Black Women and Fat

Alice Randall, New York Times, May 5, 2012

Four out of five black women are seriously overweight. One out of four middle-aged black women has diabetes. With $174 billion a year spent on diabetes-related illness in America and obesity quickly overtaking smoking as a cause of cancer deaths, it is past time to try something new.

What we need is a body-culture revolution in black America. Why? Because too many experts who are involved in the discussion of obesity don’t understand something crucial about black women and fat: many black women are fat because we want to be.

The black poet Lucille Clifton’s 1987 poem “Homage to My Hips” begins with the boast, “These hips are big hips.” She establishes big black hips as something a woman would want to have and a man would desire. She wasn’t the first or the only one to reflect this community knowledge. {snip}


How many white girls in the ‘60s grew up praying for fat thighs? I know I did. I asked God to give me big thighs like my dancing teacher, Diane. There was no way I wanted to look like Twiggy, the white model whose boy-like build was the dream of white girls. Not with Joe Tex ringing in my ears.

How many middle-aged white women fear their husbands will find them less attractive if their weight drops to less than 200 pounds? I have yet to meet one.

But I know many black women whose sane, handsome, successful husbands worry when their women start losing weight. My lawyer husband is one.


And it’s not only aesthetics that make black fat different. It’s politics too. To get a quick introduction to the politics of black fat, I recommend Andrea Elizabeth Shaw’s provocative book “The Embodiment of Disobedience: Fat Black Women’s Unruly Political Bodies.” Ms. Shaw argues that the fat black woman’s body “functions as a site of resistance to both gendered and racialized oppression.” By contextualizing fatness within the African diaspora, she invites us to notice that the fat black woman can be a rounded opposite of the fit black slave, that the fatness of black women has often functioned as both explicit political statement and active political resistance.


We have to change. Black women especially. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, blacks have 51 percent higher obesity rates than whites do. We’ve got to do better. I’ve weighed more than 200 pounds. Now I weigh less. It will always be a battle.



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  • It will always be a battle to find enough money to pay for the medicine to treat your fat ass!

  • mikejones91

    Black men and White men have different definitions of “Thick” and “Fat”. I LOVE “Thick” white girls. Everyone does. Thick toned thighs, nice toned legs, followed by toothpick ankles, brought to you by god. That’s one thing black girls RARELY have. That body type. Their either too skinny, or way to fat. A thick white girl to a white man is a toothpick to a black man. A fat white girl too a white man is “thick”, or just right to a black man. Who are we to tell them what looks good? I’m certainly not getting with black women so why should I give a crap? Let the black men have them! Then again, I do pay for their health care don’t I? Hmm, I should care. 

    • Woody Woodpecker

      Everyone does?
      Why would you think that?
      Some of us prefer them petite.

      • mikejones91

        I didn’t say prefer. I said love. I love thick women, thin women, medium girls, all of them. That’s what is so beautiful, that we have so much choice! Hell, I saw a demotivator image on google images that read “Thick White Women, Black women go home and don’t come back”. HAHA. Enough said. IEveryone has preference. My preferences just fluctuate. Some nights when I go out, I look for a “thicker” girl, than other nights I look for a tiny girl. 

        • Woody Woodpecker

          I’m not sure I said “prefer” either.
          I thought I said “like ’em petite”.
          Maybe the moderator that that was too risque?
          Or maybe I am just going senile.
          Anyway, too each his own.
          I can see your point though.
          Maybe the bigger girls would be more fun at times,
          like at a steak house or a barbecue joint or something like that.

          • StivD

            Just as  a personal preference I like chubby women. I hate that they are classified as a problem along with truly extremely fat women.  They’re obviously healthy and also have much better attitudes in my experience.

    •  My standard of beauty, both facial & bodily, is Greta Garbo.
      Even Marilyn Monroe is a fatso, not to speak of others …

      • mikejones91

        Monroe a fatso? Oh my god, that’s crazy. But that is YOUR preference. Damn. Marilyn, IMO, has the perfect body type. She could gain 1o lbs and turn that stomach into a 6 pack and she would a god. Six packs on women are amazing. But not hardcore men 6 packs, just cute little girl 6 packs haha. A 6 pack with 8oz cans.

      • I prefer them a little more rounded, but not FAT. Like Adele, the young, fabulous singer from London. But why does she always wear black?! What she’s got should be shown, not hidden!

        •  But why does she always wear black?

          “Because black makes you look thinner than you are.” — My mother

        • vladdy1

          Excuse me for sounding ever-so-slightly PC (God forbid), but this thread is starting to make me feel like a package of beef in a butcher’s shop with a long line of customers discussing the product.

          However, since it’s my responsibility, I think I’ll just taketake leave and look at the next story.

          Continue on, boys., (And let me know when we get the white chicks version of this conversation. )  

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I know what you mean, but having grown up with three sisters, I know that women are often far worse than men in this way.

        • Adele????? OMG !!   Whatever floats your boat–tho i think having Adele on board would sink the darn thing. (BTW did yoiu know the “bad,bad man” she sings about in her famous songs was a non-white?? ha ha ha )

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         What are we to say of you, “four eyes.”  You guys are doing just what some of our white female posters complained about; you want women with standards of beauty that you cannot match yourselves.

        • radical7


    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      You are invited by the Church of Jed to begin your racial reconciliation and healing through RACIAL SOBRIETY.

      Clearly, if you are on AmRen, you must be a diseased racist, and just like alcoholics can’t being to heal from their disease until they are sober, you can’t being to heal until you are racially sober, or at least that’s what these race hustling Diver$ity Con$ultant$ would have your church believe.

    • Church_of_Jed

      “Alot of things were acceptable, until we stopped accepting it.”

      -“Rev.” Al $harpton, “Tax the rich,” MSNBC agitprop ad, 2012

      “The inversion of values is a hate crime against Western theology, philosophy, and art.  That so many of our own kin now accept the ugly while rejecting the beautiful, proves how the human mind is much too fragile and impressionable for its own good. We must find stronger ways to correct the behaviour and attitudes of those in the White community who embrace  the lies of Hell that pollute Heaven’s best intentions. We embrace the Love of the Beautiful, and we deserve better from White Humanity than we are getting.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “William Cowper Brann was right about the yellow bawd mulatto girls,” 2001


  • Francis Galton

    Here’s the cold, hard truth: black women don’t necessarily want to be fat, but rather they are RATIONALIZING their already blubbery, lumbering masses of flesh. Since blacks in general have much higher time preferences than Whites, they lack the self-discipline needed to lose body fat and keep it off; furthermore, they are actively hostile to Whites and any and all “White” standards of conduct and morality, and so “wanting” to be fat is yet another avenue for feeding their anti-White hostility and turning White standards upside down. Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s cacophonous single “Baby Got Back” encapsulates this perfectly.

    As a bit of self-disclosure, I should add that I am also overweight, but at least I don’t pretend that it’s desirable or attractive….

    • libertarian1234

      Her rationalization is based in a common black trait that is based in an illogical determination that all they have to do to create a better image of something they want people to change their views on is to lie about it.

      I see it often from the black talking heads on t.v.  They’ll sit in front of the camera disingenuously talking up something or someone,  offerring nothing but their bizarre concepts, and they fully expect to change opinions based on that.

      As just one example, Whoopie Goldberg, in an attempt to intimidate white people into not having a bad attitude about black male mobs,  said that “people” were racists if they get apprehensive when they see a group of black males heading their way on the same side of the street.

      I’m sure she thought her tactic would work, since she’s equipped with far less than a logical brain that has a problem with sound reasoning and common sense.

      She would be in full agreement with the above heavy black woman, and she would probably try to get whites to believe they were racists if they didn’t agree with her.

      Including blacks in a conversation about anything  justs dumbs down the discourse, and degenerates  any debate on the matter to a childish level.

      • Look up “ugly” in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Whoopi Goldberg.

    • sbuffalonative

      Spot on.

      I suspect many of them wish to be slender and therefore more attractive but few of them have the will-power to commit to live-changing habits of eating better and exercising.

      Thinness is also a ‘white thing’ which black women reject but is little more than, as you noted, rationalization.

      That said, there is also the genetic component. Africans evolved on subsistence hunting and gathering. Even with the revolution in agriculture thousands of years ago, Africans didn’t join the trend because of lack of foresight and learned skills. Their bodies have evolved to store fat and being in calorie-food rich white nations is the worst thing for their metabolism.  How many diets has Ophrah tried and yet she always ends up back where she started.

      Regardless, with the Affordable Care Act, you and I are going to be paying for their health care, once again, trying to get blacks to do what’s best for them. When has that ever worked?

      I hope that when the ACA kicks in and blacks are told that as a condition or heath care coverage that they have to change long-standing habits, blacks are going to cause a fuss.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Many of us whites also evolved to store fat due to 10,000 years of living on the Northern edge of Europe.  Those whose DNA favored storing fat were able to survive for long periods of time during famines when food was scarce and others were starving to death.

        • sbuffalonative

          Yes, I understand that. My point is that Europeans have had a longer experience with cultivating food while Africans didn’t seem to pick up on agriculture. The result is that Africans are (this is a supposition on my part) more prone to storing body fat since they have had less time to deal with a consistent diet based on agriculture and raising livestock.

          I  suspect that Africans aren’t used to European foods and food production and hence gain weight more easily eating European staples. There is simply too much high-calorie food available to Africans in western nations and their bodies have yet to catch up to whites.

          I’ve often wondered if there was a global catastrophe and food production ended. Would Africans with their propensity to live on substance diets survive while whites who are dependent on growing crops wouldn’t? 

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             WEll, at the rate they are killing off endangered species and consuming bush meat in Africa now, they will have to do it through cannibalism later on.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        I usually agree with you, but not this time.  I already commented to you on ACA, but I want to address the notion that white nations adapted a less fatty diet, etc.  Not true unless you are talking about the last few decades and then in Europe, hardly at all.  The main difference is that in tropical zones, living is easier, food remained more easily gathered.  This is one reason for the now understood lack of IQ capacity development in Sub Saharan Africa.  The Whites and Asians living in the temperate zones had to live through harsher conditions.  They had to plan for survival, it’s as simple as that.  Good factual reads on this are, “Before the Dawn” and “The 10,000 Year Explosion.”

        Your last paragraph makes a good point.  But this is good reason to be against it, not the untrue notion that we would be paying more than we are now for their unhealthy lifestyles – or at all.

        BTW, another reason to be against ACA is that it contains conditions regarding the funding of medical schools. Those that demonstrate more “Diversity” will receive the most support.

  • Anon

    I’ve weighed more than 200 pounds. Now I weigh less.

    I’ve seen a picture of this author, and I’d be surprised if she really does weigh less than 200 lbs.  I think we’re seeing a little “Afrocentric Math” in action…

    • IstvanIN

      Could it be 200 “metric” pounds?

  • Marc B.

     “Not with Joe Tex ringing in my ears.”

    I wonder if she also feels obligated to eat chicken at every meal since Joe Tex has so much influence over her.

  • sbuffalonative

    If they want to be fat, that’s fine with me. What’s not fine with me is the Affordable Care Act.

