Poll: Crime Drives Detroiters Out; 40% Expect to Leave Within 5 Years

Christine MacDonald, Detroit News, October 9, 2012

Detroit’s crime crisis is prompting such pessimism that 40 percent of residents plan to move within five years, according to a comprehensive poll of Detroiters’ attitudes about their city and leadership.

Residents overwhelmingly believe the city is on the wrong track and have no faith that city leaders have a plan to turn it around. Crime is by far their biggest worry—even higher than finding a job in a city where some put the true unemployment rate as high as 50 percent.

The survey suggests that, unless city officials can combat violence, efforts to halt decades of decline will fail. The city’s population already has fallen by 1 million over the past 50 years, and residents including Michael LaBlanc said they are ready to leave.

“There’s an aura of fear that just pervades the whole neighborhood,” said LaBlanc, 63, who installed a security system at his northeast side home last week because he’s weary of car thieves and gunfire.

“It’s almost like being in prison. We always like to have at least one person home for security sake.”


Nearly two-thirds, 66 percent, say the city is on the wrong track. The poll found low support for all city officials except Police Chief Ralph Godbee, who retired Monday amid a sex scandal that emerged after the survey was conducted.

The survey’s author said crime is the biggest obstacle to stemming an exodus that has seen Detroit’s population drop to about 700,000. The city lost a quarter of its residents from 2000 to 2010, an average of one every 22 minutes.


Nearly 58 percent of respondents said crime is their “biggest daily challenge.” That far surpassed unemployment and the economy at 12.8 percent.

The survey suggests that many residents who remain would like to leave but are stuck: More than half, 50.9 percent, say they would live in another city if they could, while 39.9 percent plan to move in the next five years.


Homicides are up 10 percent this year to 298, and the city has endured a string of high-profile, brazen crimes that made international headlines, including the carjackings of gospel music star Marvin Winans and state Rep. Jimmy Womack.

Residents don’t believe city leaders can change things.

Nearly two-thirds of residents, 63 percent, say city leaders have no plans for a turnaround. The poll found an “extraordinary lack of support” for elected officials including Mayor Dave Bing and the City Council, Czuba said.


Perhaps more worrisome to city officials: 57 percent of those who plan to leave are families with children.

Safety fears are widespread, but greater among women and those making less money: 53 percent of women feel unsafe, compared to 43 percent of men. Fifty percent or more feel unsafe in households with incomes at $50,000 or below, compared to about one-third of those making $75,000 or more.



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  • Puggg

    Wherever these 40% of Detroiters go when they leave Detroit will become the new Detroit.

    • guest

      You said it Puggg.  The ones still in Detroit are the criminals.  It is now just a questions of the  less violent criminals getting away from the more violent criminals.

      • Triarius

        Already happening. Blacks in Southfield, MI are complaining about ghetto blacks moving in and ruining their new neighborhood.

        The ghetto areas of Southfield are now referred as Souffield for obvious reasons.

        • El_Magyar

          So predictable. Just like happened in Memphis. Who in their rigt-mind thinks if you take a savage out of the dog-eat-dog jungle he will suddenly become civilized?

          At this point, I think the inability to understand is purposeful.

          • refocus

            Perhaps I am wrong but I am inclined to regard the Blacks, who have a natural propensity for savagery – just like the rest of us it appears,  as being forced into this dog-eat-dog concrete jungle. 

            They are now where we are likely to be if the political story arc does not change.

            Blaming the Blacks for our predicament is immature.

            The whites can be quite savage like too. 

            Have you ever been to court for something other than a traffic ticket?

          • Ni123

            “The whites can be quite savage like too.  ”

            Just compare black and white crime statistics.

    • Sometimes here in Southern California I’ll drive through a bad (ie: black or mexican) neighborhood, and there is always a little house with an old White woman sweeping the porch. I just shake my head because she is just stuck there. Her house probably appraised for $200,000 a few years ago, and now, since it’s half that, she can’t move because she’s upside-down or maybe she thinks she can wait for “better times.” (there aren’t going to be any better times)
      In Detroit, they actually give homes away for $1 if you pay the taxes. So they literally are trapped. If your home is worth a dollar, what are you going to do?
      Here in So Cal, the only Whites that are left in some of the major cities are either elderly, or they have something wrong with them– handicapped, hobos- whatever. All the best and the brightest took off years ago. Me, I’m moving in 2 weeks. I’m going to an area that is 97% White. I can’t wait to post to you guys how glorious it is goign to be! To be with my own kind! To feel safe! Can’t wait! Happiness is directly related to being with your own kind.

