Millbourne Identity

Daniel Denvir, City Paper, July 26, 2012

Joseph Artmont Sr. is among the last standard-bearers of Millbourne’s old guard. Sixty-nine years old, the volunteer fire chief moved here as a child from West Philadelphia, where white middle-class families like his were moving out and lower-income blacks were moving in. He’s been here long enough to observe sweeping changes in tiny Millbourne—a less-than-one-tenth-square-mile Delaware County borough wedged between West Philly’s Cobbs Creek Park and Upper Darby—and long enough to know he’s unhappy with them.

Two decades of large-scale immigration are transforming the region. Philadelphia, after losing a quarter of its population in a post-industrial free fall, in 2010 grew for the first time in 50 years thanks to new arrivals from Latin America, Africa, Europe and especially Asia. Across greater Philadelphia, there are 59,987 Indian immigrants, more than any other national group. But the immigrant population has ballooned even faster in the suburbs—and nowhere more so than Millbourne. Today, 56 percent of Millbourne’s 1,159 residents are Asian, and fully 30 percent are Indian.

“Sometimes, very big difficulties with that,” says Artmont of his borough’s newfound diversity. “People don’t talk your language. It’s hard communicating.”


As to how a hub of Sikh and South Asian culture landed in this dense pocket of small-town development, cab driver Iqbal Singh explains what many others will tell me: He came to Philadelphia because he already had family here. And anyhow, New York is too expensive.


The transformation here isn’t just cultural. In recent years, Millbourne has joined the growing number of municipalities that—thanks to new arrivals: immigrants from overseas and African-Americans from Philadelphia—are challenging the Delaware County Republican Party machine. Over the last few elections, Artmont Sr. and his white Republican allies, including son Joseph Artmont Jr., were ousted from the five-member Borough Council, which is now controlled by two Bangladeshis, one Punjabi Sikh, one Keralite Indian and one white Democrat named Jeanette MacNeille.


Delaware County Democrats predict that Upper Darby, Millbourne’s 82,795-person next-door neighbor, will also fall to the demographic tide.


Back across the border in Millbourne, Artmont is, again, not happy about all of this. But he does seem somewhat resigned. He is even a little enthusiastic about two Indian-American teenage girls who now volunteer at the Fire Department. “They came in, and I was very surprised to see them. … They’re doing a very good job.”

But Artmont keeps the world just as he likes it tucked away in his basement, where a complex set of intersecting train tracks pass through an expansive diorama of small-town Americana.

“Something different,” he explains. “You know what I mean?”

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  • Herman

    But the magic number of 12 million illegal immigrants never changes.

    Unless of course when Obama says there are only 11 million illegal immigrants here.

    My hunch is the number is closer to 30-35 million.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, the real number is 30-38 million. In the Great Amnesty of 1986, the number of illegals that came out of the woodwork was triple the “official” number. The government doesn’t want us to know how bad the situation is …. or how much worse it will become.

      • Uncle Ruckus

        Yeah, I’ve noticed that mathematics no longer works the way it did when i was in school.  If you have “11 million” and another million or so come in year after year . . . for a few years . . . and they have babies . . . how do you still have 11 million?

        It’s like if “six million died” but then some place adjusts its number by a million and historians say there’s another big adjustment needed here . . . and another there . . . but somehow, it’s still six.

        Yep.  Must be something wrong with our math, I reckon . . .

    • jeffaral

      Don’t worry my friend!   Elect Mitt Romney and all the illegals will disappear from the stats: They will become legal.   Problem solved!  

  • The__Bobster

    The Dots took over Edison, NJ in a similar manner 30 years ago.

  • Indians and Pakstanis are some of the most vile people on Earth. They are extremely rude and filthy and very hard to understand. What good can come out of such a breakdown of community and communication? They are no different than the blacks – just more spillover from their overpopulated countries overflowing into ours. Camp of the Saints indeed…

  • Larssonenar

    —But Artmont keeps the world just as he likes it tucked away in his
    basement, where a complex set of intersecting train tracks pass through
    an expansive diorama of small-town Americana.—

    I have seen several people asking here lately where they can go to get away from wonderful diversity…here is the sad but profound answer.

    • Whites are now resigned to their “basements” to escape diversity. It wasn’t supposed to be like this….

  • is there a pool yet as to which city will vote to succeed from america?

