School Suspensions: More Official Baloney

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 26, 2012

Bureaucrats and “scholars” are blind to the facts.

In mid-March, the Department of Education reported that black and Hispanic students are suspended from school at higher rates than whites. This has been known for years, but every time it is reported there is outrage. Education Secretary Arne Duncan worried about the “the most alarming findings.” He lamented that “minority students across America face much harsher discipline than non-minorities, even within the same school,” adding that “the everyday education experience for too many students of color violates the principle of equity at the heart of the American promise.”

The secretary did warn that “overt discrimination” might not fully account for these differences, but others were not so cautious. The National Education Policy Center at the University of Boulder announced that “researchers have found no evidence that students of color engage in more misbehavior than White students,” which leaves discrimination as the only culprit. Judith Browne Dianis, co-director of a minority-oriented organization called the Advancement Project, explained that “there’s bias in classrooms.” She added that “there’s also this perception of children of color as being criminals.” The Chicago Teachers Union responded to the report by saying that “the data lends further credibility” to its belief that school practices “amount to educational apartheid for a significant number of students.” The media appeared to quote no one who pointed out that racial differences in suspension rates might simply reflect differences in offense rates.

The Department of Education’s study, unaccountably titled “Revealing New Truths About Our Nation’s Schools,” presented the data graphically:

Black boys are indeed, suspended at about three times the rate for white boys, and black girls at nearly four times the white rate. However, every account of these findings ignored the fact that, as study after study has shown, Asians are suspended less often than whites. If it is “alarming” that black boys are suspended at three times the rate for white boys, why is it not “alarming” that white girls are suspended at three times Asian rate?

Boys are at least twice as likely to be suspended as girls, but no one talks about that either. Everyone knows that boys behave worse than girls, but to acknowledge sex differences in behavior might suggest the possibility of race differences. Correction: Almost everyone understands this. The Southern Poverty Law Center worried that the data “raise important questions about . . . the possibility of conscious or unconscious racial and gender biases at the school level.” (emphasis added)

Just a few weeks after its report on suspension rates, the Department of Education issued a joint report with the Department of Justice called Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2011. It got a bit of press attention, too, mainly for pointing out that although there were more than 1,000,000 violent crimes committed at American public schools, only about 300,000 are reported to the police.

What went unremarked were the race data in the report, which flatly contradict the view that there are no race differences in levels of misbehavior at school. Secretary Arne Duncan, who expressed such alarm over suspension rates, ignored the race data. You have to dig for the information, and it is not presented in pretty bar graphs like the suspension rates, but the picture is clear.

Table 7.1, for example, deserves serious study (click on the figure to see an enlarged version).

This table is the result of polling teachers about the problems they have in their schools. The schools are in four categories, according to the number of students who are non-white. Translated into terms that make more sense, the top row schools are at least 95 percent white. The second row schools are 80 to 95 percent whites, the third row are 50 to 80 percent white, and the fourth row are less than 50 percent white. The numbers in the rows are the percentages of these schools that have the kinds of problems described along the top horizontal axis. The ‡ and ! symbols mean that the reported numbers are so low they are meaningless or that sample sizes are unreliable.

The first thing to notice is that aside from sexual and sexual-orientation harassment and bullying, every category gets consistently worse as a school gets less white. To take the first category—racial or ethnic tensions—schools that are 95 percent or more white essentially do not suffer from that problem at all. Not surprisingly, racially mixed campuses do. No less than 4.5 percent of majority non-white schools have racial/ethnic problems at least once a week.

There are similar patterns with “student verbal abuse of teachers” and “widespread disorder in the classroom.” There are essentially no all-white schools where this happens as often as once a week, but the percentages grow as the student body gets less white. Schools with a lot of “verbal abuse of teachers” and “widespread disorder in the classroom” sound like schools where suspensions might be more common.

The report does not explain what is meant by “student acts of disrespect for teachers other than verbal abuse,” but it undoubtedly includes behavior—hitting a teacher, for example?—that merits suspension. The less white the school, the more of this there is. “Gang activities”—and might these not also require firm discipline?—are no less than 19 times more common in white-minority schools than in schools that are all- or nearly all-white. This table by itself gives the lie to the notion that all races behave in the same way.

