Newark Star-Ledger Admits to Censoring Race in Savage Mob Attacks

Kyle Rogers, Examiner, March 9, 2012


{snip} Over the weekend, the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. About 20,000 fans packed the arena.

As concert goers walked to their cars after the show, a mob of what the Newark Star-Ledger is calling “teenagers,” brutally attacked several people. Five people were injured, some of them very badly. Three of the injured victims are teens. Two of the victims suffered serious facial fractures.

Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio said the attacks were motivated by a desire to cause injury. He says the perpetrators were laughing during the attacks.

{snip} Any details that would clue the reader as too the race of the attackers appears to be intentionally omitted.

I called the Star-Ledger and asked if they had a policy of omitting the race of at large crime suspects. The first woman I talked to went to ask her superiors. She came back and told me that there is no formal policy, “but we generally do not publish race.”

I then asked to speak to crime reporter, James Queally, who wrote Star-Ledgers’ two articles on the attacks.

Queally told me that the police report did list the race of the perpetrators and that he censored this information in his two articles on purpose. He also stated that it was the newspapers’ policy to censor race in crime stories.

Then the conversation took a comedic turn. I asked Queally what race was listed in the police report and he refused to tell me. He also said he interviewed three of the victims, but refused to tell me what race they were. Queally did however volunteer that “it’s an 80% black area and the concert was full of white rock and roll fans.”

​Queally denied that the attacks were racially motivated. He said that if it was blacks attacking whites, then that was just a factor of probability. Keep in mind that Queally admits knowing the race of the perps and refuses to say.

​I told Queally about numerous other black on white mob attacks all over the nation and explained to him this was part of a trend of racially motivated hate crimes. At this point Queally went from a friendly demeanor to a very arrogant sounding tone. He replied “well somehow myself and everyone else in the media have missed all of these.” I told Queally I have been documenting these hate crime mob attacks and would be happy to e-mail him lots of information. Queally then hung up the phone without a reply.

During the conversation Queally hinted at his reasoning for wanting to censor the race of the perpetrators. He asked “if all the attackers were black fifteen year-olds, would you avoid all black fifteen year-olds in Newark?” I told him I would, especially a group of black fifteen year-olds. I told him that avoiding a specific demographic known for brutally attacking my demographic at random was  “common sense.” Queally replied, “that’s your opinion.”

In other words Queally places political correctness above public safety, even though “public safety” is one of the topics he is supposed to be covering. {snip}


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  • He asked “if all the attackers were black fifteen year-olds, would you avoid all black fifteen year-olds in Newark?”

    How stupid can you be to even ask such a question? If all of the criminals in the city are black, would you want to be around them? Does he want to be around 15yo black guys for some down low reason like Obongo.
    Even better is that he censors race then wonders why he hasn’t heard about blacks attacking.

    • Djinn42

      ” Queally did however volunteer that “it’s an 80% black area and the concert was full of white rock and roll fans.”

      That has to be common knowledge in Newark. Larry Auster was first if I recall to point out the similarities between Whites and the Eloi from H.G. Wells “The Time Machine”.
      How we mindlessly stroll into the dangerous areas assuming everything is fine until the Morlocks/blacks decide to unearth and terrorize us, taking a few of  us with them as they retreat undaunted back into their darkness/ghettos. I guess life does imitate art after all.

  • If you want to “follow me” on twitter, its

    • Kyle,
      Thank you for the good work that you are performing. You have gained a fan, I will be reviewing your archived works.

  • Woody Woodpecker

    James Queally.
    Typical head in the clouds lefty.
    I’m sure he listens to raps music and thinks its “cool” to go to restaurants in Harlem.
    And he’s going to prove what a good person he is by defending those who attack his own kind.
    Any illusion of the objectivity of the press goes right out the window when blacks commit
    violent crimes. This type of guy would keep up the charade if he himself were attacked.
    People like him are a lost cause.

