Towson University Tries to Silence Jared Taylor–UPDATE

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, September 27, 2012

[UPDATE: We have reached the sum necessary and have submitted payment to Towson. The contract has been signed and we expect the event to go on as planned. Thank you all for your generosity.]

This coming Tuesday, October 2, Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, will speak at Towson University at the invitation of a prospective student group, the White Student Union (event details are here). This will be an “interest meeting” to  see if there is sufficient interest on campus to start the group.

The university is doing its best to shut down Mr. Taylor’s talk. First, although students routinely get free space on campus to hold “interest meetings,” this has been denied to the students organizing the White Student Union (WSU). They will have to pay $350 for the meeting room where Mr. Taylor will speak.

Second, the school claims 13 police officers will be needed to secure the event because hostile protesters are expected. School administrators initially demanded that WSU organizers pay nearly $2,600 for security, but later agreed to charge half that amount: $1,300.

It is contemptible that a public university is requiring students to pay outrageous sums simply because others oppose them. Moreover, it is an unconstitutional assault on free speech and assembly (the Supreme Court in Forsyth County v. Nationalist Movement struck down an ordinance in Forsyth County, Georgia, that allowed the county to set fees for events based on how much police protection the event would need).

We hope to resolve this situation legally, but in the meantime, we need your help. We hope to collect the $1,650 necessary by tomorrow at noon to ensure this event will be held. Donations are tax-deductible.

Support AR Today

P.S. The WSU has garnered national media attention and we expect significant media presence. See here, here, here, and here for reports published in the past day alone. The event will be recorded, and video will be available at our website. Please help us make this event a reality.

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  • “Second, the school claims 13 police officers will be needed to secure the event because hostile protesters are expected. ”

    Is that so? So let the
    “hostile protesters” pay for the added security costs, since they are
    the ones responsible for this so called “needed” security expenditure! Any thug
    arrested for trying to violate the free speech rights of WSU should be made to
    pay! That is how it works in a equitable society. However, this is not about
    being just, this is about the university also trying to silence down not only
    Jared, but the formation of a WSU as well.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      “What is white history? What is white culture? Because if you look back over history, nothing positive has come out of white history or white culture, because you’ve done nothing good,” one black student said at the meeting.

      They all think what this young lady is willing to say out loud.

      • blight14

        The scariest part is these poor cretins actually BELIEVE this nonsense…..

        • anonymous_amren

          No, I don’t think they believe it. At least, not in the way a rational but mistaken person would believe it.

          They aren’t fleeing from white countries to live in non-white countries, for example. Nor are they avoiding things they know were created by white people.

          If we offered to pay to charter a plane from an African airline to take her back to Africa, I don’t think she would accept our generosity.

      • Major

        Maybe someone ought to shove her IPhone / IPad or PC up her BBA?

        Gates and Jobs…nothing positive? I’m biting my tongue.

        • Anan7

           Yep because blacks invented the wheel, a written language…

          Every school kid knows MLK found out how to make penicillin… that Malcolm X invented the personal computer… Neil Armstrong was black you know!

          Honestly most school children would actually believe that nonsense.  Blacks have been the greatest detractors of civilization in human history.  They contribute nothing but their own need and “civil rights”.

        • 5n4k33y3s

           She probably has “white dick fever” already.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Young “lady?”

    • C_C_Conrad

       Maybe we should claim anti-white discrimination as well.  It would also be nice if we could provide our own security. 

  • I recently donated to Amren, and fully encourage others to do the same, but am very leery of this particular fundraiser, it just seems to be extortion.  I’m very surprised to see Jared Taylor wanting to fund this.

    Note that none of the $1650 raised will be going to support race-realists or race-realism, no money to writers who lost their jobs stating politically incorrect truths, etc., but it will instead just be lining the pockets of the anti-white Towson University administration officials.  We might as well be giving the $1650 to the SPLC or La Raza while we’re at it.

    What will Towson do with the $1650?  What they always do, just bankroll more Diversity and other anti-white propaganda.  Why should we be strengthening the other side this way?

    If we cannot have that speech, then we cannot have it (and believe me, the black eye that Towson will get by shutting down this speech will do us more good in the media than them allowing it, with the media being silent about the money Amren had to pay for it to be allowed).  This speech can instead be given by webinar, where it will reach many more people anyway than holding it at Towson would.

    Further, as the $1650 is not legally supportable, why not just wait a month or so until the legal aspects get sorted out so it becomes free anyway?  Longer-term, race realists showing universities that they will go through the court process if necessary to ensure illegal fees are dropped would do more long-term good by discouraging other universities from attempting similar illegal billing.

