Ann Coulter Causes Mass Hysteria on ‘The View,’ Whoopi Bleeped . . .

Fox News, September 27, 2012

“The View” co-hosts get into heated discussion with Coulter, the author of “Mugged.”


Host Whoopi Goldberg confronted the author over the topic of race, cursing her out and accusing her of not knowing what she was talking about.

Coulter voraciously defended her book, claiming its more about white liberals, than African Americans.

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  • libertarian1234

    The most significant thing about blacks is that the vast majority of them are unable to care for themselves due to a lack of intelligence and just plain inability to function in a competitive first world society.  They can’t even create and manage small businesses in their own neighborhoods.  They’re like imbecillic children that have to be cared for by adults. 

    Immigrants have to provide businesses for them.  And, as most would guess, they’re resented and hated for it, demonized as opportunists who “make money off the black man.”

    This Whoopi Goldberg and all her black confederates harp on the same thing which vaguely has something to do with the “pain” blacks suffer, in spite of the fact they amount to the most privileged subjects in this deteriorating empire.

    Liberals might not care about blacks, but I can say without reservation I care less than nothing about them, their general welfare or their lack of success.

    Let them make their own niche in this society like everybody else.  Because they haven’t been able to do that has absolutely nothing to do with slavery two hundred years ago, racism years ago,  or oppression.

    Blacks fail the world over not just in this country, and that includes their home countries in Africa where they have to rely on food, aid, money and other help from white countries to keep from starving.

    After numerous years of supporting the black burden in this country and around the world only a fool would declare that whites know nothing about race. 

    • “I can say without reservation I care less than nothing about them, their general welfare or their lack of success..”

      I think I’m in love with you.

    • pretap

      Thank you for being the “proof in the pudding”. “but I can say without reservation I care less than nothing about them”. I thank God Almighty that our dependence is NOT on you or any other ‘person’, but the God/Jesus that “made us ALL” (and the sooner blacks, whites, and other others learn this, the better). ‘You’ are the face of true ignorance and stupidity which knows NO bounds, just like Ms. mixed and messed up Coulter who has more than a few marbles she needs to go and find.

      The day is coming when ‘you’, Ann Coulter, and the rest of you narrow minded, bigoted folks who lump those whom ‘you’ feel have NO redeeming qualities together, will be judged by someone greater than yourselves and I can’t wait to be there to see it. ‘You’, nor Ann, or even the government ‘supports’ blacks, whites, or anyone else “GOD” Does that for ALL of us. Get over yourself and pick up some brains while you’re at it, Ann is “sealing her fate if she doesn’t get her act together” and so are you by agreeing with her garbage mouth mess. Enough is enough already ‘you are better than NO one else’, and you’d better realize this before it’s too late.

    • Greg Gutlessfeld

      Slavery ended 150 years ago, approximately Not that I’d expect bagger vermin to know the first thing about history.

  • Mass hysteria?

    Ann Coulter causes this much hysteria among hysterical people by being her usual half right half wrong self?

    If we really wanted to see a fun human meltdown, The View should book Jared Taylor.

    • No, that wouldn’t have similar effect since most of the NAMs just couldn’t comprehend what he’s talking about.

      Btw, if there was Mis Ugliness contest, Whoopi would have won hands down.

      • Here’s what I’m driving at.

        St. Louisans reading these words will probably recognize the name Lizz Brown. (If they do, then they probably also recognize “Gordon and Earl,” which is a big reason why AR has so many St. Louisans, but that’s for another time). Anyway, Lizz and a more moderate host on WGNU were co-hosting one day, and they had David Duke as a guest in studio. Lizz Brown had a total nuclear meltdown, and the mic was hot, and everyone could hear Duke telling the moderate white co-host, “What’s her problem?” The host said, “Damned if I know.”

        Point being, as hysterical as the Whoopee Cushion was in dealing with Ann Coulter’s very milquetoast treatment of race, she’d go so bonkers and crazy to have to listen to Jared Taylor that if it was only available on PPV, I’d pay.

    • Frank

      You obviously don’t know much about Coulter.  When is she wrong?

      • When is she wrong?

        1. About half the time on race

        2. All the time in the Missouri Senate race

        3. All of the time on the Governor of New Jersey (she really has a blind spot when it comes to Krispy Christie)

        4. In lieu of Krispy Christie running for President, which she really wanted, she lost all sense of proportion in shoving Mitt Romney down our throats.

