Modern-Day Galileo: J. Philippe Rushton (1943-2012)

Satoshi Kanazawa, Big Think, October 10, 2012

Last week the world of science lost one of its most courageous and brilliant practitioners, and I have lost a dear friend and colleague.  On 02 October, J. Philippe Rushton passed away at an infuriatingly young age of 68.

I first learned of Phil’s work in 1999 when, as a then member of the Social Psychology Section of the American Sociological Association, I received a complimentary copy of the abridged edition of Race, Evolution and Behavior, which Phil had sent to all 600+ members of the Section at his personal expense.  I read it right away, then I purchased and read the unabridged version.

When I met Phil in person for the first time the following year, I could not believe that a man so intensely hated in public (nearly always by idiots who did not know him personally and who did not know anything about science) could be so gentle, genial, and generous in person.  His very kind and mild manners always impressed me, especially in stark contrast to how people thought and assumed he was.

Here’s one of my most favorite pictures in the world, which I call “The four most hated men in science, and Jim Flynn.”  The four most hated men are, from left to right, J. Philippe Rushton, Helmuth Nyborg, Richard Lynn, and yours truly, with James R. Flynn at the center.  The picture was taken at the 2007 conference of the International Society for Intelligence Research, by a young intelligence researcher Jonathan Wai. I proudly display this picture in my office at LSE. My latest book The Intelligence Paradox: Why the Intelligent Choice Isn’t Always the Smart One is partly dedicated to Phil, as well as to the other two most hated men in the photo and other courageous pioneers in the field of intelligence research.  I can’t believe there can’t be any more pictures like this with Phil.

Here’s another picture of Phil and me, also taken by Jon at the same conference.  It simultaneously displays Phil’s gentle nature and my characteristic inability to make eye contact.  The behavior geneticist Robert Plomin is in the background.

There’s another picture that I love, even though neither Phil nor I are in it.  In the early 1990s, during the height of the controversy about his work and student protests against him on the campus of the University of Western Ontario, where Phil taught most of his career, a photographer from the student newspaper, the Western Gazette, captured an image of a black student protestor vandalizing Phil’s office and spray-painting on the door “Racist pig live here.”  If that’s not supreme irony, I don’t know what is.

There is one very small consolation in Phil’s tragically early death:  Phil was not an artist, he was a scientist.  When an artist dies, his art dies with him, which is why there has not been (and will never be) Beethoven’s 10th Symphony or Guernica II.  Unlike art, however, science is cumulative.  The rest of us can honor his memory and his scientific legacy by continuing his work.  Phil was simultaneously a tremendous role model and a very tough act to follow.  He was a model of scientific integrity.  Unlike Galileo, he never recanted.

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  • Guest

    I have really enjoyed watching his debates, as well as reading about his work.  He was always so polite and humble,I suspect him of Christianity. Nothing that i have read or heard from him could justify the idea that he hated any race.  no horns, no tail, just scholarship.

    • anonymous_amren

      He can’t have been a Christian then, since the bible commands it’s followers to hate and exterminate certain races.

      Plus he completely understood evolution and contributed greatly to the science of human evolution.

      • Guest

         I was not trying to start a debate about Christianity, just the practical observation that he seemed to love his neighbour as himself.  If you want to alienate orthodox Christian believers who visit this site, you will reduce support for people like Dr. Rushton, jared taylor and others.  perhaps you want to separate atheists, agnotsics and Christians who are of European decent.  I really can’t see how this will brighten our future.

        • anonymous_amren

          I’m assuming there will always be plenty of Christians like you here to ensure this site doesn’t come across as anti-Christian.

          But there needs to be a variety of political beliefs and various levels of superstition and science represented here if we are going to attract new people and let them feel like they too could be a white nationalist or a race realist or whatever they want to be. It would also be a bad idea to let the white nationalist movement become dominated by conservative christians, who would try to turn it into a movement for something else.

          • David Ashton

              Very sensible: a broad coalition against alien mass-immigration and compulsory multi-culturalism, with a positive commitment to the shared beneficial heritage of our civilization, is needed.  Sectarian splitting and ideological vanity have been a major handicap to WN and patriotic movements.  A battle between Jupiter 7 and Rushton supporters is ridiculous and needless. We need to recognise positive features in our different allied groups.

