Trayvon Martin’s Killer Raises More Than $200,000 for Defense

Yahoo! News, April 26, 2012

George Zimmerman, the former neighborhood watch volunteer who is accused of murder in the death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, has raised at least $200,000 through a website set up to fund his defense, his lawyer said on Thursday.

Donors contributed “just over $200,000,” said Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s defense lawyer.

The site set up to solicit funds for Zimmerman’s defense,, has since been shut down.

Zimmerman was released this week on $150,000 bail and has been moved to an undisclosed location. {snip}


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  • Rocky Bass

    Oh thank god.

  • Good.

    It’s nice to see people actually supporting the victim in such cases for a change.  
    Does anyone know of a currently active and confirmed way to donate to his legal fund?  I might throw a few dollars that way myself.

    • Rocky Bass

       His website used to be top of Google with a search for “real George Zimmerman” now I could not even find it! Just an article about some judge wanting to know about the 200K!
      Google are real Ba$tards!

  •  I love it! The judge set Zimmerman’s bond at $150,000, any kind; Zimmerman, or those acting on his behalf, posted 10 percent through a bondsman, and he walked into … uh, an undisclosed location. Now we find out he’s got $200,000, and that it came from those who are outraged at this legal lynching of him being done at the behest and under the threat of the street mobs of Sanford. For those wanting Zimmerman dead, the Hindus would call this a visitation of “bad Karma.”

    Stay hidden, George, and I hope you get to use at least some of that $200,000 to make your necessary exile a little more pleasant.

    • Rocky Bass

       And 200K was raised in like a couple weeks of being up! He would get more if he puts it back up.

      • Rocky Bass

         Him getting some help is really great, god knows you and me are laid prostrate to fund his persecution.

    • The__Bobster

      And naturally, the black racist rabble rousers want his bail upped.

  • Jay1

    The fund needs to be named: The Latino Defense Fund of George Zimmerman.  I would contribute to that, and it would be accurate.

    The problem is that the damage is done.  Leftists and especially blacks all believe that some white, KKK inductee descendant of Johhny Reb shot sweet innocent little Trayvon.  The narrative has been set, even though even a cursory glance of Zimmerman reveals a mestizo latino who is bi-lingual.

    •  Nope.  It’s just a house of cards awaiting the counter-narrative.

      The real narrative is that the media is the business of lying and hating YT.

  • Dan

    I certainly won’t send Zimmerman any money.  First, he was a huge Obongo supporter and actively campaigned for him. Secondly, I would bet money that Zimmerman would be no fan of any of our racial views. Save your money or better yet-make a donation to American Renaissance.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Well, you do make a great point.

    • No

      I think sending him a few bucks is worth it.  First, it will guarantee a summer of feral antics if he goes free.  Second, what better way to stick it to the race hustlers than seeing their quarry walk? 

      Seeing Zim Man walk . . .  and seeing the savagery that follows . . . will set back race relations a good 15-20 years.  Isn’t that a good thing?

      • Rocky Bass

         Tobe quite honest (I saw enough of Zimmerman’s idiocy), I don’t care a wit about George.
        It’s the point, the principle that drives my support of George. If they crucify him, they will have less trouble crucifying me or you in the future.
        And HELL YEAH, the ensuing mayhem is just a bonus, along with it’s inevitable, racial relations implications.
        A whole lot of win, anyway I can look at it.

        • Best value for your enterainment dollar.

    •  A position worthy of respect, to be sure.  I won’t be sending him any money, either.  I don’t begrudge any of our comrades sending him money, either.

  • Diamond_Lil

    On the lib websites they are openly calling for the murder of George Z as well as the publication of all the names and addresses of the donors to Zimmerman’s defense fund.   I’ve lost count of the numerous generalized threats against the white population should Z be acquitted.  It’s rabid dog syndrome, insidious and infectious.  I was indifferent at first, but with this Inquistion against George Z, I feel compelled to donate a few bucks.  Maybe this guy can eventually raise enough to buy his own island. He’ll be forced to if he wants to be safe. 

  • Major

    Zimmerman site set up by his legal defense team.

  • ncpride

    I can’t help but wonder what that phoney $harpton thinks about so much money being raised on Zimmerman’s behalf. Perhaps he’s kicking himself for backing the wrong minority.. lol

  • No

    I think a lot of people see the injustice in all that’s happened . . . or . . .

    They just see this as a good way to slam dunk Al, Jesse and Obama.  A lot of people will be high-fiving and thinking “in your face Obama” when Zim walks free.

  •  “Public opinion….split….along racial lines…everyone will lose.”

    That sounds like an epic win to me.  Or rather, a feature, not a bug.

    The more ostentatious and obnoxious blacks are, the better it is for our cause.  It’s when they dress up in busines suits and start stammering about “fairness” and “civil rights” that they’re truly dangerous.

