California City to Become Largest to File Bankruptcy

Sonya Hamasaki, CNN, June 27, 2012

The California city of Stockton approved a special budget Tuesday night, paving the way for it to become the largest American city to declare bankruptcy.

“Unfortunately, we have no comprehensive set of agreements with our creditors to offer you . . . that would eliminate the $26 million budget deficit and avoid insolvency,” City Manager Bob Deis said at a council meeting.


The city council approved the pendency plan on a 6-1 vote, meaning Stockton will file for protection under Chapter 9 federal bankruptcy laws before Sunday when the new fiscal year begins.

The plan is essentially a new budget for the city of about 291,000, spelling out day-to-day operations under bankruptcy.


Last year, Jefferson County, Alabama, filed the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S history. In December, the county was $4.2 billion in debt.

The largest previous municipal bankruptcy case was filed in 1994 by Orange County, California, which owed approximately $1.7 billion to creditors.

[Editor’s Note: According to this website, Stockton is 22.9% non-Hispanic white, 11.5% black, 20.7% Asian, and 40.3% Hispanic.]

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  • Global Minority

    Why is it all these places have one thing in common? NON-WHITES seem to be incapable of producing anything that resembles the first world. When people accept this FACT we will all be better off.

    • WhitesRdumb


      The problem with that is that when they do realize it, they will scream ” Den wyz be day (whites) ain’t be doin somtin. Wyz do dem whites be letting every tang fallz apartz.”

    • Rocky Bass,

       I have to disagree, a little at least, as Japan and Korea and even China have some VERY 1st world places. I soon will be adding Thailand to that list, right now Bangkok still has rough edges (livable though).

      • IstvanIN

        Hardly Thailand, you are just a little prejudiced on that one.

        • Rocky Bass,

           It’s really not like you think. The only black eye I see Thailand having, is in the area of pedophile sex tourists, and the Authorities are REALLY working on hammering these sickos now. When dealing with a Thai policeman, there just isn’t that trembling fear and loathing, I have in the states. Thai police really only bother you if you harm someone. “Peace keeping”(radical new concept), our gestapo could learn a few things there for sure.  The corruption is very withing bounds too, get caught driving like a maniac, flying down the road, a few hundred baht and you on your way(enough you think twice). Get caught with an underage girl, your going DOWN. They do things in ways that are logical and have a knotty sense of justice about them. I think most would be surprised at just how “old America” like some other places really are.

  • Dr. Al

    These “cities” are going to start dropping like flies.

    The “residents” will flee to the remaining “white areas” and repeat the collapse.

    We are going to have hundreds of empty dead cities.  They will look like the casualty of war….and they are….the war on the white people.

    Sometime we whites will have to take a stand.

    •  And then white people will flood to these empty dead cities, rebuild them and make them successful.  Once these cities are rebuilt, back come the parasites.  It’s a vicious never ending cycle (well I can think of a few ways to end it).

      • alastairabbacle

        The regrowth of “castles” and city-states.  Times of turmoil will always lead to the growth of more powerful city-states.    

    • Rocky Bass,

      I wish it would happen sooner than later, but when the gloves come off, we are on the winning team. Even if we were a minority I still believe this, as nothing can beat the awakened Saxon. 10:1 We would figure out a way to kill you  from a parallel dimension, one where we outnumber you. SciFi? Maybe but look at what we have done already, we are not to be trifled with.

      • Anonymous

        I think we will racially wake up and carve out areas for whites only.  The problem is, these nonwhites follow us wherever we go and demand what we have.  Then we flee and create new areas and then these people follow us.  As someone else said, it’s a viscious cycle that never ends.

        • You say “whites only” but what does this mean?  Does this mean White Only or does this mean whites and all their non-white family members?

          I’m sure Rocky is a nice kid but he has asian kids and I’m just not prepared to watch the cycle repeat.  I want two White Societies.  One for White People and the other for the mixed families.

      • I’m not trying to be mean to you but the problem is, people like you are going to expect us White People to accept your asian family and then you’re gonna expect White Children to mix with your asian kids and that’s really not fair.  You chose your side already and we should not have to accept your non-whites just because you’re white.

        I can see it now.  White People take back their Communities and here you come.  Next comes asian restaurants and asian languages on “Vote Here” signs and of course, more asians ’cause don’t ya know, your wife needs her family here.  Asians will have to be included everywhere ’cause your wife has no “representation”.  Asian Culture will have to be included because after all, that’s your wife’s culture.

        I know you said if you could do it again, you wouldn’t but the problem is, you did and now you have asian children you are not willing to leave behind and that’s fine but White People are not obligated to accept them neither.

