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  • Dan Reardon

    Only an absolute dimwit would ask a question like that.

    • Lets hope Rice and Plenty are not available either.  

  • Well, the news today is that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is on the short list, so “boring white guy” seems to be the order of the day.

    And, racially speaking, that’s fine with me.

    • MekongDelta69

      WHAT??? Are you actually saying you DON’T want “vibrant, enriching, ‘colorful’, loud, exciting DIE-versity”??

      Wow – see if I ever click ‘Like’ for you again!!

      •  I’m funny like that, I want a white country to have white heads of state.  Yeah, not all white people are perfect, in fact, none are.  But we can fix it in the mix.

        • Francis Galton

           I agree with that sentiment, but the smarter, sneakier racial liberals will try to logically cut you off at the knees, so to speak, by questioning your hidden assumption; they will say that America is a “proposition” nation, and NOT a White nation (not in an ideological sense, anyway).   

    • The__Bobster

      Anybody but Congo Lisa, Reconquista Rubino or that German guy Nein Nein Nein.

  • MekongDelta69

    I actually thought that was one of the most clever (and quick) responses I’ve ever seen Romney give. And it was especially good, b/c Brian Williams is a leftist MSM POS.

    • MekongDelta69

      To the Moderator:
      Just for future reference, I’m going to guess you can’t say, “P_O_S” – correct?
      [You can delete this question after you answer – if you want.]

      • If you mean “Point of Sale,” you can say it.  If you mean “Piece of..”, then no.

      • The__Bobster

        Maybe POW is okay.

    • Fakeemail

      It was a clever response, but poorly delivered.  Romney needs to cut-out the nervous nice-guy fake laugh that he does all the time.  The more confidence and strength he can project, the better.  Romney is likely a natural introvert.

      And what is it exactly that makes Rubio so “exciting”?  Is he going to break out into a rendition of “Babaloo” a la Ricky Ricardo, or something?

      Or is the implication simply that white guys are inherently boring or something negative as compared to black men or wise latinos?

      • MekongDelta69

        I didn’t mention Rubio (or anyone else) in my post.

      • “Or is the implication simply that white guys are inherently boring or something negative as compared to black men or wise latinos? ”

        I have come to the realization that Boredom Is Good. I don’t want my airline pilot, my surgeon, the truck driver on the freeway, or my pharmacist to have an exciting day at work when I’m around.

        •  Q.D.’s Axiom #23:

          Life is boring because people strive for boring.  We might wish for
          exciting, but when things get exciting, we want to get the excitement
          resolved ASAP.

      • He’s hispanics and that’s what makes him “exciting” to traitorous, White sellouts like Brian Williams.

      • newscomments70

        “And what is it exactly that makes Rubio so “exciting”?  Is he going to break out into a rendition of “Babaloo” a la Ricky Ricardo, or something?”

        I hope so, Ricky Ricardo is super cool. He is the reason I learned Spanish.

    • Why am I the only White Person who’s sick and tired of the Double Standard?  That was not clever Sir, it was helping to cement that racist phrase.  We can’t keep going along with this crap.  We have got to start calling them out on the fact that they never do this to non-whites so can’t do it us neither.

      They used Equality against us and now it’s time for us to use it against them.

