Number of German Births Hit Post-War Low

Elisa Oddone, Reuters, July 3, 2012

The number of births in Germany fell to a post-war low last year despite government incentives meant to reverse a population decline in the European Union’s biggest economy, and analysts blamed a lack of sufficient child care support.

A third of all babies born in Germany, still the EU’s most populous member state, came from immigrant families, the analysts said, noting that without them the overall figure would have been much lower.

The preliminary data released by Germany’s Federal Statistics Office showed 663,000 children were born in 2011, down from 678,000 in 2010.

“As in every year since 1972, the number of people who died was greater than the number of children born. In 2011 the difference amounted to 190,000 people and in 2010 to 181,000,” the office said in a report.

Demography experts have forecast that Germany’s population could shrink to about 50 million by 2050, based on current trends, and say France and Britain—which now have about 60 million each—could overtake it later this century.

Michaela Kreyenfeld from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research attributed Germany’s declining birthrate, one of the lowest in Europe, to conservative attitudes towards child care and the role of the mother.

“Women are perfectly integrated within Germany’s labor market but when it comes to babies, everyone expects a mother to stay at home and take care of the children. This of course deters women from becoming mothers,” she said.


Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has no children herself, introduced relatively generous child benefit payments in 2006, making it easier for women to return to the workplace after having children.



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  • Global Minority

    Germany suffers from constant White guilt (for nothing as far as I am concerend!) worse than White Americans.

    • LudwigvonDrake

      And for that reason they’ll never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz!

      • Global Minority

        Your kidding me right? Of course not. I’m not even going to there with you becasue you may get offended with the truth.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           What truth?  Posters like you are the reason so few whites can buy into White Realism – it’s too unreal.

    • refocus

      This white guilt is hammered on them 24/7 by every media outlet functioning. 

      The mantra goes like this:

      If not for the Germans there would have been no Hitler. 
      If not for Hitler there would have been no war or holocaust. 

      The only way to cure the problem is to miscegenate or go sterile.

      Most of the Germans I have met are glad the RAF and USAF firebombed their cities.  They are happy the USA liberated them from Hitler.

      • anarchyst

        You’d better read this fast because the “moderator” on this site will probably have it removed . . .
        Germany is the only country in the world where the “sins of the father” have been “visited on the children (and grandchildren)”. WHY?Nazism pales in comparison with communism yet people of the “tribe” STILL make excuses for communism, stating that “communism was not properly applied” and that “mistakes were made”. . .I, for one, am tired of seeing Germany being made an example of, when it comes to totalitarian governments. The political situation in pre-WW2 Germany was volatile (to say the least). Outside agitators made it easier to marginalize certain groups of German citizens with questionable loyalties. This made it possible for Adolph Hitler to gain power . . .
        . . . However, the demonization of Germany has a much greater purpose–to deflect criticism from that great “invention” of the “tribe”–communism.The “tribe” took a relatively minor event in world history (the jewish “holocaust”) and turned it into a “cash cow” that “keeps on giving”. Influential leaders of the “tribe” were willing participants in the destruction of their own people and did so to force the creation of a “homeland”. . .It is no secret that members of the “tribe” who wielded power in communist-dominated countries were hated (with good reason). Domination by Germany was seen as preferable to living under the boot heels of their communist oppressors. This was the reason why so many oppressed people volunteered to “help” the Germans “take care of business”. . .
        . . . those that lived under the artificially induced “famines” (non-jewish “holocausts” perpetrated by communist jews) in the Ukraine come to mind. It is only natural to want to destroy your oppressors when the opportunity presents itself.To this day, events that led up to WW2 Germany are conveniently “dismissed” while the self-inflicted “troubles” that the “tribe” endured are displayed as if they happened yesterday . . .

    • curri

      How come the 100 million killed by the anti-racist Reds didn’t lead to a counter-reaction against radical egalitarianism? 

      NS was a reaction to the Bolshevist threat. The Communists had killed many millions in the Red Terror , the Holodomor and the Great Purge before Hitler carried out  any mass killings- aside from the rather small Night of the Long Knives.  

  • IstvanIN

    Considering the number of children born to non-German German citizens the number of ethnic Germans born in Germany must be under 50%.   Gute Nacht und Abschied, deutschen Volkes.

    • ncpride

      Good night and good-bye German people?

      • IstvanIN

         Farewell Germany, like for us, it will soon be over. 

        • ncpride

          Ah… My daughter translated that, as she will be starting her second year in German in the Fall. She has a fascination with all European languages.

          Regarding the low birth rate, it’s depressing all over the world for the White Race.

      • alastairabbacle

        Do not underestimate the German core of America.
        Percent German:
        North Dakota 46.9
        Wisconsin 43.9
        SouthDakota 44.5
        Nebraska 42.7
        Minnesota 38.4
        Iowa 35.7
        Montana 27.0
        Wyoming 25.9
        Kansas 25.8
        Pennsylvania 25.4
        Ohio 25.2
        Missouri 23.5
        Indiana 22.6
        Colorado 22.0
        Oregon 20.5
        Michigan 20.4
        Illinois 19.6
        Idaho 18.8

        •  The first map is right on in regards to St. Louis and Missouri:  Heavily Kraut (among the whites, anyway) from St. Louis to the west and south along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, respectively.  I am surprised that Southern Illinois, parts of Indiana and most of Ohio isn’t more Kraut than it is.  I think it really is, but most people don’t know.  Especially since anything German is so politically incorrect these days.  And after WWI, a lot of German surnames were Anglicized, i.e. today’s “Miller” might have been “Mueller” or “Moeller” as late as 1917.

          • OsRazor

             I think a very distinct possibility will be the return of many US whites to their European homelands, especially if the seams start unraveling here.  I believe many European countries, including Germany, have a “right of return” to fellow ethnics.  Could be that Europe will be repopulated with the descendent of those who left just a few generations ago.

          • alastairabbacle

            It is a common polite fiction to ignore the fact that Germany is successful in large part because of German genetics.

            Large swaths of the Midwestern USA are unusually stable and prosperous because of the genes of the immigrants from Germany and Scandinavia.

  • alltoohuman

    The Germans have been the standard-bearers for White civilization for the past 500 years.  That’s why the international jew needed to destroy it in the 40s, using pig-ignorant american, british and soviet slave soldiers. 

  • Someone told me that in Munich you see just as many gay couples as straight.  The Germans are becoming a gay nation, consistent with their post-World War II political and free- speech emasculation.