    These chunky women are all going to be declared obese and you and I are going to pay for their health care.

    I work with a black woman who has asthma. She has been out of work for asthma three times since I’ve been there, the third time for a week which began with her being taken to the hospital.

    Here’s the kicker. She smokes. She hasn’t done anything to change her life habits even after this medical emergency.

    Multiply her by the thousands of other people with self-inflicted chronic diseases and you can calculate the amount of money we healthy people are going to be paying into the system to give to people who won’t take care of themselves.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       We pay for them one way or another.  High private insurance premiums result from uncollected fees from utilizers who are non-payers in general.  Profit taking health care investment corps have to have their profits in there too.  Affordable Care Act is a bad legislation, but not for the reasons you list.

      And remember, you will not be a healthy person forever.

  • Anonymous

    “many black women whose sane, handsome, successful husbands”
    Not even remotely believable. Only response is to laugh

    •  Since when is it an accomplishment for a woman to have a sane husband?

      Let me ask this another way:  Are there so many insane black husbands that the NYT has to draw the distinction?

    • mikejones91

      Yeah, their either with white women or black women who try their best to look white. Nose job, skin lightening. The works. White women are universally beautiful. Aliens would prefer them!

      • pc must go

         Sorry, Mike, going too far… Plenty of ugly, dumpy whites…we’re not all models. All races have their lookers…

        • radical7

          I concur.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Can’t agree.  Black women only look  a little better if they are mixed and have non-black features and lighter skin.

        • StivD

          I agree

          A good idea would be to see whites as white first and their looks second; it should never factor into whether they belong in the race or not. Un believable.

        • mikejones91

          Oh of course, I know that. I just mean the beautiful white women/girls. Lets be honest, their are TONS of them. Every time I go out, that’s what I see. Beautiful white women/girls. I live in an area that’s 40% black too. Restaurants, Walking around, especially the mall. I realize we have more people so obviously we will have more beautiful women but if you gave me 3 random white girls, and 3 random  black girls, I’m sure the 3 white girls would look better.

    • Francis Galton

      Hey, Anonymous, don’t be so RAYCISS!  You know and I know that even though we’re all “equal,” we must nonetheless judge different cultures by their OWN cultural standards!  Here they are in a nutshell:

      Black cultural standard of:

      Sanity = has never murdered anyone AND has not “chimped-out” on or otherwise committed aggravated assault against anyone in the past month.

      Handsome = skin color lighter than a Sharpie, full set of teeth, AND less than 300 pounds.

      Successful = has worked at a legitimate job for at least 6 months in a rolling 12-month period.

      I hope I’ve cleared up any misunderstandings! 

  • Church_of_Jed

    “It’s a Diversity thing. We can’t understand it, and don’t want to. We just want to get as far away from it as fast as possible.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “The social evils of integration and Diversity, 1996

  • Ms. Shaw argues that the fat black woman’s body “functions as a site of
    resistance to both gendered and racialized oppression.” By
    contextualizing fatness within the African diaspora, she invites us to
    notice that the fat black woman can be a rounded opposite of the fit
    black slave, that the fatness of black women has often functioned as
    both explicit political statement and active political resistance.

    Now I get it.  The black women eating the “food” out of a clown’s head aren’t being gluttonous, they’re getting over on the man and engaging in protest.  I guess that’s the way to fight the power, by being twice as heavy as the power, and live 15 fewer years.

  • The author belongs to the intellectual class of blacks.  The successful ones with high paying jobs and beautiful families.  You know, the kind we see in the movies.  

    In real life, I guess most are journalist or lawyers, live in New York, and when not writing articles about their “blackness”, they’re making political statements with their diabetes.   This shows the disconnect these black intellectuals have with the actual black community.  The black women I have worked with over the years are fat because they can’t control their diets.  They drink big gulps and eat snack cakes for breakfast.  For lunch, always going out with the girls.  In between hitting  up the machine for a candy bar or two.  Lord knows what they eat when they go home.   Throwing down a bag of flaming hot cheetos after a meeting is not a political statement…

    • Southern__Hoosier

       Let’s not forget that good southern  soul food with lots of lard and fat back.  Makes my mouth water and my arteries harden, just thinking about it.

  • IstvanIN

    This entire paragraph is so true.

  • Oil Can Harry

    This is off-topic but I’ve been watching T. J. Hooker reruns for the last three months and I’m surprised at how good it was.

    I saw the first season 30 years ago when I was in high school but didn’t know the later seasons were so dark and violent. Definitely a program ahead of its time.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Once again, we are reminded of the genius and talent of Bill Shatner.  Alas, another of my favorite Jews who is not one of the 5%.

      “And . . . I . . .repeat . . .that . . .we . . .are . . .”

      • Jews are what got us into this mess

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight


        ” Jews are what got us into this mess”

        Have you ever wondered if our historical treatment of Jews got us into this mess?  Or do you think single demensionally?

  • splitsing

    Any coincidence that black women fall to the lowest rung–by far, statistically–with regard to attractiveness, modeling jobs, beauty magazines, ideals of beauty etc…? 

    For me, personally, black women look like very manly or man-ish.  

    • IstvanIN

      Very, very true.  Their faces are even frequently more “square” like a man’s than other women’s faces.

    • mikejones91

      Yeah, there is no way around that. You can’t argue with people on beauty because the truth is VERY inconvenient . I’m not gonna say white women are the most beautiful, cause that would be ignorant, but they are too me. But I can say black women are certainly on the bottom. Its like this…If a black man had a choice to alter the genetic make up of black women and change it so they had noses that weren’t so wide, and had soft, volumized hair like that of a white women, they would. They just would. Anyone would. But NO BLACK MAN would EVER admit that. Think of that logic, and try to tell me otherwise lol. If you were to say that to some “proud black woman” (I’m independent, I pay my own rent, I don’t need NO man to make me feel good, TYPE) Her head would explode. Along with the weave she put on when she left the house. I hate to harp but black women really are just less attractive. You ever notice on a humid day, ALL the black women wear durags so their hair don’t get all jacked up haha. Who wants that?

      • splitsing

         Black women smell bad to me.  Like, I avoid black women in public, but if I have to be near them paying for gas etc… I always notice the funky smell.  There is no way I could bed one.  I think clearly white women are the most beautiful as  does the world at large.  And tons of white men love womanly, full figures, it’s just got to be proportional.

        On the other hand, I think black males are very animalistic.  I have had popups come up that depicted interracial pornography and it was highly offensive to me but beyond that seemed to play on bestiality and rape themes rather than true, Western notions of romantic love.  Miscegenation is akin to bestiality.

        I’ll never forget the time I was walking in Paris, France and was approached by a large, black male-to-female transvestite prostitute.  No kidding, I actually vomited on the metro after a confrontation with this thing.

      • Beloved Comrade

        “I’m not gonna say white women are the most beautiful, cause that would be ignorant, but they are too me.”

        No, it is NOT ignorant.  

        Whites are the only race to produce blond, red, brown, grey and black hair and blue, green, hazel, grey and brown eyes.  All other races are the same with monochromatic hair and eye color.

        All other races, including obese blacks, rattle on and on about their people being the most beautiful, sexy and desirable on the face of the earth, yet ALL of them fall all over themselves buying skin lightening creams, hair straightening products and colored contact lenses.  In Asia, surgery to make eyes and faces more “White” is all the rage.  These people are torturing themselves to look more White.  I know of not a single White who is trying to make him or herself look more Asian, Black or Hispanic.

        Whites are the most beautiful race on earth,  it’s far past time to acknowledge it and be proud .

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           And to protect ourselves from those who would (are) devour us for it.

        • mikejones91

          Trust me, I am VERY proud of this. All of these wonderful qualities make me appreciate women (WHITE) in ways most men NEVER will. It is ignorant though to say they are the most beautiful without a doubt. Why? Because I can NOT speak for every man. Preference is preference. Who am I to tell others what their preference should be? Now don’t get me wrong, 99% black women disgust me. Their smell, faces, nose, voice, ect,ect  but that doesn’t mean OTHER men find them attractive. You see what I am saying?

  • Johnny Reb

    Notice the missing word?    It’s RACE.
    Fact:   Racial and ethnic minority groups are disproportionately affected by diabetes with blacks having diabetes at TWICE the rate of humans.  Their rate of diabetes is 14.7% (non-hispanic blacks, CDC data).  Blacks also have more eye damage, kidney failure and limb amputations as a result of diabetes than any other group.

    Fact:  On average 23% of whites are obese compared to 36% of blacks.  Blacks have the highest rate of obesity.  (CDC data.)

    Why?  No 100% answer but all of the following have been suggested:

    1)  Less Vitamin D from sunlight because of black skin affects liver function

    2)  Genetics – bad genes

    3)  Genetics – the black has not adapted to non-jungle, European diet

    4)  Blacks carry more body fat in the upper body which leads to higher incidence of Type II diabetes

    Here’s the point.  Black women are more obese but it’s not just cultural or becaue “they want to be.”

    Just like they’re not black “because they want to be” . . . it’s mostly genetic.  We’re not all the same. 

    Race matters. 

    It’s worth repeating:  RACE MATTERS!

    • pc must go

       Sorry, fatness and ignorance plays a huge roll in their diabetes. They get twice as much diabetes as whites because they are twice as likely to be fat… They don’t care/learn enough about their illness once they get it to manage it.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Did you mean role?  Or roll (as in rolls of fat), hee, hee.

  • haroldcrews

    Actually I think part of it originates in Africa.  If I’m not mistaken there are some African tribes whose vision of feminine beauty is a large set of hips.  Women in those tribes will go so far as to wrap layers of cloth around their hips in order to appear larger.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    “…. fat black woman can be a rounded opposite of the fit black slave,”

    Just one more example of the slave mentality that Blacks have. If they still didn’t see themselves as slaves, why would they feel the need to try and prove they aren’t?

    As Shakespeare would say “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  • ricpic

    I could care less about these fat monsters. Who do you think teaches the mugger who will mug you – or your wife, daughter, mother, father, son, best friend, niece, nephew, cousins – to hate whitey? They do. Big fat black women raise the next generation of muggers to get whitey. That is the ONLY thing they represent to me. They inculcate the hate. See them as your enemy and nothing but. Wise up.  

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I agree.  The best thing we could do is make sure they keep getting free food and lots of coupons for McDonald’s.

  • tickyul

    LOL, the Williams sisters look like Mike Tyson with a Wig….not my cup of tea.

  • slobotnavich

    It hardly takes a great deal of thoughtful analysis to figure out why blacks are often grossly obese.  The simple fact is that they lack self-discipline.  And when food is free to them, through food stamps, they overeat.

  • mikejones91

    Well put! Are you actually Jewish? I’m not an anti-Semite or anything, you just don’t find many Jews discussing things like this. Racial matters that is.

    • pc must go

       I am half jewish, Mike… I would beg to differ. Most Jews live in inner cities and are more aware of these things, + lack as much white guilt, because our Ellis Island ancestors arrived after slavery was banned, hence our resentment at being blamed for it.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      My unofficial survey has led me into contact with three types of Jews:

      1) Typical liberals – 75%
      2) Neocons (anything for Israel) who are fiercely anti-racist – 20%
      3) Race-aware conservatives – < 5%

      Guess who my friends are?