And even the categories of offence that appear to be as common in white schools as in non-white schools may not be. Is it unreasonable to assume that what is flagged as bullying or sexual harassment in an all-white school with very few behavior problems is simply overlooked in a majority non-white school with gang activity and “widespread disorder in the classroom”?

Table 6.5 contains eye-opening information, too.

The “serious violent incidents” in this table are the real thing: rape, robbery, and actual or threatened attack with a weapon. There are some deviations from perfect correlation, but the trend is clear: White schools have fewer serious violent incidents (the # sign means “rounds to zero). If there is anything that deserves suspension, it is surely violent crime, and violent crime increases as the number of non-whites increases.

Figure 13.2 shows who is fighting in schools. This is one of the rare visual representations of race-related data in this report, and the findings are consistent with suspension patterns: Blacks fight more than Hispanics, who fight more than whites, who fight more than Asians.

Table 13.2 goes into more detail on fighting. Blacks are twice as likely as whites, for example, to have been in four to 11, or 12 or more fights in the past year.

The other government department—the Department of Justice—that helped write Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2011 has useful information, too.  If there are no racial differences in misbehavior rates in school, there should be no racial differences in juvenile arrest rates. DOJ data prove otherwise.

Again, these are juvenile arrest rates for the very worst offenses: murder, nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. In its usual, unhelpful way, DOJ lumps most Hispanics together with whites rather than break them out as a separate group, thus inflating white offense rate. This means the black/white gap is even greater than what is depicted here. Even with Hispanics included with whites, in 2009, black juveniles between the ages of 10 and 17 were four times more likely than white juveniles to be arrested for serious, violent crime.

There are still a few people who believe that arrest rates do not reflect offense rates; that prejudiced cops arrest innocent blacks. Such people forget that violent crimes short of murder usually have witnesses, and that the police arrest perpetrators who match victims’ descriptions. For police bias to cause race gaps of this magnitude, we would have to imagine the police arresting blacks even when the victim said the attacker was white, or refusing even to look for the perp if the victim said he was white. This is absurd.

DOJ has data on race differences in arrest rates for other crimes. The gaps for murder and robbery, for example, are particularly large.

The data on juvenile arrests for disorderly conduct includes Asians and Americans Indians. They bear out the consistent pattern of very low Asian offense rates.

It would be wrong to assume that blacks top the arrest rates for all crimes. As this chart shows, young whites and Indians are arrested far more often than blacks for breaking liquor laws.

Race differences in rates of arrest for drinking offenses further discredit the notion that “racist” police unfairly target blacks. Public or under-age drinking is an offense for which the police have enormous leeway on whether to make an arrest. Unlike the pressure on police to arrest violent criminals, the public does not much care whether there are arrests of under-age drinkers. That means liquor-law violations would be a perfect opportunity to exercise police “racism:” Arrest the blacks and ignore the whites. Instead, whites (and Indians) are arrested more often for these offenses because they commit more of them than blacks or Asians. DOJ’s arrest rates confirm reports from schools: Different groups behave differently.

Readers will recall that the National Education Policy Center at the University of Boulder claims that there is “no evidence” that blacks commit crimes at higher rates that whites. Daniel J. Losen, who made that claim, is either a fool or a liar; perhaps both. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who makes much of racial differences in suspension rates but ignores his own department’s well established data that explain those differences, is, at best, deceitful.

Propaganda of this kind puts unfair pressure on teachers and administrators who may well be disciplining students as fairly as possible. There may be legitimate debate as to whether school suspension cures misbehavior or about how specific offenses should be punished, but to pretend that there are no race differences in student behavior—and to blame “prejudiced” teachers for differences in suspension rates—is contemptible. People who make these claims do not care about facts. They ignore anything that contradicts their blinkered conception of blacks (and now Hispanics) as perpetual victims and whites as perpetual oppressors.