      • MekongDelta69

        I agree with you in *theory* Stephanie, but unfortunately
        we have to live in the real world, not the world we’d like it to be.I wish it was pre-1964 again, so things would go back to normal again.I wish I
        were 25 so I could fall in love all over again.I wish it were 1968-1972, so I
        could be back on the Teams again in Vietnam (as odd as that may sound to you).I wish all brainwashed, indoctrinated, guilt-ridden, self-loathing, spineless
        white leftists’ brains could be wiped clean today.I wish all the 3rd
        world foreigners we’ve let in since the 1965 Immigration Act (which “wouldn’t
        change the demographics” – according to Teddy Kennedy, of all people) could be
        sent home tomorrow.I wish all black people would evolve 25,000 years in one
        week and become civilized.I wish I were a kid again, sitting in the center
        field bleachers (for which I paid 50 cents) to watch a double header on a
        sunny, summer Sunday afternoon at Yankee Stadium in 1956, watching Mickey
        Mantle roam center and getting his autograph, after the game at the player’s
        entrance, on the ball which he hit a homer and I caught.I wish for a lot of
        things. But none of them are going to happen.What is going to happen in November, is that we’re going to
        have an election. And as much as I disagree with Romney on a lot of things,
        the alternative is to give this black muslim Marxist another term in office,
        where he will not be constrained by anything in the world.You think things are
        bad now? Just wait. It wouldn’t shock me in the least, if in four years, he
        declared martial law and made himself dictator. Crazy thought, right? Tin foil
        hat conspiracy thinking, right? Maybe.But look at everything he’s done so far.
        Look at everything this country’s done since 1964. If you went back in time and
        told somebody every insane thing that’s happened since then, they’d lock you up
        in a white coat, while you were screaming, “No – it’s true. It’s REALLY
        TRUE!!!”Bottom line is that if Romney had said something like, “Hey Brian, you wouldn’t
        say that about a ‘boring black guy’ (or ‘vibrant, diverse black guy’ – or
        whatever phrase you want to insert here)”, the MSM (which is way over 90%
        leftist), would have barbecued him. He would lose by a landslide.Look at what
        happened when his aide simply mentioned about the U.S. and Britain restoring
        Anglo-Saxon relations (see:’s a politician and politicians have to play by politician’s rules. They
        aren’t like you and I and others on here (and scores of millions of others, who
        are ‘thinking’ what we are saying). But we aren’t running for President. He is.That’s why I said it was very clever. If it were you or I (or someone else like
        us), we would have said the truth. But you can’t say the truth in America
        anymore. If we could, Jared Taylor could run for President and win by a
        landslide.We have to take the country back, step by step – the same way lunatic
        leftists took it from us – step by step. That is the way they (Alinsky, et al)
        planned it – and it worked. It was like the story of boiling the frog slowly.
        Once we realized it was too hot – it was too late.You have 5 choices in November:1.) Vote for Romney to get rid of Obama.2.) Vote for Obama and watch our country go completely bye-bye.3.) Vote for a 3rd party candidate (or write in somebody) – which will help
        Obama and watch our country go completely bye-bye.4.) Stay home and don’t vote – which will help Obama and watch our country go
        completely bye-bye.5.) Renounce your citizenship so you can’t vote – and go to some other country
        (I have no idea where’s better than here – as bad as it is here – anymore) and
        watch America go completely bye-bye.There are no other choices…

        •  To net your good missive out, we can wish in one hand…

          Also, I’m not “down” with the Pierceite notion of “worse is better.”  Or, to put it another way, make it worse, so that the better that rises out of the ashes is great.  When you play with fire, you never know what will get burned.  We could vote Obama again based on this questionable notion that out of the ashes, we will rise like the phoenix.  But we could also get an official “opposition” to the dominant minority-left that is to the left of the Generic Republican.  I said earlier here that if Romney loses, the Official Stupid Party will blame on his being “too right wing” and nominate Olympia Snowe in 2016.  She’ll lose, and they’ll call her “too right wing,” and nominate one of the Obama daughters in 2020.

          • MekongDelta69

            I didn’t say, “worse is better.” (As a matter of fact, one of the former posters on AmRen used to say that all the time, and it was one thing with which I always disagreed with him.)

            I was saying everybody has only 5 possible choices. There are no other choices. 4 of the 5 will destroy whatever’s left of this country very quickly. 1 of the 5 may destroy this country in a slower time line (according to some people’s opinions), but it’s the ONLY choice which MAYBE (and I repeat, MAYBE – even if it’s only a 1 out of a 100 chance), this country will start to get back on the right track again.

            Those are long odds, but I’ve always been the type of person who always took the path where I’d have a 1 out of a 100 shot, rather than a 0 out of a 100 shot.

