Do Black People Support Obama Because He’s Black?

Jesse Washington, AP, October 14, 2012

Surviving slavery, segregation and discrimination has forged a special pride in African-Americans. Now some are saying this hard-earned pride has become prejudice in the form of blind loyalty to President Barack Obama.

Are black people supporting Obama mainly because he’s black? If race is just one factor in blacks’ support of Obama, does that make them racist? Can blacks’ support for Obama be compared with white voters who may favor his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, because he’s white?

These questions have long animated conservatives who are frustrated by claims that white people who oppose Obama’s policies are racist. This week, when a black actress who tweeted an endorsement of Romney was subjected to a stream of abuse from other African-Americans, the politics of racial accusation came full circle once again.

Stacey Dash, who also has Mexican heritage, is best known for the 1995 film “Clueless” and the recent cable-TV drama “Single Ladies.” On Twitter, she was called “jigaboo,” “traitor,” “house nigger” and worse after posting, “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.”

The theme of the insults: A black woman would have to be stupid, subservient or both to choose a white Republican over the first black president.


Antonio Luckett, a sales representative in Milwaukee who is black, called the attacks on Dash unfair. But when people speak out against a symbol of black progress like Obama, he said, “African-Americans tend to be internally hurt by that.”

“We still have a civil rights (era) mentality, but we’re not living in a civil rights-based world anymore,” he said. “We want to say, ‘You’re black, you need to stand behind black people.’“

Luckett said one reason he voted for Obama in the 2008 primary against Hillary Clinton was because Obama is black: “Yes, I will admit that.”

Is that racism? Not in Luckett’s mind. “It’s voting for someone who would understand your side of the coin a lot better.”

Such logic runs into trouble when applied to a white person voting for Romney because he understands whiteness better. {snip}


Clinton got 83 percent of the black vote in 1992 and 84 percent in 1996; the third-party candidate Ross Perot probably sliced away some of Clinton’s black support. Al Gore got 90 percent in 2000; John Kerry got 88 percent in 2004. Obama captured 95 percent in 2008, and 2 million more black people voted than in the previous election.


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  • SirMarlowe

    Yes, Blacks support Obama because he’s Black, and now it’s time for Whites to support the main White Candidate because we cannot afford to allow Obama to be re-elected. The reasons for this are presented below:

    According to published accounts Barack Hussein Obama – now President of the United States of America – is an immoral degenerate. These claims are reported in detail in the following media:
    Barack Obama is a homosexual (search: LarrySinclairYoutube) (Sinclair was/is a male homosexual prostitute; see also: (Several homosexuals involved with Obama have been murdered: Donald Young, Larry Bland, & Nate Spencer.)
    (Reggie Love, the Black personal aide to Obama (Body Man) was quietly removed from his position because his homosexual relationship with Obama was becoming too obvious; Michelle has been rumored to have an affair with a secret service agent.)
    Barack Obama is a dope addict (search: LarrySinclairYoutube & Read the book: Dreams from my Father; this was supposedly an autobiography, however, primarily ghost-written, by Bill Ayers, who is a socialist/communist.) (Sinclair claims that Obama did crack cocaine; Obama admits in the book that he has done hard drugs.)
    Barack Obama is a bastard child. (see DVD “Dreams from my Real Father” by Joel Gilbert) (Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, was not married to his real father, Frank Davis, when he was born; and her marriage to the goat-herder from Kenya was a sham.)
    Barack Obama is a flagrant liar. (see Jerome Corsi’s book: Where’s the Birth Certificate & Joel Gilbert’s DVD) (He knows that the birth certificate that he presented to the public is a fake, and he knows who his biological father is: Frank Marshall Davis. Obama flagrantly lies repeatedly to the American public telling them that the birth certificate is authentic and telling them that his father was a Kenyan goat-herder.)
    Barack Obama is a Marxist Communist. (see Gilbert’s DVD: Frank Davis was a communist organizer; he was Obama’s mentor; Obama went to Occidental College, a hot-bed for socialists and communists; one of Obama’s much-used slogans is “the redistribution of wealth”, which is a basic tenet of communist ideology.)
    Barack Obama was a “C” student, at best. (see Corsi’s book: Obama will not release any school transcripts to demonstrate that he was not a “C” student.)
    The conclusion is that Barack Obama is an immoral degenerate who is hell-bent on dragging America down the rat-hole with him and his kind. He not only advocates the redistribution of wealth, he advocates – by his very person – the redistribution of immorality and degeneracy.
    The fact that such an abysmal character as Barack Obama has been elected as president of the United States of America is a tragically horrid commentary on a large segment of the American population: they are gullible, docile, and completely lacking in values.
    Because the sordid facts about Obama are gaining more exposure with the public, and because of the poor debate performances by both Obama and Biden, it looks as though Romney is going to win by a landslide; the Blacks are sure to become enraged and will likely loot, riot, and perpetrate violence against White people. Now is the time to show the Blacks, the other minorities, and the radical-liberal White women where we stand.
    You now have a chance to become a part of history: vote for Romney and Ryan: throw out the fraudulent Charlatan Obama and the Goofball Biden. Let’s make the vote total for Romney and Ryan as high as possible; don’t waste your vote on a third-party or a write-in candidate, and don’t abstain from voting. Let’s make the White vote for Romney about 70% of the total White voting-population.
    With a vote total of around 70%, the mass media is sure to proclaim that White people in general – and White men in particular – were racist in voting for Romney; this will surely incite the Blacks to riot if they have not already begun to do so. If the mainstream media labels the Whites as racist, the Blacks will feel that they are justified in rioting. You or a member of your family could be killed or seriously injured by crazed rioters; your place of business could be totally wiped out by looters and then burned to the ground. Police forces will likely keep their distance while the Blacks, other minorities, and crazed White liberals loot, riot, smash store-front windows, and torch businesses. These crazed, drugged, and drunken mobs will come into your neighborhoods and trash your vehicles. Instruct your family and friends to be on alert for several days after the election. Even if Obama wins, his supporters might riot in celebration.
    This will be a watershed year for American politics; beginning with this year, national presidential elections will clearly be decided in accordance with racial voting; the minorities will be fully aware of this and, if the White vote for Romney is around 70% of the White total vote, then the White people will also become aware of this. Due to changing demographics, which see rising minority populations and a declining White population, the only way a White presidential candidate will be able to win will be with an overwhelming White vote. If we are not able to attain such a vote in the future, Romney could well be the last White president of the United States of America. This is your chance to become a part of history: vote White and help clearly define national politics as racial.
    If Obama is elected, he will be a lame-duck president, and he will institute his Marxist Communist policies to the extreme – many by executive order. As an example: he will have a chance to appoint four (4) U.S. Supreme Court Justices: he will appoint Blacks, other minorities, radical liberals, homosexuals, and obsessed, anti-White crazies like himself, just as he appointed Latina Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. The Supreme Court will then make anti-White laws that we will have to live by. We cannot take the chance that the Marxist Communist Obama will be re-elected.
    Proudly tell anyone doing an exit-poll or a telephone survey that you are White and that you voted for Romney because he is a decent White man and that Obama is an immoral, degenerate, homosexual, dope-addict, liar, and Marxist communist. This is a politically strategic vote; express your solidarity with the White race. Now is the time for you to stand up for the White Race; this may be one of your most significant contributions to the survival of the White Race in America. Don’t let this chance get away!

    • anarchyst

      The o’bama sealed his records because he attended college and received scholarships available only to FOREIGN students.
      He has approximately 10 fake social security numbers and is presently using one issued in Connecticut.

    • 5n4k33y35

      All the ad-hominem attacks are unnecessary, and actually counterproductive among educated people. There is no solid evidence of any of your worst criticisms regarding his alleged degeneracy. This only plays well when you’re preaching to the choir, and the low-information voters among that choir.

      Here’s why you don’t vote for Obama. He won’t speak out against racial hypocrisy such as “Affirmative Action”. He won’t address the black crime problem. Barack Obama is a Feminist. I don’t say this with hatred, or because of overzealous political ideology. Feminism is the sad condition of far too many men in the western society, of all races.