      • nettle

        Jesus’ teachings were to do the will of the Father and service to others (brotherhood of man).  Jesus by how he lived his physical life showed how God was – full of compassion and love.  Nothing but love that is our God the Father.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Compare this classy, cultured gentleman to the human garbage who opposed him: money-grubbing $PLC hucksters, racist “people of color” activists and disheveled, unwashed self-hating white campus Marxists.

    May God rest his soul.

    • When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this infallible sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.
      -Jonathan Swift-

    •  Oh, do you mean the hucksters from the Northern Richly-Endowed Lie Center?

  • Purestocles

    “Unlike art, however, science is cumulative.  The rest of us can honor his memory and his scientific legacy by continuing his work.”
    I’ve just finished reading Isaac Asimov’s book PHOTOSYNTHESIS. I was staggered by his retelling the history of the high level research involving generations of biochemists who patiently teased out the fantastically finely grained structures and processes involved. Simply unbelievably creative and persistent research. A tribute to European/American GENIUS. The best of who we are. We should be proud of ourselves. 

    If this is an example of the work of “dead white males”, then only an idiot (literally) could think that this is a legacy and history not worth passing on to our young people.   

  • Denise

    When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this infallible sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.Jonathan Swift


  • JohnEngelman

    Unfortunately J. Philippe Rushton did not live long enough to be fully vindicated. I hope Jared Taylor and Charles Murray live that long. I hope vindication comes soon. 

    • He was vindicated in the eyes of decent, reasoning people.

  • Athling

    What a pleasant contrast Satoshi Kanazawa is with David Suzuki.

    • Jupiter7


      Unfortunately, in building a bronze statue for Rushton, Suzuki is allowed to steal the ecology issue…and at the same time carry out the prime directive of the billionaire Bronffman family-Suzuki’s $$$$$!!!! benefactor-to use the ecology issue to jusify racially cleansing Canada of Native Born White Canadians…street by street,town by town, and province by province….and this is exactly what the repellant Suzuki has been up to in recent years.

      • Athling

        Duly noted.

        I’m not an expert on Mr. Suzuki’s background. He seems to be the typical race denier. It is fairly clear that he wanted to discredit Dr. Rushton’s research on race differences from a scientific perspective but was unable to. Instead, he used emotional arguments and name calling making himself appear to be a psycho-leftist.

        For years the Left in all its incarnations have insisted that race is nothing but a social construct. That people are basically the same and differ only in their environmental situations. Genetic differences mean little to nothing.

        This way of thinking has profound implications. For example, it means that Congolese Africans could have just as easily written the Constitution of the United States, put a man on the moon, or discovered the mysteries of the atom, as any white men. It means that you should have no objections to a Mbuti Pygmy marrying your daughter because there are no meaningful differences between people. Race doesn’t exist.

        Rushton and very few others put their careers and reputations at stake by throwing off the shackles of Leftist dogma and presenting scientific evidence that race does in fact exist. All people are not the same. Real differences exist and have consequences.

        I think most of the regulars here at Amren either have a background in science or are interested in it. Dr. Rushton deserves our respect and even admiration in my view. He is not the single monument to our cause, the preservation of the white race, but he was a scientist with an important voice in these matters.

        I take it environmentalism is important to you?

  • Suppose for a moment that Rushton’s scientific inquiries into racial differences so happened to yield findings that there are no significant differences among the races. Rushton’s research would have been celebrated by the mainstream and likely resulted in accolades and promotion. The legitimacy and validity of the research would have been viewed as obviously necessary and appropriate. The methodology behind his theories would have been praised in textbooks. Instead the empirical data supported something other than what the cultural marxists (pseudo-scientists)) desired and as a result Rushton got endlessly harassed, slandered and put on a “hate watch” list.

    “Results oriented” thinking has no place in science. I am sure bright students from all around the world are inculcated with this concept from a very young age. Americans and westerners will not be able to control thought and intellectual curiosity around the world–particularly in Asia. It is only so long that truth on certain topics can be villified and kept hidden from mankind.