    • We should not wait for the legal aspects to be “sorted out.” It will be legally
      actionable if the WSU and Jared are denied the opportunity to gather because of
      some ill-imposed right to speak fee, under the guise of added security costs. Legal precedent is already on our side insofar as this so called security fee  is concerned.

      This is nothing more than extortion, with the hopes that Jared and the WSU will simply go away. We can no longer just go away or wait for things to be sorted out. We must go on the offensive!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Bison, you’ve made some sensible points.

      However, my own gut feeling is that Mr. Taylor feels the $1,650 fee will buy Amren $100,000 worth of publicity due to the ensuing media coverage his speech would generate.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      Totally disagree.  The money can and will be recovered legally and if they want a showdown, they should get it. 

    • It is an extortionate demand, a brazen violation of freedom of speech, and a perfect example of the anti-white actions official actions that make the student center  necessary.


      Right now, the most important thing for the anti-whites is to keep Jared Taylor from speaking at Towson University, and the most important thing for us is to ensure that he does.  We can fight back against extortion later.

      • JustaWhiteMom

        It appears that Towson U like most other universities exist purely to incite genocide against white people and they don’t want to be called out on it.

        • Northernfront

           “The Ethics of Killing White Babies”  by Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground


      • Northernfront

        “The Ethics of Killing White Babies” by Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground (

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      I donated but now wish I hadn’t. I am one of those that doesn’t want our money going to people who hate us and towson certainly hates us don’t they?

      • I would not be surprised if Towson U officials, under heat for allowing the speech, publicly state that the $1650 collected will go to anti-white Diversity organizations on campus–the same people working to shut down this talk.  I still feel that giving money to Towson is feeding a beast that shouldn’t be fed.  It’s a rather minor school not worth fretting over.

        • Northernfront

           “The Ethics of Killing White Babies”  by Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground (


    • 5n4k33y3s

      Showing up is half the battle. Sometimes you gotta “pay to play”. This is a well-chosen battle. It’s worth every penny. Hopefully the result will be a lawsuit for the school playing the role of a shake-down scam artist in a protection racket.

    • C_C_Conrad

       The money will probably go to the group providing the security personnel.   If we can get our message to even a few people on that campus we will have done some good.
      Those that live in the area could also lend their support by handing out fliers & other pro-white materials.  Let us all jump on this & make it work FOR our side.  

  • Guest

    A blatant ungratefulness matched only by supreme ignorance.

    • Major

      Which the illiterates and perennially aggreived “victims” have plenty of.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Supreme ignorance or mild retardation?

  • Censorship? The self-anointed bastions of truth wielding the power of an eraser with hypocritical precision?

    hmmmm…What is the world coming to. Sucks, don’t it?

    • C_C_Conrad

       I’m quite all right with censorship.  We just need to be the ones in control of it. 

  • Ulick

    When I was at UMass in the 90s, there was considerable money set aside to bring in speakers that the University deemed acceptable. One big invitee was Louis Farrakhan who promptly pocketed several thousand dollars to speak to an audience that he insisted be black only.

    Yet Towson students have to raise money and pay their university for Jared Taylor to speak. Speaks volumes about America’s universities.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      The whole business of white genocide is getting painfully obvious is it not?

      • anonymous_amren

        It sure is… I used to be a hardcore antiracism activist. Now I’m on Amren. So it’s painfully obvious to everyone who values reality.

        • 5n4k33y3s

           Now you have the principles and integrity not to be racist against your own kind.

  • Dan Reardon

    I would hope the authorities arrest anyone that tries to disrupt this meeting and that they are held financially responsible for any and all damages they cause.

    • Major

      You’re kidding right? You really expect the cops to enforce the law against the beasts that have been unleashed? The cops have to live in that slum too.

      • C_C_Conrad

         We need to do this ourselves. 

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    You need security because those “people”, the ones that are supposedly better than us (we’re haters and they’re not), might become violent?  This is what needs to be thrown in their face, their own hate for and intolerance of White People.

    • Yeah…I have often wondered why it is that when diversity gets offended, we need more
      security officers to protect law-abiding citizens from their overt anger. Why
      are these people incapable of controlling themselves? Why isn’t diversity being
      asked to pay for additional security officers, since apparently, they have a propensity to
      become violent with those they disagree with?

      Why is the WSU and Jared Taylor being asked to foot the bill for those who cannot control themselves, simply because they have chosen to exercise their Constitutional rights to assemble and express themselves?

      • Major

        I’ll surely donate…and it should be very easy to prove that the racist minorities were never charged for security of campus space.

