Protests Reflect Deep Divisions in Anaheim

Nicole Santa Cruz et al., Los Angeles Times, July 25, 2012

In a city best known for Disneyland, the Angels and the Ducks, the fatal police shootings of two Latino men over the weekend have uncorked days of furious, sometimes violent protests.

The unrest has exposed long-simmering divisions in Anaheim between the glitz of Disney and professional sports and the struggles in some of the less prosperous Latino neighborhoods in Orange County’s largest city.

Of the city’s estimated 340,000 residents, 53% are Latino, and the protests have occurred in the city’s flatlands, where many of those residents live. Most City Council members hail from the more affluent Anaheim Hills neighborhood to the east. The American Civil Liberties Union recently filed suit claiming the current at-large system of electing the council leaves Latinos poorly represented. The suit said that Anaheim has had only three Latino council members in its history.

The extent of the ethnic discord is hard to assess, as are accusations from some protesters that the Anaheim Police Department mistreats nonwhite residents. {snip}

Rusty Kennedy, executive director of Orange County Human Relations, said anger over the weekend shootings reflects wider woes in Anaheim’s poorest communities, which suffer from unemployment, overcrowding and gang activity.


Protests erupted downtown Tuesday night, with crowds that police estimated in excess of 1,000 people. Police Chief John Welter said police declared it an unlawful assembly after it grew dangerous. He said 50 to 100 protesters continued roaming the streets, throwing rocks and bottles, and damaging more than 20 businesses, mostly breaking windows. There was also damage to City Hall and the Police Department building.


Yolanda Delgado, 68, a longtime Anaheim resident, saw a group of young looters smashing the windows of a T-shirt store Tuesday night and began yelling at them. At one point, she scuffled with a young woman who she said was trying to steal shoelaces. The young woman punched her and bloodied her lip.

Delgado said she was incensed that rioters were destroying the property of innocent people. “I was ashamed of them—the stupidity, the ignorance,” she said. “This is what the Latino community is trying to [alleviate]. They’re tired of being known just as thieves or gardeners or housekeepers.”


There is also a history of tension. In 1978, a riot at Little People’s Park involving Anaheim police and a group of Latinos led to accusations of police brutality and a series of reforms.


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  • MekongDelta69

    …and the struggles in some of the less prosperous Latino neighborhoods in Orange County’s largest city.

    Blacks and browns have been “struggling” for almost 50 years. It’s one of the left’s most favorite terms (along with “oppressed,” etc., etc.) You know – if I’d been ‘struggling’ for 50 years, I’d be pretty tired by now! Go collect your welfare check and chill out on your couch and watch TV ese.

    …reflects wider woes in Anaheim’s poorest communities, which suffer from unemployment, overcrowding and gang activity.

    Another favorite word. If you’ve been “suffering” for 50 years, why don’t you “struggle” to fix your communities, instead of always “struggling” against (as you call it), “The System” (which makes your lives easier, btw).

    In 1978, a riot at Little People’s Park involving Anaheim police and a group of Latinos led to accusations of police brutality and a series of reforms.

    Ah yes – those “reforms.” Always “reforming.” They’ve worked so well after all these decades, haven’t they?

    Ain’t America great??? Land Of The Free…(Money)

    • bubo

      Blacks and browns have been “struggling” for almost 50 years.
      They’ve been struggling for 50,000 years probably.   Mostly because they aren’t equipped to prosper.  

    • Anonymous

      Ask them why they continue to “struggle” everywhere and anytime regardless if they’re the majority, regardless of how many guilt-ridden whites there are living there, etc?

  • Dr Al

    So they sneak across the border in a felonious action.  They come here to escape the degradation of Hispanic Mexico…..then they find fault with the very nation they DEMAND access to?

    This makes me sick. If it is so bad here, go back to Mehico.  They know deep inside the Anglo population don’t want them here, but they come here anyway, and then complain that the Anglos don’t want them here.