      As an aside, we find just about the same percentage of blacks (5%) who are conservative, and usually decent enough.

      We sure do have to go through barrels of rotten apples to find some good ones.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         We’d have more Jews among us if white conservatives didn’t constantly demonstrate what they’d do to Jews if they were in charge again.  We could have the best allies possible, because most American Jews are whites, but we continually defeat it with idiotic and fact-void, 14th century “Jews as well-poisoner killers of Christ” mentality.

        I  disagree with your percentage estimates.  I have known a lot of conservative Jews.  Most business owning Jews are conservatives politically.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Fair enough, FKWP.  My experiences are certainly not scientific.  That said, I’ve read that about 75% of Jews self-identify and vote as liberal Dems.  The other breakdown is absolutely anecdotal.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Well Sherman, that goes back to what I said about Jews not feeling very safe with the idea of being left alone with Christian Whites.  Historically, they have caused them the most harm.  If we could moderate ourselves now, I am convinced many more of them would turn to defensive, white views.

        • Beloved Comrade

          Put up an example of white conservatives “constantly” demonstrating what they’d do to Jews if they were in charge again.

          It is White-hating Jewish dominated organizations such as the ADL and SPLC that work fervently against White Rights and deny Whites the RIGHT to organize along ethnic lines.  They whole-heartedly support flooding White homelands with non-Whites while demanding Israel remain a 100% Jewish state. Look into the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act and who was behind it, who supported it and paid for it.

          Let me ask you this:  Am I, as a White, allowed to join Jewish ethno-centric groups such as the ADL?  Why not, if Jews are White as you claim?  Would they let me into Israel after the U.S. is completely ruined?  Why not if we’re all White?What you’ve written is 100% wrong and patently false.

          No one believes in “Jews as well-poisoners/killers of Christ.”

  • eunometic

    I spent a lot of time working on mines in Africa.  It’s clear that my Black chaufers generally prefered them big.

  • pc must go

     Heather Locklear has Native American and apparently even black American ancestry (read up on Lumbee Indians- she is one of them).

    •  The killers of Michael Jordan’s father were part Lumbee Indian.

    • Never mind, she was a good chick (now broad). Besides, everyone White in the US has some Indian ancestry:

      I would also like to note a couple more things. First, I find it
      curious that, at least from my experience, they usually use a low
      fraction like “I’m 1/8 Cherokee”. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.
      It’s like saying, “I’m not boring and generic, I’m ‘mystical’ and have a
      ‘savage’ side, but, not too much, I’m still white.”

      Finally, does anyone else feel that this trend is much stronger in white women?

      • Of course, this is a fad among spoiled libtards.

        “Also a bit surprising is that more than two-thirds of Native Americans are Protestants,”

        Maybe more than 2/3’s of those who identify as Native Am. are also more than 2/3’s white themselves.

        What percentage of people who identify as Native American are actually at least 51% Native American?

        Very relevant point. Nearly 5% of GSS respondents self-described
        their ethnicity as Native American, far higher than the 1% or so of the
        total US population the Census lists as being Native Americans of only
        one race. There are probably some people with a Cherokee great
        grandmother who are telling GSS interviewers they are ethnically Native
        American. Adds a nice mystical element to one’s constitution!

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         “Never mind, she was a good chick (now broad). Besides, everyone White in the US has some Indian ancestry: ”

        Patently untrue.  You ought to know that nothing is “always” or “never.”

        I have an ancestral line in North America starting from 1630 and 1756 that is well researched genealogically.  No Amerind input.  We also know where there was some in related lines.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       This of course, obeying the “One Drop Rule.”  The records I read on them years ago said that most of them were in fact displaced early English settlers left over from the disaster at Jamestown and perhaps Roanoke.

      • vladdy1

        “what else could she do”


    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I looked up data on the Lumbees and their story is pretty political.  The other thing I learned is that there is no factual link for Heather Locklear being Lumbee.  It looks like there would be no way to genetically prove if anyone was Lumbee or not.  Lumbees look to be Amerind wannabes.  They look  mostly like any other local white people in the area with a few exceptions.  The dancers I saw in the film clips looked like Mexicans recruited in order to make it look more like traditional Indians dancing.  I found no reference to her being African American.  The claims about HL are very contrived.  Controversial claims, certainly.  She seems to just ignore it all.

      There’s a point where whites being subjected to these whiteness debunking attempts ought to start suing for defamation.

      Here is a quote from a webpage about the validity and recognition of the tribe;

      “Sandy: The Lumbees are not (federally) recognized and they are extremely mixed. Many Indians do not consider them native at all. And many do not have any Native blood but married individuals with a minute amount There does not seem to be any distinct culture and no historical record. I have two Lumbee friends who are very much involved in the Native
      community and have been somewhat accepted. Most are not. “

  • Unperson

    “Four out of five black women are seriously overweight. One out of four
    middle-aged black women has diabetes. With $174 billion a year spent on
    diabetes-related illness in America and obesity quickly overtaking
    smoking as a cause of cancer deaths…”

    Maybe this is why Obama is so fixated on “giving” us socialized medicine — because da sistas is getting fat and giving themselves diabetes on the rich American diet. (And of course that American diet is inherently racist to blacks because it’s so different from their traditional African diet of gourds, insects and missionaries.)

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       “I smelled somethin’ cookin’ so ah, looked to see.  That’s when I noticed they wassa, cookin’ me!”

    • Gourds, insects and missionaries! I LOVE it!

  •  Not just black women.  Before the internet became the repository for answers to questions, I wondered how black men with dreadlocks and cornrows ever cleaned those things.  I had to ask a high school classmate a couple years after graduation how it was done, (a black man who wouldn’t have thought me condescending for asking), and he told me that dreads have to be washed with one’s fingers strand-by-strand, and cornrows, well, it was a convoluted thing involving specific kinds of hair nets and intricate mixes of shampoo and water, and special small brushes. Point was, he told me, either style takes a long time to wash, so most blacks with dreads or rows only wash their hair once every several days with shampoo.

    I just don’t see the point in having a head of hair that’s hard to clean.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       When I was 19 (1971), I worked at a Rexall Pharmacy for a while.  I learned there that the products blacks used were very different from whites.  “Afro-Sheen” was a popular product, and there was a special preparation for shaving that would burn a white man’s skin right off!

      • I remember black GIs I knew in the service using this “shaving powder,” which is what I think they called it. They would smear it on their faces, then they could shave with a table knife. I’d grow a beard down to m waist before I’d use anything THAT harsh!

  • “It will always be a battle.”

    Yes, every night is like fighting in the trenches in WW2 when I debate whether or not to order out pizza.

    What a laugh.

    • Kurt Plummer

      Uhhhhh, trenches generally connote WWI.  WWII, while it certainly had fixed/improved fighting positions was more often defined as a mechanized conflict of massed maneuver.

      Pizza is actually a great homeless/college food because it can be stored at room temperature for a week, the grease in fact inhibiting bacterial growth, before microwaving back to original tenderness.  Frozen, it lasts for up to 2-3 months if the air is pressed out and a gallon sized ziploc can be reused almost infinitely as both storage and heating container while keeping bugs at bay and remaining flexible enough to stuff into a duffle, even in combination with clean clothes or other sensitive material.

      With 12 slices, a large pizza runs about 12-14 dollars and so you can eat 24 pieces over the course of seven days for 27 dollars, delivered, for an average (three slices) daily serving cost of $3.38.  Which is in the range of frozen dinners with a LOT fewer calories and a requirement for a microwave which is often not available to the chronically poor or indigent.

      Speaking of which, pizza is very ‘sticks to you’ filling which is useful if you are stuck far away from a public toilet and/or eating only once per day because your body tortures you with the need to fill your belly and the ache doesn’t go away with a single meal unless it’s big enough to let you sleep.  You don’t want to get bound up with the cheee or diarhetic with the grease but a good regimen of physical exercise (walking) largely keeps these at bay.

      If you have to survive on what is specific to your environment, (i.e. there are no Family Dollar stores with dollar-per-can chili or vegetables nor churches with free weekly food banks) Pizza Hut can be a life saver.

      It kept me alive through a winter of sub-10` nights.

      Point being, I was one of the first ones to raise the BS alert on black women wanting to look fat rather than like pre-baby Halle Berry in a related posting.

      Nobody wants to be less than what their racial ideal is and excess fat is a sign of ill health in the proportions obese people take it to, not least because the supposed ‘ripeness’ of fecundity it advertises actually supresses fertility and adds a great deal of complications to the mother whose blood volume and kidney stresses are already greater than normal.

      Toss in some epigenetics factoring on developmental processes in the fetus and you can also retard brain function and set yourself -and- your kid up to be cancer ridden, later in life.  Simply by the types of diet your body has ‘endured’ earlier on (the proof testing for which was done in Sweden with very good generational tracking).

      • MikeofAges

         In San Francisco, and I imagine in other city as well, someone leaves the extra pizza out on the ledges of buildings at night to feed the homeless. Good survival manual!

        Roseanne Barr Arnold, the comedian and actress and her character, Roseanne, made obesity a weapon in the battle against patriarchal oppression. Fight fire with fire. LOL.

  • Blacks, especially black women, have a distored sense of self perception, combined with a grandoise sense of self. It amounts to fatties thinking they are all that.

  • MikeofAges

     If there actually were any fat people in traditional Africa. Or anywhere in the neolithic world. In traditional society, “fat” might have meant 12 pounds heavier than the girl in the next hut.

  • WhitesRdumb

    There can be no doubt that those FAT black women are lying to themselves, but how are they any different than the white imbeciles in this country that continue to lie to themselves about diversity and equality of all races. Even some of the whites here on Amren tell themselves they will somehow take back America (or England) from the third world scum that they gave their country to. I hear it all the time; “We can make America great again.” Yea right! Sure you can. Than why don’t you? Oh yea, you like being fat and overburdened with taxes.


    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       The difference is that the pressure for those whites to mouth and declare these things have long been social imperatives and even laws, backed by decades of propaganda, while obesity is more of a personal issue.  The trend today is to be PC and pretend that obese people are attractive, desirable, intelligent, etc.

      You’re right about one thing, though, whites will never “take America back.”  America is collapsing and there will soon be nothing to take back; there’s precious little now.   Whites need to look to how a future white nation would be created and maintained.

      • StivD

        There is very little PC trend to declare obese people as beautiful. You’re lying or living in your own imagination. There is only the slightest beginning of a trend where people are a little more accepting of others who don’t fit a very narrow mold, and can’t do so thru diets or exercise, unless they want to stay on a figurative or literal treadmill 6 or more hours a day. Most people are NOT 100 pounds or more overweight no matter what the press wants you to believe. 

        Doctors are extremely blind to this and some deliberately so. They and you are stuck in one mode of thinking. This is as much mindless hysteria as anti-racism.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Oh, but there is.  First, let’s be clear, obese means overweight, morbidly obese means what many laypeople think of as just obese.  So 100 lbs or not, I wasn’t making a distinction.  The word obese has a bad sound, so PC has come up with other descriptions, but these remain the medical terms.