    Increasing number of gays pulls the masculinity “mean” far to the feminine side, which means even straight men have less straight sex.

    Which reminds me, I must get around to reading this long Amren article:

    It looks extremely important…

    • IstvanIN

       What?  How do gay men stop straight men from having sex?  Gay men are not competition for women, last I heard.

      • I didn’t say “stop”, as in a gay policeman in every federal bedroom standing athwart the hetero couple.  Time does not permit me  (and not knowing who you are and whether you’re worth it) to explain every single subtle factor about  how a “gay is good”, nay “gay is superior” culture affects the heteros of that culture.  But did you ever go out for a nice meal one evening and then run across something that put you off your supper?

      • refocus

         Yes, gay men are competition. 

        The one man one wife law was created by the powers that be first to limit the spread of intelligent genes then to provide manpower for wars.

        The gays hate the straights so intensely that they would never allow their temporary political clout, a creation of TPTB, to be used to help the race.

        So while they are not competition for women directly their unnatural presence clouds the issue.

    • LudwigvonDrake

      The reason for all the German gayness is quite logical, as the Germans are a logical people. 

      Germans, like people everywhere, love to have sex.  Europeans in general and Germans in particluar have demonstrated since the 1960s an aversion for the consequences of sex, i.e. having children. 

      What is the ultimate in sex with no consequences?  Gay sex, of course.  You receive all the benefits with none of those nasty consequences.  Makes perfectly logical sense  . . . all the way to extinction.

    • Xanthippe2

      Michael O’Meara is a homosexual.  Not to say that his article is not worth reading, but don’t expect him to knock gays.

      • Thanks for the tip.  I won’t rush to read it, then.  I hope someone will do a non-gay-centric review of Sexe and Devoiement, as I don’t read French.

  • Many of the comments here are either provincial or clueless. They blame it on “Jooz”, white guilt, feminism, homosexuals, whatnot..

    Take Russia for example. I know the situation there.

    No feminism in the Western sense.
    No significant “gay” issue.
    No white guilt.
    No “Jooz” as media or ideological influence (a few billionaires, but they don’t decide about the politics, nor media climate)..
    Burning Russian nationalism verging on racism – they sometimes kill suspicious dark-skinned Caucasians.
    Public indoctrination pumping Russian ethnic nationalism, even Russian imperialism of Peter the Great & others.

    And- abysmal birth-rate.

    Why ?

    Poverty ? Muslim Azerbaijan or Uzbekistan are poor, but have enviable birth rates.

    Simply- there is some hardly explicable fatigue in the White race. One important element is total equalization of the sexes under Communism – although Communism was a macho-style dictatorship. Analyzing ALL variables, I think that one & only answer to low birth rate in rich and poor countries, White and Asian (Germany, Russia, Romania, Japan; Korea,..) is a very simple one: women are “emancipated” & have their own lives & careers. Period. That’s all.

    You can’t have birth rate above replacement rate without subjugation of women, one way or another. This may sound cruel, but statistically I don’t see any other reason.


    • IstvanIN

       No doubt that is the main reason.

    •  I agree with that assessment 100%. The one over riding factor of all countries that have birth rates below replacement level is their emancipation of the female. Not just in the workplace, but in all walks of life. 

      I think the proof in this regard, is beyond debate. When the female becomes liberated, she loses respect for her own menfolk to a certain degree. Mabye not as individuals, but collectively.

      This is why a Muslim women will never disrespect a Muslim man. The level of respect that women have for their men is far greater in non-white societies. It is in the females nature to want a strong man. And I believe on a sub-conscious level a woman will lose respect for the men around her when she obtains equal power in relation to him.  These  things are scarcely talked about.

      In nutshell however, I do believe that western civilization as we know it is coming to a end. Without trying to sound to pessimistic, I see many western nations becoming hybrid states within a generation or two where Muslims and other non Europeans gain political parity through numbers. As a result, I believe western civilization will be phased out throughout much of western Europe.

      And truth be told, for what western civilization has become, mabye it  deserves to be swept up and thrown into the dustbin of history. The technological, engineering, and medicinal improvements that western civilization has given the world have no equal. For the European mind, European motivation, and European forsight have no equal. But the ideals that made western civilization possible, also sowed the seeds of its own destruction.

      • We’re down but we’re not out.

        I see many western nations becoming hybrid states within a generation or two where Muslims and other non Europeans gain political parity through numbers

        Never, if this generation doesn’t go to war, our children will. Whites are much better warriors than 3rd worlders. Look at Africa, even in the extreme minority they physically held their own against hordes of blacks. Ethnic Greeks are currently waging a low-intensity uprising against immigrants, this trend will spread throughout the West, especially has the economy gets worse.

        And I believe on a sub-conscious level a woman will lose respect for the men around her when she obtains equal power in relation to him

        I don’t believe that is the issue. In WW2 women flooded into the workforce. They proved they could be as productive as men and built the guns, tanks, and aircraft that won the war. What happened after the war? The women left the workforce and had tons of babies. Today’s women are programmed by the media to believe they prefer a career to children, whereas in reality, most do not. Polls show that overall women today are not as happy as they were in the 50’s, despite having an unprecedented level of freedom. Most women also prefer to work part time, which is one of the reasons for the income inequality.

        If we return to capitalism and disassemble the welfare state we can return to prosperous single income households. If we turn off the media brainwashing machine, women will follow their instincts and prefer to have more children. We will probably never be as prolific as 3rd worlders, but that’s a good thing. Liberalism is falling apart and once it’s out of the way we will return to a sustainable birth rate.


          I don’t believe that is the issue. In
          WW2 women flooded into the workforce. They proved they could be as productive
          as men and built the guns, tanks, and aircraft that won the war. What happened
          after the war? The women left the workforce and had tons of babies. Today’s
          women are programmed by the media to believe they prefer a career to
          children, whereas in reality, most do not. Polls show that overall women today
          are not as happy as they were in the 50’s, despite having an unprecedented
          level of freedom. Most women also prefer to work part time, which is one of the
          reasons for the income inequality.

          I see what you are saying Lucas. However I feel that you are comparing apples to oranges. Alluding to women entering the workforce for the purpose of freeing up able bodied males so that they can fight in war is very different than allowing females a equal share of political, judicial, cultural, and economic power in every day society. The example you use is more or less irrelevant in regards to the bigger picture.

