1,183,700 Violent Crimes Committed at Public Schools; Only 303,900 Reported to Police

Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News, April 23, 2012

The Department of Education and the Department of Justice say that 1,183,700 violent crimes were committed at American public schools during the 2009-2010 school year, but that only 303,900 of these violent crimes were reported to the police.

By this government estimate, 879,800 violent crimes committed at U.S. public schools in the 2009-2010 school year were not reported to police.

These statistics are part of a report—”Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2011“—published jointly on Feb. 22 by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).

As defined by the report, “violent crimes” included rape, sexual battery other than rape, physical attack or fight with or without a weapon, threat of physical attack with or without a weapon, and robbery with or without a weapon.


Overall, as reported in Table 6.1 of the report, 1,876,900 crimes of various types were committed at public schools in 2009-2010, but only 689,100 of these crimes were reported to the police.


While 73.8 percent of the nation’s public schools were the scene of a violent crime or crimes during the 2009-2010 school year, only about 39.9 percent of the public schools actually reported a violent crime to the police.

Many of the violent crimes that occurred at public schools were classified as physical attacks or fights without a weapon (there were 725,300 of these of which 194,200 were reported to the police) or threats of a physical attack without a weapon (there were 405,900 of these of which 86,200 were reported to the police).


According to the report, an estimated 600 rapes occurred at public schools, but only about 500 rapes were reported to the police. About 3,600 sexual batteries other than rape occurred at public schools, but only but only about 2,200 were reported to the police. {snip}


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  • Earth to John Engelman:

    If almost three-fourths of violent crime committed in public schools don’t stick to the official books, then why do you believe the official crime stats for society at large?

    • The__Bobster

      A lot of Asian crime isn’t reported because it’s Asian-on-Asian within the Asian community.

  • Schools are under scrutiny for suspending negroes are higher rates than other students, so you would think they would insist on publishing the racial breakdown to justify their policies

  • I am guessing that the vast majority of those crimes took place in Amish schools. Those tow-headed brats have never experienced the many benefits of diversity, so they still behave like savages. A sprinkling of Mulatto grandkids at the next barn raising would fix all of that. 

    •  A few weeks ago, a whole gang of Amish moved in down the street.  As I was watching their horse drawn buggies bring in their 17th century furniture and housewares, I was thinking to myself, “There goes the neighborhood!”

  • No

     Finishing the headline for CNS News . . . “879,800 school crimes were committed by non-whites on whites.”

  • Kurt Plummer


    How do they know how much is unreported??

    I imagine everything has to be written up so that there is ‘no evidence of a coverup’ to further a criminal conspiracy.  Be that negligently or through active suppression of predator-X identities as crimes.

    However; by handling punishments administratively (which is to say within a separate set of pre-schoolyear agreed policies on what constitutes a violation of specific school policy mandates) and maintaining active overwatch through coffee-break or weekly teacher-admin updates as to who the trouble makers are, you create a situation where, officially, ‘crime’ X is dealt with as ‘crime’ Y, by labelling it so.

    So that the fiscal or higher-up (rolls downhill) punitive reaction to a statistic doesn’t drag the school and it’s student body through a cheese grater of ‘oversight’.

    That’s the way it’s always been in the real world where the teachers know what the consequences are to the students for being caught in the act of certain offenses and -choose- to keep the infraction at a personal mentoring level.  And it works, until the teacher or local administrator becomes more afraid of the consequences to their own careers and/or fond of a real predatory kid.

    They are not always qualified to tell the difference and so fail to run the scenario by a real (‘guidance counselor’ at best, rather than a social worker or psychiatrist) clinician who can say whether junior or junior miss is developing a pathology that has to be hard stopped.

    Like the other poster suggested, I would live in terror of the notion that the government was going to bring ‘the full weight of the law’ down upon a kid who said the wrong word or had the wrong attitude.  Because government is all about making showboat examples of how you square peg a round hole.

    Shelbyville Kid, 6, Arrested.

    Michael Davis, 5 and Zip Tied

    One is black.  One is not.  The cops will respond to both with the same lack of empathy.  And that is not how it should be.  _Would not be_, if white children were sequestered and taught separately, with the expectation that -white- crime figures would be used in dealing with them on an expectation basis.

    Some day soon, they will be applying the Cooper Color Code to kids.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    And this is, assuming, in the era of cops being posted right there in the schools, precisely where this is happening – though they’re given the tidy, non-threatening title of ‘Resource Officers’. Funny, in the years I went to school there were NO cops in school and the violent crime rate was less than 1% of today’s non-sensical numbers.

  • I anticipate it only getting worse and worse due to the demographic shifting. The Hispanic-black rivalries  in high schools will make the White-black rivalries of the past look tame in comparison. These wars are increasing year by year. Even here in NY, Dominicans are going at it with the blacks. Dominicans are as black as it can gets (one-drop rule aside). Blacks have no allies, except for White liberals.
    Anyhow, I love it when these fights break out. It further proves that we are/were not the evil racists the world would love to believe we are. It’s also nice to see someone stand up to them. With our numbers dwindling fast in schools as of the last couple of decades, we’ve become much more docile, unfortunately. Of course, over the last few decades, the mainstream media has gotten more and more extreme as well. It’s been a more intense, uphill battle once the 90s kicked in.

    •  White-black rivalries of the past

      Rivalry?  I wish. 

      Do a hammer and a nail have a rivalry?