One of Every 10 Straight Married Couples in the U.S. Is Interracial

Meghan Keneally, Daily Mail (London), April 25, 2012

The 2010 census noted the highest number of interracial marriages in America’s history, noting a 28 per cent jump over the past decade.

One out of every 10 married straight couples identified as different races, which shows an increase from 7 per cent in the 2000 census data.

Greater social acceptance of the unions and demographic shifts throughout the country are thought to be the two largest contributing factors to the increase.

The 2010 census noted the highest number of interracial marriages in America’s history, noting a 28 per cent jump over the past decade.

One out of every 10 married straight couples identified as different races, which shows an increase from 7 per cent in the 2000 census data.

Greater social acceptance of the unions and demographic shifts throughout the country are thought to be the two largest contributing factors to the increase.

A couple with a multi-racial member was the second most common couple, followed by the pairing of one Asian person and a white partner, with couples featuring a black partner and a white partner coming in fourth.

The percentage of interracial couples increases dramatically when looking at unmarried couples.

Unmarried straight couples reported 18 per cent interracial, while the highest proportion belonged to same-sex unmarried partnerships which showed 21 per cent.

Regionally, the West of the country reported more interracial couples than any other area of the country.

That finding was largely due to the fact that the states with the highest interracial marriage statistics are those with large ‘native populations’.

Hawaii, with its significant number of Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander populations, was the highest-ranked state with 37 per cent of married couples identifying as interracial.

The next three- Alaska, New Mexico, and Oklahoma- all have varying ethnic groups.

Alaska Natives are classified as a different race, and the large Native American populations in Oklahoma and New Mexico contribute to the high interracial statistics in those states.


                                   White Wife       Black Wife       Asian Wife       Other Wife

White Husband     50,410                 168                      529                   487

Black Husband        390                    4,072                    39                      66

Asian Husband        219                        9                       2,855                   28

Other Husband        488                       18                        37                     568

 Based on 2010 Census Data

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  • Actually, the figures are more or less the same. “Others” are presumably Hispanics & Polynesians. The bombastic title is at variance with the figures presented. 97.7% White men are married to White women.

    It’s White- White increase, not decrease, compared to previous percentages (ca 95%).

  • No surprise that  White women are more likely to be with a black man, than a White man with a black woman. Women tend to be more liberal and easily brain-washed, among other things.

    I’ve no problem who is with who for the most part except Whites with blacks (yes, ideally it would be Whites with Whites, but it’s just not an ideal world) .

    As far as I’m concerned those Whites are engaging in bestiality. As I always see it, who’d want a White woman like that anyhow. Let them learn the hard way.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I see it the same, and if you ever had the misfortune of bumping into any online stuff, you’d know it was true and horribly so, it is racist sado/masochism, too.

      • As for Blacks- Whites pairings, the ratio (BM-WW/WM_BW) has decreased & is ca. 2.2/1. It has been ca. 2.5 in past 40 yrs & sailer has written about it. He found interesting correlation between bodily fat, but I’m not convinced it’s something causal:

        In the 1990 Census, 72 percent of black – white couples consisted of a black
        husband and a white wife. In contrast, white – Asian pairs showed the
        reverse: 72 percent consisted of a white husband and an Asian wife.

        Is muscularity quantifiable? PBS fitness expert Covert Bailey finds that
        he needs to recommend different goals — in terms of percentage of
        body fat — to his clients of different races. The standard goal for
        adult black men is 12 per cent body fat, versus 18 per cent for Asian
        men. The goals for women are 7 points higher than for men of the same

        For interracial couples, their “gender gaps” in body-fat goals
        correlate uncannily with their husband – wife proportions in the 1990
        Census. The goal for black men (12 per cent) is 10 points lower than
        the goal for white women (22 per cent), while the goal for white men
        (15 per cent) is only 4 points lower than the goal for black women (19
        per cent). This 10:4 ratio is almost identical to the 72:28 ratio seen
        in the Census. This correlates just as well for white – Asian couples,
        too. Apparently, men want women who make them feel more like men, and
        vice versa for women.

        Also.- the percentage of White females married to White men has increased to 97.87%.Older figures are smaller for Whites- SO- either IR marriages are bigger among non- Whites, or the title is simply deceptive.

      • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

        Why are Guest’s comments always  removed?  Are our moderators intolerant?

      • Now I am dying of curiousity to know what that removed comment said!

  • Francis Galton

    Does anyone know, or has anyone even SEEN, an Asian Husband/Black Wife combo?  There’s about 9,000 of them in the US! 

    •  Here you got all Asian stats (in percentages):

    • ed91

       there are many around military bases…….

    • Xanthippe2

      I’ve seen a few in the SF Bay Area!

       Actually, I overheard a conversation between a Mexican guy and a Vietnamese guy who were aparently trying to have sex with women of as many ethnicities as possible and keeping score.  Both had had sex with Blacks.  Neither had had sex with a White women, but that was their dream.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     This is why I support only one type of religion for whites; Euro-based with ancestor reverence/worship at its core.  Christianity strips its adherents of their roots and replaces it with thoughts of a purported “heaven” where they will go if they follow the rules and support the church on earth, “taking up the cross and abandoning all else.”  This leaves the earth up for grabs by any who recognize that it is abandoned.  If you respect, honor, remember, and even worship your ancestors as the ancients did, you cannot wish to leave progeny that is not of their line, and yours.

    Here is an apt Viking war prayer;

    The Viking Prayer


    Lo!  Do I there see my father!

    Lo! Do I there see my

    Lo! Do I there see my

    and my sisters.

    Lo! Do I there see my

    back to the

    They beckon me to

    Where the brave may
    live forever!


    • Space4jan

      Actually the Hebrew commandment to honour your parents is linked with survival in your God-given homeland, even if the subsequent prohibition of adultery relates only to sexual and not to ethnic infidelity.  The NT does not explicitly advocate or forbid racial crossing, but the implication is that nations in the bounds of their habitations will endure; the Scythian will remain a Scythian even after conversion to Christianity.    
      Anyone interested in more scholarly historical research than the conflicting scriptural/historical takes on scripture by identity cults may find the following studies useful: (1) Bishop Herbert Henson, “Christian Morality”, ch.IX “Problems of Race” (Oxford 1936); (2) James C. Russell, “The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity” (Oxford 1996).

    • Well, the Bible teaches its followers to adhere to the laws of the lands they find themselves in. Allowing illegals to cross over our borders illegally is just that- illegal, and the God of the Bible frowns upon that. It is not Christianity that is the problem, it is lack of it. You can’t tell me with a straight face that our perverted, communist leaders are “Bible thumping Christians.” Find me one. Christians aren’t the problem.

      • Laconophile

        At its best, Christianity is neutral on racialism. Neutral is not good enough.

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      Christianity gives us some serious impediments to racial purity, but it isn’t Jesus White Christ who does the damage. It’s people who promote hate Whitey in His holy name.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        This presents a real problem for those of us who want to hold on to fundamentalist Christianity.  Evolution provides (in my opinion) the best answer to the question, “Whence the negro?”  But as I am still extremely skeptical of the theory of macro-evolution to explain the origin of life, I still wrestle with the problem of why the negro can procreate viable offspring with whites.  If God created the negro, I still can’t figure out why. 

        • Are you serious? The black is a lifeform like every other. Why did  “He” (I will accept your silly assumption that the world was created by some guy with a white beard!)create the otter or the hippo or the cockroach?  “Negroes” can create viable offspring with whites because they,like the Neanderthal,are close enought biologically to do so.

          • ed91

             I don’t believe any of the garbage you just spewed……….

            go read a book and dwell on the plight of the ignorant.

        • I have actually given this a lot of thought over the years- “Why did God create blacks?” A) I think they exist to give us a problem to deal with, just as a weightlifter needs resistance to build up his muscles.
          B) God is not a fan of people blending together on a huge scale, for example, look at the Tower of Babel story in the Bible: mankind wanted to huddle together in one big city, without God, and God saw to it they were separated by language and so forth. Look at nature, if species are thrown together in an environment willy-nilly they struggle and destroy the ecosystem. Its best for things to stay in their proper places.
          C) I’m reminded of a story with Moses. He married and Ethiopian (black) woman, and this woman happened to be a believer. As such, God had no problem with this, in fact, when Moses’ sister Miriam complained, she was given leprosy for 7 days by God and the entire camp of Israelites had to stay put for 7 days to think it over. Are there good blacks out there? I assume it is possible, I haven’t found one, but if there is one, I’m all for blending. Find me one though- a decent, upstanding God-fearing black (and not the black christianity/voodoo/hate-whitey nonsense that spews out of black churches here in the States)
          D) Lastly, and this is the BIG reason, and that is, I believe blacks have simply been conditioned and manipulated to be what they are. They’re simply weak-minded, and like the Jedi Mind Trick, they can be made to do cartwheels by their masters. Blacks were easily enough made slaves physically, but after they were “freed” they were just simply enslaved mentally/emotionally by their next master. They are “victims”, the “underdog”, “sexy” , “stronger”, “Better” or what have you. They believe it because they are vain, simple and they have a chip on their shoulders. They were never meant to be our equal in the arts and sciences, and so they are terribly frustrated and they suffer from a group inferiority complex. Easy prey they are for manipulators/communists/leftists.

          In any case, it was a sin to bring them to this country. A horrible sin that we pay for in blood and suffering today. The white man loves to use his mind, but will go to great lengths not to use his body, that is our downfall. For cheap/free labor we used blacks,a nd allowed them behind our walls, where they were manipulated by our enemies to be an uber-drain on us. Imagine what life would be without them. We would have condos on Neptune if we were left alone- instead we have to take care of a nation of children. Spoiled, mindless children.And then today, instead of slavery, we let in millions of illegal mexicans to pick our fruit and clean our toilets and wonder why we’re being bred out of existence. We can’t blame God for everything. We may be geniuses, but we can be pretty stupid, as well.

          •  In that context, did “Ethiopian” really mean black?  Once upon a time, “Asian” didn’t mean Oriental, it meant from modern Turkey.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Well, QD (another poster whose opinions I value greatly), the Bible does ask rhetorically if the leopard can change its spots or the Ethiopian, its skin.  I assume that means that (at least at the time of that writing) the ethiopians were dark.  And there is the account in the N.T. of the ethiopian eunuch who was baptized.  That said, I believe the real issue with the eunuch was, because he had been castrated, he was not permitted into the temple in Jerusalem.   This would not have been because of race, I assume.  So, is the recording of this event meant to show that 1) even eunuchs were welcomed into the church, or 2) black ethiopians were welcome? 

    • ed91


    • I like that prayer! My knowledge of this religion comes mainly fron reading THOR comic books as a lad–but it seesm pretty cool!  However, as an Irishman I am just  a bit put off by the Vikings;they werent too kind to my ancestors in the old days! (But then,who was???)

    • Beautiful prayer, Thanks.  Check out whiterabbitradio

    •  Yep, Viking were really great white people. For about 100 years, they sailed around Europe killing white men and kidnapping white women and children to be sold into slavery to Muslim Arabs…. (giving us the word “slavery” based upon their treatment of their fellow whites, the Slavs).

      That’s why when Napoleon did his expedition into Egypt centuries later, there were some blue-eyed Arabs.

      Yep, the Vikings and their religion are definitely things all good AmReners who hate “race traitors” and miscegenation/race mixing want to emulate…. (shakes head)

      /sarcasm off

      • And some AmReners have the audacity to complain about the few white guys who like Far East Asian/Oriental gals…. LOL (shakes head again)

        Priorities, folks, priorities.

      • Pity that a moderator censored the non-graphic, non-obscene details I wrote about what happened to those European boys after they were sold by the Vikings to Muslim Arabs….

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         You are exaggerating your charges of Viking slaving of whites or slaving at all by Vikings.  Every group of whites have engaged in white slave trading; from the Greeks to the Romans, including a very long history of Christians, (who used whites in the New World hasher than blacks because they were free and kept serfdom of whites in Europe including Russia into the mid 19th century).  One giveaway is that Viking ships could not hold many more people than their own crews. 

        You demonstrate a limited knowledge and understanding of history.  Your Napoleon comment is based on misinformation to make a highly opinionized conclusion.  Egypt had long traded in the blue eyed, Circassian  women who were bred, raised and trained for sale as sex-slaves, just as the boys were sold to be the Janissarys.  Today, women from the Ukraine and Russia are traded by their own people who are Christians to buyers in the Islamic world and elsewhere.  Islamic slave raids in Europe, including the Italian and French coasts (but including Ireland and even Iceland), had increased in the two centuries up to the Napoleonic Wars.  That was the reason for his expedition into Egypt.  That has gone on for many centuries with little interruption.   Picking out the scant incidences of Viking slave trading is hypocritical and flatly incredible for use as a criticism overall.