          I have heard or watched programs aimed at making heavier people (to put it PC) more acceptable for years.  Most tv shows feature one of more characters who are obese.  I think even Ophra Winfrey has done shows hammering people for not accepting obese people as normal.  There are even fashion shows featuring heavier models, etc., and beauty contests as well.

           This isn’t happening my imagination, and you ought to refrain  from calling people liars if you want to be taken seriously yourself.

          That’s what I said, not that obese people are accepted as more attractive, but that there has been pressure and actual work done to promote it as normal and acceptable, and create a perception of obese (as opposed to morbidly obese) as beautiful, but in other terms.  Whether it is working or not is another issue.  And whether the average woman feels that she has benefited from all that effort is not the issue either.

      • MikeofAges

        Take back what you can reasonably declare to be yours. North of the southern border of Pennsylania and a line drawn from the southwest corner of Pennsylvania to the Golden Gate. Easier to declare that your North American homeland than to demand the whole thing. Manifest destiny (aka “Sea to Shining Sea) was a flawed idea from day one, flawed due to the existence of Black African chattel slavery in the Southeast and existing Hispanic and Native civilizations in the Southwest.

        Starting thinking about how to defend the idea of the Northern tier as your North America homeland (with due respect to the First People) and you will see that it is a lot easier to hold the line both in argument and in fact.

        The Southeast is the North American homeland of both Southern Whites and African American. They have to work out how to live together and prosper themselves. Anglo California is an aberration of world history. The entire anglo Southwest may be as well.

        In between all of this lies an area I have given the ad hoc name of “Clintonia”. That is the broad belt predominantly occupied by the Appalachian type. It runs through Appalachia proper through the Ohio Valley into Arkansas, Missouri and north Texas.

        Around here, you can call things by their real names. It makes life a little easier sometimes.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          There is an awful lot to hash out in such theoretical presumptions of future geographic rights or existences.  The following statement of yours is based on misinformation;

          “Manifest destiny (aka “Sea to Shining Sea) was a flawed idea from day
          one, flawed due to the existence of Black African chattel slavery in the
          Southeast and existing Hispanic and Native civilizations in the

          I have been reading the details of the history of the southwest.  I grew up there, but I have in my possession several sources texts on the early history of the regions, especially California.  In CA case for example, it was the remotest part of the world in the 18-19th century.  It was the most remote outpost of the Spanish Empire and could not be reached by land from Mexico because the “civilizations’ of tribes, namely the Yuma and Apache tribes prevented passage.  During the Napoleonic Wars California was attacked by an Argentine ship that looted and burned the pueblos of Los Angeles, Monterey, and several other locations.  When Mexico gained its independence, it was immediately beset with internal strife and revolution.  They actually left California even more neglected.  In 1846 the non-Indian population of CA was ca 7,000.  Of that number, 1,000 were male (400 were Americans) and about 100 were literate.

          The “civilizations” in the Southwest you refer to are ones that were gone long before the first Spaniards arrived to look around.  In fact, the Clovis people (New Mexico ruins) have been increasingly linked to the mounting archeological evidence that they were Europeans who migrated during the Ice Age BEFORE the Asian arrived via the Bering Straights ice bridge.  Archeologists are finding evidence under the Atlantic Ocean where the land would have been exposed during the Ice Age.

          I am not an expert on Texas, but I have read up on some of it.  I don’t find any great Indian civilizations, but rather vicious tribes who engaged in raiding and human trade.  No great settlements existed.  Spanish Texas, while closer to Vera Cruz, Mexico City, was still a frontier.

          For these and more reasons, I don’t feel that whites need think of anything but their own people.  The so-called First Nations people is another political hoax that many whites have come to take as fact, when on the very face of the term it is obvious hyperbole.  If a national collapse occurred, the reservations that Amerinds occupy now would be in question and the struggle for land control would begin again.  It may be worked out easier in some places than others, but it there would be no rules and the most aggressive people would take the powerful positions as they always do when power and wealth (land) is up for grabs.

          Manifest Destiny was simply a political slogan for the inevitability of European expansion due to their being the people who broke through in every way, spreading civilization (with all its benefits and problems) to regions where stone age existence still was the rule.  Capitulating is the last thing anyone should do in respect to geographical location.  American Whites have a better right to any location within the U.S. than anyone else, regardless. 

          I am aware of Chittum’s theories, but I think he left a few considerations out, like the reaction of neighboring and distant nations for example.  If we cede California to what I have come to understand as a class of mostly Mexicans who are economic nomads, we provide an even better beachhead for China and Asia in general.  And eventually, they will come knocking on the door of “Clintonia.”

          (PS  In my understanding the Midwest from Pennsylvania to Colorado was heavily settled by Germans and Scandinavians, while the Appalachian types are better represented in the Southeast and Texas).

          • MikeofAges

            Right now, my discussion represent merely geopolitical speculation. But not with regard to California. California is heading toward what I elsewhere have called “a terminal demographic condition”, meaning a high-achieving overclass composed of whites, East Asians, South Asians and assimilated Hispanics and a mestizo underclass. There is nothing on the horizon that possibly can prevent this from happening, this side of the wholesale importation of an Asian proletariat. Obviously, the fall of California represent a geopolitical and strategic problem. It is one we have already in a nascent form.

            I would only ask you to consider one issue. How difficult would it be the defend the idea of the Northern Tier as the Euro-American homeland in the eyes of someone hostile to you, compared to the “Manifest Destiny” concept? Much easier, I would say. And that shows that it is a much more unassailable idea both in theory and on the ground.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            That’s all a bit too theoretical for me.  As far as the Manifest Destiny thing goes, that era is over.  Social Darwinism (if you like) has been interrupted just as natural biological evolution (human at least) has been interrupted through human interferrence through things like travel and communication.  Politics has created destructive elements as far as the natural progression is concerned.  But if you step back and take a look at the even bigger picture, we could say that even this is a part of manifest destiny.

             I have sometimes thought that the final phase of the human journey is what we are seeing; the best people corrupt and collapse, the worst begin to rule and rotteness ensues, enough that biological principles such as those outlined by Issac Asimov and The Futurists in 1980 are in play.  In this scenario, and it is supported by mathematical certainty, the earth is considered as a closed culture, which it is.  In any closed culture, there is a growth, stability, and then a sudden crash (biological die off), because the oxygen and nutrients (resources necessary for higher life forms) are used up and replaced by waste products), become depleted absolutely.  At that time, Asimove predicted much of what is already happening.  He said that wars would tend to be fought more over resources and radical groups with little to loose would become a greater threat than the USSR had been during the Cold War.  He said that the world’s human population was due for a deep dive, and however it happened, war, disease pandemics, mass starvation, or any such combinations, it would happen as it is a mathematical certainty demonstrated many (endless) times in the lab.

            So I see what is going on as part of this.  I am resolved not to lay down and die, but resist because it is the only thing to do.  Whites falling from power and brutes rising to dominate is part of this human decline.  When the world is finally run by them, their function will be in escalating the crash as the constant formula predicts.

             The media increasingly is struggling to present our society in a positive way and has resorting to fictionalized news and “interpretive” reporting.  Those of us who work to remain objective and informed at least have the advantage of knowledge.  If any human group survives the crash, it will tend to still be the ones who retain the skills and strength and determination required.  Against us is the quickly lowering numbers of whites on the planet.  Even so, isolation might again be a main ingredient to survival.  But any fantasy about national survival and war gaming scenarios is probably useful only in as much as it inspires some of us to think more strategically in the long term because such scenarios as  yours will likely be brief conditions that will be in constant change.

          • MikeofAges


            No certainty about what the future is, long term. Especially, no certainty that the present electromechanical, cybernetic and biotechnic civilization will continue forever. The human race may go back to “a world lit only by fire”.

            A long-time friend of mine, whom I will describe as a conservative Vietnam veteran and proletarian (by choice) intellectual, says that “every night I pray for nuclear war”. He is not kidding. He say it is “time to throw everything up into the stratosphere and see how it comes down.” Not kidding about that either.

            Time to reboot? Well, if it happens, it will not be by anyone’s choice exactly. But if it does, it does. Some say it has happened many times already. If it does, I just hope Homer and Shakespeare and all that stuff survives into the next age.

  • thank you very much,it’s a very good Article!

  • Sherman_McCoy

    This image speaks for itself.

    (Dedicated to all “Carrier-Class” black females).

    • Beloved Comrade

      Geez I wish you people who post those offensive images would give us a WARNING FIRST!

      I almost lost my lunch across my keyboard after viewing that image — you owe me some eyewash.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    “Here’s the deal- you men seem to want it all… slim, toned women with huge breasts and plump behinds… but you can’t have it all. ”

    My beautiful Russian/Ukrainian wife HAS all that.  

    Whites – a wonderful cornucopia of diversity!

    • An American friend of mine who has lived in Sweden for years told me that the most beautiful European women he has seen are Russian and/or Ukrainian.

  • radical7

    Actually, I have seen a number of Black women/ White men couples in cities like Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle and Cambridge, Massachusetts just to name a few. The majority of these women are very attractive and are, at the very least, above  average in looks. 

    • This is probably true, but no one says that 100% of BW are obese.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Are these “black women” 100% black?  Not many, from what I’ve seen.

    • mikejones91

      Yeah I’m right outside Philly and see it a lot. Good looking black men with disgusting white women, and good looking black women with average white men. 

  • KenelmDigby

    Utter nonsense.
    They don’t want to be fat and unattractive (believe it or not), no secretly they want to look desirable just as any other woman.
    What you are really seeing is the power of deceit and self-rationalization (something blacks are natural born experts at). They know full well that their obesity not only looks horrible but is also damaging to their health – but they are so puffed up with their own egos that they even believe their own lies.
       Blacks do this with just about everything, not just obesity.

    •  I don’t think it’s egos, but weak will. Generally, Blacks do not have a will that manifests itself somehow separately from the body & tries to mold the body like an object.

      Other than that, I agree.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         But that means it is the ego.  They can’t admit their faults like lack of self discipline out of an infantile sense of pride.  Blacks often cover up their failings with rationalizations, blaming whitey being a favorite.

        • It depends on what you mean when you say “ego”. Ego is- for me- crystallized sense of self, similar to Freud’s or Piaget’s concepts- something any adult normal person possesses. Ego has various functions- or psyche, in other interpretations- will, intellect, imagination, emotions etc. So, ego is not “bad” per se- heavily retarded persons or infants don’t have ego in conventional sense. The black people described here rationalize their behavior- these are classical Freudian defense mechanisms.
          Whether this is so simple in reality, or is there any other realistic way out….this is another question.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             You just confirmed what I wrote.  Thank you.

    • ed91

       like I said before, it’s a character flaw and the red flag of a loser.

  • It’s perspiration glands.

