Rayville Elementary School in Louisiana received a failing grade this year, based on the state’s School Performance Scores. Under the state’s Public School Choice policy, eligible students in schools flagged as failing and in need of certain levels of improvement can transfer to an “academically acceptable school.”

But an interesting and controversial issue has arisen that may actually challenge equal opportunity intended by the law. In a letter to parents dated July 25, Rayville Elementary school officials inform families of the school’s “F” grade and list two other institutions—with letter grades C- and B—that the parents can choose to transfer their children to. But there’s a disclaimer:

Please note that white students at Rayville Elementary School will not be allowed to transfer to the listed schools due to the present provisions issued in the federal Richland Parish School desegregation case.

The case in question refers to a 1968 court decision that, in an effort to maintain desegregated schools, prohibits white students from leaving schools if their departure could cause the school to be considered “all-Negro.”


But similar notifications have been sent to Richland Parish parents before.

A 2008 letter sent to families of Delhi Elementary School, estimated at the time to yield a failing SPS, were also offered a transfer option, but with a similar disclaimer:

Due to the court order, students may be offered a choice in the school in which their race would be in the minority. White students may be offered Rayville Elementary School. Black students may be offered Holly Ridge Elementary School or Start Elementary School.

At the time, Rayville, where the white students were permitted to go, was estimated to have an SPS at least 20 points below those for Holly Ridge and Start.


Louisiana’s School Performance Scores are based on varying combinations of testing results, attendance, dropout and graduation rates as well as growth and performance data.


See the letter to Rayville Elementary parents below:

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  • mikejones91

    I have no words. Well at least “diversity” went both ways JUST THIS ONCE.


    There is nothing wrong with the schools.  The bricks,
    the chairs are fine.   The same books are used in both
    “good” and the “bad” schools.   Even the teachers
    are of equal ability.  In fact due to Teach for America and other
    programs, the best, most dedicated teachers are often sent to the
    poorest-performing schools. 

    Nor is lack of money the problem.  
    In fact students at some of the lowest-spending schools (South Dakota) score
    better than students at the highest-spending schools (Washington DC). 

    problem is not schools — the problem is students.  Blacks and Hispanics
    have lower IQ than Jews, Asians, and Whites, and thus do worse
    academically.  Schools that are predominately Jewish, Asian, or White are
    doing just fine, and those students test very well, internationally.

     It’s race,

    • SteveM

      But YT is not doing much to boost its birth rate.

    • No, whites have secret magic juju that they refuse to share with black kids. If black kids are around white kids, black kids will discover the secret of the white mans’ juju.

      Clearly black kids can’t learn unless they’re sitting next to white kids. Maybe we should just call a spade a spade and call black folk for what they really are; white supremacists.

  • Angry White Woman

    So officials KNOW this school is “failing”, in other words, worthless, but white children HAVE to stay there, to their obvious detriment, due to desegregation laws?And what happens when they “graduate” from this worthless school and cannot go to any high school because this one is not accredited? 

  • Guest

    They will ensure that white students are physically endangered, denied a good education, and traumatized by blacks.  No matter what it takes, whites must be rendered subservient and afraid of our new blacks, in Black Run America.  I can’t image any white parent, especially of a daughter, allowing their children into black schools.

    Speaking of, my school system here now has some black students, due to a diversity effort.  I notice that the white girls here are always happy to give a hug to their black male “friends”.  I can’t believe it.  They learn to be afraid of whites and to be totally comfortable and giving to black male “friends” who will pressure and manipulate them into doing things that will have life-long consequences.  As a white guy who has a hard time finding a date, despite being ok looking, tall, having a great job, owning assets and real estate, I wonder why I bothered with all that work and school.  I should have gone on welfare and become an aspiring rap musician.

    • anarchyst

      This was one reason why giving women the vote was resisted with so much fervor. It is fact that many women (still) are easily swayed when a black man states “you won’t go out with me beause I’m black”. One thing leads to another and the creation of a mudshark ensues as well as half-breed low-intelligence offspring. The only solution is to “shame” all white women that succumb to the (false) charms of a black man. White women must be told in the harshest terms that “once you go black, we don’t want you back” and then make it stick.

    • They learn to be afraid of whites and to be totally comfortable and giving to black male “friends”
      If so, they’re complete idiots & need a brain surgery.

  • Angry White Woman

    I just realized I should have added to my earlier post. The only solution to this is “white flight” The parents of every single white child left in that so-called “school” needs to pick up and MOVE out of the district–out of the state, if necessary. The school cannot keep them there if the family moves. I know that is easier said than done, especially in the present economic climate, but how much is your child’s entire future worth? There are jobs and there are houses that are worth less than the mortgage, there is extended family and/or aged grandparents, maybe even lifelong friends and neighbors, but this is your child’s education (not to mention socialization) at stake here. Move, MOVE NOW! Your children’s very lives depend on it.

    • Elise Lefort

      If they cannot afford to move, they should be encouraged to drop out and take online homeschooling courses.

