North Portland Driver Kicked 15-Year-Old in Head on MAX Tracks, Gets 40 Months

Aimee Green, The Oregonian, June 25, 2012

Although grainy and taken from a distance, the video shows an ugly scene play out at the Rose Quarter MAX station last Jan. 11:

An unidentified man punches a 15-year-old Benson Polytechnic High School student in the head, then pulls him onto the MAX tracks and onto his knees. The man kicks the boy in the head, then leaves. The boy lies stunned on the tracks as seconds tick on by. Finally, he gets up and stumbles to safety.

Monday, that man—eventually identified as 26-year-old Quincy Tremaine Wynn—was sentenced to 3 1/3 years in prison in Multnomah County Circuit Court.


Investigators say Wynn lost his temper because he believed Kuehl was taking too much time to cross North Interstate Avenue. Kuehl was on his way home from a wrestling tournament and was crossing with the walk signal. Wynn was one of at least two drivers waiting for Kuehl to cross the street so they could turn right.

The boy continued onto the Rose Quarter/Interstate MAX platform.

Investigators say Wynn pulled up alongside Kuehl and yelled something at him, but Kuehl didn’t hear because he was wearing ear buds. He asked, “What?”

Wynn, who claimed that the boy said something more, then jumped out of the silver Toyota Avalon he was driving and ran onto the platform. {snip}

At Wynn’s sentencing hearing, Kuehl’s parents spoke of how their son has paid dearly for Wynn’s outburst. The teen, then a freshman at Benson, missed about a month of school. He spent much of the time in his darkened bedroom, enduring painful headaches made worse by light or sound. Even after returning to school, he spent his afternoons and evenings in his bedroom.

His grades have suffered because he has difficulty concentrating, his parents say.

He still wakes in the middle of the night sweating and screaming in agony. His father says he gives him Advil and tells him to take cold showers.


Wynn didn’t offer an explanation, but looked solemn as he offered these words: “I’d just like to apologize to the family. I didn’t know he was 15. I’m sorry.”


{snip} He was charged with second-degree assault and tampering with evidence, for allegedly discussing with his girlfriend a plan to destroy text messages about the crime.

And the reason he was driving by the Rose Garden Arena? His girlfriend was inside watching the Blazers play the Orlando Magic. She’d made a sign proclaiming her affection for Orlando player Dwight Howard but she left it in her car, and arena security wouldn’t let her return to the game if she left to get it. So she phoned Wynn, asking him to travel to the arena to retrieve the sign and meet her at the exit.

She told police he appeared drunk and was angry at her, but he retrieved the sign for her anyway. He walked away with her car keys, driving off a short while later and encountering Kuehl in the crosswalk.



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  • HctSlns

    This same kind of incident happened to me last week.  Although the driver did not  get out and
    assault me, it could have been worse.  The black female driver deliberately gunned her SUV
    and almost ran me over.  I doubt that there is any video of this incident. That black hole
    should be behind bars.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      One of the last straws that made us decide to leave the US was when a Bantu in an Escalade attempted to run my infant son (in a stroller) and me over, in a crosswalk, when we were crossing with the light.  I called the beast what it was, but left, although I was packing.  Wuuldn’t have been a good idea to make loud noises near a baby.

  • Global Minority

    When is this madness going to stop. Our children are suffering becasue of this.

  • White on black?  It goes as attempted murder and he gets 40 years.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    He didn’t know he was only 15? So what if he was 35? Would he had felt justified? I’m surprised he didn’t say the boy called him the n-word. The war on Whites continues.

    • tickyul

      Yeah, I picked that out too.

      No sense of humanity…..that is the best this Urban American male can do to explain his actions……not even close to an apology.

  • Hirschibold

    I thought Portland was a bastion of the SWPL/DWL white people? I know a particularly smarmy liberal who likes to quote some study that says “Cincinnati is one of the ten most segregated cities in America.” I have to remind him that that is because we actually have a sizable number of black people here. In San Francisco, Portland, Duluth, etc., they don’t have these problems (or didn’t) because they didn’t have enough blacks. Once you do have a sizable cohort of them,you have two options: some manner of segregation, or constant attacks like the one seen in this video.

