Is Britain a Racist Nation? One in Three Brits ‘Admits to Being Racist’, According to Poll

Jill Reilly, Daily Mail (London), May 28, 2012

A third of Brits admit they are racist, a shock report has revealed.

The worrying figure emerged in a poll of 2,000 adults who were asked to honestly express their feelings about foreign nationals living and working in this country.

One in three admitted regularly making comments or being involved in discussions which could be considered racist.

Additionally, more than one in ten admitted they had been accused of being a racist by someone close to them.
And almost 40 per cent confessed to using the phrase ‘I’m not a racist, but …’ when discussing race issues facing Britain today.

Alarmingly, many felt their animosity towards foreigners was passed down by previous generations.

But the country’s immigration policy also emerged as a trigger for emotions which could be considered racist.

The true extent of the racist undercurrent within the country was revealed in a nationally representative study carried out by OnePoll in which 88 per cent of the respondents classed themselves as ‘White British’.

Anti-racism campaign group Hope Not Hate, said they were not ‘surprised’ by the poll results.

‘These are very disappointing findings. The positive way to look at it the majority of Britain’s shun this behaviour.

‘It equally shows there is a long to way to go to tackle prejudice in sections of society.

It’s disappointing – we know there is a long way to go and this poll merely underlines the fact.’

Yesterday a OnePoll spokesman said: ‘What constitutes being racist will always be a contentious issue.

‘What one person deems inappropriate the next person may not.

‘The opinions and beliefs of our parents and grandparents are bound to be a factor in the way we address other people regardless of their nationality or skin colour.

‘Likewise life experience and cultures we have grown-up in are inevitably going to influence our beliefs and the language we use.

Other factors which many feel stir up anti-foreign emotions was the environment or neighbourhood people currently live in.

Life experience was also hailed as a reason.

The study also found one in five accept the fact people around them make disparaging remarks about different ethnic groups – and are not bothered by it.

Age-wise, the over 55s were found to have the biggest chips on their shoulders, with the 18-24 age range close behind.

The younger of these two brackets were also more likely to admit making racist comments or partaking in behaviour which could be deemed racist.

The Government’s immigration policy was slammed by many of those who took part in the study.

Seventy one per cent said they felt the ‘open doors’ approach to foreign nationals was leading to an increase in racist feelings.

As many as one in six demanded Britain close its doors to anyone who is not a UK national.

Just over four out of ten said they felt a strict number of immigrants should be allowed in at any one time.

A OnePoll spokesman added: ‘It’s alarming that so many people are just accepting the racist behaviour around them.

‘Nobody should feel an outsider in their own community.

‘The findings did show that immigration policy was fuelling the fire for racist behaviour amongst some adults.

‘But immigration and race are two separate issues although these findings show that many believe one is a consequence of another.’


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  • mikejones91

    I thought most Brits were complete weenies with racial matters. Proud to be of an English American!

    • JackKrak

      Sorry, Mike, but you’re off there. Brits are just as sensible as anyone else on this. It might be hard to tell sometimes because just like in the US, the liberal bedwetters there have the microphones and the cameras but rest assured a solid segment of the British public knows the truth.

      • mikejones91

        That’s very true, I apologize if I offended you. I live with my grandmother and she is English,to say she is oblivious on racial matters would be an under statement. 

  • Complaining about immigration or that muslims are granted a religiouse exemption to boi mb sniffing dogs when they are the source of terror is wwwrrrraaaaasssssseeeeessstttt

  • The takeaway here is that even after two generations of racial universalism being virtually ossified public policy in Britain, and the polar opposite being out right criminal in some instances, white people are STILL “racist.”  All that propaganda and brainwashing didn’t work.  In spite of what seems to be a huge public institutional advantage, I can understand why the left is fit to be tied with these results.

  • haroldcrews

    As Mr. Taylor explains in ‘White Identity’ race as a primary component of identity is for all practical purposes innate and it requires a great deal to suppress it.

    • Well they have a grossly effective manner for doing that in the UK: turn British identity into a joke, something to be laughed about and the loss of which is considered inconsequential. The mass of Modern Brits, having become slaves to their own brand of impenetrable humor, have a strong problem with taking things seriously.

      Like elsewhere, the rot has started at the top. Elizabeth II might be the worst monarch in British history.

  • Johnny Reb

    One out of three are racists.

    One out of three are lying about it.

    And one out of three are still trying to figure out how to answer the question so as to be most politically correct.   They are the enemy.

    • alastairabbacle

      This enemy, afraid to be deemed racist, has been reeducated.

      The fate of reeducation may await Native Britians who resist Dieversity.

