Anglo-Saxon Heritage, Multicultural Future

Charles M. Blow, New York Times, July 25, 2012

On Tuesday, The Daily Telegraph, a leading conservative newspaper in Britain, quoted an anonymous adviser to Mitt Romney commenting on the so-called special relationship between Britain and the United States:

“We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” the adviser said of Mr. Romney, adding: “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”

The paper pointed out that the comments “may prompt accusations of racial insensitivity,” and they did.


The Romney campaign sought to distance itself from the remarks. As Talking Points Memo reported on Wednesday:

“It’s not true,” Romney spokesperson Amanda Henneberg said in quotes confirmed by T.P.M. “If anyone said that, they weren’t reflecting the views of Gov. Romney or anyone inside the campaign.”


Whew, that’s quite a bit of back and forth, and yet it remains unclear, to me at least, what the Romney campaign is saying. If it is accusing the newspaper of misquoting someone or fabricating quotes, it should demand a retraction.



If Romney’s team is suggesting that someone in the campaign could have said it without Romney’s knowledge or blessing, then the campaign should seek to identify the adviser and dismiss him or her from any role in promoting Romney’s candidacy.

But as is often the case with this campaign and with the modern Republican Party, Romney’s team stopped short of issuing a complete repudiation and demanding a total cleansing of these poisonous ideas from their ranks.

The phrases “if anyone said,” and “weren’t reflecting the views” are weak and amorphous and don’t go far enough towards condemnation.

The reason is simple: the Republican Party benefits from this bitterness. Not all Republicans are intolerant, but the intolerant seem to have found a home under their tent. And instead of chasing the intolerant out, the party turns a blind eye—or worse, gives a full embrace—and counts up their votes.


No amount of corporate money and voter suppression can hold back the demographic tide washing over this country. As each of these gaffes further reaffirms the Republican Party’s hostility to minorities, the shorter the party’s lifespan becomes.

I for one don’t believe that this is a coordinated effort. It’s the seepage from a hateful few slipping in like water through a compromised dam. But it will not be enough for the Republicans to plug the holes. They must drain the reservoir.

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  • Dan Reardon

    Oh I see racial cohesion is only allowed for Black or Brown people.

    • anarchyst

      . . . or those of the “tribe”. . .

  • MekongDelta69

    TRUTH = “racial insensitivity”

  • No amount of corporate money and voter suppression can hold back the demographic tide washing over this country.

    What is this idiot who calls himself “Blow” (leaving off three letters) talking about?  It’s all the corporate money that’s hurting our cause.

  • SoCal LoCal

    Someone inform the NYT that there is no such thing as “multicultural.”

    Cultures are expressions of territorial dominance, they do not exist in the same place at the same time without bloodshed resulting. This, above almost all, is the lesson of history, from its inception to this day. The only competiton this fact has, for being the key to understanding the subject, is the equally enduring  conflict between nomadic tribes and settled groups.

    • IstvanIN

       So true.  Take the middle east.  The majority, or at least the muslim group in power, suppresses the out-muslim groups as well as Christians and anyone else they do not like. In Yugoslavia as long as Tito kept his boot on everyone’s neck everyone was a “Yugoslav”.  Once a measure of freedom came, Yugoslavia was done.  Black Africa is a perfect example of how even primitive people of differing tribes and religions, though all black and looking nearly identical, can not live together.  It simply doesn’t work. Period.

      • David Ashton

        Yes, a “multicultural society” is an oxymoron.  A society can be broken up by the importation of different, incompatible and rival alien cultures.  Precisely why the leftists wanted it for Britain.

  • razorrare

    How about plugging your hole Mr.Blow of the Jew York Times! Corporate money being spent to hold back the demograhic tide that is washing out White America? Outrageous! Care to document that Mr.Blow? Which corporations do you speak of?

    The holes that need plugging are the jewish influences that are reponsible for this demographic tide that you allude to…

    BTW Mr.Blow…there are no real Republicans in the Republican party…nothing left but neo-cons & liberals and the jewish influence tells them both  what to do.

  • SarahConnor

    This Blow just makes blood squirt out my eyes. Just this am on Marketwatch Lloyd Blankfein head Jew of Goldman Sachs says bring all the immigrants in, raise the population to 500 billion. This will keep the economy going. via @MarketWatch


  • Intellectually Honest

    Say what you will about Blow(hard), but he is correct when he writes that: “No amount of corporate money and voter suppression can hold back the demographic tide washing over this country.”