      Also, Obama subscribes to the Neoconservative foreign policy view. American wealth is squandered in unnecessary foreign wars. He hasn’t closed GITMO. He signed NDAA (indefinite detention). The Wall Street bailout was dumb. He appears to follow the strategy of demographically overwhelming white Americans with immigrants. He cultivates dependency on government, not independence.

      He seems like a nice guy, but I don’t recommend anyone votes for him. As for myself, I won’t vote for Romney either, after he promised to carry on with the misguided foreign policy of Bush and Obama. But that’s just me. I’m keeping my hands clean.

      Nevertheless, I’m hoping Romney wins. And then if he carries on like Bush and Obama, I hope and expect he’ll either be impeached or he’ll last only one term. The ultimate rebuke for the two parties would be two consecutive one-term presidents.

      • SirMarlowe

        Ad hominem means appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than the intellect. By labeling the criticisms that I presented as ad hominem observations, you are suggesting that I am appealing to the general public’s prejudices. Are people prejudiced if they are opposed to homosexuality, illegal drug usage, flagrant lying, and not presenting basic information about one’s past?
        You claim that there is no solid evidence of any of the worst criticisms regarding his alleged degeneracy. In Obama’s own autobiography, he admits to being a drug addict; this is just like alcoholism: once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic: you may be on the wagon, or you may have abstained from alcohol for a longer period of time, but you are still an alcoholic, and you can alternately go on binges and then back on the wagon. Thus: once a drug addict, always a drug addict.

        This same argument can be made for Obama’s homosexuality: if homosexuality was your sole sexual orientation when in your teens and twenties, it’s not logical that you can switch over to exclusive heterosexuality. (This is probably especially valid in the case of Negroes, who are often obsessed with sex.) I would suggest reading the link “Is Barack Obama gay” on Kevin DuJan’s website:
        Obama appears to have married Michelle because of her political connections and for the sake of appearance for the general public.
        It is well known in Chicago that Obama frequented gay bathhouses (Man’s Country, for example) and gay bars when he was a State Senator.
        Concerning the credibility of Obama being a flagrant liar: telling the public that the copy of the birth certificate that the White House presented to the public is authentic has been proven by experts to be a flagrant lie. Additionally, telling the public that the Kenyan goat-herder is his biological father is clearly a lie as documented by Joel Gilbert in his DVD “Dreams from my Real Father.” The Kenyan goat-herder was about 5’ 5” tall; Ann Dunham was about 5’ 1” tall; Obama is 6’ 2”; Frank Marshall Davis was 6” 2”. Obama is left-handed; Frank Marshall Davis was left-handed.
        That Obama is a Marxist Communist seems to be indisputable (see text in my original post above)
        What kind of evidence would be necessary to be considered incontrovertible proof that Obama is, say, a homosexual? Would he have to be video-taped engaged in homosexual activity?
        You claim that presenting such arguments is counterproductive for educated people. Don’t you think that educated people should be concerned if the president of their country is a homosexual, a drug addict, a liar, and a Marxist Communist? Just one of these demonstrated allegations would be enough to have anyone else thrown out of office; however, since the mainstream media is supportive of Obama, and since such a large percentage of the American population is pro-Black and bereft of standards, Obama has managed to be elected and to stave off criticisms.
        It is to your credit that you are able to recite such a long list of Obama’s positions on domestic and foreign policy: positions that are detrimental to our country in general and detrimental to White people in particular. However, I would maintain that all of these positions are symptomatic of the real problem: Obama’s immoral and degenerate personality: by just attacking Obama’s positions, the questions of character go unaddressed. If you do not address the questions of character, you are presuming that Obama is of high morals and an upstanding individual. I am absolutely convinced that the most effective course of political action is to expose Obama’s character: the man is clearly immoral and degenerate.
        Attacking Obama’s positions one at a time would only tend to obfuscate the real issue: that being that Obama should not be holding the office of President in the first place. The primary question before us is not whether he is right or wrong on issues A or B; the question is whether or not he should be where he is in the first place.
        Your strategy of attacking Obama’s political positions is the long-term strategy of a lawyer or a legislator; my strategy is political in nature; it is the strategy of the executive in charge: you go after the man, you go after the core problem, you go after the jugular; you appeal to the uneducated and educated public’s sense of right and wrong, of moral and immoral, of decency and rectitude as opposed to degeneracy. You slam your fist on your desk and demand action; you don’t quibble and prattle on about issues and compromises. The man is an immoral, degenerate Negro, and he has got to go; it’s as simple as that!
        You stated in your post that you will not vote at all although you would rather see Romney win: I would ask you to reconsider. It is possible that you have become so much of an intellectual that you have become paralyzed and are now incapable of action. If we all just stayed home and kept our “hands clean”, as you say of yourself, we may as well write our epitaph.
        Keep in mind that a vote for Romney is a strategic vote; he doesn’t espouse an ideology of White Nationalism, and we know that. However, we must recognize our chance to use the momentum of this racially-charged election to our benefit. If we are able to amass up to 70% of the White vote for Romney, this would clearly define this national election and all national elections to come as racial: the Whites against the Minorities: the productive people against the free-loaders. Be a part of history. Vote Romney and Ryan – vote White – on November 6!