    • Major

      ” thinks its “cool” to go to restaurants in Harlem…”

      Only in broad daylight…and if he had ” I LOVE BLACKS ESPECIALLY OBAMA”… tattooed on his shiny white forehead….he’d still get a good fashioned whooping from the “bros”.

      Maybe he should try it for a story?

    • Detroit_WASP

      I like to remind the liberal blanca Obama supporters that a bro broke in on Rosa Parks, beat and robbed her.  If she isn’t safe from the bros nos one is! 😉

  • holyflower

    The Bernard Goldberg theory on the long-standing and ongoing coverup of black-on-white violence: 

    A) American media want to avoid the embarrassment that honest reporting would cause blacks and 

    B) They do not want to give hated bigots ammunition for their views:

    Excerpts from a conversation with Bill O’Reilly:

    “One . . . the media . . . don’t want to air that kind of [black] dirty laundry because it’s kind of embarrassing to the black community, and two, they don’t want to give ammunition to the bigots . . . 
    Thus the media “don’t . . . expect the same standards from black people — although they’ll deny that forever.”  

    “Now, look, we hate, we detest the bigots.” 

    (Bill O’Reilly-Bernie Goldberg exchange May 7, 2012 on the attack on two Norfolk Virginian-Pilot reporters — Marjon Rostami and Dave Forster — by a black mob April 14, 2012, and only reported by the Virginian-Pilot in an opinion piece two weeks later.)

    • tacheles

      The reason usually given by liberal media types for hiding black crime is that it reinforces stereotypes or stigmatizes blacks. Liberals  invoke “stereotype” to rationalize denial. Deranged and deluded liberals believe that ugly reality disappears when they slap the stereotype label on it.

      • Major

        We’re all labeled as “bigots & racists” when we shine the light on black on white crime and savagery. It’s just PC CYA for “journalists”.

        But…it’s the “bigots” that have started to scream about these outrages that go unanswered by the media. Maybe we’re seeing the end of the bias, real racism and double standard. For that alone…I’ll give props to Fox. It had to be tough to convince management that they should go with this story.

    • I saw that exchange. I thought it was ludicrous how Goldberg kept referring to “bigots” — presumably any White who is not madly in love with blacks. Even when White commentators speak the truth on race, as Goldberg and O’Reilly sort of did, they have to hedge it about with a bunch of qualifiers in an attempt not to make any blacks mad. That’s pathetic.

    • ed91

       yes I saw that…..

      my question–  I know those guys think he sounds cool to say the word, ‘bigot’.  At what point is a bigot not a bigot but truth teller………  maybe those soft white men oreilly and goldberg are the bigots by not recognizing the truth.

      • holyflower

        BIGOT (Webster’s Third International Unabridged Dictionary): 

        1 obsolete : HYPOCRITE; especially : a superstitious religious hypocrite;

        2 : one obstinately and irrationally, often intolerantly, devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion

        COMMENT: The obsolete definition does not apply.  The “bigots” Goldberg has in mind are not hypocrites about race.  Nor does the second definition apply to anyone who has given serious attention to the question of racial differences and concluded they are real and significant.  Such a view is rational.  Nothing irrational about it. 

        I conclude that Goldberg uses the term “bigot” — incorrectly, it turns out — in ad hominem fashion as a weapon to intimidate, silence, marginalize race realists.

    • redfeathers

      I saw the interview too.  While I’m surprised and pleased that O’Reilly has covered the Norfolk attack, I’m also tired of their, especially Goldberg’s focusing on the “ammunition to the bigots” nonsense.  They must be getting a lot of criticism and now are walking it back a bit while also trying desperately to include “the bigots”.

  • Wow…”that’s your opinion”.  The position of Mr. Qually cannot be defended.  It sounds like Kyle Rogers was pushing him outside his comfort zone on the issue.  Well done!

    • Major

      “The position of Mr. Qually cannot be defended….”

