Teen Girls in Videotaped Beating of Woman Are Remorseless, Cop Says

Christina Ng, ABC News, September 28, 2012

Four teenage girls caught on videotape laughingly beating a defenseless woman are remorseless and defiant even as they are about to be arraigned on criminal charges in a Philadelphia court, police said today.

The girls videotaped the beating and posted it on Facebook. Someone who saw the video called the cops.

Four of the six teens involved have been arrested and they are aged 16 and 17, according to the Chester Police Department. {snip}

The cell phone video shows five girls standing on the street Tuesday night, playing around for the camera before the assault began.

“It’s a group of girls on a corner chatting, rapping, goofing around,” Chester Police Det. James Nolan told ABCNews.com.. “Then they decide, from the audio, you hear them say they’re going to ‘f**k this b***h up.’ They plot the thing as they walk up.”

The teens approach a woman sitting on her doorstep and a girl takes the first punch. They chase her into the house where the woman screams as the girls laugh and beat her with their hands, fists, feet and a chair. The video shows the girls pushing each other out of the way and then delivering a flurry of punches to the defenseless woman.

“It’s 90 seconds or so that they beat on her and then they run out,” Nolan said, calling the beating “senseless.”

{snip} The victim did not call the police. Police said it “seems to be the case” that the woman suffers from “some diminished capacity,” but they do not know the details of her mental capacity.


{snip} The district attorney’s office has decided that the girls will be tried as adults and they could face up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.


“It was a big party and they’re still defiant,” Nolan said. “There’s no discernible reason for what happened other than fun, sport.”

Nolan said that for the community and even for veteran law enforcement officials, the assault has hit a nerve.



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  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent


  • JackKrak

    Blacks will take more pride in being “remorseless and defiant” than they would for being productive or useful.

    • Pelayo

      productive or useful. Neither of those adjectives applies to them or most others of their genus & species unless dribbling a basket ball or running fast counts.

  • haroldcrews

    The predatory will always go after the weaker first.

  • MekongDelta69

    It’s not the victim who has ‘diminished capacity’ (another PC phrase for retarded); it’s the black ‘youfs’.

    Another endless black on white crime out of hundreds of thousands of black on white crimes.

    And self-loathing, guilt-ridden, spineless white leftists forever blame “institutional racism” and “oppression” for the behavior of all these angelic ‘youfs’.

    No – It’s low IQ and thug culture and no impulse control and no fathers in the home and black racism and the welfare mentality, combined with them being brainwashed and indoctrinated in schools to forever blame ‘The Man’ for every single one of their deviant behaviors.

    Look you leftists dummies – it’s what they’ve always done; it’s what they do; it’s what they will always do.

    Wake up, will you?

    • Bantus have 10% to 15 % more testosterone than whites thus they are more aggressive and sexually active, plus they have IQs of 67.  It’s a lethal cocktail.

      Philippe Rushton’s book ” Race Evolution and Behavior.” 

      • 5n4k33y3s

        I’m not convinced of the hormone differences alleged among the races. Testosterone varies depending on circumstances. Winning causes a surge, losing causes a decline.

        I think it’s a Feminist talking point to denigrate the masculinity of whites and Asians. When white men had their way with black slave women, and black women in the colonies, white testosterone surged, and there would have been a corresponding decline in the prestige and the testosterone level of black men.

        Likewise when Genghis Khan’s hordes would sack a city and claim the women of high society as the booty of war. The Asian men’s testosterone would have surged, while the men of the conquered land would have an inverse correlation.

        The feminists want us to believe in the racial caste system they’ve dreamed up to place black men above whites. They weren’t disparaging white men for lacking masculinity when their black women were being sexually exploited. This is a relatively new kind of Feminist propaganda.

        • Diamond_Lil

          Philippe Rushton is hardly a feminist.   

          • 5n4k33y3s

            I’ll be the judge of that. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

      • C_C_Conrad

         It’s only a lethal combination because whites let it go on. 