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        Good luck Darryl, keep us posted.

        • Thank you, buddy! I will.

      • 5n4k33y35

        It’s a sad, lonely and dangerous existence, to be among the last white people left behind in a place like Detroit, Zimbabwe or South Africa.

        It’s good for your heart to live among your own people, especially after years of living within a rather hostile, alien culture. You’ll avoid hypertension. The difference is tangible, like a weight being lifted off your chest.

        • I think so, too. I have lived in this area my whole life, and I remember it as a White paradise. It has broken down FAST. It is now 70% hispanic and there are blacks and asians. Whites are a tiny percentage. To go from that to 97% White is going to be like going into Eden. Want to hear something funny but true? When I’m driving the moving truck out of California, my plan is to stop at a restaurant or truck stop before I cross into the next state, and I’m going to use the restroom. My final act in the state of California that I’m going to remember my whole life.

          • And the whole cause of this transformation was liberal politics such as tolerance and diversity and the high taxes, spending and corruption that follow. It is clear to me now that the purpose of segragation was not to discriminate but rather to keep people safe and not thoroughly destroy neighborhoods in an indiscriminate fashion. Wish I were moving out of So Cal but my inlaws are elderly and they can’t move. Trying to hold out in a nice neigborhood that is 75% white. It’s tolerable for now. Best of luck, tell us where you settled when you can.

          • refocus

             And the whole cause of this transformation was…

            because GHW Bush officially facilitated the removal of the US Auto industry first to Mexico, then to China.

            … and yes the American people have no idea that the middle class was symbiotic with the heavy US Auto Industry.

          • JohnEngelman

            Liberals deserve some of the blame, but the main problem with Detroit has been de industrialization. This happens when rich whites become richer by closing factories and moving production to countries with low wages and lax environmental and work legislation. 
            When Detroit had good jobs good people lived there. 

          • Actually replying to JE and refocus:

            Liberals deserve ALL the blame. The rich whites you talk about are quick learners. When liberal politicians allow minorities and unions to run amuck then raise taxes to support the minortites, when the work quality goes down, the sales go down and the costs go up…what are smart white people to do? Endure more of the same while Japanese automakers don’t have to put up with all this?  The smart thing to do is say: “Enough”. they were not in business to lose money and that’s what the politicians and unions were forcing them to do.

            refocus: Think again it was Clinton who engineered NAFTA along with bipartisan conspirators in the senate.

      • JohnEngelman

        I have lived with poor Vietnamese and live with poor blacks. Poor Vietnamese were as safe as middle class whites. Don’t get me started on the blacks. 

  • Liberals are fond of saying ‘poverty causes crime’. This is supposed to guilt us into ‘giving’ blacks jobs and money for social programs.

    The fact is, CRIME causes poverty by first driving out businesses, then residents who can afford to move, leaving only those too poor to escape.

    The first thing to do when you want to turn a neighborhood around is to get tough on crime. Black communities refuse to admit that black criminals are the problem because they believe POVERTY is what causes crime.

    • Sloppo

      I disagree.  You can’t just go out there and punish violent criminality because that’s racist against blacks.  The easiest and most effective way to solve Detroit’s crime problem would be to decriminalize murder, rape, and robbery.  

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        Wrong Sloppo.  The easiest and most effective way to solve Detroit’s crime problem would be to drop a couple of M.O.A.B.s on the city, and forget about it.

        • Read article,Detroit police can’t protect law abiding citizens,enter at your own RISK

      • Sure, that’s an option. Put a fence around the city and let them ‘work it out’.

        Wouldn’t that be a great experiment to run. Leave an American city in total, independent black control, no help, no aid, and just watch it devolve into Haiti in 40 to 50 years.  Of course, Detroit wouldn’t take that long since it’s almost there.

        • Tim

          40 or 50 years?!?!? Try two sitcoms and an infomercial…

        • El_Magyar

          I think Sloppo was being sarcastic. Right?

          • I took the comments as ‘tongue in cheek’ and I believe I responded in kind.

        • Marc B.

