Mississippi Joins Lawsuit Against Obama Administration over Illegal Immigrant Policy

Fox News, October 10, 2012

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has joined in a lawsuit against the Obama administration over its plan to stop deporting many young illegal immigrants and grant them work permits.


The lawsuit was filed in August in federal court in Dallas on behalf of 10 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees. It contends that the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals plan violates federal law and forces ICE employees to break the law by not arresting certain illegal immigrants.

“States must protect their borders while the federal government continues to ignore this growing problem,” Bryant in a news release.

“I believe this action by the Obama administration is unconstitutional and circumvents Congress’ authority. The fact remains that illegal immigration is a real issue with real consequences, and ignoring the rule of law is irresponsible. As governor, I cannot turn a blind eye to the problem of illegal immigration and its costs to Mississippi.”

Bryant, a Republican, has said for years he wants to tighten immigration enforcement because he believes the federal government has done a poor job.


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  • crystal evans

    I agree that the federal government has done a poor job on immigration. The whole purpose of this program was to get these young kids out of his campaign offices. Several of them had taken over several of his campaign offices and refused to leave. What he should have done instead of institute this program, he should have called the police and have them removed. He did not need to placate the Latino voters because they would have voted for him anyway because they do not trust Romney.

    • Bill

      You’re close.  He SHOULD have called INS AND the police and had them detained for deportation or arrested or both, as was appropriate.  But it’s Obama we’re talking about and his minion Eric Holder of the Department of InJustice.

  • jedsrael

    Whe know where this is headed.

    Even if we get some sanity from the Fed. Justice system, which is doubtful, given how dedicated they are to crushing out our mite of remaining White privilege, the gain will be temporary.

    We must recognize and acknowledge that as Whites become the hated minority, ALL our remaining legal safeguards and protections will quickly succumb to the BRA Diversity Swarms.

    There is nowhere to hide, and no cavalry is riding to our rescue.

    Even if Whites are superior in many ways to blacks, what will it matter in ten years from now, or by 2016?

    Anything we create to improve ourselves, or even for humankind in general, will be confiscated by the Diversity with demands that “ya’lls owe it to us right now because you took too long to do the right thing with emancipation, integration, and civil rights”.

    Whatever we keep away from their confiscating Civilian Diversity Army, the NBP-NOI will find it and destroy it, except our beautiful White daughters, whom they will enrich…

    • Laager

      What you describe is exactly what has happened in South Africa
      In 1868 the population disposition was 50% white and 50% black
      In 2000 the ratio was 3% Indian[Asian], 7% Coloured [Mulatto], 10% White and 80% Black.

      The Black population exploded as a consequence of the following White benevolence:
      1 – Western medicine and health service. This included clean safe drinking water.                       Infant mortality dropped and average lifespan increased. 
      2 – White commercial farmers kept the store and supermarket shelves stocked with a greater variety of nutritious food. Famine was factored out of the Black African way of life.
      3 – An efficient police force, judicial and penal system. Blacks were subjected to white western laws. Faction fighting [to the death] between the 9 Black tribes was all but eliminated.
      4 – Education. Post 1820 blacks were taught to read and write. This opened them up to greater education and knowledge which lead to …………
      5 – Better job opportunities and earning salaries in an emerging industrialised cash economy
      6 – With money in their pockets [traditional Black societies did not have currency and operated on a barter system] they were able to buy all the material benefits of a western capitalist society.
      7 – Better state provided housing as Blacks migrated to the cities in search of work.
      8 – Other benefits included Christianity, Democracy and The Rule of Law.

      What all of this added up to was that more breeding males and females survived in their societies. Add that to their custom of polygamy and that Black women on average give birth to 6 infants and the arithmetic is clearly there for all to see.

      At the end of all this SA Blacks still maintain they were oppressed.

      In 1994 they were gifted a fully functioning country – the best on the African continent – with a developed first world infrastructure.

      They have demonstrated their gratitude by murdering 40,000+ whites since gaining their “freedom” in 1994. Within that figure are the nearly 4,000 commercial farmers and small holding operators that have been brutally slain – the food providers to the nation.

      Downtown areas in some of the big cities have been abandoned by whites. The worst case is Johannesburg, the commercial heart of the nation. It is now starting to rival the derelict areas of Detroit. For the detail on this phenomena GOOGLE: The Death of Johannesburg. You will find both a photo essay and an article c 2002 by British journalist Ross Benson [RIP] spelling it out clearly for those that want to inform themselves.

      Spread the word amongst like minded Americans. This is what is coming your way as the size and influence of the white population diminishes in the USA. 

    • The__Bobster

      Even if Whites are superior in many ways to blacks, what will it matter in ten years from now, or by 2016?

      Fixed it.

      Even though Whites are superior in many ways to blacks, what will it matter in ten years from now, or by 2016?

      • anonymous_amren

        Even though Whites are superior in many ways to blacks, what will it matter in ten years from now, or by 2016?

        Fixed it.