    There are two kinds of sweat glands (Overfield p 16):

    •Eccrine sweat glands cover the human body; they
    discharge mostly water with small quantities of electrolytes.•Apocrine glands excrete significant amounts of fats and
    and proteins along with water. They are common in other


    We are excluding here the sebaceous glands which open into the
    hair follicles. The sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance. The
    glands are poorly developed in small children. They become much more
    active at pubescence. Sebaceous glands are under endocrine control.
    (Poirier et al p 566)

    The number of active sweat glands seems to be greater in persons
    exposed as youth to high heat loads. Sweat glands seem to be more
    active in darkly pigmented people. Sweat glands are under control of
    the autonomic nervous system. (Poirier et al p 566)

    Apocrine and eccrine sweat glands vary in different groups, but
    sebaceous glands do not vary in different groups. (appocrine Gr =
    away plus Gr krinein = to separate; Gr ec = outside of; eccrine =
    producing a secretion without a loss of cytoplasm.

    Appocrine glands become functional only after puberty
    (which explains the lack of underarm sweating and body odor in

    There are fewer apocrine glands in Orientals and Native American
    Indians than in Blacks and Whites. Apocrine glands excrete fat and
    protein along with water (Poirier et al p 567).

    Apocrine glands function to produce a characteristic odor. They
    develope close to the hair follicles. Interestingly, they appear
    everywhere on the body of the fetus at the 5th month IU, but then
    most appocrine glands regress except for the axilla, nipple, navel,
    anogenital area and the external canal of the ear. Wet, sticky earwax
    is more common in hot, moist environments (Overfield, p 17).

    Apocrine glands respond to stress and sexual stimulation. In
    humans, the apocrine and eccrine glands work synergistically with
    bacteria to produce what you call body odor. We share the two glands
    of the armpit (the axillary organ) with the gorilla and chimpanzee.
    (My comment: odors are important in many primates for sexual
    attraction, marking territory and in lumurs–for ‘stink fights’.
    Extracellular chemicals are extremely ancient–ranging from natural
    antibiotics to hormones and neurotransmitters.)


    The eccrine sweat glands are distributed all over the human
    body. In dogs, cats, and some other animals, eccrine glands are found
    on the digital pads and serve to enhance friction (we discussed that
    adaptation in our unit on dermatoglyphics.) They are most widespread
    in us where they have been modified for cooling. (Poirier et al p

    Eskimo seem to show an adaptation since they sweat less on their
    trunks and extremities but more on their faces. (This is advantageous
    to traditional Eskimo where moisture in clothing is a hazard.)

    The amount of chloride excreted by sweat glands varies by race:
    Blacks have more chloride in sweat than do whites. Acclimatized
    Whites excrete less chloride than unacclimatized whites– a useful
    adaptation (text 452). Water loss can be considerable: in extreme
    temperatures young males can loose 4 liters per hour. Thus, human
    ancestors in tropics must have always had ready access to water (see
    Overfield for many details).

    • Shawn_thefemale

       Holy cow…

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      You’re trying to prove you are smart, but it’s simple.  Negro sweat contains the amino acid called uric acid.  It is the protein that give urine its name and smell.

  • Not quite. Here we come to the North- South differences. Northern peoples (Germans, Flemish, Dutch, ..) have tons of fat & well rounded women (Rubens, Rembrandt, even Hals and Holbein). Italians, Spanish & French- not so, just check most Titian’s female paintings & famous Velazquez “Venus”.

    Here they are: Rembrandt’s “Danae”

    Velazquez’s “Venus”

  • JackKrak

    I think you’re all missing a very important point here. I agree with those of you who say that many black women don’t necessarily want to be fat, but retroactively justify it after it inevitably happens by saying that’s what they wanted all along.

    What you are forgetting is that blacks don’t have the capacity for self-criticism that then motivates self-improvement.

    Blacks are NEVER troubled by thoughts like “I shouldn’t do this”, “This could be bad for me”, “I should change this”, etc. Their time horizon doesn’t go beyond the end of whatever video they are watching on World Star Hip Hop. When the bill comes due for years of trips to the corner store and ghetto fast food, you’re not going to hear any of them regretting the consequences. You’re not going to hear anyone talking about getting in shape or changing bad habits – that would require admitting to having bad habits in the first place.

  • TonyWestfield

    “What we need is a body-culture revolution in black America.”  The writer of this New York Times article just tosses out a blurb like this, at once so casual and presumptuous and condescending.  Let’s deconstruct.
    First off, I’ve never heard of “body-culture,” have you?  Sounds like busy-work for leftist academics who write articles in peer-review “scholarly” journals.  But assuming that people care, or ought to care…Who the heck are “we” as in “we need”? 

    And get a load (pun intended) of the writer’s casual use of “revolution.”  How do leftists and other trouble-makers try to get people’s attention and make themselves seem important?  Call something a revolution.

    No need to say anything more about the reference to “black America.”

    Does anybody else know that Richard Nixon (yeah, THAT guy) had the stones to oppose Medicare?  He spoke about it in the most public conversation in the history of conversations, when candidates Nixon and John F. Kennedy debated in 1960.  It’s been so many years since 1965 when Medicare was established, we’ve grown numb to this monster.  Every detail about everybody’s body is everybody’s business…because we (the REAL we, i.e., the taxpaying citizenry) are paying the bill.  Never mind Obamacare, the freedom-killer is already here:  Medicare and its sibling Medicaid mean that every time you see a fat slob chowing down on a double cheese bacon diabetes and high-blood-pressure sandwich, the feast is not a private affair.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Nixon supported the idea of health care delivery as a means for profiting investors.  He supported early managed care concepts like Kaiser-Permanentee.  There is a quote from him about it, don’t have it exact, “What a great idea for getting rich!”

      As a doctor, the one thing I am completely against is the idea that people should make money, get rich by investing in systems that make profits by charging high fees and with holding care.  It’s not just against the basic ethics of the Hippocratic Oath, but it is immoral on the face of it.  This is the reason the U.S. places far down the list of healthy nations in statistics.  I lived and worked in a European country for a few years with socialized medicine.  I saw people able to carry on their lives and even have families while being treated successfully for things such as cancer, which often bankrupts and breaks up families here.  Everyone I knew there was happy to pay taxes for that security.  The hospitals ran better, too.  All the doctors meet up once a week to discuss and decide the current most critical cases.  it wasn’t one or two conceited people making a decision or and not a non-medical manager providing options, just what was best for the patient.  They were very conservative because malpractice was treated harshly there (not just another insurance payout).  I am conservative on many issues, but IMO Medicare, while it should be cleaned policed better (fraud, etc.), ought to be expanded to everyone, and the health insurance industry finally seen as the racket it is and made illegal.

      Of course, the trick is that such systems must be limited to the citizenry and immigration numbers can’t be allowed to overwhelm it.  The country I was in was a small one, and the comment my cancer survivor friend made was, “We are like a big family here, so no one minds paying.”  That’s the difference.  We are a nation of strangers, even among whites.

      • StivD

        This won’t go over well here, but, the U.S. was, at times, in some circumstances, a cutthroat nation. Even when whites were in a very comfortable majority. Capitalism is the only real reason for that. That will over even less well. 

        I think America needs a major overhaul whether other races are in the picture or not.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Surprise, I agree with you.  In fact, many things happened so quickly that  cut throat opportunists did the best and ended up in control of things often.  This provided a sort of cultural base for such management style and has become something of a default position for the Republican party, but really everyone because;  “MONEY TALKS.”  And you know what walks.

          But there is a lot to gain if we understand this idea.  Much of what is now viewed as evil white racist activities was really due to the need for expedient solutions.  Abuses caused reactions like revolutions.  I always blame abusive capitalism (and it was) for causing the rise of Marxism and communism, with its bloody purges.  Nothing exists in a vacuum.  Drawing the right conclusions with regard to the future of whites is what is important now, not fighting over long determined outcomes and well known dead-end issues.

        • ed91

           would you rather have soul-deadening communism or some ruthless dictator?

          at least in full-out capitalism it really does trickle down……….

          in the first two choices, there are the strongest and luckiest that win and to hell with the rest………  see sodom hussein in iraq…….. may he burn in hell.

          • StivD

            When Reagan was in office the good economy didn’t trickle down to the steel industry, when it didn’t have far to ‘trickle’, and it certainly never made it to farmers, and 1000s of small towns that dried up and blew away in that period because their main industries disappeared. 

            More white people have been shafted by crony/corporate capitalism than anyone else. Socialism would work just fine if only whites were involved in it.

      • TonyWestfield


        Thanks, Doc, for the excellent and challenging comments. Hands down, you win the moral argument regarding the care of persons who need it. I win, too, since I agree with you 100%. Thank heaven for physicians (I married one) and for the Hippocratic Oath.

        My approach to the subject derives from a mathematical-economics perspective. The great Haavelmo (Nobel in Economics, late 1980’s) taught us that when an incentive exists, people will find it and act accordingly.

        There’s good reason why the government isn’t holding hearings on the life-insurance crisis. There’s no crisis, because (1) very few people are acutely suicidal (notice my careful selection of “acute” vs. chronic) and (2) you can only die once, which means it’s impossible for a person–even the rare one who “swallows his gun” in an acute fit of despair–to go to the trough enough to bankrupt the cost pool.

        Doc, if you and I make a contract to collectivize our consumption of Wheaties and milk, then you find out that I have a daily routine in which I fill my bathtub with Wheaties, dance on the Wheaties until they are dust, and then I fill the bathtub with milk…you are going to be peeved. Even your deepest inclination towards generosity (Hippocratic Oath notwithstanding) wouldn’t keep you from wanting OUT of our cost pool…unless, of course, your consumption of Wheaties and milk is even more profligate than mine.

        My last subsidiary point highlights the proverbial race to the bottom, a moral hazard that resides (active or latent) in every cost collective. There are practical reasons why the #1 and #2 Democrat constituencies are so strongly committed to collectivism. Constituency #1 racks up enormous costs with its eating habits and other personal health-care failures, not to mention their many children whom the adults have no chance of feeding, educating, etc., without the force of law that works the collective “sharing” of all those costs. Constituency #2 is having a whole lot of fun racking up hundreds (even thousands in some cases) of “partners” with whom they do deep-blending of bio flora, and they do it as a mathematical permutation–i.e., they ain’t kissing a thousand Catholic nuns–and while it may or may not be a whole lot of fun racking up a million dollars worth of treatments for “health” care…it most certainly is NOT fun for the rest of us in the cost pool, which prompts my final point.

        Doc, I mentioned the moral argument regarding “care” in my first paragraph, above. Care is the most important moral coefficient, but running a close second is Effort. The question is, How much should a person be forced to work in service of other people’s costs? Granted, many (or even most) of the costs in our lives come from random causes and therefore carry no moral “score.” But it’s the choices people make–and the incentives that steer those choices–that ought to give Americans pause as we contemplate creating captive (federal) systems of collectivized costs.

        As you yourself pointed out, Doctor, our USA is a gigantic ocean-to-ocean association of strangers. I would work 24/7 until I drop dead from exhaustion to provide medical care for my child or other family member, or for my friends, or even for sensible strangers who share my high-benefits-and-low-costs manner of self-management. If you make a choice that minimizes costs, you ought to be able to “take that choice to the bank,” which means you benefit personally from your intelligence, your discipline…Now THAT is the kind of incentive I can live with, and with which most people would live better.