          It’s been a little more than twenty years since the Whites bailed on Memphis, and now most of the Southern and Northern parts of the city look like bombed out war zones. As much as I hate living here, I do enjoy watching the blacks blame the remaining 25% or so Whites for the awful conditions pervasive in the black community. It’s very apparent that these people are not up to the task of running a city and it provides some hilarious stories on the local news.

          Right now they are trying to take majority control of the suburban school districts not only so they can impose their curriculum on them, but also so that that they can access those tax dollars.

      • LOL great comment!!

      • Jed Sant Devi

        The only safety for us is if we get a law passed that decriminalizes White privilege. Until then, anyone who says “White privilege,” other than to praise it or to point out is rightful place on the Endangered Species list, should be arrested for “fomenting hatred and violence against the quickly disappearing White race”.

        Amren needs to sue people who encourage discrimination, bigotry, hatred, and violence against us by shouting “Get Whitey” when they say “White privilege.”


        Posted October 14, 2012 at 3:29 pm

        The term “white privilege” is far more than mere racial profiling. I think a good case can be made that the term is is pregenocidal. Jews would never tolerate the bandying about of the phrase “Jewish power” and blacks would never tolerate the bandying about of the term “black crime.” According to Genocide Watch, classification, symbolization, and dehumanization are the first three phases of genocide. I don’t see how it can possibly be argued that the term “white privilege” does noot classify, symbolize, and dehumanize whites.

        Just do this for us, Jared:


        Anti-racist groups MRAP and SOS Racisme joined the CRIF, the umbrella group representing French Jewish communities, in expressing outrage and promising to sue people sending anti-Semitic tweets.

        • Sloppo

          Whites are the real victims of racial profiling I believe.  I don’t recall hearing anyone else say that, but here’s what I mean.  A non-white can express fondness for and/or concern about his or her own racial/cultural group and they are usually very well thought of (and rightfully so).  A white who does the same is automatically accused of being as hateful and evil as the worst criminal offender.  For whites, love is “hate”.  That, my friend, is racial profiling at it’s worst in my opinion.  Jared Taylor is a good example.  He is one of the most fair-minded and reasonable people I’ve ever listened to, but he is constantly accused of being a white supremacist leader of a “hate group”.  

          • Jed Sant Devi

            “If we are supposed to feel guilty for all the bad things Whites have done, should we then feel pride in all the great things Whites have done?”

            -Greg Johnson, Counter-Currents Publishing

    • Whenever I hear a liberal spout that poverty causes crime nonsense, I ask them why successful black athletes commit so much crime.  Why did OJ commit a double murder?  Why did Rae Carruth stab his pregnant girlfriend to death.  Why did Ray Lewis obstruct a murder investigation (in which he was the PRIME suspect?).  Why was former Cowboys star Nate Newton caught with 213 pounds of marijuana?  Why was Sam Hurd arrested on Federal drug charges with intent to distribute more than 1,000 lbs. of weed and 5-10 Kilos of cocaine in Chiacago?  And the list just goes on and on.

    • Puggg

      Obama even admits that crime causes poverty:


      (I don’t think QD will mind me borrowing one of his old blog posts.  It’s the least I could do for him after he’s promised to buy me my favorite house in Lafayette Square when he becomes hypothetically rich.)

    • Guest

       You’ve perfectly articulated one of the two major communist lies that keep whites from effectively dealing with the problem-

      Liberal (marxist) – poverty causes crime.  Whites should accept a third world existence and give all their wealth to non-whites.  If we don’t, then non-whites are justified in harming us….in fact, they can’t help it.  The solution is to accelerate the consequences until whites are destroyed.  Rot society out from within.

      Conservative (trotskyite) – crime causes poverty.  A few bad apples destroy an area, degrading it until the conditions are so bad it breeds criminals.  The solution is more and more application of force in a police state fashion.  Of course, it’s racist to apply this only to blacks so everyone must be treated with eqwality (not to be confused with equality).  Of course, some people are more equal than others.  Somehow, being anally raped by the TSA as they steal your luggage makes america safer.  Solution….put the bad blacks in jail.  Just to be fair, put an equal number of whites in jail for non-crimes.  Resistance is futile.  Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.