        As for the religion, a form that has ancestry worship/reverence is the only one that logically seems useful to any group that seeks to preserve itself.  The self-sacrificing, turn the other cheek, leave the world and take up the cross mentality of Christianity destroys that notion, and has historically done more harm to Europe and the West and Europeans than Islam or any other form can even begin to approach.

        FYI, the Nordic/Celtic outlooks have a place in the modern West.  For example in this country we have The North American Folk Assembly.  It’s leader was the man who was responsible for making the Kennewick Man an issue and is responsible for the remains ultimate protection from Amerind destruction.  Asatrue is a growing movement and while it doesn’t advocate repeating obvious flaws or what we would see as crimes, especially crimes against fellow whites, we clearly see the advantage of things like focusing on our native, indigenous spirituality and folk knowledge as opposed to continuing to beat our white heads against all logical sense in insisting on what must be the most ridiculous and impossible religion on the face of the earth – Christianity.

        Regardless of that, that white survival and continuity is served far greater by ancestor based spirituality and religious practices is simply rational and logical.  This blind adherence to the worst of all possibilities by most Amreners always stands out to me as an ongoing tragedy.

  • Why do some of my fellow White guys like Asian chicks so much??  If you like “Little Women” go read the book!

  • Jay1

    Are the latinos in the ‘other’ category, or lumped in with the whites? 

    Are afro-latinos counted in the black category and whitish latinos in the white category? 

    Does the Asian category include everyone from Syria to Kazakhstan to India to Japan?  That would be a huge lump sum category given that there are many technically caucasian or near caucasian people in the belt from the Middle East through Northern India up into central Asia.

    These statistics here don’t give a full picture.

  • Hmm..look at these vids:

    Mom is White, Dad is Mestizo, 5 children look White and…. government official is a Black woman.
    Derbyshire was right, how typical.

  • The
    force driving these skewed husband – wife proportions appears to be
    differences in perceived sexual attractiveness. On average, black men
    tend to appear slightly more and Asian men slightly less masculine
    than white men, while Asian women are typically seen as slightly more
    and black women as slightly less feminine than white women.

    This is Sailer. There may be some truth in it, but it’s simplistic.

    1. East Asian females are not, physically, more feminine but girlish & androgynous. That’s why men with homosexual drives are “into them” (not saying that those affected by yellow fever are closet gays):

    2. blacks as more “masculine”- yes & no. Athletes are physically more masculine, but physicality is just a part of masculinity.  And there are more White athletes than Black ones. Plus that Blacks tend to transmogrify into a heap of fat.

    3. Black women as not much feminine- definitely, at least by White standards.

    4. I would add that all this is multiply n times by media manipulation. If movie & TV Blacks were statistically more realistically depicted, results would be different. The power of brain-washing is amazing.

    So, IMO, Sailer is right- partly, and not nearly “scientific” as he thinks.

    • StivD

      Asian women are non-threatening in a physical way. Their figures often don’t appear mature to me.

      Black men don’t appear more masculine but more brutal in appearance.

      • Yes, brutal is the world. I’d add- animalistic. But not masculine, no.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Well, I like a woman with an hourglass figure.  Asians (mostly) need not apply.  Negresses are revolting on every level.

      • Silly rabbit. Stop all this nonsense about Asian women appealing to pedophiles!!! Look,Asian women can be attractive. Some can be beautiful. So what? You’re better off marrying your own kind,but why make silly statemnets about Asians. The guys who put them on pedestals do the same thing.

        • StivD

          The only other reason, that I can see, that Oriental women would appeal to white men in large numbers, is because they’re more pliable, maybe more old fashioned, than white women.

          Otherwise, white men who find Oriental women more physically attractive, exclusively, are just as strange and denatured as any other white people who find only the Other more attractive. 

          When they marry them they are obviously exclusively bonding themselves to them.  It’s not merely thinking of them as attractive. There is some compulsion, something, there. Even I see non-white women who I think are attractive but I still want to be involved with a white woman.

    • Black males are “slightly” more masculine than white males? I think you’re being kind to us white males!! Black males are hard and tough,as well as being dumb,homely,criminal and ugly. But “slightly” more masculine? Are blacks “slightly” dumber than whites?

      • StivD

        Speak for yourself. I’m plenty masculine. 

        Maybe your softness is why you may prefer Oriental women?

        • Could be! But you are making my point for me.Your “toughness’ makes you more of an outlier among white men;a comparably tough black male would fit in nicely with the rest. I once saw a weird occurence on a train. Two black boys were roughhousing.  A white mom with her son entered the car. The older black boy looked at the blonde fellow almost transfixed. Then he touched him. So slightly the boy never even realized it.Amd there was a fascination in the black boy that was a bit,uhm,sexual. It creeped me out! But the contrast between the two boys was startling. They lived in different worlds. And the  white kid would be dog meat in an all black environment.

      • ed91

         they are not tougher……  they just tend to run in packs……….

        and they are definitely dumber………..   regardless of what PC trash you have been taught……

    • Rocky Bass

       Could some of this be behavioral? I think our perceptions of ugly vs beautiful are shaped by experience to some degree.

      • Partly, but beauty is ingrained in harmony of facial features. Historically, virtually all non-European peoples (Turks, Blacks, East Asians, dark Arabs, Native Americans, Indians..) considered Whites to be a beautiful species (it can be checked in historical records). Both females & males- Russians, Italians, English, Austrians, Spaniards, ..

        Look what R.F. Burton, that incredible man- – wrote in the 19th cent. re Somalia:” “The women are well disposed toward strangers of fair complexion, apparently with the permission of their husbands.”


        • Rocky Bass

           Well the winner of that genetic trade is easily spotted.

          • It happened earlier, before colonial expansion & European dominance- for example, with Jesuits (French, Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians) in Japan during 16th and 17th centuries, or with Ukrainian & Russian women taken as slaves by Ottoman Turks or Mongols. Also, in Croatia, Bosnia & Serbia both with women- sex slaves- and men- Janissary corps & numerous Islamized Slavic high officials in Ottoman bureaucracy & military apparatus.

            Whites are the best looking race- “eye of the beholder” metaphor doesn’t hold water.

  • And, I’d like to say a thing: White women are frequently, at AmRen, bashed as “race traitors”. Normal men know that it is baloney, but…

    Just look at the percentages: White men are married to White women 97.7% ,and White women to White men 97.87%. Now, it’s virtually the same- but White females “out-white” men.

    Now- who’s “race traitor” ?

    • StivD

      Try living in certain areas in the U.S., usually urban, and you’ll see why so many white men get that impression; it’s hard to deny what you see with your own eyes. It doesn’t have to involve marriage.

      • Even stats for cohabitation are better for women. I’ve long since discarded “impressionism of perception”. What does something I’ve observed within my small radius of perception got to do with big picture ?

        • StivD

          No cohabitation, just cheap casual sex. I don’t live by statistics

          • But how do you quantify that ? There is no way to ascertain these things. Especially since women tend to lie in interviews:

            AFAIK, there were some hardly reliable stats that between 7% and 15%  White women, 15-25 yrs, had slept with Blacks, and most regretted. Other than that- who can tell ?

            Or, staying within a race- how many gang-bangs, swingers, whatnot..? Nobody actually knows.

    • divideandrule

      I think white women are more likely to be tolerant of immigration for genetic reasons – ie they couldn’t explain why if you asked them.  It is in the interests of the female of the species for males to fight.  The females then mate with those left standing.  This ensures the females own genes have maximum chance of survival in the future, in theory.   As long as white men have the power, the statistics you cite should stand. 

      • StivD

        I think that many, most?, white women are simply bleeding hearts that consider white men to be big ol’ meanies, even in their own defense. 

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        Part of it could also be that women think with their emotions.

        • ed91

           if you call that thinking………  I call it being under the sway of your emotions.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            Well, I wasn’t necessarily saying it was a good thing.

          • Women can be great leaders, like Margaret Thatcher, but this is another subject ….

          • Rocky Bass

             The Iron lady was a good example, history is replete with tough Queens, whom made some “ballsy” decisions.

          • Rocky Bass

             But not every woman with testicles would make a good leader, Hillary for example.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I don’t think any men here have ever bashed women for wanting to be good mothers. 

            As far as Bardon goes, I go by my years and years of experience and lots of other data than something he’s pulled out of his hat here.  He seems addicted to posting and being right on his pet issues, or any issue.  He posts too much and too often to be of completely healthy mental disposition.  And that is this retired doctor’s opinion.

          • Ad  Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight
            ————————-  I don’t think any men here have ever bashed women for wanting to be good mothers. 

            As far as Bardon goes, I go by my years and years of experience and
            lots of other data than something he’s pulled out of his hat here.  He
            seems addicted to posting and being right on his pet issues, or any
            issue.  He posts too much and too often to be of completely healthy
            mental disposition.  And that is this retired doctor’s opinion.

            Thank you for monitoring my mental health from safe distance, but- you’re wrong. I don’t post much om Internet; I happen to have a lot of free days in my life; temporarily, I’m due to viral infection forced to inhabit my home; I don’t intend to write detailed treatises on anything at forums; I believe you have been in ex- Yu, but I’ve grown up & live in a part of that failed experiment; you certainly are better informed on history, culture, politics …of the countries that constituted that federal state, but I’ve read- more or less- somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 books on the subject(s) you mentioned.

            Have a good life.

          • Dear lady! A white man who marries an Asian women is danaging society to an equal degree as a white “woman:” who spreads her legs,with or without marriage,for a dusky Bantu? You may not like the offspring of WM/AF,but theyre usually well-educated normal productive people. Now,the offspring of white females and black males….

      •  No, this is reductionist. Normal white females don’t want some ugly Africans to fight over them. Most White women who had had something with Blacks confessed later they were, actually, drunk.

        Also, I wouldn’t exclude that some females prefer blacks- just as some men prefer other men. But they’re definitely in minority.

        • “…definitely in minority”. Or rather,the “minority” is in THEM?

    • Token Finn

      As fruitless and antagonistic as these comparisons are, the counter-point would be readily obvious; when men date outside of their race, it’s usually mestizos and asians (using the american definition of ‘asian’ as opposed to that of UK) and it’s generally agreed that those races are not as ‘severe’ as blacks. White men want nothing to do with black women but even here in Finland, it is not THAT uncommon to see white women with pure, bluegum blacks recently imported from Somalia and other holes of hell.

      • StivD

        It really is like they make a point of finding the worst possible examples of blacks to ..know. For that matter, any non-white male that is as repulsively opposite their own race and appearance as possible. 

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        “Fruitless and antagonistic”? What about all the comments from white men on these websites bashing white women all the time? Bardon is rightfully proving their accusations wrong here.

        • Laconophile

           (White) women oughtn’t be bashed but understood. Women simply do not have the territorial instincts of men and cannot be relied upon to defend their homeland/race.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           I question it.  I am not against you, but I have caught Bardon in a number of myths, having lived in the Balkans myself.

          What I have seen all my long life is white women paired with black men far more often.  Only lately do I see white men with black women much.  We don’t rape them either. 

          Feminism has waged a war on men, and specifically white men since the 1960s, and it has been very successful.

          Ii am sorry if you feel that the reality of things upsets you, but it shouldn’t if you don’t identify with it.  You’re the type of white woman we want to see more of…

      • OK, let’s try to analyze this segment. White men are physically attracted to females – other than true Whites- that are either feminine or, at least, good looking- Latinas, East Asians (some), Lebanese Arab Christian women, …. Not Black women, not female Gypsies, not Aboriginal women in Australia, not very “Indio” looking women in Bolivia or Peru.
        It’s looks, at this “physical” level.

        White women are attracted by some vague notions of “male dominance” or even more- “flattery” or something similar. Italians- “Latin lover” stereotype- & Mediterranean types are more attractive on this superficial level than Germanic or Slavic types (Norwegians, Poles). Of course they’re not more “masculine”. Just, they dance around women & do idiotic things to seduce them. I’ve said earlier I knew some “seagulls” on Adriatic coast of Croatia who were very successful Casanovas- not very masculine types, just incredibly aggressive in approach & flattering to the point of distastefulness.

        What about Blacks ?