        Even though Whites are superior in almost every way to blacks, what will it matter in ten years from now, or by 2016?

  • Bobby

    What is so utterly mindbogglingly incredible about all of this, is that states like Arizona, Mississippi, etc. are doing nothing more than carrying out current, established, United States immigration law. Think of it!! The administration is fighting against U.S. law that was created by Congress, is currently valid, and hasn’t been challenged by anyone else!!

    • Jed Sant Devi

      Not once have you heard these governors warn their people to be prepared to take matters into their own hands, for failure of their Fed. Govt. to defend them.   

      • Bobby

        It’s nothing more, along with so many other things that go on, a complete breakdown of the law. And I believe it is done on purpose, making your observation even more relevant.

        • mobilebay

          Hey, Bobby –

          How’re you doing? Thought I’d lost track of my fellow patriots.  And of course, you’re right. We have become a nation of unenforced laws and a nation of (illegal) immigrants.

          • Bobby

            Thanks. Hope your’e doing well.  It just blows me away that anyone who claims to be a citizen of the U.S. isn’t amazed or bothered at least by some of the stuff that is so obvioulsy going wrong in this country!? Are Americans plain blind, or don’t they even care?

          • mobilebay

            Bobby, realized after I wrote that I have a different sign in here. This is June. As to your question, I think it’s both. I witness this in my own family. Many turn a blind eye to the problem of mass immigration, both legal and illegal. And the younger ones are still “bleeding hearts” who think it’s okay to come here by any means if you’re poor. They don’t realize they’ll be in the same boat when they must continue to pay for the upkeep of illegals.

        • Amy

           Of course they allow this, encourage it in fact by proving public assistance to foreigners and their offspring, among other things. Our government has no intention whatsoever in protecting our borders and actually seek the flooding of our land by these immigrants. We will be weaker that way, much less a threat, and less likely to victoriously reclaim our nation from the psychopaths that now rule over us. 

  • Henry Clay

    From Wikipedia: Cecilia Muñoz (b. July 27, 1962) is director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. Prior to that, she served as the White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. A longtime civil rights advocate, she worked as Senior Vice President for the Office of Research, Advocacy and Legislation at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), a nonprofit organization established to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans, overseeing advocacy activities that cover issues of importance to immigrants.

    This is like putting Admiral Tojo in charge of the US forces in the Pacific in WWII.

    Why is Romney silent?

    • Henry Clay

      Oops–it was General Tojo–but readers can get the point. 

      • The__Bobster

        If you can get to the “edit” button expeditiously, no one will know you oopsed.

        • Castlemoon5

          Where is that magic button?

  • Eurobeing

    I have heard Richard Spencer say this on the Political Cesspool. “Things are gonna have to get much worse for whites before they wake up.”

    Unfortunately I think he’s right.

    • MarcoSolo

       By which time it will be too late.

      • Net_Drifter

        How easy it is to intone that melodramatically.

        • Svigor

           By which time it will be too late to do things in a compassionate, high-minded way.

          There, if he’d just finished the sentence, it would’ve worked okay.

          The US fed gov’t is the glue holding the anti-White regime together.  As it collapses, Whites will find a new way forward.  This problem is not circumstantial, it’s systemic; until we solve it, it’s going to keep biting us on the ***.  Put another way, Whites are going to have to get a few things through their thick skulls – if not the easy way, then the hard way.  Eventually, a reckoning is inevitable because the smaller the White race becomes via mongrelization, the more racist the remaining Whites will be, until the tipping point is reached and we resemble certain Levantine populations’ psychological profile more closely than we do the current White one.

    • anonymous_amren

      No, whites would wake up if things started getting BETTER. If we had MORE free speech, MORE job security, MORE honest politicians, or MORE free time, we would be able to talk to white people about white issues without so much fear, and the message would get out. The only way white people can be kept in the dark is with a powerful oppressive system. Weakening that system will help people wake up.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “…the federal government has done a poor job…”?

    They haven’t done ANY job.

  • Amy

    The federal government is made up almost entirely of psychopaths and  secondary
    psychopaths (having been influenced by their refusal to reject  psychopathy) and therefore our entire nation is now a Pathocracy. Governor Bryant is. statistically speaking, likely one of them and only playing the part of controlled opposition. By all means, there are perhaps a dozen, nationwide, political leaders that are fighting the evil ruling over us, but we almost never hear from them-save for their tragic and “accidental” deaths.  As far as the governments “failure” at immigration..they have not failed. I assure you they very much intended to flood our nation with foreigners, thereby weakening our strength and ability to fight and resist them.  

    • Whirlwinder

      Illegal immigration is just a small facet of the immigration problem. We are allowing any and every body to come to America and this has been an ongoing problem since Ted Kennedy and his socialist buddies amended the immigration laws in 1965. We are setting up a third world banana republic right here and we WASP’s will be the minority. Why republicans and other thinking folks do not scream to their representatives about what immigration is doing to us is beyond me. I weep for what our country is becoming.