The Justice Department has set up a hotline for the public to report potential civil rights concerns regarding the Arizona law that requires police to check the immigration status of those they stop for other reasons.

The hotline phone number is 1-855-353-1010. The email is: SB1070(at)

The Supreme Court unanimously approved Arizona’s “show-me-your-papers” requirement on Monday but struck down provisions that created state crimes allowing local police to arrest people for federal immigration violations.


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  • Federal government:  Won’t take Arizona’s calls about illegal aliens, but will take calls from Hispanics pretending to have their civil rights violated by Arizona’s enforcement of what remains of SB 1070.

    Impeach, impeach, impeach…

  • Lets face it, asking any Hispanic for identification during the course of a legitimate police encounter (God forbid they are illegal) is considered a “violation” of their so called “civil rights” according to this administration. That’s exactly what they are saying!

  • Afoster477

    If I, a ninth-generation American, am stopped by the police for any reason, I have to produce a driver’s license.  But if an illegal is stopped, the police cannot demand his license.   That is pure insanity.

  • Church_of_Jed

    What must the future hold for us when our Diveristy elites in Fed. Govt. are actively aiding in the dispossession of the White majority by giving our country away to non Whites?  Isn’t it a strange, surreal feeling knowing that you are hated by the very machine you elected to protect you?

    “If you think Hell is bad, just wait until you see tomorrow.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Diversity is a hate crime against our future,” 1999

  • MissBonnie123

    This is proof positive that the Obama Administration wants the illegals to stay in Arizona or wants Arizona to be the gateway to other states for the illegals.

    I sometimes wonder if the Obama Administration is doing this to provoke our people’s anger. Could it be Obama wants a race war and wants us to start it although it would have been his Administration and the progressives/liberals who were planting the seeds all along?

    • BannerRWB

      “…wants a race war and wants us to start it although it would have been his Administration and the progressives/liberals who were planting the seeds all along?”

      – I believe this is a correct analysis of the situation.  Referring back to when DHS Secretary Napolitano stated that White veterans were more likely the main terrorist threat –

      – it seems to me that they DESIRE and WANT the rise of a violent, White-male, politico-terrorist group which they can then use as an example of White’s being racist killers.  The problem Whites have, is that our choices are very limited.  We don’t wish for violence, but if we remain passive, our enemies will hasten our displacement and genocide through mass immigration of non-Whites into our homelands.  If a small group of Whites, or “lone wolf” types, commit acts of violence out of frustration, they will be crushed by the powers of the government and cited ad nauseam as examples of the evil, racist, nazi-minded, White male.  We are standing on ever thinner ground, and are being given no option of gaining ethno states for the various White ethno groups.  Unfortunately, it appears we are like others races that have come – and vanished- before us.  When we had an overwhelming numerical superiority, we were passive on the issue of race.  Once we reach the point of having enough people worried about being pushed into extinction, it will by then be too late to do anything about it.  My apologies for the fatalism, but until I see any light at the end of this dark tunnel, I will remain pessimistic regarding the future of the White race.

      • Diamond_Lil

        We will lose a significant number of our population, that’s to be expected as many white libs will never wake up.  But a significant number of whites have been and are fighting back.  I see no reason for pessimism when I read MS news blogs and see numerous comments like I see on this site and all the thumbs up likes on the comments.  Many whites have been so conditioned all their lives that while they can’t post a race realist comment, they can favorite it for now.  It’s step one.  In addition, as white women and men have children, the news and societal conditions today have a great “wake up and smell the coffee” effect.  California is over-run by Mexicans.  Yet, I happen to live in a satellite city of vocal race realists.  I’ll never forget the week I moved here, walking into the Sheriff’s Department for a vehicular accident report (illegal rear-ended by husband’s car) and hearing one of the deputies going off on a Mexican (they had impounded his car) – “This man can’t speak English, but he thinks we have to speak Spanish.  Sorry, Amigo, I don’t speak Spanish.  This is America, maybe you should go back to Mexico….”  

        Anyway you get the picture.  I knew that I and my family would be safer here than in the Valley.

        • I am torn in two.  One person believes that we can fight and should. I have lived most of my life and my children should not be stripped of their white treasure. That remains my responsibility to fight if necessary.

