Two Male Nurses Caught on Camera ‘Sexually Abusing 98-year-old Stroke Victim’

Daily Mail (London), November 8, 2012

Two male nurses were caught on camera performing sexual acts on and beside a 98-year-old stroke victim.

The in-home nurses, Russel Torralba and Alfredo Ruiz, masturbated and fondled each other at the foot of the woman’s bed in San Diego and are now being investigated for their shocking behavior, XETV reports.

In one instance one of the men performed an explicit act on the woman’s body.

At one point, one of the male nurses can be seen leaning over the woman’s body, performing an explicit act.

The woman is unable to speak or communicate with her hands after suffering a stroke and right-side paralysis in 2005, but is fully aware of her surroundings, the family’s attorney, William Berman, says.

‘I myself couldn’t believe it,’ Berman told XETV. He said it was the most shocking case of elder abuse he has seen in 15 years of practice in that specialty

The home-shot footage is from March 3 and March 11, 2011.

Family members have additionally discovered instances of sexually inappropriate acts on five occasions dating back to February 27, according to public records.

The family had been paying Torralba and Ruiz $55 an hour, over $1,300 a day, for their services.

The current suspension on the two men bars them from working for home health agencies, but allows them to work in hospitals.

A hearing on the permanent suspension of their licenses is scheduled for November 14.

The state Department of Consumer Affairs launched an investigation last year into AMS Home Care Solutions, the agency the men worked for.

‘We are working to shut them down,’ Russ Heimerich, a spokesman for the department told the San-Diego Union-Tribune.

The San Diego District Attorney’s office is reviewing the case for possible criminal prosecution.


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  • Francis Galton

    I guess these are the natural conservative Republicans the GOP has been crowing about, huh?  I have little doubt they would be quite amenable to erudite expositions on the Laffer Curve and pro-“growth” tax policy.  After all, they’re just “hard”-working “stiffs,” right?  

    • .

      And these guys had such great conservative family values.

    • Frank

      What does this have to do with conservatives or Republicans?

      • The__Bobster

        Obviously, the sarcasm went right over your head. Check the speeches of W.

      • tickyul

        If you have not been watching let me clue you in…….the Phonycons love to bleat on and on about how conservative Hispanics are……great family values and all that BS.

        • Xanthippe2

          And the Republicans want another huge amnesty (like Reagan did) so more of the co-ethnics of these two (many with the same ethics, no doubt) can have these sort of jobs.  You know, nursing is one of those jobs that Americans do not do.

          • tickyul

            Both corrupt parties want it……….so it is going to happen.

          • Then the GOP is signing its own death warrant. So be it.

  • Sure, they only come here to do the homosexual mutual masturbation in front of infirmed elderly bedridden patients that Americans won’t do.

    Then again, I doubt there was much of a demand for that kind of thing ever.

  • IstvanIN

    The current suspension on the two men bars them from working for home health agencies, but allows them to work in hospitals.

    Will they be allowed to work during the night shift when their are no witnesses?  Hospitals do not have room cameras.  Sounds like a great deal for them.

  • ilovemyrace

    This ain’t nutin.   Wait until Whites are just a tiny minority in North America and we loose all power — then the payback can really begin. 

    You think there is a lot of violence, crime, and dysfunction in Mexico and Africa?   Well wait 50 yrs & watch what happens in the new mulitcultural paradise of America.

    • Gereng

      If you remember your Charles Dickens novels, Uriah Heap will comt to mind as you consider what minority status will be for whites when hispanics become the majority…

  • Laura White

    55 bucks an hour? 

    • .

       Of course. That’s the going rate to watch two men masturbate one another. How much did you think that cost?

      • The__Bobster

        If there were ten of them in the room, they’d still be overpaid.

      • Xanthippe2

        Generally, the home health agency gets that much and the caregiver gets about half of it.  Still if they did their jobs properly, while there would be some heavy lifting and clean up, most of it would be just sitting around.  Not that stressful and not requiring that much skill.  A decent person could fill the time reading a book.

        • Twenty pesos says Juan and Pedro can barely spell their own names.

    • Joe

      I noticed that too.  My understanding is that that’s how much their contracting agency AMS Home Care Solutions was billing for their “services”.  I would further guess that some or all of that was paid for by California through some program.  There’s no way private citizens would pay $1500 a day out of pocket for two sleazy dudes to “hang out” with grandma.  Most private citizens would pay about $15 an hour to a female (probably Hispanic) caretaker here.