Nor is it the job of the media to swallow whatever Arne Duncan tells them. Why did not even one mainstream account of the DOE study point out the obvious: that different groups are disciplined at different rates because they behave differently? Reporters who pass along deceit are as contemptible as the bureaucrats and “scholars” who feed it to them.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • Instead, whites (and Indians) are arrested more often for these [liquor] offenses because they commit more of them than blacks or Asians.

    Disagree.  Do we honestly think that a 15-year old black is that less likely to be committing a “liquor offense” than a 15-year old white?  The reason the black arrest rate for liquor is far less than white is because cops are too busy in the ghetto chasing murderers to worry about a teenager carrying around a “foty.”  Meanwhile, there is so little crime in white areas that a 15-year old white teenager drinking a beer in public is a big deal.

    As for the subject matter at hand, the black-white gap in suspensions would be even higher, except “Zero Tolerance” policies were implemented precisely to find pretexts to suspend whites, for “offenses” which should be ignored.

    • What happens is the white 17yo might have an empty crushed beer can in the back of his dads pick up truck he was driving being a liquor offense, when some black guy drinking out of a paper bag is the least of the worries of cops in black neighborhoods.

      •  Have you ever seen a total solar eclipse in person or in books or online articles?

        When the moon completely covers the “visible” sun (i.e. the photosphere), you’ll see some faint shining around the moon.  That’s the solar corona, some hot and self-luminescent gases, but since they’re a million times fainter than the photosphere, they only time that the naked human eye can see them is during a total solar eclipse.

        Think of the corona as minor crime, and the photosphere as major crime.  Here in my mostly white St. Louis suburb of Ballwin, the photosphere is covered up all the time, and the corona is always visible.  A Ballwin cop that confronts the 17-yo with a crushed up beer can driving his father’s truck is making the biggest  bust he will for either side of a week to his present time.  In North St. Louis, the photosphere is always visible, so the “corona” of 17-yo’s having crushed beer cans is invisible for all the cops scraping fresh bodies off the pavement.

        • Dan

          I live in Southern Illinois and the police will always put up seat belt check roadblocks in small rural towns because 1-They primarily target Whites who will cooperate and pay the fine 2-The law enforcement data sheet will reflect an acceptable number of White people stopped as compared to minorities.

          That being said I believe the posters here are on the right track about the drinking issue for Blacks.

          •  And 3)  It’s practically a hate crime for police in the state of Illinois to enforce criminal law against blacks.

    • Texan1st

      I respectfully disagree, QD. I work in “neutral territory” with a high concentration of night clubs. The crowds that attend these venues are pretty evenly diversified. From my experience, it is much more common to see young whites stumbling out onto the streets than blacks. But then one area does not make a country. Just a personal observation which may not translate to other cities.

      • I don’t doubt your observation, but maybe the reason why it’s easier for a cop to arrest a white who just left the club three sheets to the wind staggering around the streets than a black who did the same is that it’s easier to tell that the white is drunk — Drunk blacks act pretty much the same as sober blacks, the same kind of mind-numbing dumb.

        • Detroit_WASP

          The drinking offenses by whites are probably a result of college parties. Cops will hand out 30-40 drinking tickets at a time when they bust a frat party.    Not as many blacks in college.  It’s hard to buy beer while in prison.   Mystery solved.

    • Hunter Morrow

       Aw shoot. I’ve been late to comment on AmRen the past two days and people wind up saying everything I want to and in many cases better than I would. All I can say is after a pretty hard week, I’m drinking this beer as a toast to this post. Bravo.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Don’t put yourself down Hunter, post whatever it was you were going to say.

        I’ve read many of your posts and you are a fine commenter with a lot of good ideas which you express very well.   Sometimes things need to be stated more than once and in different ways for the message to get across.

        I don’t understand why you keep changing your avatar, though.  It makes it more difficult for me to find you.  I have limited time and only read posters whose comments I respect and you are one of those.

    • There is considerable evidence for the view that young whites drink more than young blacks. Self-reports confirm this, and campus authorities sometimes make this point about college students.  There is some force to the argument that police in black areas have better things to do than chase underage drinkers, but this is an offense that genuinely appears to be more common among whites (and certainly Indians) than blacks.