          It was understood in the 1940’s that men and women were different. It was also understood by employers and most movers and shakers of society that men were the head of the household, and the breadwinners of families.

          That being said, the level of female power that is exhibited within the framework of current western society has no parrellel in all of recored history. Women have a virtual monopoly of legal power over that of men in regards to domestic, and divorce law.  The entire edifice of modern western civilization has been revamped to promote female equality in every way shape and form. This is unheard of in 99.9% of the non-white world.

          Males of a tribe, nation, race, whatever example you want to use have historically kept their own woman in check.  It is in the a males to do this. I believe this trait is probably biological. Throughout history much of society was engineered by males to protect females from their own self destructive ways. One example that comes to mind were the old segregation laws in the post reconstruction south.

          Conversely, females by their nature are far less ethnically aware than males are. One of many examples in regards to this is the fact that over 50% of white women voted for Obama compared to a much lower figure for men. And if you want to factor in young white females, I have read stats indicating as high as 70-75% of white females between 18 and 25 voted for Obama. I am two lazy and don’t have the motivation to look it up at the moment. If that last stat is even close to being accurate (and I believe it is) then we are talking about 3/4 of a particular demographic voting for a party that advocates, and has actually passed legislation that discriminates against their own menfolk.

          In a nutshell, you show me a country in which the males of that country grant their womanfolk equality across the board, and I will show you a country that is in severe cultural, political, and racial decline.  Am  I advocating that in some far future Utopia that all European females should be stripped of all their rights? No, I am simply a observer pointing out the fact that if woman are granted full equality (actually more than equality, but superiority in many aspects) within a civilization, that civilization will indeed become less ethnocentric, and ultimately will decline. I believe that fact is every bit as true as the sun rising in the east tomorrow.

          • actually more than equality, but superiority in many aspects
            That is the key point. The liberal system legally and socially castrates the White male. That is the only way you can raise women and minorities into the places of power they currently hold. Women are “bullied” by the media and feminazi lesbians into acting like men. Most women want to be submissive, but the system tells them this is a horrible thing to be avoided at all costs. I trust feminine instincts and when the system collapses and White men are once again allowed to be White men in all their glory, the women will fall in line.

            As for voting for Obama, yes women have far bigger hearts than brains. They wanted to prove they were not racist. They saw Bush start 2 wars and wanted to end the bloodshed. They want everyone to have access to healthcare (Obamacare). Women eat up the liberal selling points because their hearts bleed easier than anyone else’s.

            If the system continues this way, then yes, we are in some serious trouble. Luckily, it is dying. The liberals are out of White-man’s money, MSM is losing viewers like never before, White men are buying guns and ammo like crazy and the blogosphere is being overwhelmed with pro-white and anti-socialism posts.

          • “That is the key point. Women had equality in the 50’s. The right to vote and own property.”

            I can’t say that it “all goes back to women’s suffrage” (it probably *really* all goes back to the French Revolution, the Reformation, the Sanhedrin’s rejection of Jesus) but women’s suffrage was a key break in the damn.  It was *not* a pious reform, at any rate.  You can blame it for a lot of the ills cited in this thread.  

            The gist of the argument against women’s suffrage is: If the man was the leader of the household, why did we need a women’s vote?  Her vote was superfluous.  

            Giving women the right to vote was a mindless blow for the pagan god Equality, but did nothing for real women, to improve their lives.  (Just like legal gay marriage is a mindless blow for homosexuality, and does nothing for most homosexuals,  who could care less about being in a committed, monogamous relationship).

            Even today, if there is a couple going out and one is voting for Romney and the other is voting for Obama … that’s a couple whose days are numbered.  They are willingly going out and canceling out each other’s vote.  Divorce is never far from the picture, for such a couple.  Even if they managed to stay together, it is only because their partner makes them marginally more happy than the alternative.  They are perhaps using each other with mutual consent, but not really in a conventional marriage as the world before the 1960s would recognize it.

          • 1gravity

             Mr. Griffith’s excellent ripost concludes with the claim that he is “simply” an observer.  Fortunately, he is more.  That being said, I hereby launch a red flare for all Am Ren visitors:  beware the words, “simply,” “just,” “merely,” and “only.”  These signal that what follows is not going to be firing on all cylinders.

          • Unfortunately, this is it. 100%.

        • Global Minority

          If we end the FED and fiat money  this nation and it’s people would be able to return to a single income household.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Don’t forget the destruction wrought by GATT and NAFTA, as well as the importation of cheap labor.

        • I sincerely hope you’re right. All this fatalism and pessimism about our survival makes me very sad.

    • Global Minority

      You forgot to mention the millions that were killed under the rein of RED TERROR. And lets not forgot about the Ukrainians that murdered in the millions too. Along with a HIGH abortion rate under communion and poverty. In addition to the poor health and early death of Russian males due to the lack of health care. You think that played a role? /sarcasm

      • refocus

        You should read about the former protocol used for new borns in delivery centers in Ukraine.

        And lets not forgot about the Ukrainians that [got] murdered in the millions too.

    • You mock people who see evidence of the origin of the problem in the Jews, white guilt, feminism, and homosexuals, yet you solemnly proclaim that:
      “Simply- there is some hardly explicable fatigue in the White race.”
      if I had a claim that tendentious, I might be a little bit more sanguine to my fellow board-members’ theories.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Russians love having children.  If they can afford to give them a decent standard of living.

      His is, of course, a generalization, but one grounded in fact and experience.

    • Russian men are prone to very heavy drinking and smoking, and thus tend to have a life expectancy of only about 59 years. Perhaps Russian women tend to over-use contraceptives out of the fear that they may wind up having to raise any children all by themselves.

      • refocus

        There is a rumor that chlamydia was distributed among the east block populations as a means of suppressing fertility.

    • refocus

       Polygamy is the answer.

  • Thilo Sarrazin author of the best selling book Germany Abolishes Itself

  • As someone who
    proudly has a German blooded grandmother and I likewise see that a large
    portion of your population is German descended.

    I have trouble
    putting into words the feelings of sorrow, betrayal and anger that come from
    seeing the atrocities committed against our shared noble bloodline.

    No doubt our covetous
    enemies rejoice at news like this, while frustratingly the majority of our kin
    would look at headlines like this and compliantly resign this decline away as
    simply being a sign of ‘progress’.