      The Truth – There is no crime.  Crime is a anti-social event where a member of a society harms another member of society.  It’s abnormal because you are supposed to care about members of your society in the same way you would family members.  Blacks do not have this link to us.  They do not, to the slightest degree, and with almost zero exceptions, acknowledge a link like this to whites.  They actively reject this and consider us permanent enemies to be killed with the only limits on that behavior being what they can get away with (and many times more than this with an inability to predict consequences).  That is not crime.  It’s the definition of WAR.

      Further….blacks do not form societies and the link they make with their own is negligible.  They have a permanent, unchangeable, inborn propensity for crime (real crime…..anti-social behavior against their own).  We can not do anything about this.  There is very real doubt that blacks are even the same species as us and do not naturally live like us.  Instead, they form tiny groups that constantly fight each other with an extremely high mortality rate and limited population size.

      That is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS….and is the primary mistake whites have had dealing with blacks since the beginning.  A good analogy is the chimpanzee.  They look sortof like us (although no one could honestly say they ever would mistake one of them for us). They mimic some of our behaviors and occasionally we keep one in a strictly controlled environment, like a zoo.  A few idiots keep them as pets.  They are extremely violent and unpredictable and often, the idiots who keep them as pets end up killed, maimed etc. in spectacular violent events that nobody sees coming.  No one except a few experts cares at all about how chimpanzees live and the experts know to deal carefully with them in their own environment.  And (I can’t stress this enough)….we do not allow free roaming groups of chimpanzees anywhere humans live.

      The difference is, of course, everyone knows this about chimpanzees but I’m a racist for pointing out that blacks are exactly the same and the two forms of insanity that currently run all white politics are tissue thin lies.

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        Yeah, we all know how Animal Farm ended.

      • 5n4k33y35

        I’ll admit, it’s fun to read such a dehumanizing caricature of people, many of whom are apparently very simple-minded and hostile.

        But the truth is, blacks do form society. It’s primitive. It’s not as scalable as civilized society. They don’t run institutions very well. But you can find plenty of tribes in Africa where the people treat each other well enough.

        American blacks and white “progressives” have a codependent and abusive relationship. American blacks lack the sunny demeanor and the friendliness of many of their African cousins.

        Nevertheless, I don’t care to excuse American blacks on account of slavery or for any other excuses. Nor am I inclined to condemn whites because of slavery or any other reasons.

        Each of us lives but once. For a single white person to be murdered by some racially aggrieved black, is not payback or revenge. It’s a brand new crime.

        White “progressives” basically have no pride and no dignity which isn’t
        derived from posturing as morally superior to “unreconstructed” whites.
        They are contemptible ethnomasochists.

    • El_Magyar

      I disagree on one point. That being, Black political leaders know damn well theri savage brethren are the problem. However, if they admit that fact, then they lose their “victim” identity and have to actual start taking responsibility for themselves. Lord knows they and their Democratic masters don’t want that.

    • JohnEngelman

      The only way to reduce the crime rate is to scrape the criminals off the street, shovel them into prison, and keep them there until they die or become too old for crime. The high cost of incarceration can be reduced or eliminated by the thorough use of prison labor, enforced by the whip. 

  • Jed Sant Devi

    This is the fate of every majority BRA Diveristy city in post White privilege America.

    And there is no where to run. We drove through a once rural area north of a BRA metro in the Deep South- blacks everywhere. We asked a store owner what happened, and he said that all the bankrupt apartments were forced into Sect. 8 by the Fedz.

    Now, Whites are surrounded in their own neighborhoods. They can’t go to the store without fear.

    • Mark

       To: Jed Sant Devi,

      Right, people
      are selling their homes and not looking to repurchase because they don’t know
      where to move; section 8 housing has frightened would be buyers away. For those
      unaware of what section 8 is; here’s the run down, it’s an entitlement giving
      to welfare recipients, giving them an opportunity to bring their brood to rob
      and rape terrorize our children, while we’re working to pay for it all.

  • Francis Galton

    These types of articles are so infuriating, because crime is spoken of as if its some sort of mysterious, exogenous force victimizing completely innocent people like a lightning bolt out of the blue. 

    Reality check: the vast majority of crime in Detroit is committed by the RESIDENTS OF DETROIT! Probably no less than 75% of Detroit’s population consists of felons, criminal enablers, welfare fraudsters, or some combination thereof.  Detroit is a crime-ridden cesspool precisely because a huge proportion of Detroiters are themselves criminals or moochers of some sort.  Very few people (zero?) in Detroit could truly be considered innocent, middle-class, self-reliant Americana types.