        They’re digging their own latrines to hide in. Let the challenges begin.

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        I never understood why the White People are always the ones paying.  I’ve never been one who thinks ‘what’s in it for me’ but now I am.  White People pay for everything and we get nothing.  Not even Free Speech and forget about having any Rights to have anything of our own like a Community like all the non-whites get.  They have all their own non-white owned and non-white staffed stores and we get sued for being “racist” when we do it.  I can hardly take it anymore.

  • Every dollar that they have extorted to ransom their freedom will be invaluable ammo in the trial.

  • JohnEngelman

    They cannot refute Jared Taylor, so the try to silence him. 

  • crystal evans

    I like your idea of a lawsuit. I wonder if the ACLU would take the case since they have taken KKK cases before, they make take this one. The disgusting part is I am sure that these students pay some sort of activities fee that should pay for these events. It is not fair that these students are charged and other groups are not.

  • MekongDelta69

    Ironically coincidental, because at NoBama’s speech yesterday, there was a mind-numbed female Obamaton wearing a Towson sweatshirt.

  • XRU486

    I’ve been to Towson and I’ve also experienced violence at the hands of “anti-racists” before, so I can imagine what it must be like. The antis especially hate any kind of peaceful assembly of white advocates, as organizers of the AmRen conferences know first hand. Any hotel hosting AmRen conference or a David Duke meeting for example will get threats of violence.

    I’m not sure paying the requested fees is the right thing to do – why give in? I’d suggest finding another place to have the meeting, even if it is a “student” group. Get the ACLU to sue the University for charging their fees. I also advise all attendants of the meeting to arm themselves in whatever legal way possible (depending on your state and local laws in Towson Maryland.)

    Remember, even if you do suffer violence at the hands of antis, THEY are the ones who will look like the bad guys when the media comes and covers it.

    Know your enemies:

    •  WTF is an anti?

      • anonymous_amren

         An anti-white activist, or as they like to call themselves “anti-racism” activists.

    • The ACLU is one of the cohorts against White America, unless you happen to be a
      homosexual, or other aggrieved member of the White class. The ACLU is unlikely
      to come to our defense.

  • NorthernWind

    I’m really broke at this time but at least $10-15 will find its way to AmRen. This is a great opportunity to lash back at out detractors in 2 ways; 1) failing to silence us (really increase exposure) and 2) hammering them with a lawsuit.

  • Major

    Money well spent. Better than the $8 each and everyone of us has to pony up to supply the miscreants with a free cell phone…so that they can use it to organize a “protest” mob or a flash mob.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    I effing HATE the jerks who are trying to prevent Jared Taylor from speaking, all the way up to and including the president of this idiot university who refuses to speak out, the brown shirts in the government that allow this thuggery, the FBI and Justice dept. who look the other way if threats of violence are directed at Whites and the media that refuse to report this type of violation of the 1st Amendment.


  • Pandemonium

    [email protected]

    Sometimes it helps to contact the alumni association to influence the actions of an academic institution; not sure it will help in this case. But try anyway. 

    Express your outrage at the “brown shirt” tactics being used to stifle free speech at the university. Note that the 1st amendment is specifically to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech needs no protection.

    • Beth

      Here’s a question: aren’t there any conservative alumni anyway?

  • It’s called a protection racket, but it is not unlike every other kind of insurance…..

    • Northernfront

      Charles, should we leave the country soon?

      Connect the dots:  The Weatherman Underground- Bill Ayers- Barack Obama – Muslim Brotherhood


    • Northernfront

  • Danimalius

    I just donated a hundred dollars, and I hope everyone visiting this site puts in what they can.

  • Happy to say I could send in $50.00—everything is slow and expensive and “times are tough” in this Obamanation that was once America.  If AMREN needs more, might be able to next month, because this is the most worthy of all causes.  The First Amendment is and always has been my key issue.  Of course, we should always remember that there is a good and substantial reason that the Second Amendment is Second only to the First—if they deny our freedom of speech then we need to back up our words with bullets—I fear it was exactly this kind of advocacy that got me kicked off of Facebook last March, but that’s par for the course over there.  I wish I could go up there and support you in person.  Mr. Jared Taylor: tell that young man who’s organizing the group if he wants a job in Los Angeles, he should get in touch with me right away. 

  • By the way, please let us know if you’ve reached your goal of $1,650.00.

  • GB101

    Just donated 100.  Hope you make your goal.  

    Requirement payment for security is an outrage.  Just imagine what would happen if white students threatened violence if, say, Jesse Jackson, were invited to speak.  They would be expelled!

