Justice Dept. Plans to Sue Arizona Sheriff Arpaio

Walter Berry, ABC News, May 10, 2012

Federal authorities said Wednesday that they plan to sue Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and his office over allegations of civil rights violations, including the racial profiling of Latinos.

The U.S. Justice Department has been seeking an agreement requiring Arpaio’s office to train officers in how to make constitutional traffic stops, collect data on people arrested in traffic stops and reach out to Latinos to assure them that the department is there to also protect them.

Arpaio has denied the racial profiling allegations and has claimed that allowing a court monitor would mean that every policy decision would have to be cleared through an observer and would nullify his authority.

DOJ officials told a lawyer for Arpaio on April 3 that the lawman’s refusal of a court-appointed monitor was a deal-breaker that would end settlement negotiations and result in a federal lawsuit.

The “notice of intent to file civil action” came Wednesday from Assistant U.S. Attorney General Thomas Perez in a letter to an Arpaio lawyer.


At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Arpaio defended himself in the face of the pending lawsuit.

“If they sue, we’ll go to court. And then we’ll find out the real story,” he said. “There’s lots of miscommunication emanating from Washington. They broke off communications.

“They’re telling me how to run my organization. I’d like to get this resolved, but I’m not going to give up my authority to the federal government. It’s as simple as that,” Arpaio added.


Separate from the civil rights probe, a federal grand jury has been investigating Arpaio’s office on criminal abuse-of-power allegations since at least December 2009. That grand jury is examining the investigative work of the sheriff’s anti-public corruption squad.


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  • “Latinos” can be as white as snow and as black as coal.  What an absolute joke!  Oh don’t get me wrong,  we all know EXACTLY who is being stopped and why.   It’s funny (in a pathetic sort of way), having a Photo I.D. to drive a car IS NOT racist but having a Photo I.D. to VOTE IS!!  Every time I’ve been stopped by the police, I have had to “show my papers.”  Did I freak out?  No of course not, but then again I actually HAD the necessary papers!

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       When I lived and worked in Europe, I drove all over Europe in 14 countries in fact.  I got stopped once in a while and had to show my “papers” which included my passport, my international drivers license and my insurance.  Because of gun running to the Balkans, I got my car inspected a couple times.  If you are innocent it is just a slight inconvenience.  Sometimes I know I got stopped because my license plate designated me as a foreign resident of the country I was living in.  I always was pleasant to the police and tried to speak to them in their languages (that was fun to me).  It was only a little scary on the Croatian/Bosnian border in 1997.

    • This might be a little off topic, however, it does tie in with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

      Just got this link from a friend.

      Tax refunds for illegals claiming dependents that live in Mexico. LARGE REFUNDS.


  • Pandemonium

    Where do I send a donation to help Arpaio? 

    Since when is enforcing the law illegal?


    • mikejones91

      Enforcing the law is illegal when those your enforcing it against are illegal. Makes A LOT of sense doesn’t it?

  • Woody Woodpecker

    It would be great if  Sheriff Joe and Gov. Brewer  could find a way to get Holder down to Arizona, and arrest him on weapons charges for “fast & furious”.

    I know it won’t happen, but it would be great if it did.

    • Anan7

      Hopefully Mr. Issa will get Mr. Holder in prison for perjuring himself.

      •  Unfortunately, the only way one can go to Federal prison is to be convicted of a Federal crime, which must begin with a Federal prosecutor empaneling a grand jury.  All the Federal prosecutors work for Eric Holder until he’s no longer USAG.  Issa could issue a Contempt of Congress, but Holder could order the law enforcement agents under his jurisdiction not to enforce it against him.

        • Anan7

          From what I’ve heard, American prosecutors are a protected class of individuals (even more so than the precious minorities).  They can do no wrong, and like you say, no American prosecutor would ever dare accuse another in this special fraternity.

      • Up to my neck in CA

        If that happens Obama will just pardon him when he is shown the door in November… along with any other radicals that serve his cause.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Whiteness: the God given urge to Whites Only Whiteness.

    DOJ: the hatred of Whiteness.

  • Holder belongs in a prison cell over his gun running to Mexico. And not in some lush federal  playpen.

    • Anan7

      I’ve written my Representative to have Mr. Holder ignominiously hurled from office.  Unfortunately it looks like nothing came of it.

      Tribalism is very important.  That is, you look out for your own race before the other races.  It’s perfectly natural, and there is nothing wrong with it.  It’s why blacks and Whites belong in separate nation-states.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    mark levin did the whole first half of his show on this tonight free rebroadcast at his website with no commrcials

    •  Ignore the knave in question.  Yeah, he might be right about Arpaio and Holder, but that’s nothing more than a broken clock being right twice a day IMHO.  Someone who can still bear to listen to him tells me that even though Romney is the effective nominee, that the knave is still on an almost daily fit of hate and rage against Ron Paul.  That person told me that the knave went so far as to compare RP supporters taking advantage of various states’ sometimes obscure and complicated delegate apportionment rules to maximize the number of RP delegates to “Soviet style communism.”  And that’s supposed to be an expert on the Constitution.

  • Johnny Reb

    You know Arpaio is just loving this.  He loves sticking it to Holder, Sharpton and Obama . . . and he has a lot of white support.

