A busload of undocumented immigrants has departed for Charlotte, on its way to protest during the Democratic National Convention.

The occupants will risk deportation to demonstrate in Mecklenburg County, where sheriff’s deputies check the immigration status of people who are arrested. The group will join hundreds of other illegal immigrants who could march during the convention, protest organizers said.

Some 30 men and women left Sunday from Phoenix on a multistate tour that will cut through states such as Alabama and Georgia that have passed some of the nation’s toughest immigration laws. The bus will arrive in Charlotte just before the Democratic National Convention starts in September.


The bus riders say they plan to use “civil disobedience” to draw attention to law-enforcement tactics they view as unfairly targeting them.


But the bus tour prompted harsh criticism from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which advocates for stricter enforcement.

“This is militant in-your-face defiance of the rule of law,” said Bob Dane, spokesman for the group. “This is the chaos of nonenforcement of immigration from the top down.”


Julio Salgado, 28, is an undocumented immigrant who came to the United States from Mexico and now lives in Berkeley, Calif. He said he plans to join the bus tour that left Phoenix on Sunday.

The tour will help immigrants to “take control of the narratives,” Salgado said. “A lot of the times the right-wing … types keep on creating this sort of picture of undocumented immigrants as this criminal who is going to turn this country to a third-world country.”

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  • Why are they going to the DNC?  Isn’t that like preaching to the choir?

    • Bobby

      Ha,hahaha……. right on brother!! As I wrote on a different site, what’s the big deal? The DNC is only going to welcome their constituents, since dozens of  democ RAT politicians have stated that there’s no difference between illegal aliens and U.S. citizens anway. The DNC probably found a way to make the American citizen taxpayer pay for the bus ride.

      •  Keynote speaker at DNC will be the Hispanic Mayor of San Antonio.  The dirty little secret is that the Mayor of SA is largely an ceremonial elected position with little real power.

        • refocus

          The dirty little secret is that the Mayor of SA is largely a ceremonial elected position with little real power.

          You mean like… like every other elected position in the government?

          • Marc B.

            Even more so in the case of San Antonio’s mayor. He really is little more than a figurehead, officially.

          • The__Bobster

            That’s true. The city manager actually runs the city and makes the big bucks.

            However there is this corrupt Reconquista:


            Antonio Villaraigosa—Our Other First Latino President
            By Steve Sailer on August 1, 2012 at 3:59pm

            From Yahoo News, on the chairman of the upcoming Democrat Convention:

            Is Antonio Villaraigosa poised to be America’s first Latino president? 

            LOS ANGELES — When Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gavels the 2012 Democratic National Convention into session in Charlotte this September, his role as prominent cheerleader for President Obama will be clear. 

            It is less clear, for now, if Villaraigosa has designs on the ultimate convention role in 2016–taking center stage to accept his party’s nomination on the final night.I would think that a major downside in Villaraigosa’s mind when he considers the pros and cons of being President is the age of the news reporterettes who would cover him in the White House.Villaraigosa can never keep his hands off the lady media types assigned to him, but in L.A. they tend to be young ex-Miss USAs who have day jobs in local news while they try to break into the movies. (And here’s a previous reporterette who proved to be the last straw for the ex-Mrs. Villaraigosa.) But, in the White House, he’d be covered by veteran women who have clawed their way to the top over the decades, like Cokie Roberts and Helen Thomas. So, really, what’s in it for him, hot babe-wise? As Pascal, or maybe Woody Allen, said, the little head has its reasons of which the big head knows nothing.A reader writes:

  • GB101

    What would happen to these illegals if they went home and engaged in civil disobedience in the hell holes they came from?

  • Larry Klein

    These degenerates do more for the cause for immigration Patriots than weak kneed Romney or any other RINO dog whistler could ever do. Just sit back and let them do their thing and make a mockery of our “enforcement” or the “rule of law” at the DNC. Almost as enjoyable as watching the black rank-and-file getting gay marital bliss jammed down their throats by Obama Inc.

  • RegisterToPost

     Illegals in South Korea or Japan get a swift boot in the rump out of the country if they try protesting. Unlike here, at least they have some measure of national pride left.

    Only in America…

    • Captain Obvious

       Oh, come on.  Don’t you know ‘tolerating’ these people IS a point of national pride with the goons that control government, most media, and academia?

      Silly white person, borders and enforcement are only for non-white nations and people.

    • The__Bobster

      Israel knows how to treat them,too.


      August 02, 2012. 

      Detention camp for African migrants in Israel’s south to hold up to 30,000 people

      By Gil Cohen Haaretz.com Aug.02, 2012

      At a discussion held by Interior Ministry officials last month about the sewer treatment facility at the detention site, officials explained that the professional water and sewage committee had received a plan for a “compound housing up to 30,000 people.”