    A 100% White Detroit–even with the same income and education levels as the city has now–would easily have less than 10% of the crime and mayhem that 82% black Detroit has now.  The PEOPLE of a city make that city either livable or a living hell.  Some city populations are simply more criminal than others, and Detroit is vying for the top spot.  

    • Triarius

      Too true. I live in the Detroit area and the news is always talking about somehow 100 pounds of crack just appeared. Or a bum accidently raped some girl.

      The only thing crazier than that are that Detroiters (blacks) claim crime is so high because white kids come to Detroit to commit crimes and won’t do it in their own towns. It’s laughable.

      • El_Magyar

        Are you serious? The savages in Detroit try to blame the enormous amounts of crime on White kids that don’t live there? That is beyond delusional. Someone is promoting such lunacy. No one would come to that conclusion on their own. It is preposterous.

  • I don’t get it. I thought Obama’s election was supposed to correct all of Detroit’s ills, give them “hope and change”. After all, wasn’t it a Detroit woman who said that she didn’t have to pay her mortgage anymore – that Obama was gong to do that for her?

    Why is there crime in Detroit? I thought Coleman Young solved that problem, by getting rid of of the big,  bad, corrupt white police officers, who were killing the Bantu criminals. Coleman Youing vowed to fix that.

    I’ve posted at Amren before, every time a Detroit story came up, that I could see the city’s population decline to 500,000 at the 2020 census. Maybe I was being a little generous. If 40% of Detroit’s population will actually move within the next 5 years, that leaves  circa 420,000  by 2017.

    And yet, Detroit Tiger owner Mike Ilitch actually thinks that if the Tigers win the World Series, that would mean a great deal to Detroiters.

    How, exactly? All those Oakland Raider Super Bowl wins and Athletic World Series wins of the 1970’s didn’t improve Oakland one iota. What makes Ilitch think Detroit will be any different?

    • The__Bobster


      Brought Up on Charges for Working While White Detroit: Racist Black EMS Chief Jerald James Tries to Get White EMT Paramedic Jeff Gaglio Fired For Gift Of Blanket
      By Nicholas Stix on October 14, 2012 at 9:24pm

      Detroit EMS Chief Jerald James says he brought paramedic Jeff Gaglio up on charges for “giving away city property without permission,” but that’s a baldfaced lie. No black paramedic would be facing such a sanction.

      There’s something you have to know about any workplace in the City of Detroit, Wayne County, or indeed, anywhere under the rule of Jim Snow: If you are white, your bosses, colleagues, and even underlings will seek any pretext under the sun to terrorize you, rob you of your job, and even of your freedom.

      They’ll make up non-existent rules, while never imposing the actual rules on black personnel.

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        If I was a police officer, and I rolled up on a black on black crime, I’d just keep driving.

        • Woody Woodpecker

          Absolutely agree.

          When the “Sean Bell” incident happened a few years ago in Queens, it was one of the very few times I thought the “race pimps” actually had a valid argument.

          Not for the reasons they gave, mind you (the usually “racist cops” garbage) but for one simple reason. The Bell thug and his thug friends were in a black neighborhood, in a black strip bar, molesting black strippers, and picking fights with other black thugs. What the h*ll were the cops doing there??? As long as they keep they’re degenerate behavior amongst their own, leave them be!

          • Woody Woodpecker

            Should be “their” of course. I really should give these the once over before hitting “enter”.

            Is there an “modify” function for existing posts?

          • 1911ThePunisher45

            Yes there is, look for an “edit” button, in the lower right corner of your’ post.

        • El_Magyar

          I would have no problem if the cop shot them all.

  • FourFooted_Messiah


    Just … sigh.

    I guess the end of the beginning for Detroit was signalled both by the riots, and Hudson’s shutting down. 

    I try to tell people that history takes time, sometimes decades, to unfold, that things do not happen IRL like they do in the movies.  That the Leftist-fascist third world takeover is happening world-wide, but it may still take years to see the full impact of what will happen if the status quo with mass immigration and multiculturalism stays the course.

    I get laughed at, scorned, banned from forums.