    • AmRem

      Oh its extremely segregated here.

      The biggest problem for the integration fans is when they tried to move into the black neighborhood, that they made the place too successful, and drove the blacks out when the land value got too high. 

      Now they live in North Portland. 

  • Actually- this is a rather tough sentence.

    • Rocky Bass,

       It’s nothing compared to what I would sentence him to. That thing does not belong in civilization.

    • You believe three years (he will be out in 18 months)”tough” sentence for an unprovoked assault of a minor child by a grown adult? On top of that he was convicted of tampering with evidence. What country do you live in?

  • Diamond_Lil

    “I didn’t know he was 15”  (“I just knew he was a white boy.”) 

    • Zorro

      He didn’t know she was 85 years old when he raped her, either.

  • james briggs

    It’s only the beginning. My advise to Portland residents is skip the first and second ring suburbs and head straight to the exurbs.

  • Remember this?

    The coverage here (what little there was) was ambivalent about whether the blacks were American Air Force or not.  If they were, then please accept my apology.  It makes me wonder what the real reason was for New Zealand withdrawing from ANZUS — Maybe they didn’t want American Bellcurvius roaming the streets of Wellington and Christchurch at night.

    As for prison, I understand it’s very hard to get sentenced to prison time in Australia, that you have to be a real multiple time serious screw up.  In a country that does everything it can to keep you from going to prison, African blacks still wind up dominating the prisons!

  • AmRem

    Oh, its only the place where I ride the train. 

  • The__Bobster

    His girlfriend was inside watching the Blazers play the Orlando Magic. She’d made a sign proclaiming her affection for Orlando player Dwight Howard but she left it in her car, and arena security wouldn’t let her return to the game if she left to get it.

    The kid needs to get himself a new girlfriend.

    • bubo

      That was the negro’s girlfriend.   

  • tickyul

    Welcome to the REAL world.

    The United States Of Ameritard has been a boiling pot of racial hatred every since I can remember.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Even Christians will defend themselves against vicious ANIMALS.

  • Where are the hate crime enhancements? Had the person behind the attack been White and the victim black, he would never see the light of day again!

  • The Serbian

    This one is beautiful. An all to typical example of blacks playing around in traffic as if the world must stop for them! 

    • Polingc

      that rocket scientist in the vid that got hit by the ice cream truck sued & won a nice piece of change

  • Zorro

    You are joking, I hope? Maybe you forgot the Crusades against the Muslims. Was that a pillow fight in your mind?

    All of our Founding Fathers, less Thomas Jefferson, were Christians, such as Patrick Henry, George Washington, and John Adams. Were they weak men?

    Were Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, and an Episcopalian, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Jeb Stuart, George Armstrong Custer, George S. Patton, Jr, and Douglas MacArthur all weak men?

    Not at all. What has been weakend is our culture and Churches through Marxist infiltraion, which needs to be weeded out, now. Fire all those Pastors that do not Preach the Word as it is in the Bible. They can take their skills into selling Used Cars, and shoes at the Mall. When the word is passed around that the people won’t put up with this crap from the Pulpit, you will see a rekindling of Faith and Americanism in the Churches.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       You’re speaking of past historic epics.  They don’t apply now.  You are also leaving out a lot of detail.  For example, I am descended from the Normans.  When they converted to Christianity, it was as much for political gain as anything.  They were the most aggressive of all the Vikings in the 8th century when they forced their way into France.  Most of the Crusaders were Normans.  It was that Viking fierceness in their pre-Christian culture that made them so useful to the Pope.  In the 13th century, during the Albigensian Crusade, it was again Normans who the Pope used to attack Christian “heretics” in the South of France.  He promised that all the lands and castles would be awarded to the conquering Normans.  The Albigensian Crusade is a great, but not the only example of how the Church used whites to kill whites for its doctrinal control of Europe.  This was when the phase, “Kill them all, God will know his own,” was coined.  It was the reply the Pope’s Cardinal made to the leader of the crusade when he asked how to tell a “heretic” from the “faithful.”