  • Undocumented US Residents– I love that! I prefer to call them something that starts with an “f” and ending with “mexicans”. But that’s just me.

    •  i’m a documented worker.  I registered to vote when I renewed my ID.

    • The__Bobster

      I call them “ugly squat monster invaders”, but the press won’t quote me on that.

  • crystal evans

    These people seem to think that they have rights. They do have one right, to leave the country. They are upset that Obama has deported more illegals than any other president. He has so far failed to pass the Nightmare Act (aka the Dream Act) that would give young illegals a path to citizenship.Because of Plyer v. Doe, these illegals are entitled to a free K-12 education. They are now upset that they have to pay out of state tuition in most states to attend colleges. They are ineligible for federal financial aid and in most states, state financial aid except in Texas, New Mexico and soon in California.

    •  1.  No deportations.  Obama counts stopping someone at the border a “deportation” and starting the paperwork process to deport someone (which rarely actually results in a deportation) a “deportation.”

      2.  Obama passed most of the DREAM Act via EO, and Marco Rubio gave him cover to do so.

      • crystal evans

        Not really, all illegal immigrants get from Obama is deferred action for 2 years. With this, they can apply for employment authorization, which will allow them to get a social security cards, and drivers licenses. This is usually given to people in deportation status. This does not lead to permanent residency or citizenship.

        •  You and I and everyone reading these words, even hard core libs, know that the longer they get to stay, harder it will be to force them to go home.

          • NM156

            …and the longer they stay, the more anchors they drop , jobs they take, and welfare services they use en masse.

        • There is nothing “temporary” about this action whatsoever! This government will NEVER deport these people once they have been granted temporary status. Do you actually believe they are going to give someone a social security number and then deport him or her in two years! That is laughable!Once two years is up, they will find another way to extend their stay in this country. This is how these criminals accomplish things with illegal invaders…in increments!

          • crystal evans

            They hope that by that time the Dream Act would pass which would provide them with a path to citizenship. Any social security card given to them will state for work purposes only and the drivers license will expire on the date that the work permit expires. From what I understand, they cannot work once the work permit expires and it takes about 4 months from the time they apply to renew the work permit to get the permit. This means that they would have to be off work from the time the permit expires until it is renewed. They have to have the new employement authorization card to renew their drivers license. What I do not like is these illegals will compete with unemployed Americans for whatever jobs that are available.

          • I agree this measure was implemented in an effort to stall until the Nightmare Act can be shoved through Congress. Where I disagree is your contention (or the governments) that this measure is “temporary.”

            We still have “refugees” squatting under “temporary protected status,” from Sal Salvador because of civil war within that country. Thing is, the civil war in Sal Salvador ended well over 20 years ago, yet they are still are here.
            Nothing this government does in respect to importing diversity is temporary, even if they tell you it is!

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Young illegal immigrants see first signs of Obama’s deferred action program


      This is serious pandering to the the Hispanic voters, Romney would probably do it too. Is there a single politician out there that is interested in helping Americans? Illegal means just that, against the law! I am third generation born in the US. My ancestors came here legally, learned English, started companies and/or found jobs and got educations. What is so wrong with that? Here in California the illegal invaders have become so arrogant thanks to the wimpy politicians and their desire to sell out our future so they can retain their power base today!

  • MekongDelta69

    Don’t worry – the DNC will probably let each one of these “immigrants who left their papers in a desk drawer at home, but didn’t mean to” a chance to speak (in Spanish of course) at their convention. The guy with the highest IQ might even get to be keynote speaker – if they can drag Pelosi off the stage, that is.

  • Larry Klein

    Perhaps, though not sure if there’s an immigration wait list for Somalia.

  • Illegals protesting at the DNC?  Well, no one ever accused the illegals of being intelligent!

    “The tour will help immigrants to “take control of the narratives,”
    Salgado said. “A lot of the times the right-wing … types keep on
    creating this sort of picture of undocumented immigrants as this
    criminal who is going to turn this country to a third-world country.”

    Yeah L.A. is the gleaming jewel of California with all of its illegal mexicans.  San Bernardino and Stockton have both declared bankruptcy due to being majority Burrito Cities.  CA is on the brink of bankruptcy due to the mexican invasion but hey Julio Salgado will show you that illegals create first world countries, just like the one he ESCAPED from!

    •  Let me prepare everyone for something.

      California will probably soon try to declare bankruptcy.  At the same time, the Facebook IPO is underperforming, the stock value is plummeting.  Two stories in recent days:  One, Facebook has a lot of fake user accounts to pump up its userbase stats, and two, the underperforming stock and the corporation itself is “supposedly” going to mean less tax money to the state.