  • If you let them out of the zoo, expect a pretty wild time in the streets.

  • If you give liberals facts, stats, data, proof, evidence of black criminality, they don’t want to know or CHOOSE not to know. They are either myopic or deluded or ostriches sticking their heads in the sand. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Ex KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov would speak of the crimes of communist Russia but western liberals didn’t want to know, he said the only way to convince them would be to take them to the Gulags, lock them up , torture them and then maybe just maybe, the penny would drop.

  • IstvanIN

    There was no racial component to the attack, simply a fight between some girls.

  • ncpride

    Nolan said that for the community and even for veteran law enforcement officials, the assault has hit a nerve.

    Really? Which nerve? I’d really like to know, because this is absolutely nothing new.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Why do these white people seem so surprised????  Haven’t they ever heard of YouTube?

  • 5n4k33y3s

    More cowardly, pathetic, violence by multiple black attackers against a solitary white victim. 

  • tickyul

    These Urban American Yutes will do little if any time….and they know it.


    Its just like the George Zimmerman case where the news media altered the 911 recording and the videos blocking out the blood and injury to Zimmerman’s head.  This would never have happened if John McCain was President.

    • I like your posts, and don’t mean to go off on a tangent, but I have to say the following about Mr. McCain.

      John McCain’s first order of business after he lost in 2008 was to seek a posthumous pardon for Jack Johnson, a black boxer in the early 1900’s who was “discriminated against” by evil racist Whites. Johnson’s love of White women, and stirring the pot of cess that occurred as a result did not win him a lot of White fans.

      This country has enormous problems, yet Mr. McCain puts the alleged sufferings of a dead boxer, that 99.99999% of the worlds population wouldn’t recognize, ahead of our very survival as a nation.

      John, Mitt, George, and all the rest have been selling us down the river for years. I know that McCain is White, however, Obama simply brings our future to a festering head.

      Both parties seem to have an anti-White policy.

      Please take five minutes watching the attached clip, and ponder this countries future.


      Thanks Aunti Occupy

    • John McCain was an open borders traitor, who coined the phrase “reaching across
      the aisle,” to hide his liberal destruction. This scumbag campaigned in Mexico
      for God’s sakes, pandering to Mexicans with promises of amnesty.

      McCain then branded anyone who opposed rewarding Mexican invaders with amnesty “heartless.”  Remind me again who his Hispanic outreach
      coordinator was- you know who I’m talking about- that grinning Mexican who
      likes to call everyone “friends” as he’s stabbing you in the back with his Mexican
      reconquista efforts.

  • Chester, Pa. is one of the nation’s blackest of black communities.

  • whiteyyyyy

    Whites are the problem, every cop in that video is full of crap. The media, the cops, politicians are all selling out Whites. This is who negroe’s are, we know it, they know it. All these clowns are good for is handing out parking tickets.

    • I agree–the govt & legal system is so slanted against prosecuting blacks, that even the White police officers are forced to ‘turn a blind eye’ to black on White crime. 

      Until or unless Whites stop this ‘in it’s tracks’, this is only the beginning…islam is watching and looking to leverage the court and laws against Christians and Jews….

    • TeutonicKnight67

       Agreed! The cops are NOT your friend. They are in such fear of losing their pensions or GOD FORBID winding up in a Bantu cage themselves that they have surrendered all discretion. Their mentality is arrest everyone (white)and let the judge sort it out. It is the white working class that props up the entire corrupt system because we contribute MONEY. It is our own taxes that subsidize this anti-white system. Cops pull over whites BECAUSE WE PAY THE FINE!

  • gemjunior

    Imagine what things would be like if they had never been brought over here.  Imagine how safe things would be.  And just imagine a world where we didn’t have to see them or deal with them.  What a paradise.

    • bubo

      Paul Kersey said it best.  We could have been on Mars.   Instead we don’t even control our own cities.  

