Al Sharpton, Trayvon Martin Family Urge Peace on 20th Anniversary of L.A. Race Riots

Liz Goodwin, Yahoo! News, April 26, 2012

To mark the 2oth anniversary of the deadly riots that engulfed Los Angeles following the 1992 Rodney King verdict, civil rights activist Al Sharpton and Trayvon Martin’s parents are urging peace at events. Sharpton spoke to Yahoo News before he and Martin’s family addressed a church on Thursday night.

“Twenty years ago I came out here after that protest after the verdict and tried to discourage the violence, and 20 years later now I’m here with Trayvon’s parents and we’re saying we don’t want violence,” he said. After four white police officers were acquitted in the recorded beating of Rodney King on April 29, the city exploded into one of the deadliest riots in American history, leaving 54 dead and causing $1 billion in property damage.

Sharpton, who now hosts a show on MSNBC, says much has changed since then, and he doesn’t expect the racially charged debate over Martin’s shooting to end in violence if George Zimmerman, who is Hispanic, is acquitted.

“I think even though people are angry and as concerned as I am, we don’t feel like we have no options,” he says. “Unlike [with] Rodney King, there’s defined leadership in Trayvon Martin’s case who have said from the beginning we cannot have violence.”


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  • Hint:  When civil rights leaders urge for peace, they’re really begging for riots.

    Martin Luther King was especially good at this art form.

    By the way, they’re talking about civil rights in South Los Angeles?  It’s good to know they can all speak Spanish.

    • chuck_2011

       they only speak ebonics….no english or spanish

      • Ebonics is what is spoken in the Federal government offices and most city schools.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Not in Los Angeles.  The Patois is Spanglish — blacks have been driven out.

    • If we go to war against Iran, Russia and or China we must declare LA an open city and allow the enemy to nuke or saturate bomb LA. We no longer get anything from LA and most of our fresh fruit and vegatables come from South America.   No one should be allowed to leave until after the bombing is over. 

      •  If we go to war against Iran, half of Beverly Hills will be flying Iranian flags.

        If we go to war against China, a good chunk of Irvine will be flying Chinese flags.

        If we go to war against Russia, half of Burbank (aka New Armenia) will cheer.

        Seems like the “enemy” has already saturated L.A., with our stupid permission.

    • Anonymous

      Funny how the GOP still embraces MLK and Rosa Parks, yet bashes the black leaders and black figures today.  Hello!  These blacks back then are like the ‘black leaders’ of today.  Why are today’s white conservatives so desperate to get blacks to vote for them that they engage in this pathetic pandering to blacks and Hispanics?  Even conservatives spout this “We are the human race, why, there’s only a small difference between us and people from Africa” while ripping on whites and southerners while claiming there is no such thing as race while saying black men are naturally better athletes while saying there is no such thing as race.  Hard to believe even educated professional white people buy into these liberal views on race.  Pathetic.

      • Seek

        I’ll tell you why.  Because today’s so-called “conservatives” are as terrified of being called “racist” as any white liberal is.  And the truly pathetic thing is they think they’re scoring a big “Touche!” in denouncing racism so long liberals are guilty — hence the fiction known as “liberal racism.”  These people (Malkin, Limbaugh, Coulter, Beck, etc.) actually believe they can out-Left the Left by “reminding” us for the 4,000th time that 70 years ago future Senator Robert Byrd was a Klan member.  

        Boy, oh boy.  Blacks and their Left enablers are just shivering in their collective boots in the face of such opposition — NOT!    

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     ive been listening to sharpton radio show every day. the reason they are urging calm is because they are scared. they know the black “community” does not have the financial resources to hold a sustained assault on the white population. they realize that anything beyond their flashmob guerrilla attacks will be met with a massive and brutal response from a well armed and well financed white population and they are not ready to see the genocidal extinction of their entire population.

  • There have already been examples of Trayvon inspired anti-White hate crimes, so the potential for violence is out there.  Although I doubt there will be widespread multi-city 1960s style race riots, if Zimmerman walks (and of course I hope he does) you will almost certainly see rioting in the local area.  Whites in that region of Florida need to make sure they are armed and ready to defend themselves as they will certainly be targeted.