      If and when California goes belly up, look for Facebook and not mass Hispanic immigration, to get the official blame.

      •  With all due respect the blame will be placed squarely on the shoulders of the white american tax paying Californian who did not “pay his fair share” and “whose resentment” of a vibrant, colorful people caused them to be oppressed and under represented at the state and federal level.

        •  CA has one of the highest marginal state income tax rates in the union.  Plus it has an extra 1% surtax on people making at least $1 million or more to fund mental health programs and only mental health programs.

        • crystal evans

          The vibrant colorful people mooched off the system and did not pay anything.

      • refocus

         The California bankruptcy is a cover for the inside job of removing the liquid assets.  CAFR.

      • NM156

        California? You think the US debt crisis has been solved by “quantitative easing” of “fiat money”? Europe is in deep trouble, and the non-debtor nations of the EU will not be getting several trillion in bond interest payments, along with the US Govt., big US banks, and big Wall St. funds. Europe will fall again in 2013 and take the US economy down with it, after four years of kick the can. This may be the only solution to our immigration problem, however.

      • crystal evans

        Not surprizing since three cities in California have already declared bankruptcy.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I feel the only thing missing from this story is the rubber bullets, police dogs and fire hoses, followed by a long quiet bus ride back to Mexico. These arrogant invaders need to go!

    • NM156

      With an mandatory worker ID, no bus rides would be necessary. Without jobs, they will all go home on their own.

  • East Texas Red

    We have all heard the argument that it is not possible to deport the illegal  aliens because we don’t know where to find them.  Well, here is one place to start.  Someone might also schedule a soccer match between Mexico and the USA near the DNC headquarters.  That would be another good place to look.

    • crystal evans

      Why doesn’t ICE show up with several dozen unmarked buses to  the protest and pick everyone up? They can take everyone to their offices and sort everybody out. Deport the illegals and let those who are legal in the US go home.

      • The__Bobster

        ICE show up? Surely you jest. Obongo will suspend or fire any ICE agent who takes action.


        ICE Agents: Morale is in the Toilet
        Aug 2, 2012
        By Todd Starnes

        Morale among Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents is at an all-time low more than a month after the Obama administration announced major changes to the nation’s immigration enforcement policy, according to the head of a national agency representing thousands of agents.

        “Morale is in the toilet right now,” said Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council. “Most of the guys out in the field are just in an uproar.”

        President Obama’s policy allows the federal government to use “prosecutorial discretion” to allow younger illegal immigrants to stay in the country and get work permits. Critics called it backdoor amnesty, but the administration said it stops short of granting illegals citizenship.

        “They call it discretion but it’s not our discretion,” Crane told Fox News. “We have no discretion.”

        Crane said a case involving a veteran ICE agent is a perfect illustration. The agent arrested an illegal who was not a “primary target.” The agent’s superior officers ordered the illegal released – even though he did not meet the criteria listed by the Dept. of Homeland Security.

        The officer refused to follow orders and is now facing a three day suspension. The 35-year-old illegal immigrant with ten traffic violations was released.

        He pointed to another case in El Paso where an illegal immigrant injured an ICE agent during an attempted escape. Again, Crane said, because the individual was not a priority target, he was released without any charges being filed.

  • APaige

    …”undocumented immigrants as this criminal who is going to turn this country to a third-world country.” Yes undocumented means you are in this country illegally-that alone makes you a criminal-every illegal in the U.S is a criminal. Yes, third-world people make third-world countries.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    QUOTE:  “This is militant in-your-face defiance of the rule of law,” said Bob Dane, spokesman for the group. “This is the chaos of nonenforcement of immigration from the top down.”

    So then I guess if we were to turn the dogs and hoses on you then that would be OK? 

    My favorite clip from the 60s is that of police Chief Bull Connors  turning the water on a mob of howling negroes.  I’m thinking Mecklenburg County needs to deputize a couple of hundred big white guys and have them standing by to take care of business. 

    Chief Connors got a bum rap from jewish-lib media in the 60s, but I’m not so sure that in 2012, a strong police action against an invasion would get the negative rep Connors received.  Times have changed and whites are sick to death of this nonsense.

    At a MINIMUM, every single white man and woman should write to the Mecklenburg Sheriff’s office and ask Sheriff  Chipp Bailey to lock these people up.

    Email here:   http://charmeck.org/mecklenburg/county/admin/pages/contactform.aspx?dept=143

    • The__Bobster

      Chief Connors got a bum rap from jewish-lib media in the 60s, but I’m not so sure that in 2012, a strong police action against an invasion would get the negative rep Connors received.  Times have changed and whites are sick to death of this nonsense.


