Feds Fund AP Tests for Low-Income Students

Los Angeles Times, August 1, 2012

California will receive $7.6 million to help low-income high school students pay for Advanced Placement tests, the federal government announced Wednesday.

The funding, based on the anticipated number of test-takers and other factors, will provide up to $38 per exam for as many as three exams for each student. The goal is to increase the number of low-income students who can earn scores high enough to qualify for college academic credit.

The total funding of $21.5 million will be distributed among 43 states. {snip}


Last year, California used grant funding from this program to pay for all but $5 of a participating student’s AP exam cost. The full fee for an exam is currently $87. Without the federal grant, low-income students would pay $53 through subsidies provided by schools and the College Board, which administers the tests.

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  • The Verdict of History

    And the clueless liberal ponzi scheme continues to oblivion……

    All at the expense of hard working WHITE taxpayers… 

    For the vast majority of the black hooligans who take these courses, or are simply funneled in by some indefensible quota, the programs will be nice, flashy change of scenery, but they will glean little…

    As for the black students who care to learn (the ones with some European ancestry and, thus, more genetic potential), they will be indoctrinated with ANTI-white bias that is spoon fed to them in the Advanced Placement United States History course….

  • dd

    “Guess we don’t want some little black high school student who was on track to find the cure for cancer to slip thru the cracks”, he said sarcastically.   

  • crystal evans

    Why should the federal government fund the AP tests for low income students. The purpose of the AP test is to avoid taking general ed courses such as English, History, Calculus, and foreign languages. If a student takes and passes enough of the AP tests, they can start college as sophomores, graduating in 3 years instead of 4, 5, or 6 etc.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Giving advanced tests to blacks and hispanics is like holding NBA tryouts for dwarves.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The UCs in California do not accept AP credits;  the CSUs do.  

      The tests are used for placement only at the UCs, and do not count for credits.


  • Chimp Master Rules

    Quick math.

    Blacks seek out gibbsme more than any other group.  So most of the $21.5 million will go to blacks and most will take three tests to max-out the gibbsme.  That means 189,000 students helped.

    Only about 18% of students pass an AP exam and while there are no breakdowns for race, the vast majority of those are white.  So the blacks being helped probably aren’t passing the tests anyway.

    But suppose they do?  Well . . .

    1/3 of blacks will go to prison in the next 20 years.  Slightly less than 1/2 (bucks and women combined) will drop-out of college.  Blacks are dropping like flies by homicide, HIV and ODs.

    It is very, very likely that this $21.5 million will be completely wasted and not a single user will ever earn a college degree.

    On the other hand, $21.5 million woukld help 250 smart white kids get a full, four-year scholarship at a state school.

    That’s our government for you.

  • I know 187 teachers from atlanta that can help with the tests. Since this is being paid for by Taxpayers the results and demographics should be released, so we can see the results of wwwaaaaasssssiiiiimm on little tyrone’s math ability.

  • Spartan24708

    This just says low income- not minority only . In these economic times I’m sure there are many well deserving white kids who can use the help.

    • The__Bobster

      When I was growing up, the poor White kids in my neighborhood received nothing, as we were classified as “privileged”.

    • Chimp Master Rules

      Yeah, maybe in our next lifetime public “education” administrators will do what’s right instead of what’s politically correct.

      Technically, you’re right.  You’re just not very realistic, in my opinion.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    From the original LA Slimes article:

    Critics have faulted some AP courses for stressing memorization over critical thinking

    Oh, you mean like these?

    Memorize THIS LA Times!!

    From the AP Biology test:

    Which of the following statements is correct?

    (A) At 10 mm Hg partial pressure, hemoglobin binds oxygen but
    myoglobin does not.

    (B) At 20 mm Hg partial pressure, myoglobin and hemoglobin bind
    oxygen in equal amounts.

    (C) At 40 mm Hg partial pressure, myoglobin has a greater affinity
    for oxygen than hemoglobin has.

    (D) At 80 mm Hg partial pressure, myoglobin binds twice as much
    oxygen as hemoglobin bind.

    Or this from the AP Physics test?

    A cylindrical container is fitted with a frictionless piston that is initially locked in place. The cylinder contains a fixed amount of an ideal gas that is initially at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.

    (a) The cylinder is placed in a hot-water bath. Sketch a graph of pressure versus temperature for the process the gas undergoes as a result, and indicate the direction of the process on the graph.

    (b) The cylinder is removed from the hot-water bath. After equilibrium is reached, the lock is removed so the piston is free to move. Indicate whether the piston moves up, moves down, or remains stationary.

    ____ Moves up ____ Moves down ____ Remains stationary

    Justify your answer.

    (c) When the system is again at equilibrium, the piston is pushed down very slowly. Sketch a graph of pressure versus volume for the process the gas undergoes as a result, and indicate the direction of the process on the graph. Label this process “C.”

    Now the piston is pulled up quickly, so no heat is added to or removed from the gas during the process. 

    Sketch a graph of pressure versus volume for the process the gas undergoes as a result, and indicate the direction of the process on the graph. Label this process “D.”

    According to current educational dogma, ALL students have equal ability to answer these questions!!  If they can’t, it is the fault of institutional racism!!


    • Rocky Bass,

       Bon, you’re being silly as everyone knows the actual AP TESTS(that actual scores are used from) are just for whites/Asians. The AP  credit is going to be made “equal op” (provided your not white or Asian). They are telling us they want more blacks holding more impressive slips of paper.

  • Spartan24708

    You’re probably right- there will either be some sort of underhanded way that these poor kids will be denied the help they could use. Either that or they won’t hear about the grants until it is too late for them to apply.

  • The__Bobster

    This is as foolish as giving Texas black inmates free DNA tests to prove that a racist justice sytem framed them.

    Yes, this really happened. Can you guess the results?

    •  I bet a lot of unsolved cases were solved, with the doers conveniently already in prison.

  • Michele

    I’m white, a widow, and low income. The discounted price helped a lot, as my daughter was able to take the AP exam for each of her AP classes in high school. Advanced Placement courses are much more difficult than non-AP classes. Students have to meet qualifications in order to enroll. Most blacks and Hispanics can’t get into the classes, and therefore can’t take the tests. This aid in reducing the cost of the exams is actually something that helps mostly whites.  The aid is not anything new–it has been around for at least a few years. There is also aid to reduce the cost of the SAT and ACT exams. The reduced cost SAT may be through the testing service and not the government; I’m not sure.