  • I believe Romney will win in a landslide. I believe the blacks will riot from one end of the country to the other. Every one I know and talk to is loaded and ready for war.When the blacks riot,it will be our opportunity to thin out the gene pool.

    •  The DHS didn’t by 1.5 BILLION rounds of ammunition this past year to go squirrel hunting.

      • Bill

        I’d bet most of the staff at DHS are clerks and desk warriors.  Who are they going to get to shoot up all that ammo?  Cops?  State police?  Sheriffs?  Though they are members of unions and often act like liberal thugs, when it comes to race vs race good luck getting white cops to shoot at fellow whites on behest of a black insurrection.  Ain’t going to happen.  

        • Ed_NY

          I must respectfully disagree with you Bill, the police culture in this country  operates with a siege or us against them mentality.  They are trained and conditioned that way. The police are more “militarized” then ever before. They are not the same breed of police that I looked up to in the 60’s.  I hate to paint all police with the same brush but they think and operate much differently then they did a generation or two ago.  As a retired law enforcement officer, I speak from experience and personal observation.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      I’ve read that major race riots roughly occur every twenty years. Since the last major riots were the L.A. riots in 1992, that would be right on schedule. If they occur nationwide, that would certainly be momentous. However, I believe that riots usually occur in the summer. Perhaps the “lingering resentment” of an Obama defeat will last until July or August?

    • Woody Woodpecker

      That’s a nice thought, but the millions on welfare programs, food stamps, SS disability, and unions workers employed by Fed, State & municipal governments will vote in a near 100% block for Hussein. A victory is possible, but a landslide would be a stretch. Would have to get the “couch potatoes” up off the couch to do that. And Romney does not inspire that type of enthusiasm.

      • Just for the record I would like to state that not every single government worker is a raging multi-cultural liberal.  I happen to work at the State level of goverance and I am totally opposed to Obama!  Because of the recession some of us have had to take these kinds of jobs just to survive, but it has not transformed us into Diverstity Mongers!  We ignore the Union bosses, we ignore the Diversity political commissars. 

        Just off the top of my head I can think of several co-workers who are Republicans (Christians) and even Libertarians who will not vote for Obama!!!!  (Yes times are so bad that even Libertarians are working for government now!)

        Poll: 35 percent of union members support Romney

    • Pete

      I am afraid that you are engaged in wishful thinking. I think that the elction will be 52-48 for Obama. I would like Romney to win but I do not see him winning the electoral college.

    •  Bring it on

  • White and Proud

    So what?. I am White and I tend to support White candidates because they are White. This is not news.

    • Dennis


    • RebelliousTreecko

       Are you daft?  I don’t believe in the “any White guy for 2012” stuff.  I want a White candidate who will support the interest of the European people, not another Bush. (or Romney, for that matter)

  • Jed Sant Devi

    Surviving slavery, segregation and discrimination has forged a special pride in African-Americans. Now some are saying this hard-earned pride has become prejudice in the form of blind loyalty to President Barack Obama.