        • MikeofAges

          “East s*** and die. Five trillion flies can’t be wrong.” That’s a metaphorical way of saying, some things just come with the territory.

          The rational point, however, is this. If you spread the cost of these moral hazard around enough, then the cost to any one person is not so great than it harms them grievously. You do know, there are always some families that seem the have lot a illnesses. Not because they are bad, just because they are unlucky. Do you want to drop them from the risk pool? Well, in the end you can’t. Someone still has to pay. Individually, the best you can hope for is to pass the cost along to someone else.

          Myself, I advocate a payroll tax on the payrolls of employer who do not provide a health benefit. That, along with some general revenue (i.e. what we are spending already) ought to be enough to buy everyone health insurance. Obviously, those who don’t work can’t pay, but that’s the way it is. I refer you back to my lead in.

          • TonyWestfield

            Mike of Ages, look at what I wrote:

            “How much should a person be forced to work in service of other people’s costs? Granted, many (or even most) of the costs in our lives come from random causes and therefore carry no moral “score.” But it’s the choices people make–and the incentives that steer those choices–that ought to give Americans pause as we contemplate creating captive (federal) systems of collectivized costs.”

            I made a clear distinction between the costs that derive from random causes (no moral score) and the costs that derive from people’s choices. This latter catagory, choices, pertains to my use of the term “moral hazard.” You make a mistake if you conflate moral hazard with the normal, acceptable risks that live within a given population.

            There are a thousand ways to organize a cost-pool. We human beings are permanently inclined to take care of “our brothers and sisters” which means the rest of the tribe…but does the tribe have to be all 310 million citizens/residents of our USA? Think about the knuckle-draggers; there are tens of millions of them. My point is simple: If you find yourself captive to a cost-pool, i.e., “captive” in that you have no exit option, then you are a slave to other people’s choices.

            This is a framework exercise, Mike, a point of philosophy; it’s not my attempt at pragmatic policy. Your counterpoint about the diffusion of costs in a large pool is a legitimate piece of arithmetic, but I’m certain we could do better than Medicare or (heaven help us!) Obamacare if we kick the habit of reflexive large-scale collectivism and instead put some creative new thinking into the mix.

            P.S., Your dietary advice–slightly amusing but a bit unsavory, dontcha think?–was an example of the reflex-habit (like collectivism) that asserts itself in an instant. You have plenty of brains, it’s obvious, so don’t be a lazy lug…Oh, and five trillion flies CAN be wrong, just as five and a half billion human beings can be wrong–that’s about the proportion (out of the total six billion) of human beings whose instincts and whose stream of history is bound by tribalism/collectivism. The only stream of civilization that has sought something other than the bad old tribal ways of hierarchy and caste is the few hundred million human creatures whose ancestors struggled in northern Europe and then crossed a big, hostile ocean to realize their (our) dream.

          • MikeofAges

             Just a metaphor, a way of saying that sometimes you just have to deal with the ways of the world. The idea of using the tax system to force people to pay into the health insurance system I understand will be unappealing to many people. But I remember a guy on at another forum who asked, “Tell me one thing the government does better than anyone else.” My answer was, it makes you pay whether you want to or not.

            A payroll levy will make people pay, at least those that have an income, whether they want to or not. If you are going to have a universal health system, I don’t see any other way to do it in the good old USA. Obamacare is a flop out the door. A collection of perhaps useful reforms of interest to upper and middle income people and the absurd “mandate”. Hillarycare was a synthesis of two ideas both incompatible with American society and the American political mind, single-payer and the value added tax.

            Speaking of “making you pay” I did grow up on the South Side of Chicago. In Chicagoland, there were people who knew how to make you pay whether you wanted to or not. But not a scale that could pay for a universal health insurance system.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           It is a complicated problem.  Your wheaties and mild illustration is entertaining, but I think such people can be weeded out with proper oversight.  The problem is that in this country (as in most) oversight is often a joke and/or just another bureau with bored workers more concerned with their lunches and vacations than being efficient.  There is no easy solution and maybe there just will never be one, especially regarding this question in this country. But what I did learn from my few years in Slovenia was that a small homogenous country can and does make socialized medicine work very well, as you noted in your own way. 

          That’s it.  Whites must at some point learn to stop demonizing, abusing and fighting amongst themselves.  When I read posts reflecting all the partisan politics of the day, with all the stereotypical responses, it doesn’t make me very hopeful that this can ever be done.  The best thing Amren could be doing is working to unite whites and serve to show what the Founding Fathers really intended, the country was a melting pot for Europeans of all ethnic and religious class.  Sure, it will always fall short of an ideal white utopia, but aiming at it means that we must certainly end up in a better place than we are now.

  • Lou

     Mine is Barbara Stanwyck … Baby face 1933 , Great movie .

    • Also “Night Nurse,” 1931. Some great shots of Barbara and other young actresses in lingerie. That was before the Hays Office put the kibosh on that kind of thing.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I agree with you on Barbara Stanwyck.  Any of her early movies show her up as nothing less than amazing.

      • Uhm..she seemed a bit “mannish” for my taste. I enjoyed the Big Valley,tho. “Heath! Get away from that horse!!”

  • Now, obesity is one thing & being overweight another. I believe that this is something basically on genetic level, and Blacks have it more prominent.

    Example I’ve mentioned earlier.

    One of my favorite Black (and not only Black) actors is Andre Braugher. In the 1990s series “Homicide: Life on the Streets” he was lanky, as well as his White partner-friend Bayliss (Kyle Secor). They were both 30-35 yrs old. Both actors-AFAIK- live stable lives etc. etc.

    Now, I’ve seen Braugher in a few episodes of “House”. He’s put some weight & is visibly “inflated”. Not obese, but.. Also, I’ve seen Secor on one show (I forgot which one)- yes, also has more bodily fat, but much less than Braugher. They’re both now ca. 45 yrs.

    When middle age kicks in, genetic mechanisms start pumping fat differently for Blacks & for Whites. At least, that’s my opinion.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Since  you like exactitude, let me clear something up for you.  “Obese” means over healthy weight.  “Morbidly obese” refers to the extremes that you are referring too as obese.  “Fat” is not a technical medical term.

  • My last hope is that Obamacare will put them on a starvation diet. Or, delay medical treatment for high BP, cholesterol and diabetes which will lead to many, many unfortunate deaths and force some sort of reassessment of their “political booties” erm I meant “bodies.”

  • I like a woman who carries a little extra in the stomach area. The first adult woman I ever had a crush on (when I was about 8 years old) was built that way. I still daydream about her occasionally.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Hey, are you flirting with pcmust go?

  • Absolutely. Look at the nudes of Peter Paul Rubens, the Flemish painter of the 16th and 17th centuries, for instance. Rounded of hip and belly, ample of breast and thigh. Bet he had no trouble selling them!

  • anonymous_amren

    “My evil Jared delves.”? No, that can’t be right. “Smelly, Jaded, Revive”? No, that’s not it, either…

  • Beloved Comrade

    What a clueless post and your assumptions about whites are SILLY.  You obviously know nothing about whites.

    Whites with cornrows?  Where?  Yet blacks trying to get straight “white” hair?  ALWAYS.  Straight hair, like white hair,  among blacks is called “good” hair.

    Puffing up lips?  Have you or anyone else here seen “puffed up lips” on any average white except celebrities?  I haven’t.  Nor I have seen any advertisements touting clinics that cater to “puffing up lips.”  Neither have I see any whites trying to get “back” — or two, like blacks.

    Yet blacks, led by Michael Jackson, desire to be lighter, buy hair straightening creams and colored contact lenses.
    They say they don’t want to “act white” but they sure do want to look like us.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Pamela Anderson did the puffy lip thing years ago and it was popular for a little while.  The last few times I’ve seen her looks like she had it reversed or let it dissolve.  (Botox has to be maintained).

  • . She
    can barely save food in her house and often runs out of food stamp money
    by the end of the month as she can’t ration food in any way. It’s like a
    drug for her. 

    That’s what I’ve been saying all the time: psyche is number one culprit. It’s neurotic personality, plus probably genes.

    Food addiction, like other addictions (alcohol, drugs,..).

  • Fat welfare sows can afford to be fat
    on other people’s money

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     That’s a poorly researched and reasoned book.  The only true thing is that people used to be more active than they are now, but that is it.  If you look at any newsreel or even movie from earlier periods, say the 60s or even the 1970s, you will notice how thin people are compared to now.  That has nothing to do with a sudden rash of genetic mutations.  Even kids, white kids are fatter now than then.  I have photos of my 19th century ancestors, all thin, but one and she was not really obese, just hardy.   It is all about exercise (physical work) and the food ingested – period.

    • StivD

      Your facts are old news, sometimes out of date, and ego driven.  Just now you sound like a tired old cold warrior, still fighting it. I have no interest in communism. But, I also have no interest in America carrying on as it is, only minus nonwhites. You are the one who sounds like the typical self-appointed intellectual talking head, condescending to the little people. 

      Not only do I not respect you; I don’t trust you. 

      You’re either a word I can’t use here or a bored troll.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Your commenting and reply style makes you a little person.  It doesn’t matter if you are ignorant or “uninterested” in something, because you can be modeling it in ignorance.  It always serves us well to not forget past pitfalls.  I have been commenting on Amren for nearly seven years and no one has ever accused me of the things you have.  If you are an example of the sort of race realist we are attracting, then we are in trouble.

        • StivD

          This whole thing will shift from the middle, maybe bottom, up.  Trust me, this form of race realism will need people like me and people a lot more direct and blunt than me. It will have to be taken out of conferences sometime to a grass roots level. Guys like you will have to mingle with the rest of us eventually to be successful. 😉

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            You seem to understand a great deal about strategy and likely outcomes for your age and experience.  A white movement where the young insult the older, wiser white adults is not one I could support. 

            No one could accuse me of being timid online or even in person.  Although many pick fights in posts that they never would in person.  I try not to do that; at least I don’t use foul language and personal insult if I can help it.  You came right off the mark insulting me.  I for one don’t need whites who can’t even try to get along with other whites in either a debate or any actual organizational and reality of events.  One sign of discipline is at the very least the possession of manners and the ability to contain one’s temper for the sake of enlarging a discussion (at least).

            You have expressed opinions that are so retrograde to rational logic  and easily observable fact and practice that I can’t imagine anything but chaos and demise if we can’t mollify your type enough to improve your powers of determination because you would destroy everything along the way, “throw the baby out with the bath water,” as it is said.

            It’s going to require more than a two digit IQ in whites, even in our “troops.”

            It makes me worry, when we attract such shallow people into the fold.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     That is very funny!  Good for you!  Humor is more sexy than a shapely women with a horrid mouth.

    One real advantage of fat is survival in famine.  That is why in earlier times, a slightly chunky woman was considered the most desirable, and even sexy.  “Reubinesque” is the classic term, referring to the physical type that artist painted.  Epicurean moderation is the key, as usual.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Good post.  The elephant post reminds of a couple years ago when I learned about how the CEO of goes to Zimbabwe to hunt elephants.  When criticized he explained that he only shoots “nuisance” elephants, and that the meat helps feed the locals.