      Indeed…maybe he missed the two whites attacked in Norfolk, Va a couple of weeks ago? Maybe he’s so sheltered and delusional that he missed O’Reilly’s coverage of that? I can’t imagine a white journalist in Newark not being able to identify with his comrades and peers in another city over run by angry black mobs.

      What I know about Newark, having lived in a city next door to that jungle long ago….is that most smart Jerseyans have know for a long time that it’s the Somalia of NJ.

      The blacks hijacked that city back in ’65 when Kenneth Gibson defeated Tony Imperiale of the white, Italian North Ward…had to surrender Newark to the black criminals that have ruled the city since. Newark…has one of the highest crime rates, rape car jacking capitol of the country. Everyone knows..who’s doing the rampaging and crime…since 1968.

      • Strider73

         One wonders how large a bribe Newark had to pay the owner of the Devils to get them to move there from the Meadowlands.

        Meanwhile the Nets have fled the state for Brooklyn. I doubt that’s much of an improvement.

      • The__Bobster

        They have four major colleges, too, which only makes the libtard quotient worse.

  • ncpride

    Ya’ll should go to the orginal article and see what a fella named Bill has to say. According to him, it’s all Kyle’s fault White people fear black people, he being such a cowardly, hate filled rasist and all. Jesus, how do you even begin to deal with such twisted logic that is the liberal, self-loathing White male?

    • haroldcrews

      Additionally Bill has quite the p*nis fixation and doesn’t like to be called on it.

    • “how do you even begin to deal with such twisted logic that is the liberal, self-loathing White male?”

      You can’t. That foaming at the mouth, rabid dog may have once been someone’s loving pet but now that the disease has taken over the only course of action is to destroy the animal.

      • Mutant_Swarm

        “… the only course of action is to destroy the animal.”

        And this, indeed, is the crux of the matter. Voting? Prop. 8 out here in the People’s Democratic Kalifornia Republic shows how that works. Don’t like it when the will of the people goes against you? Shop it to a corrupt judge via the appeals process, and get it overturned.

        Write to your so-called “representatives?” An ecological disaster to waste that much paper, only to have it wind up in the trash, unread. E-mail them to save paper? Sure. The constituents’ views can always be answered by a two word question – “Delete all?”

        Street corner protests and marches? Sorry; we have jobs that we can’t afford to lose, because other family members depend on us. Besides, when has a protest march really changed anything recently?

        Which really leaves only one option, doesn’t it?

    • haroldcrews

      ‘Bill’ appears to have a SSA or he does a very good imitation.  Several of his comments are fixated on male anatomy.

      • ncpride

        Yeah, I noticed that. Even if we were to bombard ‘Bill’ with a ton of facts and links of black on White violence, he would only respond with vile, nasty, vicious attacks that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. I’ve seen his kind before and they are a lost cause.

        • haroldcrews

          I blocked him in FaceBook and reported his abusive behavior to FB.  No point wasting time with him.  Like you said he’s a lost cause.

  • Church_of_Jed

    But this can’t be a true story.

    Didn’t New Jersy contribute soldiers, blood, treasure, and White lives to “save the Union and free a race”?  

    The Diversity must be more appreciative of their freedom than to attack Whites up North.   The story is a hoax.

  • This Star Ledger is a tool of the New Jersey Democrat Party which in itself is a tool of the Black City of Newark.  Several times a week if not daily black mobs are attacking whites and the Star Ledger changes the facts.  If comments are made on their web site revealing the truth, the comment is deleted and the writer has their ID  deleted.  The Star Ledger often uses the IP to prevent the comment from being re-posted.

    • The__Bobster

      Use a proxy and keep on posting:

      •  Cute URL.  I had a day off from work today, and used to to take my mother and a cousin to the zoo here in St. Louis.  (Redundant sometimes, I know.)  They have a new exhibit for an animal that’s called the “Somali Wild Ass.”

        Google Image search for “Somali Wild Ass.”