  • What happened to everyone’s pictures?  I checked my profile on and my picture with my son in front of LACMA is still there, what happened to (apparently ALMOST everybody’s picture here)?

    • A lot of our users’ avatars are broken images. Probably Disqus. They went down for about 5 minutes today for “upgrades,” so by upgrading one thing, it loused up something else. That’s the way upgrades always work.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I’m not a suing kind of person so I just never thought of that but yes, as long as Amren will sue them for discrimination, I’ll give whatever I’ve got which is nothing but whenever we’ve got a few extra bucks, we’ll give.

    • C_C_Conrad

       Law suits are just another form of revolution. 

  • I doubt you’ll get much (if any) national media attention over this, it just isn’t that significant.  Amren pays $1650 and gets a speech attended to a few dozen people with several guards outside.  Ho hum.  As for the local Baltimore media, the Baltimore Sun newspaper is liberal and the local TV newscasts are primarily focused right now on the Orioles’ playoff chase and their Ravens football team.  

    Part of being victorious is expending your energy wisely by choosing the right battles, and I just don’t see Towson as worth anybody’s time. Donating $1650 to anti-white Towson administrators and then spending several times more that in a court case to try to recoup that is just hitting the tar baby.  Even if the lawyer fees (are we going to be asked to donate for that also?) are recouped, what about the several months lost?  There must be better things that Amren’s limited time and resources can be devoted to.

    • anonymous_amren

      I think the White Student Union concept is a really important one to be defending. Even if the only people who hear about this thing happening are other white nationalists, it would still be a win because it would inspire the formation of other White Student Unions and provide a precedent they can use to argue their case. I look forward to other White Student Unions being able to say “but Towson University allows the formation of White Student Unions and allows controversial speakers”.

      We do still need to fight this ruling though.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      You fool. This is brilliant. The racial hypocrisy is revealed in stark contrast, in black and white. We cannot be defeated. Grab glory.

  • “What is white history? What is white culture? Because if you look back over history, nothing positive has come out of white history or white culture, because you’ve done nothing good”Well, it’d be nice to separate ourselves (whites) from the rest for the next 20 years and just see how well they can do w/ out us. They’d be singing our historical praises after that.

  • This is what Jared Taylor and other race realist are trying to prevent the West from becoming, a picture paints a thousand words. Welcome to HELL.

    • Ulick

      It’s just coincidence that everyplace that is majority black becomes a living hellhole.

      It’s all because the government of Floating Dump City hasn’t invested enough in that community or something.

  • Once again the Left shows — as if we needed any more proof — that it wants “free speech” only for itself and for those who agree with it. Hopefully we’ll be able to raise the needed funds so Jared Taylor can speak as scheduled. What would be even better is if a judge issues a permanent injunction against Towson blocking the right of free speech of those of us who don’t agree with the liberal establishment.

  • You’re so right. I’ve seen people on here post against Romney, but would you rather have four more years of the Mulatto Messiah? I don’t think so. Romney is your choice — him, or Obama. Easy choice for me.

    • anonymous_amren

       Hard choice for me (fortunately I don’t have to make it though, since I’m not a citizen or an invader). There are other apocalypses in store besides white genocide, such as global warming, and we need to prevent all of them. And Romney will make the other ones harder to prevent.

      Still, I can’t help hoping Romney wins, even if I know it may not be rational.

    • C_C_Conrad

       I CHOOSE OBAMA !!!  He has done more to anger whites than the treasonous, half stepping con-servatives offered by the GLOP.   The more whites suffer the more they will awaken.  The hungrier they get the more willing they will be to get off of their butts and fight.   I am not interested in playing the 2 party political games, I am a revolutionary. 

  • Anan7

    If uncle Sam weren’t breaking my back with income taxes and I didn’t have a load of student debt to deal with, I would gladly contribute.

    We are with you in spirit.  God bless!