  • Jupiter7

    Still that  building a monument to Rushton…what a waste of time. Think of all the other things that you could be talking to your fellow Native Born White Americans about…such as:the post-1965 nonwhites are generating out-of-control exponential population growth within the borders of the US…such as the loss of the environmental-ecological amenities that make life worth living…such as being surrounded by a hostile,high fertility, and heavily armed nonwhite majority.

    Rushton is 100 percent irrelevant to all the above. So, I ask, why so much Rushton…day after day?

    You could mop the floor up with the race-replacement enthusiasts in a “debate” without ever mentioning the IQ test score issue…and it would not be a coincidence that you would be able to to do this.  The moment you raise the IQ test score issue, none of the things I mentioned above will be discussed…and these are the very things that connect very deeply with gut-level-visceral Native Born White American Racial Tribalism which is the only game in town. The biggest fear of the SPLC is that Native Born White Americans start acting on their gut-level racial tribalistic instincts. For when this finally happens, all the stupid “debates” will be over…Native Born White American Tribal Instincts will kick in….with a vengence.

    It is by many orders of magnitude more important for our  fellow Native Born White Americans to know that a lone Chinese immigrant introduced a pregnant Asian snakehead fish into the Potomac River thereby setting into motion the ecological destabilization of Virginia’s riparian ecosystems than it is to know the finer points of Rushton’s psychometrics.

    Comrades, I harbor no malice when I write this,but sadly, some of you, are just completely clueless…very sad indeed.

    • anonymous_amren

       You are a stupid troll, please go away and successfully debate some race replacement enthusiasts somewhere and show us how it’s done.

      I attack race replacement purely because of the scientific research of people like Rushton. Without people like him, I’d be out actively campaigning for the race replacement of white people in all their countries.

      • Franklin Ryckaert

         Ultimately it is not about the quality of races in the race-replacement debate but simply about SURVIVAL. “Superior” and “inferior”  races equally have an interest in (and therefore a right of ) survival.

        But since the race-replacement enthusiasts often use the argument that “we are all equal” or  “we are all the same” ( because “races don’ t exist” or “we are all Africans” ), it is important that both ideas can be  scientifically refuted.

        The scientific proof of the inequality of races is also important in the question of Black under performance, which is still officially( and therefore institutionally) blamed not on nature but  on “white racism” .

        • Jupiter7

          Franklin Ryckaert

          What you wrote is just plain if millions of Native Born White Americans have the time to debate the finer points of psychometrics. If they do this we will surely be reduced to a violently persecuted racial minority within the borders of America quicker than you can say jack rabbit.

          Comparing Rushton to Galileo is an insult to the memory of Galileo. Any undergraduate philosophy major who has taken an undergraduate class in the philosophy of biology and recieved a final grade of B would have no problem sidetracking a Rushton enthusiast away from the race-replacement issue for the duration of a one hour public debate on the race-replacement issue.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            “Any undergraduate philosophy major who has taken an undergraduate class
            in the philosophy of biology and recieved a final grade of B would have
            no problem sidetracking a Rushton enthusiast away from the
            race-replacement issue for the duration of a one hour public debate on
            the race-replacement issue.”

            How so?  I don’t think I get your point.

          • anonymous_amren

            He doesn’t have a point, he’s about as sharp as a bowling ball, and just as stuck in a rut as one.

  • Jupiter7

    I suppose  what I am ultimately saying is that Jared Taylor should transform himself into a tree-hugger and leave the realm of psychometric mad calibrationists. Combining biophilia with gut-level-visceral Native Born White Nation American Racial Tribalism….now that’s the ticket comrades!!! Doesn’t get more gene-centric than this now does it? It’s the right kind of gene-centrism…the genes-blood-soil kind…that exposes in an instant during a public “debate” the very nasty intentions of the Asian “American” race-replacement enthusiasts within the borders of our America.

    • I think we should leave the Jared Tayloring to Jared Taylor and the Jupitering to Jupiter.  In other words, there’s a time and place for psychometrics and a time and place for tribalism, and they’re not mutually exclusive, nor the bane of each other necessarily.