        I’d say they are a more primitive variant of “seagulls”:

        * flattering
        * very self confident (and actually stupid beyond belief)
        * helped by the myth of hyper-sexuality, similar to Mediterranean guys
        * particularly helped by media hype & over-sexualization of life, combined with moral decadence & lowering of standards

        Most- not all, but most- girls/women who shag with blacks are in the following categories:
        * mentally instable & having a low self-esteem
        * “experimenting” during college years- this is stupid, no need to elaborate
        * in the heart of hearts, sluts
        weirdos, since Black race is viscerally repellent to Whites, from
        bodily odor to facial features (as has been said of reaction to rats or
        * desperate middle aged lonely females
        * whorish disoriented young women without developed moral personality, probably abused in childhood or abusing some substances

        sum- Blacks (Black males) are physically, mentally, emotionally,
        morally, socially, spiritually,…absolutely “other”- and a repugnant
        “other”- so that women who enter in physical (romantic relationship with
        Blacks is an oxymoron) relations with them are either nutcases or, if
        it happened once or twice, has to be swept under the rug and judged as
        temporary insanity.

        • Token Finn

          Agreed about mediterranean types. Although we all pass for european and white, there are very stark differences between our cultures. My personal experiences confirm these stereotypes; nordic, slavic and germanic types (and I’m counting us ugric types as honorary nordics because we do not fit either category in some ways) are far more reserved and shall I say compliant.
          The genetic make-up of Greece and romance language themed nations (With the exception of France) carry a small but significant non-white component from their past of colonialism as well as history of being colonized. Their relative love of sex and relative, current state of development (everyone waiting for EU bail-outs now) seems to confirm that. The upside is that these people tend to see the bright side of things more; laxity goes both ways.

          This is controversial but it may not be far fetched to suggest that the white race reaches its low point in the population(s) of former Yugoslavia region referred to by you. The average IQ is slightly lower, there is a relative abundance of islam as well as some bizarre moral and cultural mores that seem to relate to the 70 IQ roma gypsies who haunt these countries in significant numbers. Notice I did not say that they are like that as a general rule, just that there are elements of whites or at least rent-a-whites with impulsiveness matching that of arab muslims and gypsies.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            Interesting points. I think we mostly see genetic compromises in Southern Spain, Southern Italy, and parts of the Balkans. Notice how most Italian Americans are darker than most in Italy. I think this is because most of them immigrated from Sicily. Overall, however, most of these Southernmost groups are still overall white, but I think your points are very important. This is a topic I try to stay away from.

            The main thing you said I want to focus on is your bit about arab impulsiveness. Some of the Asian lovers on Amren will go so far as to ignorantly include Middle Easterners and Indians into their love fests. They even lump all three of the aforementioned groups together when complimenting their sexual restraints compared to whites. Why are people so ignorant on this topic? Arab and Indian men are far more animal like when it comes to sexual impulse. The only thing that holds them back are their strict political laws implemented in their respective countries by a select few who run things. But why do those laws need to be so strict? You have to wonder what the men are like in a country where women have to wear tents for clothes, or where polygamy and harems are thought of as normal.

          • Ad Token Finn

            A highly virile branch of modern white nationalism sees that the past
            greatness of Greece, Portugal etc. is gone because of a high amount of
            mixing with africans (be it black or arab) and there seems to be ample
            evidence of this happening. In other words, those people are not the
            same as they were centuries ago and even in their highlight days, they
            still had a very significant (if not overwhelming) non-white element in
            their lower classes which composed the majority of the population.  As
            such, it would be very dishonest for a mixed, sex crazed mediterranean
            type to lecture about the achievements of his country because his idols
            are dead. This is not the case for the white nations ranked the best (to
            live) today.

            Well-no. Various Mediterranean peoples have, due to many reasons, just sizzled out in a few centuries- rise & fall. It is very questionable to ascribe their contemporary status to any “racial” mixing. For instance, Italians. Italians are, God only knows, a very mixed people. And yet their “fall” came only after more than 4 centuries of huge dominance in all fields- what cut them, culturally, for ca. 200-300 yrs was the rising importance of the Atlantic trade & global expansion. Now, Italy is- despite current difficulties- very wealthy & successful nation, almost unrecognizable when compared to 1910 or the Fascist period.

            Portugal has sunk into lethargy not due to some imaginary race mixing- which did not happen- but because of combination of theocratic Catholicism & demographic exhaustion- the Portuguese people lost more than 50% of their populace during colonial expansion, and then were pushed into cultural isolation.

            Finns have begun their rise in the 19th century (Kalevala etc.), but only after Bolshevik revolution & WW2 and Mannerheim’s wise policy did Finland achieve eminence it possesses now. It is not realistic to compare all these peoples- north & south- who, due to complex web of cultural traits, demography, climate, historical periods, political turmoil, … have had different destinies during different time periods.

        • Xanthippe2

          Bardon: I think you are correct.  Also men tend to notice the misdeeds of women, while women tend to notice the misdeeds of men.  And of course there are more men than women on this forum (as there are on most political/ ideological forums).

      • GM (Australia)

        That type of Black male/White woman is quite revolting and yes it even happens here in Oz. I look at the body language of these couples and this is what I perceive; He looks uncomfortable and out of place and she looks like she is in some sort of control over her toy boy, probably paying all the household bills as well. Then there are the children, sorry but they are ugly and in this country sooner or later will say “I wish I was white”

        • Laconophile

           Yes, it’s just plain cruel on the children. We need to drive this point home when speaking against miscegenation.

        • Rocky Bass

           I knew a mulatto kid growing up, and he hated his mother for doing that to him! As much as he hated blacks even. He was an intelligent “normal” white kid but with frizzed hair and tainted complexion.

          • Rocky Bass

             I know I know funny “I” would mention this, as I have already placed me and mine “outside the wire” of a  future “white” settlement in a few folk’s eyes.

        • Ugly? Oftentimes,yes. Wish they were white?? They may feel it,certainly,but theyll never say it. Social death!

          • Rocky Bass

            That 1000 baght comment was one of the most odious comments I have seen in a while.
            Let’s keep our terms “correct”, in that Ty is NOT a bastard, as he was born 4 years into a marriage.
            Perhaps your comment would have been better phrased “Oh come on, in the market in Bangkok, I bet you’d get a 1000 baht for the little (Dink/ Slope/ Gook etc…)!
            Please, let’s see to it that a proper level of discourse is maintained.


    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Thank you!

    • ed91

       there are lies, damn lies, and statistics

      • And Mark Twain was not on friendly terms with numbers.

      • Rocky Bass

         3 statisticians drown today, in a lake having an average depth of just 2″

    • Diamond_Lil

      Good posts.  I’ve had issue with white men who seek latinas because they are more obediant wives.  While some of their children look mostly white, they are forced to identify as brown in urban centers.  While half-white children usually do better academically, there is still the decline in IQ with respect to the average white child of European ancestry.

      • Xanthippe2

        Any White man who has children with a non-White women is helping to decrease the numbers of the White race and working against a mono-racial society.  That the Asain or Metizo is “cute”  or intelligent does not change this a bit.  When a man pleads these factors he is being selfish and disregarding his race.  Finding a quality White women may take more work, but it is worth the effort.

    • ed91

       when I bash white women it is for the crazy feminazi’s like sandra fluck and the ones like her……….  and there are millions of them…….. and when they turn 40-45——- from then on lots of them seem to be man-haters……..

      • This is immature. As is “feminazi” label. C’mon ….

        • ed91

           if you haven’t had to deal with “women only, women first” mentality of some of the sisters in our universities then you have no leg to stand on with your ‘immature’ reasoning…….. You want immature?  deal wit’ some chicks from “womyn’s studies” or ” diversity studies”

          • Rocky Bass

            Have to agree with you there. I have met a feminazi or two myself.
            They think that ALL male female interaction is basically rape.

          • Womyn studies would  have collapsed were cosmetic surgery cheaper.

          • Rocky Bass

             Amen bro.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Oh, come on now, stop with the cheap shots already!

            (See how it works?)

          • Why are there so many women–as opposed to men (hello!We are the husbands and fathers of tomorrow,er,and today too!)in college? And is it true they indulge in huge amounts of worthless degrees? At taxpayer expense? At my current job the HR gal,I am told,has a Masters in socuiology. Why?? It is completyely useless in he rjob,andfrankly she doesnt seem that bright. (She is Italian.)

          • Amen!

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          You post obsessively and have a lot to say that seems valuable.  But  you don’t have the right or place to tell others how they ought to express themselves or judge them, especially when you haven’t had their experiences.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I keep reading you posting these stats, but all my long life and certainly now, what I see most often is white females and black men, not the other way around.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    “The Earth cries out in pain when another White baby is born. Making White babies is a hate crime against global dignity.”

    -Bishop Tyronne Cedric Ceasar Solomon Jefferson Washington, “We can’t win until blues are extinct,” sermon in New Orleans, 2005

    • ed91

       I don’t mind him thinking like that………

      I feel the same way towards blacks………..   they are a blight on civilization and the world.

      • Rocky Bass

         Yes and the ENTIRE world knows it. If you announced today you were releasing a virus that would kill all the Africans in the world, who would send a troop one to stop you?

        • IstvanIN

          Whites would!

          • ed91

             that is a small 20% of whites that are self hating……
            they are a receding breed and are leaving soon

          • Rocky Bass

             Couple more Saint Trayvon© incidents and maybe a few good race riots, awakening “could” just happen.

  • divideandrule

    This isn’t bad news, it’s eugenics in action.  Here in the UK the whites guilty of miscegenation  are either low IQ mis-shapen, unattractive degenerates or neurotic liberals who knit their own pants and believe it’s only right to spread your legs to fight racism (hope that isn’t too crude for the US)  I am happy for them to throw their useless genes into any ethnic gene-pool.  The result will be an improved white race of brilliant ethno-centrics.

  • libertarian1234

    “One out of every 10 married straight couples identified as different races, which shows an increase from 7 per cent in the 2000 census data.”

    I’m sorry but there’s no way I can believe 10% of married couples involve mixed marriages. 

    I travel extensively in my business and I don’t see that as representative of the real world.  In fact I find it rare when I see a mixed married couple.

    Nor do I see anything close to what they’re claiming in the cities and towns where I live.

    I’m wondering if they’re putting out this data trying to psyche everybody into believing it is true, like the earlier article that claimed race barriers between racial groups are coming down, because of inter-racial marriage, when, in actuality, the race barrier is greater than ever before.

  • No

    Lousy job in the editing posted article above . . . and the article itself is pure propaganda.

    The original article says the #1 category involves white + hispanic . . . but hispanic isn’t a RACE . . . it’s an ethnicity.  So that could be two whites where one chooses to call himself hispanic.  That reduces the number of INTER-RACIAL couples significantly.

    While it says that there’s an INCREASE, it doesn’t say where the increase was.  Hawaii?  New Mexico?  California?  We already know these places are lost to us racially.  If the increase was happening in say, Atlanta, then I might be interested.  But we know that whites who have to live around blacks don’t marry them.  Nothing here disproves that.

    Also . . . the party line for years now has been that blacks are all wise, strong and irresistible . . . especially to beautiful Aryan women.  And yet . . . oops . . . mixing with blacks is the fourth most popular AND the number of men who select blacks as mates is ridiculously small.

    Once again, we’re being lied to.  The FACT appears to be that despite all the Hollyweird race mixing, the media and TV propaganda blitz and the brain washing going in in public schools . . . the liberals aren’t having much luck convincing Snow White to marry Kunta Kinte.

  • I’m surprised it’s not worse than this given how, everywhere ya go, race-mixing is promoted.  Even here, a place for White People, you have “white” people promoting it.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Yes, there are too many men on Amren and in this movement in general who think Asian women make better wives. I for one prefer none other than a white man for my mate.

      •  For me, it’s as simple as this:  Only a white man and a white woman can procreate a white child.

        A white man and an Asian woman could have an intelligent child, but he or she would definitely not be a white child.

        Even beyond the reproductive concerns, I no more want my own house to be Asianized than I want my country (my extended house) to be Asianized.

      •  Maybe they’re better cooks ?

      • Me too.  I just have a very hard time understanding that, if you’re for White People, why would date outside your race?  It just makes no sense to me.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Steph, you have become one of my favorite posters!  Keep it up!

      • Rocky Bass

         I never made the claim of an Asian wife being “better”. I met who I met, actually when on a double date with my German buddy Udo.
        Before Au, I lived about 9 years with my 1st serious other, she was Blond/blue 105 dripping wet and the craziest thing  you ever met.  After we broke up the SWAT team had to go get her out of her home following a drunken evening complete with gunfire! Lesson learned NEVER give a crazy woman a pistol for Christmas, I am lucky to be alive.
         Au, I must admit has NEVER done anything like that ever.