    •  You are right, it seems that half of our energy is spent placating blacks, and the other half is spent protecting ourselves from blacks. Where else in history did such a small percentage of a nation’s population have such a large negative impact? I’ll bet that blacks pay less than 1% of US taxes, but they consume 30% of all tax dollars

      • Les H

        The coming financial collapse in America will change all of that—be prepared as when it happens, cities will burn and many, particularly Whites, will be the target of rioting black

    • Imagine what things would have been like had they been sent back.

    • C_C_Conrad

      Well, let’s build paradise.

    • refocus

       Yes, and we can thank the king of England for that.

  • rightrightright

    Two of the attackers were so hefty they were built like buses.  Their victim had no chance against such lumps of lumbering lard.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I think posting it on FB is proof of their mildly retarded IQ levels.

    • MartelC

      Perhaps, but Eric HOlder and company have made it clear that a. its not their fault b. they did nothing wrong.

    • MarcusTrajanus

       They really don’t see that they did anything wrong, they were just having fun. Look at their faces, they aren’t angry, they are laughing, joking. Causing pain to the weak and defenseless truly delights blacks.

  • Sloppo

    Detective James Nolans … “this is something that occurs in the city that … normally we don’t have” …  According to USDOJ statistics, blacks in the US commit approximately 654,500 assaults against white people each year.  Perhaps if that number were 655,000, detective James Nolans would be able to detect a pattern of behavior.

    • Pelayo

      He’s either totally unaware and/or abysmally stupid. Chester is horrible and has been for years. A former colleague of mine who is now approximately 63 that as a kid, he lived in the Germantown section of Phila. two blocks from La Salle U. The neighborhood had become predominantly  Black back then and he was the only White kid on the team. The team apparently had a great season and became eligible to participate in a tournament against some other well performing teams. The tournament was to be held in Chester. The chartered bus arrived at the field in Chester and all my friend saw was a sea of Black faces. They got out of the bus and were immediately surrounded by a group of kids between 10 and 12. It turned out that my friend was the center of attention as if these kids had never seen a White person before. One kid came up to him and said , “Hey Man ain’t  you White?”, to which he replied with total confidence. “Yes I am”. The kid shook his head and said “Man you mus be some bad dude, come down heah tuh Chestuh”

      Harrah’s opened a Casino there. Go figure.

      • Sloppo

        I believe this “detective” is neither unaware nor stupid.  He just pretends to be stupid because he believes that is path of least resistance.  His life would probably be more difficult if he were forthright and truthful, so he sacrificed his integrity on the altar of the Church of Political Correctness.  He is probably more a part of the problem than the wild savages in the video.  

    • C_C_Conrad

       The police have never been the ones to solve such wide spread problems.  It is a problem for the “people” to solve. 

  • Pelayo

    As for THEIR “mental capacity”? No comment needed.

  • MartelC

    Whoa! Hey you racists, what are you talking about.. we have the next Jenna Six here! Just some girls having some fun. 

  • Pelayo

     PC. ,
    I hope that your “experience” wasn’t too severe.I always feel that there is no better missionary for our cause than a recovering Liberal/ Progressive.
    Welcome to our side. If you have any friends who haven’t yet been “saved”, work on them before THEY have to learn the hard way.

  • IstvanIN

     Do you understand sarcasm?

  • TeutonicKnight67

     That was sarcasm dear..

  • lack of remorse is a trait of the sociopath

  • An apologist,    just what you want to see in your police department!

  • Dan Reardon

    It’s unlikely they will see actual prison. I would imagine most will not be tried as adults and might due a small amount of time in a juvenile correctional facility. While at that facility they will most likely receive family time off grounds every week and counseling sessions while attending school. They’ll more or less get a slap on the wrist.