    • I have come to the conclusion that Jupiter7 is nothing more than troll who does not really share our concerns. Anyone who hates Rushton as much as he does, probably hates white people too. 

  • Tom P.

    It is interesting to note how quickly in his career Prof. Rushton’s work came to the
    high regard of distinguished academics–and this long , long before he ever touched
    domains of hot controversy.   In their letters  in 1990 defending Professor Rushton’s academic
    freedom, both R. J. Herrnstein and Travis Osborne note the keen regard each of them was  giving
    Rushton’s work  (and his manifest brilliance) back in the 70’s near the beginning of his
    academic career. 

  • Sardonicus

    What a wonderful tribute from Satoshi Kanazawa. I am grateful for his thoughtful eulogy. Scientific study into race differences gives race realism credence and must continue.  Far from fearing the findings, the results help us better understand the world we live in and help us better adapt to it.

  • Frank Ellis

    When Professor Rushton was attacked by Marxists and other enemies of the West he stood firm. When our lovable little Japanese friend was attacked last year he capitulated, grovelled and issued a Maoist-style apology when ordered. So he still has a job but at what price? Satoshi Kanazawa is a disgusting coward who threw down his rifle in the face of the enemy and deserted. No amount of warm words about a real hero (Rushton) can gloss over his (Satoshi Kanazawa) snivelling intellectual and moral cowardice. I had hoped for a Samurai warrior and all I got was a rotten, stinking piece of sushi. 
    I have now received all the answers to my Freedom of Information requests submitted to the London School of Economics which I initiated last year and interesting reading they make.
    The words of Leonidas come to mind: “May you live forever”.
    Dr Frank Ellis, 13th October 2012
    Dear Professor Rees:
    I am writing to express my sincere apology for the controversial post on my Psychology Today blog and the damage it has caused to the reputation of the School. I regret that the controversy surrounding its publication has offended and hurt the feelings of so many both inside and outside the School. The blog post in question was motivated entirely by my scientific curiosity and my desire to solve an empirical puzzle. It was not at all motivated by a desire to seek or cause controversy and I deeply regret the unintended consequences that its publication nevertheless had because of my error in judgment. I accept I made an error in publishing the blog post.
    In retrospect, I should have been more careful in selecting the title of the blog post and the language that I used to express my ideas. In the aftermath of its publication, and from all the criticisms that I have received, I have learned that some of my arguments may have been flawed and not supported by the available evidence. In my blog post, I did not give due consideration to my approach to the interpretation of the data and my use of language.
    The past three months have been most difficult for all concerned, and I would never want to relive the experience. I give you my solemn word that in the future I will give more consideration to the approach to my work and I will never again do anything to damage the reputation of the School.
    Yours sincerely,
    Satoshi Kanazawa
    Approved by the Central Committee of the Nigerian Communist Party subject to Satoshi Kanazawa’s successful completion of ideological rehabilitation
    Signed: Good Luck John Boy

    • nettle

      What was Satoshi apologizing for?

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

         For telling the truth of course. That’s not PC.

    • Tom P.

      Sidestepping the issue Prof. Ellis raises–I would like to emphasize his use of THE FREEDOM
      OF INFORMATION ACT ( very much based on our, USA, FREEDOM OF INFORMATION
      ACT).   This use of the Act by Prof. Ellis is the first time I’ve seen an academic on either side
      of the Pond manifest use of the FOIA regarding psychologists .  In reality, the American FOIA, at least, provides access to file materials that may be held by federal entities concerning deceased scientists of note.   Certainly any such Request signed off by a number of scientists would be especially stimulating to the agencies to conduct thorough searches and to redact as little as the law compels.   For UK readers, it may be noted that all, or almost all?, of our
      States have counterpart state laws to the federal FOIA.   It is more likely than not that
      FOIA material is accessible, upon request, for such figures as Rick Heber (The Milwaukee
      “Project” ), William Shockley, R. J. Herrnstein, Carleton Coon,  Stephen J. Gould, Henry
      Garrett,  Robert Kuttner
      Too “journalistic” for academic tastes ? Too risky, for careerists? 

