Majority Backs Arizona on Immigration Crackdown Law

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, July 10, 2012

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision to uphold Arizona’s law allowing police to check the immigration status of those they detain, an overwhelming majority of Americans say they want to see their own states enact the same kinds of laws.

The latest Washington Times/JZ Analytics survey, released Monday night, found about two-thirds of all likely voters would like to see their own police be able to check immigration status during routine traffic stops. Support was high across most demographics, including self-identified Republicans and independents, and even Hispanics favored the policy by a 55 percent to 41 percent margin.


In the poll, voters were given arguments for and against the law, then asked if they wanted to see their own communities enact something similar. Overall, 50 percent of voters said they “strongly” agreed with enacting that law, and an additional 17 percent “somewhat” agreed. Just 29 percent strongly or somewhat disagreed, and the rest were uncertain.


A handful of states have followed Arizona’s lead and enacted similar police powers, but some jurisdictions have gone the other direction.

On Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced an ordinance he said would make sure police know they don’t have to turn illegal immigrants over to federal authorities.

The move won applause from Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat and a chief advocate for immigrant rights, who contrasted it with the get-tough policies others are turning to.

“In Arizona, they deal with this reality by enacting laws to sanction racial profiling and by condoning the irrational acts of cowboys—sometimes ones who happen to be sheriffs and carry guns—and set them loose on immigrants or anyone who looks or sounds like an immigrant,” Mr. Gutierrez said. “In Chicago, we do things a little differently because we put public safety above political stunts, and we put creating a united, cohesive society over trying to draw dividing lines or driving political wedges.”


The survey asked how voters think the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now in the U.S. should be handled, and found a strong plurality want them to go home without being offered a special path to citizenship from within the U.S.

Overall, 49 percent said illegal immigrants should be “given a chance to get their affairs in order [and] then sent home, where they can apply to return through regular immigration channels.” That’s up 4 percentage points from the last TWT/JZ Analytics Poll in May.

Support for a pathway to citizenship from within the U.S. dropped 4 points, down to 29 percent, while a third option—letting illegal immigrants stay in the U.S. but without the chance for citizenship—was static at about 9 percent.


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  • JohnEngelman

    Well, what are we waiting for? 


    In poll after poll, the majority of American citizens dislike illegal immigration.  So, under a democracy, our “leaders” should work to end illegal immigration.

    Yet, the elites who control our government refuse to fulfill the will of the people.

    America is NOT a democracy.

    America has been captured by a cynical, self-serving elite who run our nation for their own benefit, and not ours.

    • JohnEngelman

      Immigration is an issue that divides the elites of both major parties from the rank and file of each. Because they are the elite, and because money matters in American politics, illegal immigrants face tepid prosecution. 

    • Global Minority

      You incorrect America is a DEMOCRACY – Mob Rule or Mobracry in which our founders detested. America was a Republic.

      • JohnEngelman

        There is no contradiction between a democracy and a republic. The United States is both. Unfortunately, it is a democracy in which the rich have power far out of proportion to their numbers.     

        •  The American system is (or is supposed to be) a republic with equal parts democracy, aristocracy and monarchy, parts that check each other so that we get the best and don’t get the worst of each system.

  • The reason provisions of SB 1070 are so popular is that most people presume that they’re already law and that cops use those provisions.  Most people are shocked to find out that they’re not.

    Should cops check on the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens?  Should water be comprised of two atoms hydrogen and one atom oxygen per molecule and be liquid from 0 to 100 degrees C at 1 atm pressure?

  • “In Chicago, we do things a little differently because we put public
    safety above political stunts, and we put creating a united, cohesive
    society over trying to draw dividing lines or driving political wedges.”

    Would that public safety include the HUNDREDS of gun related violent incidents reported so far this year in Chicago?  Or the rash of violent black teens and young adults mobbing innocent whites?  Or how about the Police Chief blaming black gun violence on the Pilgrims, that sounds like a dividing line to me!

    • Oil Can Harry

      You’re quoting Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a race baiter who probably despises whites more than anyone else in Congress.

    • Mentious

      Controlling illegal immigration’s just a political stunt now with no intrinsic value?
      United? Cohesive? She speaks as if Mexicans and Latinos become “cohesive” with Whites; like they don’t form all-Mexican communities impermeable to Whites.

      I remember getting lost in Pasadena, Ca. and ending up in a Mexican area. Suddenly everything changed and I couldn’t believe I was in California. No signs in English, either. It was utterly alien and looked like some ramshackle, chaotic town in Mexico. It actually scared me, and I was relieved to find the right road and get the heck out of there. Same with sections of L.A. area and many towns now. Nations within the nation.

  • You would think that with having more die in his city than americans died in afganistan so far this year Chicago’s mayor would want as many criminals off the streets as possible.