    This call for calm by Sharpton is just his trying to cover his butt.  He’s concerned that if/when rioting does occur he might somehow he might be considered partially liable.

    • Rocky Bass

      Were I a Floridian Caucasoid, I might now be in the market for a belt or drum fed shotgun. One can never be too prepared.

      • The__Bobster

        Have you seen one of those babies in action? Way cool!

        • Rocky Bass

          FPS Russian; I love this guy (not in any sexual way or anything)

          I would like one of these

          • FPS Russia is funny. 
            That being said, he does on occasion show some pretty appalling gun safety practices.    Not the best influence for kids who might be watching.

          • Rocky Bass

            Look up the one where he decides to be pepper sprayed before trying out a new folding carbine. FUNNY

            And as usual “have nice day”

          • Anonymous

            I like FPS and Hickok45, too.  Curious, does FPS have a Class 3 permit for those fully automatic firearms he uses?  That’s a felony if he doesn’t.

      • Anonymous

        At least start carrying a pistol on you when you are out and about if you live there.  The whole point of getting rid of those Stand Your Ground Laws is to punish whites who kill black or Hispanic criminals.

        • xxxtonygunsxxx

           right and dont hesitate to use it. and dont apologize if you do. and most importantly, when you do, do not!! make any!! statements to police  just demand a lawyer be present at any interview. remember, police are your enemy especially if they are white like you.

    • The__Bobster

      MLK also called for peace while he was stirring the pot.

      • Rocky Bass

        Same old same old. Like in South Africa, call for peace and reconciliation in English, and the white man’s head and entrails on a stick in afro-bable, right in front of the same crowd! 

        We are dealing with creatures that are devoid of all honor.

        • Anonymous

          Blacks all speak ‘peace’ until they have the upper hand. 

  • Looks like Rev. Al is competing for the 2012 Chutzpah Award. Can you believe this man, who has made a career out of fishing in troubled waters, and in whipping up phony “outrage” among his people, who need no help in becoming emotional, irrational and violent, anyway, urging “peace” on the 20th anniversary of the ginned-up Rodney King riots?

    If Al Charlatan wanted “peace,” why didn’t he give the Tawana Brawley hoax a good leaving alone? Why didn’t he stay home instead of coming down to Sanford to whip up passions among the black mobs there? He has to be one of the most monstrous hypocrites who has ever lived — and MSNBC has given him his own show. He plays those stupid, self-hating Whites who run that network like they were an upright piano. Shame on them for being so gullible, and on him for being such an evil cynic.

    • Rocky Bass

       This article should say “Rev Sharpton” is much lamenting the relative peace that has come to pass, in spite of his best efforts to bring rioters to bear.

      • Major

        Just what is this “Rev” crap anyway? The man is a racis hustler…low life pimp with a fancier suit than most pimps. He’s supposed to get respec cause he’s a “man of god”? What “god”? The god of racism, hate, street justice, mobs, murder and mayhem? How does a fucking slick fraud like this even get TV time?

        How does he even get an audience? Are blacks that violent and stupid that they dare bow before this POS that doesn’t even have a church?

        •  I’m convinced many of the black “Reverends” in St. Louis got their theology degree from a Cracker Jack box.  When I listen to them, I’m never reminded of The Pope, much less R.C. Sproul.

          Some of them might not have actual churches, but they are financially supported by the “Revvunds” that do.  Too, Al Sharpton has a radio show and gets a check from MSNBC.

          • Major

            Yes…MSNBC…..Mentally Sick National Bigot Corporation…POs’s that actually get away with pretending they give “news”…WTF? I’d like to see DAVID DUKE…givewn the same forum and opportunity to challenge thes black, hustling, racist scum bags. The same time…air time to counter( Sharpcoon’s ) his vomit….his nonsense…his idiocy…his ebonic filthy spittle from his stupid lips. Why not? Why shouldn’t a white racialist get equal time to counter the sheet from the race hustlers?

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, MSNBC caves into fear of ColorForChange and fires Pat for telling whites of anti-white racism, yet they allow this Al Sharpton on?  The more I am learning, the less sympathy I have for blacks.  I can’t even feel sorry for blacks looking at the old pictures of blacks being hanged when I hear how viscious blacks are to whites today and how they whine about racial oppression when they are doing that to us. 