  • nettle


    I salute a courageous man who persisted to follow the truth
    under continual trying circumstances.  We
    all shall try to continue your work in one form or another on this physical
    level, Philippe Rushston. 

    As stated in the Urantia Book, p. 196, “Civilizations are
    unstable because they are not cosmic; they are not innate in the individuals of
    the races.  They must be nurtured by the
    combined contributions of the constitutive factors of man – science, morality,
    and religion.  Civilizations come and go,
    but science, morality, and religion always survive the crash.”   

  • Anthnyg11


  • NordiquePride

    “When an artist dies, his art dies with him…”

    Hmmm. No. Art survives long after the artist dies, if it is good. Just, as I think, good science does. Unfortunately, sometimes bad art and bad science also survive. I believe it is up to each new generation to work hard at weeding out the good from the bad, and then promoting the good. That’s why I support AmRen. History does show that White Europeans have been better at doing this than most (all?) other peoples. Ergo, supporting Whites goes a long way toward supporting the good.  

  • Eurobeing

    This calls to mind another great racialist thinker who died kind of young Dr. William Pierce. I know we are talking apples ane oranges here but both men we scientists. Pierce was a physicist who could have had a cushy job at some university kissing the ass of the Trotskyites the rule the realm.

    Instead like Rushton he chose a harder path one less traveled. In doing so he founded the National Alliace wrote the Turner Diaries and Hunter and inspired white racialist thinkers like myself with weekly broadcasts.

    Pierce died at 69 in 2002. We will miss these two great men of science and truth.

    • Bantu Education

      Race realists tend to die (relatively) young – I made mention of this in reference to Prof Rushton who (in the photo provided) looked very healthy and younger than his years.  Of course liberals (who tend not to believe in God anyway) will say this is God’s punishment for being a racist.   I prefer to believe that they have gone to a better place – a place where the truth is God.    

      • anonymous_amren

        No, they didn’t go to a better place. They died. Now they are dead. It’s not a difficult concept.

    • David Ashton

        Personally I would not wish to put Professor Rushton in the same category as someone who wanted literally to massacre feminists, race-mixers, media-bosses and especially the Jews, and yet who seemed to live a relatively charmed life, as a convenient Aunt Sally with which the “anti-racists” could “compare” and smear other opponents of race replacement.

  • I just hope we don’t have to wait 300 years to accept the truth this time around

  • FourFooted_Messiah


    He was castigated because it is assumed that somehow human genes work
    differently than the genes of every other species on the planet.   That
    somehow, diagnostic differences that denote race or subspecies in other
    creatures somhow do not apply to H. sapiens. 

    To me, the leftists who CLAIM to accept Darwinism are NO DIFFERENT
    than Special Creationists, in that somehow,  somewhen,  the mechanisms
    behind natural selection and genetic change, of population genetics,
    stopped applying to humans.  The only difference between the two groups
    is when and how (though not why – the underlying “why” is “because
    humans are special”.) I hold as an example the Spirit
    Bear, a white race of the black bear.   Why aren’t white and black
    humans similarly considered different RACES to the idiots who try to
    insist “race doesn’t exist”?  (Oh, it does, in OTHER ANIMALS, but not in

    New bit:

    And this against all evidence of forensics, in which race can be determined by examining the genes of an otherwise unrecognizable, unidentifiable,  corpse.  There are certain markers which denote race in humans, just as there are in other races of other species.

    Also, look at the genetic mess that is the Canids.  Coyotes, wolves, and dogs can all successfully interbreed with each other (barring mechanical problems like size, which simply indicates that, barring intermediate cross-breeds, chihuahuas and great danes are well on their way to speciating due to the size barrier).
    The line between these creatures and foxes (vulpdids) is probably more strict, which would indicate mere species divide between vulpes and canis,  not generic divide.

    The dog has indeed been reclassified as Canis lupus familiaris, from its former full-species status as Canis familiaris.  But where do coyotes fit in with all this?  From what I recall, genetic research along the lines of the Human Genome Project found that the coyote is the founder of the wolf species, grandfather of the dog (Jackals not fitting anywhere into this, which would indicate they are a different species on the level of the interbreeding fox groups, equal to the wolf-coyote-dog species.)