      California taxpayers are the indirect victim here.  I guess these two hombres were doing the jobs Americans don’t want to do.

    • Bob

      “55 bucks an hour?”

      I do not believe this. I worked in nursing homes and did home health care in college. Now while the home health care place got $55 an hour, these two losers probably got $8 to$10 an hour.

      Nursing homes are staffed by the poorly-paid,  the incompetent and sometimes the abusive. The management is top-heavy, overpaid and usually does no work. These days, most of the management are women, and their idea of working is holding meetings, talking, and having little clue of what is going on in the place.

      Those of you who will end up in nursing homes are going go be sorry. And by the way, government training and certifications (i.e., having to be a Certified Nurse’s Aide) is part of the the problem because the classes weed out the competent and allow the incompetent in. It’d be better if there was no certification and college students were once again allowed to work.

      • kjh64

        I’ve always thought that we so shortchange our elderly. We spend billions on foreign aid, foreign military bases etc., illegal immigrants yet neglect our own helpless. It’s like parents who take care of everyone else’s children while they let their own starve. If we were sane, we would cut almost all foreign aid, kick out the illegals and halt all 3rd world immigration, cut off most of the welfare for the young able bodied, stop government waste and use that money for OUR citizens. Nursing homes would be staffed by professional nurses with nursing degrees who were paid the same wages as nurses in a hospital and our elderly and helpless citizens would be top priority.

        • Bob

          “Nursing homes would be staffed by professional nurses with nursing degrees”

          Nursing degrees don’t mean anything. I’ve worked with enough of them to know many of them are almost psychotic. Plus, the government is trying to get rid of the LPN and made everyone an RN — which requires a four-year degree. This will shrink and shrink the pool of workers.. An LPN who became one in a eight-month program is all a nursing home needs, along with college students as aides. The more certification, the worse the care becomes.

  • Rabornj

    Back during saner times, these two would no longer be alive!!

    • dukem1

      My go-to reaction when I hear about these horrendous crimes is that the guys should just be taken out in the parking lot and given a bullet in the head…But with these two, I think that would be too nice to them…maybe make them stand there for a while and then a shotgun blast to the gut.  Just despicable.
      Plus also, it’s such a pleasure to think that we’ll all be chippin’ in with our tax dollars to pay for their public defenders.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Once they reach prison in California, they might not be alive long. Sex offenders aren’t well-liked, especially not the really weird ones, like those who prey on children or the disabled elderly.

  • TheFutureIsMurder

    This is a good present-day look at the future that all the naive white-guilt liberals have worked so hard to create.

  • Nicholai Hel

    Leave your fragile relatives at the mercy of subhuman beasts harboring a perceived historic grudge against your kind? Why not. It worked in Yugoslavia.

  • Jay11

    Just losing a medical license?  Shouldn’t they be going to jail?

    On a more somber note, most of us who will be old in 30-40 years time can look forward to a non-white nurse or home attendant.  There’s just so few whites left in these lower level care jobs. 

    • The__Bobster

      Obongocare actually mandates it.

    • BannerRWB

      Given an Ethno-state, with racial restriction on those entering the country for any reason, at least we would have those of our own extended racial family to care for our elderly or infirmed.  In this particluar case, 1) remove the immigrants, 2) end welfare, and we should have, 3) White americans would do these jobs if the alternative was starvation.

      • No need to threaten Whites to get us to work.  Whites like having jobs.  But yeah, welfare only for the disabled or people who are actively seeking employment.

        It seems like you bought the rhetoric that Whites don’t want to do this kind of job.  Whites have been hospital nurses since Whites invented hospitals, and everyone knows that if you want an intelligent, efficient nurse you should try to get a White.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “Most of us who will be old in 30-40 years time can look foreward to a non-white nurse or home attendant.”

      Once I can no longer take care of myself, I’m looking foreward to a whole lot of booze followed by an appointment with a plastic bag.

    • Brian

       If things don’t change, in 30-40 years I doubt America will exist in any way, shape or form.
       In between the incredible and fast growing debt crisis our leaders are shrugging off, illegal immigration, and tens of millions of fast-breeding Blacks sucking the coffers dry with welfare and destruction, an infrastructure that’s beginning to fail, an education system telling us it’s ‘White’ and boring to succeed and ‘Black’ and ‘cool to fail, I really doubt in 30-40 years we’ll have the skilled people, let alone the ability or will to keep us going.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Maybe this is why the Japanese, who have an aging population of their own, are working so hard on robotic home-care assistants.