        • How sad.  You throw away ALL White Women because you weren’t smart enough to spot red flags.

          The fact is, people from ALL races and BOTH genders commit violent acts against their mates as well as against other people.

          • Rocky Bass

             That was really not my point, in giving some background info, I was saying I didn’t set out to go “other than white” as a goal. My views, as I have said elsewhere, have hardened on the side of being more anti-miscegenation. My wife and I married nearly 10 years ago, before I threw off my indoctrination. I love my son and would not trade the world for the little tri-lingual jabber-box.

          • Good for you.

            Look Rocky, I do not care about your multi-lingual child, your asian wife or your violent ex-wife.  I only care about my own family and some White People.

            All I want is for people to separate.  People like you and your mixed family shall have your own area and people like me, those who just want to be around Western People and Western Culture, shall have our own area.

            I see nothing wrong with this.  You love asians and asian culture and I love White People and White Culture.  It’s not a big deal.  We all just need to go our separate ways and stop forcing our wants on each other.

          • Oh come on,in the market in Bangkok, I bet you’d get a 1000 baht for the little bastard!

          • Rocky Bass

             Excuse me, but if as you say, you care not about anything to do with me, then please don’t tell me of what a sad or pathetic creature you think me to be. And didn’t you read what I said at all? About not thinking I would repeat what I have done? Or that I would recommend folks not engage in miscegenation? 

          • I wrote “How sad”.  I did not call you “sad” and I most certainly never called you a “creature”.

            You are Welcome to be with whomever you choose Rocky.  Nobody, not me, no one said you couldn’t.  I said, I want people to separate and I feel I have a Right to feel and say that.

            Are White People allowed to be left alone or not?  What is your opinion on that?

            Dear Moderator,

            We’re not arguing.

          • Moderator,

            What are you talking about?  Rocky is the one who accused me of calling him names which I most certainly did not.  Why are you getting on me?

            Rocky is the one who is not being Truthful about what was written, not me.

          • Rocky Bass

             Moderator; Please excuse my going on, I will not say anything else along this line.

            Ok, maybe I read more into your post than was there, though your tone was condescending, other than that we COMPLETELY AGREE. Right? Am I missing something? Please re-read what I have said again and again. I don’t condone miscegenation. I have made a bed, I will finish my days in, that’s what white men do.

          • Okay, I’ll take the blame for this one.  I should have told you, I’ve never read any of your posts except for this one and it was only because it was in response to a response that was to me so, NO, I do not know what your stance is.

            And, seems to me, it is you who needs to read, over and over again, your own words which are:

            “I love my son and would not trade the world for the little tri-lingual jabber-box.” – That doesn’t sound like regret to me.  It sounds like love and so much so, you “would not trade the world”.  In other words, it sounds like love, not some “honorable action” by a white man.

            Last, I’m not sure we agree on anything.  I’m not the kind of person who can bash my favored non-white group while completely ignoring the sins of the others.

            Now, are we done?  I’m quite sure the moderator wishes for this to end as the tone is not what they wish to have here.

        • Well-look at the bright side. What would have happened had you given your ex Uzi or AK-47  for Christmas present ?

          • An Uzi is more of  a Bar Mitzva gift…

          • Rocky Bass

             Thankfully she didn’t like the heft of the more tactical stuff.

          • Rocky Bass

             My boy, now that’s another story 😛

        • I just read about a Pole who broke up with his dentist girlfriend but next day went to HER with a toothache. She took out all his teeth!!  Women are CHILDREN!!!! It has been proven scientifically that women do not finally,really  “grow up” until they have had a child. Something about the hormonal changes and brain circuits maturing. Take THAT all you SoCons!

  • What really surprises me is how 4x as many black guys marry Asian gals as Asian guys marry black gals.

    Why is this so surprising? Because you often hear/read about Asian guys complaining that white guys marry Asian gals more often than Asian guys marry white gals (about 2.5x as often). Yet the ones who are really disproportionately getting their gals are the black guys!

    Asian guys are the least willing to marry blacks….

    • Not surprising, since these are all actually small numbers when compared with others.

    • Steven Bannister

      I believe there is a biological reason for this – it’s called Testosterone. 

      Women are attracted to men with Testosterone. Blacks have more Testosterone than Whites who have more Testosterone than Asians. That’s why why a white woman- if she IS going to date interracially – is more likely to choose a black man over an Asian man. The black man is more “manly.” 

      The opposite is true for the opposite sex. Men are NOT attracted to women with high levels of Testosterone (which gives them manly features.) Therefore, a white men – if he IS going to date interracially is more likely to choose a feminine asian woman over a “manly” black woman. 

      Testosterone is the reason behind the “interracial dating gap.” 

      • Sorry, this is myth.

        With or without adjustment for covariates, there
        were no significant differences in testosterone, bioavailable
        testosterone, or SHBG levels by race/ethnicity. DHEAS levels differed by
        race/ethnicity before covariate adjustment; after adjustment this
        difference was attenuated. Before adjustment, DHT and DHT to
        testosterone ratios did not significantly differ by racial/ethnic group.
        After adjustment, there was evidence of racial/ethnic differences in
        DHT (P = 0.047) and DHT to testosterone (P = 0.038) levels. Black men
        had higher DHT levels and DHT to testosterone ratios than white and
        Hispanic men.

        Serum estrogen, but not testosterone, levels differ between black
        and white men in a nationally representative sample of Americans.

        • Steven Bannister

          If higher testosterone levels among blacks is a myth, someone ought to tell Phillip J Rushton who writes about this in “Race, Evolution and Behavior.”

          I’m not a biologist, so I will not dispute your numbers. Nevertheless – whether it’s testosterone or “something else”  there is definitely something more masculine about Blacks and more feminine about Asians. I do not see many  Asian men with the same swagger and outward confidence as Black men (although there are always exceptions of course)

          On average, Blacks have bigger dicks than Whites who in turn have bigger dicks than Asians. I think women pick up on this and (some) see Blacks as dangerous and exciting and Asians as nerdy and boring. 

          The cool thing about white men (and the advantage they have) is the BALANCE of these qualities. For most white women, white men are “just right” – not too dangerous, but not too boring.

          In my opinion, the problem is NOT that white women don’t prefer white men – they DO. The problem (or challenge) is getting young white men to seek out white WIVES and produce white CHILDREN. Too many white men take white women for granted – and that’s why they lose them to other races who DO want to “make the commitment.” 

          • 1. Rushton should better check his data himself. The testosterone level has been researched for some time ago & there is absolutely no mystery about it. Blacks have greater levels of “female”, estrogen serum.

            2. swagger and Blacks. Well- swagger equals stupidity or confidence. Many people confuse “masculinity” with the display of generally unfounded confidence. I’ve seen this during the war in ex-Yugoslavia 1991-1995. Most loudmouths were cowards; the best soldiers/commanders were strong and silent.

            3. it’s hard to say anything about US Blacks’ physique. They are short, tall, lanky, fat,… It is possible that slavery was a crucible for them- only  the fittest survived. But- considering the numbers, there are absolutely more physically imposing Whites than Blacks in the US (if we’re talking about this subject). I cannot say about WW’s perception of Blacks- I don’t know. Just, from what they’ve said, only defective or dumb females find Blacks “exciting”. “Bad boy” syndrome- overrated in reality- is not an explanation.

            4. and- I see that moderator has erased this- the final myth: penis size. I have to addres this since this urban legend seems to die hard. First- it isn’t true: Blacks have larger size in flaccid state, and this is the reason for this myth. During erection, it’s the same. As for “champions”- the biggest “equipment” belongs to a White man (Guinness book), but it’s gross & actually disgusting.
            Also, most women are not as crazy about it:

            Please, mods, leave this part. It is somehow distasteful, but I’d say it needs to stay just for clarification.

          • “Many people confuse masculinity with…unfounded confidence” Yes theyre called women!!!!!!!

          • StivD

            Please tell me how many black men want to “make the commitment”.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             If you said, “more bestial” about blacks I would agree.  But there are plenty of manly whites around. It is just that white men tend to be more naturally civilized.  DNA and genetic research has already demonstrated why.  (Before the Dawn,  The 10,000 Year Explosion, etc.)

      • Xanthippe2

        I sure don’t think Black men are more manly and neither do the majority of White women.  White women who like Blacks usually have problems.  A smaller number just give in to their  extreme persistence. 

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I think you’ve been watching too many late night commercials for losers.

      • Some black women are attractive…

  • radical7

    This is the wave of the future.

    • No, the example of Brazil shows just the reverse.

    • ed91

       the was a wave of the past

    • The__Bobster

      An upgrade for you, Jamal. Degeneration of species for us.

      • radical7

        My name is not Jamal, idiot!

  • OK, the last one in this row: everything else except WM-WW is somehow unnatural. There is enough “spice” & variety among White people (religion, manners, customs, ethnic cultures high & low,..) to make this union happy & enduring (not just biology & phenotype of children).

    Even rather close “others”- Latinas- are others. Sure, there will always be people who flock to visually & culturally strange partners- for me, they’re similar to homosexuals in this respect. But- opposites or extreme differences don’t attract. Birds of a feather …

  • WmarkW

    Did you see that President Obama advised single men to look for superior genes in a mate?

    Well, that’s what HIS father did.

    • Plus the jerk complains,”I wasnt born with a silver spoon in my mouth”!! Well theys ent his good for nothing Pop to HARVARD–FOR NOTHING!!! They tried to shove that silver spoon in your mouth,Barry,but daddy dumped you and the missus. Aint our fault–or Romney’s– your daddy was a no-good worthless two-timer!

  •  Your objection is a valid one- re marriage decline- but your stats are wrong. It all boils down the percentage of multiracial children-never mind the marriage status of parents, and to breaking down various categories of such children.
    Here are some articles, and one can compare them with census data:

    So, carefully analyzing births- not marriages- one can come to the conclusion that less than 3% are biracials, and much, much less than 1% of new children are white- black biracials.

    These figures are even better than those re marriage.

  • IstvanIN

    Very true.  I am pro-white, but not-anti anyone else other than the fact that I do not want to live among non-whites, even the one’s who are “better” than us, and of course I am tired of blacks who destroy and kill everything we build.  Just leave my people alone and we’ll leave yours alone.

  • ed91

     in other words, many white women are easily duped…….

  • ed91

     so by your theory, Italians and Greeks are not really white but some hybrid?

    what about turks and persians, Spaniards……… are they white or not?
    so who is pure white, norwegians?

    this is where some of the theories get on shaky ground.

  • I never thought of it that way and I definitely agree.  I don’t want to be around whites who have the audacity to complain about blacks and hispanics while completely ignoring all the asian gangs and financial crime they commit not to mention their demands to be “fill in the blank” because there aren’t enough of ’em or their demands for cultural inclusion, etc.

  • StivD

    I know I’m a white chauvinist AND think blacks are a harmful threat more than anyone else. 

    Even if I have no real animosity towards other races, besides blacks, I’m jealous of sharing with them.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    My beautiful blond Russian/Ukrainian wife (of 13 years) and I went out to dinner the other night in our favorite Italian restaurant in our German village.  As we were getting ready to leave, a “family” consisting of an unattractive German woman and her Bantu husband (or boyfriend, who knows?), their mulatto baby, and her parents came in.  The blond mother-in-law looked so proud of her “son”-in-law, but I will never forget the sheepish, uncomfortable look on the face of the father-in-law.  Perhaps he realizes that all he has worked for to accumulate will go to a “child” which does not resemble him in looks or genetics.  The african is likely living off the family as well.  They don’t typically have useful employment here in Germany, usually going on the dole as “Asylbewerber.”  Truly sad, and revolting.

    • Cannot Tell

      I didn’t know that a belief in White Nationalism required unwarranted rudeness to non-whites.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I wouldn’t know about all that.  I do know that most africans serve no purpose in German society other than leeching and trying to have sex with as many white women as possible.  So I guess rudeness is in the eye of the beholder.  Making them feel at home with politeness seems to me to be a denial of their genocidal war on whites.  That said, a four-year-old noticing and commenting on a resemblance between an african and an ape was certainly not intentional “rudeness.”  Still, I am pleased that my children are so aware at such a young age.

        • I have similar interactions with my now four and six year children down here in the Southern hemisphere colonies.
          Where they’ll simply witness our local, low IQ brutish natives emulating the worst aspects of Hip hop culture, who self depict themselves as being ‘fierce’, or a ‘gangster’ (with various spelling variations on that word) or just generally showing themselves as being some sort of alpha male (or female, but it’s often hard to tell the difference) who ought not to be messed with.
          I know that progressive indoctrination expects/requires me to leap in and correct their innocent and natural observations with thought correcting misdirection’s.
          Instead like yourself, I tend to count the clouds.