    Awareness of their coming minoritization to BRA Diversity (Obama’s civilian army) is forging a special unity in the White community. Now some are saying this terrifying future must become a revived and ancient prejudice in the form of blind loyalty to whomever is against Obama. 

    • dhs

       That quote, “surviving..” , is a good example of African fabrication. Blacks were actually safer when they were slaves, segregated, and discriminated.  The greatest danger blacks face is from other blacks, not from white men. When white men ran America, black violence was contained,  therefore blacks were safer. Nowadays, black violence has been unleashed, and, guess what, blacks are the main victims. 

  • 9mmMax

    Do bears ‘pause’ in the woods???

    • Defiant White

      Oh no . . . you beat me to it!  LOL

    • Is the pope catholic? Does Howdy Doody have a wooden a$$?

    • Ggeorge9

      Actually, Max, they don’t. They pause on the roads so that they don’t spike their tender rear end on the blackberries. Well, in my woods anyway.

  • pc must go

    Because he’s a BLACK DEMOCRAT/LIBERAL… They vote 90% dem anyways… If he were a black conservative like Colin Powell (albeit not that conservative and DID switch parties just to support Obama because he’s black) or Herman Cain, who “let them have it” about themselves and said politically incorrect things about fellow blacks, they would not support them as much.

    Even Herman Cain only promised to win 30% of the black vote.  

    Would they vote 98% for a black republican like Cain, Steele, etc? I don’t think so. 

    • JackKrak

      Yeah, have to agree. Even in the (very) theoretical matchup of a conservative black Republican vs. a liberal white Democrat, blacks would vote 90%+ for the Dem. It’s about keeping money flowing first and voting black second.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Perhaps John Derbyshire at explained the blacks-vote-90%-Democratic phenomenon best:

      “…conservative ideals like self-sufficiency and minimal dependence on government have no appeal to underperforming minorities—groups who, in the statistical generality, are short of the attributes that make for group success in a modern commercial nation.

      “Of what use would it be to them to embrace such ideals? They would end up even more decisively pooled at the bottom of society than they are currently.

      “A much better strategy for them is to ally with as many disaffected white and Asian subgroups as they can (homosexuals, feminists, dead-end labor unions), attain electoral majorities, and institute big redistributionist governments to give them make-work jobs and transfer wealth to them from successful groups.

      “Which is what, very rationally and sensibly, they do.”

    • 5n4k33y35

      If the black Republican were in the general election, they would support him overwhelmingly. 

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     Luckett said one reason he voted for Obama in the 2008 primary
    against Hillary Clinton was because Obama is black: “Yes, I will admit

    Is that racism? Not in Luckett’s mind. “It’s voting for someone who would understand your side of the coin a lot better.

    In the last Alberta election, the Wildrose party was leading, right up until the media made a heyday out of one of the candidates saying “A white Albertan can understand me better than he can a Sikh or something” (or something along those lines).  What he said was absolutely true, and goes beyond Sikhs’ horrid accents, down to “how can a guy from India who doesn’t share my culture or background possibly have in common with me beyond that which I have in common with many other mammals?”

    It’s OK for a “person of colour” to consider things like this, but it’s not OK for the .. ah .. pigmentally challenged to do similar.

  • Jupiter7

    When Romney wins on Nov 6, and blacks go on a violent raping rampage, don’t forget to challenge them to a debate about Rushton’s psychometric data.

  • potato78

    Damn it.  Fine! 
    The question is now officially directed to:  Afro-Americans, Afro-Europeans, northern
    Africans, Ethiopians, African islanders, blacks in general,
    Anglos, Saxons, Anglo-Saxons, Germanic Aryans, Gauls, Romans, Greeks, Spaniards,
    Slavics, whites in general,
    soul-less gingers, gingers who have souls, Arabs, Persians, Aryan Persians, light skin latinos, dark skin latinos, orignal pure blood Aztecans, Incans, Cherokees, Australian aboriginals,
    New Zealand aboriginals, Amazon tribal people,  middle Asian Caucasians, Mongloids, Far East Asians, Southeast Asians, South Asians, Asia Black Indians, Israeli Christians, Jews, Aliens with human fetishes… Phobic and Philic…………..
    Phew!  This got to be politically correct enough!