    We Whites (present
    company excluded) have allowed ourselves to be collectively duped into thinking
    that we’re the surge of humanity, which has lead to us to passively practise unconscious voluntary

    • I have read that half of American whites are at least one-quarter Kraut.  Of course, from all my ethnic braggadocio on AR over the years, (“I wish I could speak German so that God could understand me”), one could easily figure out that it is the largest part of my ethnic constitution.

      I also know that German is the third largest component of Australian whites, though it’s a distant third to English and Irish.  And that Adelaide and the state of SA has the most noticeable concentration of German-Australians.  The best theory is that German-Australians are Queen Anne’s Germans who took the Australia opportunity.

      • This is probably why we’re all generally hard working, systematic, mechanical, (mostly) polite to the point of naivety and socially enjoy drinking the occasional
        fermented yeast product while preparing ground meat products that were
        traditionally encased in intestinal materials over an outside open fire.
        On that second component you mention of the Australian make up, the English, they too are apparently genetically half German also.
        Well in reflection it’s nice to know that our genes have been spread around, we only
        now need to work on changing the negative polarity of our identity political rating, so that our phonotypical group can proactively reap the benefits of our inherent virtues, instead of the current model where only mixed non Whites get to flaunt our strengths through their brown veneer to be claimed as their own.

        • socially enjoy drinking the occasional fermented yeast product while preparing ground meat products that were traditionally encased in intestinal materials over an outside open fire

          That is by far the most technical term for a cookout I have ever heard.

          • LudwigvonDrake

            Don’t forget to enjoy metabolizing some ethanol while preparing the intestinal material encased ground meats!

    • ” I have trouble putting into words ”

      Euripides summed it best in 430 BC

      ” There is no greater sorrow on Earth than the loss of one’s own native land. ”

  • Sherman_McCoy

    It is impossible to spit out the window of my Frankfurt office and not hit a pregnant african/pakistani/turk, usually hauling several of their spawn with them.

    I am not claiming, BTW, that the reason I pay 47% on every Euro over 67,000 in income taxes, 19% Value added Tax on most everything I buy,  10% of my salary into SS, 100% taxes on the price of fuel, and many, many, other taxes, just to support all this vibrant diversity under the German social system.  Still, I do wonder how the budget would look without them.

    One of the only bright notes is that Germans who were repatriated from the former Soviet Union, seem also to be pretty fecund, God bless them.  Where the sight of a pregnant african causes me nausea, I always have a warm smile and congratulations for any white woman with child.  And in the extremely RARE situation when I meet a native German family with more than 2 kids, I’m apt to strike up a conversation with the papa, and give him a pat on the back.  Supporting them is tax money well-spent.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      This is one thing we can ALL do.  If we congratulate someone for having children, even by just smiling at them, we are doing something for our race.  If someone doesn’t have children, I have no shame about asking why and encouraging them to have children.  I’ll even tell them that they should think about their future because social security likely won’t be around.  I have no shame about this whatsoever.  The worst they will think it is that I am nosy and old-fashioned, but as far as I know this is not yet illegal. 

      I especially do this with younger women.  I tell them that my children are a great joy and that if I had to do it all over again I would start earlier and have more.  I explain to them that if they wait, they may want more than two or three yet be unable to have them. 

      If we can’t work  up the courage to encourage whites to have children then I don’t know what to say.

      • MCPH1

         thats a good point. especially it is important to remind young people of the fact that after having reached the age of 25 infertility can become a problem.

    • GermanLRRP

       The net cost of all foreigners living in Germany was estimated around 20 billion Euros years ago.  Most of your tax euros will subsidize German pensioners and paying interest for the failed reunification.

  • KenelmDigby

    So, the actual number of ethnic Germans (as distinct from non-German immigrant descended folk), in Germany declines year-on-year, and is declining substantially (perhaps some thing like -0.7% per annum).
     Now, we are used to the exponential law, and the fact that growing populations sky-rocket because populations compound in the same way as compound interest rates do. Declining, negative rates of compound interest hardly ever catch our attention, because usually the phenomenom is so rare as to be outside our interest, but the effect of negative compounding is just a dramatic – in the other way! – as positive compounding. Suffice to say, in the ‘long run’ a growing population tends to infinity, in the long run a decling population tends to zero.
     Except in this case a decline 0.7% per annum isn’t in the scheme of things a small rate of decline, it’s enough to wipe out a population in the space of a few generations – an eye blink in historic terms.

  • KenelmDigby

    Fertility rates amongst ethnic Britons is similar to that of ethnic Germans.
    ALL of Britain’s population growth is from third world immigration.

  • I won’t try to answer all the posts (impossible), but, here we are:

    * we can all see that fertility rate in “technological” nations is below replacement. These nations or ethnic groups are either White or East Asian. Now, re White societies, women’s emancipation has been a process seriously discussed & actually transforming societies since, say, 1870s. Only traditional White societies succeeded to retain fertility above replacement for some time- Franco’s Spain, where women were not equal. Also, although political decrees have “liberated” women during Stalin, many women still lived in villages & agrarian communes where fertility is higher. Spengler had noted that even during 1920s: city is devouring the village, the hamlet & there is no high fertility in the city.

    So, as the White race goes, either affluent (Germany, France, Canada,..) or poor (Romania, Ukraine, Moldova,..) or somewhere in the middle (Czech Republic) countries- always low fertility. Causes ? Urbanization and women working & having careers.
    For replacement, you’d have to have almost all Whites with 2 children families and no less than 20% with 3 or more children. It’s impossible.

    Fertility rate can be altered by financial aid- from, say, 1.3 to 1.8- but not over 2.1. Also moral or psychological appeals don’t work.

    The same thing with Japan, Korea, China etc.- I’m not talking about  masses, but about simple rules of demographics- big city & women working = fertility below replacement . And I am not blaming women- that’s just the way modern civilization works.

    What about others ?

    * primitive peoples, mostly Blacks, but also Indians in central America etc.
    You can’t say that it’s strong patriarchy here, always, but- these peoples just procreate.
    They don’t think, work, plan- they simply procreate like animals (and try to leech White, productive societies to feed them). Africa, Black parts in the US and Brazil, Jamaica, …

    * Islam- just one objection: urbanized Turkish women don’t have more than 1, sometimes 2 children, and not infrequently they’re childless. So, demographic growth comes from Anadolia & similar regions where atmosphere is not different from one could find in 15th century. All other Islamic lands and their diaspora are completely men-dominated & women are baby machines.

