Artist’s ‘Racist’ Question Prompts Police Action

Marisa Martin, World Net Daily, May 9, 2012

Five years ago Alvaro Alvillar had the nerve to publicly have an opinion as a conservative, with the additional effrontery of being a conservative artist. This is simply not tolerated by any stretch of the imagination in New America, where the motto is “Liberty—except for you,” with the poster’s arrow clearly pointing to the right.

Alvillar was invited in 2007 to display work with a group of other artists in Atlanta’s City Hall East at his own expense. He is known for often incorporating patriotic themes into his paintings in a stylized, pop-art, look of brilliant, hard edged, color fields. Alvillar is hardly a single-subject artist, though. He presents work on love, death, violence, gangs, drugs and realities of contemporary urban life, especially the Los Angeles of his childhood.

Alvillar hadn’t yet encountered much criticism when the show opened in March 2007, at least no one was shrieking for a lawyer. His contribution to the effort was a massive, 7×14-foot background of 33 screen-printed American flags and two somewhat hidden messages: “Politically it’s OK to hate the white man,” and, “Is it OK for me to hate if I’ve been a victim?” The operative word here is “hidden,” as in obscure and somewhat hard to see.

The provocative nature of Alvillar’s statement was deliberate and was the essential point the artist was making. However, even rhetorically posing such a question stands in opposition to politically correct views, as most artists, federal employees and virtually all academics well know. Furthermore it is not on the list of trusty slogans for artists guaranteed to keep you out trouble and bring federal grants. What was he thinking?

Retribution was swift and heated, as Alvillar’s painting “Formula For Hatred” was branded racist itself by various talking heads for merely bringing up racism (irony is always wasted on liberals). It gets “curiouser and curiouser,” as Alice said—in Wonderland, not Atlanta. Controversy seethed locally and spilled into the national scene when several of Atlanta’s finest filed an official complaint over a piece of artwork and asked that it be removed from their sight.


The art community generally expressed support for Alvillar, which was a relief for him and kept the piece up for the duration while they argued at City Hall.

Curator Freddie Sykes, who is black himself, defended the work: “I thought it was an attractive piece. If I had thought it was offensive, I would not have agreed to show it.”

He related that his only fears of censorship previously were over a few nude sketches and never dreamed such an uproar would occur over Alvillar’s statements.


Alvillar, who is Hispanic himself admits that he simply wanted to provoke thought with the item: “It’s made to make you think politically … is it OK to hate the white man—whatever your skin color is?”


Alvillar had hoped the work would promote conversations about racial tensions for the better, which he thinks is one of the more contentious issues of modern life.\


The media rushed to the side of freedom of expression—no … wait … sorry, I was hallucinating. The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s title gives you a sense of their fairness and impartiality: “City Displays Racially Charged Art.”

Facing damage control and trying to explain his motives, Alvillar stated, “I play with mixed messages … an interest in the contrary, i.e. saying one thing and meaning another.”


"Formula for Hate"

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  • Quite ingenius making a political message that only those smart enough to read without spaces can figure out.  Hewouldhavegottenawaywithitifitwasntforthosedarndisingenuouswhiteliberalstellingon him.

    • Anan7

      I have to admit the irony of “censorship” when every third item on this website says “Edited by a moderator” hehe.  I can only imagine how many more were blocked completely.

      • Southern__Hoosier

         In other words, it is our grammar being censored and not our ignorance.

      • anonymous_amren

        I always wondered about that… until I cut and pasted a comment that I had typed in notepad into my web-browser and it came out with extra line-breaks everywhere. I posted another comment saying sorry about the line breaks. And then later they were fixed with the message (Edited by a moderator) underneath.

        I’m not saying they don’t censor, but they’re usually just being helpful and fixing things for us.

        Also, when the moderator wants to comment, they usually just edit it onto the end of an existing message.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Weep not for him.  This controversy will help him sell art and make money.  Smart White artists will replicate his genius.  Make a piece of art, hang it in a Diverse location, spread the rumour that is contains racist subtext, fan the flames of outrage, sell art, make money.

    “White privilege pays, but only if you know how to cash in on it.”-Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “How you should act during sensitivity training at work, 2001

  • Southern__Hoosier

    “Alvillar had hoped the work would promote conversations about racial tensions for the better,”

    Right! That’s PC talk for stirring up racial hatred.

  • splitsing

    It all goes back to diversity is diverse only if it is left.  There is no room for diversity of ideas with regard to race, culture etc…

    The disingenuous white liberal is almost like a literary figure; only a white be enlightened enough to be so mad as take up such positions.  They pretend to love the truth but deny it at every turn for their own hubris.  Tragic…  They are the biggest threat to the white race.

  • I W

    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” -Keats

  • MikeofAges

     Took some upper division and graduate lit courses at state college in California a few years ago. Had no trouble with the faculty. But I am  edgy and combative, and not the dutiful type whatsoever. I imagine, if I had been at one of the metropolitan campuses, I might have had a lot of trouble with some of the leftist students depending on which campus I had been at. Did happen to me in the 1980s when I took journalism classes at one of the Bay Area community colleges.

    Conservative students in liberal arts subjects may become a target of abuse and ridicule because they are personally too restrained and conformist. They don’t know how to fight fire with fire. But that’s how you make friends sometimes. A lot of people, what they do to others is what is normal to them. How many time have a couple of guys gotten into a bar fight with each other and then become best friends? Not recommending that lifestyle. Just saying, that’s they way of the world. 

  • splitsing

     Nothing gives these disingenuous white liberals more pleasure–nee more feeling of righteousness–than to call another a racist.  And, like you, as an educated ex-Leftist, I can even put it to them in Marxian/Althusserian terms of interpellation; by calling another a racist, they occupy the subjective position (in Foucault-like terms) of the non-racist (or anti-racist–the antitheses).