      • when she tries to claim Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. for the Republican party, and blame various evil racist laws on the Democrats.

        It’s disingenuous, but it’s what people used to have to say before there was an Internet.

        We’re not respectable conservatives here, so we don’t have write 5000 word essays about how the Democrats are the real racists and we’re the real anti-racists instead of just saying that anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

        Their utopian nonsense does harm the black community. But since we’re to liberals or respectable conservatives here, we can talk explicitly about the concerns of the white community instead of projecting our concerns onto other people and acting like we’re trying to help someone else.

    • jedsrael

      As Greece gets worse, little bits of good news will occasionally filter out:

      Greek police send crime victims to neo-Nazi ‘protectors’

      Far-right Golden Dawn party filling vacuum for those neglected by state after MPs elected to fight ‘immigrant scum’

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      He’d get shanked

  • JackKrak

    I’m equally frustrated & disgusted by how easy it is for the Goldbergs of the world to get cheap applause from an idiot studio audience with pithy lines like “That’s not what my grandmother said” – type responses. Does she really think that’s a meaningful argument?

    Whoopi has made a long career out of playing the token sassy black woman/magic negro – she should stick to that instead of trying to impress anyone outside of The View’s core demographic with her intellect.

  • humptydumpty

    liberals are the new carpetbaggers/scalawags…

  • Frank

    First, Ann did not cause mass hysteria on this liberal show (only one conservative and she is usually talked down by the others).  The book came out Tues. (I pre-ordered and got mine that day.)  The show was Thurs.  Goldberg could not read a book in two days and she would not understand what this one was all about unless Ann had drawn pictures in it.

  • Defiant White

    The cute white chick kept very, very quiet.  She could see that the other four ignoramuses hadn’t read the book, didn’t know the facts and were just making emotional appeals to the audience.  Coulter wiped the floor with them, especially the obnoxious “Whoopi.”  I’m sure Coulter’s IQ is over the 145-150 range while the Whoopi creature is lucky if she breaks into triple digits.

    The sad thing about all of this . . . I could have written the script for what we saw.  Conservative goes on an interview show with a bunch of liberals and gets attacked by the gloating dummies.  We’ve seen it again and again. 

    Coulter is no dummy.  She knows this will spur sales among conservatives who want to see what all the liberal huffing and puffing was about.

    • NorthernWind

       Coulter isn’t an idiot but I think that 145-150 IQ might be a bit of a stretch… Maybe around 115-120 would be more realistic.

  • I don’t need to, because that’s self-evident.  When people are making fools of themselves, the best thing to do is get out of the way and let them.  I stay clear out of her way.

    Ann Coulter, OTOH, needs to made to answer for some of her racial pandering and nitwit idiocy on race.  And we need to get over the mentality that she’s somehow heading our way when she talks good on race the 50% of the time that she does.  Remember the Law of Averages the next time you hear her say something we agree with on race.

    •  Her recent white guilt comments were crucial.  She’s wrong a lot of the time, but whenever she says something right, it gives us an opportunity to amplify it.

  • The__Bobster

    Why is that hideous, moronic snakehead on TV? And where do they find their audience, an audience of professional female victims who think she’s a genius? 

  • We should cut Coulter some slack. Of course, she’s not Sam Francis. But, who is not against us …

  • Chris Rock said if you want to hide something from a black, put it in a book.

    • ed91

       we can’t put all the white women in a book………

  • SarahConnor

    Love how Anne totally keeps her cool and spews facts while the other idiots had no facts only shrieks and howls! Every time I hear Whoopi’s name or see her I think of really really bad gas!

    • Good point. If a fart were visible it would probably look like Whoopi Goldberg.

    • Major

      Why do you think she’s named after a whoopi cushion? She has…seriously…a flatulence issue. And they say women don’t do that….Whoopi excluded of course. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Whilst it’s nice to see an Anglo-Saxon female make positive noises about whites, it’s clear from Ann Coulter’s other written and spoken material that she views black/white realtions from the “propositional state” point of view. She’s dead wrong.

    • skara_brae


      • TeutonicKnight67

        Let’s not be petty brothers…Coulter is a name of Scottish origin but let’s not bicker amongst ourselves about “what kind of white” we are. We need to unify in the face of world-wide hostility to ALL white ethnicities.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        I meant Anglo-Saxon in a general way – see my reply to Bardon below. 