            I don’t know exactly where Romney will lead us, but I DO know EXACTLY where ‘Our Fearless Dictator” WILL lead us.

            I’m picking the 1 out of a 100 shot…

        • I understand but were I to allow myself to live in Reality, I’d be committed to the nearest looney bin pronto.  I have to live in the past for my own personal sanity and survival.

          Sir, I didn’t like mccain or other past Republicans but I voted for them and I don’t like romney but I’ll be voting for him.  Just because I like to complain doesn’t mean I’ll stand by and allow some muslim negro to continue to “lead” just so I can have chaos.  I’ll let the chaos come from God and not through my actions of betraying My Country with a vote for a black Traitor.

          On to another line:  Why would ever want to go back to the Jungles of Hell? I have Vietnam Vet friends too and the stories, when you can actually get them to talk about it that is, are horrific.  “Cows to the right and pigs to the left” as Ron used to say when describing that slaughter warehouse that sent Men off to different areas of Vietnam.  I hope I didn’t offend you.  That didn’t come from me, it came from a Vet who was there.

          Please pardon me, I’m one who does not believe America belongs in any War unless it has something to do us directly.  Unless I’m wrong, Vietnam had nothing to do with America and I don’t understand why you Americans were there sacrificing your lives for them and their cause.

          • MekongDelta69

            You didn’t offend me Stephanie, but it would take too long to explain why I’d want to go back to what happened as part of when I was young.

            There’s an old expression – “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand.” (That’s not directed towards you personally. That’s a general statement.)

            Tiny story – one time we had a combined SEAL-Force Recon op. in V.N. It just so happened I knew the guy from 2nd Force b/c we grew up together in Brooklyn. Jump ahead 40+ years. Out of *all* the guys I knew (and know) in SpecOps, he’s the *only* guy who somehow (which is beyond my comprehension) turned into a liberal. Every other one of my friends from the Teams (and elsewhere) was, is, and will always be conservative. He’d be a better person to ask what you asked, b/c he would probably go on for hours about that subject.

            Look at it this way – if every poster who ever posted on AmRen lived on one block, we’d all have our differences about *some* subject or another – whether it was important – or as trivial as how high your grass should grow. BUT, everyone of us would have 99% more in common with each other than all the rest of the people who ALL of us WOULDN’T want living on our block.

          • HenryHolliday

            You learn that war isn’t romantic. It’s horrible. But if you believe that  you are fighting for what’s right, and you belong to a very good unit, you’ll never experience that level of comaraderie again your life. It’s like having several dozen brothers who you love intensely, and you know they love you the same. For a young man in such circumstances, it’s living on the razor’s edge, day by day. If you survive it, and it doesn’t make you insane, you’ll look back and detest the horror and the carnage, but long for the brotherhood and the action. Some men are wired for it. Thankfully, I think most or not.

      • HenryHolliday

        They can’t be too forthcoming on MSM, at least Republicans can’t. ( I’n not going to call Romney a conservative)  The best a Repub can do is show dignity, be well informed, and deliver a mild rebuke if insulted. It’s us in the trenches who can call a spade a spade in our endeavors to convince the convinceable.  We can be reasonable with the reasonable, and slamdunk the rude opposition in public.

  • dd

    Romney handled it very well and the result was funny.  Just be aware that it was an attempt by the anti-white left to trip him up with a PC question and then mercilessly accuse him of racism.   Just one of the standard tactics by the biased media.  At the very least it was meant to imply that Romney  is a rich white guy who wants only to associate only with rich white guys.   I’ve never seen this level of class warfare played by the left in an American election.  

    • You thought it was funny too?  I must be the only White Person who finds this insulting.

      What’s wrong with saying something along the lines of, ‘how many non-whites did you insult today?’

      • dd

        I understand the point you make, Steph.  But if he had said that, the media/left would use it against him until the election and he’d lose.  As a conservative/libertarian he isn’t the perfect candidate, but he’s all we got. 