    Granted, all humans can interbreed too (whether or not we can interbreed with chimpanzees is still an open question, as so-called “intellectually honest” scientists are too afraid to combine gametes in vitro to see if they divide, because of the firestorm on BOTH fronts that would be forthcoming.)  But if we can recognize that a German Shepherd is a different race from a Siberian Husky is a different race from an Eastern Timber Wolf is a different race from a Coyote is a different race to a Shih-Tzu, why can’t we recognize that a European human is a different race from an Oriental human is a different race from a Negroid human, etc?

    Last year, biologists went ape poo over news of a cross between a grizzly and a polar bear was found (dead, of course, shot by a “sportsman”)..  They immediately lamented the possibility that grizzlies and polar bears would start regularly interbreeding, thanks to climate change, and that would result in a loss of diversity – two species would melt into one.  Ahem.  Isn’t this what the leftist, miscegenation crowd wants from humans?  To eliminate the differences between races (by first trying to convince us that “race doesn’t exist in humans”)?  Ahem.  Don’t they care about biological diversity?  Or do they only care when it suits them to, and don’t care when it goes against their grain?

    • Bantu Education

      Last year, biologists went ape poo over news of a cross between a grizzly and a polar bear was found (dead, of course, shot by a “sportsman”).. They immediately lamented the possibility that grizzlies and polar bears would start regularly interbreeding, thanks to climate change, and that would result in a loss of diversity – two species would melt into one. Ahem. Isn’t this what the leftist, miscegenation crowd wants from humans? To eliminate the differences between races (by first trying to convince us that “race doesn’t exist in humans”)? Ahem. Don’t they care about biological diversity? Or do they only care when it suits them to, and don’t care when it goes against their grain?

      An excellent anecdote with which to challenge the anti-white hypocrisy of liberals and greenies who are so desperate to preserve diversity in nature but who want to dilute and/or eliminate diversity in humans.   The paradox is solved once one realises that they only want to eliminate the white (racist) strain of humans.      

      • FourFooted_Messiah

         I tihnk a major part of the reason why some folks get so uptight when the word “race” is brought up is because people tend to use the word “race” and “species” interchangealy, when they’re different concepts with different effects.  The entertainment media is REALLY bad at throwing the word “race” around when “species” is more properly meant (ie, Humans and Vulcans are not different “races”, they’re different species.  Wjhen World of Warcraft asks you to choose your “race”, it should be asking you to choose your species instead, etc.) 

        So when we talk about the White race, or the Black race, or whatever, these confused folk think we’re denying that humans are one species – which they think is the same as being “one race”.  At least, when it’s convenient.  They’ll recognize differences between dog breeds (races) as being significant, but differences bewteen human populations – that would be called “races” if we were observing any other species – is somehow irrelevant or non-existent or illusionary.

  • Aaaaaaa

    Can we PLEASE PLEASE stop comparing racialist academics/researchers to Galileo and such? Just because they broached taboos does not make them comparable to scientists of such esteem, who had far more to go by than their disregard of taboos. It’s so disingenuous and pretentious.

    • Jupiter7

      No doubt about it. In comparing Rushton to Galileo some our comrades here make themsleves look like bona fide intellectual lightweights. Sadly, they don’t realize how foolish they are comming across.

      • David Ashton

          Comparing Rushton to Galileo is perhaps an overstatement, but the return of what our common opponents call(ed) “scientific racism” is comparable to the beginnings of the Copernican revolution in astronomy.  Gates was a distinguished geneticist and fieldworker, but was defamed as a Nazi, Coon was a distinguished physical anthropologist but has been described constantly as “discredited”, Cattell was an outstanding psychologist but has joined them, and others, in the memory hole contrived by the dominant “anti-racist” third-raters that include the “race replacement” ideologists you rightly condemn.

    • anonymous_amren

      I’m sorry, we didn’t mean to insult great scientists like Rushton by comparing them to Galileo. I agree that Gelileo is not comparable to scientists of such esteem.

  • If you aren’t upsetting a lot of powerful cliques – you are not speaking truth.

  • The truth has to hurt, it’s the sound of the heart and mind as layers of lies and sediment are scrubbed away after millenia.