    • C_C_Conrad
    • El_Magyar

      You and me both. I am trying to explain to friends what the IMF’s use of SDRs means for the USD as the world’s reserve currency and I get scoffed at. I point out that Obama and Bernanke are purposefully devaluing the USD via QE and again relate that to SDRs and they don’t see the connection. After a while, it becomes tiresome.

      As far as other forums, forget about it. Any language that relates the truth about anything and you are banned pronto.

      I would say ~85% of Americans have their heads firmly up their ass. It is unbelievable.

  • Sloppo

    Maybe they should move to Japan.  Japan has some of the world’s lowest crime rates and their birth rate is a bit below population replacement level right now.  Immigrants from Detroit could provide balance to Japan with their exceedingly high crime and birth rates.  I’m sure that Japan will be rolling out the red carpet for these folks very soon.

    • The__Bobster

      You do that and they’ll attack Pearl Harbor agian.

      • Sloppo

        If we forced integrated Japan with people from Detroit, we would deserve worse than another Pearl Harbor attack.

    • Woody Woodpecker

      How about Mexico?
      They’ve been sending their thugs to us for years.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      If the Detroiters moved to Japan, in just a few short years, they would make Hiroshima look like it did on August 7, 1945.


  • Poll : Black People Drive Detroiters Out

    There I fixed that little mistake in the headline.

    • Jeff

      Have these Detroiters stopped watching televison? According to popular culture they are fleeing the finest people on the planet. It doesn’t matter that all bearable life as they have known it has ended.

    • 5n4k33y35

      It’s funny because it’s true. 

  • whiteyyyyy

    If the world made sense, Detroit would be walled up. No point letting that 40% escape, they’re just going to bring their crap with them and create Detroit 2.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Then we could drop Snake Pliskin in, and watch the fireworks.

      • Snake Pliskin?  I thought he was dead.

        • 1911ThePunisher45

          Not in my imagination.

          • Howard W. Campbell

            When the economy goes Tango Uniform, multiple versions of Snake Plissken may emerge from the shadows. We can only hope.

          • 1911ThePunisher45

            I think that might be more probable than not. Like you said, we can hope…and pray.

          • Triarius

            Detroit is encircled by a ring of mainly conservative whites that bear arms and know the truth about blacks. The walls are already there, a human wall. I honestly would be more worried about other cities if things went south.

            Detroit is really close to a non-issue.

      • Skincognito

        No wall bro. Between the D and Flint and their respective demographics and municipal failure, even Howell, Holly, Brighton, etc are at risk. I spent a few months locked down in Clinton County. Yep, even soybean country is diverse. Learn from South Africa; urban space is crucial for the racial nationalist struggle.

        • 1911ThePunisher45

          When my Grandfather passed away I inherited his house, it’s out in the country 30-45 mins. outside St.Louis, I can’t do city living, I’m too used to my 10+ acres in the woods. I could’nt have my gardens, or my animals in the city. Although in a 90+% White city I might be able to make due.

          • Skincognito

            I respect your lifestyle and suspect you’re fully capable of defending yourself and your property. Nevertheless the control and disciplining of cities is essential to any great power’s ability to project and maintain its status.
            Rural living will always fascinate healthy race-realists, but too much power, prestige and capital has found its way into cities THAT WE BUILT to abandon them, which is essentially what has happened.
            My White urbanist outlook also stems from my conviction that the US and the West overall needs to re-industrialize.
            Having said all that, I remain intensely respectful of White Yeomen; you are, along with the White Proletariat, the salt of the earth.

          • 1911ThePunisher45

            Thank you, and I fully understand that most political power comes from population centers. The blacker the cities become the less political sway people like you and I will have in this country.

            You make a very good point though, without race realist whites controlling the cities, us “country” volk will end up as little more than serfs producing food for the DWLs and their dieversity pets in the cities with little or no control of our own lives, and futures.

          • 5n4k33y35

            I agree completely. The only way to restore our cities is by putting all the thugs with their bad attitudes on notice.

            Bring in Albanian, Chechen, Serbian and Russian gangsters. Send them back if they have a legal problem.

            If you have to kill a man in urban conflict, you get a free ticket to Russia by boat. Heh heh heh…

            And I don’t feel guilty for saying so. Force is all anyone respects. I’ll keep contemplating the problem of restoring order in the cities.