    • Mr. Coulter, Ann’s father, was an Irish- American. So much for “Saxon”. If you wish it quasi-racially, she’s Anglo-Celtic.

      • TeutonicKnight67

         You’re making my point for me Bardon. As an American of Celtic-Germanic stock I feel we all need to get past our ancient rivalries and be one. Euros of the World Unite!!

      • loyalwhitebriton

        I meant Anglo-Saxon in a general way – blonde hair, blue eyes. Yes, I know that could also apply to nordic and teutonic. I perhaps should have said ‘white woman’. No further racial analysis is needed.

  • Andrew Lloyd

    She is super smart, beautiful and talking about race from a White perspective.  I love her!  She isnt perfect, but its a great first step.  I don’t see anyone else wrangling with those hags on the view, fighting them off as they bumrush her.  Go Anne!

    • Pelayo

      I would respectfully disagree with your characterization of all the women  as hags. Elizabeth is rather attractive albeit not an intellectual and obviously of low self esteem because many times the “hags” treat her like crap. Why she shows up every day is a mystery. Must be the money.

    • Who else would have the balls to face off  Whoopi and Joy Blowhard and the rest of those liberal hysterical maniac zombies. Ann has more class in her litttle pinky than the rest of those blowhards put together. (excluding of  course, Elizabeth Hasselbeck).

    • blight14

       So are you ok with her dating Jimmy Walker?

  • Eagle_Eyed

    I didn’t watch the video (didn’t want to listen to any of these cackling hens speak) but I did peruse the transcript.  From what I gathered, Ann spent time “dispelling myths” about civil rights and slavery; she played up the whole “Democrats were against civil rights” schtick.  Anyone with a brain knows that those who were against civil rights were conservative whites who didn’t want to be forced to hire or serve black people at their restaurants–a reasonable position given we supposedly live in a free society.

    Furthermore, claiming Lincoln as “one of us” (since he was a Republican) ignores how different political issues and government is from the 1860s to today.  Some of the more conservative presidents we’ve had (like Grover Cleveland) were Democrats. But using Coulter’s logic, she’d have to be against someone like Cleveland because he had a D next to his name.

    So Coulter may have a clever enough argument to anger the modern day liberal, but it isn’t really credible and worse off, does nothing to advance the interest of American whites.  The Democrats aren’t bad because their policies hurt blacks–as Coulter seems to stress–but because they harm whites.  As brash as she may seem, she won’t go this far publically.

    • If the mavens of “The View” even suspected that she’d “go this far publicly,” she’d never be invited to appear on it. And when people are praising Abraham Lincoln for freeing the slaves, they seem to forget that he held for many years the belief that, once freed, blacks should be deported to Africa, or the Caribbean, or somewhere else — ANYWHERE but here! We’re not certain he ever really gave up that conviction.

      • Major

        Actually I believe it was Jefferson in 1802 that held those beliefs…and if Lincoln adopted them…he had TJ to thank. Who was 13 presidents before Lincoln.

        • Lincoln did, indeed, believe that the races were not equal, that blacks and Whites could not live peaceably together, and that the slaves, once freed, should be deported somewhere else. He may have finally changed his views, late in the Civil War; or he may have decided it was the smart thing to just stop discussing them.

          • TeutonicKnight67

             There is no evidence that Lincoln ever changed his stance on Bantu repatriation. Thanks to John Wilkes Booth we’ll never know.

          • Lincoln was all over the map on racial issues.  I am left to conclude that he was nothing more than a typical whore politician who said anything he thought he needed to say to get his audience to like him.

            He was born a poor white mid-Southerner, so I figure his base racial instincts were not really to like blacks, but to dislike white slave owners more.  Slavery in the South precluded the development of a real chance for non-rich whites to extract themselves from poverty; cheap labor systems tend to do that. 

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Notice how they kept saying Coulter was going back into the “ancient” past in her defense of conservatives, but how often do blacks go back over 150 years ago to the days of slavery to explain their current problems? Only millions of times every day (that works out to at least once per black per day)!

  • I didn’t know who Ann Coulter was the first time I saw her, the first thought that popped into my mind was “She looks like a —— lover”.

