Pelosi, Dems Push Homeland Security for Clarity on LGBT Deportations

Mike Lillis, The Hill, August 1, 2012

Scores of House Democrats called on the Obama administration this week to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples when considering deportations.

Behind Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the lawmakers want the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to state explicitly that LGBT “family ties” will be deemed “a positive factor” discouraging deportation as DHS agents gauge whether to pursue cases.

“Without specific, written guidance, there remains the very real risk agency officers, agents, and attorneys making decisions about individual cases would overlook LGBT family ties, particularly the ties of immigrants to their U.S. citizen same-sex partners or spouses, and thereby, decline to exercise prosecutorial discretion,” Pelosi, Nadler and 82 other Democrats wrote in a July 31 letter to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano.

“A written policy is the best way to ensure that the decision by President Obama and DHS to recognize LGBT family ties for immigration purposes will be implemented so that families will remain together,” they added.


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  • Moral of the story?  If you’re planning on sneaking into the United States, come out of the closet.

    • Oil Can Harry

      This is another problem with gay “marriage”. Gay Third World invaders can now escape deportation by wedding their butt buddies- uh, I mean partners.

      Just like their straight countrymen who get green cards through sham marriages. 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I don’t care where you are from or what sexual orientation you are, if you are here illegally then you NEED TO BE DEPORTED! US citizens have less rights that the swarming hoards!

  • ncpride

    These LBGT groups are always screaming about equality. That is NOT what they want. They want preferential treatment, and laws made especially for them. It’s their incesant whining and complaining, in your face attitude, and intolerance of any opinion other than their own that is why Chick-fil-A  broke sales records yesterday. People are SICK of being bullied, threatened and intimidated by the pro-gay lobby.

    The counter protest they have planned for tomorrow…’Kiss-a-Chick..or a ‘kiss in’ is the most childish, ridiculous, silly thing to do. This will accomplish… what? These groups remind me a lot of blacks. They ask that you judge them by the content of their character, and treat them like everyone else, they’re just normal families after all, then turn around and ask.. no, in fact they DEMAND that we define them by their sexuality when it suits their purpose. Which is it already?!

    And lastly, if you’ve ever read articles about ‘gay rights’ when they don’t get their way, they are without a doubt the most vicious, hate filled, intolerant people on the planet. When we passed Amendment One here in NC, the comment sections on the articles were truly frightening.

    • crystal evans

      As a lesbian, I am not intolerant of anyone’s right to free speech. Gay America want equal rights not special rights. So what about the protest at ChikFil A. I hate their food and would not eat there but they have a right to their beliefs. Sexuality is a part of my life but not all of it. We do the same things you do. We are your neighbors, we may even be part of your family. We are here and we are not going back in the closet any time soon.

      • ncpride

        They have a right to their beliefs without screeching threats and intimidation from your crowd as well. Perhaps you should let your friends in on that.
        I don’t think the agenda is about equal rights at all. You want people to accept your life style without question and criticism, and there will be hell to pay if anyone dare vocalize their objections and opinions.

        You know, people like me can support traditional marriage, and not hate you for who you are. Just because I don’t support or believe in homosexuality, does not make me a hater. People are who they are, but what I don’t appreciate is the pro-gay crowd trying to force me to accept something I utterly object to, and see it as normal.

        And ‘Gay Pride,..? Really? Is being a lesbian something that makes you ‘proud’? That’s a genuine question by the way. 


        • crystal evans

          I could care less if someone accepts my sexuality or not. You are entitled to your opinion but do not deny me the same rights that you have. Yes being a lesbian or gay is a matter of pride because it reminds how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.

          • ncpride

            That’s not true at all and you know it. The pro-gay lobby demonizes ANYBODY who speaks out against homosexuality, so that tells me you care very much that people accept your sexuality.

            How far you have to go… that’s a really loaded statement. Gay activists have already managed to get kindergarteners an ‘introduction’ to homosexuality in schools out in CA that parents can’t opt out of. I don’t care if you’re gay or not, but STOP shoving your agenda down our throats. Gay History? Are you kidding me?! Just because you sleep with someone of the same sex does NOT make you special, and quite frankly, is a ridiculous thing to be ‘proud’ of.

