Marine Le Pen: Outlaw Anti-White Racism

Gates of Vienna, June 3, 2012

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front in France, has spoken out against the new Socialist government for its inability to address — or even admit the existence of — anti-white racism within the culturally enriched community in France.

Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for translating this article from Alerta Digital:

Marine Le Pen asks for a law against anti-white racism
“Anti-white racism against the native French is causing havoc”

Last Wednesday, in a program organized by LPC, Le Monde, AFP and France Info, Marine Le Pen attacked the justice minister and asked for the establishment of a law against white racism.

The president of the French National Front said it was “astonishing” that the post of justice minister was given to Christiane Taubira, who described herself as an “independentist” and a “communitarist” (she criticises any kind of ethnocentrism or sociocentrism, any kind of self-concentrated group which implies a self-validation and a tendency to self-centrism). When asked to explain her statements, Marine Le Pen explained that the law known as “Taubira” was communitarist in its view of slavery as a crime against humanity because it deals only with he transatlantic slave trade, and it does not mention the Arab Muslim slavery.

“People live in fear,” she added, citing people who wrote her messages such as “I was systematically attacked because of being white, because I’m French, and they insult us with graffiti on walls.”

On the other hand, the president of the FN, legislative candidate in Pas-de-Calais, said that Christine Taubira “is absolutely incapable of fighting against the anti-white racism” and claims that the PS [Socialist Party] is also incapable of fighting against anti-white racism, because they simply deny it exists. And the UMP (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire) is incapable of fighting against the anti-French racism, which is causing havoc in the suburbs.

Marine Le Pen exposed some cases of anti-white racism in France: “Dirty white, white-faced… that’s what millions of natives hear every day,” she said.

“Go to the suburbs, walk for a while, come out of the TV studios,” she said to the journalists who were interviewing her.

Le Pen expressed her disappointment that her opponents “did not take the measures needed to fight this new kind of racism,” and she insisted on the need for a law “against anti-white racism”.

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  • Church_of_Jed

    We need to stigimitze those who used the phrase “White privilege” with the same punishments as Whites who use the N-word.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      What do you mean by punishments?  Do you choose who the proper “Those” are?  Who is WE?

      • Church_of_Jed

        Anyone who uses the phrase “White privilege” should be charged with a hate crime and fired from their job.

        • kerrysmith

           That would be worth less than abolishing the category of ‘hate crimes’ altogether. A robbery is a robbery, an assault is an assault. And if someone kills me, I don’t think I’ll care whether it was done out of ‘hate’ or not.

          • Church_of_Jed

            But if you are hated for your unearned White privilege, you are more likely to be a vicitm.

            “White privilge” is hate speech and instigates violence against Whites.

          • kerrysmith

             No disagreement with you on that point.

  • MissBonnie123

    It is truly amazing that immigrants from third world countries move to White countries, benefit from our foolish generosity, and then verbally and even physically abuse us.

    I am glad that Marine Le Pen stated “Anti-white racism against the native French is causing havoc.” This is only a start but hopefully there will be public figures in our country who point out the anti-white racism that we have to endure on a daily basis in America.

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    I wouldn’t bother if I were MLP.  It would only give Madonna political credibility which she doesn’t have.

  • More related news:

    MLP looks great herself, but she is nudging very close to Perfect 10 category.  The “X” side of  the Le Pen chromosome base must be some great ones.

    • Hell yes, I’d follow that into battle against the Muslim hordes any day. Like a modern day Joan of Arc.

  • Marine Le Pen has bigger brass balls than ALL of the men in Europe.  For Shame!

    • Esmithton91

       white men have been bashed for so long that if any stand up and say the same thing, they are accused of being David Duke or worse………

      of course a woman has to say it………..  white men have been ostracized for decades………

      • eunometic

        The gender-ethno-marxists targeted the cooption of White women into their cause.

        That’s how cultural Marxism works.  It targets a systems paradoxes and ambiguities to split it up and break it down.  They succeded in turning a great many White women against White men by characterising them successfully as victims.

        Now White women in western culture were very well off by global standards.  Amilia Erhart could fly around the globe for instance, Queen Victoria could be the greatest British monarch.  There is no history of female genital castration, no honor killings, no requirement of 4 female witness to match a male etc, no widow burnings.

        However there were problems and they were very successfully exploited and they are still being successfully exploited.

        So we do need a sort of “feminism” but what we got was a feminism that was actually a war on White culture.  What do you think Betty Friedan and Ema Lazarus were up to?

        We need to draw women back in from the haters, we need to show them respect, we need to acknowledge their issues and their unique concerns.

        • Western women have more freedom than ever, but studies show they are less happy overall with their lives. I think the younger women aren’t as extreme as the generation before. I’m seeing a lot of younger men and women rediscovering the value of the more traditional lifestyle. Anyone else seeing this?

  • IstvanIN

    There should never be a need to ban “anti-white” discrimination in a white nation.  That shows how bad things are.

  •  Of course I’m still interested in physical beauty, but as I get a little less young, I start to think about more important things.  On the 1-10 scale, I spot her an extra point just for her worldview.  IOW, that she is FN and on the Le Pen family tree makes my mind think she’s even more beautiful than she actually is.