    First reply on a board to my post, “She was married to one”.

    So it is so funny the way they all attack her, especially Whoopi an ugly black who marries/dates whites.

    • Not sure, but I don’t think Ann Coulter has ever been married — let alone to a black. Now, I could be wrong; I’m certainly not an expert on Ann Coulter’s life.

      • Sorry, she only dated a bulbous nosed Jimmie Walker. And you are right about her and marriage.

        • Major

          And she was engaged to that Indian… Dinesh D’Souza Souza?

          • Frank

            No, you are thinking of Laura Ingraham, another smart and attrative conservative.

          • Major

            Thanks for the correction Frank & Seek.

        • No, they were not dating. Just friends (no geriatric fetish). Dating with Dinesh D’Souza- yes.

        • TeutonicKnight67

           Truly vomit-inspiring photos. My morning coffee just curdled in my belly. Thanks for the reality check.

      • This might be fifth hand third rate gossip, but I hear she goes through non-white men, some “conservative” politically and some not, like chain smokers go through cigs.  Another one similar to Coulter to be suspicious of is Laura Ingraham, who once dated Dinesh D’Souza.

        • If that’s true, it lowers her considerably in my estimation. Sad; and she’s so smart, too. About only SOME things, apparently.

        • TeutonicKnight67

           Drat!!! Another bubble burst for me!! All we ever hear is how men should be attracted to women for brains as well as beauty and then they do truly stupid things like miscegenate. Laura Ingraham – epic fail.

    • To me, she looks like a transsexual.

  • Just once, when Whoopi is doing her “angry black woman” tirade, I’d like to see the (White) guest she’s aiming it at look at her and say, “You know, Whoopi, you’re so ugly your face would stop Big Ben.” I’d pay good money to see and hear the reaction from the Whooper, and the audience!

  • Detroit_WASP

    Whoopi is an expert on everything.  Whoopi says facts are the white man’s voo-doo.

  • One of these days, I might be able to spill all the beans and tell all.  Not only can I not do that know, I can’t really say how I know what I know.  If I ever can pop open like a pinata, a lot of people will be shocked, and certain people will lose credibility if they ever really had it to begin with.  (Whispering:  I’m thinking of a certain Republican-oriented political strategist with the initials KR).

    Just keep my own blog bookmarked, because if and when I can start talking, that’s where I’m gonna talk.

    • Northernfront

      Amazing idea!  I certainly hope you gain the power to ” spill all the beans and tell all.” 

      I think many of us anonymous commenters of AR are bursting, ready to go public with our views. 
      Look at the public comments on news stories, like the one about “effective discrimination” in admission to a prestigious high school.  We are all ready to burst.

      This blog will ALWAYS help as a information source to send non-race-realists to. “Those Who Can See”

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Republican arguing against Democrats over which political party loves blacks the most. Ugh!

  • Major

    And a typical black junkie.

  • Pelayo

    “In other words, since Coulter was white she is not allowed to speak about the Black experience in ANY WAY.”Whites can never know the Black experience since these people are so much more profound than Whites are. Every thing about their culture is so meaningless oops, I meant ”’ful and enriched and their philosophy so pithy that even Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas would be humbled by their inability to understand it.

  • Major

    Whoopi does her tribe of ignorant BBA’s well. A foul mouthed, uncouth BBA that would probably lead a flash mob…if she hadn’t been a “star”

    Coulter is the real star…not one of those parrots on that panel have 1/5 of her brains or class.

  • Pelayo


    Years ago Mayor James H. J. Tate of ” Fluffya” as he called the City tried to get a law through CIty Council banning the carrying of any pocket knife with a blade that exceeded three inches in length. The word “racism” wasn’t in vogue then and probably didn’t exist in the language.
     The NAACP immediately accused Tate of, I think “prejudice” or “discrimination” stating that the ordinance was directed at Black people. I suppose that they were unaware of the saying “If the shoe fits, wear it”. 

    Goldberg immediately shot herself in the foot by suggesting that Coulter was suggesting that only Blacks used food stamps,

  • Combine all the IQ’s of the women of The View, and I bet, though not sure, that the total would be  higher than Coulter’s.

  • Here are some fun facts about Whoopi, taken from her Wikipedia site:

    “She adopted the traditionally German/Jewish surnameGoldberg as a stage name because her mother felt the original surname of Johnson was not “Jewish enough” to make her a star.”