        • And I understand yours.  I did indeed forget the media part of it.  Please understand, I’m just so fed up to my eyeballs, past my eyeballs that I can’t even see anymore.

  • haroldcrews

    Wow, who knew Romney actually had a sense of humor.  He may be human and not a robot after all.

    • 1proactive2

      I wouldn’t care if he were a complete stoic. 

      As long as he stops the flow of parasitic third world savages coming into this country, throw those who are currently here out, ends social security disability income and welfare, and then lowers taxes and deregulates business so Americans can make a living, that suits me fine.  I think I have most all bases covered in that run-on sentence.

      I have never felt the need for a song and dance man or woman, a tacky GQ persona, or a stand up comedian in office.  Hell, if anyone needs that, move to a black city.

  • mikejones91

    I think Romney is a lot “quicker” than we make him out to be. He’s got some “tricks” up his sleeve. 

  • Heck, we need a sassy black man to be co-president just like in Hollywood buddy movies. Someone like Chris Rock or Chris Tucker. You know, some fast jive talkin’ side kick to show the ignorant white man how things really are.

  • Snowhitey

    Brian Williams is a member of the CFR whose members are a polyglot of globalists or multiculturalists:

  • Intellectually Honest

    ROMNEY:  “Well, Brian, we tried a charismatic negro for President, and how did that work out?”  (In a non-PC world)

    On a side note, I left the following very pro-white guy comment on the Real Clear Politics comment section for this video and it was received well.  Plenty of people agree with our message.  The question is do they have the stones to do something about it?

    “Boring white guys” founded this nation, spread it from coast-to-coast, and made it into the preeminent world power.  Under the leadership of “the boring white guy” America developed some of the world’s finest cities, some of the world’s finest schools, and one of the world’s highest standards of living.  Then Leftists, in the 1960s, made “the boring white guy” America’s whipping boy.  Since then America’s cities have been in decline, America’s schools have been in decline, the Average family standard of living when adjusted for income vs. inflation and cost of living is in decline, and America is starting to recede to the world pack as China rises.  I miss the days of “the boring white guy”.

    • If you want to be Intelluctually Honest please replace the word “negro” with “mulatto”.

  • vladimir

    That was a very good quick come back for Romney. And that’s what he/we must learn to do much more – use humor to respond to vicious hissing “You’re RACIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIST”.

    Don’t get all serious and defensive and try to whine that it’s so unfair as you really aren’t racist and that you worship Martin Luther King and want to give vouchers for all the poor Black students in underperforming all Black public schools so they can attend White private schools – that doesn’t work.

    Come back with humor and always remember the best defense is a good offence. 

    • I won’t do that.  I’m not interested in sending a message that says ‘it’s all good’.  Humor will only help to make it worse.  White People need to send a message that says, this is unacceptable.  Humor doesn’t do that.  Humor is acceptance.

      Let me put this way, is it okay to make jokes, insult or name call non-whites?  No?  Then it’s not okay to do it us neither.  You can’t fight like White People when you’re fighting Demon Spawn.  These “people” will not fight using White Rules of Engagement and Whites can’t neither for that is a guaranteed way of losing.

      If someone (don’t care if they’re white or not) dares to say something nasty about White People, they must be immediately shut down with their own Double Standard and not with us making light of it.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    In the words of Big Brother:  Triple Plus Double Good.  Good for him.

    One hundred days left.  Still time for Romney to grow a pair.

    But, personally, I doubt he will so I’m voting for Obama.  You don’t pull off a band-aid one agonizing hair at a time.  All Romney will do is delay the inevitable.  I say, re-elect Obama and lets just get the Collapse over with so we can start the Re-building in our lifetime.


      Ah yes, another doomsdayer.  It’s hardly inevitable Ruckus.  You either feel incredibly disenfranchised or you are just too lazy to engage in the work necessary to fix things now.  Actually, I suppose that it could be both ;-).  If Obama wins another term then America will NEVER enjoy the prosperity that she has enjoyed in the past.  History is replete with dynasties that committed suicide and not one of them rebounded to their past glories.