    Zimbabwe, a country that as Rhodesia  and through white farmers used to supply most of Africa with produce.

  • 20670

    so disappointing to see so much activity regarding this story

    makes one wonder

    doesn’t it

  • StivD

    This is one of the things that people feel the most justified in attacking people for and one of the things they can feel smugly morally superior about if they’re thin. That’s why many people everywhere go into a feeding frenzy when they think they have a fat arse on  the ropes. Doctors spread the judgment by the way. When most of them couldn’t treat chronic conditions well if their medical license depended on it

    I don’t feel comfortable in attacking even blacks for this. 

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       You are just not making any real sense.  And you obviously have no education in  human physiology, biochemistry or even nutritional science.  How could any doctor not inform a patient that being obese is going to cause more health problems and an early death?  You want to attack doctors as incapable, regardless of the endless studies treatments done to help the obese, but you somehow come out as  expert enough to render an opinion because apparently your emotions provide the validity.

      • StivD

        You come across like a know-it-all as usual. But I have noticed that this website is full of experts much like in the rest of the world. A society that lives and breathes on ‘experts’ word has lost all common sense. 

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           You are exposing a by now very old anti-intellectual habit of some of the early communist movement and even some of the politicos (leftists) from the Sixties.  But you are abusing the term “common sense” if you think your posts are an example of it.

          If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

          • StivD

            LoL, you throw off very little heat. You think a little too highly of yourself.

            I appreciate intelligent people and well-informed people; but, you’re right, I don’t like and have no respect for people who are, or consider themselves to be, intellectuals. They’re just one more small example of the types of people who have  screwed this country royally, either deliberately, or because they thought they knew better than the rest of us.

            A change will not come about with stuffed suits driving it. 

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            LoL, you throw off very little heat. You think a little too highly of yourself.

            I appreciate intelligent people and well-informed people; but, you’re
            right, I don’t like and have no respect for people who are, or consider
            themselves to be, intellectuals. They’re just one more small example of
            the types of people who have  screwed this country royally, either
            deliberately, or because they thought they knew better than the rest of

            A change will not come about with stuffed suits driving it.”

            I am not too much concerned with respect from someone who thinks that mobs of half-educated “wise men” will save us.  Those are the types who brought the world Bolshevism; they executed anyone without callouses on their hands as effect intellectuals, dangerous to the movement.  You sound just like one of them.

            I find the causes of our current problems in many places and on many levels.  In your posts, you seem to blame it on anyone with any handle of facts, method or reason.

            If you are white, then I am sorry, because it means here’s another hopeless case.

  • 20670

    I hold you personally responsible for placing this article here…now explain why!

    Seriously, huge programs are being funded in research hospitals around the country to help the black man and woman lose weight/avoid diabetes…if you knew how much money you might faint. And, in this manner it does deserve some attention since it is taxpayer money coming from the government and the tobacco law suit settlements…why can’t fat white women with diabetes get the same concern by government?  No one cares about white women.  

    • Are you sure that obese white women are excluded from researches  ?

  • Exactly!

    The homosexuals have been setting our beauty standards for far too long!

    • Nonsense. Attraction to women is genetic.You kn ow that stuff about waist/hip ratio. There was bo time in the past when men were turned on by fat women.

      • That should read “there was NO time in the past…”

  • StivD

    Look, most men who make a huge deal out of  wanting women to be rail thin are insecure little boys. They honestly haven’t gotten past an adolescent way of looking at women. I’m a guy but I have known men just like that and they are as juvenile as they come.

  • StivD

    Oh, that is such good point about gay men dictating fashions and trends, and people buy right into it! 

    The fashion industry itself started this and made, these days everyone, not just women, believe that bony to near bony is the only way to look good or be healthy. They may be in partnership with the diet industry…and doctors probably profit from that too.

    •  I despise the notion that men must have those abs that make you look like a starving African bee keeper.  Why is being so emaciated around the waste considered healthy?

  • StivD

    If you’re 155 pounds at 6 feet then you’re a little reedy man. That’s not a great weight to be at your age and height. 

    • JoeyOh

      That’s my exact height and weight. I’m actually very muscular from head to toe. I don’t run or any other cardio nonsense and I eat tons of fat. I lift weights. There’s nothing little or reedy about me.  People are always surprised that I weigh so little. It’s within healthy BMI range too. I look exactly how people used to look, prior to them consuming diets heavy in refined sugar that only a child when left to his own devices would consume. 

      • StivD

        It would have been underweight until they changed the weight charts several years ago.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Slaving was a universally practiced trade and singling out Jews is unfair.  I also doubt your sources.   The Dutch brought the first slaves to the American Colonies and the British delivered them in a shipping cycle where they made a round from England to Africa to the colonies carrying rum and cotton to England, along with the profits of the sales.  40% of Jews owned slaves?  When, during the American antebellum period?  If the latter, how many Jews does that 40% claim come from?  Free Blacks slave traded and owned slaves too, “history Prof.”

    You seem to be taking your stats from Stormfront, a well known perpetrator of misinformation concerning race and Jews.  Jews were merchants from ancient times and sometimes engaged in slave trading, but in other trading even more.  It was Jews who supplied the Roman army and later the early rulers including Merovingian and even William the Conqueror and the Plantagenet rulers along with many others of the time.  Jews ran the only medical school in Europe during the same period at Montpelier.   They provided financing for numerous rulers as well, who sometimes cancelled their debts by invoking anti-Jewish laws and confiscating wealth (Phillip le Bel).  There would have been no Renaissance without Jewish input.  But you would know all about that as a “history Prof.”

    Then we have to compare the Arabs, whose role in slavery began before any others, who invented a religion to support and enlarge it (Islam) and who still practice it today.  They raided Europe since ancient times and grew a slave trade in the Caucuses region even developing the Sircassian people as suppliers of females for harems and boys as the famous Janissary troops.  It was Muslims who raided Europe right up into the 19th century as far as Ireland and Iceland.

    Even so, you may be right in saying that whites have been enslaved more often more often in history than any other race.  (We are overall a stunning people.  Others wish to possess and often the beautiful is mangled by brutes.)  But much of it was self-perpetuated.  Russia kept their people slaves (serfs) for hundreds of years until they were “freed” in 1863.  Then, they had to buy the land they had always slaved on and they were even worse off.  That led eventually to the Russian Revolution; well done!   The serfdom in Western Europe ended earlier but was only replaced by free peasantry under rarely just rulers, ably assisted by the Church.  Again, revolutions resulted.

    Yes, some slave traders were Jews, but not the majority.  Some agents of English traders were likely Jews too, no ones fault but the Christian systems that only allowed Jews such occupations as financial trades, importing, etc.  The Netherlands learned world trade early because they allowed in and learned from Jews.  To blame Jews for White Christian caused conditions is hypocritical at the least, self-deception being even more harmful to all Whites today.

    BTW; No one can really be a half Jew; one is either a Jew or not.  It’s like someone being half Christian.  Jewish is a religion and a number of racial ethnic groups next.  I know even Jews have trouble with this idea because of their doctrines meant for survival of the religion.  I’ve been through this before; the claimed exclusive genetic markers exist in some other groups  and will show up when any group has been isolated long enough.  That same isolation led to a higher average intelligence in European (Ashkenazi) Jews.

  • StivD

    There has always been a huge amount of class hatred and contempt here. It just doesn’t get a chance to show it’s face often enough.

  • StivD

    It’s as easy to manipulate most people here on this issue as it is to manipulate other whites about ‘racism’. The same conditioning and shaming tactics are being used, and someone profits from this in some way too. 

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I think the problem there is that the jobs they do, even traditional ones like farming are too automated, but they still eat like they did when they had to walk all day behind a plow, etc.  Many rural whites work for government agencies and go home to unstimulating environments.  They mostly go to church and eat and eat at church events.  God loves you, even when you’re a fat pig!

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Well, not to throw a wet rag onto your thoroughly entertaining comments, but white men have been stomped on by feminism for doing just that to the point that they worry about anything approaching flirting.  White men are perhaps more aware of how easy it is to interpret such advances as harassment, depending upon whether the woman is attracted to the guy or not.  I think white men have retreated for these reasons. 

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Looks pretty clear that she was programmed to live her life in the same pattern as she experienced growing up.  That’s where her issues begin, not the need for diets.  There are lots of fixes for extreme cases like this.  She could have a gastric reduction surgery, and be trained how to eat smaller portions, but her psyche has to be dealt with first.

    As I posed somewhere else higher up, up to the 60s and 70s people were much thinner.  I have photos of my 19th and early 20th century farmer relatives and they are all thin.  It has more to do with the advent of cyber space and the marketing of food as entertainment.  Working class people tend to not care about diet and like to eat fast food and drink beer and sugary soft drinks.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I agree wholeheartedly with you.  I have sometimes gone on diatribes against using the term “white trash.”  Will we be soon calling one another white trash as the war on whites makes us collectively poorer and more desperate?

    Be smart.  The black men compliment you because they want to get you in bed, nothing else.  They want to laugh about the newest white baby momma they’ve converted to being a black ho forever.

    Be fair, it’s white women who take money for providing men with images that create those high standards (that are really fantasies).  White women sell out to pose as models, strippers, nude magazines and websites, and I have NO doubt that white women are far more numerous in the porn industry than non-white women.  Every time I turn on my television there’s another white woman siren beckoning me to buy into her, with her impossible to achieve looks.  None of these women have to do these things.  They could find a good white man and grow beautiful babies, living a simple but genuine life in love and happiness.  White men more and more are not even in a financial position to provide such a life; women have the jobs.  See, the world has been turned upside down.  It’s going to take a collapse to correct it, and I don’t doubt that it’s coming, probably sooner than later.

    White men have been stomped on for decades with harassment charges by their white women.  They’re brought up by women who dominate them.  They need your encouragement.  Maybe since white women rule in so many areas, your best job for saving whites might be to put some confidence back into white men by taking them by the hand and showing them they matter to you.  At least try to meet them half way, and be the initiator.  Lots of white guys like me hated the pain of rejection and women really control the situation.

    But  don’t take me wrong, I like you, Celtic Goddess. 

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Hey, thanks for the link.  A very interesting page on white beauty.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I lived in Eastern Europe for a couple years and you are so right.  It also illustrates how America serves as  cultural dissipation.

  •  I’ve long since come to the conclusion that nutritional science was not a serious science. It is something akin to Freudian psychoanalysis- there are great insights, many good advices, but the subject is too complex & research too shallow. Apart from common sense “wisdom” about eating habits etc.,- there is not much into it, especially re magic diets (I don’t believe in diets, btw.).

    Knowing many fat people, gaining a few extra kg after 40s, my stance is:

    1. genes are destiny- not only in how many you eat, but in a complex physio-pyschological make-up: what is your constitution (Kretschmer types etc.) & how your pysche functions (complexes, stress, fears, aggression, sensitivity,..)

    2. given that, if you want to change your shape or weight- you need to change the entire lifestyle.
    And “lifestyle” is accumulated inertia of past 10, 20, 30 ..years & frequently your deepest conception of self. In short- you have to remake yourself. To do so, you must have an incredible motivation, not just a passing desire. Personally, I know only one very obese man who succeeded in that, and his overarching motivation was to become city mayor.