    • Goetz von Berlichingen

      I wouldn’t bet on that.  Since the victim was mentally handicapped, and thus also a member of a protected class, and they chased her inside her own home, they’re going to get some time.  They’ve given the DA a lot of felony play here: assault and battery on an at-risk adult, home-invasion (a.k.a. burglary of an occupied residence), assault with a deadly weapon (part of the beating included the victim being struck with a chair), and so-on.  I don’t know how the aggravation rules work for criminal charges in Pennsylvania, but the perps’ current attitudes and the fact that they videotaped the attack and posted it to Facebook suggest that “extreme indifference” would apply as an aggravating circumstance.

      They can’t say they didn’t do it; they took video of it and then posted it online!  That’s instantly evidence for the prosecution!

      In the end, unless they take a plea deal, it will be the judge who sentences them, and running an attitude like these gals have been doing so far is never, ever a good idea with a judge.

  • ncpride

    Even more surprising, I just saw it on CNN, along with pictures of all the little thugs. What a shocker!

    • SLCain

       “Even more surprising, I just saw it on CNN, along with pictures of all the little thugs.”

      Maybe they can feature THAT in their next installment of “Black in America”.

  • I bet brain scan of these “teens” would give results one can find on diagnosed psychopaths.

  • Lack of remorse is also a trait of the infantile. The emotional immaturity of blacks is a common characteristic displayed in whatever country or condition they find themselves in.

  • C_C_Conrad

     I call this the Quaker disease because of the behavior of the Quakers that controlled PA in the 1750’s.  They were just the same.  They changed too, once Chief Pontiac handed them their asses.  See, Wilderness Empire by Allen W. Eckert. 

  • blindsticks

    They certainly seem to have a habit for  attacking the  ‘mentally diminished’  on public transport and buses dont they. This I suspect is partially how they started the Emma West thing  going. Some  stupid grinning black provoking her  into an outburst they then film and  upload as a ‘ race rant’.  

    Ms West first appeared in court was charged on 28th November 2011 (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/nov/29/woman-court-racist-abuse-tram). Thus more than nine months have passed since charges were brought against her. Because no future trial date has been set it is probable that a year or more will have elapsed before she is brought to court, if indeed, she ever is tried.

    Why is there this ever more unreasonable delay? It could be that the CPS are simply hoping that if they request enough psychiatric reports , sooner or later one will meet their purposes. But I doubt that is the reason, because psychiatric reports not favourable to the prosecution could become strong defence evidence. More probable reasons for the delay are that the CPS is hoping the stress of the delay will cause Ms West to change her plea to guilty or they are simply paralysed by her intended plea of Not Guilty and simply do not know what to do.

    The CPS’ difficulties have been made more difficult with the appearance on YouTube of a black woman engaging in violently anti-white rant . She was arrested and questioned by the police in late August (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2191075/Racist-rant-London-bus-Police-investigate-outburst-passenger-posted-YouTube.html). This rant is crudely abusive of white people:

    Unlike the Emma West case the mainstream media coverage of this anti-white racism has been minimal. I have been unable to find any details of whether the woman has been charged or who she is. If anyone has such information please let me know.

    If this case is not prosecuted or if Ms West is prosecuted first and is given a prison sentence, it would be difficult for the woman in the video quoted from above not to receive similar treatment if not more severe treatment as her comments were vulgarly racist while Ms West is simply complaining about the fact that her country has been invaded through mass immigration.

    West trial adjourned for third time |
    The Libertarian …
    by Robert
    Henderson Emma West trial delayed for the
    third time Robert Henderson The trial of
    Emma West on racially aggravated public order offences has
    – Cached

  • 1) Look at the freeze-frame at 1:08, of the bottom of the two videos.    Chester or Soweto?
    2)  the victim sounds white in the way that she says, “Get off me”.  That’s the only way I can tell.  Plus, her immediate neighbors are white.

  • SLCain

    The comments on these these kinds of stories(I mean the comments at media-sites which originally report the stories) are getting to look like…………………..the sort of thing that one reads here.  Do you think that more people are starting to pay attention to this kind of thing, and draw a few conclusions from what they see?