    That’s why time is of the essence for white Americans to act to preserve what their ancestors have handed down to them, and to ensure the best future for their grandchildren.  Most of the “demographic tide” has as much palpable contempt for America’s Anglo-Saxon heritage as Blow.
     An important warning to heed from South Africa:  “Once you lose social, cultural, and political dominance, there is no getting it back again.”

    • SarahConnor

      One of Blow’s biggest lies was  “No amount of corporate money and voter suppression can hold back the demographic tide washing over this country.” It is exactly the corporations that want them in!

  • Larssonenar

    —And instead of chasing the intolerant out, the party turns a blind eye—or worse, gives a full embrace—and counts up their votes.—

    So, what exactly should Republicans do to turn out this intolerant minority? Run ads with a disclaimer at the bottom saying “If you are intolerant, please don’t vote Republican”. Or maybe both parties should get together after the election and purge all the intolerant votes. God forbid a taxpaying but intolerant white guy be represented.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Mitt Romney has been in London for a couple of days, and the media has been merciless.
    Mitt questioned whether the Games had been organised thoroughly, and if the British people were fully behind the Event. Perfectly legitimate questions. Yet these questions were portrayed by the media as “Gaffes” (btw, the answer to both questions is “NO” and “NO”).

    Anyway, why shouldn’t an aspiring, or even actual, US President talk about shared Anglo-Saxon values?
    The answer, of course, is that any pro-Anglo Saxon stuff is, by defintion, pro white!
    And that just wouldn’t do now, would it?!

    From a proanglosaxoncelticpatriotwhowantstokillsixmillionjewsyawnyawn

    • The__Bobster

      Actually, the reporter asked Romney that first question. He just answered it and caught hell from the UK’s libtarded media.

    • ncpride

      You know, I hate to say it but parts of the opening ceremonies were disgraceful from a race realist point of view. Blacks and Paki’s representing Britain dressed in 17th century European garb looked ridiculous, and the last ‘skit’ celebrating British music with 2 black stars was just… Yikes…

      • newscomments70

        I don’t have  a problem with a legitimate black singer. They do not represent British heritage, but I will not split hairs. I did find the presence “rapper” extremely offensive.

  • However, our Attorney General can refer to blacks as “his people” and no one bats an eye! The fact that Romney caved in almost immediately demonstrates he does not have White America’s interest at heart.

  • The government can’t tap dance around the issue of race any longer. It is glaringly obvious that different groups of people want different things for this country. There is absolutely no way to make everyone happy. Race war is inevitable at this point.

    • newscomments70

      At the very least, balkanization.

  • razorrare

    Wondering at this moment what the moderator was thinking when he censored my reply to this article…perhaps his thought echo’s a similiar intolerant voice of the past expressed at a 2006 amren conference…”You F…ing Nazi,you’ve disgraced this meeting!”…ergo thread/article…

    Michael Hart,is that you?

    • SarahConnor

      One of my comments didn’t get posted as well .

      • anarchyst

        It happens to me on a somewhat regular basis . . . I guess that criticizing the “tribe” is somewhat “off-limits” . . .

  • SarahConnor

    Oh and today Obama does this. Obama Issues Executive Order Establishing Race-Based Discipline System for Public Schools via @patdollard

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     “No amount of corporate money and voter suppression can hold back the
    demographic tide washing over this country. As each of these gaffes
    further reaffirms the Republican Party’s hostility to minorities, the
    shorter the party’s lifespan becomes.”

    Look at these terms, “washing” and in the previous paragraph, “cleansing.”  I am amazed that the implication that whites are being washed and cleansed from this country is going completely unchallenged or unanswered, even as a political gaffe in itself.  The writer, Mr. Charles M. BLOW, ought to be questioned within some established press forum like Meet the Press to at least explain why he seems to suggest that it is a good and virtuous event and why cleansing whites from this land can be seen that way when cleansing, (I mean even mentioning it) any other “unwhite” people is tantamount to an international crime that requires arrest, public castigation, with any career ended, vilified for life.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      What infuriates me is how quickly Romney caved.  

      If anyone said that, they weren’t reflecting the views of Gov. Romney

      This BLOW is a genocidal lunatic.  But what should he care, he receives praise and admiration  for criticizing and condemning Whites who wish to preserve their race, culture and heritage.  

      It is not HIS people who are being “cleansed” or “washed” out of existence in their own homelands; it is theWhite race and only the White race that is slated for extinction everywhere they exist.

      Non-Whites like BLOW have benefited greatly from White achievement, including the device this idiot is using to celebrate and cheer on the dying of the White race.