    3. as for food or physical exercise-it’s up to individual.I’ve tried various exercises & abandoned them all. Simply- I find them all boring & dull. To spend 1-3 hours puffing is absurd- exercises make sense only if you enjoy them (a friend of mine, former  pro basketball player, exercises regularly. But- he’s different psychological type).

    So, it’s trivial- try not to indulge in over-eating, try to find what activity pleases you most & don’t worry. After all, much of current notion of human freedom & potential is just a delusion: we are, as Aescyhlus put it ” playthings of gods”.

  • ed91

     obesity is a character flaw that screams you have given up.  You know you are a loser and you just don’t care……..  You’ll eat a gallon of chocolate ice cream and find something besides yourself to blame it on.

  • vladdy1

    Mmmmmm…I dunno. Sounds kinda like when somebody trips and then says “I meant to do that”
    Big all over? It’s ‘cos I wanna be, dammit! And just so you can’t argue with me, I’ll add this: “It’s a black thing. You wouldn’t understand.”

  • splitsing

    But of course to the most uncivilized among humanity the most fertile-looking, plump and child-capable women would be most attractive.

  • Beloved Comrade

    NOOOOO!!   (seen it and almost went blind)

    Try this:

  • Beloved Comrade

    You are spot on and not unfair. 

    The slave trade was not controlled by whites, this is simply patently false, and it is 100% wrong to blame slavery on Whites, but it IS Whites who ended the vile slave trade.

    Anyone who believes whites controlled the slave trade may read about it here:

    and then put up your comments to refute what’s in these reports.

    After that, you can google William Wilberforce and find out how the British ended the slave trade in the Western world.

  • Beloved Comrade

    The FAA recently announced new guidelines that UP the average adult’s weight by 10lbs.  Since 1985, airlines assumed a weight of 180 lbs. per adult passenger in summer, 185 lbs. in winter. The new mandate is 190lbs. per passenger.

    This was after a crash in North Carolina that was within weight limits but overloaded. The FAA suspected too many overweight passengers caused the crash.

    Obese passengers on airlines are also mandated to buy TWO seats instead of trying to squeeze into one and courts have upheld the airlines over the obese passengers.  Too bad if the person embarrassed, they do not have the right to spill over onto someone else’s paid-for seat.  It’s theft.

    I fly internationally and anyone who has been forced to sit next to an obese passenger for hours on end, who spills into your seat, taking up space you paid for knows what I’m talking about. I was on a long, sold-out flight to London once where the fat person next to me immediately lifted up the arm rest so he could hog up part of MY seat.  I was FURIOUS and miserable.  These fat passengers should be forced to pay for two seats, they’ll get no sympathy from me.

    • MikeofAges

       Or wait for a flight that is not full, so they can be given two seats without forcing misery on someone else. On bus you stand and then wait for someone else to get off. On a plane, you’re stuck in more ways than one.

  • Just out of curiousity,what do you guys think of pop star Rihanna. (At least those of you who have heard of her.) I had zero attraction to her myself (her brutal beating at the hands of the dear “youth” Chris brown was barely paid any attention by me.)until she did a song I liked. Watching the video,(many times) I became quite strongly attracted to her. Am I goin’ to hell? BTW despite my amusing avatar I am definitely one of US,i.e., you!!!

    • I don’t know what to think of her music, but I know there must be something wrong with her in the head.  Chris Brown has already turned her face into pizza, yet she keeps going back to him.  And now she gets “THUG LIFE” tattooed on her knuckles.  I know, I really should read less of the Daily Mail.

      Anyway, if and when he whacks her around again, I’m going to have a hard time working up that much sympathy for her.

      • QD, Rihanna will be the next to OD on some kind of narcotic, joining Whitney Houston. She was hospitalized the other day for “exhaustion” following a night of hard partying. She even showed her “fans” on Twitter, a picture of an IV tube in her vein.

        As to why she goes back to Brown – I don’t know the answer to that anymore than why Tina Turner stayed with Ike, even as he purportedly slapped her around for more than 20 years.

        Maybe physical abuse is a sign to Bantu women that their men “love” them.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Who gives a damn?

  • Well another Obama voter!

  • You have hit the nail on da head. Excellent comment and please dont be shy around here! Blacks are by nature “on da prowl”. Whites are much more reserved. In modern society,when people get married late (if at all) after trying(and often failing)to “hook up”,the blacketty black’s style is more advantageous. White mne(well,most) were made to find a mate and stay with her for the long run,caring for the children that (he assumes,heh heh heh)are his own. That was vital to our survival as a race. If we hooked up like blacketty blacks in the old days,thered be nothing left of us but frozen corpses,like the Ice Man. (But with lots o’bling,I guess)

  • radical7

    Fomrerly known as Whiteplight wrote:

    ” I agree with you on Barbara Stanwyck.  Any of her early movies show her up as nothing less than amazing.”

    In all seriousness, wasn’t Barbara Stanwyck a closet lesbian?

    • StivD

      She leaned in that direction some, I’ve heard.

      • radical7

        That is what I heard as well.

  • s shadow

    Not one comment so far on the wider pelvis of white women, versus the bubble butt of the black woman.  The tilting of a wide pelvis as she walks, assuming the approximate 36000 calories of feminine fat distribution that will support a pregnancy, is genetically programmed in our minds to be sexually attractive.  A study I saw long ago showed that the world over a waist  to hip ratio of .62 was the most desireable to males.  As proto Europeons migrated northerly they needed larger brains to deal with the greater complexity of survival in a climate with yearly variations.  Larger brain size was so valuable that it won out.  This demanded a wider pelvis to survive childbirth.  The smaller brains of subsaharans found a narrower pelvis quite sufficient, though a caloric boost in a bubble butt may have had some survival value.  The extreme caloric overage of many modern black women is an abomination, having little value anywhere.  It is a chance occurrence, borne of the confluence of the white man’s welfare and abundant food supply.  Obvious culprit: racist white men. 

  • Writer Randall doesn’t even mention Joe Tex’ hit song, “Ain’t Gonna do the Bump No More, With No Big Fat Woman”.  I remember years ago, “American Bandstand” played it. Anyone else remember it?

    Personally, I don’t care if Bantu women get fat, heavy skin folds on them like walruses. It gives the lie to LBJ’s “Great Society” food stamp program, which was sold to Americans as the only thing that prevented Bantus from starving to death. Bantus were one missed meal away from death by starvation, especially in the rural areas of the Deep South, so the “rationale” went.

    Now, with all this Bantu obesity, one could say that Bantus are no longer in danger of starvation. Good, so be it. If a black woman wants to puff herself up to 300 or 400 pounds, that’s her business. She should have to bear the consequences, as well.

    What I have issues with, is people here on Amren making rude comments about fat, white women. With some of them, it’s genetic, with others a choice, as well. Years ago, men’s standards of women’s measurments were 36-24-36. To them, that was “Ultra Woman”, and if a woman didn’t measure 36-24-36, she was nothing. I long ago eschewed that type of thinking. I’d rather see a heavyset woman, than a scrawny, anorexic type like an Olympic gymnast. A woman who eats to live, rather than one starving to death from anorexia, because of a false perception that she’s “too fat”. like Karen Carpenter.

    • StivD

      ‘What I have issues with is people here on Amren making rude comments about fat white women.”

      Yep, and that’s what it usually devolves to. Snarky comments about fat white women and fat white people across the board no matter what sort of people they may actually be.  Then it gets into how working class whites are almost as bad as blacks, etc, etc. 

  • MikeofAges

    Have you considered that people are just bigger as well as being overweight? As a teen I was 5’9, weighed 150 pounds, but had to wear a 36 waist. Couldn’t wear the skin tight boys clothes popular then. Today I’m over 60, weigh over 210 and wear a 40 waist. Not much room to lose there. I think some of the people you are complaining about are just bigger boned.

    Heard a story once of documentary filmmaker who needed to make a ballistic gel torso for a forensic recreation of the Kennedy assassination. Reportedly, he had some trouble finding a man with a slim enough frame to match Kennedy. Plenty of six-foot guys, but people apparently are larger.

  • Beloved Comrade

    Bo Derek in 10? That was over 40 years ago.

    Look, blacks can’t compete with whites, you know it everyone knows it, looks, brains, achievement, blacks fall far short. Far short. Blacks have IQs of around 80 which limits their intellect and black women are the ugliest on the planet, bar none. Even black men shun their own women and chase after Whites (Tiger Woods, Seal, OJ).

    Know what I’m sayin? Nope, probably not, it’s a white thang you won’t ever get it.

  • MikeofAges

    “There may be a hierarchy of big Jews and little Jews but at least the
    big Jews act like they give a darn about the little Jews.  They make
    sure they advance in jobs and in school.  They don’t throw down barriers
    the way our elite does.”

    Used to. Until affirmative action arrived.

  • radical7

    Just out of curiousity,what do you guys think of pop star Rihanna. (At least those of you who have heard of her.) I had zero attraction to her myself (her brutal beating at the hands of the dear “youth” Chris brown was barely paid any attention by me.)until she did a song I liked. Watching the video,(many times) I became quite strongly attracted to her. Am I goin’ to hell? BTW despite my amusing avatar I am definitely one of US,i.e., you!!!
    She has dated a number of White men including Ashton Kushner and Josh Harnett

  • tesmith47

    yeah, the health  thing is true, and 200 lbs is probably fat if a woman is not 6 ft tall but youhave to admit that consideration has to me made about where the wieght is ; i hav dated and slept with big gals blackand white and  my general observation  is that black women tend tohave the weight in the places that count (hips and thighs) annd white women tend to have  it around the middle and shoulders
    we have to be carefull because the white aesthetic says that buffie “the body” (google her) and Mrs. Obama are fat!! ( I have heard white folks say this)
    most black men like a woman with something one her bones, but dont use the 250 gal as a example the 130-150 lb range depending on the height  has some astounding  female bodies that us guys  go crazy over!!!
    I have the equipment and the confidence to satisfy  a full sized woman, i suspect a lot of the guys writing about how they dont like big women , have neither;   i know some of my white compatriots dont!!!!!

  • tesmith47

    yeah, the health  thing is true, and 200 lbs is probably fat if a woman is not 6 ft tall but youhave to admit that consideration has to me made about where the wieght is ; i hav dated and slept with big gals blackand white and  my general observation  is that black women tend tohave the weight in the places that count (hips and thighs) annd white women tend to have  it around the middle and shoulders
    we have to be carefull because the white aesthetic says that buffie “the body” (google her) and Mrs. Obama are fat!! ( I have heard white folks say this)
    most black men like a woman with something one her bones, but dont use the 250 gal as a example the 130-150 lb range depending on the height  has some astounding  female bodies that us guys  go crazy over!!!
    I have the equipment and the confidence to satisfy  a full sized woman, i suspect a lot of the guys writing about how they dont like big women , have neither;   i know some of my white compatriots dont!!!!!

  • tesmith47

     you got it just right, thank you for saying it, media from hollywood which has a large gay input  is telling everyone to look like a young male