          • Given that Sharpton was ordained as a minister at age nine, with no formal theological training what so ever, he might as wel have gotten his degree from a Cracker Jack box!

            Every aspect of this clown’s life is a fraud.

          • The__Bobster

            Fred Sanford once started a Church of the Holy Junk Yard. It wasn’t so hard to do, even for a weasel-eyed “heathen” like him.


        • shmo123

           Well said Major. Year after year, it astounds me that people still take the professional Negro/clown Sharpton seriously. He is so lacking in intellect, talent, and presence I have to shake my head every time he gets in front of a camera. If he were white, he’d probably be behind bars, or banished by the MSM to some Pacific outcrop with a short-wave radio for a soap box. I can only hope that one day, he pisses off the wrong person and they go after him and his organization and bankrupt them once and for all.

  • 2573366

    Consumate race baiter or syphlitic? I believe the former.

  • ncpride

    I’m always interested in the comments on the orginal article of these stories, and after reading a few hundred of them here (there are well over 1,000) it’s clear to me that ole Al must be one of the most hated people in America. Why anyone would choose to give this man a platform to spew his hatred is beyond me, because clearly people are SICK of him and I’d wager if there are riots over saint Trayvon, people will hold him accountable and it may just be the end of him. Or is that wishful thinking on my part?

  • Sharpton: “Unlike [with] Rodney King, there’s defined leadership in Trayvon
    Martin’s case who have said from the beginning we cannot have violence.”

    Translation: “All you white folk ought to be thankful for me hijacking the Trayvon Martin shooting. I’m the only one standing between you and a bunch of black folk who want to kill you….”

    Reality #1: If Sharpton didn’t rabble rouse incidents like this he’d have to get a real job and do something productive — shock!

    Reality #2: White folks are buying guns & ammo as fast as manufacturers make them and, compared to 20 years ago, TONS of law-abiding people have concealed carry permits.

    Black thugs think it will be open season on YT, but the reality is it will be open season on black (and Latino) thugs by law-abiding Asians and Caucasians!

  • No

    Sharpton knows he’s going to lose.  He’s not stupid.  He knows this is another Tawana Brawley or Duke Rape affair . . . a total lie cooked up by the race hustlers and their white-hating media enablers. 

    He knows blacks are going to go feral.  You can see it in their rheumy eyes . . . they’re all just waiting for it to kick off the summer.    He wants to distance himself from what’s coming.

    Too late.  I hope the Zim Man sues the expensive pants of Al, Jesse and all the rest of their goons.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Riots are exactly what Sharpton wants.  It would keep him relevant and in the mainstream media for months and months where he can absolve black failure and spout generalized institutional racism, white oppression and the need to continue and reinvigorate affirmative action programs.


    White mobs should converge on LA and riot in the Black Nation forcing COPs to attack.  There is a PAY BACK coming to the Black Nation for what they have done to America and white people who did everything to help  blacks.  

  • BO

    Sometimes, I imagine a world in which there is a currency crisis. As a consequence of this currency crisis, the welfare state collapses in upon itself. Somewhere along this timeline, hunger is introduced in urban areas and a group panic ensues, causing a great exodus. This great exodus encounters organized resistance in the suburban areas, and is scattered with a great many tears. A few urbanites make it to the exurbs and stick out like sore thumbs in the vicinity of some supremely pissed off natives.

  •  His real pernicious tactic was screaming “non-violence” at the top of his lungs everywhere he went, and in earnest, the local ghetto-dwellers would get violent and riot.  That’s because the rhetoric about non-violence was a deliberate subtle cue to be violent.

  • tickyul

    One of the things that added fuel to the fire, eventually kicking off the LA Riots, was the shooting of an Urban American Yute by a Korean Shop-owner. The Urban American Yute BRUTALLY assaulted the tiny Korean Lady. But the Scumstream Media made it out to be a shooting caused by the simple theft of orange juice. Haha, sounds like the current controversy surrounding the shooting of the Skittlesbandit.

  • And I cannot fathom why these conservative, respectable hosts want anything to do with this rabble-rousing scum.