      The punch line is that most if not all of the people you list are actually of Norman background.  A genealogical work titled, “The Normans in North America”  proves this.  Of course, I have a copy.

      Marxism cannot be blamed for what is so obviously present in the New Testament.  In fact, Marxism or communism was first practiced by the early church.  Read Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.”  In the 17th century there were communist Christian sects in Europe.  One famous on in England was called “The Diggers.”

      The details of history are important. But these are not even details.  The problem is that many whites like you learn history from movies and popular misinformation.

      The weakness of your entire argument is further evidenced by your solution, “Fire the pastors”….   But I can show you easily in your bible that everything you rail against here is preached and endorsed therein.

  • Michael C. Scott

    “I didn’t know he was 15” in this case is semantically equal to “I didn’t care.”

    Not only did Wynn not care whether the victim was a minor, but this thug also did not care whether a pedestrian using a crosswalk with the signal has an absolute right-of-way, and did not care whether a hard kick to the head could leave someone with a permanent brain injury, but also did not care that leaving someone laying stunned and very possibly unconscious on the MAX light rail tracks could cause them to be run over and either mangled or killed by the next passing commuter train.

  • Otto

    Black man slaps around white kid for walking too slow. Irony of ironies. How many of you have found yourself walking behind blacks, especially black females, in office buildings, shopping aisles, or anywhere else you find yourself trying to conduct business in an efficient manner and blacks are present, and you have clinched your teeth wishing to do the same thing? The only thing worse is when they cook fish in the microwave.

    • Larry Klein

      Or in traffic. They’re ready to have a phone conversation with the foot on the breaks, smack dab in the middle of the freeway. So many times, in response to the sociopathic driving of black people I say “REALLY?”

      • Anon

         They’re too low-IQ to multitask, and the phone call is more important to them than the other drivers around them.  Don’t underestimate the effects of stupidity. 

  • schmenz

     While I don’t recommend this, and while I probably won’t do it too much more often, I have a bad habit of racing faster towards these little s.o.b.s when they pull that on me.  One guy filled his pants when I was within inches of flattening him.  His eyes got as wide as saucers.

    Dumb, I know.  I won’t do it again.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      My buddy likes to pretend he is messing with his stereo when they do this to him, as if he didn’t see them. They change from shuffle to Olympic sprinter in half a second. I don’t recommend it either.

      • schmenz

         My mom- God rest her soul – used to feign a panicked look on her face and make like she was pumping on the brakes, unable to stop.  Their tennis shoes really started smoking,

        That’s probably where I got it from.

  • dchamil

    The driver says he didn’t know that the victim was only 15. You see, if the victim had been a little older than 15, why then it would  have been OK to kick him in the head. /sarcasm

  • Up to my neck in CA

    We call it the Oak-Town Shuffle. It’s a game for them called “Inconveniencing Honkey”. They blatantly walk out into traffic nowhere near a crosswalk and give you the death stare. They don’t have anywhere important to be but know we have lifes and daily demands with work. I’ve had the females do it all the time without looking first while on cellphones, they have zero consideration for anyone. Another game they like to play is stop their vehicle right in the center of the road to “holla” at their boy. Seriously, they block the entire road to talk to someone and when you honk at them they get all uppity with you like they were exchanging cures for cancer. Their false sense of self-worth is as big as their egos.

  • SLCain

    “People who don’t get angry make me angry.”

    Agree.  Anger is a rational response to the actions of vicious thugs like this.  White people need to get angry.  Angry and mean.

  • Shawn_thefemale

     Back in the 60’s it was called ‘diddy bopping’

  • As this sort of black on white head attacks happen often I suspect blacks like to inflict unnecessary head injuries on whites in order to cause brain damage out of resentment for the average superior intelligence they know whites have. It’s pure hatred.

  • The bastard wasn’t sorry at all. What the hell kind of logic is this: I didn’t know he was only 15. As if it were okay to hit someone older? Just damn.