      • There is no fixing to be done.  God is angry now and He ain’t listenin’ no more.

        It matters none, who is in Congress or who’s President.  America is Dead now so the only thing still needed is complete chaos so Americans can finally start taking over.

        Also, just because past dynasties never came back does not mean Americans and Europeans cannot take back our Lands.  It’s simply a matter of chaos.  As of now, we go to jail but when the system collapses, we can defend ourselves without worry and defend ourselves we will.

        If you can show me one, just one Town where all the people are standing together and not allowing any sort of non-white invasion, then I will agree with your point about it being fixable now and without War.

        p.s.  Romney will indeed delay the inevitable.  This Mexican pretending to be White can’t even bring himself to defend White Men against that most racist remark so if you believe that Mexican is going to start helping White People, you are living in a pipe dream.

        • America is showing sign of a dying empire desperately gasping for her last breath.

          We are fighting wars on the frontiers of our empire. We hirer foreign mercenaries to fight in our wars with the offer of citizenship. We spend without limits and tax to pay for our uncontrolled spending. Internal unrest and dissatisfaction is growing at hope. Our borders are as porous as a sponge. Citizenship is now nothing more than landing one foot on American soil.

          • My favorite is the Illegal Alien who can magically spit out an “American”.

            Help me out here please, how do you birth legality from illegality?  I thought that if you’re doing something illegal, all acts associated with that original illegal act is illegal.

          • Two illegal invaders who slithered across our border in the middle of the night will NEVER be able to produce an American citizen! Anyone who believes our Founding Fathers intended the 14th Amendment to bestow citizenship to the offspring of those who violated our borders, as well as sovereignty, is intellectually and morally corrupted!

            Legality can never arise from illegality.

        • mikejones91

          Romney isn’t Mexican. 

      • Uncle Ruckus

        Disenfranchised is a term for coloreds.  I’m a white man.  I feel screwed.  I feel like somebody wheeled in a great big wooden horse despite all warnings to the contrary and now the gates are open and the city is under attack from the inside.

        There is no “fixing” when two sides have such widely diverging opinions on first principles.  THEY believe in integration, multiculturalism, wealth redistribution, strong central gubmint and something called “positive rights.”  They also believe, for example, that they should include a black face in every Olympic moment.  They NEVER let up.

        WE believe the opposite and there is no middle ground for US . . . it’s winner take all.

        The only way to “fix it” is to separate . . . and I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out the various ways that can happen.

        But please, do me a favor and stay off our side.  Go help a liberal.

    • Red

      I see you’re an advocate of the “Worse is Better” theory. The first problem I’m seeing here is the assumption a rebuilding will actually occur. So far, I’m not seeing any rebuilding in South Africa, Rhodesia, or anywhere else. Absent any evidence that a rebuilding will actually occur after a collapse, I’m going to stick with delaying the inevitable as long as possible.

      • Uncle Ruckus

        Because those places did not “collapse.”  Whites just ran up the white flag of surrender and let the coloreds rule.  Not that I’m blaming all whites in Africa for that.  Many went down swinging and are still fighting today.  But many whites . . . and many more internationally . . . forced African whites to surrender power.

        When I say “collapse” in America I mean just that.  Let the dollar fail, let the cities burn and let the colored mobs run riot.  Let whites FEEL THE PAIN of what multiculturalism brings.  I want to see liberals in New Jersey running for their lives from the black mobs pouring out of Newark.  I want to see NYC cops forming a cordon line to protect whites evacuating to the lower part of the island.  I want to see Chicago look like Aleppo, Syria with armies fighting in the streets.

        I believe that when a large majority of whites is suffering, their natural instincts will awaken and they will sweep the coloreds back into the dust-bin of failed political theories.

  • “Mr. Williams, why would you ask such a question using a phrase as “boring white guy”? Do you have an issue with white people?’