      • eunometic

        The machines aren’t that complicated. One of their machines is simply a device that you walk or wheel yourself into, it then showers you and dries you up. It is not necessary to buy it, the are rented. Older people love it as it restores their independence. Electronic bidet toilets are another( I have one)and of course automatic vacuum cleaners.

        Cheap labour has undercut the investment in automation and with it has gone the quality that automation provides and the experience it can drive further. We are now at a stage many companies have deskilled to the point they no longer can know what to purchase and contract.

        Had it not been for cheap labour harvesting of even difficult fruits like berries would have been automated. At one point Brazil was able to sell cheaper orange concentrate due to thei better and higher automation levels! So much for cheap labour.

    • In 30 – 40 years those helpless and unable to take care of themselves will regard the ones already dead as the fortunate.

  • A lot of the same kooky White folks who voted for Obama are going to be in one of these homes soon, and they’re going to be really shocked as to the amount of care they get from their brown/black/yellow sisters and brothers.  Serves them right.

    • StillModerated

      Their abuse will be seen as isolated cases. Millions of isolated cases of abuse. No pattern here folks, move along.

    • refocus

       No, they will understand the source of the maltreatment as the lingering vestiges of white racism.

  • French_reader1

    The only good side of this story, if there is one to be found, is that those people would not make a difference between you and a pro-immigration liberal.

  • puffdaddy

    BRA – ain’t it great?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    You’re never too old or infirm to experience the benefits of diversity!

  • negrolocaust

    baltimore- 27 year old white man at bus stop  beaten into coma broad daylight in city center inner harbor area 50 percent chance survival in knockout king game by 8 blacks one held his feet while the others kicked his head.

    north carolina- 20 yr old white boy random attack knockout king by 5 blacks with a bat teeth knocked out lost one eye skull fractures.

    • Every dad who loves his child needs to give him or her the Derbyshire talk. It might save his child’s life.

  • StillModerated

    The good news is that they can now get legally married in Maryland and Maine.

    • IstvanIN

       What does this have to do with gays?

      • SLCain

         Right, nothing to do with gays.   Because one guy yanking another guys winkie……that’s really hetero.

      • Michael Alan Prock

         Borders for behavior and borders for countries are highly related concepts.

      • StillModerated

        Read the entire story again. Read it out loud and very slowly.

  • ZB

    There’s something about men who become nurses that jt is a wee bit off.  I don’t know what it is.

    • ZB

      I’ll try that sentence again:  There something about men who become nurses that’s just a wee bit off.  I don’t know what it is.

      • Xanthippe2

        Some nursing jobs require men due to the strength factor.  And totally normal White men used to do these jobs.

        • Epiminondas

          Walt Whitman was a nurse during the Civil War.  We know how he turned out. Not exactly a paragon of virtue.

      • When I was younger most male nurses were men who had been medics in the USArmy; That was back when we had a draft, and they had no choice about it.

  • Michael Alan Prock

    This is why I like to live dangerously. Who wants to end up in a nursing home with an illegal alien nurse stealing the change off your nightstand and putting toothpaste in your hair for kicks? Toothpaste if your lucky.

  • ViktorNN

     In case you were wondering, many hispanics hate us. The chance to abuse and sexually degrade an elderly WHITE woman is a big part of the thrill these scum are enjoying. And the fact that they inflicted pain on a WHITE family will no doubt console them when they’re locked up. The racial aspect of this incident is inherent and implied in what they did, but of course hate crime charges aren’t even mentioned and won’t ever be filed.

  • On a more serious note, this is what the Greatest Generation deserves.  It is the natural consequence of their smarmy anti-White policies.  They and the boomers let these people in.

    • Xanthippe2

      Sure, there are a few commie oldsters.  But most wanted a White America and were betrayed.

  • jeffaral

    Surely it’s a rich family if they can pay the nurses $1,300 a day.   A family that supposedly got rich in Southern Mexifornia employing tons of illegals.   Payback time now eh???!!!

  • “Celebrate Diversity!” (gag me)

  • KenelmDigby

    Disgusting, stomach-churningly revolting filth.

  • Granny Grunch

    I just bet they are NOT RN s