    • Aj

      Because it is all entertainment. Sharpton is the big loudmouth liberal bad guy and O Reilly and Hannity are the conservative heroes out to battle him. It is pro wrestling with suits and ties.

  • Brian Jones

    “there’s defined leadership in Trayvon Martin’s case who have said from the beginning we cannot have violence”

    Gee, too bad that memo never got through to the NBPP or Spike Lee or those thugs beating the crap out of white folks while chanting “Trayvon!”

  • IstvanIN

    Support the Federal “St. Trayvon” holiday!

  • 2573366

    ….”Unlike Rodney King……..we cannot have violence”. There’s been violence and thus far, very one sided. Black racists and their white cheerleaders should be thankful white conservatives are civilized and slow to anger. In addition, they need be aware there are limits to civilized behavior and patience. In a manner of speaking, one should not bite off more than they can demographically chew. 

    • The__Bobster

      Meanwhile, NBC is celebrating the Rodney King riots this morning with totally pro-Bantu reporting.

  • On the day Zimmerman is acquitted and walks out of court, totally exonerated by a jury; there will be riots in every major city in America. It will likely take two years before the case gets to trial, but that is two years for Sharpton and his ilk to fan the flames of hatred against whites (even though Zimmerman is Hispanic). It doesn’t take much to set off a black race riot. Sharpton is an expert at it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s going to be bad either way.  It will be riots if he wins and he already has a bad reputation now.  If he loses, he will go to prison, be harrassed by black and hispanic gangs, the white Aryan gangs won’t help him, it will be a hate crime for whites to fight off black criminals, and blacks will continue to harrass whites.

  • jackellis

    It’s 44 degrees, damp and windy today in Chicago. I wish the not guilty verdict for Zimmerman came in today. Blacks never riot or form any kind of outdoor groups when it’s cold. Mother Nature, Father Odin are on our side

    •  Mother Nature has been totally worn out by the squandering of all her bounty.Odin is melting to death.The old gods are in rapid retreat.

  • 1gravity

    There has been much talk, and wishful thinking, on the net, that whites will not be taking the next series of black riots, and their concomitant demands for justice, sitting down in front of the TV.  I am sure that Rev. Al has been told this, and I suspect he thinks this might be true: that there are Nathan Forrests out there waiting to mount up.  I really don’t think Rev. Al wants the cities to burn this time around.

    • Major

      By the God I worship…..I hope that this is true. Enough of the “racis” talk…enough of backing down. If there are thousands of whites willing to face these animal, thugs, scum and maternal procreators….these loons and bastards….that are completely willing to destroy society….we’re better off…facing these scum…

      “and wishful thinking, on the net..”

      I’ve had my Mossberg…my 9mm… 45 Acp..ready for some time. All legal too.

  • Sharpton and Jackson
    but don’t have the guts to call for it

  • Why do people in big cities put up with riots?? Do they enjoy watching their cities burn and their neighbors killed.?  Grow up!! {{ A few months before 9/11 happened, an actor on the Tonight Show made a joke about William Sherman and the audience laughed & applauded. Dennis Miller made jokes about Al & jesse’s boycott of SC and the crowd reacted the same way. Are all the people in LA like that?}} There are a few that hate southern people and they love the ones that burn that cities down. Can someone explain that to me. BTW, there is a site called Vanguard News Network that has a race crime video you can email to your friends and local paper. I have sent that video to 5 large newspapers. I would like to ask the readers of this site to email that video to 10 people and pass it on.

  • Whitewater

    Yea right. Tyical liars. After Rodney King every black in LA and everywhere else were provoking whites or running from the law hoping to get roughed up by the cops to make millions. The taser and pepper spray killed 1000s of lawsuits against the city cops all over though ending their private piggy banks.
    Trayvon is the renewal of hope and the dream for a trademark to get back on the gravy train again. 
    Zimmerman was a blessing and loved by all blacks including Sharpton and Jackson who will be milking it for ages.

  • He wants a riot, so he can come in and play peacemaker after these animals tear everything to shreds.   Black riots…paid for by the US tax payer.

  • Kurt Plummer

    As the truth comes out and the fraud perpetuated upon the world by the media is made clear, I’m betting the blacks will try to back off the rhetoric to make it look like they were the ‘peaceful diplomats’ all along.