            But I digress. I AM entitled to my opinion, as are millions of other American’s, and you will never convince us otherwise, and the harder you push, the harder we will push back. As far as these ‘rights’ you speak of, I have to assume you mean marriage, but the gay lobby goes FAR beyond that.

      • Guest

         Back in the day when I tolerated gays, I had many “lesbian” friends.  What ended that was the MANY times my so called friends made it clear that they were doing things like getting jobs as school teachers in order to subvert and indoctrinate (their words, not mine) children toward their agenda and the need need to do this without the parents finding out.

        I don’t want you “in the closet”.  What I don’t ALLOW is you anywhere near my loved ones or any tolerance whatsoever of your agenda or to give even a single inch in what you want.  Because I know, through first hand experience, that what you want is evil.

        It’s not about “beliefs”.  It’s about behavior….bad behavior on your part.  And what society is willing to do to you to make you stop.

        • crystal evans

          What would you do if a family member of your told you that they were gay? What behavior are your talking about? It is strictly between two consenting adults. So what is wrong with that. Let me explain something. Lesbians are not sexually attracted to men. We do not hate men, but just not in our bed that is all.  After all, no one chooses to be gay as if anyone chooses to be Black.

          • SLCain

             “We do not hate men, but just not in our bed that is all.”

            Clearly, you don’t get out much.   And while you, and many others, may not hate ment, there certainly are lots of lesbians who hate men very much.

            Just as there are homosexual men who really, truly hate women.  The media doesn’t highlight this behavior, because they want to make straight women comfortable with the homosexual agenda.   This is the new platonic ideal pushed by Hollywood – the straight woman and her ever-trustworthy and “fabulous” gay freind.

            But, actually, a lot of homosexual men are more like Ernst Roehm or Carl Panzeram – aggressive, predatory, and often pederast, who despise women and have no use for them at all.    And one wonders – given that such men as that are more aggressive than “gay” homosexuals, and given that aggression leads people to – well, to take over things – might it not be the case that the homosexual movement will come to be dominated by such men, who will seek to create a society to their liking – a society more like ancient Sparta or modern Afghanistan – where the women are barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, and pederasty is deemed to be okay?   Given that they are a minority, I don’t think they would succeed.  But they could do a lot of damage in trying.

          • To Ms. Evans: Although i’m heterosexual, i agree with you 100%. No one has a right to judge and it’s your constitutional liberty to live your life the way you want as long as it’s with a consenting adult plus you’re not flaunting nor forcing your views on others. In general ma’am, these people are frustrated because times are hard and they,simply, can’t compete. Thus, they’re looking for visible and easy scapegoats for their inadequacies. Alright, have a good day!!

          • SLCain

             “To Ms. Evans: Although i’m heterosexual, i agree with you 100%. No one has a right to judge…..”

            Nonsense.  Everyone has a right to judge.  Judgement is part of life.  Civilization is not possible without judgement.  Life itself is not possible without judgement.

      • How many crystal evanses do we have here ? One is straight, of Japanese ancestry & married to a White guy. This one is lesbian.

        How to know who is who ?

      • The__Bobster

        So now you’re a lesbian Nip?

        And I was going to set you up with John Chinaman. 😉

      • SLCain

         You have a right to be secure in your person, possessions, and property.  That’s it.  In short, you have a right to tolerance.  You have no right to be accepted as normal.

        And it is becoming obvious that “Gay America” does not merely want equal rights  – the purpose of the homoxexual movement seems to be to insult and vandalize western civilization to the point where it no longer even seems worth protecting.

        They assault the very concept of normality.   Sexual deviants, like many other of society’s outliers, resent the fact of their difference, and want to deny to normal people that feeling of confident normality which they do not themselves have.

    • Jim Walton wasn’t gay enough for CNN, so he resigned… Anderson Cooper is too gay to go to the Middle East again…

      The chicken hawks at CNN would have us believe that selling chicken sandwiches has something to do with sodomy, maybe they could give us an exclusive interview with the Muppets and Jerry Sandusky about the halal chili dog they have between their buns?

      In the game of political correctness, what are the trump cards?

      What does happen when perversity and diversity clash?