  • Barrack Osama

    $1,650  is a lot for poor college kids, but I doubt the university is twirling their mustache over it. Are the administrators salivating over how they’re going to split it 8 ways? Compared to the billions in federal grants and other sources of money arrayed against us, it doesn’t really bother me if they end up with $1,650 (if they even end up keeping it)

  • AmRem

    I will donate as soon as I get my paycheck 

  • They can pay it, sue the school and get the money back later

  • I happen to know the case that you’re citing because I’ve been interested in the question of criminal contempt of court ever since I was a judicial lawclerk in U.S. District Court—precisely in Miami (Southern District of Florida, Judge Kenneth L. Ryskamp, assuming you mean “Miami, Florida” and not “Miami, Ohio” or something…  anyhow…You are quoting NOT from Potter Stewart’s majority opinion but from the dissent by William O. Douglas, Abe Fortas, and William J. Brennan Jr.  In doing so, you You have totally misrepresented the actual holding of the case of Walker v. Birmingham.   In that case, the Supreme Court actually UPHOLDS convictions for Criminal Contempt even though the underlying city ordinance was unconstitutionally overbroad.  From the Supreme Court Syllabus, it says: “The Supreme Court, Mr. Justice Stewart, held that, even though substantial constitutional questions could be raised in view of generality of language contained in city parade ordinance and vagueness of temporary injunction restraining petitioners from participating in or encouraging mass street parades or processions without a permit as required by the ordinance, petitioners who did not attempt to have injunction dissolved or modified or to secure parade permit and who deliberately violated injunction with expectation of going to jail were not entitled to have the constitutional issues considered and were properly convicted of criminal contempt.”  In my opinion this is one of the worst cases from the Warren Court era, because in its final holding in this case, the Supreme Court said exactly the opposite of what you’re suggesting: 
    “Even though substantial constitutional questions could be raised in view of generality of language contained in city parade ordinance and vagueness of temporary injunction restraining petitioners from participating in or encouraging mass street parades or processions without a permit as required by the ordinance, petitioners who did not attempt to have injunction dissolved or modified or to secure parade permit and who deliberately violated injunction with expectation of going to jail were not entitled to have the constitutional issues considered and were properly convicted of criminal contempt.  U.S.C.A.Const. Amends. 1, 14; Code of Ala., Tit. 7, §§ 1038, 1039, Tit. 13, §§ 4, 5, 126, 143; Const.Ala.1901, § 144; Supreme Court Rules Ala., rule 47.”
    In other words, you have to obey illegal court orders and if you want to disobey them you have to go to court first.  Now of COURSE, TOWSON university is NO Court or even a direct division of any constitutional branch of the government.  
    Still, we need to study and understand what the majority Supreme Court opinion, which establishes the precedent, really says—starting on pages 388 U.S. at 317 and 87 S.Ct. at 1830 (the passage you quoted from the dissent is found later on pages 388 U.S. at 334 and 87 S.Ct. 1839):”The breadth and vagueness of the injunction itself would also unquestionably be subject to substantial constitutional question. But the way to raise that question was to apply to the Alabama courts to have the injunction modified or dissolved. The injunction in all events clearly prohibited mass parading without a permit, and the evidence shows that the petitioners fully understood that prohibition when they violated it.9The petitioners also claim that they were free to disobey the injunction because the parade ordinance on which it was based had been administered in the past in an arbitrary and discriminatory fashion. In support of this claim they sought to introduce evidence that, a few days before the injunction issued, requests for permits to picket had been made to a member of the city commission. One request had been rudely rebuffed,9 and this same official had later made clear that he *318 was without power to grant the permit alone, since the issuance of such permits was the responsibility of the entire city commission.10 Assuming the truth of this proffered evidence, it does not follow that the parade ordinance was void on its face. The petitioners, moreover, did not apply for a permit either to the commission itself or to any commissioner after the injunction issued. Had they done so, and had the permit been refused, it is clear that their claim of arbitrary or discriminatory administration of the ordinance would have been **1831considered by the state circuit court upon a motion to dissolve the injunction.1110This case would arise in quite a different constitutional posture if the petitioners, before disobeying the injunction, had challenged it in the Alabama courts, and had been met with delay or frustration of their constitutional claims. But there is no showing that such would have been the fate of a timely motion to modify or dissolve the injunction. There was an interim of two *319 days between the issuance of the injunction and the Good Friday march. The petitioners give absolutely no explanation of why they did not make some application to the state court during that period. The injunction had issued ex parte; if the court had been presented with the petitioners’ contentions, it might well have dissolved or at least modified its order in some respects. If it had not done so, Alabama procedure would have provided for an expedited process of appellate review.12 It cannot be presumed that the Alabama courts would have ignored the petitioners’ constitutional claims. Indeed, these contentions were accepted in another case by an Alabama appellate court that struck down on direct review the conviction under this very ordinance of one of these same petitioners.13″

  • anonymous_amren

    I’m poor, but I sent my very first donation anyway. Keep up the good fight.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Contributed what I could to the cause. Best money I’ve ever spent! Best investment I’ve ever made!

  • I made my donation.

    I want to see AR have people (more than one) recording the protesters. I want an AR person (who appears to be sympathetic with the protesters) in the group recording their unvarnished comments.