    And then Zimmerman will be freed and it will be ‘as if it never happened’.  Swallowed up by an information black hole of non-acknowledgement.

    Or Zimmerman will be Star Chambered and it will be as if ‘I told you so’.  Because we all know that, even though he is a Jew and a Peruvian, he’s really ‘just whitey deep down’ (because he paladined himself into a Neighborhood Watch position, presumably…).

    In any case, -if- there are massive race riots in light of what is now shown, with better late than never Jewish Media coming out to defend their own.

    All public opinion will stand against blacks who participate.

    In this, it is important NOT to look for leadership from the quagmire by politicians (and those who think like them, while nominally wearing a cleric’s cassock).  For they will always go with the flow.  Never stand against or for something new.  Only exist to reinforce existing prejudices, fears and hate. 

    Where it makes them popular to do so.

    Let me tell you a story…

    I was sitting on my bed the other day and a black guy did his typical bee-bop strut down the aisle of beds next to me and brushed against a white guy, seated next to a hispanic guy on his bed.  He called the white guy out for ‘touching him’, which, here, is akin to active homosexual behavior and easily enough to get you kicked out of the shelter, beat up or ostracized from your own race’s support.

    If not all three.

    The white guy tried to argue the facts that it was the black guy, taking up ‘the middle half and more’ of the narrow aisle who swung his legs or arms (this part I didn’t see because the beds have partitions) across the white’s seated (hands on knees) position.

    Black guy loses it, turns around and calls him out as though he would -dare- counter a black man’s view.

    The hispanic guy stands up and says:  “You are a dumba$$, I saw what happened and you should go, now.”

    The black ignores the SYG hispanic and concentrates on the ‘victim’ who is still seated, which is a position of submission to any black and a request to be over-your-block smacked in the crown of the head if you don’t go along with him.

    The white guy tries again to ‘explain’.

    The black calls him a maternal fornicator and starts to move into his space, leaving the white guy no room to get up at all without making it seem like he was starting something.’

    The hispanic moves to block and stares right past him, not making eye contact as he waits for a break in the expletives and then says “Whatever, do something or get out of here, NOW.”

    The black guy -cannot believe- he’s been dissed by this hispanic and the white guy, totally cowed and out of the fight is still seated, shaking his head at the thought of being called a maternal fornicator when a moment before it was about touching.
    Black guy practically pleads with the hispanic guy to ‘make something of it’ because he himself cannot (self defense rule applies here, first guy to swing is automatically wrong and booted out).  The hispanic knows it and sees that the black guy, for all his guff and posturing, wants to keep his mat on the floor. 

    He calls the black a dumb bottom again and ‘whatever’ tells him to get out of there.  This time -pointing-.

    At this moment the Salvation Army paid employees are ‘rushing to assess the situation’ and realizing he is about to be outtalked, 2:1, the black backs down and walks off.

    The hispanic immediately sits down and says to the white guy who is -still- spluttering with his head hanging low.  “See, that’s how you handle them, they are nothing.”

    I honestly was flabbergasted.  Though the black was short compared to some of the walking wall specimens we have around here, he had a boxer’s physique and I’m pretty sure that the dumpy, middle aged, hispanic wouldn’t have been on the ground getting his head kicked in, had it happened outside.

    But in a _controlled environment_ the black could not do a thing.  Because his improv volume and wordage didn’t buy him anything but contempt.

    He came back up a second time to try and worm his way out of it as the (also black) admin tried to figure out the ‘who started it’ right and wrong of things, claiming that ‘before they get started, two versus one, he wanted to put in his side’ (shouting will also get you kicked out for breaking the peace).

    And of course the only thing the vapor locked white could manage to say was that he was NOT a maternal fornicator and he hadn’t -touched- the other guy at all so he didn’t deserve to be called one.

    Never seeing the reality:  He could not be a maternal fornicator and a homosexual in the black man’s eyes so it was ALL done to get one over on YT.  The hispanic did put 2+2 together.  And refused to be bullied by a black high on himself and envious of the white who had a bed while he didn’t.