    • Persephone Gray

      No… the New Zealand Maori would probably impale you on a taiaha for calling them “aboriginals.”

  • Defiant White

    Do the colored support Obongo because he’s black? 

    Does a beat sh*t in the woods?

  • Enough already

    Am voting Romney because I am white and I do say it.It is too bad whites don’t vote in a block like all the other types as we wouldn’t be in this mess. Liberal whites sicken me. 

  • Blacks will support black candidates regardless of what they do. Marion Berry is still in politics despite the fact that he was caught on videotape smoking crack with a black prostitute. Louisiana’s William Jefferson was reelected after he was indicted for bribery in 2006. He was convicted and sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2009.

    • Woody Woodpecker

      And their “hero”  MLK has a national holiday and he was a rapist and extreme physical abuser of both White and black females, mostly prostitutes unfortunate enough and stupid enough to accept his money. Sad part about that though is that White politicians are the one who gave him the holiday.

      I put quotes around hero because most blacks, privately,  probably couldn’t care less about Mr. King. Or anyone else for that matter, unless there is something in it for them.

      • 5n4k33y35

        I don’t agree. He was perhaps, excessive in his racial idealism, due to Christianity. He had the courage to stand by his convictions. Seems like an all around decent guy.

        Nevertheless, I’m not the least bit impressed by the “civil rights” leaders of today. And to be honest, I also think George Wallace was more right than he was wrong.

        The problem with George Wallace was not that he was not ready for the next level of the game. A strategic retreat on segregation policies would have been more effective than a catastrophic victory, after opposing segregation with all his might.

        That way, they could have avoided a demoralizing defeat by the federal government, and a lot of bad publicity. For southern whites to sink so low as to be publicly uncivil, and then to suffer a federal government intervention was bad for our dignity.

        I’m all in favor of white solidarity, but to be seen as more uncivil than those with whom you do not wish to associate was a public relations catastrophe. Without the federal intervention and the bad optics undermining public relations, white society could have avoided a lot of the contrived, mandatory desegregation programs.

        Allowing for voluntary integration isn’t as bad as mandating forced integration. Likewise, we might have avoided “Affirmative Action” if whites hadn’t suffered such a catastrophic public defeat in the eyes of the world.

        Those who are knowledgeable in the Art of War do not make such strategic blunders. Henceforth, all the big decisions will be well considered, and a balance approach will be taken. No more looking stupid in front of the world.

  • kjh64

    “Surviving slavery…..has forged a special pride in African-Americans”

    I didn’t know there were still lots of Blacks around who are 160 years old, shocking.

  • They know “their people”. Hypothetically, put someone like Condoleeza Rice against a replica of Bill Clinton. Rice would get max 20% of Black votes.

  • ProudWhite

    It’s no secret, the animals are already talking about rioting if Romney wins see

    • libertarian1234

      “It’s no secret, the animals are already talking about rioting if Romney wins see… ”

      Alex Jones stated he’s concerned about the intensity and scope of the threats and says he intends to concentrate on the situation until the election. 

      But he’s not the only one.  The internet is abuzz with the subject.

      I just made a quick trip of several sites to see what the responses were to these threats, and found that there has been a HUGE change in the language regarding racial matters since the media’s messiah has been elected.  What started out as angry responses by whites to black threats and attacks,  has accelerated into outrageous condemnation and threats of action.

      Before Obama not much was allowed on any site….. but this one….. regarding white opinion on racial matters and even if allowed to say so many whites were extremely reluctant to criticize blacks even in cases of black on white brutal attacks. 

      The situation is now an almost complete turnaround.  Not only have whites been speaking out about racial matters, but they’ve been getting really intense and hostile.

      If Sowell is right and Obama loses, there will be black riots that could turn into large scale fighting.  If Obama wins, I think the racial situation will continue to deteriorate badly as it has been doing, and that will bring about the same kind of racial conflicts. 