    * India- villages, patriarchy & primitivism.

    * Jews- somebody has mentioned them. Jews in the US- demographic disaster. In Israel- good thing: Almost 3 births per woman is a great news. But- they come from religious, patriarchal families who mentally live in the Middle Ages. Professional Jewish women are not much different from their “sisters” in the US or France.

    So, it seems pretty obvious that urbanization plus (post)modern society and working women means-  demographic diminution.
    Demographically “vital” are primitive peoples, patriarchal pre-modern societies (Islam) & low IQ primitives who procreate even in urban areas (Lagos, Baltimore,..).

    What is to be done ?

    Later ….

  • Pat, I agree with nearly everything you say.  But I just want to expand on what you said here: 
    I know a lot of younger women with children who have to go back to work as they have no choice.   Lots would prefer to stay at home especially in the younger years.  Unless your husband is on a really good money  this is not an option.  …  if my husband and I were marrying today I would HAVE to return to work to help pay the mortgage etc.  It was not always like this.

    No woman has to go to work.  First of All, as long as the man is drug-free, punctual, humble, obedient, and has been reasonably diligent in his studies, he will have work.   Even in a bad economy.   Thereafter, large families, even in the double digits, can be easily supported as long as the couple is willing to sacrifice.

    The Catholic Church is really good at self-sacrifice, it has been teaching the practice for ages, up until Vatican II at least.  This is why the Society of St. Pius X has been successful and has expanded worldwide despite being unable to buy closed Catholic churches ( the dioceses will even sell to gay theaters before they will sell to the SSPX).
    But the downside for the SSPX is that there is not much “high cultchah” and “high education” going on.  Many of the SSPX families choose to live in rural areas where it is MUCH easier to raise a dozen kids than in the city, for both financial and cultural reasons.

    Elsewhere, Brandon has said about Orthodox Jews, “But- they come from religious, patriarchal families who mentally live in the Middle Ages. ” … as if their high birthrate doesn’t count.

    We basically have to decide, “What do we want?  Extinction, or lives that involve paintings, sculptures, trips to the theater, expensive books, impressive wine collections, etc.”  

    The Middle Ages is underrated.  Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin of the Catholic worker movement of the 1930s, used to say “Back to the Middle Ages!”.   When white civilization is parked in a blind alley, it seems reasonable that there’s only one way out: throw it into reverse.  

    Getting misty and sentimental about modern culture?  What has it done for us except destroy us?

    • KenelmDigby

      Unemployment in Spain is at 25% of the workforce (although this hasn’t stopped the elitists from importing millions and millions of third worlders). Elsewhere in the EU it’s in the range of 10-15%.
       I simply cannot buy the fact that one quarter of Spanish men, for instance, are feckless loafers.
       You let bad government and bad economists off the hook too much and blame the victims of their mischief.

      • Oh, I’m not saying that there aren’t systemic issues that contribute to high unemployment.  But I believe that a young man who wants to be a breadwinner, once he inserts himself into the employment spectrum, should tend to stay there.  Of course if more women would quit and let their husbands work instead of them, unemployment would be much lower.  The high unemployment figure in Mediterranean countries, probably is counting a lot of unemployed men over 55.  Men in those countries seem to make it a point of pride to retire early.  They then spend the rest of their days tending to their gardens and eating olives and cheese in the Tavernas.

        (By the way, I must add that I got off the phone today with a very bright, talented female lawyer.  As I was having the conversation with her, I was daydreaming about this thread.  It’s hard for me to imagine this woman doing anything else than be a lawyer.  I’d even venture to say that it would be a pity for the world not to have the benefit of her legal skills.  But who knows, maybe her maternal instincts would’ve risen to the fore and she would’ve been a great mother. But she’ll never know.  Nevertheless, certain types of legal work seem to be very well suited to women, though not all).

      • You mention that the Spanish establishment has allowed many non-Spaniards — including those from Africa — to enter the country, despite high unemployment. That is true. And what is ironic is that many Spanish people of working age, unable to find jobs at home, have moved to Argentina or Brazil in South America, thus strengthening the White element down there, while weakening it in their home country.

    • alastairabbacle

      I like this!  It is interesting to learn about the Society of St. Pius X .

      The understanding that fails people in the modern era, is that traditional religion is all about being fruitful and multiplying. 

      Reality is God, God is Reality.

    • “First of All, as long as the man is drug-free, punctual, humble, obedient, and has been reasonably diligent in his studies, he will have work.”

      Its a shame, then, that doesn’t describe all fathers.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    White guilt writ large.

  • 1gravity

     Would anyone here agree that the evolution of the bikini tracks our demographic decline? 

    • Don’t forget about pornography,
      surely there’s a correlation between the growth of pornography (+ video games)
      and the demographic decline.

      I’m just going to throw a whole
      lot of links and ‘cut n pasted’ quotes into this post, as I’m no great writer, so pardon me in advance.

      Article: ”Slave Master How
      Pornography Drugs & Changes Your Brain”.

      Says that addicts get addicted to adrenaline/ epinephrine and the excitatory
      neurotransmitter dopamine  eventually leads to Frontal Lobe Damage, Dehumanized Sexuality and Misogynistic Attitudes etc.

      {snip}…….. In human
      records, there is no instance of a society retaining its energy after a
      complete new generation has inherited a tradition which does not insist on
      pre-nuptial and post-nuptial continence. . . . The evidence is
      that in the past a class has risen to a position of political dominance because
      of its great energy and that at the period of its rising, its sexual
      regulations have always been strict. It has retained its energy and dominated
      the society so long as its sexual regulations have demanded both pre-nuptial
      and post-nuptial continence. . .


      Article: “Internet Porn:
      Worse Than Crack?”

      Witnesses testimony
      before the Senate Commerce Committee’s Science, Technology and Space Subcommittee.


      Book Title: “The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can
      Do About It”.

      {snip}…….. ‘The Demise of Guys: Why
      Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It,’ celebrated psychologist
      Philip G. Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan say that an addiction to video games and
      online porn have created a generation of shy, socially awkward, emotionally
      removed, and risk-adverse young men who are unable (and unwilling) to navigate
      the complexities and risks inherent to real-life relationships, school, and

      {snip}…….. ‘The
      Demise of Guys’ suggests that our young men are suffering from a new form of “arousal
      and introduce a bold new plan for getting them back on
      Blog article: “Effects of
      Male Masturbation on Attracting Women”

      Basically says ‘solo’ testosterone depletion, deprives one of
      the hunters instinct in regards pursuing woman.