        I couldn’t help but snickering when I read the display.  I wasn’t thinking about donkeys, but more about Minnesota and Sweden.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    These are pogroms against whites with the full endorsement of our government including white police officers. When I called 3rd precinct and asked for suspect description i was refused that information.

  • IstvanIN

    The idea is to keep whites in the dark and naive so that we will go to the camps like lambs to the slaughter.  The whites and Jews who are ehlping do us in think the new brown majority will keep them on a pedestal for their good work in bringing “the man” down.  Well, no one really likes a traitor and when we are gone and the turncoats are no longer needed they, too, will be mopped up.

    • Major

      “The idea is to keep whites in the dark and naive…”

      The only whites who “live” that way…in denial…are whites surrounded by the animals who threaten them everyday. They know they must tread softly lest they become food for the predators. They know…their libbie koolaide and PC nonsense prevents them from being real..racial realists. Woe unto them.

      • IstvanIN

        Most whites are not aware of what is happening.  They know about Trayvon Skittles but never hear of about most of the black-on-white crimes that go on day in and day out.  My friend and family are clueless and just think I am an old crank who just doesn’t like blacks.  It is maddening.

        • Yes, how else could one explain the overwhelming desire of young white people to crave black feral culture, believe that homosexuals are our saviors, buy all of the claptrap from teachers, television, and Hollyweird? The young especially have no understanding of their macro world self-interest. They have been indoctrinated that way to either assist with the destructors of our Traditional America or else to stand by and do nothing, stupified with the latest celebrity shananigans. We really lost everything when we allowed the young, our future to be ripped away from us.

        • Anonymous

          I know what you’re saying.  I am accused of hating blacks for pointing out their violence.  Why am I promoting hate for pointing out facts?   Are they promoting hate by blaming whites for their problems?  Are they promoting hate by indicting the entire white race for the past? 

  • razorrare

    Has the Newark-Star Ledger done an article yet on the latest arrests of “White Supremacists” in Florida?

    Pretty much everyone else has in the MSM…with pictures to boot.

    First thing that came to my mind was while reading the breaking story…

    wow,they’ll be going after the Black Panther party and farahkan,jesse jackson,and al sharpton next.(sarcasm).

  • razorrare

    Has the Newark-Star Ledger done an article yet on the latest arrests of “White Supremacists” in Florida?

    Pretty much everyone else has in the MSM…with pictures to boot.

    First thing that came to my mind was while reading the breaking story…

    wow,they’ll be going after the Black Panther party and farahkan,jesse jackson,and al sharpton next.(sarcasm).

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    One man got a broken collar bone, one 14 year old was beaten and watched his dad get beaten bloody and knocked out cold, one victim had their eye socket broken and one man stated 5 facial bones in his 20 year old son’s face were broken.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    And not one word from any white politician, talk show host, or any nationally recognized  white leader of which there are none anyway.

  • And people claim I am paranoid when I state that there is a purposeful effort by the press to hide the reality of inter-racial “hate crimes”.

  • If there is a god, he gave us the Internet & other communications subverting PC lies. I just wonder how long will it take for Whites to start pummeling aggressive savages & their protectors.

    I guess it all depends on economy & clash of civilizations.

  • Major

    “it lets people know what to look out for….”

    People know what to look out for….descriptions are a waste of time. What would it say? “Looking for a black male, 6″2 to 5’11, hoodie, air Jordans, gold teeth, dread locks, sweat pants and a backwards baseball cap?”

    That’d be 95% of black males…right?

  • Johnny Reb

    James Queally hasn’t been the victim of blacks.   
    So far, he’s been lucky.  That’s why he’s got such an arrogant and supercilious attitude:  He’s got no skin in the game. 
    He can still rationalize away facts using all the denial and feel-good skills he was taught in today’s liberal infested public school system and universities.
    Wait until Mr Queally bleeds a little . . . or his wife is raped . . . or sister is raped and murdered.
    Suddenly, race WILL matter to this pompous pretend-reporter.
    The liberal world depends on lies, myths and keeping your eyes and ears tightly shut.  The only thing that cures people so deluded is a heavy dose of violence. 