    The Admin eventually asked if this white was married and if so, whether he had kids.  And the white said yes.  So of course ‘it was all good’ because, honestly, to both blacks, he -was- a Maternal Fornicator (indicating that blacks know we don’t like being impugned in our honor about -anything- and so are vulnerable to _everything_ they care to accuse us of…).

    I get exactly the same view of things from the blacks playing the victim entitlement card (with the media collusion) in this case.  And I wonder if the hispanics are letting Zimmerman float or goat because they refuse to be baited.  Or whether they just knew the Jews would come the aid of their own, eventually.

    • I’ve never been a fighter, although I will defend myself if I have to. But I can remember other White guys who I grew up with — a number of them — who would have knocked that black into a cocked hat for acting that way toward them. What on earth is the matter with our race nowadays? Have we been totally neutered? We do we think that all blacks are such big, bad dudes, that we have to walk on eggs around them, and not do anything to make them mad?

      • saxonsun

        I’ll tell you what’s wrong with our race. It’s easily seen from this site–you white guys simply complain and that’s all.  You do battle with your keyboards as weapons. Now I know the pen is mightier than the sword but not in all cases. I’m a white woman. I’ve been bothered by blacks since I was a kid and so have friends. NOT ONCE did I back down. And guess what? I wasn’t bothered ever again.

    • Blacks are good at bluffing, but they are only emboldened to fight when they significantly outnumber their potential victim. The notion of a “fair” fight is nowhere to be found in black culture. Most blacks I have encountered over the years and there have been many, were afraid in a one on one confrontation (although they would never display that fear unless their bluff didn’t work). When a black leaves a one on one confrontation with a white, the black often will go looking for other blacks and or weapons to return and attack the lone white. 

      • That happened, many years ago, in my home town. There was a White boy in my high school class, whose family had moved here (Indiana) from Memphis, Tenn. I never saw the guy give anyone a hard time, but he was a Southerner, and — here’s the kicker — he was a Golden Gloves boxer back in Memphis.  At a street carnival one summer, he somehow had words with a local black kid who was the big muckety-muck on the high school basketball team and thought he was bad. He was bigger than the White boy, too.

         Apparently the black said something that the White Southern boy didn’t like, and the boy decked the black — I don’t know whether with one punch or two, as I wasn’t there, only heard about it later. Instead of getting up and continuing the fight, as another White boy might have done, the black went racing off home to the only black area of town (they’re dispersed all over town now, though) and came back with a bunch of his “homies,” to gang-tackle the White boy. But Whitey was too smart for them; he had seen all the carnival he wanted, and he got in his car and went home, out in a rural area, before they got back.

         That’s the way blacks tend to operate.

        • Anonymous

          In the old days, those blacks (or “youths” are they are called now) would have been too scared to be around whites.  If they were allowed to be around whites, it was a privilege and they were very respectful and saying “sir” and “ma’am” because they knew whites wouldn’t tolerate any nonsense from them.  I wish white men were like that today still.  Shame.

        • The__Bobster

          I went to a college in the middle of the ghetto. During a school play held at night, one of the actors left the auditorium to get a prop and encountered four of the local Treyvons who had “wandered” on campus looking for an easy mark. Unfortunately for the skittle boys, the actor was also the captain of the judo team and he made short work of all four of them.

          Cowards that they were, they ran home, came back with a Saturday night special and shot to death the first blonde kid they saw.

      • Anonymous

        That’s why I don’t feel sorry for blacks.  Look at how they treat others when they are in control and outnumber other races.  Black men are cowards.  They rely on white fear and outnumbering the other races to be strong.  There are tons of white (and Hispanic) guys who could cream most black guys in a one-on-one fight.  As I much as I resent the Hispanics not speaking English and being here illegally, I respect their low tolerance for black behavior and for the fact I can be around Hispanics and not worry about getting a robbed or beaten up or hearing racial epithets thrown at me. 

    • The__Bobster

      Once again, he’s part black, 0% jewish.

      http : //www.vdare . com/posts/why-the-most-hated-man-in-america-looks-a-little-like-obama

      Robert and Gladys met in January 1975, when George Mesa brought along his army buddy to his sister’s birthday party. She was visiting from Peru, on vacation from her job there as a physical education teacher. Robert was a Baptist, Gladys was Catholic. They soon married, in a Catholic ceremony in Alexandria, and moved to nearby Manassas.