  • Talltrees

    I do not believe for one minute our Christian God wants us to give our country to Hindus and Muslims.  But, you are right about loving everyone and turning the other cheek.  By doing that, Christians are not fighting for their God.  He is being replaced and not pleased.

    I am disgusted by Whites, as well, particularly our White traitorous legislators and those on the left.  But passive Conservatives are not jumping on the bandwagon.  Do they know what is going on?

    Unless they search the internet or live in a multicultural area or travel to those places, how do they know how bad it really is.  I live in a 98% White town with cities and towns the same percentage bordering it.  We don’t hear about it on MSM TV, newpapers, ISP homepages, magazines and whatever.   I heard one time on Fox that the White population is declining because of birthrate.  Later, I found a paragraph on page 15 of the local newpaper.  That’s it.  Oh, we hear about illegal Hispanics, but all the Third-World legals, no. 

    What I heard on Fox prompted me to search the internet.  After two weeks of steady searching and reading, I had only put a dent in all the information available, websites devoted to Whites, immigration, and so on.  I’m still finding websites.  How many Whites have  time?  I don’t, but read until 2-3 in the morning, then work bleary eyed the next day.

    Then, when I began talking about it with other Whites, most of them just looked at me like I was crazy, like ‘what are you talking about?’  One said, “We lost.”  One with a Masters degree didn’t know much, but expects a miracle to save us.  One said, “Why bother, nothing will be done about it.”  Another said, “It’s so horrible, I can’t think about it.”  I reminded her about how her kids will be treated.  I saw a stir.

    I’m so angry about it, sometimes I have to run around the block to get rid of it.  When I think about it too much, I could explode with fury.  We need an influential leader who isn’t afraid of the left and minority backlash, and definitely a lot of money to pay lobbyists.  We need to put CAIR, ACLU, and Southern Poverty out of business.  We need to promote White motherhood, that it’s the most important job in the world.

    What is everyone here experiencing?

    The best way to get our message out is through the main stream media; however, there is no way that will happen.  No one is allowed to talk about the White race or legal immigration. 

    Every time someone posts on one of these websites, that post should go to their Representatives and Senators, toned down, but firm.   The only way we can win is with numbers.  I think a march on Washington is way overdue. 

  • A black man on a French bus ranting ” He wants to kill ALL White people.”

    I wonder why this wasn’t broadcast in the lame stream media, I suppose it doesn’t fit into the ” cultural marxist narrative of  ” all blacks are good.”

    • El_Magyar

      Good Lord. There is no doubt in my mind that if that was a White person, they would be arrested.

      • mikejones91

        There was a white person who said something “similar” (non-violent of course) and she was arrested. Her address was posted online and anti-racist whites called for her rape/kidnapping. 

  • Its not a Christian thing, its the atheists. Christianity preaches that there are inherent differences among humans. It’s this Socialist, Humanist ideology that claims everyone is equal. The Socialists hate Christianity because it causes people to unite under a banner to the exclusion of others.

    • mikejones91

      False. Atheists are realist, who do NOT deny scientific truth. Sound familiar? I have yet to meet a Christian racialist. I am an atheist and all of the race realist I know are atheists. We are  NOT the problem. The god loves everyone Christians are the problem. 

  • How very astute of you. I suspect this poster is a plant, whose purpose is to make Amren users seem foolish/insane. There are many ways the powers that be can take down Amren– they can monitor, track, intimidate and infiltrate us. We were simply making too much sense, in a sensible way. I have a nose for these things. This form of espionage is not unheard of:

      Cheers, brother.   fg

  • James Flower

    At last, somebody with the balls to say the truth that those on the left dont want to hear.

    There certainly is racism in Europe and America,

    And its against the native white Europeans in Europe, and the white Americans in America.

  • mikejones91

    I wonder the same thing. IF a white american says “our” land, the minorities in the room jump out of their seats. That’s when I ask “what is the America you KNOW and love? It is the AMERICA built by white men/women, unless your speaking about tribal America with NO plumbing”.

  • anti-white RACISTS must be deported BACK to whatever sandy hellhole they crawled out of.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    This is a perfect article to publish here.  She could be my hero, but she is too pc about some things but that is only the RC in her…she is lighter on immigration than her daddy…the closest thing to a true Celt on the political scene…the celt over came the saxon in her blood I guess…she could be a true power source to clean up France…a leader for the restoration of traditional western civilzation standards…but she has to fight the rest of the entire world…gonna be a difficult or impossible task…unless the movement picks up in say England…There could be a strong FRONT in America…soon., if certain things happen.

    I think I will go to work for her…is there a white or woman  or man in America like her…where?  The only ones I have seen end up working for the FBI…or set up by them and their antiwhiteprivilegeskin supporters. At least she has support among her own people…at least she knows who her people are.

    •  She probably has to toe a fine line and be “lighter” than her father because it’s practically illegal to be as “hard line” as her father.

  • The conservative French president who just got kicked out Nicholas Sarkozy who is of Hungarian jewish extraction wanted the French to inter marry with blacks and muslims. A shocking video.

  • mikejones91

    I’m not really “anti-christian”. I am anti “convert or burn” types. I am a cultural Christian, and respect/agree with what your saying. I just don’t believe in a god.–Why do we need god for culture/unity/racial awareness. We don’t, although it does help.