  • dd

    I feel sorry for poor whites who would like to vote with their feet but don’t have the money.

  • So they blacks wreck up the place and then are given a golden ticket to a nice, white school, while the white students are forced to stay in the black ghetto hell BY LAW?  DAMN!  Talk about the image of a boot stamping on a human (white) face forever!

    “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” 

    • newscomments70

      ” Talk about the image of a boot stamping on a human (white) face forever!” 
      I hear you, but it won’t be forever. 

  • Segregation works, blacks don’t enrich anything! They only destroy!

  • APaige

    White kids going to majority black failing (as opposed to majority black succeeding-ha) schools are not allowed to transfer because the school wouldbe more black and not as successful? Once again whites are punished for the failure/actions of blacks. The lesson is that black students do not make for a positive learning environment…for anyone.

  • anarchyst

    I guess black students need white students sitting next to them in order to learn . . .

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      They need White kids to boost the test scores, nothing more.

      This prevents the dreaded “state takeover” and preserves jobs from top to bottom.  


  • Pleeeeeesse whitey— don’t leave!!!!   Whitey come back !!!

    In fact, you CANT leave.  That’s how bad it is here.

    There is so much freedom here you MUST stay to ensure it continues. 

    Just pathetic.   Whites are forced to move.  I encourage them to do so instead of being trapped by an agenda and exploited.  Alas they are being exploited either way.

  • MekongDelta69

    Talk about a racial discrimination lawsuit in the making…

    • Elise Lefort

      i certainly hope so. If i were a lawyer i would have started already.

  • The white kids cant leave they are the only ones with a chance of graduating

  • Detroit_WASP

    This should be national news.

  • They want to drag everyone down to their level.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat


    The white families should suddenly discover their black heritage and claim to be minorities. Then they can transfer to a white school.

    • Xanthippe2

      Actually, in my SD you can do this.  You can pick any race for your child.  You can even change it (but only once).  It doesn’t have to match physical appearance
      either.  I do not know how many people give fictional races to their kids.  It wouldn’t help here because no school is “officially” failing.   But all are more or less bad.  Majority non-White and more propaganda than learning.

  • The school district has played their hand. What they will get is white flight.

  • Xanthippe2

    I’ve known decent, bright, well-behaved White kids who have had “problem” parents (drugs and alcohol for example).  Other White parents might be disabled or without job skillls, but still loving parents who are unable to move.  I do not see why any of these White kids should have to suffer more than they already do.

  • newscomments70

    This is part of an agenda of white liberals pushing interracial sex on children. I know that sounds sick and extreme, but that is the essence of the left wing. Even JC Penny seems to think that black boys and white girls should be together. Arizon Jeans / JC Penny is running an ad on yahoo. It depicts a black boy and a white girl flirting with each other. The girl is wearing skin-tight pants. They are not adults but children. I believe some action needs to be taken. You can see the add if you go to:


    They give you a chance to comment on the ad as well.

    •  You’re not sick and extreme, you’re paying attention.

      I saw a TV ad a few weeks ago for orange juice.  It showed all kids under 10 years old, a white boy and an Asian girl drinking out of the same cup of juice with separate straws, but doing so face on to each other and making goo goo eyes at each other, and ditto for a black boy and white girl.

      And don’t get me started on the back-to-school ads.

      • newscomments70

        Some of the ads, like this one, allow feedback. I ALWAYS give feedback, if possible. I have heard that negative feedback shuts down the ads on occasion. Nevertheless, like a disease, they keep coming.

      • The__Bobster

        This is the filth the usual suspects were going to show in Germany until viewers got a peek at it and complained.

      • anarchyst

        Just look at who runs (owns) hollywood and the mass-media and you will have your answer . . .

    • The__Bobster

      That ad is running on TV, too. When I saw it a few days ago, I wanted to kick the screen in.

      BTW, JCP is having a hard time financially. This won’t make matters better.

      • newscomments70

        They won’t listen. They will go bankrupt before they accept reality. We don’t want our daughters to fornicate with blacks. Also, we don’t want them to be raped by blacks. They think they are changing us as they try to force their agenda down our throats. They are not changing us. They are only fueling our rage. You dont mess with folks’ children. I don’t care what some hippie meth addicts are doing in Hollywood. Let them rot in their own filth, who cares…but DO NOT MESS WITH OUR CHILDREN. In five years, JC Penny will not exist. Amren will be 5X stronger, or more. 

        • I’ve noticed that in the past few years the black man-white woman theme has been getting stronger. Ten years ago they tip-toed around it, but now it is on in full force. This is also having the side effect of bringing the White male to new heights of fury. 

          • newscomments70

            They assume we don’t care anymore. They are wrong. We need to make companies like JC Penny go out of business.

  • Anan7

    If we are able, we should help out Whites trapped in diverse areas.  Race is family.