      Okay, so, yeah, we all know Bob Dylan’s real name is Robert Zimmerman, but there really are a whole bunch of people in America with Germanic names who aren’t Jewish at all or are only marginally Jewish. They just tend to be less famous per capita than Jewish people with Germanic names. A Baptist American named Robert Zimmerman, George’s father, is more likely to never become famous than a Jewish American named Robert Zimmerman.

    • Anonymous

      Where I live, there are Hispanics but no blacks.  Same everywhere.  They don’t get along.  Blacks will push around anyone who doesn’t stand up to them.  Back in the day, a black wouldn’t have dared tried that to our grandfathers, great grandfathers, etc.  They’d known they’d be six feet under before they could blink if they did that.  Then again, that’s when white men were real men, and not these self-hating, cowardly ‘men’ who are trying to ‘get in touch with their feminie inside.’  I sometimes think the white men like our Founding Fathers or John Wayne or Clint Eastwood or Slyvester Stallone or Charles Bronson (Death Wish) are gone for good.  Maybe it will take another generation of anti-white persecution for white men to collectively grow a spine again. The Hispanic guy was absolutely right that you talked to.  Remember that scene on Gran Torino how those black guys were threatening to rape that Asian girl and kick Clint Eastwood’s butt until he pulled out a 45 on them?  Amazing how nice they got right them to Clint when they realized the tables had turned on them…

  • Church_of_Jed

    Vikings RB King arrested on suspicion of assault

  • anarchyst

    bill o’reilly and sean hannity (I purposely did not capitalize their names) are “pseudo-conservatives” . . .
    bill o’reilly has a nasty habit of asking his “guests” a question and then interrupting them as they attempt to answer . . .
    When the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty  was brought upby a caller  (on hannity’s radio show) he dismissed it as “just mistaken identity”  (we know better). He cut off the caller and refused to discuss it further.  I guess he did not want to anger his “bosses”. . .

    • The__Bobster

      And Hannity’s still spreading his “wipe Israel off the map” lie.

      Israel’s deputy prime minister acknowledged this week that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has never actually said Israel must be “wiped off the map.”

      The oft-repeated quote attributed to Ahmadinejad is actually a mis-translation of remarks he made in 2005. According to Israel’s Ynet News, Ahmadinejad was actually quoting the Ayatollah Khomeini when he said: “The imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.”

  • The__Bobster

    It was like the Mafia selling “protection”.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


    • Have you ever noticed that when a store clerk stands up to a bunch of these feral thugs, he, or she, is almost always Indian, or Hispanic, or something other than Caucasian? What in the world is wrong with us, nowadays? Have we all had our backbones removed by the pushers of “White guilt”? And why don’t these store clerks have (legal) firearms hidden under the counter, where they can easily reach them and give these “youffs” just what they deserve?

      • IstvanIN

        Because if you are white. like that Pharmacist, you will go to prison for life.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe we need to start standing up to them regardless of the laws.  They don’t follow the laws, so might as well fight them off.  Better to be judged by 12 than buried by six.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Please don’t call him ‘Mr. Sharpton’. You can’t call him what he is, but ‘Sharpton’ will do.

  • j j


    I get so tired of hearing these animals, BLACKS constantly referred to as “teens”

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The LA Times, $haprton, Jackson and Battle-Axe Maxine Waters, are all salivating at the possibility of race-riots.  That’s why they’ve been doing everything they can to foment them. 

    This has nothing to do with Trayvon.  Zimmerman is part Hispanic and part black, but it’s the White part they’re after, which exposes their blatant racism.  This has to do with creating unrest, strife and diving the American people.  

    A community activist is in the White House and he’s leading them.

    CCCan’t WWWe AAAll JJJust GGet AAlong?

    No.  We tried that and it didn’t work.  “Holder’s people” had better not come down my block, it is OFF LIMITS.  Any of his stupid people violating this rule will be judged harshly.

    “I call it a rebellion a spontaneous reaction to a lot of injustice. The anger in my district is righteous. I’m just as angry as they are…There were mothers who took this as an opportunity to take some milk, to take some bread, to take some shoes. They are not crooks.”