  • It would be nice to see at least one person in Power, just one, for once, stand up and say look, if it’s not okay to say mean things about non-whites then it’s not okay to do that to White People neither.

    I find it to be a huge mistake to always be polite, funny or respectful for it all sends the same message:  White People will NEVER fight back.  It’s this sort of stuff that makes it worse.  Has no one noticed that all the racism against Whites has steadily gotten worse?  Could it be because we refuse to fight back?

  • MartelC

    Sign of a decadent, silly people, they don’t want ‘boring’ candidates –
    like a nine year old kid. 

    • 1proactive2

      Now THAT is a great comment, MartelC.

  • SouthernWhite

    in your face jackass Brian Williams

  • I will never lay down this Flag.  Never.  This is a Battle Flag and it’s not my problem if people are stupid.  I will not, I cannot lower my standards or give up my Heritage just because some Third World Idiot REFUSES to accept Truth.

    Giving up anything just so some non-white won’t be offended is a “tactic” that is so alien to me, I have no words.  I never could be a spy.  Spies can pretend, I cannot.

    Let me put it another way:  Lots of places in The South gave up this Flag and guess what?  The blacks are worse than ever.  Giving up your Heritage does not work.  It gives them strength and that’s it.

    • IstvanIN

       They never respect weakness.

      • Weakness is the Smell of Blood.  Like a Wild Animal or Big Fish, they swarm it and promptly consume it.  What I write is the same as others have written when describing non-whites.  They’re extremely animalistic but in a savage way.  Jackal like.

  • Maybe others have heard a radio commercial that I’ve heard a couple times this past week where a boring white guy drinks some energy drink that’s being pushed by Fifty Cent….seems ridiculous to even type that as a name….anyhow, the boring white man is transformed and you then hear the deep masculine tone of Fifty himself… he’s a real man.   I almost fell off my chair the first time i heard it.  It’s real though.

  • Who cares what blacks think?

    • It took me a little over four years and two times being kicked off before the people at my favorite extremely liberal website knew better than to start “racism” with me.  That’s not the only part but is my favorite part of standing up against non-whites and “whites” and their anti-white agenda.

      Sir, you couldn’t be more right if you tried.  From childhood on up, I have found that standing your ground is, hands down, the best way of fighting them.  They really do stop once they figure out you ain’t about to fold.

  • I’m not laying down my Flag for anyone.  You give up whatever you want for your non-whites and I will continue to take care of and defend myself the same way I always have.

    It is clear to me, you’ve never dealt with non-whites.  It’s not any Flag they have a problem with, it’s White People period.  They will use anything and any excuse to try to shut down White People and too many dumb White People fall for it.  I do not fall for it and for that, I’ve always won.

    Since you have such a problem with this Battle Flag, bypass my posts.  I’m not taking her down so stop asking.

    • mikejones91

      To be fair, he did just say he worked in Harlem so I’m sure he has dealt with PLENTY of blacks. I’m also sure that the majority of us here at Amren have had PLENTY of exposure to them or else we probably wouldn’t be here on Amren.

  • MekongDelta69

    The problem with The Dictator winning the election and the Republicans winning the Senate and holding the House is that Barry will simply sign more Executive Orders to sidestep the Congress, just like he’s been doing the first four years.

    He has to go or we have zero chance of ever recovering.

  • MekongDelta69

    You’re my kind of woman Beth. However, I suspect you’re not even *close* to being anywhere near the age you’d have to be, to have been my teacher!

  • mikejones91

    We know thats not gonna happen. Your either voting for Obama, or against him. Sure, you are physically voting for Romney but thats about it. Hes OUR only choice.

  • Epiminondas

    What difference could it possibly make who will be his running mate?  Romney’s father was a civil rights nutjob.  And his son reveres his memory and accomplishments.  I guess you’ve figured out by now what we’re in for. So even if he chooses some Bush re-tread like Rice, what difference does it really make? We’re going to get an extreme Negro sympathizer as president whether or not we keep the current one.