    Who is the stupid ones here?  Madness.  Nobody forced these people to invade us.  They forced themselves since Mexicans can’t stand living in Mexico.  So they invade here and BRING Mexico with them and then get upset.  Amazing.

     They long to live around white people (can’t blame them) and then they hate and destroy what whites create, but they demand to come here and then demand to stay here  (these Mexicans are instinctively smart enough to know that life with whites is better than living with each other in Mehico. Pathetic).

    • Anonymous

      No different than the blacks, but at least whites are fighting the Hispanic invasion quicker and more vocally than we did the “Civil Rights” movement

  • Uncle Ruckus

    I support Bloomberg’s call for a nation-wide police strike.  Wake me up when it begins.  I estimate that if the cops go on strike, it would take whites about three-four days to fix the nation’s crime problem . . . which is nothing more than a slow simmering race war.

    As for Anaheim . . .

    When 53% of a community is from one culture, they don’t want to be policed by another culture . . . and, they probably shouldn’t be.  Once a community is over 50% non-white, the whites should just leave and the last one should take the flag with him and turn off the lights.  Let the 53% fend for themselves.

    Follow THAT policy and eventually we’ll end up with all-white communities who (hopefully) have learned their lesson and won’t make the mistakes of letting in non-whites.

    • 14POLK88

      I am with you Uncle, do me a favor and give me a wake up call when it start’s !

  • Make no mistakes about it; the “neighborhoods” in question are comprised entirely of illegal invaders and their spawn! These people are violent and brazen in their attitudes and behaviors and would not be here if in fact we simply enforced our immigration laws.

  • The story is supposed to be about the riot yet what do have?  Yes, that’s right, not enough hispanics are on the council.  What they mean is, Whites haven’t moved over and gave up their seats to them because don’t ya know, they’re hispanic so clearly, they’re qualified and OWED.

    Just like Millbourne, it’s all about taking over.  What has the Council got to do with the riots?  Too many White People sit on it.

  • “The unrest has exposed long-simmering divisions in Anaheim between the
    glitz of Disney and professional sports and the struggles in some of the
    less prosperous Latino neighborhoods in Orange County’s largest city.”

    So if there are less prosperous Latino neighborhoods where might the magical “prosperous” Latino neighborhoods be located?  I’m guessing right next to the prosperous Black neighborhoods!

  • KenelmDigby

    Heavy morality tale here.

    Basically the most amenable, commodius and affluent community ever devised for the broad masses (as distinct from the well-to-do), in the history of human habitation, was destroyed in the space of a couple of generations by political cowardice, and nothing but political cowardice.

    • I really like the way you have described this situation. It sort of reminds me of when I was a child in Florida, Disney World was way off in time on the horizon but what came into my 1950s house was the Walt Disney Show every Sunday. I can remember dreaming of going to Disney Land, that far off magical place. Almost as soon as I could read I asked for library books about the Land and what was around it. I even remember a short that played either on the Disney Show or on the Mickey Mouse Club. It was all about Anaheim. Ah yes, there was more magic there than meets the eye. That was then.

      Of course we comment on it every day, the systematic dismantling of our world, the world that was Disney Land for the white people. It’s a broken record here everybody but I still can not find a place to put all of the amazement and anger that has become the last two-thirds of my life.

  • IstvanIN

    I used to think we would die like a large scale Zimbabwe or South Africa.  Now I am not so sure.  More likely white America will end up like the educated/entrepreneurial/political classes did in Cambodia under Pol Pot.  Well, it won’t be so bad to see the Pelozis and Kennedys and Bloombergs end up like that.

    • KenelmDigby

      I think you are on to something there.

    • Anonymous

      It will be a combination of Zimbabwe/South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Russia as the whites will become more racial with their thinking and actions like the white Russians are.

  • The__Bobster

    Police said Joel Acevedo was in a party of three driving a stolen SUV. A marked police squad car tried to pull over the SUV, but it crashed, whereupon the occupants fled. Acevedo, who was on probation, fired two shots at pursuing officers. They returned fire, killing him.