          •  Mine has already “noticed” black behavior quite on his own.

      • Beloved Comrade

        But it’s OK if blacks openly call us “cracker,” “white boy,” and “die whitey,” as they’re assaulting, murdering, raping us and setting our children on fire?  The media and law enforcement don’t think yelling these things is a hate crime against whites.

        The police chief of Mobile Alabama insists this isn’t a hate crime:

        “A racially charged beating of a white Alabama man by a throng of African-Americans is not being investigated as a hate crime, despite one witness’ claim that she heard an assailant exclaim: ‘Now that’s justice for Trayvon.'”

        Sherman is lucky the kid wasn’t hauled into court and persecuted (yes,persecuted, not prosecuted) for a hate crime.  Even kindergarteners are being suspended and permanently  labeled as “racists” and “haters” for making innocuous comments about blacks.

        Burn this photo of Matthew Evans into  your brain.   This white man was attacked by 40 feral blacks and it didn’t even make the news where I live in the Northwest.

    • The__Bobster

      Sounds like the Klum family. Were all the Germans castrated?

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Sad, but true.  Hard to find a single one who even complains about the muslim invasion in more than a whisper.  They are so afraid of being called the “N” word.  They hardly ever display a flag unless it is for the World Cup.

  • ‘Regionally, the West of the country reported more interracial couples than any other area of the country.’

    Yes and it is a sad and revolting thing out here!

    Why is this happening though?  I shall offer my observations:

    Of the two friends I have had who race-mixed (one a WW-HM and the other WM-AW relationship) both were drug users and one a HEAVY alcoholic.  The people who are making the choice to be race-traitors are not the healthy segments of the White Population.

    Sadly we may just be better off that these pieces of racial detritus married out…

  • Laura White

    Speaking of miscegenation: Check out this shocking satanic imagery in today’s New York Times : 

  • Interesting that both white mne and women had similar outmarriage rates. And both rates were fairly low. The bigger problem is NOT that the white women are marrying “dusky negroes” but that marriage between white men and women seeems to be going the way of the dodo bird!  Damn all feminists!!!

  • I stand corrected. I’ve checked CDC link & registered & tried to make a table for 2009.
    Link is , but I don’t know whether it would be visible.

    Data for 2009.

    Abbreviations- WM- White mother
    WF- White father
    BM- Black mother
    BF- Black father
    AIM- American Indian mother
    AIF- American Indian father
    AM- Asian or Pacific Islander father
    AM- Asian or P.I. mother
    O-Other, not stated


    WM all- 3,173,293
    with WF-2,521,135
    with BF-88,572
    with  AIF- 15,820
    with  AF- 28, 219
    with O- 519,547

    BM all- 657,618
    with BF- 377,836
    with WF- 29,625
    with AIF- 1,247
    with AF- 1,918
    with O-  246,992

    AIM all- 48,665
    with AIF- 18,250
    with WF- 13,694
    with BF- 2,203
    with AF- 585
    with O- 13,933

    AM all- 251,089
    with AF- 176,990
    with WF- 47,604
    with BF- 6,372
    with AIF-744
    with O-19,379

    Some observations:

    WM total- 3,173,293
    WF total- 2,612,058

    BM total- 657,618
    BF total-  474,983

    AM total- 251,089
    AF total- 207,712

  • How sweetly innocent of you to assume that because the dear lad has a Vietnamese last name that he is the son of a Vietnamese male!! I seriously doubt that. It was a Viet “ho” –you should pardon the expression!-sleeping with a good for nought no-account blacketty-black Trayvon-type,most likely.

  • ODD this DOES NOT include “hispanics” as a group.

    They SURE DO put it as a group for the little “YOU’RE HIRED!” BOX on federal job apps.

    • Beloved Comrade

      It is only whites who suffer from 50 years of government approved racial discrimination.

      Hispanics have nothing to worry about even if they hire nothing but their own while whites are mandated to hire a multicultural/multi-racial staff or risk being sued in court . 

      Easy to get around too, they’ll put “must be bilingual” on job applications, and the government won’t do a damned thing.

      • MikeofAges

         The issue with bilingual is that it does mean simply bilingual. It means raised a bilingual Hispanic. An Anglo who knows Spanish does not qualify under this meaning of bilingual. In many places, Anglo-owned businesses hire 100 percent bilingual office staffs. Anglos who know Spanish do not qualify as “bilingual” even in the eyes of Anglo business owners.

      • The__Bobster

        Hispanics have nothing to worry about even if they hire nothing but their own _________

        Hollywood does essentially the same thing and I’ve yet to see an EEOC complaint from YT.

        • Beloved Comrade

          Uh, yeah. Good luck with that.

          The EEOC top to bottom is controlled by blacks with the backing of the federal government. Just like the cops and media claim vicious black on white beatings are never hate crimes, race had absolutely nothing to do with it. Same with the EEOC, complaints from YT are thrown in the round file or shredded.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Thanks, Wick.  I like your answer better than Darius’ (much as I REALLY LIKE his usual postings).

    And Dar, it isn’t a silly assumption, but a deeply held religions belief.  But what I cannot swallow is the idea of sending money and missionaries to the hellhole which is Africa.  That’s just one of the differences I have with the church in general.

  • Hm… CDC is interesting & easy to register. Some observations:

    1. they do have Hispanics, but more along countries (Cuba, Mexico,..) than racially

    2. from 2001. to 2009. white-white children have dropped from ca 86% to 80% of those born to whize mother

    3. blacks are fathers of, stable, 2-3% children born to white mothers

    4. black mothers and black fathers is a rather low combination, as is
    American Indians (father-mother) -57% and 37%, rspectively

    5. big unknown is “not stated”, which is in the white mother case 16.3%
    All other STATED races of father of children born to white mothers are
    totally less than 5%.

  • Rocky Bass

     Rings of Saturn? I have a buddy with a 14″ Casagrain, and while I do see the rings, their splendor escapes me (at least the couple nights I have looked). What size and type scope are you running. My bud also has an peltier junction cooled cam rig he paid like 5K for that he is STILL learning to use.

    •  Owner of an 8″ S-C, and under good seeing from my vantage point in the outer suburbs, I can see Cassini’s Gap just fine.

      • Rocky Bass

         My friend has lent me his old 8″ Celestron before and I did have fun looking at M42 and a few other fairly easy to resolve bodies. He claims that some of his best observation were made with his 6″ refractor even. I am no expert here by any means that’s for sure. Of particular interest though is the moon, there, I think is something we are not being shown or told. 

        • anarchyst

          A seismic transmitter was placed on the moon by NASA astronauts.  When activated, the moon “rang like a bell” for HOURS.  This information was initially released and then nothing further was heard or discussed about the incident.   My (educated) guess is that the moon is an observatory . . . since the same side always faces earth . . .

        •  anarchyst:

          The reason the same side of the moon faces Earth is because the moon is locked in synchronous rotation around the Earth, i.e. the body’s rotation time is the same as its revolution time, and the reason for that is pure Newtonian physics.  In fact, it’s common in our solar system.  Given enough time (time which our solar system doesn’t have because of our sun’s projected lifetime), the Earth’s revolution would slow down such that it faces the same side to the moon in perpetuity, at a pace of an hour longer day per 600 million years. 

          Pluto and Charon are synchronously locked to each other.

          Don’t write any “ET” significance into that fact about the moon.

        • Rocky Bass

           Understood. I know a bodies “heaviest” side is going to eventually end up facing it’s orbital partner in perpetuity.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          seismic transmitter was placed on the moon by NASA astronauts.  When
          activated, the moon “rang like a bell” for HOURS.  This information was
          initially released and then nothing further was heard or discussed about
          the incident.   My (educated) guess is that the moon is an observatory .
          . . since the same side always faces earth . . .”

          Oh yeah man, like I once saw a movie where some aliens put a big, like stone on the moon and buried it.  Then, some Earthmen found it and it proved your theory.

          I really like science,….. man.

  • Rocky Bass

     Most of my astro observer friend’s efforts of late have been spent trying to resolve some strange lunar formations. Most are only visible when lit in relief as the lunar twilight passes the region in question.
    Do you think there is anything to all the airbrushed lunar images that’s being hidden?

  • Hey, don’t put me into Nordicist camp  ! I am Croat, i.e.  South Slav by ethnicity & personally a “mutt” (Croatian, Bosnian, Czech, German and Pushtu from Afghanistan in the 18th century- long story).

    I certainly don’t look down on Mediterranean peoples since they- Croats in Dalmatia- are vital parts of MY nation. And Africans were totally absent from my country- only non- Europeans who entered here were Turks.

    Mediterranean peoples have been light of the Western civilization from the beginning to the, say, 18th century, while almost all north of the Rhine was either swampland or Dumbistan.. Plus- I’m frequently ad odds with AmRen racialists because I’m not too nitpicky about Hispanics.

    I just observed my compatriots’ (in Dalmatia) “successes” with Scandinavian female tourists- as different from my dismal failures due to my “palefaceness”. 

  •  You may be right. Since I don’t care about various genres of popular music, I tend to forget the importance of this factor.


    Can you believe that we had some nabobs of negativity who found a problem with this?

  • Rocky Bass

     Really, no comment on the lunar anomalies?

  • I wonder how many of those “others” are whites with a possible cherokee ancestor 10 generations back that “identify” as native american?

    Has anyone seen pictures of Bill John Baker?

    He’s the head of the Cherokee nation (while being 1/32 cherokee and obviously the rest European),  and he wouldn’t be out of place in Europe.

    • Perhaps, but common sense tells us they are most likely  mostly Mestizos. Just like dad in video I linked:

    • Rocky Bass

       1/32? Damn that’s really taking the 1 drop rule to the extreme isn’t it? Must be really profitable to be “American Indian”, either financially or morally.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    This seems to be the typical Mediterranean reactionary response in these discussions. Usually no comment is ever made that puts down Mediterraneans as a whole initially, yet in response we get treated to a rant that insults Nordics as clear as day. Go back and read our comments again. Noboday insulted Mediterraneans as a whole. Your reactionary insult towards Nordics was divisive and not necessary.

  • This is repetitive, but I feel impelled to address it again. Of course- it’s just my opinion.

    1. White women are absolutely the soul-mates for White men. Or particular White woman, to be more precise. No other race or sub-race can be that. Period.

    2. frequently, White women have been demeaned & humiliated at this site (race traitors, gold diggers, materialists, selfish empty hedonists, allies of anti- White male coalition, loony feminists,..). There is some truth in it- but, it’s way exaggerated & simply – a lie, if taken literally.

    3. that said, some WW and WM ended up with non- Whites, mostly Hispanics & Asians. Normal race realists would welcome these people if they share our agenda. Hell, if they are happy, I am happy for them. John Derbyshire’s wife is Chinese & his children, probably grandchildren, are or will be assimilated into broader White culture or identity. You can’t dictate who people will fall in love with & find happiness.

    4. the extremely counter-productive policy would be some kind of separatism & isolation from other Whites. IMO, this is not only inhuman, but politically self-defeating.

    5. this does not change a bit re general policy- stop the ethnic & racial swamping and race replacement.
    Also, Asian puffed up suprematicism- rooted in inferiority complexes- should not be tolerated in any form.

    6. as for Blacks- I guess everything is so clear that no words need be written.

    • ‘4. the extremely counter-productive policy would be some kind of
      separatism & isolation from other Whites. IMO, this is not only
      inhuman, but politically self-defeating.’


      Very sensible racialists like Wilmot Robertson have advised Whites to think about forming racially exclusive Ethno-states.

      Wanting to preserve one-self is not inhuman, but actually quite humane!

      As for being politically self-defeating… things can change very rapidly, this is why the Leftists are so paranoid: 

      1.) In April 1865 it seemed to be almost all over for the South, but in only 10 years time Whites managed to throw off Radical Reconstruction and begin implementing Jim Crow

      2.) In the late 1920s the uber-liberal Weimar Republic was firmly entrenched, in fact they had just started to import Negroes from Africa… however in just a few years it was uprooted in total by National Socialism.

      • We disagree, but that’s not what I meant. I intended to say: White environment should not isolate & reject White- White Hispanic couples-say- in the name of extreme racial purity.

        Also, white separatism is a defeatist position. It does make sense in South Africa- I support creation of a separate, Afrikaner state- but in the US, with White majority, it is absolutely defeatist. Some kind of social engineering including tacit segregation – yes; dissolution of the US- no.

        Just my $ 0.02.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           But I believe the dissolution will happen.  In fact, one could argue that it is already happening.