            Another way to go about it is with really strict, right wing mayors. (Just don’t put a bunch of non-violent drug offenders in prison.) But crack down hard on violent criminals, by all means.

            Or legalize concealed carry permits. White dudes have to stop dressing in tight clothes. The whole hipster style has got to be relegated to a minority. Casual wear should be baggy enough to conceal a piece.

            However it has to be done, my plan is to project as much force as necessary to knock the chip off the shoulder of the anti-white urban thugs.

  • zone

    Without overseeing governments, and only rational intelligent people running things,
    then Detroit could be what intrinsically it always has been – an excellent
    location to live and for business.

    The settlers knew how to handle criminals and savages well before lawyers and politicians got here.

  • Skincognito

    Please leave. Urban WHITE colonization must be considered as one way, outside of apparently hopeless party politics, that WE can regain Lebensraum. [email protected]$!k the suburbs. As a White Detroiter, I see opportunity in their abject failure.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    Residents overwhelmingly believe the city is on the wrong track…”

    Noooooo, how could that be?

    • Barrack Osama

      They don’t seem to be living carefree lives and falling ass backwards into wealth. Don’t you know that’s the default state of life on this planet? No struggle, no work, no effort – you’re supposed to just be happy and fulfilled automatically. Clearly something is wrong. Is it the city council? Is it racism? There must be some reason.

  • anarchyst

    There may be hope for Detroit yet . . . Mike Duggan, the CEO of the Detroit Medical Center (yes, he’s white) has thrown his hat in the ring for mayor.  The working blacks that I have to deal with on a daily basis to a person have told me that a white mayor is Detroit’s only salvation.  Yes, many working blacks have finally come to the realization that it will take a WHITE mayor and City Council to “turn things around”.

    • Skincognito

      I’m a Wayne State grad and former West Willis resident. The university, medical center and art school (ccs) are the only hope for Motown. I’ve also experienced, in my more mundane capacity as a mover, black disenchantment with their Nubian city. As goes South Africa, so goes the West. As goes Detroit, so goes the Republic.

    • Old Soldier

       Yeah, but people like the ones you’ve been talking to only vote once, and then only if they are alive.

      • Skincognito

        You are correct sir. Do not mistake my anecdotal impression of the Detroit black WORKING class (a minority in its own right) for any sort of optimism. Having been carjacked by children and robbed by off-duty detectives (all diverse), allow me to suggest bro that electoral results or even voter turnout are not the crux of this problem. African colonization is the issue, and as we know from astutely observing the dark continent, internecine violence is their modus operandi, but black flight also takes place when European social-political institutions are removed. They hate us and need us.

        • They hate us because we have secret juju of success we won’t share with them. They’re perpetually jealous that they can’t be us.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Blacks also hate us because we got to America’s beautiful cities first and claimed them for ourselves.  No one built them, remember, but they were built on the “backs of blacks,” — including such northern cities as Detroit and Chi — using capital generated by black slaves in the South.

            Damned greedy, racist Whites!!


    • Even if Detroit got a white mayor with the help of black voters, there is always that group of angry, resentful blacks who will fight every reform he proposes. You can bet that if elected, he will be accused of wanting to bring back slavery and many blacks will believe it. When a white cop kills a black man, the city will burn.

      As bad as Detroit is, it’s THEIR city now. It’s the Black Mans’ city and no uppity white boy has any right to ‘take it back’ (blacks hate that phrase). You see, once you go black, you’re not allowed to go back.

      • Skincognito

        Spot on. They’ve even invaded the once beautifully decadent and White event of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, an increasingly diverse affair. Nothin like fetishized miscegenation to remind one of how Catholic hagiography helped to to construct and cement a unique, social-cultural milieu in the face of Protestant hostility. Now it’s just wear green, defile a White girl day for sub-Saharan Detroiters. Yuck.

        • 5n4k33y35

          Whites ought to show up in force on St Patrick’s day, wearing black shirts with white Celtic cross instead of green with a clover leaf. Sort of like Golden Dawn, except Irish. People ought to have some respect for Gaelic culture. It’s not about Lucky Charms cereal and Keebler elves for crissake.

          As I always conclude my racial screeds, put those damned Feminists back in their place, and the rest is a piece of cake.