      The same groups have an even stronger control of the MSM, so the the reps of the people taking action would be destroyed. Look at what’s happening to the only sheriff with the gonads to stand up to the invasion:

      The trumped-up federal civil rights trial against Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio has ended, with the judge seeking more information on arrest records before ruling on whether the Maricopa sheriff’s office engaged in racial profiling of Latinos.

      The class action lawsuit was brought on behalf of all Latinos who, since January 2007, have been stopped, detained, questioned or searched by sheriff office’s agents in Maricopa County. The civil rights case was instigated and is backed by the notorious leftist fronts, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF).

      It mimics allegations made by the U.S. Justice Department in a suit filed in May against Arpaio, his office and the county. In its case, the Obama DOJ accuses Arpaio of “intentionally and systematically” discriminating against Latinos. But neither the ACLU nor the DOJ have a shred of evidence to support their cases! These attacks are ALL politically motivated hits.

      U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow in Phoenix, presiding without a jury, also told lawyers he needs more data on the operational plans for the county’s “saturation patrols,” in which Sheriff Joe’s deputies are accused of making racially motivated traffic stops.

      Snow said that after lawyers submit their final written arguments by Aug. 9 and rebuttal arguments a week later, he will consider both the policies of the sheriff’s office and “what the practices are, regardless of the policies.”

      This phase of the trial ended as a shocking U.S. House Judiciary Committee report was released that details the murder of 19 Americans and 142 sex crimes committed by illegal aliens who had previously been arrested for major criminal offenses – and released back into American society by the Obama administration!

  • mobilebay

    Undocumented US residents? I don’t understand. Do you suppose the title implies “Illegal aliens?” Then why not stop using all the euphenisms and say what they truly are?

    • The__Bobster

      Foreign invaders who should be shot on sight?

  • Ths is what happens when you do not enforce immigration laws against third-world, low IQ’d foreign invaders. They become emboldened and start to challenge authority because they know nothing will be done to stop them. This is an absolute disgrace! Our government should be embarrassed and ashamed that these invaders are challenging them. Nevertheless, they are not, because Marxists, who actually support this lawlessness by these foreign invaders, are running this government!

  • NM156

    I have a narrative too: GET OUT NOW. The discourse will be summarized thus: GET OUT NOW. JUST GET OUT.

  • “The occupants will risk deportation “

    They’re not risking anything. They know they’re untouchable. Neither political party wants to create an incident involving illegal aliens.

  • razorrare

    Yeah,these undocumented u.s. residents are “dreamers” and as such they are now emboldened to say,act,commit crimes(including asssault to agents–(see video) as they d**m well please…this article/video appeared on Amren 4 or 5 days ago…watch and hear what George has to say…


  • rightrightright

    There is no such thing as an “undocumented immigrant”.   They are illegal immigrants.  Over here, they arrive at Heathrow airport having torn up their papers and flushed them down the loo.  They are illegal and undocumented at their own hands.  The British government refuses to follow Australia’s example of requiring a photocopy of their papers at the airport of departure.  Thus, our illegals often refuse to say where they are from to avoid being sent back there.   (As if.   Our government never sends anyone back where they belong).

    “Undocumented” is an attempt to make them sound deprived, as in “poor things, they haven’t got any papers!   Better give them some, makes them feel better”.

    Wrong.   No papers, then out you go.   You are criminal from the very start.

  • mobilebay

    They’re already on the bus. How about one of the illegals replacing the driver if HE isn’t illegal)  Perhaps rig it like the movie “Speed. They can’t stop until they’re in Mexico or it will explode.

    • The__Bobster

      As long as it explodes in an unpopulated area, I don’t give a damn either way.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    “The bus riders say they plan to use “civil disobedience” to draw
    attention to law-enforcement tactics they view as unfairly targeting
    them.” It’s not “civil disobedience” because you are not citizens of the United States, you are citizens of a foreign country who have entered the US illegally and uninvited.
    If you want to engage in “civil disobedience” you’ll have to first return to Mexico , you know, that place that’s so broken you couldn’t wait to get out, and that was glad to see you leave so you’d be someone else’s problem?
    I’d be glad to explain all this to my “fellow Latinos”  in Spanish, since most of you probably haven’t even bothered to learn English and have no interest in doing so and apparently no need either since you are recreating the societies you left in this new land you are busy colonizing.

    “The tour will help immigrants to “take control of the narratives,”
    Salgado said. “A lot of the times the right-wing … types keep on
    creating this sort of picture of undocumented immigrants as this
    criminal who is going to turn this country to a third-world country.”

    Well, this one’s  English is not quite perfect, but at least he’s fluent in PC Newspeak.