          Then on the other hand, I have been part of the government and have seen how it can be turned on whomever it chooses and you will lose.  And we have just an inkling of what a mobilized Fed can do against its own. We not only are paying for the violent and needy non-whites to replace us, their bankster cohorts have robbed most of the middle of their savings. Our own would turn against those fighting.  We know that at least 30% of whites would be vicious against their own- they already are.

          There is one thing about this self-conflict, it cannot go on forever.  One way or the other, it seems most of us are on the cusp of making some kind of decision.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Superb analysis. 

        What you write is not fatalism, it is the REALITY we Whites face in our own homelands.  Pity so few see how degenerate and corrupt America is today with Whites portrayed by the media and government as the villain class, responsible for all adverse and deteriorating conditions.  

        Make no mistake:  We Whites are being effectively and systematically removed from our homelands.  The first step, the dehumanization and demonization of Whites, is all around us, in the media, in the schools and is being legislated from the bench.

        These are genocidal tactics.

        Fast forward and imagine our White descendants as a minority in the U.S.,  out numbered and persecuted by murderous non-Whites who have been conditioned to see us as terrorists, Nazis, interlopers and bigots:

        Imagine an economic downturn of Blackouts, food shortages and riots in which all law enforcement niches are filled by media-molded unassimilated immigrants and indigenous psychologically prepared minorities; law enforcement personnel conditioned to believe that the people they’re sworn to protect are noxious bigots who deserve the violence they suffer.

        –Richard Faussette, “Race and Religion: The Catholic View”, Race and the American Prospect, edited by the late Sam Francis. 

        Pessimistic?  Yes.   But I, like you, see it no other way, cannot draw any other conclusion.  I welcome any evidence that this is wrong.


      I don’t believe he wants a race war. I do believe he, his administration, and their liberal-‘progressive’ cohorts see our immigration laws so crippled by liberal-‘progressive’ rulings that they can get away with anything because they have most of the laws on their side.

      This is comparable to a human body with a compromised immune system. The immigration laws have been so weakened that the body politic has no immune defense. The US will inevitably succumb.

      • MissBonnie123

        Douglas J. Hagmann  is a  23 year veteran of conducting investigations in the private sector, has over 40,000 hours of covert surveillance in his career, is a member of the International Counter- Terrorism Officers Association and possesses many law enforcement related training certifications.

        According to an interview with Alex Jones, Hagmann stated that Obama is trying to create a race war. This is why he injected himself into the Trayvon Martin case.

        I guess Obama believes if he can divide our country, he can get legislation through that is unpopular with Middle America.

        • I have a strong belief that obama and his handlers are in a full court press.  They have us in a corner where we can hardly win either way.  We rise up and half of our own white brothers will be our enemies and sanction whatever the Feds choose to do to us.  We cannot fight the military, and yes, I believe most would do what they are ordered to do.  For white America, they will take away life savings, properties, and pensions.  Now, how many will fight.

          Absent whites rising up, obama and handlers get a win as well. As we saw today with SCOTUS, they will use laws against us and still unleash the negro to continue to rob, beat, rape and murder us in even greater numbers.

  •  I recommend whites in AZ voluntarily offer up their “papers” everytime they are stopped so that the ratio of  whites/mexicans being questioned is even and there can be no claims of  racial profiling,  maybe even have a signal to cops to pull them over for a “courtesy stop”

  • 1-855-353-1010 – Man that’s A LOT of work for some of these double digit IQ mouth breathers!

  •  Excellent idea, I plan on doing it from A PAY PHONE the first opportunity i get!

  • Now Eric Holders racist Justice Department is now going to harass Arizona’s police officers who attempt to enforce this provision in the law.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    The government could not care less about what you’re reporting, they only care about the number of calls that come in which they’ll use as “proof” that AZ engages in overt racial profiling.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    They’re using obama phones to call in!!

    For the government parasite, cell phone service is not a problem.  Those that “qualify” can receive a free cell phone and free cell phone minutes every single month from the federal government.


    • Diamond_Lil

      Why am I working two jobs?

  • would it be useful to post the results of the calls that have been made? I engaged an agent of the justice dept. for about 5 minutes  and debated with him over  the lack of enforcement of the fed law against hiring of illegal aliens

  • That’s why I retired at 52, I don’t have as much money now than when I was working 85 hours a week, making big bucks and giving the Federales a huge chunk of my money in taxes.  Sometimes it’s tough but I get to take care of an ill wife and the kids really like the idea that I attend all of their school events.  Screw em, I am through supporting them on my sweat equity.