    • Concerned

      Perhaps the biggest problem we face, regarding race relations, is the fact that if I express any opinion that isn’t “politically correct” I’ll be labeled a racist. There is no mechanism in our society for discussion about this issue because a majority (not all) of blacks and most liberal whites will brand you with this title and shut down any conversation. In summary, there is no real communication between blacks and whites, just PC rhetoric that changes nothing. I fear for what will happen when even this thin veneer breaks down and we are
      left with….what?  It is not something I wish on our country or look forward to.

      • The__Bobster

        But…but…but…Eric Holder wanted an honest discussion about race.

      • anarchyst

        I wear my “racist” badge with honor.  I am PROUD to be considered a “racist” . . .When someone calls me a racist, I say “thank you” . . .

      •  The best response to the racism charge is to immediately hurl it back, with more vigor than it was delivered to you.

        And if you can’t make that charge stick, you probably should be cracking the books, not playing the activist.

    •  True.  Libtards were too dumb to know that blacks’ decorum and humility is always a pose.

  • The comments all over the internet are encouraging.  Even local clips have comments that aren’t buying into the deceit.   

  • To do list…

    send a few bucks to Zimmerman 

  • The__Bobster

    And Yahoo is notoriously libtard-infested site. Their heads are exploding right now.

  • Anyone know how long the site was up and why they took it down? I heard payp*l pulled the account also. Sort of funny they pulled his account but still allow people to raise money for Mumia Abu-Jamal who was actually convicted of murder. But hey, it was only a white cop, I guess that doesn’t count. 

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I heard an interview with Zim’s lawyer on the radio.  He said there were many “real looking” fake sites going up and that is why the account was taken down — that plus once St. Skittles’s lawyer got wind of the $200,000 he wanted the judge to look over  Zim’s parents’ financial situation and up the bail.  The lawyer said the site would be back up, it may be by now.

      Also, lawyer said he charges $400/hour– AND that he’s already worked on the case for 100 hours!!  $200,000 will be burned up very quickly.  Meanwhile, how much $$ and free/donated hours are pouring into the Skittles defense?


  • He’s raised at least $200,000?

    Too bad Slick Willie was DISBARRED
    he’d like the money
    BUT LOVE the publicity not

  • Never mind skin color,  it’s facial features & cultural heritage. To compare India & Africa is a joke.

    • IstvanIN

      True.  India is bad.  Africa is the pits. 

  • Strider73

     Here’s his contact page with snail-mail and phone info, plus a Web form.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Remember if he is aquitted a lot of whites will be getting the idea of active self defense. This is a threat to blacks.

    This is a threat to the government.


  • Zim needs to grow a pair and milk this thing while he has the chance.  It won’t be prominent in people’s minds forever, or at least, there’s no guarantee.  He should milk it hard, and promise to send the overage to the NRA or whatever.

  • Kurt Plummer


    Is it just me or are there others who are tired of Martin’s family and supporters playing the “Victim Card” over and over and over again?  Any sympathy they might have gained has, in my opinion, been lost with this attitude.

    Attitude is what blacks do.  It’s those that don’t show it but have the plans and the fortitude to go it, alone, who are the winners.

    Whites  are losing the ability to do this as we become as reactive to unpleasant reality as the blacks ever were.  It’s a sad day when whites ‘need’ blacks being black to self justify their reactions to all the -other- things that are wrong with this society.

    If they keep this up public opinion will be split down the middle, along racial lines, and everyone will lose.

    People have already lost.  We are like the proverbial Pavlovian Dog-

    Coming to the tinkling bell of the technicians who feed us this pablum under the expectation of a fight.  We have been reduced to that level of fixation upon our enemy’s ‘attitude’ as a justifier of our own.

    The question must be: what about society will change when the latest entertainment as reality tv is done?

    Will we be safer with blacks cowed by their lack of ability to chastise under threat of brutalizing us if we don’t give in?

    Will we have -more time- to look at the big picture of what our ‘betters’ are doing to us while we are obsessed over this?

    The reality is that Mr. Zimmerman has transitioned from being NONE OF OUR BUSINESS to something like a celebrity scandal piece as the media, first by blatantly misrepresenting the facts and now by blatantly stoking the fires of controversy beyond their immediate reality, tries to drag us down into the mud of their own making.

    Never wrestle pigs in a mud puddle.  They love it down there.  You just end up looking dirty and stupid.

    Separation is the only way to make our society workable and independent of the minorities who cling to us like limpets.  Yet they are so incredibly incompetent (trained and focussed, like a smart bomb onto a coded laser light, to ONLY hate whitey) that nothing they do does more than drag us all down another notch into barbarity.

    It’s time to stop -hoping- that they will do something ‘just dumb enough’ to justify a race war which will mean the shattering of all we believe in.  Dumb doesn’t get lucky if all their moves are led by the nose like Pavlov’s salivating dog.

  •  I recommend adding a note as to the political orientation of the sender.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Sports are played for the victory through the interaction of the teams.

    Racial hegemony over our own lands is not only played for far more but is deliberately intended to be divisive in it’s effort as much as achievable outcome.