    “Between the years of 1979 and 1981, she lived in Communist East Germany”

    “Goldberg performed the role of Califia, the radiant Queen of the Island of California, for a theater presentation called Golden Dreams at Disney California Adventure park.” (Here are a couple photos from Disney:)

    “Goldberg became a grandmother at the age of 34”

     “She has admitted publicly to having been a “high functioning” drug addict years ago, at one point being too terrified to even leave her bed to go use the toilet.”

    But I saved the best for last…. she lives in Llewellyn Park, once home to Thomas Edison, which is…drumroll please… .38% black!!!!!!,_New_Jersey#Demographics

    HAHAHAHAHHAHH!!!! I wish -I- could live in an area that was only .38% black!!!! She hates blacks ALMOST as much as I do!!!! And I like to collect daggers with skulls on them!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!

  • Barrack Osama

    Whoopi is an insanely bitter old woman. I remember her telling stories of how she, as a child, would wrap a towel behind her head and pretend it was beautiful golden hair. It must set her on fire to even look at Mrs. Coulter. No matter how hard she tries, no matter what wealth she accumulates or what great deeds she could ever dream of performing – she will always be stuck with what she was born with.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Ann, please give it up.  Your stealth methods to combat black racism are not ever going to work.  Just come on over to the right side and get it over with.  Let go those ridiculous ideas of building bridges to blacks by worshipping Michael King, and claiming that blacks are natural conservatives.  The sooner you disabuse yourself of such ideas, the better off you will be.

  • At least Ann is saying something about the problem rather than pretending it doesn’t exist.

  • Detroit_WASP

    “Poor Coulter. She STILL does not get it. BLACKS HATE WHITES. PERIOD.”

    Oh, I think she does get it but is afraid to say it on TV.

    • newscomments70

      She reminds me of a white liberal indignantly kissing up to minorities. They will take the handout, and demand more…but they still hate you.

  • There is something wrong with these female “pundits” (actually, a dumb term. A “pundit”, in this context, is a rather shallow & provincial public intellectual. In olden days, R.W. Emerson was a “pundit”- a creative genius who knew Greek, Latin, French, German, bits of Italian .. So much for “progress”.)

    They (Coulter, Ingraham, ..) are aggressive, not married, childless. Maybe they cannot have children, but, hey, a marriage to a normal White guy wouldn’t hurt. The same goes for Monica Crowley, who at least doesn’t have so abrasive a personality.

    Center-right White female “pundits” have three redeeming qualities:

    * sometimes, they’re right about crucial social issues
    * unlike leftist-liberal harpies, they aren’t physically repellent
    * they didn’t adopt African children

    • Ingraham has adopted two children, a Russian boy and a Guatemalan girl.

      • Boy-OK, girl- hmmm, don’t know.

        • Googled it. Two (of course) White boys from Russia & one brown girl from Guatemala.

    • Frank

      Ingraham and Crowley are not aggressive.  Ingraham has adopted one or more child.  She had a very difficult time with cancer and called off a marriage because of it.

  • TeutonicKnight67

    I love the way that shrivelled old whore Baba Wawa, an infamous race-traitor, attacks her as being controversial just to sell books. Having facts is evidently an inconvenient thing these days. And we all know that the esteemed Wawa would NEVER sensationalize an issue for ratings purposes. Right?

    • Why do you think Walters is a “race traitor” ? 

      • TeutonicKnight67

        •  Aha. Disgusting.

        • blight14

           That’s funny since her ‘race’ promotes this sickness all the time…….

  • Northernfront

    This is why I hate the “Pro-life” movement.      The Republican smoke-screen against being called “Racist” is their support for the “Pro-life” movement. 

    This “Pro-life” movement wants to allow the violent, savage element of the Black American nation to grow.

    • Indiana Guy

      right, and when I heard that the  majority of abortions are of black babies, I gave up my objection to abortion.

      • pretap

        Indiana Guy,
        “when I heard that the majority of abortions are of black babies, I gave up my objection to abortion”, thanks for showing us just how stupid and ignorant you and others who think this way are, now when it comes your way and the Muslims and their ‘sharia law’ come for you and yours, then we’ll see how much you object. The dumb just get dumber with NO end in sight.

