Federal Agents Arrest 3 in Cudahy Bribery Case

Jeff Gottlieb et al., Los Angeles Times, June 22, 2012

The negotiations went down during weeks of profane and elliptical conversation, an FBI informant asking for a hard figure: How much cash would it take to bribe Cudahy officials into letting him open his marijuana dispensary?

Two council members and a longtime city official were arrested by federal agents Friday morning and charged with bribery. But documents released as part of the criminal complaint suggest that the malfeasance is far more widespread. More than 130 pages of wiretapped conversations depict a city rife with corruption, as well as bribery so pervasive that it’s practically expected.

“These guys are not your typical, uh, council people,” the longtime official, Angel Perales, advised the informant in a phone call on Jan. 26, according to a transcript released by the U.S. attorney. “They’ve dealt with, you know, people that throw money down.”

The charges are the latest in a string of corruption allegations that have rocked the small blue-collar cities in southeast Los Angeles County. Bell, Cudahy’s neighbor to the north, saw most of its city leadership indicted in 2010 on corruption charges. Investigations continue in other towns, including Maywood and Vernon, where three top leaders have been criminally charged in the last few years.

The federal investigation also appears to be looking at whether elections in Cudahy were tainted by fraud. {snip}


After weeks of discussions in restaurants and over the telephone, Perales and City Council members David Silva and Osvaldo Conde allegedly took $17,000 divided in separate envelopes on Feb. 28 for allowing the unnamed informant’s dispensary to operate in the city, according to the affidavit. The federal agents said this was just the first installment; the informant had been told he would be left alone as long “you go back every Christmas.”

Osvaldo Conde

Silva, 61, who is the mayor, and Perales, 43, who ran the code enforcement division, were arrested at their homes. Conde, 50, surrendered at his jewelry store after a five-hour standoff with the FBI. Perales resigned Tuesday before the charges were filed.

Perhaps more disturbing than the alleged $17,000 in bribes were the numerous conversations that brought out sordid details in the transcripts, such as Perales and Conde getting a stake in a new erotic massage parlor. Or a former top city official said to be so “high” all the time that he could not make decisions. Or Conde showing up with a revolver to meet the informant at the El Portrero Club, along with two armed bodyguards who brought “drinks and women, from both the over-21 and under-21 sections.” (The bodyguards were city employees, one at the Parks and Recreation Department, one at code enforcement.)

Or Perales scorning the city prosecutor, Edgar Coronado, for missing the chance to bribe the council to get the much-higher-paying job of city attorney.


At one point in the transcript, Perales even raised the idea that he and the council members might get a cut of sales from the dispensary, an amount the informant said he expected to be $2.5 million the first year.

“How does the saying go?” Perales asked in Spanish. “Money makes the monkey dance.”

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  • This is how Mexicans do business. Welcome to the third world, as California is now Mexico.

  • Global Minority

    And thats why CA is filing for bankruptcy. And it’s we the people that get to bailout CA. Nice isn’t it?

  • Church_of_Jed

    Leave the spanics alone.

     Everyone knows that they are only coming here to help the afrovoodoo Diversity rid us of our racist unearned White privilege.  We should be able to accept a little financial untidiness in return for the blessings they bring us.  To use the word “corruption” in connection with our beloved community is clearly a racist hate crime.

    • alastairabbacle

      So you think the Hispanics will help get the Blacks in line?

      • Church_of_Jed

        Joint task force on anti White privilege will be a unified front of black, brown, dusky, and yellow. We will be on the receiving end of the tasking…

  • The mexicans consider bribes to be what we call permits. They also have an age of consent of 12.

  • I read about this in the L.A. times the other morning.  My response : A BIG YAWN.  This is the NEW WORLD ORDER people!  This is just how things are done now in California.  The mexicans find some small city like Bell or Cudahy and just loot the hell out of the sucker.  The thing about these small cities is that they are MAJORITY MEXICAN/HISPANIC and the average IQ of these cities is about 5.  So basically you have these small cities that are COMPLETELY propped up by State and Federal funding, and the Mexicans that run the show just feast from the never ending trough until they are caught.  It is Mexican Government for Mexicans by Mexicans operating under the cover of the United States flag.  

    • alastairabbacle

      If we do find connections to operants in the Mexican government supporting this Mexican invasion, can we invade Mexico and punish them?

  • mobilebay

    No one will ever be able to convince me that Hispanics aren’t born with a criminal mindset. The worst of the worst seem to find their way here. Mexico has a priority, I think, on pedophiles and drunk drivers. And yet, we will be saddled with them as long as they are profitable to those who want votes and cheap labor for their big doners.

    • alastairabbacle

      You are right.  The Republican party, and assorted plutocrat supporters, bear equal responsibility.

      We need a third position party, a “folk” party.  The American “folk”……..

  • alastairabbacle


    And I don’t mean the Mexican “chayZOOS”.  No, the God-fearing, White sage of Nazereth, Jesus.  

    “Bell, Cudahy’s neighbor to the north, saw most of its city leadership indicted in 2010 on corruption charges. Investigations continue in other towns, including Maywood and Vernon, where three top leaders have been criminally charged in the last few years.”

    Also, witness the new euphemism for Hispanic: “blue-collar”

     “a string of corruption allegations that have rocked the small blue-collar cities in southeast Los Angeles County.”

  • alastairabbacle

    Never  will it end- it is just how they are (many Latinos, more so than Anglos).  At least America will have a more relaxed atmosphere, more hot-sauce, and more hip-rotating music.

    We should just research Southern Brazil, to see how the Whites down there have coped and survived.  


    “Research has found that between 1826 and 1828 a first-generation German Brazilian woman had an average of 8.5 children, and the second generation had an average of 10.4 children per woman. Birth rates among German Brazilian women were higher than those of other Brazilian women, resulting in faster growth of the population of German origin than of the population of non-German origin and a rapid increase in the population of German origin in the country.[7]German Diaspora USA(9.000.000),Brazil(620.000), Canada(300.000),Argentina(130.000), Australia(50.000),South Africa(35.000), Chile(27.000),Paraguay(10.000), Mexico(8.000) and Uruguay(7.000)In the book The Monroe Doctrine by T B Edgington is said:The natural increase of the German population in southern Brazil is marvelous. As a rule they rear from ten to fifteen children in each family. Blumenau, a colony which was settled by the Germans over fifty years ago, more than doubles itself every ten years. Southern Brazil is now called ‘Greater Germany’, and the Germans exercise there a commercial and financial supremacy.”