      •  You might be right, but I still have a couple of mental hurdles to jump.

        1.  Self-reports?  As if blacks always tell the truth?

        2.  Perhaps some apples and oranges comparisons are valid here:  Maybe blacks don’t drink as much because being drunk doesn’t do it for ’em.  Therefore, they tend to a drug habit rather than a booze habit.

        • sbuffalonative

          I too have questions about self-reporting.

          Blacks are very paranoid and I suspect there are those who are reluctant to give honest answers.

          I suspect white kids are less paranoid about answering honestly but some mischievous white teens do like to boast and play mind-games with adults; it’s always a good laugh to shock grown ups. 

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Colt 45 or MD 20/20?

      • sbuffalonative

        Having grown up and now living in a still majority white community, I know white kids ‘go to the park’ and ‘hang out in the fields’ to drink (not that I ever did such things). The difference that I see is that while white teens may have their vices for underage drinking and using illegal drugs, they do so far more responsibly than black teens, hence the different police involvement.

        If white kids are quietly drinking behind the high school under the bleachers, they aren’t shooting, stabbing, or brawling with each other therefore they usually draw little attention to their activities.

        Blacks, on the other-hand, do so publicly and too often violently.

        If black teens kept their behavior private and peaceful, they wouldn’t draw the attention of the police. 

      • Detroit_WASP

        The drinking offenses by whites are probably a result of college parties. Cops will hand out 30-40 drinking tickets at a time when they bust a frat party.   More whites in college, so more offenses are recorded.

      • Celestial_Time

         I think there is some truth to the notion that black areas are inundated with crimes that take a precedence over simple alcohol related offenses. This is certainly going to skew the actual numbers of black people getting arrested for public intoxication or related offenses.

        Having said that, I have had the misfortune of being around a lot of black people in my younger years, and I can say that my experiences back up any self-reports about Whites drinking more than blacks. Young White people drink more than young blacks; however, White people of all age groups are more than likely arrested for minor crimes(public intoxication, loitering, disturbing the peace, etc.) at a much higher rate than blacks simply because the police in black areas have to overlook a lot of minor offenses just to keep the more violent crimes in check.

        On a side note: If alcohol is an extreme contributor to bad behavior, bad decisions, and increased criminality, then why are blacks, who drink less than Whites, much more prone to violence? Even if there are several factors at play, one of them has to be biological if there is to be any explanation that covers such a large discrepancy in the percentage of white and black violent crimes, and that is so uniform in numbers from coast to coast.

        • 20670

          I think the biological aspect comes from those testostorone studies (book in site store here)…that was a very interesting read for me.

      • bluegrass91

         As a young college student, I have my limited anecdotal evidence to support Jared’s assertion that underage drinking and drinking violations in general are worse and somewhat more prevalent in the White community.

        Ghetto black culture has the term “drunker than a white boy” after a night of over-inebriation.  A strong drinking culture (with its bonuses of fun and camaraderie at the expense of alcohol’s ill effects) is simply much stronger and much more ingrained in the White community than in the Black community. 

        The intoxicated substance of choice for Black Americans appears to be mostly marijuana.  I’d prefer this drug for them as I’d rather have a mellowed dumb young black male high on THC than a young black male confident and aggressive on alcohol. Though being high on the “mellow” drug doesn’t seem to lessen their criminality unfortunately.

        Genetically speaking, Europe’s long history of alcohol consumption was an integral aspect to western civilization’s advancement, and no doubt naturally selected for adaptations to consume alcohol more effectively.  I know this trend is clear with the phenomenon of “Asian flush”, though I don’t know how well it correlates with Sub-Saharan African genes.  A difficulty with lactose tolerance is a know fact amongst Sub-Saharan African populations, something a liberal will often admit while simultaneously calling race a social construct. (cognitive dissonance anyone?)

        I need remind readers that there could be a sub-conscious aversion to alcohol by Africans, for it was ultimately alcohol which so simplified and cheapened the slave trade for White Europeans.