        • Rocky Bass,

           To be quite honest, I wish whites the best, and don’t doubt “their” (as I seem to have tarnished myself) ability to reshape the world in any manner “they” should collectively decide to.  Problem is, this is NOT happening. Totalitarian, police, surveillance, states, is all I see western countries moving to, my joining these discussions is a little academic. In a SHTF situation, it would be ME trying to GET OUT of prison Amurica, to the safety and security of Thailand thank you very much. Me talking about whether or not me and mine would be inside or outside “your” wire is just for the sake of argument. Lets be real ok?

          • I sure hope you mean that.  White People know how to revolt and fight back so I’m not worried about surveillance, riots and such.

            As for being “real”, I am real.  I’ve seen it too many times.  People like you, after realizing they’re non-white after all, always want to come back but they want to bring their non-white part(s) with them and I’m saying no because that’s how it starts.  It’s always just a few and then the next thing you know, your White Neighborhood is no longer White.  How do you think Asian Towns, etc. come to be?

          • Rocky Bass,

             Well, the Wife, and my Son, are in Thailand now, and only one of the daughters has any plans of staying stateside. The one that’s going to stay and contaminate your perfect place, is to graduate from SFA as an RN next year. The Derb is completely correct, in that the small numbers doing what I did, could never eliminate the white race. Again I will say that now days Amurica is not the end all of places to be, well, if you like FEMA camps and barbed wire, I guess it might be.

          • Rocky,

            Fema Camps, blah, blah do not scare Americans.  It’s pretty obvious you come from “america” and were raised with “americans” but I’m from America and Americans NEVER SUBMIT!

            You really have no idea what lies ahead do you?

          • I am kind of sick of my country as it seems the major activity is taking money from Whites and giving it to parasite bums:Blacks(of course!!),mexicans (who “work hard’ yes,because they must work hard to make decent money because theyre not very bright. Given the opportunity of welfare they jump at it,like,you might say,”manna from heaven”),our dear Asians,who are masters at cheating the system,and the worst of the bunch,a certain “beloved” race/species that robbed the nation so ruthlessly that it sent the country into a depression. I am sick to death  of ALL of them and would love to see them all starve.

    • Anonymous

      Whites have done that for as long as we have been around.  We create attractive civilizations, nonwhites move in, turn the area into a hellhole, the whites move out, create a new homeland, the whites make it very nice, the nonwhites move in, they demand we give them power, whites then flee, etc.  We say that blacks and nonwhites don’t learn from their mistakes and learn how we build things nicely, yet we aren’t very smart in that we keep letting them into our areas. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    This story is a made up pack of vicious, racist lies.  Everyone knows that Diversity makes us stronger.

    • WhitesRdumb

       and richer, and healthier, and smarter, and taller,and younger, and thinner, and happier, and gives bald people a full head of hair, and prevents sickness and disease, and stops forest fires, and ….

      • Rocky Bass,

         I think it’s even made my wee wee bigger!

  • Dave4088

    This is what happens to municipalities under the management and guidance of mestizos and other non-white minorities.  But they’ll just pick up and move to the next mostly white town and wreck it, too.  And the next, and the next, until the entire country is a mirror image of Mexico City or another backward third world locale.

    This is likely to happen since whites are too timid and anti-racist to act decisively in their own interests.

    • alastairabbacle

      Plus many of those Whites don’t want to admit that they are wrong, even to themselves.  

      The timid, anti-racist Whites are the ones who allowed this “Diversification” to happen in the first place, under some mishatched hippie doctrine. 

      If they were to embrace “Unity” rather than “Diversity”, it would turn back decades of work and platitudes by these timid Whites.    Currently, they think of themselves as “civil rights heroes”, the generation that “liberated the minorities”.

      Even when those “liberated minorties”, and even the “liberated women” turn on them, they still will go down in a smoking hippie delusion.    They will smoke that “Diversity” joint down to the roach, to the nub.  

      Weed-smoking and culture CERTAINLY contributed to California’s decline.  Probably most of the California legislature and government was on weed and pills……

    • Anonymous

      The neocons blame failed black cities on liberalism or democrats.  They, like white liberals, don’t want to hold blacks or hispanics accountable for their failures.  I pointed out to one neocon that I lived in a predominately white liberal city that was clean and orderly.  Once I said that they had a slight awakening and said, “I think those people (you know who they meant, wink wink) are a little slow in the head.”  When debating anti-white people, always point out facts.

  • Hirschibold

    Earlier today, with no knowledge of this article, I Googled “Worst cities in America,” and wouldn’t you know it, Stockton came up. Regarding their bankruptcy (or that of Detroit) it turns out that if you leave the tap on 24-7 at full strength, you get an astronomical water bill. I’m no Nobel Laureate like Paul Krugman (or Barack Obama) but I somehow don’t think importing/harboring more dependents is going to fix this situation.

    • Wait until you see the 2-part article I created, today.