  • Hirschibold

    I have to give Obama & Co credit. Previous presidents, some republican and some democrats, but white men (at least in name) have used Hispanics/ Latinos to debase themselves and attack the majority (Lyndon Johnson and George W come to mind). But no one before Obama had such a cogent, overreaching strategy for finishing off the dispossessed majority. The republican party will be dead in 20 years or less, and I don’t grieve its loss. There will be a few precious outlier Hispanic conservatives who will get laurel-wreaths from Fox News, but there will be no block of “Hispanic Republicans” to vote for these tokens. Guys like Rubio (or Allan West) just serve as minority skirts for whites to hide behind when they fear charges of racism.

    The truth is that the vast majority of people, middle-class on down to the hoi polloi, have had enough illegal immigration. Moderate democrats and conservatives, most second-generation Hispanics with a faculty for English (who live outside of LA or El Paso) and even a heavy contingent of Jews who aren’t cossetted away in Universities or Manhattan penthouses. If our elected leaders cared even one iota about fulfilling the will of the people, this crap would not even be an issue. But they are trapped in an echo chamber, convinced of their own holy goodness and our evil racism.

    • Global Minority

      They have had enough of legal immgration to the tune of 1.2 million a year!

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  • Jared Pierce

    So perhaps all the illegal aliens will travel to Chicago.

    • They are already there…..

  • curri

    Stuff that happens in a Mexicanized part of the US: 
    “Last week an ancestral rural school near the Kings River had its large bronze bell stolen. I think it dated from 1911. I have driven by it about 100 times in the 42 years since I got my first license. The bell had endured all those years. Where it is now I don’t know. Does someone just cut up a beautifully crafted bell in some chop yard in rural Fresno County, without a worry about who forged it or why — or why others for a century until now enjoyed its presence?”

    “The city of Fresno is now under siege. Hundreds of street lights are out, their copper wire stripped away. In desperation, workers are now cementing the bases of all the poles — as if the original steel access doors were not necessary to service the wiring. How sad the synergy! Since darkness begets crime, the thieves achieve a twofer: The more copper they steal, the easier under cover of spreading night it is to steal more. Yet do thieves themselves at home with their wives and children not sometimes appreciate light in the darkness? Do they vandalize the street lights in front of their own homes?”

    “In a small town two miles away, the thefts now sound like something out of Edward Gibbon’s bleaker chapters — or maybe George Miller’s Road Warrior, or the Hughes brothers’ more recent The Book of Eli. Hundreds of bronze commemorative plaques were ripped off my town’s public buildings (and with them all record of our ancestors’ public-spiritedness). I guess that is our version of Trotskyization.
    The Catholic church was just looted (again) of its bronze and silver icons. Manhole covers are missing (some of the town’s own maintenance staff were arrested for this theft, no less!). The Little League clubhouse was ransacked of its equipment.”

  • Rodger Jensen

    The article states the obvious. However, the government will never try to stop illegal immigration. Of course most Americans are nervous about the porous border with Mexico. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the southern region is so close to Mexico that Mexican immigrants are not forced to integrate like other immigrants and by the fact that a large number of Mexican immigrants believe that the southwest of the U.S. was wrongfully taken by the U.S. and still belongs to them. However, Mexico’s largest export (other than illegal drugs) is illegal immigrants. Many illegal immigrants send money back to Mexico. So Mexico’s economy depends to a large extent on Mexicans who work in the U.S. Mexico is one of the largest trading partners with the U.S. Therefore, our government will not really do anything to stop illegal immigration. Also, those who want cheap labor recognize that flooding the labor market with immigrants from Mexico who will work for less than American citizens will keep wages lower. And they have too much money and influence in Washington compared to people like us. Therefore, Washington will sometimes make outward gestures to try to convince the people that they are trying to stop illegal immigration but will do everything they can to undermine those efforts. One way to stop illegal immigration is a national id card, available only to citizens and green-card holders, without which one could not work. But there may be too much room for government abuse with such a thing. 

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  • JohnEngelman

    Which Greeks are you talking about? Name them and quote them. 
    Since the eighteenth century representative democracy has spread to much of the world. 
    In the first half of the twentieth century democratic governments in Russia, Italy, and Germany were unequal to the pressures of the First World War and the Great Depression, so they were replaced by totalitarian dictatorships. Democratic governments in Great Britain, France, and the United States survived.
    Once a democratic government lasts for two or three generations, and if it governs a reasonably prosperous and well educated electorate, it is more stable than a dictatorship. 
    The cliche “The United States is a republic, not a democracy” seems to have originated with the John Birch Society. Members of that organization knew most Americans disagreed with them, so they wanted to deny that the will of the majority has legitimacy.