      Leftist maniacs like BLOW and others of his ilk will get what they deserve when they have what they so desire — a White-free world — a world of third-world barbarism and savagery marked by anarchy,  fear, brutality, grinding poverty and mass murder, a world not un- like Detroit, E. Saint Louis or Trenton, New Jersey or some version of it.

      I only hope I’m alive to witness it.


      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Well, both you and I may have been cleansed first.  But it is also likely that BLOW will find the error of his ways when he is targeted by the Frankenstein he helped create. 

        I just can’t believe a white with his level of education and supposed perception has missed this angle.

    • redfeathers

      Blow is often on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program.  Don’t expect Scarborough to question Blow.  Joe is a fraud and a coward.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    What’s wrong with Anglo-Saxon heritage?

    What is wrong with Anglo-Saxon heritage?

    Not a damned thing. 

    Anglo-Saxon heritage is one of rationalism, self-criticism, the disinterested search for truth, the separation of church and state, the rule of law and equality under the law, freedom of thought, 
    individual liberty and responsibility, an ethic of hard work and a Constitution that constrains government.  

    These things created a culture and society that is superior to any other devised by humankind and gave rise to the freest, most prosperous nation EVER on the face of the earth.

    Every group in America is supposed to be proud of its heritage….except Whites. We are supposed to kow-tow, pay for every other group and shut up. 

    The Romney campaign sought to distance itself from the remarks.

    Disgusting and beneath contempt.  They can kiss my Anglo-Saxon ass!! 

    Don’t apologize for being Anglo-Saxon. EVER. 

    Be proud of it.

    I am.


    • Carl23

      Bon, I am new to forums, and I would appreciate a pointer to any recommended forums where one can proclaim to say, if not necessarily being ‘proud’ of being of Anglo-saxon stock, then I am certainly not ashamed’ without being shouted down or frowned upon. Carl UK.

  • Excuse me?  I’m confused.  Non-whites, all of them, have their own race based groups that only serve to help their own yet White People who dare to speak of shared heritage is “racist” or to use your word “intolerant”?  Huh?  Isn’t that Double Standard and racist and intolerant?

    Answer this instead:  Why do non-whites move to White Countries?

    • I know a rhetorical question is never in need of an answer, but I just have to say this:

      They move to White countries simply because White people have some kind of serious character flaw(or maybe a recessive gene) where comfort eventually takes a precedence over culture and physical labor(the thing that really made comfort possible in the first place).

      A good portion of the White population is obsessed with making people believe they’re not “racist” like the media says. They’ll sacrifice their own culture, their own heritage, and even their own safety and race just to keep up the illusion that the more they accept, the easier
      it will be for them to keep what they have, and the easier it will be for them to attain what it is they’re told they need to be attaining. Lateral thinking and completely alien to most of them.

      These creatures of habit are the docile do-gooders and self-servers who make up the overwhelming majority of the Republican/Conservative base. They are as predictable as a sunrise.

      Then there is a very small portion of the population that is overtly racial and racially aware. They are generally hyper-opinionated and hyper-sensitive to anything that dares to question the tactics and rhetoric that they employ. The Internet becomes a virtual world where they can talk about resistance, talk about their views, complain about the state of the world, point fingers at everything they perceive as bad, build a grand and glorious nation exactly like they want, appoint themselves as a great leader, blah blah blah……they do this all from the comfort of their own home. Foundations and frameworks for offline social networking are completely alien to most of them.

      These creatures of solitude are the brazen and bitter, self-anointed, erudite know-it-alls who make up an overwhelming majority of the White Nationalist/pro-White base. They, too, are as predictable as a sunrise.

      Now, pretend for a moment that you are a non-White(or anyone else for that matter) with a burning desire to dilute White countries until a point-of-no-return has been reached. Is there a White group in the real world that would worry you? Is there any pro-White group that wouldn’t buckle and implode under the weight of its own BS and incompetence?

      Millions upon millions upon millions of White people in America, and I really don’t see a single group that has the determination and fundamental people skills to build any kind of meaningful resistance. Not…one…single…White…group!

      • I am one who is “hyper-opinionated” and I point my finger constantly too and all from the comfort of my home as well so what you’re saying is, I’m unable to network and build foundations.

        Perhaps there’s some Truth in what you say for I did lose my entire family and most of my friends due to my mentioning some unflattering facts about non-whites.  I guess that did keep me from trying to build foundations after that.  This is probably why I only pass out information door to door.  I just don’t want to talk to people anymore.  Congressional Aides.  They’re the only ones I actually talk to and all that is time wasted too.  Some actually verbalize their agreement while others show it via allowing me to talk forever but in the end, none of them help change anything.