    Locals, including mothers using children and babies as human shields, tried to sabotage the Diaz crime scene, and provoked and attacked police investigators:

    They pushed a dumpster holding burning trash toward police. Some also threw rocks and bottles at officers, who responded by firing pepper spray and rubber bullets.[24 Arrested as Protesters Swarm Streets in Anaheim, KTLA News, July 25, 20124:40 p.m. PDT.]

    On Tuesday night, according to Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, 200 people tried to force their way into a City Council meeting. The crowd swelled to 1,000, then blocked traffic for hours. When forced to move by police, the mob attacked police cars, set dumpsters on fire and blocked streets with them; smashed shop windows; looted stores; and battered civilians and police alike.

    Twenty-four rioters, including four minors, were arrested. [24 Arrested Following Clash Between Protestors, Anaheim Police, CBS L.A., July 25, 2012 6:18 a.m.]

  • Community organizations need to stop blaming white people and work on the problems in the community.  Sadly, Mrs. Delgado will be called a traitor and ignored.

    White people don’t steal as much because in white communities theft is considered shameful.

    • Anonymous

      I’d rather walk through the poor white “trailer trash” areas at night than walk through a ghetto or “barrio” during the day.

  • These riots in response to police misconduct seem to happen all the time. In London, in New York, in LA, now in Anaheim. Wonder why we get riots in Anaheim but not in San Antonio or Phoenix or Baltimore. I bet there are some local agitators who have been stirring the pot for years.

    • There was no police “misconduct “here. We simply had a criminal gang banging Mexican (probably illegal or the byproduct of illegal immigration) who put the police in a very difficult position by ignoring their orders. In my book, we have one less scumbag gang banger to deal with. Who cares if the illegal invaders and criminals that make up that community call it police misconduct. Their entire life is based upon “misconduct!”

      • Anonymous

        Yeah.  Who are they listening to the complaints about “police misconduct” from?  Criminals?  Like blacks saying “we are against racial profiling”?  Why?  Because ‘their people’ are committing the crimes.

        • Exactly Anon. We as White Americans should NEVER allow those who are guilty of violating our sovereignty to define the terms of the debate! They should not even be here, much less “protesting “anything. They have become emboldened and aggressive, all because of diversity mandates and our refusal to enforce immigration law.  For too long, we have stood silent while these criminal La Raza RACISTS and gang bangers have had their way in this country. That garbage must end now!

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Yeah.  Notice they’re not protesting the 10,000+  murders  each year in Mexico — or  the 12 federal agents who were tortured and murdered recently and tossed alongside a Mexican highway or in another recent case,   the remains of at least 43 men and half a dozen women were found along a highway outside Monterrey.

            Well, that’s OK!!

            But cops killing gangbangers and thugs in the U.S. — WELL, that’s DIFFERENT!!


    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Outside agitators according to the police chief of Anaheim who estimated 2/3rds were NOT Anaheim residents.

      The Commies were there handing out newspapers.

      If you look closely at the protest signs, one is from the International Action Center and another form socialistworkers.

      Police Chief Welter said:

      much of Tuesday night’s violence was caused by ‘anarchist groups’ and others from outside Anaheim, including the hacker group Anonymous and members of the Occupy movements.

      ‘We have a number of intelligence sources,’ Welter said. ‘They have websites. They talk about what they are doing. They reveal their own numbers. … There’s no way to be accurate, but it’s an estimate.’

      Welter said officers observed several agitators throw bottles and rocks from the middle of the crowd, where they couldn’t be seen or detained by police.

      Why let a good protest go to waste??


  • Anonymous

    That’s their own fault they are gardeners and housekeepers or whatever (not like whites don’t do those jobs.)  They made that choice.  They choose to come here.  Tired of all the excuses we make for blacks and hispanics.