      Do the liberals ‘spread the other cheek’ for their new Islamic masters?

      • The__Bobster

        And now FOX has Shep Smith promoting the poofter cause. Come on, Shep, we know what you are.

        •  Wha?  You mean Shep hasn’t left Fox for MSNBC yet?  Maybe when he does get there, he can co-host a show with their great luminary, Krystal Ball.  Yes, MSNBC has a host named Krystal Ball.

          • SLCain

             Yes, MSNBC has a host named Krystal Ball.

            TV gets to be more and more like “Network” everyday.

  • I would think BLT mexicans would be much happier in Mexico.  Gay marriage is LEGAL in Mexico!

  • crystal evans

    Many of these gay and lesbian couples are legally married in states that allow gay marriage. If they were straight, there would be no problems getting a visa for their spouse but because of the so called Defense of Marriage Act, same sex couples are unable to do so. Many of these binational couples do follow immigration laws and either get student visas for their spouses or they can come in under tourist visas and leave when the visa expires. How many of the illegal immigrant population are visa overstayers. There are some couples that live overseas because their spouse has been able to get visas for them.

    • The__Bobster

      The fact that the fruits shopped for and got liberal judges to approve their perversion does make it legal. People got to vote on this issue 32 times and 32 times, they shot it down. These judges need to be removed from office and the will of the people obeyed.

      While some polls purport to show that a slim majority of Americans would now accept same-sex marriage, they are belied by the fact that in 32 out of the 32 states where the issue has appeared on the ballot, voters have upheld marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Indeed, a poll last year framing the issue that way—as one about the definition of marriage, not about “gay rights,” showed a strong majority of Americans oppose redefinition of our most fundamental social institution.

      •  The recent vote in North Carolina really shell shocked the LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTHers, or at least the ones obsessed with getting “married.”  They thought that NC becoming suburb of Boston would mean the vote would go their way.  When it didn’t, that’s when Obama had to come out for gay marriage, (which we knew was his true position all along), in order to stop the bleeding and keep the money spigot going (one in six of his bundlers are LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTH).

  • anarchyst

    Homosexuality and pedophilia are inextricably linked.  “Chickenhawk” predators go after pre-teen BOYS because their sexual mores are not fully set.  From a “position of authority”, it is easy to convince youngsters that what they are doing is “natural” and “all right”. . .
    The Catholic Church “child sex abuse” scandal was NOT a “child abuse” scandal, but rather a homosexual pedophilia “recruitment” effort.
    What better cover than that of a Catholic priest to practice one’s depraved behavior?  Of course, the Catholic Church is a convenient target; there are many more instances of homosexual pedoplilia “recruitment efforts” among public school teachers and other Christian ministries . . . that the “mainstream media” conveniently ignores.

  • Watch Barney Frank’s husband get dumped for a 16yo somoli boy.

  • Hirene

    Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district is made up of mostly wealthy whites and asians, including many gays.  They don’t have to worry about their schools and cities being flooded with poor minorities.  They have sneaky ways to keep them out.  I say, let’s build more Section 8 housing and bus minorities into her district.

  • Let’s be frank: all lesbians dislike us men. I’m not talking about confused bisexuals who are either nutcases or heterosexuals with some, not very strong homo drive in them.

    100% lesbians’ reactions to us range from mild discomfort & embarrassment in our company to distilled hatred for everything male. It’s suicidally crazy to allow these women to have male child, either by adoption or through artificial insemination.

    And- they attack us with the same vocabulary used by Derrick Bells & similar racists.
    Gays, whatever I may think about them, are not so inimical toward women-nor toward men, of course.

    Maybe not some great revelation, but I’ve been prone to dismiss lesbian agenda as something marginal (casual encounters with them when they behaved civilly, soft stylized porn, ..), so, retrospectivelly, I’ve underestimated their toxicity. They feel repulsion & frequently hatred toward the psycho-physical-spiritual matrix of “being a man” (physically, emotionally, ethically, intellectually, artistically, socially, economically, ..). I remeber that vague feeling when I’d been reading Virginia Woolf’s diary entries on D.H. Lawrence. I ascribed it to snobbery & class prejudice, but it runs deeper.
    They hate our guts.

    Better keep an eye on them.