    I also want AR to be on the lookout for provocateurs masquerading as AR supporters but who are only trying to make AR look like a bunch of ignorant racists by making ignorant comments and holding up misspelled signs with ‘racist’ remarks just like Crash the Tea Party.

    Crash the Tea Party:

    The left has been doing this for years. They know how to lie and manipulate and we have to record them and expose their dirty tricks.

    Please don’t be blindsided by these lefist liars. Always remain vigilant to their leftist techniques.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      What an Excellent Idea.

      It’s semi-close to us so I do believe we’re gonna go and yes, with camera and microphone in hand.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I notified FIRE this morning of the hypocricy of Towson’s own policies.

    Let’s hope FIRE “takes the ball and runs with it” and makes this public.

    As for Freedom of Expression/Speech at Towson — it rates a “yellow light” from FIRE

    Harassment Policy:

    Code of Conduct: Definitions 12-13

    The term “harassment” is defined as conduct directed at a specific person or persons which seriously alarms or intimidates such persons and which serves no legitimate purpose. Such conduct may include: threats, including gestures which place a person in reasonable fear of unwelcome physical contact or harm

    Advertised Commitments to Free Expression

    Code of Conduct: Student Rights and Responsibilities 12-13

    Academic institutions exist for the transmission of knowledge, the pursuit of truth, the development of students, and the general well-being of society. Free inquiry and free expression are indispensable to the attainment of these goals.

    This needs to be shoved down the President and Board of Trustee’s throats — AND the alumni association needs to know what their donations are supporting.  I REFUSE to support the two universities I attended, both of which have become uber-lefty bastions of White hatred — better the $$ sent to AmRen, or OO, which is EXACTLY what I do.


    •  The very second you see an institution, website or person claiming:

      “…the transmission of knowledge, the pursuit of truth

      You should immediately become skeptical, and then try and test that very bold claim. 99 times out of 100 you will find truth to be completely subjective, and then you’ll know just what kind of “Truth” you are dealing with.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Thanks for the reminder — I notified FIRE of this aberration of justice at a PUBLIC, taxpayer-supported university and the hypocrisy of Towson’s own published “code of conduct” and “harassment” policies against “Free Expression.”  

    I suspect, it it’s like Cal Berkeley, that the agitators are from outside the university, bused in and most likely PAID to stir up trouble.


  • Or, it is more likely that Obama winning re-election will move the Republican Party to the left.  I’ve been saying here that if Romney loses, the official GOP blames it on his being “too right wing” (the same official GOP who said we had to nominate him because he was the only electable one), and they’ll prod the party into endorsing Olympia Snowe in 2016.  She’ll lose, again because she was “too right wing,” and then they’ll nominate Sasha or Malia Obama in 2020.

    The diamond in that rough if we land on that rough is that it will hasten the end of the Republican Party.  Even lamestream types like Rush Limbaugh and the radio host who sounds like Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy (the one who all but put out a bounty on Ron Paul’s head earlier this year) are now openly stating that a Romney loss will result in just that, a series of events and chain reactions that will lead to TEA types and conservative-libertarian types and (I think also) crypto-WN types formally to file for divorce from the Republican Party.  While divorces are never fun, this one will be fun to watch just to see who gets custody of Justin Amash.

    If the Republican Party splits, that might also result in the Democrat Party breaking apart, because like I said here last week, the Democrat-Left coalition is held together by the figurative spit and duck tape of their common hatred of us (or “us,” in terms on Republicans, even though we literally are not).  If there’s no Republican Party anymore, bye bye common enemy, and the Democrat Party falls apart into many different pieces because all the forces that stick together only because they hate us more than they dislike each other will start squabbling with each other because there will be no more us to hate.  E.g. Jews and Muslims over ME policy, unions and environmentalists over energy policy, blacks and Hispanics over racial spoils, feminists and Muslims over gender civil rights, and a zillion other examples.

    • Northernfront

        “The Ethics of Killing White Babies”  by Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I’m actually for cutting them off for good.  They’ve done worn out their welcome and so much so, the rug is gone.

    As much as I’d like to think your suggestion would work, I don’t think it will.  Threats don’t work on these people.  They’re just far too used to us doing nothing that now, anything we say is ’empty’.

  • I’m certain that Mr. Taylor knows his stuff (sorry I couldn’t, due to technical impediments, make my contribution), but it’s not bad to add something historical as reply to usual anti- White provocations.

    Q: European conquest of the US was the worst genocide.