    • That won’t happen until the economy collapses. Whites need to go hungry on a significant scale before we will dare show racial unity. Liberals are just too damn spoiled. They truly believe life will always be this good for them and they can afford to spend all their time and money helping out the 3rd world. They need to see the truth, we are no longer a 1st world country.

      Greece is a preview of what awaits all of the West. 

  • Hirene

    White children are just fodder for the Public School System.  Their welfare is not considered.   I say, pull the plug on the whole thing and give the money back to the taxpayers.

  • mikejones91

    Thats where white men need to find middle ground. Being smart/reliable/safe/and also “cool”. I’ve accomplished it and women LOVE [email protected]!

  • slimcat1

    Jay11, That’s what our enemies want, for us just to say “we’re toast” and give up. We’re far from toast and our enemies know it. We’re starting to stir from our slumber and the people behind this garbage are extremely fearful. That’s why they’re turning up the intensity of the propaganda in every facet of life, because they know once Whites awake in sufficient numbers they’re done.

    • newscomments70

      Thank you.

  • Capt Obvious

     That school must have been complete HELL, to move to Denver Public Schools and claim it was an improvement.  DPS is saturated with minorities and civil rights hustlers.

  • Spartan24708

    This is a surprise? When I lives in Tulsa Ok in the 80’s it was impossible to get a transfer if it was “contrary to integration”. Long story short if you were white and assigned to a majority black school your only option was to go to a private school or be homeschooled. What started this was when BT Washington (once the only segregated black school) was made a magnet school. This practically ruined several other high schools, including one that had been a very high performing school prior to the black influx. Going to the magnet school was a horrific nightmare and I learned way too much about black behavior than I ever wanted.

  •  This.  They need to use the force of government to force integration at bayonet point.  They need to band together and threaten Chick-Fil-A’s business partners and customers with public slander (the muppet company folded).

    We just need to not be afraid.

    As soon as enough of us aren’t afraid of them any more, we win immediately.

  • bubo

    This is the type of outrage that only affects middle class white people.   That is who bears the brunt of the diversity industry.   Their kids are stuck in black  failing schools, their neighborhoods are ruined through Section 8, their jobs are taken by illegals or denied promotions because of affirmative action.   

    The elites HATE the white middle class.  Every “progressive” movement the last 50 years has been done with the goal of destroying it.  

    None of this affects the rich.  Not one bit.   Their neighborhoods will never turn black.  Their kids schools will never be forced to adapt to the lowest common denominator.   An illegal or black will never take their job.  

    Forget the black/brown/leftist revolution.   They don’t have the ability nor the will.  Whites do, and people better start listening.  

  • All a black man can ever be is “buff” and “hip” and “slick.”

    I’m always either at the gym, studying or working. I expect the same of any White girl I choose to spend my time with. I guess my “White privilege” makes me unattractive to girls looking for superficial appeal. Good for me   =)


    Your attitude is the crux of what’s wrong with white people.  Can you imagine a Jew saying “sure those people in Romania are being holocausted, by if they weren’t too poor and stupid to move somewhere else, it wouldn’t be happening, so let’s just forget about it.”

    Normal, healthy people will always want to come to the aid of their own people when they are in trouble.  What killing us is lack of concern for each others’ well being.  
    Whites need to roll back our level of individualism or we will go extinct.  


    You clearly have no place in the pro-white movement if you don’t think whites should help each other when they are under racial attack.  

  • anarchyst

    The so-called “civil rights (for some) acts” and the “voting rights act” pretty much made whites into third-class citizens.
    MY country needs a “reboot” along with defunding and eliminating ALL public schools and compulsory education laws.  In addition, “sovereign immunity” should be abolished for ALL public officials.  The fear of lawsuits would “encourage” them to behave themselves.

  • newscomments70

    The whites should just get out and then shut the school down. We need our own schools, period. We could possible have some charity schools for black students who WANT to be there…it would be a pretty small school though.

  • onthesidelineZ

     “One Redditor notes that the situation doesn’t appear to be hateful or malicious in intent, but merely “the application of conflicting laws,” adding that “this shouldn’t be too difficult to sort out.”   —That is a great summarization but, try being one of those parents!! I AM and I can tell you these school boards are standing by the laws that they ‘want’ to enforce is all. I am a parent in Concordia Parish that is going through the EXACT same thing with my children and our choice of schools between Ferriday and Vidalia and Monterey.  

    • Elise Lefort

      Have you seen the ads for the online homeschooling? We must get our state legislators to end forced desegregation. We must put political pressure on our state’s school boards.

      • onthesidelineZ

        I have and yes my oldest attend LAVCA – 2nd year now and I truly LOVE it! You are absolutely right! I will write both!

  • Elise Lefort

    This “reverse” racism must stop. End forced desegregation now! Desegregation is racist in that it has led to the rapes and beatings of White stuudents!

  • Elise Lefort

    I think you are correct

  • Elise Lefort

    I believe you may be on to something there friend. Our Caucasian children are a minority in our country.