    –Kerosene Maxine Waters on the 1992 Rodney King riots.


    • 2573366

      In reference to the quote attributed to Maxine Waters, it has long been my belief that blacks have the same logic as every other race….less reason, accountability, and the ability to associate action and consequence . I also believe they have a genetic predisposition that lends itself to the need for immediate gratification and violent behavior if necessary to attain it. This is not an issue singular to America. Anywhere you care to look, be it Great Britain, Haiti, Africa itself, this issue is a common thread. 

    • Anonymous

      We can get along when blacks start behaving, stop being pushed in our society, stop calling us racists, stop whining about white people, stop taking my money, stop committing crimes, stop sleeping around and neglecting their parental duties.  That’s when blacks and whites can get along.  Actually, other races really aren’t too thrilled with blacks, so it’s not just whites they have to convince now, is it?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        We can get along when blacks start behaving, stop being pushed in our society, stop calling us racists, stop whining

        Unfortunately, given inherent black nature, and the prodding they get from the complicit government and media, that will NEVER happen. 

        I’ve always maintained that the ONLY thing blacks understand  and will get them to stop their aberrant behavior is the business end of a firearm pointed directly in their face!!  

        Here’s a great anecdote after Hurricane Katrina and a strong warning as to what might happen when the rioting starts:

        Citizens organized armed patrols and checked on the elderly. They slept on their porches with loaded shotguns and bolted awake when intruders stumbled on the aluminum cans they had scattered on the sidewalk.

        Gunshots rang out for days, sometimes terrifyingly close.

        ‘A police car drove up behind me and saw [an assault and car theft] happening but he didn’t do anything,’ said Pervel, who heads the 1,500-household neighborhood association.

        Then residents heard that police vehicles were being carjacked and looters were taking guns and ammunition from nearby stores.

        ‘Some looters came up and pulled a gun on the wrong group of men!!’

        ‘Two men were shot right there,’ Harris said, pointing down the street as he watered his rose bushes. ‘One was shot in the back, the other in the leg, and the third I was told made it a block and a half before he died in the street. I did not go down to see the body.’

        For those who stupidly think the government, Red Cross, National Guard or FEMA will come to their rescue, heed these words:

        ‘For five days we didn’t need FEMA, the Red Cross or the National Guard,’ Harris said. ‘The neighborhood took care of itself.’

        BTW:  The National Guard did not take action for SIX DAYS during the 1992 Rodney King Riots.


  • Letting  12% of the population run the show is letting the tail wag the dog

  • Athling


  • Seek

    Rev. Al doesn’t want to embarrass Barack Obama.  He knows a full-scale riot would jeopardize the re-election.  That’s what this disingenuous “peace” overture is all about.  Say, did “the Rev” call for peace in the streets of South Central L.A. back in 1992?  I don’t recall that. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     every time i open drudge report im assaulted with a life size high def image of the vile filthy hussein, i turn on rush limp ball and hes singing the barney song………….. AND WHITES ARE GOING TO TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK????  no wonder whites are getting beat downs coast to coast. sad pathetic country

  • jackellis

    I lived in New York City in the late 80s, early 90s. The worst years. Sharpton was doing all kinds of nasty things, inciting Black mobs in the Tawana Brawley Rape hoax, leading Black mobs to celebrate the gang wilding rape of a White female jogger in Central Park (Sharpton eventually managed to get some of the stone cold busted Black rapists off) and in the strangest of cases, Sharpton incited Black mobs to riot, attack Orthodox Jews in Crown Heights Brooklyn – the only, open anti – semitic pogrom in US history. The Crown Heights riot/pogrom changed New York City politics as Jewish voters switched from supporting the Black mayor Dinkins to law and order White candidate Guliani. This does show that even die in the wool, Black crime excusing Jewish NY Leftists will vote and act White if the Black criminal mobs are turned against them.

    Here’s a good account of Al Sharpton’s role in the Crown Heights riot/pogrom from a NY Jewish perspective. I think the article is fair/accurate though it lets Black mayor David Dinkins and Police Commissioner Lee Brown off the hook.

  • Athling

    My apologies to the moderator. It seems registering with Disqus eliminate the posting problems.

  • Athling

    And yes, that image is my actual reflection…