    • Anonymous

      I get those emails too from my neocon friends.  In the email it says, “Guess what all these cities have in common?  They are ran by liberals.”  I told one friend, “I have another reason why these cities are broke and crime ridden, but you won’t like my answer.”

  • APaige

    I visited a friend in Stockton in about 1989 and it was super-majority white. Was there a large influx or was I just in the nicer area? Anyone know?

    • WhitesRdumb

       Maybe not in the area you were in. By 1980, it was a —- hole.

    • Anonymous

      All those black areas that are hellholes are the fault of white liberals, according to my neocon friends.  Then the liberals tell me the black cities are failing because lack of funding and past injustices.  I guess they don’t realize that Haiti is blacks, has been free of white rule for over 200 years, yet it is as bad as any majority black area in the US.  Gee, Wally, wonder why that is.  Hmmmm…..

      • WhitesRdumb

         “Gee, Wally, wonder why that is.  Hmmmm…..”

        White racism.

      • They always say,”Oh the Black father is missing…” LOL! Given that a recent report said over 60% of black females  are sexually assaulted before reaching 18(thats  YEARS,not KIDS!)the absence of the black father is the only thing theyre doing RIGHT!!!!!!!

  • When Ladasha’s 14 illegitmate kids have 14 illegitmate kids of their own ,the white taxpayer has to foot the bill for all 211.(Ladasha and her 14 included)

    • Stop the knee jerk racism its a WHITE Majority city that is controlled by white politicians who made those stupid decisions that got them in this mess in the first place. 

      • Reality to Michael Samuel – A 37% WHITE city is not exactly a White Majority city now is it? 

      • Dave4088

         Go back to The Daily Kos with the other pea brained, anti-white left wingers.  

        • alastairabbacle

          You do a disservice to AmRen and dialogue by attempting to drive out those with alternate views.  

          Or would you rather joust on a straw dummy all day?

      • Are you lost Michael?

        • alastairabbacle

          Thomas, we must support posters of a different view.    

          Would you like to practice jousting against dumbies, “straw men”,  all day??

      • alastairabbacle

        You are right.  The sooner Whites take responsibility for the mess WE created with “Diversity”, the better.  
        After all, the surest way to oppress someone, is to make them think they bear no responsibility for their situation.  

        “Unity” must be the new motto.  After all, “e pluribus unum.”   Whites forgot about the “unum” part.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Mikey, Mikey.  Remember the famous words of Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder?

        But thanks for noticing the racism. We try. Lord, how we try.

        “NEVER go full retard.”

      • AmRen readers, I beg of you: Be careful where you get your demographic stats from!  Wikipedia is often edited by people who are careful not to include the (easily accessible) statistics on non-Hispanic White population in the U.S.  Do NOT rely on them for accurate numbers! Please go directly to the Census’s ‘quickfacts’ website:

        The 2010 numbers for Stockton are: NON-HISPANIC White 22.9%, Black 12.2%, Hispanic 40.3%, Asian 21.5%.

        If you would like accurate numbers for the non-Hispanic White population of major cities from before 2000, again, go directly to the Census’s site:

        …where you can scroll down and see a PDF for each American state, showing the real demographic breakdown of all major cities from 1790 to 1990. (including non-Hispanic White figures, which only go back to 1970 because before then ‘Hispanic’ was not even a census category, that’s right youngsters, this invasion is very recent)

        Please bookmark these two sites and post links to them whenever you see someone such as this Moderator posting the opaque Wiki stats.  Statistical sleight of hand is just one more way to hide from Americans their rapidly-advancing dispossession.

        (edited–Moderator, not Michael Samuel, posted the Wiki numbers)

      • Anonymous

        I suppose you’re going to tell me that Detroit, for example, which has been free of white rule and a white majority since the late 1960s, is a fault of whites, too.  I suppose you’re also going to tell me that Haiti is failing because of white people, even though it’s been free of white people since 1804 and was considered a jewel when it was run by the French.  Why is it that the Asian places that were colonized by Europeans aren’t as worse off as the African and black areas?

    • Stop the knee jerk racism its a WHITE Majority city that is controlled by white politicians who made those stupid decisions that got them in this mess in the first place. Just who made Ireland Spain Portugal Greece Italy into basket cases  & by the way have you found Ronald Reagan’s mythical black “welfare queen” yet? I hear she’s Nadia Suleiman aka “Octo mom”.

    • WhitesRdumb

       A schoolmate of mine (30+ YO) married a Mexican woman with 3 kids from a
      previous marriage. The youngest one was 6 and still wasn’t potty
      trained when they moved in together. The oldest one was going to go to
      college after high school, but when she turned 18 she ran away from
      home, got pregnant from an “unknown” person and went on welfare.

      • robinbishop34

        The youngest one was 6 and still wasn’t potty trained when they moved in together.

        Not too long ago I literally sat next to a Mexican woman who had several children with her. One was at least 5 and was wearing a loaded diaper,  another girl about 7 was drinking soda from a baby bottle and literally had rotting front teeth.