  • Anonymous

    That’s true, but mexicans add to the racial problems we already have.  It’s like throwing gasoline onto a blazing inferno.

  • I disagree. Besides, you’re simply splitting hairs. I don’t want mexicans or blacks here, as they both have a propensity for acting violent when their racial demands are not met.

  • Ditto. What people fail to realize is that Anaheim PD is full of mexican anchor babies.

  • Pandemonium

    You’ve heard it before, “as California goes, so goes the nation”.

    Very, very disturbing, though I have no idea what to do about it at this point. 

    I have four children, and they are now having my grandchildren. I fear for their futures, but feel pretty much impotent to do anything about it.

    I have been supporting Amren for what seems like forever, and while I have seen Amren prosper and grow, the problems highlighted on this site have grown so much bigger. 

    Whites are STILL a majority in this country but are so divided by lesser problems that I see no future where we come together as a race to help ourselves. By the time we do, it may very well be too late to fix any of these race-based problems. 

    I usually try to be upbeat, but today I find little to give me hope. Except, I just had a wonderful weekend with my latest granddaughter!! 

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      This is what we Californians are doing —with good reason!!

      California gun purchases nearing record

      San Francisco Chronicle / 

      “Californians just can’t get enough guns and are on a pace to set a new annual record for the number purchased legally.

      Experts with the state Department of Justice predict residents will buy 725,000 rifles, pistols and shotguns in 2012, nearly twice the number they purchased five years ago, when 370,628 were acquired.

      Over the last decade, annual purchases have increased despite the lackluster economy and a dramatic drop in crime.”

      I don’t believe the part about a “dramatic drop in crime” — I think the government is lying to us on this issue as it is about so many other things.

      I advise everyone to start doing same.  This will NOT be confined to California for long.


      • Pandemonium

        I get your point; all of my four children are shooters, and damn good ones. When I felt they were responsible enough, I purchased each of them three weapons, a long range, medium range, and short range. They all became expert in those weapons, and love to shoot to this day. We can defend ourselves and our families.

        I don’t see a response to the riots being the seed to a long-term solution though. Am I missing something? It seems to me that since the problem Whites have is world-wide, the solution is going to have to be world-wide and based on consensus. How do we get there?

      • El_Magyar

        What makes you think all those guns are being purchased by decent white people?

  • tankrollins65

    desegregation, like annexation, was (is) forced on us…and anything forced on someone is insincere…i heard a comment once that no one has a “right” to be liked…that something that is earned through responsible behavior, and content of character…it seems that the so-called “minorities in this country feel they have to “force” themselves on the rest of us “evil” white folks and we are suppose to like it (them)  we have to stick together and see this all through…we can and will win in the long run, and i sincerly mean that..

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    More protests today!!  (Sunday, July 29th)

    At least four marchers who took part in unruly protests Sunday against the city’s police department have been arrested, on the ninth consecutive day of demonstrations by residents and activists furious over two recent police shootings.

    One call is all it takes to conger up the always on-call rent-a-mobs.
    Breaking windows and pushing around lit dumpsters are good ways to get your point across and let those local businesses know you’ve had enough!!  

    I expect Anaheim to be a food desert in the near future — with the only businesses left heavily barricaded liquor stores and check cashing outlets.

    Next thing you know, Disney will pull up stakes…

    anger over the weekend shootings reflects wider woes in Anaheim’s poorest communities, which suffer from unemployment, overcrowding and gang activity.

    These are leeches, moochers and criminals whose chosen lifestyle is dealing drugs, gangbanging, running from and fighting cops.  What are the Anaheim police supposed to do when entire areas are loyal to gangs and/or the criminal state of Mexico?

    Don’t think this hasn’t attracted the attention of the professional agitators!!

    A group of self-identified Communists handed out a newspaper called Red Flag.

    I think a lot of people are frustrated and have a lot to say, said Adam Lerman, a rally organizer with the group Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary.

    Anaheim burning in…