    • pretap

      “This Pro-Life movement wants to allow the violent, savage element of the Black American nation to grow”, you’re letting your stupidity show here and your ignorant racism too if you believe the garbage coming out of your mouth. Please grow a brain and get some sense in your head while you’re at it?? Labeling works both ways and benefits NO one.

  • In one of her books, she goes on and on about how black dysfunction is a result of the 70% illegitimacy rate and “broken homes”

    Someone should tell her that she has cause and effect mixed up.  That might make her brain and her blonde hair blue screen.

  • if Whoopi Goldberg would of said to me: i dont know nothing about race , my come back would of been that she is not White so how does she know whats she talking about with the white race . as she sits there telling me the same thing it makes no sence,you can’t have it both ways and be right.on one hand if you are black you know all about being white , with out being white. but if your white you know nothing about being black. it so crazy to talk like that even on paper.

  • For the life of me I wonder why there is ABSOLUTELY no pro-white groups
    attempting this on a national level.  I wish AMREN would look into why
    we don’t have a white organization.

    This is a question I’ve been asking myself for some time. How not a single white billionaire won’t root for White cause, even in diluted & acceptable manner ?

    • anarchyst

      This will probably get censored, but here goes. . .look at who owns and runs the media and you will have your answer.
      Whites are seen as a threat by those of the “tribe” and must be marginalized in order to reduce their influence.  Infighting and acceptance of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” are seen as prerequisites for being permitted to appear on our so-called  “mainstream media”.
      The “tribe’s own writings bear this out . . .I quote:
      “Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”— Noel Ignatiev, Jew Harvard professor and founder of Race Traitor.
      “We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them.”— Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981

      • No, I wouldn’t say that “Jooz” are to be blamed for everything. And non-Jewish millionaire could support AmRen with donations- say 1 million $ per annum. Or finance pressure groups & organizations like SPLC. Or finance race-realist version of media like TBN ( ). No Jews could -if they wanted- stop that.

        Simply, there is a room aplenty for honest media reporting. And no law could prevent it. All it takes is money to start the enterprise.

        • anarchyst

          Thank you for your insightful comments. Yes, those of the “tribe” are not to be blamed for everything . . . it was not my intent to blame all those of the “tribe” . . . however, look for yourself, investigate, look at who’s who in the major media conglomerates . . . you will find that anyone that strays too far from the “multiculturalism” and “diversity” “plantation” gets “tarred and feathered” with accusations of “anti-semitism” and “racism”.  There are already talks from “tribal” and muslim organizations on limits to free speech.  The ADL and CAIR organizations (both diametrically opposite) would LOVE to get certain “speech” banned.  Look at the European laws that punish any deviation from official jewish “holocaust ™” orthodoxy.  WHY??  Questioning ANY aspect of the jewish “holocaust ™” is met by prosecution, fines and imprisonment–NOT denial, merely questioning any aspect . . .
          The internet has made it possible to get around the “mainstream media”.  All one has to do is look at pre-internet and cable to see the undue influence the “three major networks” had on public discourse.  Maybe when whites are a minority, we will be given “permission” to have our own network.
          Best regards,

        • anarchyst

          Well, I don’t deny much of it. Just- no one could stop creation of race realist TV & radio stations. Who cares about contemporary MSM ? Let’s create OUR MSM.

  • newscomments70

    She accused old democrats of being “segragationalists” and pontificated that republicans pushed to integrate…and how that is so wonderful. If democrats were still segragationalists, I would be a democrat. I love these neocons…they completely ignore us while they rant and rave about helping black people. Most blacks still HATE them. Most of us just want to get away from blacks. We’re not evil or racist, etc. We just don’t want to be robbed, raped and murdered. When will Republican neo-cons finally understand our reality?

  • refocus

    Whoopie say; “If you are going to talk about race at least know what you are talking about.”  And the crowd of white liberal women goes wild with approval.

    Then Whoopie curses Ann and the crowd of liberal white women repeat the applause…

    Which end is up?

    Whoopie’s birth name was Johnson.  Is she a descendent of the first chattel slave owner in America, Mr. Johnson, a black?

    Whoopie really looks like an australian aborigine.

    Whoopie has to be the absolute ugliest biped on God’s green earth.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    You don’t know what it’s like to be black!!!

    You mean like this?

    That every time I fail it is perfectly acceptable to blame someone else or a racist society?