  • WhitesRdumb


  •  Filipinos and Mexicans seem to be interchangeable in my experience.

    • tickyul

      Oh-my, Filipinos………stick a nail in my eye.

      I guess I can tolerate the guys somewhat.The Filipino women….snide, arrogant know-it-alls, cannot stand the sight of them.

    • Rocky Bass,

      My flight instructor is Filipino, Chris Diaz (I know a Spanish last name, though he is not) and he is not stupid. I don’t know if you have ever shot and instrument approach to minimums, but morons wouldn’t generally survive an attempt.

      Edit Add: Then again exceptions are not the norm, I am making a case I don’t agree with.

      • IstvanIN

        Yes, there are great ones in every group. Even black have a few good ones. It is a matter of percentages. The Philippines is a mess because it is full of Filipinos. Simple. And quite frankly even if whites were the dumbest I would still want to live among mine and not their people. You have an agenda which is not overly pro-white.

        • Rocky Bass,

           I don’t have an agenda, I even caught myself and added that disclaimer, having thought better of what I was saying.

          • Oh yes you do!  Your “agenda” is to try and include yourself and your asian family in the forthcoming White Society but that’s not going to happen.

            Anyone who is pro-asian the way you are cannot be included.    You call them “VERY 1st world” and that means only one thing:  You will want them to be included because for one, that’s your family and two, because, according to you, they’re “VERY 1st world”.  You will simply repeat the process of White Genocide except with you, the only ones who will be allowed to do it to us will be your “VERY 1st world” asians.

            White People are not obligated to include, move over for or lay down for your asians just because you do.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t deny there are nonwhites who are in favor of low taxes or who don’t hate whites or aren’t liberal with their views.  I get all that.  While I admire them, I have to keep in mind not many nonwhites think like them and that it is unlikely most blacks will stop hating whites or that most blacks will chase off the black leaders or that most hispanics will favor english speaking and legal immigration. 

        • WhitesRdumb

           One good black, mexican, or asian means they are all good.

          One bad white means all whites are bad.

  • One example of how tough the Democrat city council was in dealing with the city’s unions was in how stingy they were with medical benefits. The city demanded new hires work for a full month before awarding them and their family lifetime medical coverage.

  • We need a national citizen privilege surtax tax.  Obama should not wait for Congress  but decree it immediately.  We all benefit bailouts of nations, states and cities.  

  •  This is why the “Auto Company Bailout” (really, a custom bankruptcy path) was passed.  In regular bankruptcy court, pension promises in union contracts are theoretical promises that have really no standing.  Secured creditors always get taken care of first in regular bankruptcy.  If Chrysler and GM went through regular bankruptcy, the companies would not have gone out of business, as some paranoid people still think they would have.  But bondholders would have gotten first, and the contracts for retirees pensions and health care would have taken the hardest hit.  This is why the UAW pulled Obama’s strings who pulled Pelosi’s and Reid’s strings to pass the special bankruptcy path for GM and Chrysler, to protect retiree union benefits.  The big losers were bondholders, and that set off a chain reaction which hurt people who were just as “working class” as the autoworkers.

  • But we were told that immigrants were vital for a healthy and prosperous economy.

    Were they lying to us?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    There is No Joy in Mudville!!

    (one of the nicknames for Stockton).

    More than 15% of the population of Stockton is unemployed – nearly double the national average.

    No surprised that Forbes listed Stockton as America’s ‘most miserable city’ in 2010 — an illegal alien sanctuary city that once declared graffiti a form of ‘art.’

    For cities of its size in the entire nation, only Oakland ranks ahead of Stockton in violent crime per capita in California.

    Stockton is also the #1 city for Foreclosures in America — bound to happen when fruit pickers are given $400,000 subprime mortgages.

    “We have hit the wall; we are insolvent,” said Mayor Ann Johnston. “Citizens will not be affected.”

    The mayor is an idiot.  Who does she think are the victims of the record number of violent crimes since the police force was cut?

    Typical lefty thinking:  Punish the citizens of the city for not funding government enough.

    What a pit!!  And, Stockton is one of MANY cities in California, including Los Angeles, that are insolvent.

  • Dave4088

    It just dawned on me that with the demographic mix of Stockton it should be an advanced technology and major research and development hub for NASA and tech companies.  According to the theory of racial diversity, each race has a unique skill set with which to apply to everyday problem solving and the intelligence and abilities of whites alone is not sufficient.  The intellectual synergy created by racial diversity is supposed to lead to great and glorious achievements in every sector in addition to the good will that it fosters.

    However, that is not happening.  In fact, the evidence proves that diversity leads to dystopia.

  • Something’s not adding up here.  I was always told that non-whites are a gain, not a drain so what’s with the debt?