      Special leisure camps may have to be set in the countryside to re-educate the undortunate racists, staffed by anti-racists.
      In fact, the “counselors” of the reeducation camps could be staffed in the lower positions by those who have understood the error of their racist ways, and wish to teach others the same lesson.
      The location in the countryside for the Anti-racist Reeducation Camps could help the “attendees” relax away from the psychological stress of the city, and to keep any surrounding peoples from overhearing or being influenced by any racist comments made by “attendees”. Attendees will be reeducated with texts by Rosseau, Karl Marx, Theodor Adorno, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Tony Blair. Television will be accessible, but only for the BBC.
      There will be reenactments of tribal dancing and drumming, and discussion of the place of voodoo in modern society.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      “One out of three are racists.  One out of three are lying about it.”

      And one out of three asked to have the question translated into his native tongue.

  • “A third of Brits admit they are racist, a shock report has revealed.”

    The other 2/3 declined to be interviewed.

    ‘But immigration and race are two separate issues although these
    findings show that many believe one is a consequence of another.’

    Yeah, somehow I doubt the British would be up in arms if Ethnic French, Americans and Germans were immigrating.

    • The__Bobster

      Sure they would. The island is overcrowded and they resent all the Poles moving there right now.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Agreed.  It just couldn’t be called racism.

        • anonymous_amren

           It still could. There are racial differences between Polish people and British people. They are smaller, but still there. Have a look at they regularly look at the racial differences between Europeans as well as between continents.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        You’re right. Eastern Europeans (especially Poles) are flocking to the UK and taking jobs that could be done by Britons. One of the effects of this is that wage levels are driven down (EEs generally work for minimum wage, or not much above, and employers love this); meanwhile, millions of native Britons sit on their idle arses drawing dole-money.
        I wouldn’t have a problem with EEs coming to work in the UK, per se, if the number we allowed in was sensible, ie, significantly lower than at present.

  • IstvanIN

    A cohesive society requires that the majority population worship but one God, swear alleigance to one king, speak one language and have but one culture.  Anything is else chaos.

    • alastairabbacle

      Logos over chaos.

      The basis of civilization, the basis of Judeo-Christian ethics.

      The innovation of the Jews was the belief in one God, one Reality.
      This was opposed to the belief in multiple Gods, multiple Realities.
      Opposed to the belief that can be several sets of natural law un one reality. Opposed to the belief that there a multiple “valid” perspectives of reality.

      No, there is one Reality, ruled by one set of thefefrom sprung laws: the logos.

      There is not a “Diversity” of Gods. There is one set of natural laws only of our world, there is one God.
      Worship of false idols, of false reality, that is an abdomination. The belief in multiple Gods, logi, that is trickery, like loki.

      • alastairabbacle

        I cannot edit using my magical tablet, otherwise I would not mix in typos.
        The cult of Diversity is a resurgence of the pagan multiple Gods of old.
        The search for “multiple perspectives” rather than Reality is the curse of chaos worship.

        Logos over chaos
        Civilization over savagery

        • IstvanIN

          The heathen can worship whomever they wish, just not in my country.

    • anonymous_amren

       The problem is… that god does not exist. Statistics show you can get the stupid people to worship your god, but you can’t get the most intelligent people to do so. So the society based on mass delusion that you are hoping for is unlikely to happen.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    As many as one in six demand Britain close its doors to anyone who is not a UK National

    In this city, and I mean amongst the indigenous whites, its a lot higher than 1 in 6!
    Its nearly everone I know!

    A third of Brits admit they are racist, a shock report has revealed

    After six decades of immigration, what do you expect?
    The rot started with the post WWII Labour govt., and was made worse by the previous Labour govt., and the situation is not being improved by the current Con-Dem govt!

    Considering everything, it should not be partcularly “shocking” that I’m “Racist”.
    “Racism”  has been foisted upon me, against my will!

  • Esmithton91

    you get it shoved down your throat long enough, most people would be racists……..

    the point is ridiculous anyway as whites are the least racist group in the world…..

    • Sherman_McCoy

      True, but we’re learning . . .

  • IstvanIN

    You can only have one God, one king, one language, one culture.  I truly believe that and the Jubilee is proof.  HM’s Governments around the world have sold out their sovereign and her peoples. 

    I love the republicans in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Power to the people and equality for all.  What rubbish.  Tell me another one.  Look at your misfit child across the pond, the US.  We became a republic and we are doomed as well.  The whole Anglo-sphere is a joke. 