        However, as Jared Taylor points having a history of “fire-water’s” ill effects hasn’t stopped the native Americans from consuming it in vast quantity, even though alcohol had caused immense damage to their old tribal societies.  So consider the fire-water hypothesis questionable.

        Also, I had recently spent time in America’s beachfront house of Sodom known euphemistically as “Panama City”.  It is this crap hole of a beach resort where thousands of White college students coagulate for inebriated shenanigans.  Also, it gives an opportunity for low-income, non collegiate young blacks to drive down from their homes in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi to join in on the party. (or to harass white girls)

        What did I notice?  Cops specifically targeted whites for alcohol citations.  It felt as if they were almost afraid of the black men who were nearly as drunk (or equally as high) as any White person on the street . My only conclusion is the cops are there to make money for the state with DUIs, MIPs, and PIs.  A black male likely would be uncooperative and aggressive if stopped to ask for I.D. for his beer, while a white would passively go along and pay the fine and show up to court on time.  A black wouldn’t likely show up at all, adding strain to the system (and not money) by having to elevate his status to a wanted criminal. 

        Perhaps America’s overly conservative drinking laws are merely another “white-tax” for the benefits of minorities.  Whites enjoy our beers, fine wines, aged whiskey’s and what have you, and America decided harass the one vice we engage in more than our colored counterparts. 

        Even when it comes down to us behaving badly, the system just feels outright Anti-White.

        • 20670

          so well stated…u make me want to think about taking more time with my thoughts before writing them out…and even using a formal format to do it…i think i am under a good influence…interesting the government hasn’t gone after the booze industry like it has the tobacco industry…guess that didn’t work earlier, though is suspect for different reasons

          •  The Feds haven’t gone after booze like they have tobacco because white liberals don’t hate beer drinkers like they hate cigarette smokers from a class bigotry standpoint.  I heard a white woman tell an NPR reporter in 2001, when Seattle was considering a dime per cup tax on enhanced caffeine beverages to fund early childhood education programs, and NPR interviewed Seattleites about it, say that “why should we have to pay more in taxes?  Let them filthy rednecks in trailer parks down South pay more in cigarette taxes for our kids.”

      • Sheila Dinehart

        It certainly appears to me reasonable to go along with the notion that young whites use as well as abuse alcohol at a much greater rate than do blacks.  The millions of black slaves in the South before the CW and for generations before and after, it is safe to say was simply not a part of their culture/not a part of their heritage (certainly the RR’s during The Occupation era would have encouraged this activity while they could, and thrilling over the chaos when it happened,as no doubt they did, but when whites reclaimed the South after the Hayes election and the end of Reconstruction they put a stop to that sort of thing with regard to it being and causing social problems.), the white history in America has had a long love affair with all kinds of alcohol from fine wines of Europe  to the moon-shine traditions of mountain-folk. Drinking alcohol seems to me to be likely considered as not so bad a thing (and even expected) in many of our sub-cultures of whites in America, besides it is a legal substance.  The white has had a heritage of values handed down that encourage and reward behavior such as drinking (when it is legal) precisely because it has been socially acceptable, whereas it is unfortunate in modern times that America’s blacks have been rewarded oftentimes by being deceitful, sly, and down-right inscrutible…they will insist this tradition (the Mask) is because it was necessary for their survival.  It is not so unusual for many whites to  wonder why *cheating* is not viewed quite the same way in black solciety as in white society.  The black has considered it necessary to their survival to hide many things, so hiding the truth about test scores/cheating/false reporting of crime and everything else is simply a part of the cultural heritage for the blacks in  America which is why so many blacks, sadly, are still part of a counter culture rather than a sub-culture.  The problem is that today’s pop culture is defining *American Culture*.  I think that is sure to create even more violence and negative behavior affecting more and more whites as well as continuing to reward innapropriate black behaviors  in school and out, in the work place, in all aspects of society.  Things appear to be quite grim…living in *interesting* times.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Most blacks smoke weed these days and MAY not drink as much as whites because their money is spent on weed. 

      But you are right, it doesn’t really sound correct.   Actually I just figured it out.  The drinking offenses by whites are probably a result of college parties.  Cops will hand out 30-40 drinking tickets at a time when they bust a frat party.  Mystery solved.