    One interesting aspect of this case is that we’ve never heard any of the specifics.  Usually, the persecutor will leak some of the specific charges (“on this day, Deputy X did this to Jose . . . or Deputy Y did that to Pedro”).

    If they really had something, Arpaio would have been toast a long time ago.  But the lack of specifics tell me that the fed only has a lot of small allegations which they believe show a “pattern.”  That’s  pretty flimsy.

    Just do it, already, Holder.    Walk the walk.   Challenge Arpaio to another OK Corral.

  • Will Eric Holder sue the unknown number of DEA agents who left someone in a small jail cell without a toilet or faucet for five days?  (San Diego)  It will be a miracle if any DEA agents are fired for this.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Let’s hope is backfires on Eric (my people) Holder.

  • This abamanation is being seen by the leftist/communist/minority anti-white groups as just a step forward to either enslaving us or eliminating traditional America. The corrupting of law enforcement, along with our military was one of the strategies determined by the Comintern back in the 1920s. All that they thought to use against Western countries has come to pass. The onslaught being released towards Sheriff Arpaio is against the backdrop of no protection for white people from black mobs, New Black Panther Party poll intimidation, and many other vagaries directed at white, traditional America. Make no mistake about it, worse is yet to come. Obama, Eric Holder, and all the rest of the criminal left believe they have a green light to destroy the founding principles. Perhaps they do. The attack on Arpaio is designed to chill any further activity by a minority of this nation’s sheriffs to reclaim our Constitutional rights. Of course we could all just go back to watching Dancing With the Stars and the other nonsense swill designed to lull the masses asleep while final preparations are made to snuff out what is left of America.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    There is no best place to put it, so I will put it here.  I just now saw a “Ion TV” show (surfed into it) where a young woman was lured into a home and taken in by a kindly white woman and shown by one of her adopted wards to the basement where all the other kids meet.  What was going on there was a highly stereotyped white power meeting.  When the young male speaker finished with all the very relevant concerns that young whites have, he proclaimed that the answer of course is to rise up and take power from the blacks and Jews, and liberals, while he pulled off his sweater, revealing a red shirt with a swastika within a white circle. 

    It was a reminiscent for a police interview where “white supremacists” were involved in crime. It is still on the air, so I will go to finish watching it and report.   The media is seeking to preempt any move any whites make by telling horror stories like this to young audiences.  It illustrates why white realists need to disassociate themselves with Nazism and the main symbol, as well as it’s less helpful ideas, like Jews responsible for everything wrong under the sun.  I think Jews would relax and see themselves as whites first (the ones who are) if they weren’t being put on notice constantly by idiots with dreams of a second coming of Hitler.

    More later….

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    This man, Arpaio has some guts.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    We’re in for a rotation of weekly attacks by the 0bama regimen.  First was the Republicans’ “war on women”, followed by the “war on gays”, this week’s attraction, the “war on Hispanics.”

    Joe Arpaio has called out this administration for their hypocrisy and corruption:

    Clean your own house, Eric Holder, before you come trying to clean mine, Arpaio said.  This is a coordinated effort directed from the White House to deflect attention from Eric Holder’s failure to cooperate in the congressional investigation into Fast and Furious.

    I won’t surrender, Arpaio insisted, referring to the Justice Department’s demand to put federal monitors within the MCSO. I intend to fight back.

    The DOJ should be called out for persecuting law enforcement instead of criminals:

    Voter intimidation of Whites by black thugs at a polling venue:  No case.

    Bounty openly placed on a private citizen:  No case.

    Gun running to drug cartels in Mexico:  Holder cover up, lying, stalling, blaming others.

    Arizona passes immigration law mirroring federal law:  DOJ sues Arizona sheriff for upholding law.

    Romney should announce that he will appoint Joe Arpaio as head of the DOJ when he’s elected.


  • ageofknowledge

    The Justice Department plans to sue Arizona Sheriff Arpaio… instead of doing their job.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    More pressure on a true American to make him retire to make room for a wise latino to become Sheriff and save the day for Arizona.

    Go Joe!!!
    “They’re telling me how to run my organization. I’d like to get this resolved, but I’m not going to give up my authority to the federal government. It’s as simple as that,” Arpaio added.”

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Sheriff Joe and Jan Brewer are combing the desert for illegals!! — and for the likes of holder and any other federal officials who deign to trespass in Arizona.


  • regkeane

     Why doesn’t amren get in touch with Joe and help him set up a fund that we can donate to. I have £1000 set aside for this brave man.

  • slobotnavich

    Since Holder is the one bringing this suit I have to doubt that it has merit.  On the other hand, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.  Arpaio is nothing more than a thuggish grandstanding A-hole, who may have some appeal to similarly-minded a-holes in Arizona.

    I’m all for law and order and swift and serious justice, but Arpaio’s infantile behavior, and that of his infamous deputies, are a serious insult to all dedicated law-enforcement people everywhere.

  • anarchyst

    What sheriff Joe Arpaio needs to do is to arrest ANY federal official that is “trespassing” in Arizona.  I’ll bet that the response he gets from the feds would be WAY different . . .

  • patriotdad76

    When someone does the right thing, they make enemies.

    And their biggest enemies, are the biggest criminals.