      I’m sorry, but I can’t help laughing.  This black buffoon has not only failed to bring about racial unity he has brought the country to the edge of civil conflict more efficiently than a KKK Grand Dragon could.

      • 5n4k33y35

        I suspect Barack Obama has the character of a whilte liberal, except without the personal sense of guilt, and with a lot less apprehension about blacks. But there would be some, because he knows he’s not like the others.

        You can tell Barack Obama has a white personality by his self control. Most American blacks lack self control under stress. Barack Obama’s problem is that he believed he was the most socially aware, although he is clearly not. He’s fairly well aware, but not the most aware.

        If Obama weren’t such a painfully delusional white liberal on the inside, he would have realized that he actually needed to tack hard in the opposite direction of the people who elected him, to compensate for the decline in the white guilt mentality, and the rising anxiety and black on white street violence.

        Obama is just a bit too conventional to betray his party as quickly and forcefully as he would have had to do to balance their dumb liberal progressive ideology. He needed to drop the gays, feminists, moaning “civil rights” lobby, and also go for an isolationist foreign policy immediately. He didn’t do what he needed to do. I do not envy him.

        • Agreed. My opinion, too. Most people here think he’s kind of cunning black racist, but I don’t believe it. He’s a “tanned” white liberal- which may be even more dangerous.

  • Skincognito

    Even country club blacks support their Fuehrer. This relationship between non-white voting patterns only supports the often asserted notion that WE need a White Volkspartei. Die Frage bleibt, wie? Certainly the sad, little “nationalist” parties currently in existence in the states do not cut it. Can the GOP evolve into a truly voelkisch political party? I remain skeptical.

  • IKantunderstand

    Don’t be too harsh on Blacks for their support of Obama. Frankly, I’m prepared to vote for Frosty the Snowman, Caspar the friendly ghost, or even that marshmallow thing in Ghostbusters over the current pres.

  • Do Bantus vote for Obama because he’s black?

    Does Kim Kardashian’s crotch reek? 

  • bluffcreek1967

    Obama, a symbol of black progress?! Ever notice the people blacks esteem most as representatives of black “progress” are either criminals, religious-political quacks, angry race-baiters or failed politicians? They always have their Jesse Jackson’s, Al Sharpton’s and Marion Barry’s to appeal to . . . . but the rest of us just roll our eyes and laugh.  

  • 5n4k33y35

    Once, I allowed myself to become paranoid about a permanent executive power grab by George W Bush. I was wrong. The American president cannot usurp the power of the electorate. Fearing that a black president could do this is even more paranoid.

    The expansion of executive powers is dangerous. Regardless of who wins, they ought to be impeached. Bush ought to have been impeached and Clinton too.

  • 5n4k33y35

    All I’ve ever heard about was his remark that “people should be judged on the content of character, not the color of their skin”.

    I’ve never examined his politics. He promoted racial preferences? What kind of preferences?

  • Just- it is a bit annoying to go to Huff puff & read all these white liberal platitudes and outright lies.There are a few blacks there & they’re predictable. But, white liberals- self-haters- multiculturalists are evidently psychologically disturbed, aggressive & vulgar. Both males and females.

    They are true “white trash”, not a working class. No point in arguing with them about anything. For them, Obama is Messiah. Period. I’ve seen when I’d posted on Towson WSU that they just couldn’t find any arguments-nor could identify names like Aeschylus or Diderot- they would just blabber about racis this, racis that. Hopeless cases.

  • NOOOO! Only because he is half-black! and because he is ONLY half-white!

  • Jane Rhine

    Yes, 90% of black voters voted for Al Gore in 2000 because Al Gore is black. 88% of black voters voted for John Kerry in 2004 because John Kerry is black. And 95% of black voters voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because Barack Obama is black. Wait, it was their race all of these candidates had in common right?

  • I find this interesting, considering Barack Obama’s mother WAS A WHITE WOMAN! Obama is not “a black man” unless we’re going by a standard that says “a little black means he’s black.”
    He is the first multi-racial US President, not our first black President.