    It would be unwise to view this as anything less than what it is: an attempt to bind us with the very chains that make us hate each other.  The more we commit to Zimmerman as opposed to Black Victim Entitlement Culture, the more we ignore the reality which truly terrifies liberals and blacks both:

    Without either one, we would be better off.

    I say, letting Zimmerman be made an example of as _Not Our Problem_ might well lead to a more racially harmonized and aggressively _separatist_ White Core Group than anything we ho-hum fling money at like it was another Farm Aid event.

    Because it truly means that the liberal media and their race card no longer matter to us and we cannot be bought by their antics.

    Do _not_ play into the liberal left’s desire to bring us together through a common hate that ‘resolves well’.  Stand apart.  And find those who, like you, are also disgusted with the race baiting nature of this tail-wags-dog spectacle.

    Because those are the kinds of people who, when the time comes, will find a way to move out of the pan-racial aristocracy of the liberalist agenda.  The rest will just follow the cue cards to whatever ‘debate or crisis’ is used to hook them in harder.

  • Kurt Plummer


    Your folks are missing what is at steak. It is the right to stand your ground and defend yourself. Zimmerman is just a straw man. Remember if he is aquitted a lot of whites will be getting the idea of active self defense. This is a threat to blacks.

    No.  The majority of people are such non-killer minded that they will not defend themselves, no matter what is at stake.  Studies of soldiers going back to the Great War have documented this.  Time and again.  We now use highly painful ‘simulant’ bullets to sting soldiers with urban combat training so that they know beforehand what the cost of failing to be an effector in delivering fires costs and we are STILL only at about 80% of the military population being aggressive shooters.

    The rest talk a mean line and will do things like get ammo or risk their lives to carry a wounded man to safety.  But they _will_ _not_ _pull_ _the_ _trigger_.

    Pretending otherwise is failing to see the bigger issue.  If we lionize those who do kill and are well thought of for doing so, the threat that caused them to shoot become the symbols of what we would be like ‘if only’ we weren’t required by our instincts as much as our laws, to act with restraint.

    Remove the painful stimulus (blacks) and you solve a deep psychological paradox of not wanting to be a killer and not wanting to be surrounded by victimizer predatory personalities.

    And -that- is what America’s leading liberals fear.  That we might actually act to reinstate our safety to achieve the peace of mind that comes from realizing, deep down, that we are not George Zimmerman.  And resent it.

    GZ acts locally because he thinks locally.  Whites act globally (through pan-systemic effects) to ensure much larger scales of change.  And  this thought terrifies our minders.

    Support Zimmerman he can’t help he is a hodge podge of different races. He has a black grandmother. He is a good enough guy to support. Not great but we need to stand firm in our resolve to deflect assaults on our rights of self defense. Not to mention thugs in the making like Trevon Martin.

    No.  He is not white.  Those attempting to make of him a white that we might feel sympathy for him do so with the specific intention of lashing us to their wagon and dragging us along for the ride.

    This is not Whites’ problem.  The more you make it seem otherwise, the more you fulfill the social engineering schema of making us care for the fates of those whom _we are told to_.

    Zimmerman went looking for trouble.  He found it and tried to back off.  He got jumped and was getting beaten because he wasn’t interested in finishing what he started.  He took a second chance to shoot his way out of a fight he couldn’t win with his fists.  And now we are supposed to look at him and have sympathy for a fight he didn’t need to be in, because -someone else- deliberately connotes his foolishness with whiteness?

    I don’t think so.

    Whites should prepare to separate from the underclass we have had thrown at us, willy nilly, without our agreement or support.  We should engineer a global response that protects -us-.  Not one which extends a quick fix to a dumb, non-white, individual.

    Zimmerman is little more than a feel-good drug for the racially conscious, socially intimidated, whites to swallow whole without asking whether indeed we need to support him for who he is.  Or denounce him as _Not our problem_.

    Failure to do so means enduring a death from a thousand cuts as the liberals once more flog us with the white man’s principal psychological weakness: the desire to defend all causes and right all other’s wrongs.

    • anarchyst

      Zimmerman had EVERY RIGHT to question (Saint) Trayvon.  As part of a neighborhood watch team, he had the right to observe and question anyone that looked “suspicious”.  One must understand black (criminal) pathology to see the reason Zimmerman was attacked.  Black (criminal) pathology requires blacks to assault anyone that “disses” (disrespects) them.  By Zimmerman asking (Saint) Trayvon “what business he had being there” was a sign of “disrespect” to (Saint) Trayvon.  His black (criminal) pathology was fired up; he was required to attack Zimerman in order to “restore his honor”.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    worthless typican negros loot store beat employees

  • anarchyst

    How can the judge change the terms of the bond agreememt??  Bond was set and all conditions were satisfied.  If the judge attempts to change Zimmerman’s bond terms, he should be impeached . . .

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    this is just as i predicted, the left has set the hispanics and blacks against each other so an hispanic kills a black now the blacks are trying to kill him while i kick back munching pretzles and watching it on the news.  maybe  leftists  are not so bad after all ……………….