      40 ouncers are still pretty popular in the hood.   

  • Honeybadgerdontcare

    Those darn East Asians! They spoil it for everyone.  They go to school and make us look like fools.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Blacks don’t belong in school, nor do these Whites-of-Opportunity, the “Latinos.”

    I’m so sick and tired of La Raza being lumped in with Whites in crime data and school offense behavior. It started around 1998, 1999.

    95 percent White, no racial tension. No kidding!

    Public schools are preparatory prisons for non-Whites. Blacks get “Brekkfiss”, lunch and in some cases dinner on the White taxpayer’s dime. The teachers are wardens. Hell, most of the public schools already got cops in ’em. Some of the public school systems are so bad that principals are able to call upon SWAT teams and helicopters, yes, helicopters fly over the school grounds. Public school is pretty much prison.

    Whites wind up paying all the taxes for them and on top of that they have to pay to send their kids to religious and other private schools just to avoid Demarquavious and Jose. Triple tax.

    • Demarquavious… OMG I laughed out loud when I read that!!!

  • lol… Jared Taylor just flogged Arne Duncan

  • sbuffalonative

    When blacks bring this up, they usually blame white teachers blatant or passive racism and discrimination or blame white teachers for being ‘culturally insensitive’ and ignorant of the ‘black learning style’.

    IF blacks believed anything they say on this issue, they would be demanding segregated schools. They won’t because if schools were to re-segregate the problems would persist and they would have to admit they were the problem.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      That’s a really good point.  Black teachers would (logically) not have inherent, hidden, white racism to overcome and could thus give black students the best education they obviously aren’t getting from the white racist teachers.  Furthermore, not being around white students allows for blacks to learn within their own “cultural” contexts–which should obviously equalize test scores.

      • sbuffalonative

        Blacks blame whites for their problems and demand whites find solutions. When solutions are offered by whites, blacks condemn them and give reasons why they won’t work for their progeny.

        No win. Lose-lose. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

    • better_times

      And some do.  Charter schools are popping up wherever they’re allowed to do so.  

  • JohnEngelman

    Readers will recall that the National Education Policy Center at the University of Boulder claims that there is “no evidence” that blacks commit crimes at higher rates that whites. Daniel F. Losen, who made that claim, is either a fool or a liar; perhaps both. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who makes much of racial differences in suspension rates but ignores his own department’s well established data that explain those differences, is, at best, deceitful.      
    – Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 26, 2012   
    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
    – George Orwell 

  • JohnEngelman

    The National Education Policy Center at the University of Boulderannounced that “researchers have found no evidence that students of color engage in more misbehavior than White students,” which leaves discrimination as the only culprit.      
    – Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 26, 2012      
    In schools where blacks are in a very small minority of the student body this may be true. It was true in the schools I attended as a teenager. In schools where blacks represent a large minority of the students, and particularly in schools where they are in the majority it is not true. When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave they way they want to behave. 

    • better_times

      Absolutely true.  If you’ve ever experienced the “tipping” of a school & the immediate change of culture & crime level, it’s staggering.  It’s literally hard to believe your own eyes.  You can’t believe the change in personality & behavior of formerly friendly blacks.

  • JohnEngelman

    Black boys are indeed, suspended at about three times the rate for white boys, and black girls at nearly four times the white rate. However, every account of these findings ignored the fact that, as study afterstudy has shown, Asians are suspended less often than whites. If it is “alarming” that black boys are suspended at three times the rate for white boys, why is it not “alarming” that white girls are suspended at three times Asian rate?      
    – Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 26, 2012        
    Asians earn their reputation as “the ideal minority.” 

  • JohnEngelman

    White liberals who believe what they say about the non existence of racial differences reveal what George Orwell called “money sheltered ignorance.” In order to learn what blacks are really like it is usually necessary to interact with them in environments they dominate on terms of approximate equality.                
    Affluent whites usually know few blacks. These few are exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment. 