        Ma’am, I couldn’t even get the Texas Legislature to make Texas stop mislabeling non-whites as White Men and that costs no money.  All someone needs to do is change the damn website but they won’t even do that.  Someone here posted this awhile ago –

        Back to the foundation part – Your family is supposed to be the one that loves and accepts you no matter what your opinions are or what facts you choose to concentrate on and your friends are suppose to love you for you too so when you lose them, you don’t really feel like complete strangers are gonna accept you and especially so if your opinions are opposite of the ever popular ‘non-whites are great’ attitude.

        as for fighting back – Sadly, this is true.  No one wants to stand up and Demand Equal Treatment.  If non-white groups can receive Corporate and Government Funding, they must give the exact same amount and to the exact same number of White Groups like they do for the non-white groups.  Same for everything.  My Mantra is:  For everything given to non-whites, so shall same be given to The White Peoples.

        • It’s best to ask questions and let people figure things out for themselves.  Then they’ll be “enlightening ” you.  Ask “Surely some flash mobs with white people don’t involve christmas carols and dancing?”  “Where are the white people hurting others for shoes?” “Haiti has been rebuilding for how many decades now — with everybody black and no racist whites”  lol

    • mikejones91

      The double standard is NOW standard issue.

    • Chinese et al are not willing to subsidize their own destruction and they have already mutilated the goose that laid golden eggs in Africa/ Latin America.

    • alltoohuman

      “Answer this instead:  Why do non-whites move to White Countries?”

      To rape White women and destroy their future, as an act of racial vengeance.  And they’re invited to do so by traitorous Whites who march to the beat of the Jews.

  • bubo

    I wonder if Blow understands that the demographic wave he so smugly cheers about will wash over blacks much more devastatingly than whites?

    Blacks are still the most favored minority, even though they are not the largest one.  But I suspect that will change in the coming years.  

    Dems will decide it’s more relevant to cater to Hispanics than blacks as their numbers are growing much more rapidly.  Asians too.  
    The Democratic party is the one that’s splitting apart, slowly but surely.  

    If the Repubicans went to an outright “racist” white point of view they will win elections.  But of course they are too stupid to do it.  

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

     Arrogance blinds them to the next step:  the loss of their homeland:

    From a speech by Paul Weston entitled Warning to America:

    The non-indigenous birth rate now averages an extraordinary 35% nationally, which realistically means 70-80% in the cities alone, thus consigning indigenous English children in Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham, Luton, Leicester and Slough to an ethnic minority in their own land – a fate awaiting English children in all our cities within a decade, and the entire country before 2030.

    The British Empire is transforming itself into a land of high-fertility, inbred thrid-world savages who get every imaginable benefit from the government no questions asked and without having to work. Instead of being grateful, muslims, with government complicity, are doing their best to destroy the country through bombings, rapes, and attempts to establish sharia law.

    The results and evidence of this transformation were readily apparent at last night’s opening ceremony in Welfare Stadium.


  • razorrare

    Celestial Time…

    I agree…good thing you didnt bring up the 800 pd gorilla in the room or your comment would of got censured. Nothing good,no progress can be made…by those leaders or groups of the so-called resistance…who have compromised their beliefs and have proffered their hand to the devil.On the pages of Amren we are proffered countless articles that entice us to respond,but only in a narrowly defined field…limbaug & the becks and all the other like-minded speakers operate within this narrowly defined field and they are paid well for it.James Edwards/Keith Alexander & the rest of his crew(Political Cesspool)…David Duke…they have not compromised their beliefs and are truly honorable men.

    • I’m responding to both you and Celestial Time.

      AR is a media source, not an activist organization.  Would you paint your house with a toothbrush, or brush your teeth with a paintbrush?   Similarly, it’s unfair to expect a media source to be an activist group.  There are activist groups out there, including one which is very closely associated with AR.  I’m having a mental block, but I keep thinking of the letter “C.”

      •  I’m not sure why you would direct that at me, since I didn’t mention the unmentionable; but I’ll bite:

        I don’t think anyone expects a media outlet to represent itself as an activist group. I certainly don’t see many people beating down the doors of CNN or other mainstream media outlets because of their vocal and self-professed “activist” role in society.

        Now, of course we all know that the media is probably much more detrimental than any vocal activist organization, simply for its role as the passive activist element that pushes Western nations into oblivion with messages of ignorant bliss and misdirection. It’s not so much what they publish or the views they espouse that are the most detrimental. Nope, the most damage they cause might be from the kind of information and realities that they hide and sweep under the rug.