      Blog article: ”Is Japan a dying nation?”

      {snip}…….. But one theory is that
      Japanese women are increasingly reluctant to marry, because they think Japanese
      men have shown themselves unable to adapt to the needs of a new, more flexible
      society – and have retreated into a fantasy world of comics, video games and
      animated pornography where they feel less threatened.

       This must be related to the Hikikomori phenomenon in Japan, where there’s a
      generation of shut-ins, mostly male estimated at %1 of the total Japanese population
      who are kept and fed but their compliant parents (Google Japan’s 2030 problem)  . Shame culture meets modern world?

      The Wiki page claims that this is spreading to France also.
      (couldn’t find a decent url translator).

      Finally on the size of the porn industry overall, it’s a $100
      billion a year industry and growing!! So odviousily someone out there is using it.
       (Granted this is a satire site, but
      the article itself uses more legitimate sources).  

      I seems that a lot of societal psychological problems are in
      some way media related and it’s only getting more intrusive with tv
      screens showing up just about everywhere.

  • That “conservative attitudes toward child care and the role of the mother” line is just hogwash. The Mormons in Utah have conservative attitudes toward child care and the role of the mother, and the result is the highest fertility rate of all the 50 states.

     The trouble with ethnic Germans nowadays is that they have been so heavily indoctrinated in this notion that, because Hitler and the Nazis were “evil,” the Germans of today who had nothing to do with World War II must make amends by slowly vanishing from the face of the earth, that the assumption that having only one, or no, children, is considered perfectly acceptable.

     This idea among women that their “career” must come first, is leading the White race as a whole toward extinction. Our only hope is that we wake up in time and realize that we owe it to the future to keep those Caucasian babies coming.

  • Argentina, population 41 million, has approximately 627,000 to 640,000 births per year. And estimates of its percentage of European-only descended people are about 86 percent. If Argentina can do it, why can’t Germany, and Spain, and the Ukraine, etc.?

    • GermanLRRP

       In Germany there is simply a whole generation missing, therefore less potentially child-bearing women. The total fertility rate of German women has been stable for some time but the absolute number of fertile women has shrunk and is still shrinking almost half a percent each year.

  • Athling

    While the white race slowly dies there are white women using their wombs to bring forth African hybrids. There is much evil in this.

  • So- what is to be done ?

    First, one illusion that must be dealt with: there is no way going back to 1900. White women will never again have 3,4,5,6 ..children, on average.

    We are now living in the transitional period when old ways have died, and new ways are not here. My belief, intuition, that nostalgia about the past – which includes White high birth rates- is a waste of time. We are witnessing a possible birth of a new kind of civilization which will be more technologically oriented, with genetic engineering & all this sci fi stuff. And we can’t go back. Conservatism, as in “conservation” of valuable traditional ways, is not a realist option.

    So, what about races & aggressive pre-modern religions ?

    There two ways, a Japanese one, and the Western way. The Japanese -isolation, robotics,..- although it has some drawbacks, is a healthy one. If nothing catastrophic happens, the Japanese will pass through civilizational bottleneck & emerge as a unified whole, perhaps genetically modified & technologically superior.

    Western countries will have to battle forces of decadence so evident in modern liberalism.For West to survive, liberalism must go. Unassimilable races & cultures, too. I have no doubt that economic, ecological,… crises will force White peoples to awake from liberal self-delusion (though, it will be a way with many detours). But- no coming back to traditional way of life in 1900s or 1950s.

    The only way to future is via hypertechnology, genetic engineering, maybe some sort of cyborgization (partial).
    Blacks & others simply don’t fit into this picture, they are not capable of competing.

    •  One thing is for sure.

      We cannot win a fecundity peeing match with blacks and Hispanics, no matter how hard we try.  On the r-K spectrum, we’re K, they’re r, and K can never possibly beat r at r’s game.

    • alltoohuman

      “Western countries will have to battle forces of decadence so evident in modern liberalism.”

      And these “forces of decadence” have one source, and that is the international jew.  It doesn’t matter what Whites do; as long as the hostile jews control the banks, media, and academia, they control all the politics of the country, as well as its future.  It’s very simple: for Europe to survive, the jews have to go. 

    • Vil

      “Brave New World”, eh? But yeah, it seems “producing” children as described in the book or in a similar way is the only way White people are not going to become even more of a minority in the world. I don´t like that idea at all, but what other possibility is there?

      • Neither do I, but as a rough outline- I can’t imagine other ways. I’d like to go back to 1950s (metaphorically)- but I don’t think it’s real.
        There are other options, but highly speculative- some disasters that will wipe out  50% and more of the planet’s population & force Whites to return to more traditional ways of life. But, it’s even more speculative than what I’ve written.

        • refocus

           Some disasters?

          You mean like a communist revolution in America with a resultant purge of the counter revolutionaries?

          Is that what you are talking about? 

          Or are you talking about global warming where some people drown or starve…?

          • Well, India-Pakistan nuclear war (not too many missiles) would kill ca. 4-6 million people. But, the result would be huge climate changes that would necessarily destroy much of food production, with estimated 2-3 billion deaths, mostly in Africa, India, China etc. Europe & Americas would be hit, too, but would fare much better.
            There are other scenarios, from new Tunguska to 3rd WW & others. Of course, it’s highly speculative.

          • OsRazor

             The “nuclear winter” story of the Sagan crowd was exposed as a crock a long time ago, and that myth assumed a total thermonuclear exchange between the Warsaw Pact and Nato.  A full nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would hardly register on the climate.  We need to remember that the nuclear surface and air testing (including the dreaded EMPs over which the neocons salivate) from 1948 to 1980 involved 100s of warheads, most of which would make anything India or Pakistan have today look like firecrackers.  We’re still standing.  The weather’s fine. 

            The destruction of half the world’s population would only result if the infrastructure of the West totally fell apart and all the dependent peoples of the world would very quickly find out what the white man’s presence means to the stability and prosperity of the world.  Think famine, plague and bloodshed on a Biblical scale.  It’s the Catch 22/Chicken and Egg scenario.  Things will have to get much, much worse before they get better.

    • ATBOTL

      “White women will never again have 3,4,5,6 ..children, on average.”
      How do you know this?  Birth rates have fluctuated wildly throughout history.  

      You’re statement is defeatist nonsense.  