          • Perception is not-necessarily- reality. The idea that there is an imminent race war, dissolution of the US (or some other countries populated by Europeans) or anything similar, caused by aggression of  swelling racial minorities- this is not realistic.

            In short- Apocalypse will not happen, even in “minimalist” form.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Well, since you are endlessly stating your opinions here you MUST be right.

            One thing that is a certainty is that the current world “order” as it is, will collapse.  It is a mathematical certainty and was demonstrated/predicted by Issac Asimov and the Futurist Group back in 1980.  It is based on the fact that this planet represents a “closed culture” in the same way a petri dish is a closed biological culture.  Closed cultures show the same mathematically graphed phases of growth, stabilization, and death.  In 1980, it was shown that we are on the point on the graph where a crash is eminent.  Issac Asimov predicted that the 21st century would feature increased wars for resources and said that whether it is through war, disease pandemics, increased incidences in natural disasters or a combination, nature will find a way to drastically reduce the earth’s population soon.  Everything he said looks to be exactly true and mathematics is not political OR an opinion.

            I have observed, as have many here on Amren that when different races are involved, a national breakdown sees race and ethnicity as factors in the ensuing struggles.  The breakup of Yugoslavia is a great example, as is SA and Zimbabwe, but there are many others to observe in history.

            As for your obsessive postings about race mixing, I think your information is highly politicized and your sources questionable, as well as the conclusions you draw.

            No matter how many times you post your overwrought opinions, you are not proving that “everything is alright.”  I am certainly not going to take your blog words as my solace.

    • Xanthippe2

      A LOT of traditional Chinese and Japanese people (especially older people) really think their races are superior.  It  isn’t puffed up or based on an inferiority complex.  Why shouldn’t they think they are superior?  I think every healthy person thinks his own race is the best.

      • There is something about it, but it reflects opinions of average, not very critical minds. In, say, past 2-3 centuries, best minds of Russia, Britain, Germany, America, France …did not think their country or “race” was better than “others”. Not all, but most of them.

        For instance, great British biologist Haldane had said that Germany was his spiritual fatherland; possibly the greatest 20th century writer Marcel Proust did not, during 1st WW patriotic fervor, denounce his admiration for Richard Wagner; the eminent German writer Thomas Mann said that Dostoevsky was the biggest spiritual influence in Germany since Martin Luther.

        Free intelligences are not constrained by platitudes.

      • ed91

         I’ve lived in Korea and Japan, and after living there for several years I might tend to agree with them…….. their societies are much easier to live in……………. whites have imported problems and then stuck with them.  Asians, and most everyone else have sense enough to identify a problem and deal with it.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Wow, Bardon, I just read your response. You are a Mediterranean supremacist? Please clarify your views on Nordics for me. Apparantely you think we are dumb. I dont recall anybody insulting Mediterranean Europeans above, just the tiny percentages with arab blood. Who do you include in your camp of Mediterranean supremacy? Do you consider yourself more related to arabs than to Northern Europeans? Why are these divisions necessary? I find this disturbing.

  • ed91

     islamic is not a race………..
    if you go by the three races; caucasian, negroid and mongoloid………… what are the turks?   italians?   Uzbekistanis?   Lebanese?  Indians from India?   Hawaiians?  eskimos?

    • Iranians and Lebanese are whites, mostly. Turks are Caucasians, but non-Europeans. Indians are a mixed bunch- literally. Uzbeks are Turks, Hawaiians are Pacific islanders/Polynesians (aloha), Eskimos are “Mongols” (not the people).

      Here you got vid of a famous Lebanese Shiite singer; pic of great Indian/ Bengali-American physicist and a pic of Iranian woman.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Look it up.  Bardon wants to lecture on everything.  Turks are represented as Central Asian tribes.  The history of Central Asia is very complicated, but Turkish tribes range from Turkey to inside China and most of them have a good Mongolian genetic signature as well.  They are white like Mexicans and other Mestizos are white.

      It must be remembered that the Wars of the Arab Expansion put a big dose of Arabic into all the lands they converted to Islam including Lebanon, but less Persia.  But if you read the Mongolian conquest history, you will realize that they murdered millions of people in that part of the world, huge genocides for the period.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    If the different varieties of white-tailed deer that evolved in the environmentally different valleys of the Great Smoky Mountains were removed from their separate valleys and mixed together in a single area, then in a few generations there would be only one blended “variety” of white-tailed deer.

    In the same way, flooding all White countries with non-Whites and legally forcing Whites to mix with them will blend Whites out of existence.
    This article is just a snapshot of a fairly early stage of that blending process, and future historians will remark on the ho-humness with which most Whites of our era received news of their approaching demise.Are you ready to be trained in how to stop the blending out of existence of our race?BEEFCAKE’S BOOTCAMP, Basic Training for Fighting Anti-Whites!

  • Ad Courtney

    Uhh. Why don’t you read more ? Why do I have  to write long, unnecessary sentences to clear the obvious ? OK- but as succinctly as possible.

    1. Mediterranean supremacism does not exist. Nordic variant is  an offshoot of Gobineau’s 19th century’s “theories”. It’s ordinary, easily refutable racism.

    2. Nordics- Germanic peoples from Scandinavia, plus Finns, plus British who are not Celts, plus the Dutch, plus most Germans- were latecomers to European history. Europe began in ancient Greece- not anything “Nordic”, despite weird ideas of some racialists & was stabilized in another Mediterranean culture, imperial Rome. After the fall of Rome, Europe have begun recovery in 10-11th centuries, mostly in Italy & France. Anglo-Saxon England was forcefully assimilated to south-and Western (not northern) European culture thanks to Norman invasion in 1066. And, from 1300s to 1600s Italy had been the crucial cauldron of modern Europe, the true teacher of the entire Europe (Renaissance). During 1500-1800 only Britain, the Netherlands & parts of Germany had been successful in shaping European “being” (mostly post 1600-1700). The leaders were France & Italy, while Portugal & Spain, dominant forces from 1400s to 1600s, had sunk into lethargy. So, until, say, 1800, English & Dutch were virtually only “Nordics” who contributed significantly to European identity.  From ca. 800 B.C. to 1700-1800 A.D., the central European countries were almost exclusively the Mediterranean ones.

    3. “Nordics” are not dumb, but have historically lagged behind- most of them- due to harsh climate, tragic history & relative isolation. For instance, true flowering of Germany & Scandinavian countries had begun in 1700-1750s.

    4. Arabs ? I don’t know much about them. Genotypically, we South Slavs are a mixture of pre-Roman Illyrian tribes & Slavs who invaded the area in the 6th century A.D. from what is now Poland & Baltic states.

    There are no divisions. Some posters- and numerous racialists- claim that southern Italians have some “black blood”. They don’t- but they do have some Arabic element due to occupation in 9-11th cent. These were Moors- whence English surname Blackmore- but the rich & creative culture of southern Italians (Sicily, Neaples) shows that such an approach is a failed one.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    If the different varieties of white-tailed deer that evolved in the environmentally different valleys of the Great Smoky Mountains were removed from their separate valleys and mixed together in a single area, then in a few generations there would be only one blended “variety” of white-tailed deer.

    In the same way, flooding all White countries with non-Whites and legally forcing Whites to mix with them will blend Whites out of existence.

    This article is just a snapshot of a fairly early stage of that blending process, and future historians will remark on the ho-humness with which most Whites of our era received news of their approaching demise.

    Are you ready to be trained in how to stop the blending out of existence of our race?

    BEEFCAKE’S BOOTCAMP, Basic Training for Fighting Anti-Whites!

    (google “BEEFCAKE’S BOOTCAMP.” Amren’s filter apparently doesn’t accept links now??)

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Bardon, no need to be rude to someone who usually agrees with you. Quite frankly, your last post surprised me, so I naturally inquired about it. You referred to Northern Europe as “dumbistan”. Instead of understanding why I find that offensive, you went into a long history lesson that isn’t necessary. I repeat, once again, that I don’t see Mediterraneans as inferior. I see all European groups as closely related and therefore bragging over which group did what is offensive, pointless, and divisive.

  • Church_of_Jed

    What kind of citizens will these mongrels make? What kind of politicians will they elect, and what kind of hate Whitey laws will be written into the law? The consequences of demographic change will be horrific for White Humanity. 

    “The greatest story ever told is the vindication of the Confederate Cause by the resistance of the Negro to the civilizing influence of Yankee education.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Confederate History Month’s most important lessons for our White children,” 2010

    • MikeofAges

       Would someone explain who Rev. Jed DeValleyism. An actual person or a fictional character or construct? Who or what?

      • It seems somehow connected with Christian kinism (Google that).
        Maybe I’m wrong.

    • The__Bobster

      What kind of citizens will these mongrels make?

      Ask Brazil or Puerto Rico.

  • Rumble Rabbit

    You are so right when you say that race mixing is promoted 24/7 by the media, and it is having an effect. Seems everywhere I go I see increasing evidence of it. I’m beginning to think that calling it genocide is not an exaggeration.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Woody Woodpecker, I feel like this is going around in circles. As I have repeated more than once, I see Mediterraneans as my equals, so why was your last paragraph necessary? And yes, I have traveled all over the world outside of Alabama. Were you insulting me by asking? This is the last I am saying on this matter.

  • Charlotte Claire

    In sum- Blacks (Black males) are physically, mentally, emotionally, morally, socially, spiritually,…absolutely “other”- and a repugnant “other”- so that women who enter in physical (romantic relationship with Blacks is an oxymoron) relations with them are either nutcases or, if it happened once or twice, has to be swept under the rug and judged as temporary insanity.’

  • Charlotte Claire

    In sum- Blacks (Black males) are physically, mentally, emotionally, morally, socially, spiritually,…absolutely “other”- and a repugnant “other”- so that women who enter in physical (romantic relationship with Blacks is an oxymoron) relations with them are either nutcases or, if it happened once or twice, has to be swept under the rug and judged as temporary insanity.”

    I think that’s what most white female/black male “dating” is. Temporary insanity on the part of the girl. The idea that she is forever enamored of blacks is absurd. Most can’t believe they ever did what they did and were repelled by it while they were “dating.” My guess: 90% of the mixed black kids (I don’t know about the other racial mixtures) would never have been born if their white mothers had it to do over again.

    • It’s Blacks who spread this myth that WW are somehow fascinated with them. For instance, in Blacks forum:

      After casual reading- more than 3,000 posts- it’s evident that most posts singing praises to Black virility are written-or c/pasted- by Black males (characteristic lingo- Nubian king, Black god of love etc.). A few realistic sounding posts from White females just fell into three categories:

      a) I was a student & experimenting & regret my stupidity
      b) I was drunk
      c) I like it, I’m a slut

      And that’s all.

  • OK, then- this little misunderstanding about various White  groups is settled.

  • I’m going to have to disagree. Some of the greatest thinkers in human history have been white and Christian. Newton for example, or Galileo or Kepler to name only 3. Powerful minds. We are civilization builders and for thousands of years, we have carried the Bible. But these days, with the communist, the homosexual, the weak and the foreigner in our midst, we have just been beaten down. Many whites are simply guilty when they look at our triumphs as opposed to the failures of others. What have blacks ever created? Ever invented? I can’t think of a single thing. Even peanut butter was patented 100 years before Carver by a Frenchman. For the life of me, I can’t say anything positive about blacks in general. Even on Amren and Stormfront though, from time to time people will post things from Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams– both fine men. But then again, there are the 99.9% of all other blacks that would kill you as soon as look at you. As a Christian, it pains me, pains me to say that life would simply be better were they not here.

    • Laconophile

       It’s funny that you mention Galileo in defense of Christianity.

      Whatever those great thinker thought, it was despite Christianity, not because of it.

      •  I don’t think Galileo was very keen on Christianity, especially its practical application in his world.  Funny telescopes have come up in this threat OT, because the establishment Christians of the day wanted to execute him for looking at Jupiter in a telescope and seeing four objects orbiting it, meaning they couldn’t have been orbiting the Earth.

      • Galileo was impeccably orthodox Catholic. His “problems” with the Church, in contemporary perception, are fine example of historical distortion. Anyone seriously interested about that can see for themselves.

    • Detroit_WASP

      I believe religion was invented to try and get people to behave and even control them. 

      Don’t believe in God and never have.   I will admit to having known a few very intelligent religious people but, in general the more religious, the less intelligent a person it. 

      • StivD

        There is dogma and then there is believing in something greater then yourself. 