    • Funruffian

      That’s true. People’s indifference toward Blacks is directly roportionate to their distance from them.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Since the left has taught us that there is no such thing as race, I wonder why the government keeps dividing people up into racial categories?

    Oh wait, I get it now.  When the data can be manipulated to show some minorities are “victims” it is okay.  If data shows whites as victims, it is hate speech or racism. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.          – Jared Taylor, from “The Color of Crime”    

    • Funruffian

      This implies that Whites do not possess the ‘Tribal mentality’. Whites are more independant and individualistic.

  • This handy little chart also shows you
    who is the MOST DOCILE
    and SHEEP-like

  • ViktorNN

    Thank you Mr. Taylor for gathering and analyzing the data. I am certain I will be referring to this article in the future when I’m debating our opponents. The idea that non-whites prone to disproportionate criminality are being “discriminated” against when people are just trying to keep a lid on their anti-social, disruptive, and destructive behavior that drags down the quality of life in this country is simply infuriating.

    May I suggest that Mr. Taylor also tackle recent reports I read that the juvenile justice system in Tennessee treats black kids unfairly.

    Would love to hear any comments – especially debunkings.

  • sbuffalonative

    My sister is a teacher in Buffalo. She started out teaching in a suburban Catholic school which she loved but left to teach in the Buffalo Public School system because the money, benefits, and retirement package were a dream come true.
    Being a race-blind progressive liberal, she now tells veiled stories of her students, never mentioning race. Now she’s counting the days to retirement.


  • Detroit_WASP

    Just came across this story about half the (black) kids in Detroit having lead exposure.   Couldn’t help but wonder if this is yet another way to blame whites for black academic failure.  Please note there is no father in the picture (literally).

    •  I’ve heard that excuse for as long as I’ve been coherent.  When you live in a city with old residential stock, you’re bound to hear that bromide.

      Even if you eat lead paint, if your nutritional intake is balanced and comprehensive, especially with one certain vitamin or mineral (can’t remember which), the lead just passes right through you and doesn’t interfere with your biochemistry.  And it’s the kind of vitamin or mineral which one can’t get from the culinary delicacies that come out of a clown’s head.

      Water based paint is probably one of the worst human inventions ever.

  • Perhaps police practice “compensatory racism” when making arrests for liquor offenses, focusing on whites to even out the overall crime rates.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I don’t mean to offend but…you need to instruct your kids to NOT talk to authorities or police if there is ANY chance they will be accused of doing something wrong.   In other words, never talk until you speak to an attorney or your parents. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    As a former teacher, you are correct.  It only takes about 20% black student population to ruin a school and even less to ruin a neighborhood.

  • saxonsun

     Yes, and the reason they get away with more is that we expect less of them–we know what they are. And the libs are most guilty of this.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Well JT…it is discrimination.  Like a black principal once told me, “Your expectations are to high for *these* students, they are not white so you will have to lower your expectations if you expect them to pass, and understand, they WILL pass”…and they did, and did, and did, and did and…

  • Sheila Dinehart

    There was a school bombing today, 2 bombs went off at the high school in Memphis…the press has reported on line the school officials say it is a prank carried out by two students (usually referred to as children or youth)…Memphis is on that list of cities most likely to go up in flames from a racial problem, maybe second to Detroit… 

  • Hirene

    All these issues could be solved by voluntarily re-segregating the schools. 

  • According to Jared Taylor he has no problems with Jews because they “look White”. 

  • Funruffian

    Those liberal principals can go screw themselves. They are the most chickenshit pussies who coddle and toady to the troublemaking Negroids. They are also furtive Race-traitors. The older ones especially will keep towing the line until it’s time for them to retire. They probably figure all hell will break loose after they die so it doesn’t matter to them to sell out their own race. Liberals don’t care what happens to Whites and they don’t care about fairness as long as they are getting paid. If schools need to be reformed, let’s fire the liberals and create more private schools strictly for Whites, Asians and Hispanics.

  • gregzimmerman007

    How do all these rates compare to periods of “peace” and “war”? Is there any relationship? I once heard that the murder rated comes DOWN during war and goes UP during PEACE.