        Pointing out the sheer hypocrisy and damage caused by the mainstream media’s tactics is the fuel that most pro-White groups and orgs use to try and endear themselves to the public. That hypocrisy of the media is the point of an overwhelming majority of material on AmRen, right? Am I lying? Am I missing something? It needs a spotlight and to be talked about incessantly when they do it, but it’s “good business and professional” when you do it?

        I would be more than happy to accept a rational and sensible explanation of how I’m wrong or missing the bigger picture.

        Personally, you can call yourself whatever you like. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. can call themselves whatever they like.

        For the record, I would happily paint my house with a toothbrush if that is all that was available.

  • That really is great news! I was a little worried that Romney didn’t understand how the American political process works. Nothing says you care about America and Americans more than globetrotting and pledging allegiance to another country.

    Does anyone know when he is planning his Congo and Angola trip? Oh, wait! That’s right…never mind.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    Of course Romney is afraid of being called racist and he should be. At this point in history, being called racist will destroy a White male, even if its not true. I know I’m of afraid of being called racist at work for pointing out the truth. The problem is they control the conversation. White racial pride is something they feel very threatened by because they know deep down if White people had racial pride like they do, their lives wouldnt be as easy as they are now. Minorities have much more comfortable lives if White people arent proud. They see White pride as evil because they would not be able to defeat it if it ever returned and they know it.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    Are you suggesting the alternative is better?

  • razorrare


    CofCC is an exccellent organization…

    To be clear i am not asking this site to be activist…i am asking the moderator or moderators to lighten up on the censor button for posters who  are responding/commenting on said articles.


    • You ask us one thing.  Jared Taylor tells us another.  Guess who wins.

  • newscomments70

    Attached is a video, it depicts forced multiculturalism on the US swim team:

    It is titled, “Call Me Maybe – 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Team”. It is a video made by the U.S. olympic swim team. It is mostly pleasant to watch, but they had to add one scene of an average looking black guy dancing with two attractive white girls. The black guy has nothing to do with the team, but we just HAVE to see this. This agenda HAS to be FORCED on us. Swimming is a mostly white sport, through no fault of anyone, however we just have to see a black man dance with white girls, even though it is completely irrelevant to subject of the video. Can you imagine if an NBA team made such a video, and the viewers were forced to watch an average-looking white man dance with two attractive black girls? It would be a white man who had nothing to do with the team,  but just placed in the middle of the video for no reason. Would such a ridiculous thing ever happen? Why is it happening to us? I don’t know if my submission is newsworthy, but I found it interesting and ridiculous.

    • It sticks out like a sore thumb or a little fly in the ointment.

      it’s just incongruous to have that black rapper type in the swimming video.

  • If you’re very Christian, then CofCC is possibly the most viable option.

    If you’re not uber-religious, then there’s a whole lot of nothing in terms of organized, practical, balanced and sane activism.

  •  I’m sure your life is one great big success story where you always seem to find some undercover this-or-that always trying to throw a monkey wrench in your well laid plans. The “cause” or the “movement” is always on the verge of greatness until some evil provocateur decides to bring a notebook and mirror to the company meeting. Funny how that hasn’t changed much in a few decades.

    I spoke in general terms, and not 100% of the people fit the bill 100% of the time; but you seemed to take it personally…..Case in point:

    “They are generally hyper-opinionated and hypersensitive to anything that
    dares to question the tactics and rhetoric that they employ.”

  • Sheila Dinehart

    The Authentic White watches.

    The Authentic White no longer has need for concern.

    The Authentic White has no fear, no sleepless nights.

    The Authentic White is invisible.

    The Authentic White is waiting.

    •  Throw in a few  more and you have something:

      1) Adapts
      2) Driven & Focused
      3) Unwavering

  • Marcy Fleming

    Romney’s an idiot. I have friends in Israel who did not appreciate  his grovelling performance there. He was partly correct on the cultural issue though it’s more complicated than that but his blundering on Jerusalem was unhelpful. It’s not the business of the US where another country places its capital.
    On the UK again he’s partly right in a cultural context but he’s probably referring to the world wars that old Winnie snagged the US into, which were an utter disaster both times.
    On foreign policy he’s worse than Obama and on domestic policy he hasn’t given us a reason to vote for him.

  • Carl23

    Bon, I am new to forums, and I would appreciate a pointer to any recommended forums where one can proclaim to say, if not necessarily being ‘proud’ of being of Anglo-saxon stock, then I am certainly not ashamed’ without being shouted down or frowned upon.