  • anarchyst

    There is one “group”, “race”, “culture”, “political movement” (which is it??) that has been promoting “multiculturalism” and “diversity” FOR EVERYONE ELSE BUT THEMSELVES. 
    They were in the forefront of the so-called “civil rights (for some)” movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s, actively pushing their “equality” mantra and STILL push their “multiculturalism” and “diversity” message on those of us who are not considered “chosen”.
    Let a “chosen” woman bring home a black boyfriend and see what happens.  The result is almost always complete ostracization or outright disownment.  “Multiculturalism and diversity for thee, but not for me” . . .
    It would appear that the above “group”, “race”, “culture”, “political movement” (which is it??) is hell-bent on destroying homogenous societies throughout the world. 
    Every country where they have taken up residence, they push their “multiculturalism” and “diversity” BS on everyone else who is not “chosen”.  
    It is no secret that much of the hate that exists for this “chosen” people is based upon their behavior in their “host” countries as they consider themselves “chosen” first and then members of their prespective “societies”.  Their “double standard” (when it comes to racial homogeneity) does nothing to endear them to those who are not “chosen”.  .  .

    • Beloved Comrade

      Forefront of the Civil Rights movement and multicultural movement through the most destructive piece of legislation ever passed in this country, the 1965 Hart -Cellar immigration nonwhite flood bill that has permanently changed the demographics of the U.S. and will soon make whites a minority.  Ted Kennedy neither wrote nor understood it,he was too drunk or busy chasing women.

      This “group”, “race”, “culture”, “political movement” (which is it??) is in the forefront of white genocide in the U.S., Europe and anywhere else there are white homelands.  What they don’t seem to “get” is that the only place where they’ve managed to find sanctuary is in white homelands.  After our demise, who will fight their wars? Who will send billions of dollars to them in their own homeland?  The Chinese?  The Russians?  Don’t think so.

        Once we’re gone, they’ll be gone too, “pushed into the sea.”   Reminds me of the story of the frog who trusted the scorpion and let him climb on his back for a ride across a river. Once the scorpion stung the frog and they were both sinking, the frog asked “why” and the scorpion said as both were dying:  “you knew what I was!”

  • Beloved Comrade

    Don’t forget locking Heterosexual White Males out of colleges, good jobs and career promotions to make sure he is poor and unable to support a family, making him far less attractive to white females.

  • Laconophile

     I do think Christianity’s universalism and deracination is responsible for the mess we’re in, but I agree that Christians are our potential allies and nothing is gained by needlessly alienating them. We shouldn’t wear our anti-Christianity on our sleeves.

  • Laconophile

     You have to admit though, Christianity made it incredibly easy for “Marxists” to infiltrate. Even before Marxism, Christian negrophiles were a dime a dozen.

    • JohnEngelman

      The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child. Both are invention of the Jew.  
      – Adolf Hitler, from “Hitler’s Table Talk” 

  • Rocky Bass

     There was an analysis done on dating web sites a year or so ago. The study looked at response rates to different initiators of contact. White men got the most responses and black women the least. I don’t recall any more of the details, a quick search should turn up the study results, as unscientific as they may be. 

    • Here it is:

      Black women write back the most.
      Whether it’s due to talkativeness, loneliness, or a sense of plain
      decency, black women are by far the most likely to respond to a first
      contact attempt. In many cases, their response rate is one and a half
      times the average, and, overall, black women reply about a quarter more
      often that other women.

      White men get more responses.
      Whatever it is, white males just get more replies from almost every
      group. We were careful to preselect our data pool so that physical
      attractiveness (as measured by our site picture-rating utility) was
      roughly even across all the race/gender slices. For guys, we did
      likewise with height.

      White women prefer white men to the exclusion of everyone else—and Asian and Hispanic women prefer them even more exclusively. These three types of women only respond well to white men. More significantly, these groups’ reply rates to non-whites is terrible. Asian women write back non-white males at 21.9%, Hispanic women at 22.9%, and white women at 23.0%. It’s here where things get interesting, for white women in particular. If you look at the match-by-race table before this one, the “should-look-like” one, you see that white women have an above-average compatibility with almost every group. Yet they only reply well to guys who look like them. There’s more data on this towards the end of the post.

      Men don’t write black women back.
      Or rather, they write them back far less often than they should. Black
      women reply the most, yet get by far the fewest replies. Essentially
      every race—including other blacks—singles them out for the cold shoulder.

      White guys respond less overall. The average reply rate of non-white males is 48.1%, while white guys’ is only 40.5%.
      Basically, they write back about 20% less often. It’s ironic that white
      guys are worst responders, because as we saw above they in turn get the
      most replies. That has apparently made them very self-absorbed.

      • Rocky Bass

         Your quite the “stat hound” aren’t ya? You do give a fella plenty to read.

        • Hehehheh…mods will “annihilate” this, but, what the heck …

      • Rocky Bass

         Did you post something just now that’s already round filed?

  • Rocky Bass

     Black is beautiful, until enough money is in hand to try and wash it off. IE M Jackson and nearly every black man of any notoriety grabs a white skank.
    Even where beauty is concerned, a black woman is only as beautiful as she does not look black. “She is pretty, you can hardly tell…”

  •  Good point.

  • Let’s clear something about “masculinity”, virility. Why does everyone suppose that “manly” means “muscular” ? Typically, domineering men are frequently just the opposite- consider great tyrants like Stalin or Hitler, or hypnotic leaders like Lenin. Generally short people & not muscular at all. Or, in other fields, Einstein or Stravinsky. They were as manly as possible, just- it would be a waste of time for them to sweat in a gym.

    Stereotypes die hard. For instance, after all these lost wars, Arabs- most of them- still consider Israeli Jews to be effeminate weaklings. And Israelis gave them bloody nose not only due to superior technology, but also in fierce close combats (especially 1973.).

    As for Blacks- some years ago a retired lieutenant colonel of ex-Yugoslav Army told me a story how he had been a military instructor in Angola during 1970s-1980s (as a Communist country, we- then Yu- were helping Blacks & Cubans against South Africa & her allies). He said that Blacks were unteachable & when even skirmishes had begun- they would run from the battle field like rabbits. Just, if they caught the enemy, they would torture them unspeakably.

    Freud’s two great themes- sex & death. Seems that Blacks are confident about the first one, but actually losers & cowards when it comes to true courage & tenacity.

  • StivD

    Well, there are a lot Jewish men in NYC. They don’t usually tend towards tallness.

  • Hm…fertility data from CDC:

  • This is hilarious- almost all Hispanics are classified as whites:

  • StivD

    I think that white women are more complex, and harder to understand, than the usage of evolutionary psychology to explain their behavior suggests. Many of the answers to why they may do the things they do, like intermarriage/ interracial sexual behavior, are one good example of ‘just so’ stories. 

    People in general have a lot of components to them from living in a large and varied society with a multitude of experiences to draw on. The world itself has also shaped people living their lives, it doesn’t necessarily boil down to evolutionary-genetic behavior all the time. People can also form their psyches as well as be born with them… Don’t read any strictly egalitarian, genes-make-no-difference sentiments into these thoughts though.

    • Agreed (I never considered evolutionary psychology a hard science). JUST- I find Blacks repellent. I do not, in rare personal encounters, want to hurt them as human beings. Let them live where they are.

      Just, try as I may, I can’t figure out what a WW who is not totally bonkers would want to have with them. Not WW I would care about personally, but this gut feeling, somewhere in plexus solaris, says NO; NO; NO, it’s despicable.

  • I don’t understand these people. Or, I lie- I do. It’s pure greed, nothing else. It’s not even genuine identity.
    Greedy, spineless, immoral parasites… make me sick.

  • Rocky Bass

     Look for a major gun grab, after that the holocaust will soon follow.

  • Import the Dutch & Norwegians, they are tall.

  • ed91

     yes, I remember……………….  sum one call de ambulant…………call de  ambulant

  • JohnEngelman

    According to a Gallup Survey released September 11, 2012 in 1958 4 percent of American approved of marriage between blacks and whites. In 2011 86 percent did. There are issues race realists can win on. Restoring laws against interracial marriage is not one of them. 

    • It’s as pertinent as polls in Enver Hoxha’s Albania.

    • StivD

      But approve of it for whom? Approving of or not caring if others do it is one thing…

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Unless things change, really change and we are able to reconstitute white society.  But I am pretty sure you wouldn’t be part of that.  

      There is a collapse looming ahead, and it will change everything.  The smartest and less dissolute will survive.

    • John Engelman- why are you so selective & don’t interpret things ? Gallup says 86% of interviewees approve of IR marriages. Although I think they lie- interviewed Whites – let’s say take this poll at face value.

      But- how then you explain that Whites, both men & women, tend to marry among themselves at the rate of almost 98%- unprecedented in past 20 yrs ? Since Whites are, despite alarming data, majority of some 70%- their attitudes (Gallup says, positive) would have reflected in “real” reality – which runs contrary to all these polls.

      What is perhaps realistic- Blacks, Asians & Hispanics would like to mate with Whites. This is probably true.

      Also, Whites marry White Hispanics, Native Americans & some East Asians. But- these are actually too small figures that would have altered the marriage data.

      • JohnEngelman

        Bardon Kaldian,
        I love facts that can be documented using reputable sources. Gallup is one of these sources. For decades Gallup has accurately predicted elections within a few percentage points. If you dismiss facts you do not want to believe in as lies it is next to impossible to have a rational discussion with you.               
        When Gallup says that 86 percent of interviewees approve of inter racial marriages, what Gallup really says is that 86 percent approve of them for those who want them, and do not want them to be illegal. I think it is significant that acceptance of inter racial marriage has grown so dramatically since 1958.      
        The way to get places in politics is to get in front of a popular issue. One does not get places by trying to change peoples’ minds, but by channeling and exploiting sentiments that already exist. 

        • Your are not that naive. And- this is not about ban on mixed marriages,  although you may think so.

          So, I’ll repeat:

          1. 86% approve of mixed marriages and simultaneously 98% of Whites are married monoracially- and NOT “mixed”.

          2. comparing 2012. and 1958. without analysis of the whole situation is less than adequate. Do you really think that average interviewees are now more sincere than back in 1958 ? Or that 40 years of brainwashing have not left a distorted perspective on many issues ?

          I grew up in a Communist country & know how people are opportunistic & capable of chameleon-like behavior. Also- I know when pressed hard & ideological shackles are gone- they quickly return to their true natures & decades of brainwashing vanish into thin air.

          • JohnEngelman

            I think we should dismiss the concept of “brain washing.” A change in 4 to 86 percent approval for interracial marriage is authentic, and not the result of authoritarian thought control. 

      • StivD

        I do think they have a way of swaying the polls. They don’t have to outright lie to do it ; even phrasing the question in a certain way can make a difference. 

    • Pandemonium

      Polls, shmolls. Why do you lend credence to these things. Polls are about as reliable as Wikipedia.

  • To the Moderator aka Bardon Kaldian,

    Twice now and I’m quite sure this will be the third time, you have deleted my response to you.  I know you like to think you know it all and thus, LIE via deleting my posts in order to make it look I conceded but NO, I have not.

    I spoke with the Family and we all agree, you need to PROVE via DNA, your absurd conclusion about the ethnicity of people you do not know.

    Now, when can I expect you to send those DNA Results?  You can send them to my mail at facebook and please, try to muster up a little Ethical Bone and post them here as well.

    Remember, when you post the results here, you must accompany it with the name, phone and address of the Family, Lawyer who witnessed and the Doctor who drew the blood and the Lab who processed it so the people here can write and/or call to verify who the Blood was taken from and that the results are what you swear they are.

    • Church_of_Jed

      Sweet SG, let’s get together for a private DNA test.

    • ? I’m not a moderator. Go in peace.


      • LIAR!

        My posts were deleted well into the evening and this occurred during the weekend.  Ya know, when amren is supposedly sleeping.

        By the way, where’e the DNA Results to back your claims?

  • radical7

    I think the increase in interracial marriages is due to the fact that a large number of Whites (espeicially White men) have passionately embraced gay and other alternative sexual alternatives. Such alternative lifestyles are a turn off for more conservative Whites and those who are more religiously inclined. 

    • StivD

      If you’re the future I don’t want to know it.

      • radical7

        I was not referring to myself, I am speaking about a growing number of  Whites, especially younger Whites.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           You may be speaking for yourself, but you are obviously not up on stats or very observant.  Nor do you appear to have any great ability for critical thought.

    • IstvanIN

      What?  Heterosexual men marrying non-whites is the fault of the tiny homosexual minority?  I was out today with my grandson and saw a white male, with two black kids along with his very unattractive black wife.  She was ugly.  Not a Halle Berry black.  Not even a Michele Robinson Obama black, just plug ugly.  The white guy, maybe about 30, was pretty nice looking.  I wondered what was wrong with him.  Now I know.  Some gay guy stole his girl! 