  • anarchyst

    Mayor Coleman Young did more to destroy Detroit by driving whites out with his racist attitude.  Sad to say, if (the now disgraced and indicted) former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick were to run for mayor again, he would win. 

    • Skincognito

      Kwanza Kilpatrick had thug appeal. Dem “church niggaz” on the council had to run his ass out. Hail Democracy!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    But I thought 0bama saved Detroit by taking over GM and Chrysler!!

    What happened to Detroit?  


    Maybe Detroit would be a little safer if the cops would stop playing “footsie” with each other and hanging out in the casinos!!

    Paging Peter Weller….Peter Weller, pick up a White courtesy phone…Call from Detroit!!


    • Skincognito

      Imagine a diversified Robocop. Robothug! He gotta better himself by gettin into school while also correcting institutional racism by smokin suburban cops and copulating (pun intended) with suburban women. What a great film, the likes of which will never be produced in this century that glorifies rathan horrifies White genocide.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty


  • IKantunderstand

    Perhaps most worrisome to 100 percent of the outlying cities is that 57 percent of Detroiters with families want to move there. What, pray tell, is the underlying concept? Spread the misery around instead of it being concentrated in a defined geographical area? Crime everywhere! Rape, murder, robbery, shoplifting, drug abuse and drug dealing shared equally with the masses! Obama’s wet dream! Equalization of misery! Brilliant….And we, the White taxpayer, get to pay for it. Gosh, as a resident of an outlying city of Detroit, I can’t wait for the Detroiters who plan on moving to take residency in my neighborhood!!!!!!

  • Most beautiful in 50’s,diversity at it’s finest

  • Their votes will still be counted.  Once you register to vote, your name is never removed from the list even if you are dead.  

  • Napalm would be the obvious solution

  • Facts are facts:  blacks never improve a city once they move there and destroy the city when they are in power.  Everyone thinks this but won’t say it because they are afraid of the ‘r’ word (racist).

  • I was living in Tucson during Katrina.  Without our consent, the government shipped in a cargo of blacks from New Orleans.  Less than 24 hours, the first one was arrested for smoking crack.  As time progressed, more and more and more, got involved with crime and we knew who they were.  There are more Africans in Tucson than blacks and as soon as the New Orleans creatures arrived, crime went up.  Needless to say, as in the rest of America, African immigrants refuse to allow their children around black “Americans” for obvious reasons.

  • megabob

    Typical of what happens when the lefties take over. Just look at “Whackifornia”. People are leaving that state in vast numbers. And also New York is seeing many people leave, while Texas is seeing many move there.

  • refocus

     Yes indeed.  Lillyfields was 95% white ten years ago.  Today its about 60%.

  • JohnEngelman

    That’s the best comment I have read so far in this thread. 

  • JohnEngelman

    When the police lost control of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina blacks started looting. Jared Taylor described it here in his aptly titled article, “Africa in our Midst: Lessons from Katrina.”
    This is what happened after the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011:
    A tsunami that followed a massive earthquake last month may have destroyed some of Japan’s structures, but police say the honest practice of turning in lost items, especially cash, remains intact.Residents have turned in lost cash across the tsunami zone at a much higher rate than usual, the Miyagi Prefectural Police Department tells CNN.

    That is more than a cultural difference. It is a genetic difference. Civilization breeds civilized people.  Qualities that had survival value in the African jungle earn one felony convictions in a civilized country.

  • steve1red

    New Orleans finally got a white mayor after 32 years. It’s about time Detroit did the same.  And you can add Los Angeles to the list of cities that needs a white mayor too. Villaraigosa has been a nightmare.

  • zWsA

    That’s an astounding thought! The History channel should should do a piece that makes this comparison. It would make people think hard about what makes and breaks a civilization. Nuclear weapons are not enough to destroy the will of a civilized people. Trillions of dollars in welfare are not enough to create a civilized society if the people are not civilized.

  • yes, LA is not fit for man nor beast these days. Thanks, friend.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    When a city gets a high black population the only way to reduce the crime rate is to incarcerate one forth of black males from the ages of 15 to 35, and keep them in prison until they are at least sixty.  The high cost of incarceration can be reduced by the thorough exploitation of prison labor, enforced by the whip.

  • Frank

    Perhaps GM can repay its loans to us by improving the city.  But then, you don’t think their exectives live anywhere near downtown, do you?