Jovan Miller recognized an opportunity to attack  white men, and he did so with a fair amount of success.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    It just occurred to me that the shoes being promoted in the give-a-way were called “Dojo”.  A dojo is the Japanese word for a martial arts training hall.  The use of the ninja term in this promotion thus makes perfect sense, and Miller has marked himself out as one dumb dude.

  • Warrior Lacrosse was giving away its Dojo shoes to people who used the hashtag “Ninja Please.” A dojo is where martial arts are studied, so why shouldn’t they refer to someone trained in the martial arts.

    F*** Jovan Miller. He’s also probably offended by the word “niggardly” and thinks that “picnic” was a lynch mob. 

  • mark

    Lacrosse is a sport played by whites and aboriginals. In twenty years I have never seen a black kid playing lacrosse. One wonders who could be offended here. Certainly not the people involved in the sport.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Yes; blacks don’t play much lacrosse. One can only wonder how Miller thinks a black boycott of the Warrior Lacrosse company will accomplish anything.

      What we are really seeing here is a self-absorbed individual with a towering inferiority complex who believes he isn’t receiving enough attention, so he decided to make an issue out of a totally contrived non-problem and take it to WCNC. WCNC operates both a television station and an AM radio station from Charlotte, North Carolina, and is thus a part of the mainstream media that has dedicated itself for the last several decades to giving crackpots like Miller a platform from which to spew venom at the people who built this country.

      Once this tempest-in-a-teacup dies down and Miller again decides he needs attention, it is an odds-on bet he will accuse the Duke University lacrosse team of raping him.

      • The next order of business is calling in the dork in Orlando with a fax machine. He’ll give the whole sport of LAX an F grade for having a lack of diversity.