    A: No. Technically, perhaps the worst genocide in history was Mongol invasion in the 13th-14th centuries, which wiped out more than 15% of global population- unparalleled event in recorded history. As for the USA, the number of American Indians in the time of Columbus was about 1 million, and now there a ca. three times more of them. Major diminution of population, even genocide, took place in Spanish America, from Mexico to Terra del Fuego. And, the chief agents of genocide were germs, not guns or some genocidal policy.

    Q: But still, it’s Europeans who grabbed the continent.

    A: The Western Hemisphere was outside of any legal system at that time, 16th- 18th centuries. Would you rather have it that Chinese or Arabs had colonized Americas ?
    I assure you, judging from historical experience, the result would be much harsher for indigenous population- not to speak that what is now the US would be another Manchuria or Pakistan.  And the result of WW1 and WW2 could have been completely different.

    Q: But Europeans didn’t pay any attention to Natives’ rights ?

    A: In the case of US, they did- hence various treaties and reservations. Unlike Arabs, who destroyed indigenous Iranian Zoroastrian civilization, or the Chinese who are, as we speak, ethnically cleansing & swamping Tibet and Xin Kiang, as they did with Manchuria in the past- without any concessions. And asymmetry is even more striking since Tibet possesses ancient rich culture and ethnic- national identity, unlike all US Native American peoples.

    Q: What about slavery ?

    A: Yes, what about it ? Slavery was much worse in the Caribbean & Brazil. Historically, Arab slavery of black Africans had accounted much more human lives’ toll, both of enslaved Africans and Arabized population of Mid-East. See Zanj rebellion: There are still pockets of Blacks in Iraq, but since many of  Black slaves had been initially castrated, and those who fought in numerous uprisings had been, as a rule, executed- there is no significant Black population in Iraq, Iran and surrounding countries (as different from Saudi Arabia), because hundreds of thousands, or more than a million, had been put to death in 9th-10th centuries.

    Slavery is a complex phenomenon, but Atlantic Black slavery – just one among many types of slavery- included full cooperation of African tribal power structure. Also, many future American slaves were African slaves already, or slated for execution. US African slaves descendants grew from 300,000 to over 40 millions and have the best education and standard of living of all African Blacks in the world. If some other culture had been confronted with African slave population, there is very likely that their descendants would have been exterminated.

    Q: Why White or European union ?

    A: Why not ?

    Q: What did Europeans did in the US that can be called “good” ?

    A: Are you joking ? Thanks to British, and generally European peoples, culture and institutions and their further development, US is the most advanced populous country in the world. Wealth, science, prosperous and free life,… Need I continue ?

  • Why aren’t you guys, aggressively going after this racist university for race discrimination, against their white students and white people, period? 

  • Puggg

    When we dealt with the Canterbury Tales in high school, my teacher specifically assigned me Miller’s Tale.  I get the feeling he knew I was mature enough to handle the “consequences,” though the very idea of “mature” and Miller’s Tale don’t deserve to be in the same hemisphere.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      I almost purchased one of those expensive, leather-bound, gold-edged Easton Press copies of The Canterbury Tales.  I started flipping through it and noticed one of the stories was missing — The Prioress’ Tale. 

      It is amazing to think that those who can afford expensive collector’s editions of books could be happy to own one with a story missing. And it’s not like someone took scissors to the book, it was printed that way.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    Here’s another page.

    Unfortunately, you can’t actually respond to it…

    Regarding the first link, those guys really don’t want a fair fight. They have to keep themselves at an advantage.

  • Jared has already paid his “security fee.”  Jared will be fine….

    • 5n4k33y3s

      He may well receive the most half-assed, foot-dragging, wishy-washy, wishing-they-were-somewhere-else, sharing-sympathetic-glances-with-anti-white-mob-elements,  security that $1,300 can afford a despised white man who draws attention to the massive racial hypocrisy of “progressives”.

  • Imagine that. Their “Hate/Bias” Report link is no longer available.

  • US_Eurolad

    I do not live to far away to attend. Towson, MD is about 1 hour from me and I will -definitely- be in attendance for this.

  • silviosilver

    Why doesn’t Taylor just muscle them with his white privilege?  

    • Because it doesn’t work.  To prove a point, I once went to a BMW leadership, asking them to give me their most expensive model for free, because I had white skin privilege.  It was the only time in my life when someone seriously threatened to call the cops on me.

      • To prove a point, I once went to a BMW leadership, asking them to give me their most expensive model for free, because I had white skin privilege. 

        Hahhahahhhhh…. if this is true, you’re a genius.

        • Or, at the time I did it, a somewhat naive 23-year old who was doing something really juvenile.