      • My sister has 4 children and a friend of mine has 5. Most women I talk to who have children say they would prefer to have more. 

        I don’t think people realize how deeply unnatural our society is. So much of our day to day thoughts and actions are “socially engineered.” 

        Look at the success of “50 shades of grey.” Despite 50 years of feminist propaganda being shoved down every Western woman’s throat, they still have submissive instincts. A perfect example of what women truly want vs. what they are told they want. Our instincts are highly suppressed and we can’t get a firm grip on what we need to do until this social engineering experiment ends.

        • Great post here Lucas and I agree with everything you’ve said, but I just want to add a caution to others who may be reading this, in that not to wait too late, especially when it comes to the females fertility which is a lot shorter than men’s.
          My partner and I have two wonderful little blue eyed children who we adore down to the core of our souls, who we just managed to ‘get out’ before my partners 35th birthday, we’d love to have more (a lot more actually) but frankly we couldn’t afford it now financially or time wise, plus it took a lot out of my partner physically having them due to complications from being on the older end of the procreation spectrum. In saying that though you don’t want to have children too earlier either when you’re not set up financially in some way or you’re just too young to stay together for the long haul. Being bought up right and having decent back up family support would nullify a lot of these issues, in my case I was raised by a Marxist ex
          hippy, divorcee, feminist, so I lost a lot of time in having to self teach myself
          a lot of the required fundamentals in raising a solid loving healthy family really from observing what works and what doesn’t (my 60 year old idealist mother’s life is a train wreck in comparison both emotionally and financially). Something I think that the feminist’s lost in striving for their independence was the loving joy, harmony and strength that comes from allowing yourself to be dependent on someone else (who ultimately you trust).

          • IstvanIN

             Clothes and baby furniture all get recycled.  Cheaper by the dozen was written by two efficiency experts who actually had a dozen children to prove it is cheaper by the dozen.  Unfortunately their children didn’t follow suit.

      • OsRazor

         I agree that white women can easily attain higher than 3.0 fertility rates.  It simply requires a change in attitude, a rebirth of what’s natural and normal.  Mormon (white) women have long had fertility rates well above replacement level.  It’s what they believe.  Fundamentalist Christians are also particularly fecund because, again, that’s what they believe.  In two or three generations, these conservative types will be the core of White People in this country–who knows what the future holds?

        • Yes, but these are religionists. Most white people are not serious about orthodox religion (doesn’t matter which variant) anymore.

          • OsRazor


            Indeed, they are religionists.  But they have white women with magnificent
            fertility rates. In the US.  Now.  Blond and blue-eyed, for the most part.  Splendid and beautiful stock.  Maybe we can learn something from them,
            particularly us white men.  What they
            capitalize on and as many have said in this thread, most white women want to
            have children, lots of them, but they have been diverted and shamed to ignore
            this natural desire.  This is apparent in
            every talk I’ve had with white women on the subject, regardless of class,
            religion or background.  Even lesbians if
            you get them alone and treat them like women will acknowledge it.  White men have been pivotal in the diversion
            and shaming of white women from wanting families, with all of our toys and
            distractions and self-destructive behavior. 
            We need to tell our daughters, sisters, girlfriends and wives that
            getting married and having a big family is it, there is no other secret to
            happiness and contentment. We need to simplify, return to the basics.  We need to build the cute house with the
            picket fence and the gals will follow. 
            But wait, the gal may not be a supermodel and certainly won’t look or
            behave like the whore that excited us last night on the porn-site.   She will be, and must be treated as, the
            mother of our children and our best friend. 
            Full stop.  It’s that simple.

            Because the post above won’t permit me to reply directly—no
            idea why—regarding your citations in support of “nuclear winter” I’ve read all
            the literature, have been interested in the subject for a long time, am very
            familiar with the agendas of the climatologists and physicists writing the
            papers, and all I can say is that I’ll stick with Kearney’s good old civil
            defense manual of 1986, his sources therein and the later confirmations.  Kearney worked at nuclear labs, knew
            something about nuclear weapons and understood well the agendas of Sagan and
            the rest.  If you read the papers you
            cite, they all have one purpose—the reduction or elimination of nuclear
            arsenals—obviously a good purpose, but it is their agenda and, in my opinion,
            it colors all of their models dramatically. 
            I’m sure you’d be the last person to dispute that underlying agendas,
            especially liberal ones, drive a lot of scientific inquiry.

            As I said above, nothing beats empirical data in these
            debates and the empirical data regarding the effects of nuclear weapons is vast,
             arising out of more than three decades
            of above ground testing.  This testing
            was the equivalent of dozens of regional nuclear exchanges of the sort
            that would result from an India-Pakistan war. 
            Whole islands in the Pacific were vaporized, a good part of the Nevadan
            desert was incinerated and the Soviets had no qualms about testing anywhere
            they wanted in Kazakhstan and the North Pole Ice Cap region.   And yet . . . well, the Pacific is hardly a
            “no go” zone, Las Vegas thrives, and the North Pole Ice Cap didn’t melt.   The global warming folk never talk about any
            of this, interestingly enough—it doesn’t fit their agenda that the real danger
            is man made carbon emissions, which I don’t believe in either.

             I’m not
            trying to be cute, nor am I saying that a nuclear war between India and Pakistan
            wouldn’t, as you point out, kill millions in the cities fired upon.  It my even result in some temporary climate
            change of the sort seen from small volcanic eruptions—we’re not talking
            Krakatoa or even St. Helens.  I simply
            say that billions would not die in a “nuclear winter.”  A combination of disease, famine and war on
            scale we’ve never seen only could cause that, and I see that only happening if
            the West and its infrastructure collapsed. 
            The West’s existence supports and artificially inflates the global
            population be at least one-half.  With
            the West gone, that one-half goes too.

          • refocus

             They are fertile because they take no vaccines (to reduce their fertility).

  • Vil

     I currently live about 1 hour away from your location and sadly have to agree.
    Everyday I see more and more Africans and more and more white women with mulattos in my town. Nearly every African women has a kid inside a baby stroller, 2 beside her and one inside her belly.
    White men with black women is quite a rare sight here as well. I wonder why…?
    (I can guess why but that would be not “politically correct”……..)

    I really wonder where all the Africans are coming from. Do they kidnap them intentionally and then bring them to Germany…?

  • refocus

     Media induced war guilt, plus:

    Their TV shows white girls giving BJs to black men.