  • Uncle Ruckus

    QUOTE:  He is even a little enthusiastic about two Indian-American teenage girls who now volunteer at the Fire Department. “They came in, and I was very surprised to see them. … They’re doing a very good job.”



    Is that supposed to make it alright that an American city has been invaded and colonized by aliens?  

    I watch “Falling Skies” and frankly, I can’t tell the difference between a Skitter and some of the creatures I see walking around American streets today. 

    The reporter explains that the white man “is not happy” but he’s “resigned” and . . . he keeps a little train set “tucked away” in the basement to remind him of what he lost.

    The expected response IS SUPPOSED TO BE that we whites go out and buy little train sets and hide in our basements as the aliens conquer us.

    What I hope the response IS . . . is cold, seething fury that makes every white man swear to work night and day and pledge his life, fortune and sacred honor to defeating the invasion.

  • Both the author and photographer, who created this article, are white. Some day they will also be replaced by their own precious “diversity”. Their kids, if they have any (and if they’re white) will be second-class citizens.  I hope they live to experience the dark side of the diversity they celebrate so.

  • That Senior Citizen may be “resigned” but there are many Americans who are not.

    There will come a day when those whites who are fine with the asian invasion will be forced to depend on them for their survival while us White Folk will have each other and guess what you asian lovers?  You will be locked out for you will never get a second chance to destroy us with your traitorous love for Third World Aliens.

  • I forgot to mention this part:

    Take note how the White Men were immediately “voted” off the Board and replaced with what?  And asians means no harm….  yeah, okay…

  • KenelmDigby

    Sub-continental immigration will be the next big story in america’s unfolding tragedy and disaster, and as a word of warning, I most earnestly warn any interested White American that in very short order sub-continental immigration will make the immigration wave from Mexico and Latin America look like the proverbial vicarage tea-party in comparison, I know many of you will scoff, but mark my words or just ask any Canadian or Briton.

    • Yes, the way is partly being paved by the H-1B visas that have been overwhelmingly from asia. As demographics go, that should be the coffin nail for America. The democrat party will no longer have need of voter fraud or intimidation, there won’t be enough of us whites to even elect a dog catcher. The republican party will become a sort of mirror image of their more liberal brothers. We will be undone forever more. Time grows short, so does the list of options that are available to us.

    • IstvanIN

       Stop all non-white immigration period!

  • Supposedly he was “fooled” into buying the concept of let just these few million in then close the door- well, we know the rest of the story. But today’s Republicans can’t use that excuse anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Just like they keep pandering to people who will never vote for them or what they stand for all because they are afraid of the ‘r’ word

  • If all the illegals would  be deported from the US then the unemployment situation would change fast and drastically. Then stop all legal and illegal immigration for the next 5 years.

    • IstvanIN

       Stop all non-white immigration forever!

  • MartelC

    How South Asian immigrants made one small town their own.”Notice how this subheading is put through as a ‘positive’.  When the first case of a woman having acid thrown on her face for not having and dowery, or perhaps a child left in the garbage because she’s female, or even the sundry deep corruption and nepotism that is common in india becomes commonplace is Milborne, will the paper be ‘celebrating’.No, then these “south asian immigrants’ will become ‘a new jersery man accused of”


    This is a drop in the bucket.  There is a huge swath of NJ where Indians are gradually taking over.  In a few years, they will have their own safe Congressional district in Central Jersey.

  • I liked this argument from Paul Kersey at
    It works even better because Philly and Pittsburgh are in the same state.

    Pittsburgh had a Post-Industrial freefall, didn’t they? The steel industry in America, even despite severe protectionism and high tariffs, is absolutely in the toilet and has been for decades. Ever hear of the Rust Belt? Pittsburgh knew that steel just wasn’t going to cut it anymore so the city moved to new things. Now Pittsburgh PA is a health care and high tech city. It is one of the best, safest and most prosperous cities in the nation. It frequently charts high and even tops nationwide lists of Best City, Nicest City, Most Liveable City, Safest Big City, etc.

    Pittsburgh is 70 percent non-Hispanic White.

    Philly’s decline tracks PERFECTLY with blacks moving north post-slavery in the Great Migration, with Hispanics going there for welfare handouts and under the table jobs, Vietnam War and Middle East war immigration and finally Indians and Pakistanis flooding in and being euphemistically termed “Asian.” Now the city as well as the county of Philly are less than 40 percent non-Hispanic White. Pittsburgh is a First World City because it has a First World population. Philly is Third World because they have a Third World Population.