    The only good thing about the jubilee is that is gives the British a fleeting feeling of tradition and greatness before the final collapse.  Rather like a dying child visit to Disney World.  We in the US don’t even have that illusion.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Any time you question the double standards with respect to speech or hate crimes or affirmative action, you are called a racissssss.  I admit I am.

  • This is so blatantly totalitarian. The Western concept of voting in leaders that represent the will of the people is completely gone. Rather than recognize government policies are not in line with the will of the people, they instead say that the people’s will must be changed. If (when) this situation causes all out civil war, the blood is on the hands of these insane totalitarian leftists.

  • I didn’t know whether to believe this or not. I saw it the other week and was lifted by the headline, however, the newspaper headline strap is perhaps a tad misleading.

    It says “One in three Brits admits to being racist”……but dig into the article and it says “One in three admitted regularly making comments or being involved in discussions which could be considered racist.” …..which is another matter entirely!

    1 in 3 people being a “PC” moron and fretting/believing they may have said something that might be deemed racist is not the same thing as 1 in 3 people being racially aware or pro-white. It’s a bit of a grey area.

    I also noticed the imposed bias of the “news” article. It is not up to the media to decide it is a “shock report”…..or had “worrying figures” ….or views were “alarmingly” passed down generations…..etc.

    Like in Jared’s book, it is laughably predictable that according to ‘anti-racist’ organisations, that there is ‘still much to do’ and that they have ‘not done enough’. 60 years of quite intense brainwashing, mass immigration “contact theory” and cultural subversion still isn’t quite working well enough. But let’s face it, for the “anti-racists”, it will not stop being a racist society until whites are made minority or completely wiped out.

    On the plus side, it does show some murmur and the notion that the youth are getting more strident than my own generation (age 30’s to 40’s) is promising. Also, despite the misleading headline, it helps to show many people that they are not alone in having concerns, that some measures are not working, and that a chink is made in the “Asch Test” conformity structure that blankets society.

    The most retarded piece of the article is probably this quote from a “poll spokesman”:

    “‘But immigration and race are two separate issues although these
    findings show that many believe one is a consequence of another.’”

    Given that Britain was once naturally 100% white, surely immigration and race are a DIRECT consequence of one another?!!

  • mikejones91

    I noticed that as well, they don’t care about this kind of stuff. They mock it, they resent it.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      You’re right, they do; and so does the BBC. I don’t know what channels covered the Jubilee in the US, but the BBC coverage was just attrocious; talk about patronising, disrespectful, drivel (though what one has come to expect from the institutionally leftist BBC). I could only stomach about 90 mins, then I switched over; SKY did a much better job.

      • mikejones91

        My grandmother is British so we always watch things like this. ABC covered it here and they did a pretty good job. They were enthusiastic and pretty informative. The only thing that was odd was they had Robin Roberts cover it, the black reporter. She seemed happy to be there though.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    There will be no so called racist groups and attitudes in the world when the evil influences of western civilization ,through the reconstructionist programs conceived by white guilt and perpetrated against what remains of civil society. are finally destroyed…then we can all equally embrace the savage within us.


  • HOW MANY paki and MUZZ did they ask
    were “racist?”

  • seek

    The response to our accusers always should be:  “What’s wrong with racism?”  In other words, put the accuser on the defensive instead of letting his core assumption go unchallenged.  That goes as well for fake conservatives in America (e.g., Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg) who regularly complain of “liberal racism.”  

  •  Especially when so many parts of England are covered in CCTV surveillance cameras… And any statement made in plain English is liable to be overheard by somebody who’d love to shove a knife in your back. Those who speak Welsh and Gaelic are luckier… as the BNP has figured out when they chose a Welshman to do their investigative report at Wembley. We Anglophones need to be careful and cryptic with what we say in our native tongue, even in the United States. Fortunately, a great many friends of mine know enough German for conveying otherwise unspeakable things in politically-policed locations.

  •  What exactly does “White British” mean?  I expect that it includes English, Welsh, and Scots. Does it include or exclude Poles, Greeks, and Irishmen and other Europeans from outside the UK?

  • I am glad for Britain’s honoring the Office of Monarch- an event like that is a gift we Yanks don’t have… as of yet. Even if the Queen has not been a true Ruler, and kept the White Briton foremost in her sights, these last sixty years.

    But, in all countries where the White Man is the ‘Native,’ there is a movement (I would consider it from God, frankly) toward racial awakening. I myself, even after ten plus years of commenting on the World situation, have only just recently begun to see a change. 

    Here is the URL-

    Perhaps we need to remember, we are only slaves as long as we put up with the BS. Sometimes freedom is more important that security. Maybe, even, ALWAYS?- Fr. John+