  • This is absolutely despicable. I don’t doubt your description- just find it deeply repellent. Where are German men ? In similar situations, females who consorted with “others”, ended up tarred & feathered..

    • Vil

       German men? From what I can see most young German men are metrosexuals with no kind of dignity. Many are becoming more feminine than women… wearing handbags, make-up and all that…
      God, and looking at those guys in Cologne you´d think I drastically understate.
      There are still plenty of normal guys out there, but each year there are less and less.

      • refocus

         Polygamy is the answer.

  • It all comes to pride. As I wrote a few times:

    This European civilization is a blend of at least three ingredients:
    Graeco-Roman heritage, Christianity & Enlightenment with rational
    & scientific discourse coming to the fore front.

    It was “white man” (actually, European peoples) who gave the world the way it defines itself:

    * phonetic alphabet

    * mathematics & other sciences 

    * democracy & idea of a free individual

    * the global high culture, form epic to the novel

    * polyphonic music no other culture can compete with

    * visual arts no other culture can compete with

    * all ideologies, from feminism, communism, fascism, eugenics, universal human rights,..

    * all inventions that changed the face of earth (cannons, steam
    machine & Industrial revolution, the locomotive, vaccination, strict
    hygiene, universities (in the Middle Ages), hospitals, antibiotics, electric power,computer, mechanical clock, planes, cars, TV, laser, A-bomb, wash machine, satellites,..)

    All other cultures & races contributed immensely less than the
    “white” European & American civilization. I think any rational
    person cannot dispute this.

    White man has conquered the world, went to outer space, created
    global civilization, killed more people than any other group, created
    all sciences & arts & technology, f+cked uncounted millions of
    women of all races around the globe, and is the most developed human
    form- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. In short- a god in

    All the rest are just a rough approximation, a weak imitation of Caucasians.

    Any white woman (or man) with one gram of brain would not squander all this procreating with ugly Bantus & Muslims.


  • GermanLRRP

    Talking about Cologne and the entire Rhineland region i guess many of those subs are actually from Belgium.The trains from Brussels to Aachen and Cologne are always packed with blacks.  The number of full blooded subs living legally in Germany is somewhere around 400000 but growing at a rapid pace.

    •  400,000 ? Growing ? Serious, serious measures need to be undertaken.

  • I believe in Germany. As Edgar Morin has said: “The heart of Europe is Germany. And heart of that heart are science & philosophy.” Just, it seems that a country needs a crisis, something that will shake it from complacency.

  • God I hope so. I’m so sickened by the thought of the noble and beautiful German people being mongrolized into lesser beings.

  • KenelmDigby

    There is an historical precedent for this.
    In the 1920s, the French deliberately sent in ‘African colonial regiments’ into Germany’s Rhineland in order to seize coal mines and to secure war reparations.
      Black African soldiers were selceted for this task rather than ethnic French troops is a deliberate act of provocation, humilation and dominance – there is no question about this.
     Anyhow, black Africans, being the champion inseminators that they are, lost no time impregnating thousands of German women who put cash ahead of honor and morality .
     The result was a huge mulatto population coloquillaly known as the ‘Rhineland Bastards’.
    I believe that the German administration of 1933-45 had them all forcibly sterilized, with no exceptions.

  • Yours truly being one of them.  I have some Russian and Polish from my father’s side.  When East St. Louis, Illinois was mostly Eastern European, it was definitely the first world.

  • Pat,
    it’s not that way. I was raised by my mother, single mother, the pampered only child. Her world revolved around me. She was a librarian & worked hard to enable both of us to have decent lives – I couldn’t get education without her. She, along with one another woman, was the most important person in my life.
    I would be the last person on earth to denigrate women. Just, thinking “strategically”- I simply cannot see that most working women physically and financially could have 3 or more children.

  • Again this Indian fake, suffering from inferiority complex. Boring ….

    • The only person with an inferiority complex here is you Brandon Kaldian. The fact is, you can never disprove my points. Besides, those Indians are ALL well off, well educated with the kind of money, investments and jobs you cannot even dream of reaching in your boring lifetime. Good luck and keep dreaming about the “superiority” of your race! Btw, Kaldian – are you Arabic? Kaldian is an Arabic name! So, now we have boring Arabs with an inferiority complex posing as whites. Oh my Brandi, look who is talking!We are wealthier and better educated than white Americans. Keep wastin time whinning and moaning about non whites  on a useless forum which will NOT change the inevitable destiny of the white race, while we laugh our way to the bank!

      • robinbishop34

        “Keep wastin time whinning and moaning about non whites  on a useless forum which will NOT change the inevitable destiny of the white race, while we laugh our way to the bank!”

        I love when the truth comes out… misspellings and all.

  • Whilst Germany still wears its hair shirt about the holocau$t, they’re suffering from a holocaust inflicted on themselves.

  • There is, perhaps, a small possibility that the numbers are *not* as bad as they seem. The reason? At least a portion (over one million) of the immigrant population is of foreign-born Germans, particularly ethnic Germans from the former USSR who returned to Germany under a law-of-return. It is hard to imagine, but before 1991 some of the Soviet central-Asian republics had massive ethnic-German populations: in Kazakhstan alone Germans were 10% of the total.

  • Hirene

    They have  got to stop carrying the poorer nations in the EU.  Germans are rich because they work very very hard and save.  These other countries can’t get their act together and wind up sponging off the Germans.   German money for German mothers.

  • Ella

    From my experience, at a young age, motherhood was not really taught to us as a role anymore and was looked down upon among Boomer parents like mocked, dreaded or out-of-date. The role of mothering took a backseat to careers, which were pushed onto us even if it felt unnatural. I have multiple degrees much like my female friends who quit their fulltime jobs sa older adults and decided to be a mother to 2-3 children as a reaction against some of the feminism and displeasure of the corporate world. I feel some joy being at home more so. At times, I do feel that I do not live up to my expectations. Why? We’re trained to have big careers and material comforts. Being a mother has become a lesser than important choice; even men measure your wallet when I dated and rather not discuss familiy size (unless nonwhite). I’m German descent (married Northern European) and I see our families fading in size. It’s the effect of lacking family and community cultural ties with the affluence of modern life. I think the media also has a negative impact with the pressure it puts on Whites (no one else) to scale down the “farmer size” Anglo family. People question me often when I say I want 3 children like I violate the norm of the elite pre-set numbers. Family is harder work than most jobs and will always be if you’re good at it.