    That I can score significantly lower than Whites on job or promotion tests then scream the tests are racist – and have the government and judiciary throw out ALL of the scores for everyone and invalidate the test?

    That I can target, assault and beat on Whites with impunity while the media, FBI, Dept. of Justice and local police look the other way?

    That I will be promoted, accepted, hired for jobs and admitted to colleges for which I am not qualified over and above Whites who ARE qualified  — and that all of this is government approved, sanctioned and codified?

    That threats of violence work if I don’t get my way?

    That I can receive huge amounts of $$ i.e., win the ghetto lottery,  if my feelings are hurt?

    That I have an army of White and Jewish lawyers at my disposal ready, willing and able to file massive law suits for me against anyone, any business — anything —  for the tiniest perceived slight?

    That I can act any way I like at a public school, up to and including committing felonies —  and be given a pass because to suspend or expel me is “racist!”

    Whoopie — I wish I had even half the privileges you spoiled blacks enjoy at White expense.


  • libertarian1234

    “Poor Coulter. She STILL does not get it. BLACKS HATE WHITES. PERIOD.”

    You’re absolutely right on that.

    I just ran a google check on her and she’s presently dating Jimmy Walker.  Black and horribly ugly.

    How utterly disgusting.   My respect for her just plummeted to the same level as my respect for  the worst leftist dreg on the planet. 

    I don’t ever want to read another word she has written. 

    • blight14

       Surely to goodness that isn’t true………granted, she’s picked at least one from every ‘diverse’ group……what could a neoCON do to defile themselves any more, just look to Ann Coulter………..sickening…………

    • Pelayo

      That makes 200,000 of us! 
      She’s right down there with Heidi Klum. What is WRONG WITH THESE WHITE WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

  • blight14

    The three ‘white’ women are imposters…….technically, they aren’t white…..

  • anarchyst

    Those of the “tribe” do the same thing . . . harken to the past when confronted about questionable practices.   If that doesn’t work, the name-calling starts . . . blacks have learned well from the “tribe” . . .

  • libertarian1234

    If Ann Coulter can break away long enough from the charms, brilliance, incredibly good looks of Jimmy Walker ( ) I’ve got another date all lined up for her that will please her to no end, I’m certain, since he is along the same lines as the other men she prefers.


    • Puggg

      “BET Security” is an oxymoron.

    • refocus

       Saaay man … I thot you be jivin me … but she be gittin down wit JIMMY DYYNOMITE WALKER.

      Really, isn’t that sick?

      No wonder she gets all that face time on TV. 

      Its a right of passage for all Hollywood white girls to date or live with blacks.

  • Indiana Guy

    Whoopi should just pack it in. When she doesn’t have someone writing a script for her she can’t do anything other than eek and ook.

  • anarchyst

    One cannot judge those who lived in the past by our present-day “standards”.  As abhorrent as slavery is considered today, it was seen as a part of “manifest destiny” and was considered “acceptable” because it took Africans out of their undeveloped state, attempted to minimally “educate” them, make “Christians” out of them,  and give them a better “standard of living”.   It was seen as the “Christian” thing to do by those that owned slaves.  One cannot say the same for those who transported slaves to the west; money was the principle motive. . .
    It is no secret that many blacks “owned” slaves and were much more brutal to their charges than whites.
    The movie “Amistad” was loosely based on a true story; it turns out (that in real life) Cinque (the principle character in the movie) made many slave-gathering trips to Africa and was financially well-off as a result.
    Of course, most blacks will not admit that THEIR OWN KIND sold them into bondage.

  • SLCain

    Basil is right.  Coulter is a smart woman, with a lot of good reactionary instincts.  But she has to toe the same silly line on race as anybody else who wants to retain main-stream media access.  Hence her professed idolization of MLK.  Or she reallly believes all that liberal nonsense on race.  In any event, she is not somebody whom I would entirely trust.  She would probably happily toss people like us to the wolves in order to defend herself against the charge of racism.

    Then there is also the fact that she is a friend of that loathesome little toad, Bill Maher – egregious bad judgement at the very least.

  • SLCain

    Whoopi Goldberg is the narrator for the Hayden Planetarium’s newest show:

    Obviously, there was not one single person more suitable for the job than Ms. Goldberg.  Because that’s what immediately comes to mind when I think of astronomy – an ugly, weird looking black woman who looks like Elton John in blackface.