    • erin2326

      You underestimate the capacity of the average white liberal for doublethink. My feminazi sister lives in a part of Brooklyn that is undergoing”demographic changes,” and gets harassed en route to the subway stop every day. But she refuses to even listen to criticism of the catcallers. When, not if, she gets raped one day, I promise the excuse will be “well, that’s only because we haven’t yet made enough progress in remedying past discrimination, and we need to create more inclusive opportunities for the poor man who raped me.”

    • tacheles

      It’s not a given that he would learn anything if attacked.

      Even if liberals and leftists were hit over the head by mobs of black thugs, they wouldn’t know what hit them. Even if they did know, they’d say it’s an anecdote and doesn’t count, even though the plural of anecdote is data. Cognitive dissonance prevents liberals and leftists from learning. Pattern recognition — a sign of intelligence — is out of the question.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    Yep, another naive  white liberal. Maybe he should get a job with the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk.

    • He looks more like a hippie artst from Sausalito, CA than a reporter for the Newark Star-Ledger.

  • So protecting the image of blacks is more important than protecting public safety?  Why does the media ignore the value of reporting the race of criminals?  If  rabbits were ambushing people and  biting them, but only orange rabbits were the ones actually doing the biting, wouldn’t that be useful to know? 

  • Anonymous

    Queally told me that the police report did list the race of the perpetrators and that he censored this information in his two articles on purpose. He also stated that it was the newspapers’ policy to censor race in crime stories.

    I’m sure if it were whites harming blacks or browns they wouldn’t mind mentioning race. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    Some of the reporter’s best friends are black.

    The liberal white reporter probably lives in an all black neighborhood….and doesn’t even notice he is the only white guy on his street.  How sophisticated!  Will I ever be that “smart” and urbane?  Sadly, no!

    • Pandemonium

      “…make Al Sharpton’s hair curl!!!” 

      Now that’s rich! 🙂

  • sbuffalonative

    These censored reports by both the police and the media are all to common and all to frequent to be anything but deliberate.

    The question we need to start asking the police and the media is ‘who directed you to report crimes as you do’.

    I strongly suspect the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and other groups are telling the police and the media how to report such crimes.

    I have no doubt that every newspaper has a contact person with the SPLC and the ADL who both feeds them stories and consults with reports on how to report such crimes.

    Likewise, we all know the SPLC and the ADL provide training courses to the police and various law enforcement agencies.

    If you’re ever in a position to talk to a reporter or law enforcement about a race crime, ask them point-blank if they have contacted or been contacted by the SPLC or ADL in the course of their investigations. Ask them if they have received any training material or met with persons from the ADL or SPLC who advised them in any way.

    It’s time to call them out and expose their puppet masters.

  • When a news story doesn’t reveal the race of the perpetrator, you can safely assume that they’re black 99% of the time and their victims aren’t.

    I don’t know why they even bother when EVERYONE already knows this.  The only people who don’t are the ones who would refuse to admit it even if every other news story they read was about a savage black group attack on a lone white person.

  • tickyul

    That’s just how phony this country is. Just about any honest person with some common sense will admit that Urban Americans are a very poor fit for this country. But the PC propaganda makes THE TRUTH unspeakable.

  • ageofknowledge

    What good is a journalist if they refuse to honestly and accurately report the news?

    • george00

      Are there any journalists in this country?

      • Celestial_Time

        Very, very few actual journalists.

      • Pandemonium

        So-called journalists today in America are Propagandists.

        Someone above said “thank God” for the internet and I completely agree. 

        The internet is the ONLY way to get even close to the truth these days, and my fear is that the internet will be policed to the point that you will not even be able to get to the truth there. 

        When/if the SPLC gets its way, sites like this one will be systematically shut down. What then?

        Even using the internet, you have to do some searching and use discernment as there is so much erroneous stuff  “out there”. 