    • Danimalius

      I literally lol’d, nice one sir.

  • Danimalius

    Congratulations ladies and gentlemen! It’s very encouraging to see we met our goal, and in such a short time frame!

  • GB101

    Congratulations.  Glad to be of help.  

  • So glad to hear that the money was raised — although it’s a miscarriage of justice that it had to be. I did my (modest) part to help. Hope Mr. Taylor and American Renaissance will sue the pants off Towson and its leftist minions.

  • Freedom of speech. It’s a White thing.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    Glad I could be a part of this, in my humble way. Hopefully, there won’t be any big distractions from the anti-white racist hypocrisy which is already on display at Towsen University.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    I’m hoping it will be about escalating racial controversy. Many small tactical defeats can lead to a big strategic victory. I hope the anti-white demagogues fight like the devil!

  • 5n4k33y3s

    As they say, “choose your battles”. JT & Amren have chosen a fine one.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    Malcolm X used to be mocked for his white ancestry, made evident by his red hair in his youth. Before he was assassinated, (with the verbal consent of Farrakhan), X had given up his belief in the heretical “Nation of Islam”, embraced mainstream Islam and renounced the anti-white racism he had previously espoused. For this, he was killed.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    Why request approval? To put them on the spot by initiating a bureaucratic process so they have to put their anti-white hypocrisy in writing.

    If these things are done properly, it could lead to an impasse that goes to a federal judge, even the Supreme Court.

    • Yes…a “bureaucratic process” which is against us anyway. This is what these racists want, to be tied up in the bureaucratic process so the speech or gathering is delayed or never happens at all. This is what they do.

      • 5n4k33y3s

        You don’t understand how to use bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is slow and stubborn, but if you know what you’re doing, they payoff is big.

        Even if all the bureaucrats hate you, if you are patient and diligent like I am, you can make them eat their pride and accommodate you.

  • That’s why we need our people there filming the protesters.

    The left has been using very selective film shots to push their point of view and agenda. We need to point the camera at them and show the world how they manipulate events.

  • newscomments70

    As angry as this situation makes us, I love the publicity. You could not pay for this publicity. Thanks communist media! You just gave us several thousand more members!


    Wait a minute. I thought charging extra security fees by public institutions was already declared unconstitutional by the courts. “… the Supreme Court’s decision in Forsyth County v. Nationalist Movement (1992), which states, ‘Listeners’ reaction to speech is not a content-neutral basis for regulation. … Speech cannot be financially burdened, any more than it can be punished or banned, simply because it might offend a hostile mob.'”

  • C_C_Conrad

     So true.  We have all come into the movement due to an emotional first impression.  Logic may keep us here but emotions are what started us moving.  I recommend my book again for just this reason. 

  • C_C_Conrad

     OH, I SO AGREE!  Can I click the like button twice? 

    • Only one like per person per post. This isn’t Chicago.

      • C_C_Conrad

        I know. I was just being facetious.
        C. C. Conrad

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  • C_C_Conrad

    “Is a new world coming? We welcome it, and we will bend it to the hopes of man.”

    LBJ was a scum sucking traitor just like the rest of the ilk of that generation.  

  • C_C_Conrad

     The GLOP is the same as the Democrats just a little slower moving. 

  • C_C_Conrad

     Oh, well, in that case don’t ever read Jack’s War & you MUST NEVER GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE TO READ.   he he

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    If one thing could be pinpointed as being a likely turning point in our struggle, it’s the establishment of white student unions. Once that ball gets rolling, it’s going to be a different ball game. 

    And it will likely be a very rough one. The campus revolutions of the 60s were rowdy enough with students pitted only against administrators. When a white movement begins to unfold on campuses, blacks are not going to march around the white student unions with picket signs. Blacks are going to be blacks.

    What I would hate to see is a campus white movement that fritters away its energy talking about white civil rights and such, while non-whites continue to flood into our countries and we continue to be forced by law to integrate with them so as to be assimilated and blended out of existence.

    That’s the real threat…the genocidal extinction of the white race…and I hope the leaders of this nascent movement will become aware of that, and will see abridgment of white civil rights and other anti-white injuries and insults as part of the larger anti-white game.

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      If white student unions are formed, and the characteristic violence and mayhem by blacks against their members and meetings follow, the injuries and worse that will be inflicted by that mayhem will make all the more vivid the fact that whites are presently being subjected to a world-wide genocidal process aimed to remove us from this earth.

      I’m very proud that Jared Taylor is helping this particular group to launch itself!

  • Express your views on this matter to the media posted on this facebook group.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I’m with ya.