    • Pelayo

      But AT LEAST Elton has talent.

    • Hahhahh…. no, Elton looks better even as a “woman”.

  • Pelayo


    You were right. It was Missouri.

  • Pelayo

    “We MUST have a White Only nation to end this madness.”

    I know so many Asians who are exemplary second and third generation Americans that I cannot agree with you on that. 
    Better expressed would be We MUST have a non- black non Muslim nation to end this madness. However the point of you comment is well taken.
    Blacks are not welcome in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. In Japan and Korea most of the animus is due to the predations of Black military personnel  on the indigenous population i.e. the young women.

  • I have not been vague; I have said exactly why, including my one really personal reason that has manifested only very recently. Is she right about some things? Yes. Do I “swear by her?” Not only is the answer no, but I never swear by anybody, not even Jared Taylor or Sam Francis (RIP). I know that I’ll never find anyone with whom I will agree 100%, because human cloning does not exist. Good thing, too, because one of me is all this world can handle.

  • throttler

     I’m not this person I’m using the account.  All I can say is I hope none of you white liberals or your children or friends or relatives ever have to serve time in prison.  If you or they do your pipe dreams about post racism are going to be quashed.  Typically racist mentalities that you have you might say “why would I ever go to prison, I don’t break the law”?  Poor whites and people of color know all to well the experience of walking down the street and getting arrested and put in jail for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But the racist power structure has worked in your favor to stop that from happening to you. But don’t you believe for one minute you are immune from being falsely accused and having to serve time.  In fact there is nothing more appetizing for cops of all colors including white cops then locking one of you away.  And when you go you’re going to have to choose between being punked out by whites or blacks or Mexicans.  Who do you think is going to treat you with more respect?  If you have good clerical skills, or if you have any type of  military training or experience or if you have other skills that can be useful to a prison gang   you may have a chance of avoiding getting punked out if you accept help from whites.  If you don’t you will surly experience prison at it’s worse.  If you think prison is not in your cards it is just indicative of how imbedded you are,  in the institution of racism you purport to despise. You depend on it to work for you and not work for those who happen to be born white who are less fortunate then you, you know the ones you call poor white trash.  They are in fact the bone the liberal left throws to people of color so that people of color don’t come after you.  You are in fact the biggest beneficiaries of institutional racism and therefore the worse hypocrites on these boards.  

  • refocus

    In his short story THE BLACK MASS, P.N. Krassnoff described our opponent as an egregor.

    The egregor now has the bit in its teeth and is coming for us.

  • What amazes me is why Coulter cares about blacks when blacks don’t care about her and the 
    G OP.  Conservatives always act like the best friends of Jews and blacks when, in fact, blacks and Jews are  in an alliance to destroy whites. 

    Why can’t Ann attack Obama for being ANTI-WHITE? Is it wrong to stick up for whites?  Are Jews and blacks morally superior? Must conservatives win approval from them to be worthy as human beings?

  •  They- women we’re talking about- don’t. As far as we know.

  • Not the central topic, but it emerged as one during the discussion: why some WW sleep with Blacks & want to ? 
    Sincerely, it’s beyond me. Sure, quick psychologizing would give some semi-acceptable results, but for me, it’s as impenetrable as homosexuals’ desires. Something I accept as a fact of life, but essentially cannot understand.

  • ed91

     are you saying they are jewish?  Not sure I’m following the secrets here.

  • pretap

    What does the fact that Arabs and Indians are taking over Africa have to do with anything? It’s still being done “against the will of the people”, so how does your narrow minded comment support what the idiot above stated? You guys, girls, etc. sound just as dopey as Ms. Cut throat Coulter. When ‘oppression’ starts to come your way, I dare you to come back to these boards and talk about what the Muslims are doing to you and yours.

  • pretap

    “All the natural resources Africa has and they won’t utlitize them”, Go do your research (real research) and ‘you’ll’ know the true reason why. With Africans still be mutilated and killed for ‘others’ to get those natural resources, there’s part of your answer, but I guess you don’t know about this do you??!!

  • pretap

    Thank you Anonymous,
    That’s the ‘fact’ they really don’t want to face, but why not pin in ALL on the blacks instead? When America finally goes down to nothing, and they realize it was a ‘collective’ effort then we’ll see what they have to say about it.