Posted on May 10, 2012

Man Arrested for Alleged Carriage Jacking

Roche Madden and Chris Pilcic, Fox 2 (St. Louis), May 10, 2012

A St. Louis man is behind bars after police say he stole a horse-drawn carriage and assaulted the driver and the horse. It happened late Tuesday night near 8th and Chestnut.

A driver and horse from St. Louis Carriage Company were the victims. Jenny Holzum is a spokeswoman for the company. She said, “I’m angry I’m real angry. He put people in danger all over the city.”

A man who police identified as Johnny Medina, 40, jumped onto a carriage as the driver and a horse named Harry were headed back to the barn after a night of work.  Police say the Medina hit the driver over the head with a cane.  The cane broke.  The 60-year-old driver jumped off and the suspect took the reins.  Harry seemed to sense something was wrong and began galloping through the downtown streets towards the barn just south of Busch Stadium

People helped the driver and brought him to the carriage company.  But, the ordeal was not over.  Part of the carriage smashed into a trolley car.  The suspect jumped from the carriage and began hitting and attacking the horse.

The driver got between the horse and the attacker.  Other people moved in and subdued the suspect.