      And blacks are loser because of whites. Whatever.

      • radical7

        I can’t speak for the situation that you supposedly witnessed today. However, I will agree with you that there are a growing number of more White male/Black female couples, espeically in large cities . As someone who travels extensively, I can attest ot this fact. I have particualry noticed tihs trend in cites such as Seattle, Philadelphia, Nashville and Dallas. 

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      PC must go
    Mayans had a calendar before us though, right? They built some pretty
    impressive pyramids, that involved coordinating the Cosmos with
    architecture… don’t know what went so wrong for them. “Actually, they didn’t.  The Greeks and Romans had calendars that were more accurate.  Not only that, but Stonehenge and all such structures in Neolithic Europe were as good as calendars.  I studied the subject and I’ve been to Stonehenge, Newgrange and other such places in Europe.  If on a nice, opened plane, you mark the sunrise at the summer and winter solstice with a peg or stone, and then the equinoxes, you will soon be able to divide up the cycles in between into months.  An alternative to that is observing the moon cycles with the sun cycle and marking that sunrise with a stake, you will have 30 days cycles.  It has been shown that this is what Neolithic people in Europe were doing – looooong before the Mayans.What went wrong with them has been projected to be an extended period of drought.  But they were not an advanced civilization as our fawning liberal media tries constantly to portray it.  When Charlemagne was solidifying the Holy Roman Empire in most of Europe, using a long well known calendar, the Mayans were capturing their neighbors for use in human sacrifices, like the later Aztecs, along with other signs of barbarism like not having even invented the wheel.  Their famous pyramids were made of stone that a child could carry, as opposed to the structures in Egypt and Europe (including Stonehenge).

  • MikeofAges


  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     This is a basic truth that ought to be remembered and thought long upon by all whites.  White females are hunted and bashed (sexually) the most online and in the sleaze media (used for example as objects for non-white men in even situation comedies), because of the fear they cause in general.  They are attacking what they are afraid of to prove there is nothing to fear, but that fear is so deep and even natural for them that the abuse never stops but grows.  That is why total separation is the only solution.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     You left out Big Band.  If you ever saw how whites danced “The Big Apple” or the “Jitter Bug”l you’d know where it came from.  Big Band was a white (mostly) interpretation of Harlem’s Apollo and Cotton Club cultures.  However, to be fair, Rock came as much from white country roots as it did black.  Many forget or never knew that black “soul” or Gospel style of singing is not African, it is Irish and Scottish in origin.  Jewish Klezmer music is where blacks coped jazz from as well.  I don’t have to mention that the instruments they use and used were invented in Europe, do I?

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I won’t comment on the Italians, but Tesla was not dark complected at all.

    Any group oppressed long enough will be ruined and display the behaviors you describe the Aryan gangs.  They have to be like the people they are fighting at some levels  or loose.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     “4. Arabs ? I don’t know much about them. Genotypically, we South Slavs
    are a mixture of pre-Roman Illyrian tribes & Slavs who invaded the
    area in the 6th century A.D. from what is now Poland & Baltic

    This is a misrepresentation of fact.  There was no “invasion,” at least in the military sense.  Rome allowed some Slavic tribes to move into those territories by agreeing to contribute to Roman security, helping to suppress the Illyrians.

    I lived in the Balkans for a couple years and have read a great deal of the history.  There are all sorts of claims that are hotly disputed and other claims that smack of vanity.  The Ablanians claim that they are the Illyrians that Rome and the Slavs drove out and otherwise destroyed and Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, like to claim that they absorbed them.  I know that you know this.

    As for the Yugoslavs coming from Estonia and Poland; hmmmm, maybe when Poland was a Kingdom that extended into the Ukraine, but they didn’t come from Baltic regions.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Just go to any night club and see who’s doing what.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     The reports I heard of the typical abuse of Russian and Ukrainian sex slaves by Turkish men when I was living in the Balkans confirms what you are saying.  I don’t exactly know why, but they seem to have a very deep streak of  cruelty, and especially sexual cruelty.  But if you read the chapters of Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” the Turkish/Islamic conquest of Constantinople and Byzantium confirms this as an ancient tendancy.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Just a couple points.  A racially mixed society cannot any longer be called “multicultural” or Diverse because everyone would be mixed and the aspects that define someone racially, ethnically, or culturally would be missing.

    Clarke was very foolish to suppose that any people could ever live in total harmony.  It isn’t in the human capability.  There is always a point or points of contention and nothing will ever make all people equal.  They will find ways to divide that way humans have throughout history, whether it is tribal competition for the same resources, or a religion or even a perceived insult.   Don’t the white posters on this thread alone prove that?

    An all white utopia is impossible too.  We nearly had one by the late 19th century in Europe and the people in it destroyed it.

    My late uncle, who was a medic in the Korean War once said this to me;  “As long as there are two people on earth, there will be wars.”  Cynical to the extreme perhaps, but you get the point.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx
  • radical7

    I have spoken with a many people across racial lines about the fact that people are coecred into sleeping with others because of fear of being call racist.  Pretty much everyone I had asked about this dismiss such an asumption as nonsense. In fact, many of these individulas stated that they willingly slept with people of the same race or different race and in some cases, the same gender. It seeme that it is about choice more than force.  

  •  OK I could not hold my tacky comment about women largely being the same height when LAYING DOWN 😛

  •  I pity you auzies, I could not imagine being forced into the proximity of savages whilst also being deprived of arms. 

  • JohnEngelman

    September 12, 2011
    PRINCETON, NJ — Americans are approaching unanimity in their views of marriages between blacks and whites, with 86% now approving of such unions. Americans’ views on interracial marriage have undergone a major transformation in the past five decades. When Gallup first asked about black-white marriages in 1958, 4% approved. More Americans disapproved than approved until 1983, and approval did not exceed the majority level until 1997.      

      relieved): You mean, he’s hypocrite?

      Yeah, exactly. It would hurt his career to write for
      the public what he thinks in his private life.

      Thank God!


      Hypocrite I understand. I grow up in Soviet Union.
      Lying to save your job, that’s life. No, I was very
      worried smart people in America weren’t
      hypocrites. You know, this country is supposed to be
      land of free, home of brave. I was scared that smart
      Americans weren’t hypocrites, but instead were
      hallucinating. I am very happy to hear they’re just
      hypocrites. Hypocrisy much less scary than mass

    • ed91

       there are lies, damn lies, and statistics and polls…………..

      • JohnEngelman

        I love facts documented by credible sources. Those who refuse to accept what they do not want to believe are impossible to reason with. 

        • There has always something about you I’ve always liked but you make it harder and harder.

          Please answer my question from long ago:  Why do you choose Aliens over your own?  Should you dare say they are “better”, explain their Third World Status in the Year 2012 on TOP of all the Foreign Aide for all these Decades.

          Daggone John, I really like you child BUT, you NEVER side with our own.  Why?

          Are you non-white?  You can admit it.  You will not be ‘thrown away’.  Just tell me who ya are.

  • Many Whites will answer such a poll with the though ‘Well it is OK for others, but I myself would never Race-mox’ so that is one reason that poll is so high but White Men and Women still overwhelmingly prefer each other.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “If you think Hell is bad, just wait till you see the future.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Race-mixing is death,” 2008

  • StivD

    I would say that blacks are the ones who need most to learn about freedom of association. Blacks force themselves on every aspect of white life and whats left of white communities. You control the very attitudes of whites thru social coercion.

    To them,  and you, “crackas aint complete until they got one in they life.”

    Who are you kidding?

  • The Power elite don’t care about the lower class racial make up, as long as they work and produce a profit, they don’t care.  We already mean very little to them anyway.  But you sure will never see any of the elites even marring out of their socialeconomic class let alone their race.

  • You’re writing about a specific case (or cases). Of course, they’re existing & relevant. But, IMO, much more-statistically- relevant was “occasion” a WW described on human sexuality forum & which was posted before on Amren:

    I voted yes. But it was only one time. I was 19, I’m 31 now and happily
    married (and I sort of forgot to mention the black guy when we exchanged
    histories, my hubby wouldn’t be happy about the black guy thing). To be
    fully honest, it was one of those things that I just wanted to try to
    see what it was like, more than having a thing for black guys. It was
    just one of those late teenage curiosities and/or quest for doing
    something naughty that most girls have (meaning most girls have some
    sort of sexual curiosity during their late teens early 20’s that goes
    beyond the standard “making out with your boyfriend thing,” though
    obviously not every white girl’s curiosity/quest involves doing it with a
    black guy).

    I must say that the black guy wasn’t really all that
    great of an experience. Sure, sex is good regardless, but I had no
    trouble whatsoever “going back” to white guys. I always was more
    attracted to white guys (both before and after). I think easily half of
    the white girls that do it with a black guy are like me — a one-time
    thing just to try it.(Sort of like my friend that turned a trick for
    $200 with a 42-year old guy that she first met because she had babysat
    for his kids, but that was her only adventure into prostitution, and she
    too is now happily married.) When you are 19 and living in the dorm,
    you hear so many girls talking about black guys — most just a one-time
    fling — and it almost becomes a peer pressure sort of thing.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx
  •  One cannot deny that some things have changed from 1990 to 2009 (I’m talking about births stats, not marriage):




    I’ve included various Hispanics since they matter- Samoans, actually, don’t; neither do various subgroups of Asians.

    What about White-White children ?

    They dropped from 88% to 80% born to a White mother. Black fathers rose from 1.1% to ca. 2.7%.
    Black mothers are a confusing category. Native Americans seem to be vanishing-sort of- being swallowed by Whites.

    Among Hispanics, Puerto Ricans are most likely to procreate with Blacks, and Cubans least likely.
    Fertility: Hispanics women are breeding like rabbits; contrary to popular image, White men “outfather” Blacks significantly, but Black mothers “outmother” White mothers; and there are those mysterious “non stated” that confuse many things.

    Average IQ White should read tables without problem- F for father, m for mother; then, just check for intersections & compare mirror images.

  •  ? I’ve never said that I would harm, in any way (physically, verbally, behaviorally, economically), either Blacks or White women who hook up with them.
    Also, I am not FOR formal segregation laws, but AGAINST media brainwashing & demonization of characteristically White European culture & history and, particularly, bashing that God in microcosm and heroic creator of world worth living in (to express myself  archaically)- White man.

    Just- I’ve said what most of WM here (and not only here) think- White females who hook up with Blacks are tainted good. Sorry for brutal sincerity, but, as Luther had said (I’m not Protestant): “Hier stehe Ich. Ich kann nicht anders.”

  • And Epic Beard is a “typical” white male??

  • Because they are low in Intelligence and social cooperation. In short,their  ancestors didnt have to do anything to get sex but be tough and hostile and dance good.(And have a big…spear)They are utterly worthless in modern society. Its not their “fault”. Its what they are. But…their bones,my friend,their bones are thicker than yours. (Why they dont swim so good) Their muscles are more fast twitch. They can move those fists pretty quick! “Strength” doesnt win fights;power does. Once in HS, a blackie took offense at my presence. That N hit me so fast I didnt even feel  it,let alone be able to stop it. Got a shiner. Ouch.

  • For 2009, 98% is marriage percentage for WM-WW & 80% is White female births who have White European (not Hispanic) men as the father. It’s not relative fertility. Since more than 16% of fathers to White mothers belong to “not stated”group, less than 4% fathers of White females’ children are “regulars” (Blacks, Asians,  Indians, ..).

  • Ever hear of the Knicks!?

  • It’s not just Black and ya know it My Dear Jew Friend.  Who are you?  Are you a Lady or a Gentleman?

    Dear Sir,Jews are not blamed for this fiasco, the powers that be are whoever they are.  I mean, who cares?  The point is, we’re all being royally screwed here and it is us who should rebel.  The repressed and oppressed.  Us.  We are the ones who pay for everything and we’re the very ones who are counted last, always and forever, counted last.  Ya know, the ones who pay the damn bills around here.  You, My Husband, EVERY American has or is paying more than their fair share.  Ya know this Sir.

  • I LOVE YOU!  But, I LOVE your Uncle More.  You are White and please, please remain so.

    Last, most  important, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not mix even for play.  PLEASE.  It soils you.

  • Pandemonium

    I was visiting Cedar Key, Florida this past February, and a gentleman there was offering views of the Sun (with proper filters of course) through an 8″ telescope. lots of sunspot activity.

    Most people on this site would enjoy Cedar Key! Very white…sand.