        “We have a problem, Houston.”

  • I for one, am very pleased to be an independent thinker and business owner in a very discriminating industry. I have to be careful how I couch my commentary, but I see many people are receiving it well. I will neither recant nor repent. This starts slow and builds. It has been building since the sixties, and now the pendulum will swing back. Its about time.

  • JohnEngelman

    Bureau of Justice Statistics
    Homicide Trends In The U.S.Trends by raceRacial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders… In 2005, offending rates for blacks were more than 7 times higher than the rates for whites.   

    Newspapers have an obligation to print the truth.

  • Celestial_Time

    The dilemma from a morbid idealist point of view:

    If you knew the truth, and were able to make informed decisions based on that unfiltered truth, would you still allow me to lie to you?

  • A sad commentary on our current news media. It’s more important “not to give ammunition to White racists” than to alert the public to the facts of all the news, and to who they should be leery about out on the street. As a retired newspaperman with almost 40 years’ service, I can testify that most reporters are hopeless White liberals who wouldn’t believe anything bad about blacks if you could prove it to them beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt.

  •  20,000 whites let up 20 blacks beat them up
    and a Liberal MSM crud pops YOU ‘tude?

    no wonder whites are sheep

  • The__Bobster
  • anarchyst

    In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, a police “decoy” program was set up in the city of Detroit called STRESS (Stop The Roberies, Enjoy Safe Streets).   
    Police would disguise themselves as vulnerable old, white people and walk the streets, luring the criminal elements to what they perceived as “easy pickin’s” . . .
    The program was quite successful, dispatching much of the criminal element to the “great hereafter” . . .
    Coleman Young, Detroit’s first black mayor, made the abolition of the STRESS program his number one campaign priority.  Of course, the STRESS program had to be disbanded as “his people” were the ones being neutralized.  The streets were once again “safe” for the criminal elements . . .
    Coleman Young destroyed Detroit by marginalizing white citizens and blaming them (us) for everything wrong with Detroit . . .
    Forty years later, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick resigned after criminal activity by him and his cronies was exposed. . .
    Just like Washington DC’s Marion Berry, Kwame Kilpatrick would be re-elected (if he were permitted to run for mayor)  by “his people” . . .

  • Anonymous

    If these self-loathing white males are past the age of 30, don’t waste your time.  If they are aging baby boomers that still think like they did when they were hippies in their younger days, excuse yourself and don’t waste even half a second with them.  They are beyond repair at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Even a white friend of mine who is a teacher concurred with me.  They were too afraid to say it.  I said, “Everytime I see a group of young black males I’m uncomfortable” and I’m at a good height and in good shape.   I also pointed out you are safer being around young asian males or hispanic males than you are black males.  At least the asians won’t beat you up or rob you or taunt you because of your race.  Blacks always do when there are more able-bodied blacks than there are able-bodied nonblack males around. 

  • I clicked on that link and got a Kodak picture gallery. Is the link correct?

  • Pandemonium

    I don’t think we have the time to change one mind at a time that may take “years”. 

  • Pandemonium

    Maybe the reporter is also “seeing a black guy”.

  • Pandemonium

    I think you are exactly right! If the economy continues its downward spiral and the food stamps, etc. stop or are dramatically reduced, brace for massive civil unrest and the consequent response. That response is unpredictable since there are so many stress fractures in our society.

    Regardless of how it breaks, we need to be prepared to move in any direction that will benefit us (Whites) the most. 

    These developments could be a great opportunity for us. We shall see.

  • frank

     ii was born and raised in Belleville, N.J. that is the town just north of Newark. it is almost impossible to own a gun there , that is in the whole state so you can not protect yourself from these people. I still have family there. But I will not enter that state ever again.

    Some of my family live in east PA. And I always encourage any family members to have our  meetings take place there.

    I am a productive person and have my own company that has employed 14 people. New Jersey lost me and my productivity. that is why the state is broke these policies of p.c. will be the down fall of the whole country.